Rick Tittle Show - Hour 2

Rick Tittle
Sunday, January 21st

Rick talks a little baseball, touches on Championship Sunday, and expands on sports fandom


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They got they got from the FCC can go back to sleep now. I know yes to see if I swear. Right I was over at photo rockers what are you say he said photo rockers relax okay get. I'd I would love to hear from you pessimists say about the the peso playing. That would be something that I would death. I really like to hear that something that bothers you and because now with twenty seconds. On the clock and there are these different things about the U you know once you step on the mound the clock is going to be in begin does now to be the robber. That that means a lot of guys who have to do their own CD's. They have to apparel and enjoying your flag pin Brownback patent do whatever they need to do they gonna do it off the mound. And then to me and this is one you don't hear a lot about. Led this to me is gonna affect people more than anything and that is the mound visits. To. And the pitcher must be removed and you say all right it's always been that way no it's always been that way if someone comes out of the dugout offensive pitching coach or manager. Now they capture. That will count as a mound visit after. Six. Total visits. So now is it gonna be up on the scoreboard I think you have to be. It's like counting timeouts in the NFL it used to be how made it now when you watch NFL games they actually put a little dash over each team saying oh okay. There's two white dashes left so live two timeouts. That's the way you're gonna do it. But now the first six are free. How they came to that number. I don't now but I almost feel like we're gonna have to count and you look up on the scoreboard how many Mallon and we're gonna have to like look at this and pay attention. How many mound visit reverend Bruce but she got Don Mattingly. At Dodger Stadium because daughter or maybe it was here whatever the giants are playing the Dodgers. Don Mattingly was a neophyte as a manager he went on on the mound to talk to his pitcher he laughed and then he said oh yeah and don't forget also this and he walked back out. And then Bruce poaching knew what happened he waited color but they got reset. Because they asked for time empire granted that he came out and said Don Mattingly when on the mound he went off when he went back on the mound pitcher needs or leave. And the Dodgers did not want to additionally if he was still fresh. Now all we're gonna have to wait until you get to six of those facts and theft and did you imagine. I catcher getting dressed down. It'll be like the bottom of the second. The catcher goes to the mound and says by the way. I thought we agreed in the clubhouse that. If I put down four fingers. The third time but that was going to be the slider. Yeah Abbott that's that you said that's a someone's on base and you go OK and then the manager goes how are you talking about out there. Black what did you do mound visit we wanted to get now I only have five left. Couple pop up and she office these facts if kitty cat she's gonna get yelled that because he's taken a mound visit why. For the pace of play we need a page and we need it now now now. I'm not gonna act like baseball isn't aggravating when a guy throws over the first base. Three times and he throws over to first base when it's Ron Hassey. Wanna make sure I didn't close to the bag there he's going there's no doubt that guys taken off that that that of course is more of what happened. The fans boo. What if a guy doesn't know he's at the plate he just had some of the box in the third base coach is like wait a minute wait a minute did you just say you wanna me to do is squeeze in and third base coach says. There's no one on base. OK so there's no squeeze now in fact there's no one on third and there's no one on base bones chicken coach. I mean you might have a situation like that as well so to me is to it's too much to think about it. It's too much and think about and those twenty seconds and pitchers are worried that they're gonna get hurt. Now if you're wondering why they're gonna get hurt is because. The they have professional athlete has a very delicate. Psyche. It would be like a Faberge egg. Or if you went to garage sale a porcelain domination her crystal mouse. And and when you screw. With his routine. Or her retained a professional athlete. They might breakdown. There is no better example of that than the World Baseball Classic. Where all the time huh I'm gonna get hurt why you gonna get hurt. Because I'm wrapping it up quicker than I usually do so if let me OK let me let me get this straight you're a baseball player yeah. And the minimum wage is 600000. Dollars yeah. And what are they asking you to do they're asking me to play baseball all my gosh. That is cardinal sin they're asking you to play baseball. It always makes me laugh to say there's going to be more injuries. Like there are always injuries have spring training. They're always ours just add on you noted is the way the reason that these general managers and managers panic over it. Is because. They don't have control over anymore they are going to leave the confines of Glendale. Or mace. Are Vero Beach wherever they are. They're going to be what the national team and now you can't sit there and dictate all the things you want that guy to do. And then that guy gets out of his routine and it gets in his dome. And then when he blows out his arm. They'll say you know lives usually I do to win being said half speed and I do another two innings full bore. He put me in the game and what is it. Oh it's march 29. I usually don't get that up to speed until April 1 like I don't wanna hear it. I hate. Making excuses for professional athletes and I never do I'm not that you're talking in the wrong guy if you wanna say when you knoller planed on and a 4:30 this morning. Caller or babies. And now what do