Rick Tittle Second Hour

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Wednesday, May 16th

Rick Tittle and Kerry Keating talk to Grant Liffman about the Warriors win over the Rockets in Game One


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I don't know or even got it will clear that was seen that big gamer that maybe are George Herbert I mean. Good make you gain rookie. Joey cared. It is you know what is important. He later. Look like routine. You know it routinely open you don't and he could certainly they're used to put. Because it is certainly here to quote. Q you are you know so. And that's what is amazing about him but you don't smoke made it about him. It is important last year. This frequently. Will let. What I wouldn't. Brought to the war it is you know rocket shot him. In the Letterman did rebound to give open and the EU last year very. Sort of do male recruit you know what what this week. You know they have an opportunity to put it went up that back chairmanship. That is very difficult. To do as resilient as he didn't recruit. This will be changing all. In the absolutely you know I think we really truly want this. And what do you make of their mind and Google people. Young people make it there to do something. It is a player who we what you write about your you know. Well and against Cleveland that young group of guys. They're mostly young you can't win and we don't got a little blip and he's cute player like that it is we will group you know and we. And I understand his groove you know maybe we'd like conceivable he could beat him in the court also mean. We could do look in my no movement leaders. On the warriors went on there are settlement and they work. So I don't see anybody I don't see. There are pretty good cut his opponent would be the ball to soak it all I can do include. And you are listening to 957 game HD one in San Francisco KG MC FM your home of every single warriors playoff game. Well or halfway is there right now tittle and Keating let Clifford wreck up more questions for the former. Warrior champion. You know I I you I grew up finalizing the Bill King I mean he is the play by play guy from my three favorite teams and three different sports and back in the day by day you know was more familiarly did the team on the road would do stuff together we hear these stories about how. You guys would hang out a bill king and he knew or all the cool jazz clubs were in Manhattan in Chicago and Saint Louis who or what was it like to hang with bill back then. Oh use. Really one of the current. You know what I looked at work here and beat their couldn't overplaying. He's being. Wouldn't call will go to our community lone win. Brawl that there and if you would be draw argued it. It. What took a great amount of their new protests in the boat and you don't you don't period. You know. But it reminds me a lot of them. Well the ball good people you know there's blue bird they're acute to alternate scenes witnessed a great news sort of we look forward Merriman salute and be. Whatever you know MM I'll I liked. What who went beer. The only determined to it would be interesting world where we've treated me. There will be more people we meet certain so. And what will warn users who met we're going to remember how militant probably the most elaborate new Yorker and here's what happened with. Well regarded you don't he was a great you heard you have you know when we do so many things together as a group which would really. Really really. Are you always good call all of us. Do so would call the fire apparently did it when the ball players who couldn't normally your show them you know. Should this term view people calling you all the time about you Bill Mitchell talked about. There he's Smart slate will gain submit kind of thing so what new mobile home owned. On the repeal would get this each other. It hypocrisy in New York so even in New York the bridge commuter then. You've also always. We're it would. You know great seeing. Don't just be great because they show what they picked the great because we believe in these children in care of and so they load. And it took all but one thing and actually go like current situation. Matt. You learned that she's this morning routine. This year that women's championship. Will be friends. Polite. Clifford before let's ago a lot of sentiment around here gear in the game one victory rather worry is that they may sweep this series. I'm curious do you think. One that'll be a sweeping you mentioned the Celtics do you see anybody really given the warriors. More than a gamer to worth the trouble as they finish suckers like you said. Katie still has another year defensively we know staff has enough offensively. As you're feeling all of the goals for the war is for the rest the post season. Bill Lewis that they are very little routine that you get we get. The brawl you know so. I don't see you live your world. Leaders who have that kind of drove. All of we do not surprised and to me cougar political decision being good could you know what you gotta do very well you have to work in you know gore. And although I'm not playing anymore if you couldn't repeat run and we came out. It's so important being who you are. LSU and you did go to beliefs. There and you've you've got a mobile call uncle Leonard knew it cougar Google so he. There are many don't. Pollutants like. The warriors now audio ports who are used I don't think so. So it but I do I need to be of interest you series. In the movie is really Susan as you know. Just seem that different. Seemed. That's not changing them according to Colin they're coming out of the east deplete. The warriors and you know. How do I know I don't know how would rather go. Because you have who have been clear the world will never decide whether. You know he'll also