Rick Tittle Show - Hour 1

Rick Tittle
Sunday, January 21st

Rick Tittle talks some baseball and the craziness associated with sports fandom


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Seven days. Meredith thank you Michael Irvin. Welcome student ID 57 of the game we are I'm Rick till by the way it's great to have you with us on a Sunday and where we might happen to be listening. I'll be here for the next three hours taking your calls Paula topic of sports AAA 9579570. Once again 8885579570. There's always the Penske auto sales dot com tax line as well. If you'd like to get in now way as well would love to hear from you without a way as well we are in the process and this is neither here nor there and you probably don't care about it. Since I entered com bought CB so we earned Entercom station. We are. Right now it is that we looked like an episode of porter's. Because some we are turned down our studios here in the moving over to the other picks building over its. Battery and Broadway. So I'm on one of those Madonna would you like Fries without microphones and it's fun I thought come on a remote in a studio. So some of the mud instead don't work we've got all sorted out into as I said he would love to hear from you feel like talk sports obviously there are playoff. Football games going on on championship Sunday. And figure fewer into value Paula be listening that. It's always good to go low count our program but of course it is sports football basketball baseball hockey is ordered all tennis auto racing boxing Olympics until much as checkers rugby cricket are kind of stuff. And we love to hear from you once again that's triple A 957. And 9517. Triple A 9579570. You know should it taxes I mentioned the pens go so start Comtex line as well where you might happen to be listening. Couple of guests in the F three hours coming up in about an hour and a half we all have. And Melissa lock guard she'll be with us to talk some Oakland a's baseball of course says she. Long time beat writer Melissa. Nobody knows more about the is or she knows about as much as you possibly can she's at the athletic now. And then also it's 630 this all go till 7 o'clock. We also are going to you bring in nationally at Goldman a good friend who covers the San Jose Sharks four yard barker. She's been a long time B writer of the sharks. Talk about Ted team teal as well. But. As I said met this show is about today you and your participation. That's eligible 89579570. A couple of things I one against you as Philadelphia. Is playing at Philly. And some of the warnings it's that I saw. Come down out of Minnesota. And there was a particular the F fox affiliate. On their newscast saying that so for all the Minnesota Minnesota fans vikings nation who're going to the the temerity to venture for a few. The city of brotherly love by the way the original Philadelphia. What's that in Turkey is uneven called Philadelphia anymore meaning. Oh the love of the brother. They're saying they're here and there but they said if you do go Minnesota fans. And be careful you're gonna Wear purple. And you might get tad basically in my get jacked up. Which is something that's always a little bit weird to hurt to hear I can tell you. Exactly. From personal experience. About dealing with Philadelphia fans out there Nader. Because I was asked who were all fifteen as the royals always my age I was fifteen that's a role fifteen in New Orleans where the Oakland Raiders beat the Philadelphia Eagles. And so rolled always been my age who Mosul which is why we have seraw somebody three coming up. But after the raiders beat the Eagles and I was leaving with my dad my little brother hold not pennants and study it it's just a matter of you know we were mocking anyone. That's the thing just don't you know that little little blue are gonna get their face I think that goes down into Philadelphia I can happen anywhere. And yes Philadelphia's a major metropolitan area you can go to our neighborhoods that might be a little bit more more shady thing you can do that and just about everywhere. In America but it didn't make me laugh. And as I was just there last month covering army navy game at Lincoln Financial Field of Philadelphia that there's nothing wrong with Philadelphia Philadelphia's fine. And it's just funny to get these warnings put it just I think they did go for any morning and he said he is is don't be stupid. You know if you are I'd coding a fan. At terra most disappointing moment. Value with a number one seed and you lost the you. Is probably not a great idea to poke not just the bare. But a wounded bear. And I remember hearing in 94 home when I England was perhaps coming to. The United States is part of the the World Cup unfortunately Graham Taylor ruin things especially that non penalty call in Rotterdam on David Platt against Holland let's say there are right there. But sound that the the English disease that hooliganism was gonna come and they are gonna trash our cities and I and I just laughed could you imagine any. Foreign countries fans coming in and trying to amass some Detroit. What insists his is not gonna happen over and it's not like going to the outdoor cafes and brutish. And and rioting like that but. There's always old little warning and down. Armor being in in London one time and there was a threat of a DOT bomb there's going to be a DOT bomb don't go to London. By it as the city of twelve million people. And I suppose that not go because of the threat