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Saturday, July 14th
Rick gives the listeners a preview of Game 2 of the Bay Bridge Series as the A's prep for baqttle against the Giants. Is Jed Lowrie's injury a cause for concern and Santiago Casilla has been DFA'd. Sean Devenny NBA Writer for The Sporting News checks in with Rick on the Lakers and Klay Thompson's contract.

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Yes yes and it leaves you want an easy it was San Francisco on radio dot com CN. I'm seven game I'm. He's like seven big game and why and what. Now. Yeah. All right thank you very much in doubt welcome to 957. Again great to have you with us. On a Saturday afternoons 4 o'clock you're downtown San Francisco. In all be on the Mike for the next two hours it'll be general sports talk. With lieutenant colonel Rick till and then at 6 o'clock we'll have the on pitcher ready for the Bay Bridge. Game two. Bay Bridge series I should say. And it's a very interesting a game last night and some news as well. But so we will talk a little NBA at the bottom of the hour or bring in Sean deafening our friend from the sporting news. Law also attracted the Annie Le roux in about an hour and a half. He covers the warriors for the athletic. An hour from now gonna bring our friend Brody Brazil because. Brody not only. Does a great job doing the opry imposed game for the gays and the sharks are Horford NBC sports. He also is the inventor. Of the Bay Bridge series trophy. Which is brand new and in the giants. Press box last night and AT&T I got my hands on it. Took a picture of it if you wanna look it's up on my. Oh my Twitter if you want but. I wanna talk to Brody about how he came up with the idea. But I'm sure a lot of people as you listen to run out right now you're making your way forward to AT&T park. And whether you learned the on the green and gold advantage and then maybe you're more in the orange and black and maybe you're just a baseball fan in general. Maybe Europe a split camper. Mom all play this I've said this once I've said it a hundred times I could not care less who you a stranger routes for all never understand the rage. That people have over someone who does a split cap. That's just wrong it's morally wrong what do you care if it's your best friend and he jumps ship into the team that's winning. And we've seen that a lot of sports you might say. In LA to brief stay here you're leaving us hear your glory argued. Well what if you're like herbs always says you do your Bay Area resident you like both teams is that a sin. And for me when I was growing up we didn't have social media you have to talk smack to somebody's face will now you can just do it in the comfort of your own. House on a phone or computer and such that it's a different kind of world. But I would like to remind everybody that the a's and giants are absolutely not rivals. It's like the raiders and the niners are not rivals they're playing different leagues and different conferences and yes for interleague play for the six game and they do matter. And it's a great rivalry for the fans it's because there are a lot of Asian giants fans that live with each other that work with each other nets did bragging rights and teasing rats and that's always been are not always been a lot of fun. Mom but today it's funny you say who the arrivals and it's it's not the other team it would be the teams in your division those would be. The rivals for the team now for the fans of course. It's a different kind of thing. So as you and maybe you're getting ready to listen to the game whatever you're doing here in your senator heavier raking leaves and you've got me on. You're jogging on a trail. I would love to hear from you your thoughts about the Bay Bridge series and what it means to you and what do you think about these two teams right now. Because last year the Bay Area was the absolute come mode of Major League Baseball yet to last place teams the giants. Almost became the most expensive team to lose a hundred gains. Everything I could have gone wrong for them went wrong. And for the EA is their third straight last place finish. And so when you looked at the acquisitions the giants may in some of the money they spend your thought on anything at the 500. And with the AJ your fingers crossed him and maybe they can get the 500 although it didn't look like it with a rotation and you look at the rotation now and you start to ask yourself how in the world. Are the days they are right now. It's not too shabby and now hearing rumors that the is my buys it well that's always will be it's scary to me. As a as a lifelong saints fan to buy it's like I don't want to give up paces with sorrow for some gym do Shays type of Rand Paul. That's the last thing is I know we brought in Jason Hammel for Hulu for Shelvin noisy car payment James are pro and anti Kate just you know shoot me now. So AAA at 957957. Is remembered again once