they have to do today. They have to play a baseball game all home now. How are they ever gonna manage. I understand they might not be fresh. Wide eyed and bushy tailed. How about all the times there at home and they show up hung over that's they're choice. You know I always think you know when retrospect when somebody's like oh I've played that whole game on NASA. Our way and Stephen Jackson said yeah I play these war games high my okay can you reimburse every one that bought a ticket. For the people who are like oh that's cool man I that's cool if we won. But every shot you miss I will blame on the wade. Which means. If you can't take it seriously. If you showing up toward high and I have paid to see you at work. And then you push off like you need to reimburse and that's why I also called out. Even though I love his talent and I'm alive long raider fan I thought the raiders should have suspended Michael Crabtree one game like Andy Reid did a couple weeks later and Marcus Peters I forgot Carol Roger Goodell says. I'm suspending your week. Because Crabtree put his personal vendetta his rage his agenda ahead of the good of the team knowing he was going to be thrown out of that game. And then you know Dario said I didn't see anything out there that would merit a suspension. And what what would it take what he had to get out there like an M one Abrams and start like shooting at people and attained what would be this important would be a suspension of you're throwing. By the way those hay makers. The wind knocked over. One section of greater assets as hay makers at miss mile mile. But if you get to that point. And you're gonna put it out of view then yes I would like my money back archer played on 57 out of 57 let's go to John who's right here in town what's up John. Yeah I already are fighting about the patent game. And not what I want and not and I'm baseball I've been watching baseball like you know forty years or wherever. And what would tightening that's McCain wanted to change how do you wish to be armed. Amount not to announce that this sparked all the coaching change marriage. And there and the replay. Our when they can test I play. Yeah I hear you I think for me if you want like talk about pace of play. The one thing Maoist I was a little bit of lower kill as a guy would get greased up in the bullpen for an inning and a half and many would come in and now they get some more warmup pitches. I vote yet another QB Joseph all the commercial break naturally. Body might yank our topic Marshall. Owns. A bar. Baseball is the only party you know and baseball you cannot. Take it commercial and less there are three outs a pitching change or someone gets hurt. But yet that there might be bolstered. Yeah why word baseball games on TV for ten years you cannot take a break and that's like if somebody. Is lying in the outfield and is slow legs broke and they'll be all set there it's almost like rain delay theater. But I don't know and I don't care about each pollster. Had a 22 robot that can run by take it and Tony that an expired they then called that automatic ball. Now the wanted to block and some chart you shortly giddy about IG lost. And it could penetrate new controversy. That you can abide. I can't wait until all. The bases are loaded in the bottom of the ninth and it's a full count and the pitchers shaken off signs. In all a sudden the umpire said. You know you get the first time as a warning so that the dumb part comes on set I warned you once that's all for. Game over you would have an entire dugout do a George Brett pine tar explosion. I agree get them out I don't connected to the play made by our chores got it back more on the ball. And second baseman Todd with the bombs and attention projectors and it like catcher in the back on the amount of net batters. Yeah if they catcher goes out that counts as a mound visit in fact I think. If the seagull. Walks on the mound that counts as a half of a mound visit and. So podium and in between batters. The catcher rob about that and by almost there after a. Yes now I mean but before the first pitch seven inning you can go out there but got in once the once it's played ball for that ending any time. Somebody I mean even at the shortstop comes over. And says are we doing a will play on this what are my covering my crashing home or the shortstop comes over and says hang in there kid don't give up on your stuff. All that won't count of the mound visits. Right I think I don't know how but I'm out but she ordered it I'm master chief jet brought all the bad idea based on. No I generally. Not on my general Kagan a wildcard. In an all out. The steroid. I don't know that was his idea do I do love the wild card though because. They keep solve many seasons is still alive. Yeah I enjoyed reading what he does and I think that about huge financial oral charity and you don't get that. Last year rate that the torrents are able to purple surged. All right hey John thanks to you comment appreciate. And the lines are available AAA to John always says good bye and he meditate goodbye. Triple A 9579578. Penske outsells doc Comtex line 95795. We'll slot card at the bottom of the hour come home back and talk a little b.'s of borrow here armor to a nice 57 again. So far ahead. Welcome back to the show right down below us on May. And Sunday afternoon. And and she hates standard time it's 516 and it's dark. A damn Communists. Whoever thought of that original you know 57 again Melissa. Locker again just about fifteen minutes talk about so what's going on now with the a's welcome back to united 57 again. Our total of course heard worldwide a lot of different out soon Germany. Flew for annoying things even I should be is. Of course in France contraband towns set the G. We are here for you also traffic and weather together. Every ten minutes and it's after the Cisco just know that there is hellish traffic and tell a cold. Bloom. Every traffic and weather update in San Francisco. Pellet traffic