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Rick Tittle
Saturday, April 28th
Rick Tittle & Roxy Bernstein talk Warriors and Steph Curry's possible return

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Doesn't renew its full 36 month 101000 miles a year lease 500 plus first thing to do with signings a prosecutor deposit. Radio call it's freezing Cold War years. PG MC NN NE XT one Saint Francis can only 957. Big game. When I'm bloody fight seven big game. Well done. You'd be more Hillary now. My good friend proxy Bernstein and I can't digital and he loved for the big boys guys beginning to show them. That they are already complaining about the open we got three hours there. 12 day at a Honolulu at the under on the time of the first couple. Rick that a letter proxy currency we are in the Crown Royal club with our backs to the hardwood here and we are so excited to bring you coverage. Really start right now. The second round the New Orleans pelicans are in town for game one and that we will go to warriors warm up with the fellas that six. That chip out 730. And Roxy. It it's weird because at the beginning of the year if I said hey in Orleans was gonna come in and there are going to be red hot. You attack on my gosh what a Twin Towers situation mammoth tablet cousins. And Davis cousins goes out and what they live like seven and eight unite all their Don what a shame for them. And then of February 2 like we've never seen from a guy in the MBA from the Andy brown and now. They are brimming with confidence and they not only think they're gonna win the pelicans I think they expect to win it is going to be tough. First off I'm not a big cousins guy so. I'm not surprised they went on Iran without am I anti Davis has that played off the charts clearly but the play of true holiday. In his I think really ignited. This pelicans to ensure the Traber Chicago to get Mirotic is his given them the weapon he's played phenomenally since he's moved the Big Easy. But at the Davis has taken his game up but not proving you he's one of the elite players in the game. But the play at true holiday that's that's what really Rick jumps out to me when I look at what he did in the first round and how well he was playing. At both ends of the floor and look I got to see him play a lot when he was at UCLA. And I think all three holiday Brothers because the third one coming Aaron holiday is going to be any NBA also. As a trip a point guard it Justin holiday who was with the warriors won a championship here is moved on. But the weight it Jrue Holiday has been plight that's been the biggest key. To meet in why New Orleans has really taken off because look nothing gets Davis in the eye and I guess that kinda taking him for granite. But he already knew he is one of the great players in the game right. But with the play of holiday in the way he has just become one of these elites I level players. It is being remarkable to watch and they had a great run against Portland the first round. But this is a different challenge for the new world pelicans and and presents. Different matchups and that's what they're gonna have to try to do it out a gentry is gonna trap to figure out. How to live beat the golds at Horry. Life I told you coming out of New Orleans and it's Portland series who is going to be the best guard. In that series on any of us would send holiday we know that he's been better and and really a two way guy defensively offensively. But the way they were able to shut down littler and you kind of think well they shut him down that first game he's gonna go crazy this acting game. The third will certainly add a fourth this is the game when he goes for 45 and we just kept waiting for it to happen but the confidence kept building more and more and more. In New Orleans and holiday is real and then let's let's take it to the other guard Rondo. Because when I NN I know the king went up Rondo if half the kings gave him ten mil. Then after a year there egos and a Chicago game what like 28 Melvin of hiding him after a year. He goes to Norah on thrower like 3.3 this year we kind of ally now. Kind of a savvy guy if he doesn't complain he's just let everybody know that he's not done yet rocks. He's getting it done per stuff he's averaging over thirteen assists per game. And or at least in that series against port but he's also the average seven and a half rebounds a game in that series. We know he's not much of a threat to score right. It's all about running the team facilitate any offense his length posing problems defensively. But Rondo actually was scoring a little bit and that Mirotic the way he shooting the ball. But that backcourt now you look at how you match up with Portland with McCollum at Willard. Those are a couple of by NBA terms small guards right Willet changes in this series and whether stepped plays or not tonight. Regardless if he's in there but they have to try to match up look like tops and then clay can match up with now. But the contributions they be getting up and down. Eat it E'Twaun Moore is given and Ian Clark the former warrior and as played decently here in the playoffs. For New Orleans there's and death questions. But for them it's about the match ups and I just. They were able to take advantage of matchups in this series he gets the blazers which will not be there in a series against the warriors. When you think about the matchups obviously the you know browse the number 11 for the wars and I I think the wage entries get around this thing he's you know the way the way occur approach that Antonio. More of a slog and you're willing to win that those games 95 and ninety. They're gonna the pelicans are gonna run and there in Iran and they're gonna run it might be even a west head. Loyola marymount type of situation Jeff Fryer pairs B were. Hank Gathers both Campbell it might be a sit around Lowery they got it might be a situation like that where they and it's going to be very very exciting cell. UConn I think rocks if you're gonna approach you're gonna scheme on an oral and you think look. Davis is getting getting hits and if we try and stop on it's not going to be fruitless and we got the defensive player of the year we can double team him. You say I wanna make Rondell and holiday beat us thirty say now