remain heavily wanna gain good night. Our group those young people could open basically by veterans. You know so bear athletic and Merrill moved toward his effort. And they also got you know pretty discreet. Loot he's accusing the C you know athletic team. Go get. The war is grip there hasn't happened yet we don't know groups are only two and game. When you put nuclear competition in the last fourteen. That there. You have them there that they've got to win importing can do is pour kerosene. And thinking what the war is war you have to win four games and mr. Rucker. The world would go home to look at Sarah. Quote you their booking their look at them and you know out here so the award at golden dawn what it is or do they win and gotta get involved at all out of him. Aren't they don't do that to see it particularly voted being. But tomorrow may ultimately play. Men. Move poll. In the end just be home crowd at home you know Boca strictly. I won't peak in a minute ago. And they won't we could beat them force so that that is I don't know how to word. The award is as much as. You know I just hope nobody can hurt the company sort of secret everybody. Good everybody gives to every game without getting hurt. That's Clifford way of course who won the NBA championship all the wars back in the 7475. Series and joining Keith Jeff Charles you. Derek Rick who I'm named after me it's just that a thrill to get dinner you finally thank you for all your. Thank you for your great insights as well great interview and that we'll look forward avenue on again real soon Clifford. But the very much and Jordan. Says you do they're a great job that. There. I hope you enjoy the rock group is going to be by. While we appreciate it thanks a lot or brand or hurt you. You're so nice effort Guerrero is greatest on the. It great stuff and in Jerry you have among the TV's on. We had a mind. Worried nor the circle times fossil. You know it's it's funny said Rick Perry called five times that in. In addition MS c'mon I caller are you pick up. These are doing answered the phone and I. I love Rick and as as I mentioned and I'm named after him he was a rookie of the heroes born in 65 and I was gonna actually be Roger. That was going to be in my name really down Mandela to war examining fabrics on its solar is even though it's and Roger doesn't benefit in the sixties not so much now. But on that same bent. That Darryl Johnson the gear he's named after Darryl Monica actually spells and a funky way and a guy who used to work here are firm Brody Brazil's named after. John Brody. And and Chris towns is named after Chris Washburn not mean that one up at but just some local band there but. Bomb friends for life I mean and they are Ike I kind of like that carry. Well I think when it happened now what's happening in the these generations that are coming in the NBA all these all these kids are friendly with each other through the AAU circuit has become prevalent. And it crosses over. State lines now it's national and obviously social media has bonded. In different ways as well some of these kids. And I say kids because they come in as kids and a growing too grown men they become. Pretty damn close to each other and I think in ways that he set up properly in the warriors more so that think their talent Rick I think. Their demeanor. And their ability to to complement each other as as players and and as people and Steve is the ultimate leader as. You know we understand he he's got a pretty good view of things you know has Clifford said did you take a look at the persona of your coach I think they have done that in spades. Yeah because I think the modern now I think we kind of think they they stick themselves and have their own crew and they get their escalade and they go to their own. Pad that back then I mean is they said they did everything as a team and then they flew commercial and it wasn't that long and armor armored during the bash earlier as being of Oakland airport and there's Dave Stewart and and Dave Henderson. Get on the same plane as I am so you just it was more of a brotherhood because you you literally were in each other's. Fey yeah actually had roommates now big shot athletes you know are roommates anymore. And I think you're starting to see on the eastern side is the evolution of the same type of of a team building. Through some some policing some dumb luck some developments some trades. I look at the Celtics and don't forget Al Horford was an all star voted by the coaches this year. We know that Gordon Hayward and carry our all star talents and what's developing is two other all star talents. In Jalen brown and Jason Tatum. You have five potential lost her talents. With. Role players around and terriers ears got a chip on the shoulder must not forget it was a mid first round pick Matt not some throwing gathered. Happened to come accord could become into good player. And you've got Morris and now brown announced market Smart. I must say they can beat him this year but I'm looking forward to the Celtics warriors final in 2009. And a coach. The justice crafty and he might even be more crafty and Steve I think he's been able to develop that because of how good those players I think it's easier now for for us. In the media now that I'm in the media after serving 99 dog uses a head coach at Santa Clara. Give my ass kicked by cement his every other day. So are our this year as I gotta give you props about there been a I I think people are enamored with Brad because of his demeanor because he's not Tom Thibodeau. With a bitter beer face he's not Gregg Popovich with its one year old I can Wear beer in no time anytime I want and tell a guy after the first car. Did you get lost. He's got a great commuter Los Steve Kerr several wants to anoint him the next Steve Kerr but what what really