how a cold done there we go. Our parents got to cells doctor I'm text line 95795. Rick I can you talk soccer I can talk whatever you want you gonna talk about Tom dropping two points at Saint Mary's stadium this morning down in Southampton. I went to that stadium once. I was it across the all the river itchy and and I said it's Obie eighteen cross in the rear breach in Nan and I'm glad I got an old fifties turned it doesn't mean complaining. Armor was one degrees Celsius at that game and Tom I'm lost that's fantastic. Let's go to the phone lines of Tripoli not 57957. Even greater Scott is in Livermore what's up man. They would pay record talking you out if I touched on the speed of the game you know what digital TV and they've been able a lot of you know I mean well I go to the game here or do they are and so it's really no big deal out of middle aged but at home I mean you know you can. Party he would go make an omelet so for me that's not a big deal and it and I wanted to touch on the reduction mpeg. Yeah okay you noted you know our battery your paper our eye opening do you always says in late sixties early said the. You are that guy who was clumsy in the hallways. My dad used to send me down to get cocky like I was twelve years old. End the young people or organized group I'd be I'd be stroller copied over myself put people would be like chopper three Bilbray equate to get back my gets secret anyway but. You know it. But I think it's I think it's all your race my dad. I EEO he's from Chicago he moved without your kids into you know you always watch the bears this heat. He was never niner Nader who won the niners ironically it was like hey we got market cheer we got a second game we can watch. Our emotional attachment was always sort of readers. Northern Niger blossomed like go well but yeah I remember watching protein and gene Washington almost got so I think but it you've got a friend who works extends. You know governor Rick you're keen I think we'll also tired bachelorette stuff comes from but. But for us we you know announced that way I've got friends when you get when there are notified separate from the -- I do not shut out fight I have a draft party every year and I have typically treat afford higher tripped on my draft party or so. So anyway I just never understood the logic didn't yeah I don't I like ball eat from the giants. End. You know I insult yeah. Yeah I say I hear your raiders got thank you for the call triple A 9579570. My parents are from Oakland by. From 58 to 68 the giants are the team so that's ten years of giants love they get a cell. Obviously the a's came first but in my house of VA's horn on day and turn on the giants. I'm not gonna lie and say I sat there for the giants game about how like for the giants cancel my parents are and don't say I understand what you're talking about. Sure employed on 579570. And down the active these kids today they want a press pause all the time. The other day and I this might be a metaphysical thing I'm not the written read some Rene de Carter's journey bent on when I get home. But I was in my car the other day and it was really loud mouth like a headache or may be. And I went to my radio. To turn it down and Amazon. And I realized I was kind of turned down. World. Yeah who are all dead and I couldn't do it. I'm just gonna mention New Jersey Mets what's going on the garden state. A captain Rick. What you can learn. Are born early yet in this meant before 58 deal with the help for his chances don't look cute there like jumping on news. Well my dad's out my just my dad's childhood team was the jokes. Are down big oaks trying to. You have and read a book and aren't you showed me because of what Chuck Connors. Or can each make every Celtic. Don't arrive too many little little bad wolf crucial I think he chose to write Korean being hacked adding that we need. A movie star your career lasts longer and you get more money honey that's better down. And more fans tomorrow but our and we com. They're good at baseball. I know why they're doing their mental an ugly politicking could they can make. Make them make more money managers are excited McCauley CB to a guy landed a chart sign nick now than when they trained Franklin and the local delegates fleeing to make. But I feel document on it is cinema Lowe's we Giant Eagle already got a couple good plays. I can't do that teen turn it to division in the pocket here sitting in colder and more leeway senior NATO are here to meet Australia this year. A giant moved a little coaching long term. And even Barbara Gloria and records. Yeah no doubt they met Matt appreciate it take in the effort specially on the East Coast have a great rest of the weekend. That is the great match out there in the number to call triple A 9579570. They said Elena Fernandez got traded he was done with the Yankees that was like the stories like that. AI and everyone's so while. Someone says you are you know I was a huge fan of the giants until they turn in my favorite player and and I was done went down. I who alana Savannah. Howard positive I hear our. Okay. Are like you know this in the Bay Area because there are a lot of people you know it's weird that my grandparents are from here. A lot of people are there for someplace else their parents are suppose someplace else but so a lot of times you get fans that have these weird things like I like the dolphins. And their sons. And the Braves. Are. OK. And then usually it's like dean hours if your mom or dad is from there you were born there are some thing I totally get it. You know if your dad was a White Sox fan and you were raised here in your dad shoved the White Sox now you throw your whole youth makes total sense. I hear a fan but every once in awhile. On meet somebody. Now say huge fan and have the they Mariner's. Why. Because my favorite player played for them who's that and Dick Hertz. Who Dick Hertz he was a backup shortstop in nine and 1987. Haley got to plate appearances. Okay