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Tuesday, January 2nd

Rick Tittle talks to Jerod Brown about the 49ers, and then takes your calls on Jon Gruden.


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And Alameda once upon -- in the air was doing this post mortem when he was basically campaigning for his job and I'm not one of these guys that tries to say something incendiary. By the way we pause now see your station identification can be you're listening to 957 again came James CFM and HC one salmon Cisco. I'm not one of these guys' egos are pressed Harrison tries act something incendiary just imagine if my absolute tools mean a jackass I tried to ask a question that I already know the answer to. Hey Bob Melvin when Chapman hit that Grand Slam that was good mom what do you say no I wish you Medicaid and left them Joost. But Sparano always count on me that day. Is he kept saying look at my body of work I should be the next head coach and and someone asked a question placate. Now the raiders have a real rader as a head coach from my spine was not a real reader won't be talking about. And he kept on on my body of work my body works I said well your own nine when he got on the plane he count London. Oh wasn't about the plane has got a sassy question I met Danny does not let go of the plane. Look at my body of work I said well. Your body of work includes the worst loss in the history of the raiders' 52 to nothing at Saint Louis. Is that part of your body of work look at my body OR oh my gosh who hired him Reggie. Reggie traded. For Matt Flynn Reggie traded debt. For. That shot. Apple shipped to more than a minute let's talk a little niners are gonna bring in Jared brown the Ryder add niners wire dot com. And when I think about these make over the Ricki Lake make over from this team who started off. As John said curl and then in the last five weeks came out behind the curtain look like Brad Pitt what a difference a month and half make sound Jared. Absolutely it's been pretty incredible to see what a noble or we should this team I don't know that there's. A situation. That we've seen the last decade probably would this kind of rapid turnaround I get really just go to show you what it get the court makes in the week. I doubt about it now it's just a no brainer we know that there was kind of a postmortem in Santa Clara today NN and Kyle and John sand that we want Jimmy here for a long time. Do you see anything fractious whereas they have to franchise hammer does this look like it's a done deal. I did get it done deal what I will say that I could say could caution sort of the fan bases that. With the idea of using a franchise tag they could theoretically. You know they're there'll probably be muted the 49ers are are cleaning Q their franchise tag on unique problem. It really all that doesn't just give them from about February to June or July really get strike up a large deal and so bill that time. Well I imagine what happened is that we'll keep those words French I've got out there. Be a little bit of hysteria and eventually they're gonna get a deal done and I think. Because of the rapid turnaround they recognize that when you find you guys. The only time you'll pinch pennies mocking him down and intelligent you know really about Fiji and dug a tractor today from lynching Chan and that they recognize that this guy legit or at least. What they'd seen it what they expected. And it they've done evaluation like they say they have been I have art how badly that they're gonna try to waste I lol or are out mess around here. Well you know it's funny I'm looking at some of these futures contracts they get out today from just guys on practice squads Malcolm Johnson nick Mullins. Hallway can a job is never done for an NFL the GM but with this into coaching staff. I think a lot of Peter Moore probably surprised that the job solid did when you think about some of the other DC's that have come through. Was there anyone on the staff that they wanna upgrade now on anointed me to speculate guy's jobs but it won't where would you say the improvements need to be made when it comes to the staff. You know I think there's a little bit of sort of a wait and see approach into that dictator all of relatively. New. Our coaching got or at least you're seeing sort of yellow peak it will replace all over the board solid actually burst your. Qian and burst your head coach Baer a special paint coach is young in pediatric joke. I would argue that. They're the benefit of the fact that they kind of went young and inexperienced that that you're not gonna see guys. All the way immediately because he's not a job so I would say that you keep it glued together. And you know keep progressing in all of this sort of strange power structure and you're in good shape I will say that I think they had to DV coach Jeff up believing again. A more looks elsewhere I'll I was impressed with what he did given the fact that they don't really out. A legit. Cornerback right now and a callow little spin the rookie is developing next week but he's far from assured it'll definitely not number one quarter yet. So the development there and and the work they've got comes happily done it impression I could see him. Up awfully being coached quite frankly an end in another team maybe give them a run at a DC maybe not quite this year but when you were chilled Palestinian militant force. No I don't think the power structure that they got their coaching staff that they had set up. Is it in pretty good pretty good shape. What would be the odds of them taking any pac twelve defensive lineman for the fourth year and around the first turn. Move in the first round I don't know it I don't know fortunately I don't know that that I what I will say that. Hercules Mon op play is 1 June watched. If they if they move back just a little bit I think they moved back into that. We're talking probably the late twenties and maybe in the beginning effect around a little bit about this