everything goes through Davis we half to try to denying him a couple how would you go about it. Well I think you approach. Rondo and you caddie give him be Tony Allen treatment turned to go ahead shoot the ball and if you can make it more power to you. See if you could actually make those shots and if he does okay then you adjust but. That's not what he's known for so you can you can sag off a little bit off a Rondo. Mixed make the other guys it shots holiday is a concern. Because of the way he can shoot the bull look it's not laxity averaged 28 points a game in that series. Against the blazers he was terrific and Davis will get hits. You have to play them straight up the problem is. With the match up with the pelicans is it's not just Davis because Mirotic now. They can stretch the floor now you can sag off Rondo but between holiday Mirotic and an even if they Davis could step out and hit some shots. That makes it very difficult match up from that standpoint the defense clearly has to be better in this series we sought. In glimpses of the San Antonio series they were what phenomenal in game one at both ends of the floor. On. But it goes up but not here. Yes OK New Orleans is a team that doesn't have certain in the playoffs lineage that the spurs do but this is the young hungry aggressive team. That's just frothing with confidence right now and that's the warriors have to take out of is. To create some doubt in the mind. Of the new world pelicans which looked clearly the warriors team can do. And you have to try to set the tone early here in game want to let them now all right. Aegis rants to blazers but this is a different challenge you've got the world champs and the warriors beat to assert themselves I think early he would make a statement here. Roxio and higher from here we watch this you are alive do you watch this newfangled orders to in this world championship team we know how hungry they wore. You can't help but get a teeny bit. Fat and happy once you get a ring or two. Now they're young and they know that this window could close at any minute we might only have you know one more year clay who knows what's gonna happen. They're gonna capitalize on that they're not gonna take their eyes off the prize. But somehow some way subconsciously. How much do you think this team is a little bit fat and happy and then New Orleans is hungry and it's like aids reds' 1990. And in on I shouldn't be that afraid right. Now and look this team knows what it takes to win there is it championship culture here now. Okay what do warriors a little disinterested in the regular CM AB. Once they have the two seed down but considering all the basketball to this team is playing. I honestly believe their pace in cells fitness. To get ready for what it really matters they knew there are going to be in the playoffs they knew they were going to be. Home court advantage at least through the first round okay they had visions of catching Houston but injuries clearly. Had a lot to do with the warriors not being able to catch the rockets. What it's about this time of the year and that's what this team has understood. You know the 73 which is great if you seasons ago but it's about winning championships it's about getting ready this time of the year. And that's why Steve curled and it's the minutes that's why steep curt brings guys along. To have them play off ready so guys for example like a Patrick McCall last year it step up for the playoffs. And makes a huge plays when he needed it competence and we'll see how the match ups of what Steve Kerr likes in this series because in the first round. We didn't seize outside all will we see him and a series we'll see we'll see ya Steve Kerr wants to play it against this team. And how the match ups will goal we seasoned more Jordan bell may be in this round. And Joseph look JaVale McGee had a nice run in the first round we'll see how he's used here in the second round because I do think with his size and likely quickness. That he can't bothering Anthony Davis but there's always been the durability question how long can JaVale but ego the question. That everyone is asking and we don't have the answer to it yet. I don't even think Steve Perry goes the current and knows yet until are gonna go out there and start to shoot around keynotes is that yours and so I think you know the question is is separate and apart on the they want to see how he was gonna respond he had to sleep on it. If he woke up like buddy Epson and a creaky old man. Now but if he woke up an adolescent you can't ask staff. Because what's he gonna say knee and they need another gamer to law. You know what I think he would be honest I deal. That if he feels a little bit tight answer a little soreness I think he you have to be Nissan and now so I still question. But I do believe. That the warriors know what's going on atlas with stepped current which will all find out. You know and it out the starting lineup we might not even know then because there's a chance they may bring about the banks and keep starting Iguodala. Our rights we wanna hear from you as well AAA at 957957. Once again 8889579570. The Penske out of self doc contacts find is not 5795. Coming up next are very different potter looks morneau who covers the warriors for the San Francisco chronicle. He will join us. Next it is the Crown Royal club here on the club level. Pretty swanky at ORACLE Arena Rich Little Roxy Bernstein it all back 957 again. Now back to the rich it'll show on 957. Game. Right now. I didn't did you radio. The ORACLE Arena here in Oakland home of the warriors that you're listening to the horrible word on the radio not 57 again we will have that to about 730 tonight. Roxy Bernstein and on armored that'll work here in the Crown Royal club at the coliseum arena and warriors warm up will be. At 6 o'clock but we are now joined by our good friend on her lips are now who covers the warriors for the San Francisco chronicle. And back Connor won't go to view the latest on Currie like you know that maybe you do what on what is good it is. Yeah I mean and you guys probably parity now he's still listed it. Questionable for tonight it. The latest word is that it will be reevaluated. During in his pregame warm up and there should be some sort of announcement. Shortly