and actually I was in Brooklyn. Last month I was at a nets knicks game. And I got a tweet from a guy saying Ricky right down the street their Brooklyn on Park Slope enough fourth avenue there's a bar called. Pacific standard and it's an Oakland bar my. And then I was like whoa and I realized I need to go an octave higher and I went. Sally I did bail at half time by the way watching the knicks and the nets it was this. Shocking reminder about how warrior games here's a feel because now I'm in non work kind of spoiled. We just expect the lawyers to win every game and score 130 points and we just expected when they don't win like we're so shocked we want our money back. Did you lose other Houston Rockets how dare you you know we become spoiled watching the knicks and the nets. And I thought oh man. Now I remember. So I bailed out time I went to the sparkled Pacific ten standard in Brooklyn. And I don't land and there's an oak land dish poster. And there are some easy Bobble heads I'm thinking you know on how many like you know New York or Boston bars are out here is Nicole one went our way. I asked the bartender I go you from Oakland and he's like now all of my parents but the guy who recommended the bar he shows up what his wife. And he's like hey Rick. You know love donated broadcast like I'll thanks a lot and sell I go are you are you from Oakland he's like now from around here. I got all your doubts from Oakland know. I got hagee determination and he goes scrappy game. I want. You just. You just picked up he goes yeah as a kid to scrappy team. I'm like aren't. And I do know some people who are from giants territory in which I consider of course the Golden Gate Bridge all the way down the peninsula into the 408. Or a's fans because they love the bash Brothers when they were growing they found love with Canseco McGwire. And it happens. I was just I was just at the on now basking in the corner about stamina Hamilton. Didn't get down there but just talking to a guy and use like you download a bulls fan I gave from Chicago I guess now I just love Jordan why I get it. I understand there's got to Hornaday is just. Dying over the vikings sit today in this game and I city from that I'll always love Randy Moss. So however you get there. I understand that you're gonna get there. Whichever way you choose countless American. Penske auto sells stock Comtex line 95795. From the 51 now. Rick the previous caller talked about how he was raised. How're you raised I was raised bio Parsons and the one thing my parents always told me. Play your lunch money in your pouch. Our house key is just put them in your pouch. And remembered don't hang off the branch by your pay all in my fall. Those are the things thing ingrained in me all and also the golden rule do onto others as you would want done. A year they instilled that in me and that's how I was raised. Rick do the rest of your show in your Bud Selig voice. You know in Philly came out here. I did ask him I kind of a tough question. And it's probably the only time I'll live by mass I ask a question that was somewhat. Confrontational. Because normally I'm not trying to make a name for myself by asking some things like who are draw the irony on how the team hate me and have everybody. Listening to hate me air trying to think who are so cool because I I'm not trying to get under anybody's skin. Owen Bud Selig was doing that toward Houston next a little wolf I had a couple things I want to ask them. And I said we know that when it came to contraction and you were talking about BA's and the twins. And we've also all seen the video review on YouTube. Saying that when the a's came to the Bay Area that as you put it quote they ruined it for the giants. Sell well how do you respond days fans who think that this is not one your more favorite teams being that they ruined it for the giants and you want them to contract. Guess that is always bugged me. And he said that I'm tired I never sat that now I'm not gonna go I've and it's still on YouTube and like he wants you you'll not gonna do that. And it was funny but silly response he goes I love Bobby Melvin. I'm like who's that his son if I'm Bob Bob Melvin I love my email then. Solve listen to it the only thing that the thing that really I find stupid about Selig and other senate John set all his ideas called and were bad. I I disagree I like some of those ideas on fact I love the wild card without the wild card this season would be over for my team in April. I think you have to be really lame. To be out of the wild card picture I mean you have to be really named the blame and last year earned the holy led. A Major League Baseball was the San Francisco Bay Area just to last place teams. That didn't have to worry about how far the wild card I'll whatsoever. Let's not all those ideas are bad. But I do think it's ludicrous that he's already in the hall of fame. It's almost like you know this like when when. Rich guys retire and they get the golden parachute. You know it's like down on your way out the door here's ten more million dollars and you'll be able Abdullah emeritus. To your title as well. Our rights it's always great to talk is baseball as someone who covers around for a living and Melissa lock article clubhouse and of course. With the Atlanta athletic is with us is while. And Melissa during these looking at some of your tweets I know it's kind of the off season. And with your tweets you get a little more you'll he'll inject a little more of your personal feelings about things while you. I have shared it. Like to have a little bit more and more fun with bank but why did not yet. Right now we have fan fest coming out this Saturday and it's always. I'm nice to get things rolling but unfortunately that's the whole rooted in Oakland thing commented get a kick out. Well and we heard that the profit colleges once it was given two voting is thought they are a little bit misled but it it wasn't definite maybe they shouldn't have announced