has been able. To take place is he's got a really good players. I think that the players don't get enough credit I think Bragg it's too much credit now. But certainly he's setting himself up to be that type of guy that intent fifteen years at this rate will be revered in the same light as a current Popovic. Chenault there's no doubt that you need to horses but when you lose your two best players. You are gonna your gonna get some props we have one more break. And then we'll take you the rest of the way all way. Till midnight and joining us right after the break will be grant lift man. You know him from the warriors outsider on NBC sports Bay Area. He will join a snacks Rich Little and Kerry Keating come on back on if or seven again. Can one go to the chance. And the warriors and both teams since. Conference finals. Five CNN. Mallard here even if your big time basketball fan there will be a few facts about the game you don't know. I did you know that the first who were actually peach baskets or that it why basketball is out U than a cold one. 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Bet and grab before we get into the doves they you know I think about how many people wanna get into broadcasting you guys look like you have so much fine and I mean that that to me it looks like one of the great gigs how much fun do you. Andrew have a over there. Yeah we we have so much on and you know at the end of the day we are talking sports right it's cool to be on and so we try to bring that energy in the enthusiasm into it every day and drew and I have been friends for a very long time very close friends and so we were always talking about ball pretty much the same way it on the show. Maybe a little more analytically now that we did in the past. Probably if you let curse words. But yeah who just you know now we have left their camera and thought about it that dual microphone podcasts. And it really we get them bring that enthusiasm and try to bring more ruptured appear. Way of looking at the warriors rather than that more traditional way of kinda. Breaking down. Major highlight in the let. He had the the every man's perspective. The it then it definitely works so we know. That tomorrow night is not a must win but psychologically. It really is for Houston isn't that. Oh yeah. Apple if they lose tomorrow night does series is practically over must something dramatic or to happen in drew wide open putt. To me going in game one was actually. Crucial that rocket I thought it. I you know he's going into the season or to the series the rocket had confidence in a lot of other teams liquid warriors. They go hey you know already get a bad shot we have nothing to lose the the champion. Want to give it our captain sometime they play without you know that little that not eve. On attitude going into it. But in this case the rockets truly believe in they shouldn't have. That they're just gonna ordered a top better so I losing game one now or actual doubt in their mind and it's not anymore and it. Well I have nothing pollute attitude because. Think you'll be able law to loot they've put a lot. I'm tying into the she's a little Lotta effort going into the number one seed never already lost a quarter Bennett show yeah. Game two means ever been a band but the waters it's very important that they don't think it is as. I say we just took one of two and if there's anyone in the league that knows that right now. The coaching staff and warriors. They they they will come out the indictment allege were in jail. And grant having this great products over the warriors to evolve the warriors outsiders around the dismissed in the effort that the rockets put into the number one seed. In the regular season not are you worried that the war is may start rendering the regular season useless moving forward like they just did this year. Not that adding NBA let's be very concerned right now because. What did a warriors what they were kid dominate the rocket right now around eighty dominate the final this wind at all. It almost direct decree that you're at the NBA regular you didn't you look because there about some point you're like well this team. Is debt their you know a lot of apathy maybe some carelessness they're kind of bored during the regular season on now to the Warner credit. Yep there what the Mac. B and you know probably wasn't there. Tapper but injury didn't take it all on them in the regular seat and and that added to the mindset and that inability to. All lead yet. Into. The regular season and they had up all healthy team. I think that would help build the chemistry and they probably would have had a number one seed even wit the map data which again is pretty scary Little League but I do think that adds into a little bit but. NBA at some point and at the look into shortening the regular season just a little bit because. If these guys don't care if not then go into the playoffs and jet sweep their way through and not that measured. What's really doesn't help when you have superstar players they can pay cuts despite the best thing you know surely that. MB is gonna have somewhat of a business concern with that you know I think the warriors probably have. A little bit of future concern in the sense that they have a product they have to put into a brand arena a year from now. And if the regular season for all intents and purpose becomes useless to could challenge. The management the kind of cope with some creative ways to make this PSA is closed more valuable person resale. But with that in mind obviously the big concern becomes who you put around these four gassed his role and you know looks like they're gonna have clay in in the fold obviously Katie staff we'll see what happens and with with dream on. But looking back guys like c'mon looney David West obviously we