before tipoff. You know I talked after shooter as there are a razor and you guys probably know it. The player development coach who works most closely when it whip would staff and you are that it may be. Chilcott lane there at trainer he'd probably is as in tune with. We've stepped body is that movement does anyone. Alison in the organization he told me that. Step isn't quite a 100% yet that you looked really good at getting that shot but when you're talking about. You know making making turns intimidating him that little thing like that that are acquire in the back well in the not a bad about it at quite an explosive. As he let the poor get that knee injury and so that told me that just didn't Howell. Pocketed the organization is going to be with that that are there probably. There you would not lead and I would think it's more likely that you played game to you give him. You know another contact practice. To get back into rhythm legally had to. Full contact practices only have one battle by a scrimmage. When he talked about a guy who only play 25 minute mark eight given the ankle and knee injury that's really not what our. And I don't play out split distant gonna wanna be careful what does dad so I think it's probably more likely comes back into maybe even in create. But you know it's still thought Matt. So your gut tells you he's probably gonna be out so what does that mean in terms. OK so it gets at least at still came to. So in practice what are they trying to do with him to simulate in getting it ready Connor to gain speed. And have him. Try to be as close to being ready as possible. Well that's soiree in the Bible pompous governor's but yesterday it was really important particularly the first time where. You'd actually. Leave a real game like situation where there was contact it if there was real. The real lab action everything else has been not a contact. When you talk about terms like stuff so. That that is the huge component. It obviously leading up to that moment they've been doing everything else but you can't police simulated. A scrimmage to contact her with unless you're just doing it so. Around that's where I think dot that he probably can't have another game even meet maybe even two more games just to give him. More lives permit work. Connor when you look at the latest match up that they had with the pelicans and that was that one point six. Once won me loss that was issued out and now the pelicans are talking about hey we know we can beat them well. Not trying to work mailed an end but they're basically trying to not get hurt they had already had that two seed. Locked in at that time New Orleans was fighting to stay alive. In the playoffs do you read anything into that game Reid is completely throw that game out. Not you have to just because. It will look at the only game defeat him where they have based this current iteration of delicate I mean and other street and it was they want and obviously the potent at our commitment and it never touched and so you have to look at that team just because. It's only people and there's even though if you any sort of inclination. Oh how we can match up and in terms of who could guard to and that sort of thing interlude in result of that in turn back that. The pelicans who won that game I don't let political analyst pocket Mac but did go back and rewire that game just to have a better. You know how these teams match up. You notice when you watched that pelicans. In terms of that series against Portland what their excelling at right now. Well they were just absolutely dominate and out that Portland series and that thing that really impressed me was. Defensively we already know this team with a pretty explosive weapons in elective look push the tempo and obviously they haven't. If you David Souter in my opinion the most out of it mentally right now and then mirrored it's a spread the floor and draw them by. The sensibly what they do Portland really stuck out to me on the had a really interesting game plan. They're basically trap. Being deliberately blissfully. Every game all game but multiple standards they have your audit and linking Davis on him a lot of those games. And he just looked locked in you know what to do you insert you would you'd have to put in the situation where. After all the all the opera community over the corner and live the Republicans are saying okay look let Alpert can be nuclear. Because it and can't. Do that I thought it was just phenomenal game planning. On the pelican department that all that being I also feel that the pelicans were great match up. For the salute to the leaders. So I don't think the matchup quite as well with which the warriors but the thing to be wary of his. Is how Smart they are. Tactically. I think they have a really good coaches that now and gentry. Darren Darren Herman their Scioscia a coach who was largely responsible turner you know building the quarters current defense under under. Mark action so. It's gonna be it's going to be a battle when it's on its side of that. Richt at all and Roxy Bernstein here in the Crown Royal club or Paul speaking McConnell turn all the chronicle. Reverend fifteen way and Harry was out for Cleveland and and LeBron was basically point forward everything bringing the ball up in. Each time down maybe it would be dragged may be will be it would doll is Healy David Lee you know they just he can they kept surprising them. Do you think that's how Kerr is gonna approach Davis thirty think he's just been a part dram on on him the whole game you think they'll let him get his and make the other guys. Beat them what what do you think's gonna happen. Yes I think it's certainly going to be a committee approach army you're gonna deal out. Cropped matching you're gonna see a lot of different looks I mean look at just how that Massa put him in the past no one has necessarily gotten real lion share. Reps defensively against democracy drama guy looks. Durant Gibril. Am you know even under a dollar at arm's. So global I'd expect that communicate again and I think it condition that the lawyers and they don't look at Anthony Davidson says. OK we need to stand at parade at double or which allow a lot of teams do the warriors are confident in their individual defenders. Where they're