that they were shocked that. The profit college decision no you cannot. How our land and I hear the is are moving into their new front offices and Jacqueline and square it fills. I'll fans like me would dread that oh really and then we'll go to Vegas are all go to Portland Iran go to Montreal. I ask how old real old should I think of fears like that or should I just don't quashed those fears. I mean in this situation and drag on for so long that it's hard not to feel nervous and that any candidate that that idea thank they'd still remained very bad casting committed to finding a solution that and I worked. And I don't think they've wavered from that at all and you know the new took Carl crown I think they probably haven't a 100% given up on mad at option now I think these things and eat. Read litigated in the end we decided later on you don't buy out college. Abort front end and then they may decide it economically that we're the better decision to go forward with its peanut and I thought. Another still investigating the other sites in the city and I'm I'm still hopeful that they apply that they'll be able to find a place that said it this city want it to happen and they want to happen and you've got to eat outside bet that wanna make it work in now. Hopefully they'll be able to get my approach. Obviously until they actually start digging a hole in the ground and it could wreck Barrera Erik gonna. And and I let ankle and I was surprised that air travel say the other day that that side it's alive and all I can think I was there must be. One of two approaches and wanna that would be. Like we're just gonna write you a bigger fatter Shaq or the other one would be if you just took a step Mac and would see that Laney college will get. Infant has some of this I mean what would get exponentially. Better have so many more amenities and so much more parking instead of just thinking about all know it's a baseball game are they gonna try to. Educate these quote unquote educators party think they're just gonna say I'll make it worth your while and got a bigger check. Yeah I I there's probably. Both sides of battle that it would have to happen minority get him out any you know a lot of that again you're right it's part of a situation where there's a volley in a little bit and decrypt that. Than any of these are projects in I had other it's. Resistant on a giant wanted to build a lot of debt exit epic that go anywhere that that. The warriors had to go through it out of un understandable I mean it had to project. Are incredibly destructive when you work or live anywhere so obviously there's gonna be feeling like that. They the started decision was made you know what made by aboard that. You know he had a group of people that it is there interest are. You know where they're working at that particular time they may not be thinking so far into the future and it they can target the picture that they they I. I economically does does you know the college system need money and MO at the end of the day it attacked would be about it in the event our type. I think bully the and I are taking good approach that they haven't. You know gone out bad now. You know they're they're the whole situation and they haven't read it off completely at a bit the other is the relations that they take extra BP culled from that you know even if they bought the moose. At the out at oh yeah yeah I mean that I like how they've called you know Russian empire. Product in and the enthusiasm that he had and you know I think that's that's what keeps me hopeful that they are going to be able I'd wish. I love the new front office side and unfortunately there word than showing it to the media the exact same time of the grew in restaurants and then Alameda and I. I figured I can guess if I'm honest another time but the thing I love about it. Is as you know before. They had nailed dilapidated ones in the coliseum and so they moved like half the people over to the ORACLE Arena. Now you have a state of the art facility and it's just something to say look we're not low budget we're not cheap. We're not old. This is new this is expensive. In fact there's a batting cage and I know I talk a minute Brody Brazil just say let's they took some hacks Melissa did you take any tax. Now you know I I couldn't make it either avedon editing shifted the hauled it in print and sell. They had the athletic guy writing and I had a baby. Did somebody get it back actually able published story itself. I haven't seen the idea but I in the video and I would like to make that accurate but a lot out there my glory days that. A well while I cold but I could be at night and I had a good thing but you know I mean it I tell you it really matches what they did Eric out of the year ago and I think because better. Are not necessarily down there they haven't really seen the new facility if they haven't gone it's I can't Emma gone over efficient in what the minor league complex looks like now. But you know that they went from I love seeing nanny I think it was a wonderful. Well location and then you know then that happened though complex had a lot of charm to it got. What they moved into it incredibly thin the art there's how many marketability of the players there are either training a bench. Into equipment and his staff have you know their data they are opposite they can have a lot of art video act as a lot are out there and it bio training that they do in things like that. And though that there are sort of back room developments at the end it out of money it got toward that maybe you don't feel like that on the field in doubt it the players being eyed and and that hurt and that. You know maybe get a look at the market ability to (%expletive) they doing on the back end to the idea thank dead beat organizations as well as building up I'm from that foundation that in areas like that. And putting money in play like that that they hadn't been black or they really on I a lot of other organizations. Plus