of a dirty bomb there's some threats that are more general and others I understand that you have to be wary of them. But the whole notion that you're gonna get rolled out if you go I just I don't buy into it. I think about all the events I've been sued it in my life. And it's just. Problem turned out scary I didn't even know they would be Allen to go seeded Todd the Mac Coventry city at gill hype filled road stadium in the West Midlands in London in England and that's since been torn downs now the the Ricoh arena there for the sky blues but. A little bit earlier I took a wrong turn wrong turn and I was and that very bad neighborhood that had no street lights. And whose whose stuff falls out of my fault. You know I should know better and act like that Philadelphia it's like the hills have eyes like they're gonna think I'm out of the woodwork. And gave you. I do remember. One time getting some street cred they didn't deserve because I went to see. My parents are routine talk a lot spurred play against arsenal. In the FA cup semifinal and initial venue which was Old Trafford Manchester United stadium the theatre of dreams very impressive stadium with no legroom by the way that's the one thing apparently that. You know Europe in many ways is ahead of us and in many ways are behind us one thing they're behind us in this that's they have no idea what leg room is. It's like everyone's saying there is there they've really shows. Sell. Going to the theatre of dreams are barely NHL amounts in the in the press that some. If any of the southerners. The londoners arsenal talking fans are both from North London if they wore their club burn. If there are they're kids they're gear that they were gonna get rolled up by the Manchester firms. Ours we would say gangs. And I didn't hear about such a threat. And soul. When I showed up first of all is ready for European soccer weekly saws I just adjourn now. So it's one eyebrows raised it was a yank and I was like not supposed to knowing about soccer. But all these guys greeted me at Merrill does warrant like you know old navy and gap buddies. There I am coming there with a pot from rain jacket because those are running out of taught them scar kind of taught him how phenomenon like top non flying the 'cause. Not scared it's hole all yea you caught braves got one tall man. And I didn't realize that I was supposed to be getting jacked up I just figured I am matters is gonna work. I remember the at Angel Stadium a guy friends you are kill me because I'm not worried angels' Gary threatened to stab me. And I went to. A chp officer who stand there and I said that Kara had their does threatened to stab me they guy ran away and the CHE chp officers said tell an Anaheim Cobb I don't care. Exact quote are gonna the abbey tavern to watch England vs Ireland and I did not celebrate when England's guarded and I wanna get completely. I think Jack del via their it's just about how being some common sense. That's what it is and I hate and listen to Philadelphia some bad neighborhoods yes it does Hamas take in the train in new York and saw the backside of Philly and you. Not Sissy about every Sudan and Iran are covered in snow it's much more depressing and and it's hard to. People to extricate themselves in the situations. Had nothing but somebody for anyone hustle live. I'm a situation like that bled to to just say that Philadelphia is super dangerous if you go. Now you're gonna go to Lincoln Financial Field which is adjacent to citizens bank for the Phillies played the Wells Fargo Center where the sixers and flyers play. It's hop skip and a jump from the airport. It just always draws lol smirk out of me in a one eyebrow raise when. Some fan base is like watch out it's really scary there. As I said I was just in Philly last month that is that is not scary at all just don't be an idiot. That's solved. You don't have to go to Vegas to beat Nazi you can do that right here and you don't have to get jacked out in Philadelphia you can do that right here at home save your plane fare. They got original if you Kamal backward talking sports eligible at 957 out of 57 pence got us those document XY 95795. That's an armored it'll come elect not about seventy. I waited for a big hit again come on done done done better than any doesn't happen thank you for that welcome back to Sarah toe with the U. On championship Sunday don't allow alternate. Our programming here in 957 game great have you had a senior participation is encouraged as always as we talk. About the sporting world that triple A 9579257. Need already downed pilot out. It is today not 57 out of 570 Penske out of cells dot come tech slang on 5795. That's been working that have been down I got here right on the screen so I feel we're read Q why. I get yourself in in now have yourself heard. From the 707. Talking about. Being threatened. And it is the guy says so the girl says I'm a dreaded half half I've been threatened on both sides. Of the bay and also when wearing a sharks sweater I was told that I was in the wrong side. Of the day. I don't really understand that. This ledge you know at this is the way I feel. About split calpers president says here half pats. A man without a half pounds. Is I have zero problem Lou with split calpers palm met people who like both teams. I'm not one I only like one I don't hate the other when I was growing up their business. Social media garbage and smack talking you establish marksman didn't smack talk someone to their