going to trusted that you know they can. They can switch stat on dormant and that sort of thing you lament give them enough trouble. The rally to use the word that they understand that Anthony David is such an exceptional talent that no matter who you have arm them. He's probably doing it thirty plus and so the real onus is on the warriors. Had to stop guys like to her holiday and Rajon Rondo on Mirotic neglect typical on them and make life. Typical on the them did being. Getting invaded the ball. What one thing that Rick Barry hitting on already Connors about the match ups and it just appeared that Portland was a good matchup for the pelicans. In your eyes why would the warriors beat that matchup for the pelicans. I think the biggest reason kind of what we were just talking about which is. I think that the warriors and guys you can kind of women are. Contain as much as you and I and Anthony Davis were I don't really think the pelican that anyone. Just stopped. The Kevin Durant or even at that occurred that matter and you know we're talking about tonight it is stepped up and come back. I think. I think Iran is going to be able to do it works and you. What do you want to do it in their they're probably gonna have. Through all of it at times on on Kevin Garnett. Arm which are just don't see that. Plane. Two Republicans favor so that commute the biggest reason. Why made the warriors suited. Not have a ton of trouble especially. If that comes back. When you mentioned our audits Meredith Joseph stack on the the Montenegrin monster back game when they are here. Earlier this month and he hit six. Three corners and as you mentioned that was the first time that we got to see him out here in Oakland where in New Orleans. Colors how do you think gentry. Is gonna work him in because Kurz got out of his way to say hey my for sheer gentry basically designed our whole offense. Yeah gentry is agree. Offensive mind and I think they're Herman man mentioned earlier record and my and I think that's big reason why. The potent bat so much success without content that could variable cost you about looks to make. They're just look good book are instantly and deep and look and the thing about America it's that. I think they're warriors fans as he the type of diet. Ku has only given warriors trouble he is you know or speaking big man. Ku is pretty uber talented game and great hunger and openly said he needs to spending got tight that during an arm. Doesn't like happen to go out parameter. And put his hand on a guy like that he'd rather you know didn't do his work on help side defense and and stay closer to the rim where there will be more action so. The reality it probably gonna have to. The equipment it's a decent amount in the series and that's going to be an interest in maps any set. There it was nominal net gain on April 8 particular look. And he could be an X-Factor that potent. Steve Kerr basically stay with the same. Group of guys in his rotation for that series against San Antonio do you expect. It won't quit there without staff that it tonight or whatever he plays in a series but do you expect the rotation namely the big man. The stayed the same or could we see is not exactly seaboard Jordan bell here in this round. Yeah I'm curious. I'm curious to hear what happened there I think there is going to be some change in the front court rotation and I would specifically speck of our enemy. To play even more than he didn't match in that first round I can actually see him starting I actually think you really do it matchup for. The pelicans just because it is ability to switch up almost screamed in the spring garden you know pick up. You know a true hall there are on Rondo or eight or more. At the perimeter along the perimeter arms so. That commute probably could be changed but in terms of and Jordan well. I don't necessary at least you them. Playing. A lot in particular really going forward in the play out speakers. I just thinks he has more problems are now in terms of prototypical big men in. In prevail over over gaga and when it comes to the playoffs you'll go to market make mistakes won't does suit you can really trust. And I don't think Jordan balanced per demand. Yeah obviously at a really high upside but when it comes to these games but lives stated. I just think he's more apt to lean on c'mon Lanier is the lot of them that a lot of innings. As Jordan rather than torn Boe. Yeah I he is a rookie in making great point. Finally Connor when you look at Alvin Gentry. Some people have asked me you know does he have any inside secret that I don't think it's going to be like. You know Callahan gruden and Super Bowl 37 with the audible not changing that's something like that but what do you think. Gentry could say that his charges that might be a little bit of inside information. You know I think a lot of that I think that a little bit to put stock placement reality. The data paid a lot of money to know what types of that. Both these teams erotic to note in her work into their opposite the inventors so whether or not they have. You know they have the history and personal history and opinion that they should know enough to have. And much of an manages you're gonna happen but I think one of the one area where. We're Alvin Gentry or a parent earning could be key for Republicans is just really do want to specific things. About that tendency of that meeting to average. NBA coach of an out you know maybe less is better. Are going to Israelis. Specific situation and maybe he's shooting 43%. From Korea in this in this situation but it 53% from Korean polish situation you know they can get really. Milosevic. Because they have out of that history and how analytic background. Only we ever really you know it. Beat them being much back there. That is starlets are no of course from my asset gave dot com serves the chronicle on Twitter at. On cross well hey O'Connor thank you so much up for your insights all season and will Ali and on you again man really appreciate your time in your insights. It. You know Iraqi and I sit inside information. Yeah I mean x.s and those lies and we can all break it down but I just mean like hey guys guess what. Dream on hates it when you called butt head he'll get kicked out of the game for sheer like