you know this top ten pick. But they're not pick until pretty late in the second round because they'll boot you know did you a couple of deals so there's going to be a lot of space in between there to pick than they are. I could really see them moving around a little bit try and get back into that you know and we pick in the top fifty sort of range. You know it's funny we were blew it at mid season you know what with a niners who are they gonna draft a quarterback who's going to be the guy would even be better. And I third what they can do about cousins. This frees up lynch in the entire organization as you say maybe trade back they can do whatever they want now on they had such a good. Draft last year and and what they weren't able to do with pace and Chicago this not only gives them their franchise quarterback but now they can look at the draft completely different way. Absolutely and iPod can tell calling up and I'm impressed the Election Day and much in the directly at. Cheney and straight up where did quarterback sit on the list in terms of draft need and then head on October or not. Before the chase bridging the Rob Lowe down and enjoy and look at the industry out there. Detonated. The fact that they've found a guy that they feel comfortable with moving forward. Does so much I admit in elevated they could pick one up maybe eight Kurdish in the drought. And everybody would say yeah that makes sense because there are a product of a roster that's Dole's still rebuilt this place you to upgrade. But there's not that no one clear spot readers come and they're not they're not at all at a level to compete and that's really what the quarterback position went back. So they can go a lot of directions which. You know give. It gives John Lynch and his staff. Flexibility in their X what we end up seeing him in Hopkinton to the raiders are good example that they really only had a couple pieces that they had to upgrade. They didn't really got their border or play they're bored out like they probably should have I think black you probably shouldn't dominant what about those generic and certain things. Played out that. You know when you've only got one go to waste ago. That you know 31 other teens picking really influence your board much can be more in a much and your Maynard and they do. Just quoting Irish are saying we got really you've got to quirky star quarterback and now you've got a lot of options to the joy you can go around. Yeah a Foster if all their laps I'm sure Lynn sent some flowers or Reggie McKenzie and a couple other GMs are speaking it would shared brown niners wire. Dot com and what the ninth pick and I just assume now as a pessimistic greater fan that I would even show Oprah the coin toss because we know the niners are gonna win. That coin toss a thought just get this in the niners have complained vixens and so dated. But is it his symbol let's say Jimmy needs weapons. You know there is Cortland Sidon at SM UR. Or maybe you know almost you know so Kwan Barkley fell how much do you know dad did this hi we have left do they like Bryce love. That high or do you think now they need more offensive line and they have to protect this kid and I'm thing and all offense right now what do you think. I would agree I think what can you Rob Lowe does well to get the ball out. Extremely quick wit a lot of efficiency and accuracy and that might sway either say you don't necessarily need to take. And all but the one that I would if they're gonna pick it up and block out Tareq and really the only true that your gonna talk about our quick notes and also to guard other Notre Dame like figures top three player in the draft. Or Carnell Williams or tackle out of Texas to look for new injury would computer probably the top or the draft. He will credibly good built like a tide and the guys it's incredibly athletic he could play guard per year and then move out to cap all of depicted you know diploma did you. The actions most alien and China brown you're right tackle. What if sequel Barkley called up for our I think that's how you need to take day it will when he they were sitting at three. You know I don't know you're gonna have a lot of different options there you can really quite a drought in peace if you can get it came suckered again to get a quarter of action for the equal Barkley should inherit nine or or typing I think he's. But another generational talent on offense and what what's really important. Is that. And these sort of we had the shift from the idea that he's really solid running back because most people don't cheat you know generally. Don you running backs in that we've seen the last few years writing a road McCaffrey with format that you get Elliott Dallas. Adobe to move to become a little bit more appreciated that I would never considered elite prospects. What they called Barkley did so well keep in any electric returner and he's. Excellent and the third down pass catching back and Carlos tied for the 49ers led the team reception this year which goes to show you. How much in it like he running backs in the power. Hacking game. They wrote specifically out of this sort of shotgun at the moment called kind of attack this angle route which sort of looks like you know two sides of I also is trying to us and basically what they're running back into space so linebacker intake all Barkley. At any level can is gonna do very well that route. So Pineiro and a pick I think that have to be debate I think. If you're gonna go deedrick you've got to be able to get the lead defense and backwards just not worth it right now. Final question for you what happens. And Eric Reid we know when he's in there he doesn't come out he plays the whole game male lead the team in tackles sometimes he'll get a pig he still highly effective guy. Part of believe he's only 26 years old. But on the other hand another guy who is outspoken to the niners care about today wanna save money what I'm there agreed. There that's a great question I think