know. The five MI committee Jordan bill being the heir apparent hope we develop that way. Had it kind of assessed c'mon Moody's situation everyone kind of knows what he's done what he did with the worries decided to do with them earlier in the season might not taken on his option. But he's put himself in a position where they're gonna want him back. You kind of see him being in the fall makes you do you think he'll take that discount and take whatever it is the 2.3 million that they can afford to pay him given his contract situation next year. Yeah it's going to be very interest in talking them for the worst could either way let say they win this championship. There's going to be a massive overhaul the bench is going to be very different next year. I would not be surprised the dot Trulia JaVale McGee Nick Young those three definitely really good chance they will not be back. David West it'll be up to him the word you're absolutely love David West backed either way it can be its decision whether you want to retire or not but. He played so well that even I you know there's no way or what autumn there. I'm by a long loonie the big name because yet because the word declined the option before which at the time made a business and and they can't blame them for not knowing you can beat this good in their usual during the regular seat and in playoffs. Yet the bat the most the wars in opera miss a 2.2 three million dollar contract next season. They are allowed to operate mauled by yours if they want but it's still back at the annual average they can give them. Going into the offbeat and not many teams have much cap space. And there's a lot of could play a big name players they're going to be out there. So come on loony it. Pretty much for him unfortunately the wrong year and jerked free agency in the entered a couple years ago you got it might be seeing him get. You know three year thirty million dollar contract. But if you can get maybe a two year. A million a true here eight million he can perhaps go to them or what he can do. It didn't stick with the warriors are one more year at 2.2 three race. And just assumed that it keeps playing a bit much right now but he'll have a big role may be getting twenty to twenty odd minutes that he's incurred and and it these state helped me that means the wardrobe how did bird rights and can go into the luxury tax income and as much as they walked to pay him. So in that way you know. Tomorrow looney I I would right now. Even fifty that you can't beat back the 50% he returned the purely based on his culpability and just knowing. This situation and potentially playing or contract with the wars bad here. And the other 50% is he's just quite so welled up you know the team that A goes back and you shall bra or beat it I'm away just of the Warsaw happen anymore. Ted well and cheating with grand Lipman of warriors outsiders got more questions so for grandy you mentioned Nick Young I think. A lot of warrior fans at the beginning of the playoffs if you ask them how important was going to be sway eighty. But the the threes that he had last night and the rockets were basically saying. Go ahead and take them they all seemed like back breakers and Alter anything guys when they earned their contract in the post season. Even if he does nothing else progressed to the playoffs I'll tip my hat to him last night for that. Although her huge that are absolutely huge they are coming yet I'm the war is needed those threes to go down. And so glad Nick Young played a very big part and die you know you led the scoring off the bench but the warriors. What he did quite nice guy that was almost an eight man rotation gave what only played four minute duck under four minutes now in the first happy to play in the second half so. There is an eight man rotation and Nick Young picked up fifteen minutes of those so you would expect no game to beat this thing so here's the issue now. Is that in the first game we saw out there block it's consistently go and try to get a mismatch against. Step curry in the pick and roll or in just on ball screen. But if they say hey oh wow Nick Young to be out there more than we buy we can try to put Nick Young into the situation. On you know heard Mitt young credit. He's not no worse isolation that under heat actually OK on Paul nauert let's say mediocre. But it's what we get walk the stage and he doesn't see where most of the or aware that communication ballparks that were issued come with them on defense so. You could hit a rocket attacking a little bit. But otherwise the young got to be out there and instituting alternately. They weapon and out what they thought they're gonna get them originally and that he showed up in hey all you need to do these that show one big game in the playoffs than people remembering US access. Yes Steve put his hand perfectly with that one knowing that nick can make shots kind of heads in just in case clay. And doorstep form they can shots go one ink they needed to make those threes. Rock is that we bailed them out by up put any pressure on when PJ Tucker stand in the corner having nick play tag with them over there are huge benefit that. I kind of think that if they do go with Nick Young again they're already re ready to count her. Any chatter that the rockets have but you potentially double and James harding's I don't know if they really want him on an island out there were James. Anybody on the rockets you feel that hasn't been utilized yet that maybe needs to be utilized a little bit more obvious who Obama would say shoulder injury is pandering him a little bit maybe a bigger key than people realize. Anyone else you date on the rockets that could step of any human spark for game two. You know for them it really comes down to do they don't really use a big rotation you know as much of