just little things like to T happen when you have slick so darker. Don't that I hit play on his left kneecap. He has that thing about that on now to something we don't say something mean about Rocco. Yeah I don't talk but they're both up about his Bulldog but gee you know Connor watches the warriors closed the lead Iraq's and he says they will not. Double team. You know brown I'm surprised by that. While you're gonna go with. What you'd do until they force you to change and so you start out this way. And if you're having problems there I think you'll see Steve courage just and we'll see what types of tankers he does from game to game and how different. They're strategy of colossal TV will be from that San Antonio series until tonight all right the spurs had. LaMarcus Aldridge who played very well the first round. And yet a certain way you attack them but also defended them. And I think we'll see a different type approach in client tonight from Steve Kerr about how they're gonna. Try to shut down and make the world's aren't comfortable enough that event but an if it's not working then you adjust from their but you've had your game played it going and and W little subtle tweaks along the way even if you do you have success. You know Steve Kerr is almost. Hate to say someone's too honest. But I love the fact that he is and I'm aren't I think he makes you think he's a well I'm paraphrasing but he said. Now most recently was that yeah I'll probably dollar run the ball down our throats for five minutes and that all call time out and we'll try and get Barbara. I mean it's that's basically why I think this is such a mouth watering series this was the team. That I mean give credit and Steve Kurt Mark Jackson got his team to play defense the first guys in foul rattled early they got this team to play defense. And then Kurt came in and taught them how to move that ball around. Sol and the warriors took great great pride in that defense that's when you give up when you lose by its when he when you lose by forty even when you're just trying to stay healthy. That's still a kick in the pants that somebody's beaten you by forty points and sell luckily enough first round. I think they did flip the proverbial switch but. After winning three games they took their foot off the gas and almost in the game five they almost let that get away at the very I. I don't know if that's the case Rick because. I honestly believe and that'll theory whether it is. The NBA playoffs whether it's the Stanley Cup Playoffs that fourth game of the series is always the hardest to win. Especially the at a team like San Antonio. That has the pride. And then mental toughness to compete like beat you because that is. Just a proud organization with the success that they had yes Gregg Popovich was in here but they are. Playing a lot of ways for him and hearing his legacy out there on the court. Because obviously he was back home with family because of what happened. But the pride factor is a big deal and there's something to be said for having the heart of a champion which guys like Parker and Ginobili. Do so I really I believe that. San Antonio put up a fight game for an in game five. Because. That fourth game is the hardest to win and that's what I think why the warriors had trouble putting double. Well I've I've picked the wars in six because I had a pact got riding but hasn't exactly what you said I thought just there's just too much pride and savvy. And I don't care who wise out IC. That's over marks her and I get intimidated because it's the spurts you know idea that it can take a long time to adjust mark already bought it through that door. But the other thing is is that I would disagree a little bit I think usually when teams lose that third game and they're about to be swept I think a lot and they mail in that for a game. I've seen an Emmy as you know at my sharks unfortunately a couple of times. And I'm not saying that what them they were gonna mail it in but I just think this is the NBA playoffs. And every possession is dive into the stands every possession as leaders in on the hardwood. And if you shots for a second go into. Fourth year the other team will sense it and capitalize on you to keep your knee on that teams broke the whole time. And like a team like San Antonio because they just won't quit and go way right and they don't know. That. How not to compete because that's all they know what to do is to battle it to fight and claw and tried it. Keep trying to win games regardless of what the score says in the series what is says on a scoreboard and when they got down what fifteen of the third quarter. Eight in game five. OK a lot of teams would just folded up the packed it. But not San Antonio and and for example we watched the game last night and I gotta give. Oklahoma City some credit that they got doubt. In the third quarter would Donovan Mitchell went on that amazing terribly at twenty points the third quarter last night crazy Ed and they were down by like fifteen. But they kept coming back and that's what you see that that's why the report came as the hardest to win. And that's what the words that had difficulty with regardless of who the opponent is in that first round and I would expect that to change okay. New Orleans comes in here a lot of confidence considering how they played in a series against the blazers. They'll have some competent but winning that game here late in the year it's not the warriors to put that doubt in their heads to have that creep. In the back of their minds of some of warriors to do that it's at the Tony it is the world's. Play some Radiohead during the timeouts to make sure that creep is there Q you mentioned the heart of the champions I see the heart of the champion is right here in Oakland. And that's why. For the playoffs that ever started in and we know all the injuries and after the wars back and you don't back in and here you see it buy it whether they haven't gone on. I still think that part of the champion knowing that they're not too fat and happy. Knowing that they they that this might not happen next year everybody to break the Laker but he can cried her way out of town like prior year Hawaii you never know what's gonna happen. And so I think that the heart of the champion. In those times