a lock our from the athletics and days be right or Oakland clubhouse is a join us I'm I'm with you Melissa I loved me any I think as she really. I'm made out moving from Packard over there I love pop ago those those nights and the ACL. Or always fantastic bit and you think about in in the cactus league Gordon just about every team this seems so moved. Everybody shares. And it's nice that the gays don't have to share and now let's talk a little bit about the team because. I've had a couple people saying. And they're always fired up I don't wanna ran the pride always try to be realistic about it they say hey I think they were the Acer a 500 team. I don't think and I think you just have to look at the rotation. When you look at my nine and his ERA he's probably going to be the case you let gig brave men and what he did his ER is over for. And then why can't I mean Blackburn great buddy only patient Y at like eight games. Gosh it the last day of the season got five outs is the RA was over six Jesse Hong. As an experiment where he does one did start has three bad ones maimed and was atrocious until he came back then this season and had what three amazing starts. I don't think any a's fan wants to see Al Contra back there because he's mr. goal for ball. And then I bring up Andrew Triggs who was doing well when he was doing terrible. And they got hurt so does that mean that the young stir pocket all come up I don't know I just think when you look at that rotation. And I know this might sound harsh but I do think DA is how the worst rotation in baseball so how can I pick the team with the worst rotation in baseball that go even 500. In a nipple. Potential under occasion I think it outright you know they have a bad year for sure left here and and there are a lot of things and I got off to a good start them. Block all that weight locked locked the did not have twelve to be getting heavier and the middle of the year and came back. Pitching well where it began. They mended actually and it was about five start that and really changed a lot of broached to you. How he would decrypt it if it isn't so whatnot and more about. A lucky situation but I think an actual difference there I think judge Earl cotton you know it. Which can be seen in a moment with them and if he can figure out his sequencing I think there's a lot of potential there I. A lot of ethnic and you're right I don't they're not funny Redick you can say okay. On Geary could have counted on her I mean every day last year you hate about what really hate but. They do it there's definitely a lot of security at it they get one of those things where. Inheriting break exactly the way that. They would lie and they have the talent to put together very good rotation but. You're not answering it and what you know feeling like you've got five guys talk shirt gonna be your horses I actually and I and I think there's obviously a lot of hasn't happened in this part eaten yet around it I don't know that it. I hadn't done but I really did think they'd probably bring in one veteran starter that you can now target Rich Hill got out there and it. A role that you could at least have a sense of what you're going to get tram. A man and they haven't had that yet and I do wonder if that's just because the market has spent so cragey at this point terms upload. By yet I mean you know it. It could be a disaster again. But I do think there are a lot of guys that have had a track record it. I believe that being quite good and I love respect in and then you look at 8 o'clock I think he's the guy that. Only pump haven't AAA at the beginning of the year but. By mid eve and I think you'd be very realistic that began moving into the irrigation and you know he's an arm that they haven't had that target special talent and maybe one Mulder indeed our. Outback and at the beginning. As the 2000 though. I think dole out to be await it but I think it I think I'll be better than they were last year I think it's still a transition year but. They're getting closer to where they want the. I'll and then for me think about BKD giving you forty and a hundred thing about the two match on the corners the entire year that's what's gonna bring. Me and I think a lot of fans to the ballpark on more question for you before particularly say they catching position also. Has me a little bit worried dad Bruce Maxwell there will always head and get near the end of the season and hitting went down. Some of the past malls like Norris like we're going through his legs I just thought maybe he was getting a little bit. Worn out not to say anything about his personal beliefs are protests hopefully he stays out of jail after allegedly pointing a gun at a a girl delivering a pizza and you have fatally who coming in the last year said all I've been set not my. Stand strong all these years and now I'm on now I know why I was getting hurt. And then he stopped hitting and then you look at Darnell who was taken off the trashy I know they really like the Sean Murphy but he just was a double play. And as far as I can tell all they're gonna go live with Maxwell and vaguely is that the plan. LA right now yeah I mean I think Mac well you know he took a couple of shot up the back toward the end of the year and I think. That typically they had taken a poll at the end of the seed Mara you know within about. Cleared up any and eat healthy and you know all the legal issues search of a kind of a nice big you know really like what he present it absolutely need. You bring a lot to begin calling you know he he does have a strong arm. Generally pretty good with that with the past all the things I think that again a lot of it at Buick but does shot that you talk Matt into not being. Completely clear on you know on some of those game you know mentally just what went to hold pat by. In either hitter he he the guy that. And never quite fully reach his potential yet they you'd seen signs that he might get on base. It's a little bit average