again 8889579570. The Penske ought to sell stock Comtex line is 95795. A little bit of housekeeping. VA is within this hour have made some roster moves. And we're still waiting to hear on Lowry Larry apparently was day today as we heard last night after the collision he had with Steve and the scouting and that would be horrible timing if fingers crossed he wouldn't be able to make the All Star Games of fingers crossed that make it but frank number I don't husband were called. And the a's have selected the contract of JB when Dell can remember him out of the guy handled Brett Lawrie trade two years ago a guy went to the same. JC is erratic at Bingham junior college. In Georgia. And the last we saw JB went out and he poured gasoline butane. And hairspray. On a dumpster fire when he was on the mound can't sugar coated with the ERA of a 995. For the a's two years ago. Well he's back. Who's to say he's not gonna win a Cy Young now fingers crossed sell the big news though. As your brain into guys up wall who's going down. Well one guy. Is going out and he's cleaning out his locker and that's because Santiago Casilla has been designated for assignment. Old man Willie. So you Alaskan lockyer and park calls not his nickname is Willie not Cairo not Santiago. And so it goes with the course the Bill King called Super Bowl eleven Willie Brown returning friend parkinson's pass for a touchdown. The kids call them pick sixes now little racetrack term. And Bill King old man oily and has a great rates great calls all now Willie is out. And it's funny there are I think ticket here who whose sailors and other celebratory horns going off and fireworks are a lot of a's fans to are celebrating. That Casilla is now designated for assignment. Funny thing is though you look at the RA. It's a 316. I think a lot of people thought it was among a lot higher. I think you sort of get to the point where you've seen enough and it happened Lian Hendricks. A few weeks ago. The game was laid the a's are getting shelled and he still couldn't get anybody out he was still walking people and what are we doing here by the way he. Past leeway original wanted to he got out righted. Which means that he'll keep his contract that says he's not even on the roster anymore as he's at them. At that troubling Nashville. But that Casilla. This is the guy who couple years ago when the giants were in the playoffs against the cubs and the giants were dying for a closer. And it in the avalanche and yet they bought him the next year and he still hasn't panned out through his injuries but Santo Casilla sat there are. And like. A bomb on a law against it because vote she just would not use them he'd use anybody but him as you kind of lost it. But the a's went out games some cash. Into the numbers. Not bound but last night. In that game when I got 701 that pear shaped seventh inning as it went down. And I can see was walking people and it's like Unita if he can't even throw strike one matches ago. As CE get to the end the year tether sometimes. And I like charter Casilla and he's a good guy and he's made a lot of money and he's got World Series rings and who's to say we might not see him again. They said he's got a 3161. If he gets out right it he could very much expect maybe no other team a look at those numbers and pick a mock. So his side I highly doubt that his Major League Baseball career is over at this point. And then the other roster move Brian dole has gone down to AAA. And dumb I don't think they are too many fans crying about that either a dull ever since his. You know against all odds rookie year you think about a guy who was not a high pick and when you're not a high pick it's not like they want you to fail but they really want the guys who got signing bonuses that were significant to succeed. So when you've got a 1000 dollar signing bonus literally. You have to go above and beyond and be better and then those guys number erratic once told me that he was a sixteenth round pick in Boston system so there are so many guys who were God's gift of baseball cards give to this we had to get past all those guys. And he had a great start his career but the last two years not kid and so dog on back AAA when an even six. ERA we also had Danieal Manning come off the disabled list today and he was immediately sent. To triple A Nashville home. With his 447 we know about his great month of may everything else not so great. Sell on the they said if you want to chime in on that we're gonna talk a little NBA in the next segment but that you want chime in on the our roster moves by the Oakland a's and just the Bay Bridge series and what it means to you. Loved your future blade 95795. Set any parents got to sell stock Comtex 195795. I'm getting a fuel. Adios to see by by Casilla. Rick I'm in a bunker in Sonoma. Hiding from giants fans that are front runners it's rough. We have to communicate a's fans with winks and dogs. Well I can tell you during the