that's going to be really the first major test for lynch at and evaluated it makes difficult decision because we are. You know what what triggered bulky did well for all of it is it is issues will say and it probably brought they would they would do it created based at a price. And they told you that without prior to look what they were gonna pay you welcome to look at that market peak come back that's what you get. And I you can be you can achieve lynch approach it in this same court because he played eight he quickly clicking quite the week. If you have any you know little bit and the keyboardist Procter. I think that given the depth on this roster given what you're reading bought an expected that you know probably out. What he must make in terms of the centerpiece of the defense. I I would lean towards she won't be returning old folks it didn't look of strange about our he would back to deported defense when I saw him. On the field training camp when I was really attractive can do a lot of things they wanted to do. But I just don't know what they're gonna value proposition will compete to I'll stay on the roster that they think might be able to compete to quit guitar what our spiritual. That is Jared brown read him out niners wired dot com hey Gerri thanks for your insights and your time a friend and we look forward to catch some of the real soon. All my pleasure thanks for having me on take it easy avenue here. Beard you as well and something that says Jared said Desormeaux bill said we're talking a little bit about the the football teams out here the post mortem I said to section ten teams won six in ten team. Couldn't get the smile off their face right now the other line it's all worry and skulls. Unless Chucky does come our original come on back 957 again. Imagine the original show. 5 point 7 morning. These comments don't nice Soledad version better than the hillbilly version. You welcome back to the show regularly did till 11 o'clock tonight and the lines are open. But AAA at 957957. Evening guests are over now you're my guess being like gasping I guess candlestick sends a land burned. AAA 957 and a 57 pence got to sell stock contacts on 957 I've published go to Michael who is in San Jose let some Michael. What Barbara happy new year. So I'm I'm so I would I really really like Jack Hillary. I think that that. Then there's somebody who momentum. In football that you got to gain there's a lot and they got together. But it can do need to support it that's fine but man. You know I'm getting the ball on the ball after the quarterback action I think it is evident across the bay and every bit ago. Top candidate spoke he had even soften the mines could docket. And one GB man named lot that impact it just goes to show how important factors and I I think it fired the wrong guy. Jack Del Rio the home grown man who ensuring movie inspired paranormal stories of players wanna come over quite formed to belt off and form she is you know I. They dare call our. Is the one who got Jack a real fired it in his clinic. You cannot blame him entirely. I'm not that critical of them but look at that I would go fast forward years of chaos and now he's three in certain examined nine. And then let's call them the real negative and at 320. I don't mind. Games where Michael Crabtree optic get people also promote our. A lock that in he got black remembers me so happy about it they hate the raptors on and off our back. The reality that we get underperformed this year we over performed lock. Well Michael her little boy let me ask you this question Michael Jack Dario supposed to be defensive because she was a DC very successful on that. Denver and yet under his leadership the raiders had putrid defense is every year of the three years even with a guy like all Mac. In there soul what do you say in response to that. You will be highlighted in your lap I had I may you've got to be ready and can be draft record got. Albums start what Jack Del Rio didn't do that we got to spend crack the Baghdad for three years. Yeah it did you know he does make guys good content yeah I agree that you how do you don't opt out how could chocolate out with anything. And Jack a real the sacrificial lamb I mean in this whole thing I can't believe that Asia are read it traded. Derek Fisher and I forget about it they can't track ball watch him for another year he copy. I don't these horrible but I don't yet believe mentality at the only quarter come out. Swinging from the very beginning they get camera we think that and they struggle it. You know exactly who didn't get it to shout about forty quarterback. After cheers for all of our batters know Bob what a lot. Eric are. Although I don't get a guy like. About the time it let but on the what did you what Stanley and and and your religion and yellow and more than maybe we'll all be done well both ball. And doubled the lead quarterback or just cut throat and they come and operate it and he you know hot supermodel or you must. That not the stretch so much. All right I get your point Michael and thank you very much for the call I appreciated led. I think you're way off. On and kind of blamed our cars you religiosity. And he's still studying that being AM against family man and then having faith I don't think that it was detrimental to him. Many sometimes it is they sometimes it is I don't think that had anything to do with his poor play this was the first year I saw from car even when they start around all intent on you Barack. This was the first share from a car. Or I thought he panic if you times. And some of the under thrown balls and people always loved to make excuses for us like well you know he's not healthy right now on and then him just. If you're not healthy then don't play you know if you're throwing off your back foot in your honor throwing guys and then all the times that he was on. People drop the ball drops she flops he kind Hal and I still. Have faith in their car. To be elite but I think this is his