got power to the opposite field that that is kind of intriguing and I think in the year if you haven't shot Berkeley group backbone combination that's actually pretty good catching combination. I'm embarking on the right side you got power and in his defense that are really. It is good at I've ever seen ironic at catcher he wrote well it can't catch is game Bliley blocks while. And need a big target those pictures really about trying to think you know he had a talent and look forward to. They also brought back both Taylor yeah even in their organization 2011 and had a really good year in AAA. And he would Miley create and they find him very early on in the off season until going to camp I think is that sort of pork Qaeda could question and Arnault or even if sadly. And then could be some idea did look at that. I don't I thought that they would bring an A AAA veteran guy that you know could be somebody that would would challenge for that backup. Apple in this spring and they haven't yet and again this docking and upgrade the immigrant or to a point where we're not getting to report it and you know have people that are available are still available so I think things could change but. At nominate uplink and it still looked at Maxwell would be there at their main guy and then a group that got India and how we still. How can working out to do. Yeah Willie I as I said you think about how I'm playing now some of the questions but the two amounts on the corners and and maybe what Fowler can do senator filled in and Kate he's vowed then that there's a lot. To look forward to as well beyond the fan fest. I yeah I hope you yeah. OK if not a if I don't see there I'll see Don may said thanks Ramos and. Definitely thank you I appreciate. Okay follow Melissa on Twitter app spoke clubhouse treat her in the athletic as well let's Melissa Lockhart talk all day summer till we got that open lines on the other side. AAA 9579578889579578. And of course the Penske ought to sell stock Comtex like 95795. Armor to look come on back cannot if I seven to get. This show original with you nice to have you with us wherever your Elisa and and the bail or out beyond then you can always be a part of the equation if you see fit. US Shimon at the toll free line and triple 89579257. 95795. Feel like more people have join me since the the NFC title game is turning into way out round but the Eagles over the vikings right now. 31 to seven. And so all those warnings about at the vikings when watch out well. And barring any kind of Atlanta Falcons collapse and doesn't look like it's going to be that way. We will talk a little sharks at 630 with personally and Goldman little counter programming and now of course she covers team kill. For yard marker but the lines are open as I mentioned I love to hear from you because we're going to be talking about football basketball baseball heart disorder within a tolerance and marching Olympics go to tumultuous tigers rugby cricket back kind of thing a triple and I'm 5770. They did and I myself and I by seventy pence got to sell stock context on 957. 95. From the 51 know. Rick you talk so fast she should be at an auction house while it's like down backwards Bassam manic. But have you ever noticed infected difference between. An auction house in England. And an auction house in America like if you go to Chris. Stays in London. Now results Q 21 Faberge egg from the top name of is all Nicholas. Do I begin seeing. Beating out twentieth thousand pounds yes the lady and they purples golf to do I hear (%expletive) Yes the Hmong in the orange vest. CR colorfully of these sartorial description is as well. That's an angle. In America it seems like every auctioneer is and like you bloggers Mississippi and it's a fact I don't. And I'm gonna hear an iron and I got to follow me that I am an iron. And are. So I'm not use things I notice Tripoli and I'm 57957. And possibly I want to get to. About my day is is that there's always some little dig one where another. Tom my experience that for a long time as a warrior fan you know ho ho ho war I remember one time I was interviewing. Alonzo Mourning years ago we're talking about teams and go so who's your team I go on from Oklahoma warriors fan. And and he laughed like it was the funniest joke he had ever it was like gonna follow laughter. Why he had like a gas attack he bent over. He became a letter at all and just a hole he just wouldn't stop laughing. And I'm like what is so dang funny. He goes they never played defense. Blob. So I'm so happy for you is so I've made here lying. As the funniest joke I've never hold and he'll ice not kidding he couldn't stop laughing. Because I was a warrior fan. I don't think he's laughing now why you have so. And that's why and when Mark Jackson got them to play defense the first got to do it cents. Ally battles I think but this kind of and then like Joseph let him know don't fire him I know he's a weird and ended. Dysfunctional coaches and all these you know he's religious on the side and then these accusations could. They got the lawyers in the playoffs and their play indeed don't fire him and everything lady lake it is dynamite no I don't know on the networks. Bob Myers he's never been an agent what are you doing now executive of the year. So yeah I've learned now. Did you step back and you know it's like gay and on Joseph leg I'm I'm going to do invest. In the pat rock. I'd probably go through the roof this now but whatever I say no no no it's it's not gonna work. As an a's fan and not during the bash grolier is one EA is how thing about this kid's the a's have the highest payroll in baseball. And they won three straight pennants. And they won a World Series and between those two parents yes. Now of course you get money and all like you to dollar fur coat which by the way is wrong. It's not a dollar furcal but it made and made them sound even cheaper and Hollywood's gonna do a Hollywood's got to do. And the quote there's fifty tons of