the warriors -- you don't. Birdied alma rotation for their application the rockets don't use many people and in this game Brian Anderson did come in for a little bit than they did come in for a little bit. But they are so limited defensively that day it could be very typical for those two players to have an impact against the warriors. The where the rockets need to just be really worried is that. Pardon had a monster game. Chris Paul finishes and 23 points eleven rebounds you know critical politics or seven from the field Eric Gordon at fifteen point get 33. And they still lose by thirteen point and that would step cord going one up by the victory so that obviously concerned but where can they improve. Luc Mbah a Moute definitely in his shoulder still bother him a huge overstatement I remember correctly I think he missed three open layup early. To open a new one contested and then PJ Tucker with Oprah three at one point. The worst it's quite such good defense and isolation ball that charge in part I'm gonna go off and Chris Paul can get mid range and maybe three here and there. But as long as they keep on happening PJ Tucker who's. May be packing up 46%. In the playoffs from three and got even better from corners. They're locked away and just relying on the guys because defensively the rockets are catching up to the warriors face. And one more thing if you look back and take kings Harding was the lead on the really bad. And the warriors no injury keep on attacking because look at the end of the day games aren't gonna try harder on defense. That it would take away from the often in the warriors are just the fact that strategizing against that. That's grant Lipman make sure to see him on lawyers outsider. With Drew Shiller on NBC sports Bay Area foam on Twitter at grant left men that's double laugh and a double and a grant great stuff great insights really appreciated and we look forward to have a neon again real soon man. You know Kerry for being an outsider he sounds like an insider. Well that's had a censor me get an unbelievable. Product and in huge props to Raymond Ridder I've. Been really impressed in the last two years of being part of the media throng and out of fulltime wanna tap but enough to know. And have done a lot of work in this IDs at the college level Raymond is phenomenal. I did that I can say from personal experience wave back that Raman has always been respectful to everyone that every man. Here he can't sit downs all over the arena he's omnipresent as they like to say and I'm Sher in in the same in the sense thank you a brand and drew have created this. You know medium to cover the team. Raymond treats them all the same and and there's access to the to the players to the team the coaches and it's all for building the brand with the warriors have built this thing up to where it's an unbelievable investment. For coach Waco and obviously now it's resulted in a fancy new shiny arena you divide up by the way you do I. I yeah Iowa got the I was about a Halloween day did a private tour for the 957 people given over the recently. Not recently shots you should it's coming it's it's more than a skeleton like you'd think you look quite a mummy. A quick petrified. I'd say why would you go by you make sure wonder that they'll be at this rate ready before. Early I don't know if there's incentive like I know the Defcon people had incentive to finish Levi's early. And they got paid on map we all know where that's gone. I don't know if they've given incentive to the construction companies hired to build this and get it done early us around take your time don't run but it looks it it's coming along great and if you can you can tell it's a massive I think eleven acres that whole area over there. And you can see the arena start to take shape it's. 10 weeks I am curious to sell I don't know I'm sure we'll spend all next you're talking about how little transition out of oracle into each case. Tittle and Keating here will take you address the way it's 1134. At night. Soul open up the phone lines whatever is on your mind triple A 9579570. Penske ought to sell stock Comtex line. 95795. Football basketball baseball hardest heard offense onerous in boxing Olympics control about just triggers rugby cricket. Something carry that Graham was talking about about looney in and signing him and you know I'd hate to say this. That they they did loonie is not a priority. Pat and I are they not listen it would be nice to have them but she can't keep everybody. I'm expecting Jordan bell to fit that role and I'll save a loonie. Thanks for the memories I'm knocking at stampede assigned to bomb looney. I don't think you have to do I think they may lucked out on this when grant grant touched on something that will become more. Prevalent as we get towards the draft and into free agency in the summer. There aren't a lot of spots out there. For the for the league as a whole there's a lot of guys locked up in contracts. That started with that CB that changed two years ago and not just the big boys that they they're when you look at it there's not a lot of spots those those mid level. Where that next level spot for come on where he may actually were progressed since the three years thirty million or three years ten a year. It's not going to be there it's not going to be there aren't a team that needs him to do what he's doing now. It's going to be here for a team that needs him to be a better version of himself which he's not ready to do yet so. They may lucked out on this morning get him for that 2.2 three because like you said the thought is don't forget about this guy to. They did pick up the option on their number thirty pick. And energy you league development player in damion Jones Bryant so it's not just Jordan bella Jordan bell and damion Jones. I think loonie is