when you're out there and the guy across from you. Ed you're both going for it you know you've been there and there's something about that experience factor and you mentioned for them and Rhonda has ring. But a lot of those guys you know. You go back to that serious in the first round of the warriors swept a few years ago ever steps a miracle shot as useful out of bounds. The other more experience and they have confidence but you never notes here that reverend when he fifteen we're like how far in the lawyers go who they got through the first round I mean. If we think likely of course they did know it wasn't of course because we orchard that they get to the next round I'll hope they don't show and then and then when you win. Now you know you've looked at the top of Mount Everest I go back candidates Campbell or owns they have never been up there yet. And there is summit to be said for that learning how to win. This time of the year lucky go back. To to win a game was that it back to BA's right it was the Celtics and it was the lakers and then the pistons came along and they had to learn how to win at this time of the year and they would run into Boston and Boston would find a way. To somehow frustrate them and dispatch that. Then they figured it out and then Detroit was there a net it was up to Michael Jordan the bulls to do that and they alerted the hard way but yet they figured it out so. For the warriors okay they have little bit of frustration. In terms of the playoffs but once Steve Kerr came and this team just descended and took off. And the culture that. Is here now is in place and that's where the world is trying to learn and so they get an up close. Clint said it bite taken on the lorries yes they did the first round but now they graduated to this second round today get a different look at it. I go to against the warriors in this year's. You mentioned the pistons Obama right here and I think it's a phenomenal. Nugget of knowledge from that team that I just learned yesterday. I don't know I don't know if you're old enough to remember remember Sid and Marty croft the profits super shows Saturday mornings I do okay. He had doctors trigger land Oval Office or adult and diamond girl out. All that stuff Sigmund and the sea monsters. Yesterday I actually interviewed Sid and Marty croft they're both in their eighties are both still let us. I bring this up because I said who invented the term sleaze that. Number those one mile per hour lizard people a land of laws that it. And a guy goes one of them said Marty is do you know who bill lingers. I'm like yeah of course about Walt learns that. He was asleep snack when he was young. So inside. You gotta be like my age have both inside one of those sleaze that cost news was bill laying beer at the likely favorite NB in eighty. Nuggets really are error at teenager I guess because what is he and what was it like 69. Bill labor's excellent okay maybe I mean six and military analyst at its excellent okay. Sell it must have been yeah when he was at because he's not that much older and he came from really wealthy violent. Well see that was at that Hollywood right now. We haven't had anything. When he's down with the best business but it. And you wouldn't think it because he was as dirty as they came up and I perfect sleaze that I'll get you guys were dirty it was a guy everybody loves to hate. And by the late cheesy gimmick game one of the day. Sharks series against the biggest nights now he's the coach at the WNBA franchise to Las Vegas aces. So they had him held up top ten. I don't know pre game. They've made a big deal if they'll. No I was that. Raider headquarters for the draft and up the only good thing about you as an act in that sent out canes out into butts yeah and of course Saddam. Especially with some of these micro over if there's a lot of blame here on around right now. All blah. Really but earlier in the. Before you go out because I wanna see out and and by the way if you by the collar and AAA 9579570. 888957. Out of 578 Penske out of self doc Comtex line 95795. Is that Saddam I wanna get a prediction out of view and Jolie yield on activists on all. Your prediction. And I know you're big lawyers don't wanna know how many games. One now yeah right now you tease the online now so people or sponsor rock he's right honor he's crazy lawyers try. And it's actually up but 957 game dot com all our prediction right in my eight years is seven a cat and I say the words will be down 32. And they'll come back and rallied to win the last two. Adding the warriors win both here in Oakland split and a World Cup back to win in game five I hope you're right I would rather have people I'd much rather. Have a go down that way a little bit easier take the pressure. Once again triple A 9579578889579570. Penske auto sales doc Comtex line. It's 95795. Rick fiddle at Roxy Bernstein here. At the Crown Royal club the ORACLE Arena come on back and not a 57 again. The rich it'll show on 957. Game. That should really be reserved for bring them not bother. As the next hour you know one of us that that's not there. I'll just go whether we like lasagna. Rich Little proxy Bernstein in the crowd or a club that oracle did you ready for game one. Second round of the Western Conference playoffs and oral and pelicans are in town. They in our house as the lawyers again ready. You start out well staff play well he not play we don't know yet nobody knows yet maybe Steve Kerr and I think they know we will go yes well we'll see we'll see how he responds market bond has by the way from Iraqi TV you fox two will join us. In the next segment but curriculum Roxy Bernstein Roxy wanna we take some calls. See with the fans are thinking triple A 9579570. And let's go to Joey in the city what's up Jolie. So guys what Laura. Pretty. So are caught early aero. Actually target all right when their eye on from chronicle. He thought about. That being the warrior and a double team. Deputy payments. Which. Our I don't understand why you go out you don't seem LaMarcus Aldridge almost. 