face. Are at least hold them. You're committed told would Bobby junior senior accused junior they love you saw it. It was a little more a little more immediate. But we know there are no cowards on social media so now it's just bickering and it's funny because say years ago and when we are doing a show about their rivals. People thinkpad T. And the giants rival are the days and vice Versa or that the raiders rival are the niners. And vice Versa and it just makes me laugh. They don't even play in the same conference. And heard gas six times a year the a's and the giants will play each other. I throwers in the fan bases this what it is. They either the players care and I don't ever once a while some will say I really wanna beat the giants like and it's time. I think Gary Graham Belfour really got into it because he got into with the fans and that's that's always fun. But says it to me I I could not care less what this what team a stranger has pegged to root for are not root for. You say that's just wrong I had some sort of moral even though fight like I said I'm not us but cabaret it's not in my DNA I have one team for life and you know sort of front runner by the way front runners their team always wins the World Series in the Super Bowl. And so there are always happy but the other thing is is that sound you can really feel. The way a loyal fan feels when you suffered and suffered and suffered and then you finally get to that mountaintop and you stayed loyal. Front runners will never feel that feeling. They don't know what it's like to have disappointments. And I think most of us do stay loyal two 21 team. I'm somebody that drove me crazy as a a royals a fan. Is that some. I'm supposed to talk into the microphone and headset simultaneously. And turn this one on this well OK so this is coming here and in may be as they said were moving our offices here. And our head engineer once we get talked into both. So maybe they are getting their sense in stereo hours or uncle who surround sound right now. Since two microphones that can turn out there until I declare my throat. But as I said the whole split cap thing it doesn't bother me because it's like having somebody is religion bother me. Why did you pick our religion who can hers. I don't you know unless that someone. That you love and care about and they switch I know two people who grew up in the east bay and then when they moved to San Francisco they thought oh my gosh you know that. The New York saying a bridge and tunnel had made its way in the Bay Area. I being called bridge and tunnel in the marine. I'm gonna cover my eased bumper sticker with a giant bombers take us all be more sophisticated. I'm I'd seriously and and that was even when. We had died candlestick hearsay going to be Morse of this what ever. I know a lot of people who like both teams. And for me there's nothing wrong with that I guess said you know I hate thirteen that I hate with every fiber in my being like the Denver donkeys. Or the San Diego Chargers of the Kansas City Chiefs just. Despise those teams. But if your from the parent aren't you supposed to be a fan. If hear from Denver what are you supposed to do not root for them because I don't like him know I respect every fan and even the people who for our former around here. They decide that they first some weird reason that they wanna be a Broncos fan while I don't care it doesn't it doesn't affect me it always makes me wonder. About what's wrong when people they get so upset. Who are strangers or pick one email and we'll both are okay. That final play one team. By the way from the five point says everything sounds fine it's just weird I'm trying not to a bump these microphones and the other her. Plus 7070 pence got to sell stock untouched land on 5795. Re what about sacked half patter is here as that term again I was home split campers I guess eleven of the past. What about a half matters for a giants Dodgers. I can tell you that's extremely. Bizarre. That is extremely bizarre and those are not even from the same metropolitan area. But I don't care little annoyed hair it's a strange. Year. I don't know who that person is. And sell if you and believe me in the Bay Area. There are plenty of our relationships. Between people who get married her best friends are boyfriend girlfriend and you got a giants fan in a's fan and then when they go to the games the other. You know the girls a giants fan she wears or hear anything guys he is Fannie he wears his gear. It doesn't look like getting down to main. I've seen plenty of games where there's a giants and a dodger fan sitting the other because. Love conquers all we would like to thank for. Thinking that's still. I don't I don't understand. I mean I can see how you think well that's a bit bizarre. But for me. Is it set at least she can take off that how what if you get a tattoo of like a skull looked like a flaming arrow moderate. You can't take route off and yet people are okay without so they said everyone has their own cup of tea doesn't really matter. Great my engineer David Cook and I mean I think he has that tattoo on a proper technical know affect meets. Everything is like I'm one good thing about B in my age. If I was eighteen right now on I got sleeve doubt touts it would've felt like if I got those in 1983. Would've said Dead Kennedys. Exploited. You know I had the descendants all. Type of thing which would be a little bit weird that's had said by your gun my engineer I hear everything