crossroads here now. Because who was the twelve and fourteen. What was that the Derek Karr Earl was this year where he seemed skittish and Derek Karr had at least six. Balls that should have been intercepted that were right in between the numbers never quarterback that's. But they were horrifying. Thing interceptions that set out and didn't have a cell I I have a lot of faith and car. And you look at him out of touchdown passes that he has. What they money years he's been in the league and the names they compare him to our GM he's in that category. And I think if curtain does come back. And for the tables say in on the somebody's texting in Pascal sell stock contacts on 95795. Santa I'm. To their press saying that Reuters won't win the coin toss and I think everything's going pear shape for them right now but the reason I did not believe the Jon Gruden rumors as you're talking really guy. Whose stay loyal to the raiders all thirteen years and he was they were in Oakland. And I don't think of them as I can't think he'll be you know six foot 5300 pound fat dudes as girls one of your girl have to moon I guy can make a comparison. I was on the raiders were like a famine are being held hostage in different city I can't just turn it all Michael light. When they moved there are people on my street that raiders' season tickets to families I know they got an hour season tickets and I understand they felt like they were. Stab in the back and they wanted to Dotel did want to support the local team. Totally understand that I can't do that he gets an in my in my DNA I can't I can't switch teams. And that's why I said for this season when people said I'm gonna boycott Nielsen I'm gonna support them and the whole thing a real warrior fan I always had when somebody tries say what a real fan is what you buy more gear you go to more games and doesn't make you better fan. Your real fan if you care that's lip. In my book. Do you care do you want another score are you and are you upset when they lose are you happy when they win one and your fan. Doesn't matter that you know what some has got three jobs I want to morgans and my ball more jerseys. I can't that's great I'm glad for you doesn't make you better fan and my book that was paid that. That comparison. But for Derek car I think that. It would be stupid to bid to give up on am I just think that he needs. Someone to get in his ear that knows what they're doing. And I wish car had risen above. The the immaturity on a coaching level anyway have a Todd downing who didn't know what he was doing. Are the last game. That when word or Crabtree got the ball as he's falling down in the corner from the end zone fantastic win. And as the planes coming in and I'm in the press spot on the door with the binoculars. I'm not I don't have a bong at the game I have the but Knox. And I remember I was looking down a Downey and he was looking as play she can't think in 1817. The play clock on my auntie you got a call played it and he just it just the pen. And I in his eyes. What am I gonna call one of my gonna call. And almost every time you know screen. I hitch. Fate. All these lottery calls and Dino when you throw away his chair Fey in her screen as when you have no receivers no line and no quarterback that's when you do it. Now when you have the second highest paid quarterback in NFL. Let's build up pressure on musgrave who don't like you know let's let's let her rip. Stay conservative musgrave. Then this guy was worse the thing that killed me when in the last game against gonna say San Diego LA chargers. They got thirty Nate and your receiver runs seven yard pattern. Thankful for what I would even be designed. There's going to be a guy on him as soon as he catches it's just so frustrating. And that's why I think their car is at a crossroads right now. Our parents got so stuck contacts and I'm 57 I thought. Rick I agree it's wrong to blame car safe. Way and Reggie White was the minister of defense yes. On the offensive line quit on car. That's from. Fremont. Unified wanna. You know that the whole thing about the big game the close of the Sunday night game a Washington when there are two now on they got actually spanked by the skins. Course the Washington Post a first and only are words. And you know Derek card in Antony home. And the the rumors that maybe the old line was mad and they're gonna quit on him. That is to me if you believe that you are the stupidest person on the face of the heirs. That that is the dumbest rumor I've ever hers and covering sports more than thirty years. You know what that means on every level. And if it. Think about it number one you played poorly and you know I can be played as well. You let the other guy beat you literally it hurts physically you have no pride. And then you don't get the win and you don't get to go to the playoffs. The faith that they collectively quit on car let that other man across from them beat them. Take less money and there are and the next contract because they played poorly. You make sure their team would start losing games so they wouldn't get the bonus some more playoff money. For all three of those things that happen collectively. I'll believe there's three more shooters besides Oswald before I would believe that. It's unbelievable people believe now. That is the dumb ass in almost a rumor I've ever heard in sports and that is not it and you can believe that if you want. That they collectively quit on him because they didn't like the fact that he didn't Neil can I tell you that they love that guy car they love him. I go to camp I see them when anybody. Touches him are all over him because he is the money and they know what happens if he gets hurt the raiders have zero chance. Mobile wine cook. And now Manuel. And when they score he's hugging his linemen day they don't just like Derek Karr that old line loves. Derek Karr. So I can tell you. If you believe that I have some swampland in O'Keefe a Nokia I'd like to say as well dribble and