80% of the party at the ball that you would and you wouldn't that would mean deputy David and everything better than that. In the market all of our days. Don't you gotta start out being the rent is not a double team him on the jets and or other parts Burton won the make late. Well joy when you set him by the way thanks for the call triple A 9579570. That is definitely one way to approach it and I just asked Roxy about this because I was surprised to hear that as well rocks you wanna you just a thumbnail what your answer was well. For me you gotta. I think play it straight up until they make you adjust and part of it is the way Mirotic holiday can could spread the floor Rodney. So if you go okay is started straight up. And we'll see what happens and they knew it just from there because but yet they Davis is terrific and we all know that but the pelicans have other weapons. And OK is this is your strategy go indicate one we have. Let's say you do wanna play him straight up whether it's you put to bail autumn. Where do you wanna start dream on on him if it's me I'm starting JaVale McGee on. And I just because I think its size Atlantic. And and you go from there whether it's occur on loot a company index off the bench when he decides. To go to would jordin bell and a series try to match up with them and David West they have them in his stint when he is in the game. But I I you go straight up because. If he gets away yes LaMarcus Aldridge is at its Santonio is a different animal they I don't think senate Tony has the outside threats. That this team does and that's why I think you can get away with double teaming him at the start but here in this series I would go straight up and Anthony Davis. And Dan if he forces you to adjust venue pass to tinker with the weight that you candidate the approach defensively. Rock she think that is in a way. Kind of a thing like. A pride issue to light we're not gonna go ahead and just assume that we can't guard straight. There could be a little bit to that and sure you look. He's got the respected everybody in the warriors locker everybody knows the players the unit prowess right and how good. And how talented he is how athletic and all the things that he can do out there. So but he come into this series. And you'd try to limit him. But you do it. Mitt demand yes but you'll have some help because for example. Rajon Rondo does not command the outside attention or respect that a Patty Mills did. In the first series because Rondo can't shoot it like yet so whoever's matched up against Rondo you could sack a little bit of davis' gonna post up. That defender can sag. And try to cut off the passing lane there's a number of ways that you could do provide help to whether it is speaking your dream on whoever starts. And at the Davis tonight but it's a different match up any different set of rules that that's for the warriors will apply here in. Here's you know it's so funny Iraq's because speak and to Connor in the in the last hour talking about. About loony it significant minutes. And loonie was a guy who when we started the year. And you elect out well McGee's count him back Mitchell is coming back west is coming back. They have damion Jones they just drafted well they got this other kid Bouchard from or Chris Boucher Boucher Boucher authority's water boy the yeah the video game guy. And there's really no place. Took furcal vomiting and sell like it is it is there even a place for him in Santa Cruz. I really give him credit because he looked like he was on the way out the door. And he just hadn't been able to stay healthy. And it goes hips are bothering him when he was at UCLA. And he comes here and they hit sura a chronic problem for him but he had the perseverance to battle through. And he'd do that there was going to be competition for minutes the front court they're a lot of options. Christie Kerr and his staff. To go through his Bob Meyers provided a plethora of big guys and you have Zaza got it back and never there are some questions JaVale McGee will be back to kinda got contentious. Well they he thought he was gonna get paid Gavin and Owen beta OK I am so he was vacuumed damion Jones. But critic knew Chris Boucher it was gonna be work in progress because he was coming off the ACL injury which he injured. Against cal the pact will tournament last march so they Christmas Shay was it gonna take some time it really wouldn't beat. A presence this year. But but there was going to be sad battle for minutes and we knew David west was go to commander minutes. And he had the plight is what 24 minutes a game Marie T whatever they wanna go. So. When you divide up those minutes waited kebab looney fit but he just kept working any stayed humble. And he was aggressive about his rehab in improving his game and we see how hard he's worked because he's really become. A factor for this team that he can do some things that's so the other bigs can't he could stretch the floor he could shoot a little bit. He's a very good passer for his size and his skill set so that there are different. Options that he presented challenges he presents for the other team. What the quality and that he has taken advantage of the minutes when he's had the opportunity. By the way original rock she burns here at the ORACLE Arena Tripoli about 579 to 570 here and benefits of the game. Karen Burk who of course worked for NBC sports a Bay Area two on court reporter. She reached we did a guy. Who is that not a journalist saying that that staff is playing into this that you heard it here first folks and accused tongue in cheek. There's a lot of people on the pens got a cells doc on excellent thing Jarrett said he's playing terrorists that he's playing I think she is just trying to. Giving a law that ha ha ha look at this guys says there's nothing official yet this is what I. And Alice out getting my lunch. Well yeah and I think it was just kind of he's playing until they heard it here first self. Bomb it is this kind of a war of the worlds Orson Wells there's not real martians attacking. You and I weigh in now we have not heard we're on the flagship we haven't heard anything yet we just spoke with Conner from the chronicle shell. I don't want people out there to act as people are taxing and like it's out there he's playing for sure. Who is only Steve Kerr I think and his staff and other. Yeah and Bob Meyers it's it is very well kept secret audience sighed and they're not letting anybody know because. They want the world to speculate. Because