enrolled. Payrolls fell last sun god says since this is the Guinea pig show right now you're gonna pull my headphone out and put in and out. Gonna put into that one right there and and so now I don't need this one anymore I can turn this one off and I can take that up and and I would lose my headset. All right perfect so little switch headsets after this Biotech. No one at home cares but thank you. Thank you for that role this this to me has now just showing that we're one step closer to our to our new studios. From afar when a wreck to light two teams is blasphemy. I don't consider those people true fans are simply bandwagon fans who now get to root for whoever is winning. Now here's the cool thing about America you can think and Dave Bing you want and technically any other country. Remember freedom of speech doesn't mean you get to tell your boss. That is SOB and yell fire in a crowded movie house SOB means you can say whatever you want and I can be arrested. That's led the gist of free speech but. Especially Phil let's say if illustrated brilliance it's blasphemy. I think if you really know someone. You can tell if they're just on board with a winning team or not. Why can there are I've always said Tom grown up pair of third generation east bay. There are about 101000. Hard core. Giants and a's fans that will go no matter where their plan or no matter what the record is. Now with the giants we saw that went when he can happen there are I think there are a lot of people since 2010 who think it's our hard core giants fans. But they will be tested. Once the giants once this window closes. Other than the good news for giants fans as the window is still open despite being what 36 games under 500 last year. You still have brought in Evan Longoria you Brian and Andrew McCutcheon. Hopefully for the giants mark my Lanston is healthy again gets back to where he was Will Smith won't be heard the whole year I'm. Setting things up. And looking at the bottom of the rotation prompt some of the young guys come through to help hi I'm healthy bomb garner a rebounding Quaid though maybe just some margin. Instead of just striking out people get the ERA down. But when the giants when this window closes. And they do have to do like the White Sox have done recently or or like if you think about taken and on the chin the cubs and the Astros have done. And now look where they've bitten once you do that. We will see some of the people who think our hard core because just this last year when the giants were steam rolling our way to 100 losses. And this wasn't the Joseph alto belly. 1982 candles they giant of the bruise some votes she Tony seventeen. AT&T park giants once that was going down. We did start to see some empty seats. And and that's why do you think the Longoria signing happening right around the holidays. Was also very prevalent for the giants' fans just to you know for the giants but they don't want another lost summer. There are some teams. Who lose ninety plus games and they go owed our earn. But we're expecting and are oh darn I guess we didn't win but how we do investigate. How did we do that they gay. The giants were humiliated. Absolutely humiliated. That they were on their way to 100. Losses with the value payroll. And payroll usually reflects ambition there or ambitious they were a playoff team the year before they come in and Tony seventeen. And absolutely everything that can go wrong possibly went wrong now it might be unrealistic to say Rick they can even get a 500 next year. Well they're not even listening that they're going to go ahead and try and so yes. Armed there are some fans do. And we know who they are. They switch to the giants but there are also people that I grew up whereas. Who really do love both teams now what am I supposed to say no you're only supposed to love one you get to panic. You get the pick I just personally feel and this is just me I can't crawl inside anybody else's brain. But I feel that if you Jews stay loyal to one team and you take your lumps. When you get to the mountaintop it feels better then the other team now I can tell you it doesn't feel better and that is to say. We did it was our own draft picks. There was of an out on barred some years ago about five years ago. FDA's report now saying. It's better to build a team than to buy at team. I just that antithesis. In disagreement went that I just savage is shaking my head every time I saw that it was a punch to my stomach as an ace and do you really think. Any Yankee fan cares when they won the World Series they go you know we didn't drive that guy we signed him as a free agent in when John Carlos then hits a home run. And there and judge hits a homer and Aaron judge one's gonna feel better because they drafted him and they didn't draft Stanton. Dig the Diamondbacks. When they bought themselves a title bringing in Randy Johnson and Curt Schilling. And bring an end gonzo on those guys you think they cared now. It always is weird to me. When a's fans would brag that they got more wins per dollar than the other team like it was their money or they were super fruit bowl and it paid off. And it's like you lied a sixty inch Ford cagey me. And I body low Def 27 inch TV your TV broken mine didn't well does that mean that your smarter now. It doesn't it's not my money there's no salary cap in baseball. Yes you can go above the 197. And I don't understand my my teams are so scared of and it's almost like an excuse for a salary cap at this