a great third piece of those three. And whenever journeyman they pick up a lot Zaza Pachulia on the next go around to be the fourth big if you will. Serious bottom David West wants to cows come back I think you're gonna find. The short good will goodbye tour for Zaza starting. Game two. Is kind of already has started. I think you'll end up with looney. If they're lucky and they may not have to work too hard added I think he'll respect that and I think to put himself in a position where. He'll be okay down the Lima Electra is not the priority the priority is Damian you Damian and and and and George bell for sure. There's also Chris Boucher Don Aaron that they have a two way I don't know about him well I'm just saying he's there he's there you've got your draft pick and when you've already inked Quinn cook. And you've got Iguodala and you've got Livingston new of the splash Brothers I don't think they go guarding they drop the scanner. Just that just the day process did you this gavel drop the seven footer I think. And so that's why I think you know I remember McGhee thought he was any you paid. And he had no offers on the other teams look at Lou new. And that teams a look at learning and say you're playing with the best players in the world investor in the world and and and kudos to him because we like in camp we didn't think he's gonna make the team. And saw I give him a lot of credit for fighting to those injuries and being an important part of this team but that that's that's part of the least thing I'm worried about assigning to nominee. Mean he could be back because he certainly actually get paid now. In much the same meaning get paid before our boys and play eight minutes a game at third factor if you know what he's got to you know. He's got his rap career burgeoning now pennies now he's got some off the as the here. Here yellow these guys by Pierre he's he's latched on to the case the media Katie trade media. Trace 35 wood when what's his media company can can grant media emirates climate has been created has a somewhat media. Entity that they've they gave Javelle a platform with the parking lot chronicles on YouTube. And he embrace that now he's working on his seat and really embraced the shock and a full heart. Well he's he's overcome that to his credit he's overcome he's become bigger that because social media and the medium that's out there by creating your own videos or your YouTube channel. Is as in a way bigger than the the part small part of the NBA on TNT which was checked in a full so. And the war is a protect them from that through that kept him out of those moments if you. Well now this will be about a radio we didn't get to back something that you quasi teased earlier and you said. The rockets are a player away and I'll tell you who that player is and I'll tell you how his career will go I didn't forget who is the player carry. So I also got a warm up our boys that are coming in behind us and 6 hours in the morning. It's only six or is when we're done over six out of certain there'd better be there they're obviously sleeping right now but our our Jolo and his crew at six to ten. With the hot cakes and up takes for news. LeBron James. Will leave Cleveland yes. The Houston Rockets will make every attempt to add him if only just for a season if not for a few maybe ally on the Kevin Durant type. Fit in. And then he returns when he's done playing whatever that is to Cleveland. As the owner. While. You don't think that he goes to lakers I don't care because the lakers but I just like about it. Like the hot again and it was a bad uptick for dearly I gotta say as the Warner. That's for dips are secretly US leave effort gives a memorial to so he knows that. He's not the only one thrown out hot takes an optics are right he could go to they can go to LA I think he's he's a right to leave and not just because a Celtics are gonna beat them. And obviously there are on the way to beating them he's tapped out with this team they made all those changes in the middle of the season remember saying that like nothing's changed. What is Larry Nance on there any employee Jordan Clarkson tonight. Dwyane Wade sitting on the couch hang out Gabby. Like all these moves that they make there was like our act Cleveland's back they're gonna now it's it's done given the Eastern Conference title Gabby. I thought I that are at the phone lines. At triple A 9579570. Let's go to Robin right here in town Robin you're and I if I seventy and. Hi. I may. I don't know I thought the public cop French. Interview carton and Chris Paul but did you should be out some tension there are more. I want an educational techniques are Chris hall our. I don't know too much into it I don't know where which coming from the coming from. The back at. Our report corner art or stats I don't know creek park like hit like a really. So how well I actually make and I think Alex has that courage. Do I take and it rolled it read more into it didn't. Beat but I definitely. Some irritation act shall come brokered. Our. Robin thank you produce for making the call me just before carried chimes in and it is gave you a little anecdote and take true what you well when that. Clippers knocked the wars out of the playoffs and I want to a press conference and Oakland. After the game and I'm sitting there are right in the front row and Chris Paulson down the Andre Jordan. And there's a water bottle there India Andre Jordan takes it he opens it he takes a Sydney puts it back in the and he gets up to leave. And Chris Paul said did you drink out of this in front of all of us. And Jordan slap him on the back and he said teammates. I think Chris Paul this disgusted look on his face any move the water bottle away I just think that's his demeanor he's kind of dead and he kind of has a BR half. So I would say I wouldn't read too much in that class. These guys are competitors and they weren't in the best mood carry. So two things. One we know rob is not Houston transplant with a hell jealous comments he's from my regular was you have true nor cal again now. So no no concern for her hometown original Houston Rockets at the tensions from that they lost there's no question that they are upset we talked about the earlier CD. Robin and that they they they knew this was their shot this year and they've kind of seen it dissipate pretty quick forty minutes quick. 