I'm 579578. Pascal sell stock contacts and I'm 5795. From the fire 10 Rick do you think. That gruden doesn't want a deal with the Bay Area media again and oh my gosh this is the most ruthless media and the entire country. All give you a good coming now and then no one in the media holds you to the level of why aren't you winning. Media here is just like ha I guess I lost. If you Irvin and a press box in the team does poorly at the members of the media laugh. I don't wanna my team but no other media here laughs they don't get angry. It's not like Philly or Boston or New York like what are you know and then there are why you call a play. Arlen the a's played the tigers back to back years in the playoffs. I go to those press conferences would Jim Leland and the Detroit writers were right out of central casting. I had a flat hat that his pick on about three bills but dead bowling shirts on button three button is. And it's like Jim why did you start him what had in Leland type what what are you talking about yourself fractious. I thought the Bay Area media bear Amy is hey Billy bean thanks for getting us to the playoffs what a fun ride too bad it didn't work out. But you're a genius. Now I listen I love the mayor I love my brethren but any any member. Any member of the Bay Area media we'll tell you that the Bayer media is toothless and they like it that way. Because that was figure out we got better as the week you know this is just a game. Now because I'm a huge fan sometimes. Fact can pull off the books that. Because I know at least two members. Of the media who say I don't care who wins or loses his job to me. And that's not me if I ever didn't care who want our Los I would I would do something else. And I'm from here I didn't go market to market than the loses these are my teams. There's no way I mean if I if I would went to Chicago guy hard to do the White Sox pre imposed. I do a good job I do professional job but I wouldn't care if the White Sox wanna laugh I don't care. I care sometimes and I gets me in a troll because I don't and since it's hard to look away when you see zero ambition. But the raiders have ambition. They do there owner wants to win. You know also kind of telling about mark Davis and I game when they kept showing him and they showed him a lot. In his seat there at the LA galaxy Carson stadium. They kept showing in there. And he had some scowl on his face that reminded me of the Dennis Allen there. And you can just seemed kind of saying what the hell is you don't much such a good why not help what they don't. It was that kind of low. I can iPad. Maybe he's had enough. That's the thing now about coaching. You know there there are times when you fire coaching you know it's the wrong group. It's an overreaction. I when George Seifert was fired he went twelve and four regular season he just they got knocked on the play house. When your Cheever was fired in the highest winning percentage in the regular season and any coach in the history of the NFL. And they fired. Because he didn't win the Super Bowl and then they had to go through a lot of clowns. After that. Instead member end. Dennis Erickson and Knoll and into and Donahue came in and our Dwight Clark who Carmen policy. You know the burn the Cleveland Browns do more to the ground and then Terry Donahue says so we're not gonna win for a few years. I'm sure the the de Bartolo York found in London when their GM said Edward Duncan went for a few years sandusky stood. I was honest. By you over rather look at the Boston Red Sox manager wins the division any gets fired like at the New York Yankees. They're game away from the bone of the World Series and their manager gets fired. It's an ambition thing. And I listen I don't believe anyone in professional sports. Deserves. Another chance or deserves playing time and always kills really go all like I deserved to play shortstop. I'd the only thing a professional athletes deserve deserves is to be paid on car that's what he deserves I think athletes should get every penny. I just I don't make any excuses form older playing god and at 3:30 in the morning all the poor babies. No wonder he went 04 non reward the sombrero 101. That's now in agony and I gonna get that kind of send the enemy of their pro athlete. You know that's why wanted to go eighteen games on the regular season. Into the the human body can't take it. Asked asked captain belie what the human body can take when he was under launch and went 4000 nautical miles the human body can take it. I want. Victories and I think every time every friend as well more realistic. We understand that it's not a panacea it's not gonna happen overnight. I was surprised Dario got fired because I thought that he had earned enough equity last year twelve on four and especially with the contract extension. Eddie happened but I guess and it's just kind of like when renteria was manager of the cubs and then Joseph Maddon became available. As if Tim did Jon Gruden is finally saying. Yeah look I hope I candidate. Well that makes me believe it number they saw the new the Rooney rule energy Ramallah. I didn't believe any of these rumors feel about why would junger and give of this life that he house where he's mad Nass. Now he's he's like the face of pro football know that some bowl winning coach. Yeah just the same path Maddon took more or less from. Tomorrow when he coached two you know the number one for the other of the quarterback can't he has Johnny Mann village meantime I'm lucky you you're not near and I club I promise I'll never do that whoever drafts me. Immigrants like he got a draft demands though kid. At that went wrong. But also all thirteen years the raiders are now playing every year there is reports of airmen and back and I just you know as the boy that cried wolf. I stop believing and and it was to get leverage for Ireland well it was the and it checks from Hollywood park it was too if one ever was in on. Al Davis sell dollars they lands a track here at