point. We can't go bust 197. What is 120% fine. SI don't know you're gonna go ahead and pay a couple extra milk to give your guys. Now if you do it over and over again you're gonna get more penalties and and such things like down but if you have the ambition then you can do that. That's got to sell stock Comtex 095795. From the five when a wreck I have friends I love both the a's and giants and they actually are the best people to debate baseball way because they're less biased. Not race. I liked that one well. It depends on every person. It dies and I know there's always mob mentality. Any spore like if you sit in in the right field bleachers and somebody wears a giant says Julio you'll you'll absolute. Our vice Versa. I know there are some fans that do you know refused to even follow the a's on the road because they don't want to give money to the other stadium I I love that kind of loyalty if you wanna follow your team on the road if you have that kind of cash and I kind of time off. I think that's fantastic the first time in my life. I ever saw the days Wear their road grays. Was game three of the 1989 World Series and it was in the game because sitting there in my raiders started Jackie and my a's had. In October of 1989 course we have the earthquake. I was fascinated I was like why Ali is are on a road game. So yes loyalty is fantastic if you can have a good I don't understand the that day and then the hatred. I can understand you thinking it's stupid but to have range. And to lash out and people have lashed out. Saying picket game. You know an offense it's like when your mom tells you take off your sweater it's making me hot. Came on how can you aware that knit hat inside the house okay mom I'll take it off. If anybody ever tell you take out your split had to say okay mom I'm sorry it's making you had the other thing was. Way and the first incarnation of Pablo son in law. Not the one who laughed and basically gave the finger to inning came back and said love you all along and they go we love you too except we have Evan Longoria announcing it hit the road. But whenever laws roaring panda hats. And people or getting all bent out of shape. Saying I can't believe there's an adult wearing a panda hats on and listen if he can't believe you can't believe it but I'm not going to be that guy to tell people to stop having fun. You don't take it all you're grown up. I've heard guys say in and men and women and men and women and yes sometimes we don't now whatever you identify yourself with I'm not gender specific. Whenever you feel I have seen grownups say you should never Wear a Jersey if you're over thirty years you're an adult you shouldn't bring your glove to a game. It's that I held down a fan and even a Bible farmers out their best like that passage in the Bob Lawrence says I said childish that I'm paraphrasing here. Is this and the old custom that I is that childish things. But what I grew up I put the childish things away I think by Castro back I sounds like a total more he sounds like a pain in the butt. In you know those people you grow up and how do everything adult like he can't just go to Tahoe you have to go snorkeling and believes. Earth like what are you guys doing today we're gonna go skiing I tell you on top no we're going to ban. Okay oh my gosh whistler black moments that is so great right now OK that's fine yes and you had to. All things at all times you gotta Miller Howard Fineman and some are gonna be someone to say take off that and that's what I are pan out all hell now. Even if it was on my team and I wanna panda had its like when people do the wave. And then I remember during the bash earlier they would shell. Bomb in the old coliseum on the ice plant field scoreboard based on how the wave when the red circle around it and the Red Line going through it like the knee high brow and no smoking sign. And I wanted to look at salt sat. For me if Derek cars on the one yard line of the other team and their about the score and the crowd is going crazy and he's flapping his arms like shut up shut up and he'd audible. I have a problem with that. But here at a baseball game and people start doing the wave and it literally. People not just get angry people will lose their plot they will flip out. With intense. Abject. White hot intensity of a thousand signed. In hand desks and who were age. You're out of baseball damn I got shot out it's not heard any thing. It's like you're not watching the game ball a stranger took our eyes off the game I'm so sorry your mother where we're gonna get in the pace of play her on the other side. And I got to say about that. But once again strangers taking their eyes off they gam anon slate and people who leave early. I just hate when people say I'm a better fan than you. You know well why well I'd buy more gear than you I went to more games than you. I went to spring training and you did not follow them on the road. An odd to say as I'm jealous I wish I could've done those things I usually go to spring training announced part of my job unfortunately. By hi I'm jealous of you boy get to do that to me this is how I gauge phantom. No fan should have her judge another fan who are you gonna do but. What do two bucks say that only god can judge and very oppression words are fed to buck. But if you care about the team. And if they win you feel good and if they lose you feel sick to your stomach guess what you are your fans. Doesn't mean you have to go to every game. Doesn't mean