92 games prior done in forty minutes essentially now we're gonna see with the mayor of from a competitive standpoint. In game two when I was out of Houston in in October. Went to one of their pre season games and now I'll never forget this or in the back here I refer to as big as usual hallway outside the locker with the players and we're all the congregation of of team and and and team members have a lounge next to that where some of the front office people coaches can go family members. And there's there's conversations that happen in the hallway because everyone's kind of do what they have to do like an electric capsule court. And Chris Paul's agent was there. Any terms he says like being a born again like being born again love it love everything about it. And to his credit any memory start up the season injured didn't play for a handful of games they store success without him. He has put himself into position where the team can be somewhat successful with him. After being scrutinized for never making the Western Conference or conference finals as one of the greatest players ever I think it's frustration on his part. To note that this appearance in the conference files is gonna end here and now is gonna have to fight to get back there again. And what we talked about earlier James Harden frustration was. I can't Cuba myself. Hunt by the way Daschle let everybody know if you love the summer league. And that's our little you know course or Borough of for the for camping in the season to begin. And your Planon hey maybe I'll go down to Vegas well for the those of you can make it to Vegas. I carry there's this brand new thing that's gonna take place in Sacramento this year called the California classic summer league. And it says quote the inaugural summer showcase scheduled or on July 2. July 3 and July 5 will feature four NBA teams the warriors the kings the heat. And the lakers playing a doubleheader. Each of the three days. And then then we'll start the summer league. Right after that in Vegas so they'll do both and you'll see guys like Jordan bell and probably damion Jones and and things like that such an ass whole thing it's an and our driver no traffic and and it's in any time you get more warriors basketball on mall for. If you don't wanna go to Vegas is head up the five. Golden one's a gray Daniel I'm sure even better is summarize our help to open up the big windows and have all that area shopping and eateries around there. You know there saying what happens in Sacramento doesn't stance and it just goes to Tahoe. Cracked feet going from the Penske and so stock come to excellent 957 I five the 415 says any comment. On ways Oz suddenly got benched as soon as the playoffs started or did it happen sooner. And I didn't notice what's the reasoning well you think about. Putting having him putting him up against Aldridge putting up against the you know brow. Those are just not the match of sex her one and I don't think it's a dog house issue I just think they have a better scheme. I'll Javelle made the move into the starting lineup post all star break Lou he's development. If anything kudos to looney and the staff for staying with the he had hip surgery he was having college he couldn't get up. Near the rim when he first entered the we he's done a great job with his body. Having his development obviously the emergence of Jordan bill before refuse ankle injuries. It's just you know they they they maximize Oz last year on the minimum he was a great fit. They may have had an agreement with him to have to start every game that first year because he did make that sacrifice because he claimed he could have made more money probably could have on the open market. Even though he's not an all star type player. And I think it's just you know the team has evolved past him a little bit. I don't know for playing in I don't know he obviously he's gonna struggle in this series the plain looking forward to the Celtics series in all likelihood. Though probably not a place turn to play there because Aaron means is garbled by any of the other five men on the roster. By the way we did get the draft lottery today in the Phoenix Suns had the greatest odds to get an a one overall pick. They do you have it and then rounding out the top ten Kerry it's king's. Hawks who Jami Gertz represented the hawks at the the lottery tonight and it said hawks owner we are both surprised by that. Other gray is that for mavs at five. Magic at six bulls. Hanged but they stated seven. The cavs get that nets pick at eight the next. The the 76ers then get the lakers pick at ten just rounding out the the lottery Charlotte eleven clips from Detroit at twelve. Clips again at thirteen. And the negative fourteen and Jerry West sat there and and and and the and the odds said the clips would go twelve and thirteen and that's exactly what happened. Would you say the Andrei Aden is the guy even though we know Alou could Don sits in the GM of the the suns they they have a relationship from Slovenia but. It how do you pass to Deion Braden. I don't think he can and I think it is it's we learned last year that everybody was enamored with the wrong guys. We're Tatum obvious he was the de facto number one pick in the Boston made him that when they traded