the coliseum they took out the coliseum a lands attract others know skyboxes. I never believe any other. And still to this day land on mall walking around the field. Does is I think is a kid who grew up in the coliseum the fact that I don't walk around the field I don't take that for grant flexor is gonna run on tackled me what are you doing out here. Go back to one point AA. But I still walker on a film I still can't believe. That they actually did move back and still as I think that now they're leaving again. And I get to that and excitement about leaving your fan response. AAA 9579578. Penske outsells doc Comtex find that 95795. As my night peeps are out right now the manhole lives so that's another garbage bins people spilling out can you call triple and I'm 579570. From a 51 now. Rick what did you think about these. Construction worker burying eight chiefs nation flags. And the new stadium's foundation. My thoughts on that. Thank you could not care less that's Vegas what do I care about Vegas. I don't care what's going on Las Vegas, Nevada. Unlike Las Vegas I think Las Vegas, Nevada is a platelet. And I've been error four times. And all thing you can be note you can be naughty and Duluth. If you for a big traffic go to Vegas to me not me. That's why look I'm not gonna act like Vegas. Doesn't have an appeal for a nighter to I went down there it is to see the AZ Cashman one year and and yet you look on others affect Paris there's a fade menace. Now why. I just day. You can even paying me to go to Las Vegas is so this cycle when the raiders move. Lou there's a chief flag buried in the new stadium cap I guess I don't care passed on my town. Do whatever you want the guy was trying to get fired though I was running. Are they doing everything he can go on social media and say look company chief flag in the foundation. This fact that I can see someone being up some of them out there. But the answer your question you know how much I think about Las Vegas and I don't. And I have no have no connection when Vegas side and and I have never will have any connection in Las Vegas. It I wish I would get out plain Kyoto home game. I wish I would do that now I'll never gift if the raiders play the niners I'll go down the Santa Clara. If you think I'm a soccer who's gonna get on a plane to go to Vegas to see a home game now and those who do I wish you well. As I said before the beginning of the season when I thought maybe it was going to be ruled Iraq between the people who want to boycott the people who wanted to go. And I was on the fence at first I was so embittered. I really was that I didn't know what I was gonna do. And I and at dawn because I thought you know a meteor might hit the earth the raiders are in Oakland I wanna see them as long as there in Oakland. So I fell under the Acker. But I totally understand the table that that said now never again you screw me once I'm not gonna do it and I understand the people done now while the raiders all go anywhere form. People don't make up their own minds. And I got nothing out of always wondered. Why people get so bent out of shape. Bio which team they root for it's like the people who get a sub senate split campers. You know pick your team are you laser giants. This is a stranger it's like saying you know I do I hate your religion. Wire you move. No Catholics usually Protestant and Larry in my Sloan who should be Jewish terrorist. I'm not a split camper I'm one team guy. Let you care that a total stranger likes both teams. Let's break Glenn I'm fine. He PLE yeah welcome the stranger I don't care what team you like your teams in fact. In a way I'm kind of jealous at front runners because your team always wins the World Series your team always wins the Super Bowl. You don't experience the real joy. If you soft fur when the team for years. And then they went and all the front runners don't understand what their feelings like you'll and you'll never understand it. In never well it's like the people who got cubs hats are always been a cubs fan I did I've known you. For players who never seen anywhere comes out. I it happens you know those people are saying that listen you can choose to do whatever you want. The fight my warriors. Year in and year out on the warriors finally won I almost cried. About all the suffering those forty years. And between 75. And fifteen. How many of those years were fun five. Some run TMC is that we believe and honestly be Floyd corder against the lakers. How many of those years were 535. Years I'm not just futility but being the brunt of jokes. I'm being yeah so the whole front runner thing I I'm a little bit jealous of that. But as far as a guy put that she's flag in the foundation. That's nothing to do with me that doesn't that doesn't offend me in the least. If somebody went to the coliseum and got a Jack hammer and try to put it she's fine again there I think there'd probably be a problem I think what uplifting people would be outside. But they said I wouldn't I wouldn't lift a finger to stop on but I would be offended. Let's go to rader Mike who's out in Fremont he's called a sub at triple A 957957. To go ahead Mike what's up man. Yeah a ridge avenue here renteria. Let them. Earthquake I don't want to call cover the other shows OK and I just want to let you I religion or April while I I yeah I agree. Yeah a lot of people bell are. You know what they did right. I've never did acknowledge they eat and mental or you know they you complain about whoever coaches coach players play. And the players are getting it down you know you're like can make most people job you're told the boss that supervisor then head on Juliet fire action that players. And the bottom line here is heating get a lot of help you explain earlier that your bedroom where he was he was hurt OK dull. I get it but bottom line and you need help are they didn't gruden they're adding you're gonna come I think it's gonna happen and and you'll see what happens in my time and know they might