doo doo and then there's us if anybody ever said that they should get. I mean you EU how do you stay any organization if you actually say out. So. That's another Hollywood thing. By EL hearing remember a couple of years ago Matt Holliday had a no trade. And he had one team on the notes trade I got I don't need to check. I already know which one it is and he got it was DA is all one team and no trade. Sunday Matt holiday they'll be sitting in an easy chair. Smoke in a grape flavored swisher swayed from summit eleven what is. Labrador who his wife's name bella he was against anyone the name Iraq's. Ability sitting there watching static on the high Def. And his grandson a lock up and go hey grandpa can you sign this baseball card of viewers. And Matt Holland oil grab in her new life. This. This has me in an a's uniform police had this thing called Photoshop. I never played pretty is. Yeah says you play here for half a season but I but I but I am. Going to be one of those deals. That's why. It was a nightmare for him and only ask for us is well. And we only traded Houston street and Carlos Gonzales and yeah because they get one. I think it bubble thoroughly enjoy that trade. Just one trade and I bring this up because just a couple of days ago. So more people not just a player but some members of the media had another nice laugh at BA's expense. Another nice laugh. And that is because the all star outfielder from the Marlins and of course there having an epic fire sale. They come in whereby the team for one point two billion. Analysis or not. Now or not paying anyone all thanks for buying the team sounds great. I have some young lady you know let's do a petition together in Pittsburg in my salary kidding when the a's traded two all star pitchers on their twenties. They're gonna do that to and then they has made the playoffs I now. Teach just never know. But yet no no petition is gonna get anybody to sell any team whether it's Pittsburg or Miami. But we know do you Gordon on we know that ambit MVP of the nationally Stanton is now on the Bronx and we know that they're talking about rail Mattel and Ellis is like I gotta get out here and apparently they want Acuna from the Braves and I know Kenya is a stallion. And he's not even twenty yet. Ideology has got four more years or control its entice whoever they have a fire sale going on there at the Marlins but DA is still. Get thrown and all this because one Marcelo Zune now was traded to the St. Louis Cardinals and remember the days we're talking about acquiring him he only has two more years. Of team control any kind of thinking only about prospects. When the a's aren't gonna win for the next two years for a guy who's going to be gone anyway. Amare Acela is an untold. The Saint Louis cardinals' press gathered around him. And the quote is the first thing I heard. They were gonna trade meets the Oakland days. I said in god to please. Believe me over here. Then the crowd cuckoo. Then I heard they traded mean to the cardinals and I said. Okay thanks and thereby a lasting and it's almost like Tommy we've so I did not hit where I didn't oh hi mark. Okay thanks Ohio mark. And so I realize how laugh. Let you know I'm. You hate and listen you give fighting mad how dare you. But dot and listen whether you give matter you laugh about it I you know I just laugh I don't care what Marcel Ozuna thinks about us but. That is the perception. In baseball. That old god to please know even taking the lord's name in vain. That's how badly. He did not wanna go to the aids and at that. Probably doesn't bump move you to say things like down. When you talk bad about the team. Armour went to Dave for getting from Saturday. You know I play for the when he signed with the giants he talked about how I grew up a giants fan I never liked the a's and only sigh what DA's action that he said hey I'll always like BA's and I guess that's how you settle for. I remember like an elephant seamlessly if I remember what you said before. On dog don't say you're a fan now when you said you weren't. So. I'm shore. That dean. And forest and not let men and Owens and everybody else could bode I'm sure at the end there are like whatever we've heard worse. I don't think they lost any sleep over and but I did talk if you a's fans are saying I'm gonna take his pond day and I'm gonna tell him ominous and him are really mean to weed out. I'm gonna put them team of an ugly person and put his name under read our gift of somebody. Slipping and say this is you without talking gonna get revenge. Thing okay sounds great. But that this is the thing we have to come to the reality. Of that's what people think of the days and you know they always say your record is why you aren't and I if I firmly believe that there are some catch phrases and sports that I don't like. Like defense wins championships I Amylin why didn't the jags won today. It's just a stupid saying it's a catch phrase if you run out of things to say or if that actually does come true. Then you throw out there. The other one I hate is good pitching always beats good hitting now hiking if you come a million examples of one bad hitting raped a good pitching. So other catch phrases. I and I do understand that Clinton pledged. Yeah that is the perception on the edge right now is that they're cheap. And that's what I was talking when Melissa are getting out front office Jack London square which is a fantastic place have you ever been on the Potomac. I was actually on the on the bottom of where was that it was in San Diego's in the bottom of the the day and they extricated then and I'm in need cleaned it up. And I are decree is on its once a month you can sell on the Potomac got a Jacqueline story go around Angel island that's really cool. There's a lot of stuff going on a chuckling and swear and for the first time ever in a long time not ever the first time a long time. They have something that's brand new expensive nice to show free agents or whoever has not cheap.