you have to watch every one on TV it doesn't even mean you have to know the entire roster and go to Malloy a turn key data check out the giants. Who lets their rotation in the Sally league right now. If you care about the team whether they win or lose venue in my opinion our fan if you don't care. If you could not care less. And then one of my missions in life are two missions alive get able to stop saying I could care less because that implies that you do care may mean they couldn't care less. The other thing I know I'll never be able to accomplish in my lifetime and that is people who put on their hazards and park in the middle of the street the hazards were invented if your car breaks and it doesn't mean guess what free parking. But that's basically every fact every other block. In the Bay Area. Amen I got my hazards on all okay so you're blocking this one playing my hazards around I didn't see your hazards don't worry about it it's all good depth. It's all cool. That's current. I'd for me if you do the wave and you're having fun at the game. What happens when the wave goes around. And when the when the waves started now love crazy George in 1980 wind now sixteen years old it was Billy ball. And doesn't mean they murmured Billy dean is money ball Billy margin as Billy ball when it was Billy ball and Ricky was a rookie Warren 35 and we actually have some hope after. Charlie Finley burn the team to the ground. By the way all right Peter rob page slowly shortstop during those times very upset nearly passed away last week. But during those times yeah I did the way it it was a new thing invented by Aaron crazy George. Now when they do the wave I don't stand out because it is it because I'm trying to wash again. Now is it because I don't doubt participate and partake in such Tom full worry no. It's because I'm too lazy. And there it is I'm too lazy to stand up and sit down and you know that when they go buying. They stand up and sit down I wanna say the longest in my view you'll ever be blocked will be about 3.2. Seconds. So if I ever miss an unassisted triple play then yes I will join every wine. Who who who takes the heat I will join everyone who hates the way of by the way on the other parents got to sell stock Comtex find 95795. And I know I knew I would get this. From the 51 though you totally took that Bible verse out of context. Yes I did but here's the thing even though. K through a public school I went to Catholic high school and went to Catholic college I did have to read you know Catholics they're not really into the Bible. That if you know Catholics are not into the Bible also it and really study it but yes as I said. It was going to be taken out of context I was trying to make a point but thank you for. Pulling out and also from the 917. Which I believe is Neptune Iona panda one Z and I love it and I'm 38. There you go by the way if I wanna how about those a holes who lose their minds about the way about the ballpark so what I'm just talking about so right now. From the file and correct you know how many of us who do like the lakers in the Bay Area before the warriors started winning. Here's the thing for me and others say is as we go to break here. Com one thing that drove me crazy they said I'm one teen guy. Was that forever for forty years in between 1975. And Tony fifteen and between those championships how many funnier than we have warrior fans. How many fine years. I'll say five. You know you got a couple of run TM CEG got the sleepy Floyd game against the lakers. And you gotta go we believe. I'll say five years that more fun that means 35 years whether the warriors were the bronze. I'm everyone's jokes are as the kids would say the butt of everyone's joke. That's and sell what used to kill me like high school and college who has won people said well. I IE on the lawyers in my team but in the playoffs the lakers are my team and I guess now doesn't work that way. I just have so much abject. Hatred for the Los Angeles Lakers I do get a lot of push on Friday and warm Fuzzy feelings whenever the lakers lose. There's just no possible way I can ever I don't understand it and as I said it's America. You can pick what everyone I we are gonna get into a little pace of play on the other side Major League Baseball counter programming with the I'd love your participation as well triple A 9579570. This thing on the phone during and the fans got to sell stock Comtex like 95795. Armor to it'll come on back on 957 again. Thanks so much pressure sitting there not a 57 again every facility here until 7 o'clock. Melissa Block charge from the athletic long time is be right we'll join us at 530 to look at everything I green and gold. Third term is now the days. And then nationally and Goldman longtime sharks be Ryder. Always like talking to you lash shall bell she will be in Herat 630 and she Selena now with with a yard marker get on a national exposure. As well talking abouts team Matt teal. I'm would love to hear from you whatever's going on here a sporting world and as I said you know we do of the championship game going on so why am I gonna hadn't spent too much time on a football because. If you're a football fan near your probably listening to or are watching the football right now so it's a great time Q does mean your football please mom. Haters gonna say. Up by the way is probably. One of the stupidest words. If you use the word hater it just means usually if you're losing an argument or if you disagree with