be more magic when they go to Vegas. Rick when they go to good they get. I did there if they don't you get your roll your window is so small ship when they go to Vegas you're not gonna be if they're gonna be out. Or 125 of the eleven content came there that everybody there. Well you know what I think though Mike I think it's gonna be like circus LA take it you're gonna check into the non core and then you're gonna get those tickets and since you just flew in from Champaign Illinois you're gonna go I think there's going to be a lot of non fans there. Yeah I'd give big you know could be wrecked. And rooting for early show live the other change your portrait by and is still mad that we needed W. If not the issue here they yelled they eat some spectacular happened they give Baghdad named in the blouse. This year maybe a notch maybe to dub in nineteen. Dawn and I dispatched you know I had a really good day what can have you know what gruden and sag card that they usually do they didn't media rod Carson helped as you can guy that you get the ball and how whatever and yeah let's that would do would go raiders. Actually tolerate or Mike I appreciate it Mike out there in the free month. Lines are open the wrestler Lambert's along here until 11 o'clock so don't be shy football basketball baseball hockey puck at all that if auto racing box in the Lebanese political Logitech are trying to recreate. Triple A 9579570. Penske out of cells dot Comtex 195795. Will more big scam on the other side. Armored till Aniston confession again. Now back to the rich tittle shall. On 95 point seven big game. Do again is if you are correct and I said two words yacht rock. Actually I didn't say that but I do miss the Green Zone after terror till live view in 957. Again. Great to have you with us. What is going on it. In the 510 though Oakland Raiders is John gritty common then we know that GDR is out it'll be. After he gets over at you'll be crying and laughing all the way to the bank has Mark Davis owes him a lot of cash is Jon Gruden on his way and. Looks like he is but I'll believe it. When I see it. Earlier today listening to our great pop on his show on. And Greg is one of those guys who not just stay out colleague any. No long time. But he's about is a raider insider as it gets I mean knowledge is confidant. And so great is the leading source. On the planet when it comes to. When gruden was here before and how he dollar now on the things that values the bounce off them. So how could day. Take over this team gruden and his assistance if it's going to be gone there and mordant. Name's dawn and inspire. A lot of confidence enemy anyway but anyway if that are as those got what what what they do. To help their car get to that elite level we think he can get two years late great pop outside. Basically the raiders ever broken car right now and it's Derek it's number four and get a fix this tire and I am gonna be intrigued how Jan does that along with a Rich Gannon I think rich will be the quarterback coaches' summit in in Carson on Sunday if there's a whole different approach. Ferguson Gary Karr and the I think John is gonna have to clean up his language a little bit with Derek I think they're gonna have to have a little bit different ever ever approach but I will say you know they do this coaching staff turned under cars as well. After the Kansas City game they called amount in final hole seemingly wasn't just the offense of the quarterbacks in a segment of the same Mosul Jane and they ripped on the front everybody. And there's a trifle guy. But. Going to we have a head coach it's not designing the play. Calling the play and second guessing the play in the quarterback's play in the certain slate it doesn't go well. So I think this organization what they have to do from this point forward on stage bill Derek are up. They've got to get his confidence back is swagger back I did they shared golf could play in the league or Todd barely I had serious reservations about both and look at how good they are outside they win the MVP sold the image down and enrich they have got to spend time and that they're gonna do with a different approach certainly. But they're not gonna second guess they're gonna lay it out first with this this organization right now on the here now they've got to fix a broken their card contact. I it's actually the that was so great pop early today on the great pomp show right here on 9957 again. They rumor. Of Rich Gannon coming in as quarterback coach I find hard to believe. Why would he leave his job to take a pay cat food to do that. Greg says that he believes is gonna happen. I can tell you I don't want Rich Gannon testified quarterback coach. Why in the hell while on Rich Gannon and he has zero coaching experience now maybe he's Steve Kerr. And he doesn't need any coaching experience. Rich Gannon is funny Rich Gannon to me. Is two different guys because Rich Gannon the broadcaster. It's a very charming guy and by the way for what it's worth. Why I'm bring them up on the Aaron I'm just well. He has the finest penmanship and any human I've ever met if you ever seen Rich Gannon writes something or find some length. It's like he went to a colleague refer. So great had in Delaware where we went out blue hens can putt. Rich Gannon the broadcaster. Is a guy who. Said he's I've interviewed him here we all how he's a very charming guy. When Rich Gannon was at quarterback for the raiders. A guy was that she giant horse's ass. And just about everybody on the team hated them. Unlike car and who they love. And they you know they had the column tune in once you take your linemen out to dinner some and her being a practice one time when gas was a quarterback. And I stand with a couple other guys. Again I walked by any stopped and he just gave us the biggest stink got up three of us just how looked us up and down the biggest look at disgust. And I thought I was out for that for you was out for me I know what the hell's and one Gannon. And