that I want tickets will be out of a three. I felt sorry for full stood mental surfer healthy millionaire you know I watched force last year night I. He's talented in the Wiki came up which was late he played on USA basketball team I think it was like you 1516. And he just had a he had much he had a moment where he elevated his game and he had a growth spurt. And he wasn't dominant on a Washington team that had athletes around him. He couldn't get them past 500 could mean getting in the post season. And they shut himself down at the end of the season when post season was out of reach. To protect himself and and now he's maligned. And really the team is almost passed him by its aware. They almost made the Eastern Conference files without. You know obviously what they've done with. Indeed in the emergence of Simmons now on as it is quote unquote rookie year. There are a player weigh in and that players should already be false but I don't know if you can handle it being back Darren. Certainly next year or maybe in the immediate future how do you take gate and I think what you'll find effective think that the kings are Smart. They rule threatened to take got you dot pitch home. And deal it to maybe get more assets to take Bagley at three because they should take back we have to. All right very good in and by the way the downgrade and when they try to get a shot back they're using VR and I thought. Just go to the Jay Leno false a false side yes they just just go to the go to the gym and by the way I'll say this about VR or someone you know as innocuous go. Next in the ER. For the NBA. Is amazing your right at the rim Eaton said makes marks in your face but I highly recommend let's go to Christian. Who is in Pacifica you're on with total and Keating. But that followed by the border it and take. What are they got it how will be at react. What the warriors beat the rocket did five or belt and COLT with a final. Italy where idol what it would be a big will be created out and it. You'd think we will be in a panic that the aisle will be. It. All right thanks for the call Tom well we know Morey has gone out of his way to is openly say I'm building this team. To be Golden State. You know you look at if the lakers get if you can lift their dreams come true and they get them Paul George and LeBron James. In LA MBE do you say if cousin stays in New Orleans are they super team Knoll. But our low how would you respond. I don't know remote GI's are out on the social media cousins on followed the pelicans on it's tough though. Put the pinnacle being out on our us cousins going someplace else while. And who knows what that'll good knowledge. It Ryan Anderson is Tony Miller and Tony million dollars is coming back to hurt the rockets a little bit because I don't know if they'll be able to and I've picked and one more year left on that the day. If the rockets can get one more. All star. And I mentioned I think I think gonna make her run a LeBron and then maybe you Paul George there they're gonna find a way to be in the market for that guy. And at any guy that can fit in with what they do whether. Whether it's a big wing or stretch four or combination of both certainly the brunt of any of them stayed. Account Carmelo is like I mean our kids. At that worked through now and then and now plane he said you didn't use me properly well. They give a player option when she's Indian free money and actually him imagine being in Oklahoma City hand and the next year. Especially with when you have to still. Deal with rust and now Paul George and all of the detail now taken off I attempted to answer Christians question I think and I mention this before. The immediate future and not maybe not this year American little taste of it this year and and they made they may take their. There lesson if you will but the Celtics. If healthy next year just keeping everything the same if they don't add anybody of significance. Outside of a draft pick whoever that may be. And they they're certainly sort of for a draft since that situation situation at their current roster if they can you bring this whole roster back. And Hayward and Irving are healthy at this time would distrust for next year current you're looking at. What five or six potential all star type players with two or three great role players for them and Danes and Morris. And as Smart. And obviously. The anointed one the that the next wizard. In Brad Stevens they they have an aura about them where they put themselves the development of brown Jalen brown and Jason Tatum. And Jason Taylor looks all the the the part of the ten to fifteen year probe multiple star. And I gotta say when I saw him in the USA camp that I worked when he was going to see New York's carriage Al Terrence Ferguson just Jalen Bronson. I didn't think he was that type of guy I thought Harry tells me that cash so kings fans hold out hope parry Giles if healthy could still be that guy. Wasn't in one direction. But that's her exiles OK pay always great work and she carried. I really appreciate it always good working with the use of fur showing than the other Jolo and his at 6 AMR Chelsea next time not a 57 again. Yeah really. On any Laura wood to fifteen to succeed. The team. I need. Why don't hold your living room Donna look amazing. What do you spend I know all right all we did was get new blinds from lines dot com just knew blinds it looks incredible. Banks. Well we're not made of money and a pretty much 0% handy and our house doesn't matter they hoped it would everything they helped us take our blind and walked us through the installation. And the prices are unbelievable. All of this cost. What we've blinds dot com upgrade your home for less than almost any other home improvement. Just go to blind stock com. 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