someone. Are her. I had Capra nick on the air. The day before the draft and I said hey you know Lara Colin we hear that the raiders and the niners might be Anderson and you and he is in a back and neck Kapanen was all. You know mr. charming and his I go man just. What a dream come true to be an honor raider I I would be fantastic. That I had said yeah I saw a company cabernet gets a bowl game and AT&T park in it seem like. He took a long time due to wind up when he was thrown so they're probably gonna work on trying to get there quicker release when he gets to the pros. And on the tax on it just said cap earn it had. On. Hater. Fringe and you know what the word hate means. They can fit her now old. I would've loved to have the raiders job Baghdad what are you like run third and fourth column in the house heard time dolls and what is up in washoe county at that time hell I was open on the raiders. Would get him. We know Harbaugh on matters and moved up in the second round. To get amend the the rest is history. Triple A 95795. Seventy. Off from the 510 by the way parents got to sell stock come to excellent. 95795. From the 51 well. A guy wants got mad that I bought two tickets to an a's games so I can get to Bobble heads he's that I was taking. A seat away from another person and lowering the actual attendance. Think he can attendance was 8000 that day. You know people who. Have are who are that miserable in their life all you can do is just give them your sympathy really. If somebody is really about duchess is that. Miserable all of the human being and whatever listen we all have our trials and tribulations we have our bad days. But if somebody is worried that by you buying a seat to brings the attendance down there is just yeah paid I just I hope that person starts to feel better and by the way they count tickets. And it's on the old days when they account turnstiles. So if they beat your take it and you got to Obama counts anyway. So everybody's happy. From the 95 MI raiders Broncos and niners fan is that okay LO well because they said with me here fine. You're fine even if you hate sports this is the one thing that I tried to get across to the Oakland. Planning commission back on we are talking about victory coral is that 2010 to 111. I sent. It really doesn't matter not love sports I think that the public should use tax money to buy to build stadium like they do and just about every other city. I would use the tax money to buy stadium but I realize say I'm a lifelong personal lives in the people's republic or California is just not gonna happen. Dean Spanos knew that in San Diego what it's like to build me a new stadium everybody. Now we're gonna give you tax money you're rich guy building yourself try. But I remember that planning commission meeting I said I implore everyone has at that meeting I said listen just just forget about sports obviously people like mean. We love sports and you think Paul believe that fans sports fans are these Phyllis teens these. These animals from the is due back in inebriated and urinate in the streets and if that's achieving the sports that's fine but think about. The tax revenue think about that Sean just think about. All of the I mean I went to the giants' ground breaking party here at AT&T park it was is dilapidated old warehouse they handed out these giants hard hats they had like the cheese balls performer was a big party. And if you wanna look to see how I'll look back then. To how looks right now. Is that because of just the economic boomers are because there was a baseball stadium there was a 100% because the baseball stadium was built there. If you just a walk across a left deal build bridge. You are gone into Skid Row now all they have horse he shows. Us that Gary come along and are just alive they have horse he shows. They build a hospital in fact in his cell built up now. That the war years are building a stadium down there what started all of this. The giants building their state saw as I was saying the whole situation with the profit colleges and and that's just. The whole nimby thing and and the thing is is that Laney college was gonna get not just once twice a hundred. Laney college was going to be a million times better than it is now. As someone who went to Laney college nice to be proud to go to many college right now I'm ashamed that I can play any college after that vote went there for three units. And Summers going to take English 101 back in nineteen. Some noise about. It's just if you forget about the sports. Just think about what it would mean to your low Powell. It would mean it's on our. Totally not 57 and if I seven pence Kelso stuff come to us on 957 I'm finally came out yesterday. Or Friday I should say it. That the 22 pitch clock. Is going to be introduced. And Major League Baseball this year they tried it out in the minors to cut down on time. And the union said Nell but the way the new CBA works the union does not have to get approval the commissioner rob Manfred can just go ahead and do it tell unilaterally make a sweeping change. You obviously would like to have the players union onboard but it looks like. They won't be. And I it the the the funny thing for me. Especially what that was at the 92 clock in left center field that no one pays attention to. And just this desperation. To cut down on the time of game and players stepping down in the Mike Hargrove. Human rain delay the a's have a guy who probably on the team issued to mark cannon who