that was just him. That was how he was successful. Is that he had to be a jackass at all times he'd that was that's what got him going. And if that's what worked then fine that's great. He was the NFL MVP and then he was the worst quarterback in Super Bowl history. With five picks and then the next week he was Pro Bowl MVP. Yes book ending MVPs what the worst quarterback in the history of the Super Bowl. But that's what may again in check he just always had. Have that attitude. By what the hell are you looking at ease some of blank. And a lot he wrote a lot of people wrong why. And I guess said he would come over dude you just because he felt like sort of like you know. This is not filled mother at her whatever he was trying to say. I wonder. What he's gonna be like as a coach is he gonna be the guy and what they code and the power tying. And the sold hanky in the Booth. Or is he gonna go back to be and that guy Orwell will be a third personality in Sybil. Although via third guy that comes out. But that's too much of a mystery to me we just had an offensive coordinator who was a successful quarterback coach. Now you wanna go on and get Jon Gruden. And then get rich again and to be his quarterback coach. I want guys who are experienced. Hot downing. Is more experienced tech quarterback coach and Rich Gannon I would rather keep Todd downing as the quarterback coach Ben bring in Rich Gannon. That's such a huge roll of the dice. Sell I guess that I don't want any part of inexperienced. Coaches at this point. Nor already worried about all came gruden coach after nine years yes he can coach after nine years. Like all the practices are different you don't get to hit as much solve all want an adjustment time. People like to make such a big deal these things like all the players are different now. They are yeah another on FaceBook while how could he possibly coach them them. How old is Dom Capers. Right he can coach. In this league. Jon Gruden has been around the game the entire time it's not like he was on a desert island. And they found him pull on the war Japan or USA. We lost. It's not like that he's been around again the whole time he's gonna have in his camps forever. John and and the Levittown my lucky year with a cheek year old and a drink I promise I'll never do that again. We also all that drama play is no word member of the whole thing with that Cam Newton. What's three deep what's too deep well you have deep thirds or three safeties and you have. Going until they have flat and to have safety help. We didn't talk that and armor and he's been around the game. I'm not worried about Jon Gruden I just don't worry about Jon Gruden as I said if he if he's a caricature of himself. Now does does Jon Gruden when he walks out of practice will he be floating above his own head saying oh I wonder what Jon Gruden is gonna say or is he gonna go back to being that young guy trying to prove himself. Because here's the things congress has nothing to prove. He has the ring. He has nothing to prove. Well he's still have that fire. BL OEB like Danny Glover in lethal weapon I'm too old for this past. I'll now be talk meg I was in his thirties and and now guys in his fifty's the nice thing doesn't have the energy I think he will have energy I think it'll it'll come back to my dental bill like riding a bike. That's the thing he's a coach he wants a coach and sometimes you put those guys in the Booth. Other than Parcells of the world number or and what Bill Walsh. Merlin Olsen was out and Bill Walsh was in and had to fly Dick Hamburg back from Wimbledon and the mile Bill Walsh in New York will you guys mash and it's like yeah and they automatically made the loss the number one guy and and Bill Walsh was not a good broadcaster any newly. As a coach he wants a coach that's what he does and it's probably been Jon Gruden or these years. To sit there and watch other guys coach and coach and an inferior level. A lot of it's probably eaten in hand think man if I had back I would do this if I had back I would do that no one is doing at one now he's gonna get the chance. Now he's gonna get the chance to do it apparently. What are your thoughts do you think JD are got a raw deal. Do you like the way that he was fired bill Williamson was on earlier and from raiders snake bit dark comedy thought Mark Davis was classless. I actually didn't have a problem with it. Let him know right away all Lieberman any kind of limbo. Don't let him know right now and in all I understand that it would have been nice if if mark would've announced instead of Jack Hammond to announce that. Himself but I was actually OK whether it. Get this in my del real look at that. And he said. You know Dario to paraphrase that I just told mark thank you for the opportunity into Munich coach my boyhood team I really appreciate it and he said the mark told me I love you and thanks for doing everything you did. And Del Rio did do a lot of good things those first couple years. He did and I don't know what happened what the discipline this year. What happened with the guys didn't thrown out of games and then not holding them accountable. I understand guys will flipped their lid. You know it's an emotional game and maybe a guy takes a punch and they gets thrown out and then. There there's more to it than just saying yeah you can't it's getting thrown out of games. As I said with a crowd triple in his own personal vendetta about until a key to leave the head of the good of the team. I would have suspended him one game and I remember bring that up. And the post game press conference last couple guys in the media go do you think the raiders will do their own suspension before they even hear from the league and I'm like I'll Helm now they're trying to win games. So I know they're trying to win games. But to tell the Crabtree everything he did was OK and then they got suspended two games a guy reduced don't want and when Jack Dario said I didn't see anything that warranted a suspension.