it messes. With the pelican it's okay because they have to devise game plans okay how did they defend this lineup. And what if curry is it what do we do it just makes their staff. Worked out much harder and it takes some of their focus away. And it lets them. Planned for something that may not even happened in this game now. And sold let the pelicans keep guessing let Alvin Gentry wonder is step curry got to play all right pat we match up at the start. Is it gonna be Andre Iguodala will step be available will step start and there's a number of ways I think debt. Make it. Interesting that you keep the pelicans guests and what why not. And it's the playoffs you're looking for every edge you can get. Well listen our lives are darn lies in them our statistics we know what happened the last time they play then of course New Orleans won here. By six and that's on the lawyers are trying not to get hurt us like Houston's last game it's actually basically played all banks they have the ones see what's the use of turning an ankle. Think about this statistically Roxy the last 28 times these teams have played. The warriors are 26 cents to. Sell. Is that when you hear that does that make it lost the last one well also sent nearly as it is the last match that's another old outage in sports. Does that mediating via. Yeah I think it does say and think it's it's one of the themes you can look at that the warriors. Clearly understand what it how to play against the world and had the how to beat up. And so the pelicans yes they want the last time but it's still try to figure it out. Are right they won one game that doesn't mean they can win four and that's what you have to do in this series and whether it's this round. The next round whatever it is. And you look at these batch of sadness the other team stacks up against one another. I just don't see a way that the world's can win four games out of seven against the Golden State Warriors. I just don't see it and I'm not alone because. I think everybody. On our prediction has died not 57 game dot com. All had the warriors winning this series it buried in terms of how many games. It would take the warriors to win the dead you looking ESPN's panel of experts and other analysts and I think every single one of them up and down the line. Pick the warriors to win this here. I would be feeling like I think doors you're gonna win I'm not in the least that concerned. But I was here two years ago on game seven. When the seventh the greatest team in the history of the regular season who have lost three games are all year lose three games and as dealing with a state. On the back pass to. Before. Oh well that brought goaltender off all this ridiculous stuff going on and next thing you know it's over. So all I'm still a little bit I mean not that bad day with gave you last year is fantastic 61 in the playoffs but because of that shell shock and and while third avenue of the two worst thing that around walked out of Communist that shell shocked. To me does not have me as it's you know like oh don't worry about it completely fizzled there's. Knowledge and a little bit of concern and plus. I think even subconsciously. Tell you're a member and I'll bring it back is Jay Carney of spring training in ninety printed up these complacency sex teachers now that would be passed that. But still they they mowed through the AL and they got swept in the World Series by a team. That listen whoever wins is the best but they were a million times hungrier. And the warriors are getting right now I think. I think he's been as hungry because they know this is their best chance they've had since packing the drain. They're hungry New Orleans has just as hungry as anyone else they just don't have an and or get into cliche if they don't have that part of the champion yet. And then they don't have the weapons to be honest with. They have some nice pieces and holiday is playing great in Mirotic has been tremendous. Since he got traded over to the delegates. But you're also going up against. The team the gold standard right now that everybody's trying to catch and it went people are selling their roster people are envisioning okay. How do we take that next step they all not just try to compare themselves to this team. But how to we compete against this team what can we do to beat the warriors and that's what teams are trying to duke. And we see Daryl Morey the GM for the Houston Rockets admit he's obsessed with beating the warriors and try to figure out now how to win. Is this series out yet he has through the regular season as we know the playoffs are different animal and souls seat. Powell and if the warriors get to the next round to play the rockets will see what happens then the doubts about the pelicans and trying to dispatch them as quick as. Us just taking a step back do you think that Harden. Will do something bone headed in the playoffs because he has been a thirtieth think he's past that point. I think he's matured I think he's grown up a little bit and he may be still has a little bit of that in him. But when I'm Chris Paul let him something's you have a Chris Paul does stupid stuff to. On world than there we go but a political team but they just got Ryan Anderson back. Your guy from now but. Bill is not an interesting series that you talk coming up with it the jazz winning last night. The unfortunate thing for you to does that reports out of Ricky Rubio could be out for at least do a week and a half. Which I think really hurts their chances at beating the rockets now I do think that. You Tallet have a chance especially the way Donovan Mitchell's plain right now. And it's gonna be very tough when teams go to salt like city to come out of there with a win considering how electric that fan base can be. But they I think the rockets just got a big break with the detects that rubio could miss that series. But loyalists in half by seven game in HD one KG MG in San Francisco your home for every single warriors playoff gamer fiddle and Roxy Bernstein here for a more hours in the home. On the wires we are ORACLE Arena we are sitting here courtside in the Crown Royal club your calls at triple A 9579570. Penske out of cells doc context line 95795. The other things you Roxy is you can kind of think is as.