steps out translates war of peace into Latin. Then gets back and and then the pitcher wants to go through the signs again some arcana wall step out. He wall Mac remain a panda one Z and then he'll redo it I made all my gosh. I understand that. But. I'm used to it now I think if I'm a young fan. I would be in fact a little bit insulted. By the fact that basically all these grownups in Major League Baseball. Parents just don't understanding that all these grownups are saying that you do not have the attention span. You watch a baseball game. That if for some reason they catcher runs to the mound you will all go start playing Angry Birds. Or you will start listening to your Rex Orange County. Song or you'll go on FaceBook to see if Bobby status still says in a relationship. Are you really get a deal aren't. I don't think so. I think no matter what is in front of that person and bless you I'm not judging you that's what you do but no matter what is in front of that person. You can have a send more walking down the street and shoot somebody with a bow and arrow you got elbows flying a UFO into the Loch Ness Monster they're still gonna go down and see how many likes their latest self he got from Starbucks. So to say. That baseball is distracting. This deviation. From the Linear half of 27 up and 27 down for each team we have to keep these fans. The time of the game went up last year from the year before by two minutes I was at 304 to 306 I think three hours and six minutes. The time went out and yet baseball has never been more popular. And even with all the ways we can watch baseball games. Through any kind of hand held device you have. I found a rocket at the beach now I am not that kind of hand held any kind of hand held event. Device you have. You can go on the app and CD the game where it's. Truncated Bryant or it's just they hit. Or the hour. You just see one pitched her a B. You don't watch it like that. And yet the ratings have never been higher. I don't understand. The abject panicked. People and Major League Baseball. That are trying to you get rid of it. And I remember Bud Selig this was his bat project. And hoarding to Shane ponder that. When he was coming around all Major League Baseball stadium. In is final Taurus commissioner. And he sat down what is frat brother Lew Wolff from Wisconsin Madison around her Jerry Reinsdorf was in that crowd as well. And the jockey Laird he was palpable. In value as supporting a little off my my. I'm gonna she said to watch out for a guy aid this guy's gonna get me in trouble with her care. But anyway when I used to go to Milwaukee braves games you can set your watch it was over earn an hour 58. And I think you really don't much the only thing and I am a huge soccer found the only thing I don't like about soccer is it's over. Like dot. It's 45 minutes at halftime and 45 minutes and it never stopped short commercials are time now concerning. It's over too quickly. Is it it do you go to a baseball game and say I need this over and few hours. I would love to hear from you if you need to tell how that game over in two hours. You you have to get out of there with that get more fans. I understand. That the target audience as with anything in business is almost always going to be the young. If you're selling the little brass bowl if you're selling. By issue of the army or the issue what's the shoehorn that's like Harris army whatever if you're selling those. Dino is go look it up now think if you're selling those I understand your demo. Is further the octogenarian. I get that. So you do wanna make baseball more attractive it's just let it seems like these reactions. Are coming before or maybe they're being proactive. Maybe they've looked down maligned they've looked five. You know moves ahead Garry Kasparov PCs and the queen's gambit in the Florentine defense coming on the chessboard. And they know that down the road all of their empirical evidence says. That the needy people and their Taiwanese. They will stop being Major League Baseball fans. They will stop because they have to do a boomerang. At the Hilltop mall doing the cabbage patch. Then they have to post it. And then I'll never come back they'll tune away from the game and then they'll never come back. I don't really get that as I said the crowds are bigger than ever. It is a fantastic. Game. Now if you wanna talk about the dwindling numbers of African Americans. Where in the seventies it was about 25%. And now what is it it's like six and a half percent. I'm talking about. Africa and I Caribbean this. And south Americans talk about African Americans that number being way down that is the real thing that is a concern. That absolutely is but to meet the pace of play. One of the great things about baseball is that there is no clocked driving you crazy. And if you look at any football coach what can be the undoing. Of a football coach. That could be clock management the clock can kill you. In either your coaches your great motivate yours and they can handle whatever Herm Edwards thing about what a great motivated areas. Elected Jack Dario look at stupid quarterbacks that burned timeouts and then the dumb announcer goes this has done. If you're not you're not that comfortable go ahead and talk it out. Why because they game just started and you have a second and seven on your own 39. Here really and burn a timeout that's because the clock can be your friend. And the clock can be your enemy sometimes o'clock can be your friend.