bash early years there were a lot of and fans who switched over to that's just that's just the nature of the business I love being in a two team market. I think it's fantastic that at any point you can seem anyone in baseball. I mean there's so many other areas in this country were you can't see every part you can see every Major League Baseball player. If you in the Bay Area and that's never been lost on me especially the days before an early. But the favorite series used to just be something that we played in pre season. And our our run I was real little kid and I. Ask my data why aren't the isn't one of the a's and giants play each other and my dad says there and different leagues and I like why that's so stupid in time while that's just the way it is. That's the way of the world if the good lord in dependent on now other league play and it's funny some Gil said the a's and giants now play each other too many times I don't think so. Now I got it only got four last year and it was like to into at least they get six and they get the book ended. In the middle of the all star break and some nice little stake Haitian for most of the players to. Don't. Make it to the all star game and they get to sleep on their own beds as well. But it's always you always get a little bit of an extra buzz and the fans invading enemy territory. NA sporting way and hopefully nobody gets out of hand. But it's always fun because you as they say you go to school you go to work maybe your spouse girlfriend boyfriend's son daughter mom dad grandpa grandma's a giants fan you're an a's fan or vice Versa and and you get to go head to head. And it's it's a lot of fun that no doubt about that we'll talk more about that as we get out and do we get into the the dugout show here at 6 o'clock we'll take a quick break. Welcome back we'll sparkle but about what's going on it's funny the NBA used to kind of shut down around these parts. Until about four or five years ago and we literally we used to have an NBA offseason as a warrior fans. No such thing anymore always front center at 365 armor to look at all backing out of 57. Now back to the Rick tittle shall. On 957. Big game. Tylenol song online and look. And that Hong live there are stopped having Bastille day it's all people of French day song. I'm not. And tomorrow you of course and applying in the none that could do mall but it is time to talk a little whoop here by the way what do you do for your Bastille day. We're gonna learn your note I know lenders. All right we'll know more about that and just how Barbeque. They go Alan glass align maybe some to and from Bordeaux. Bastille day and errors and Nam raring AAA and I'm 579570. Penske ourselves stuck Comtex line 95795. Sean d'antoni at the bottom of the hour. My producer Lucas. Came to me and said. Rick there's been a huge debate over the last. Couple weeks about whether a dominance but dominant warriors team is good for the NBA. Said it has there have been. Are people still popping amount on whether it's good or not is it because of the cousin signing. And it's funny because our role in the cousins. The trade happened. And view that granted either an owner of the king saying that by the healed was like a staff Currie who. And I was on the air with a few people saying I don't I always liked cousins I said I don't I don't care what it. Any red flag as he wants to stay in sock. I guy who starts. For the United States of America. In basketball. You know you're good. And Popovich the head coach of USA and coach K and those guys they were not put up with him if he was some sort of red flag knuckle head they wouldn't let him start for the Olympic team. And the fever championships. So I thought hold on to cousins and and build around them. And and I got skinny donny's Eric Shultz always how horrible cousins was in one day. I just an absolute war two and that malignancy. I wonder of those you're gonna change their teens now think it's like there is a great player. Glad they brought a man I think that's kind of the nature of sports sometimes if you hated guy in and you get them. I was like the guy at least as it talent I don't know him from the man and I never talked. But as a talent that liked him and it's the whole thing about the rich getting richer. The warriors aren't doing anything. Are on the slide has no scold Hungary there's no backroom dealings going on they're doing everything on the up and up. There were a lot of teams that command staff Currie one of them being the kings who take Tyreke Evans with the pit before and he ended a B and rookie of the year but like good big of the time. And of course Jonny Flynn and Ricky Rubio by con in Minnesota and there are a lot of teams again that stuff about teams are gonna have. Klay Thompson he wasn't that. Top ten pick. And Dre migraine. The conference player of the year. In the Big Ten. Is not even a first round today. And then they wait and they get a free agent in in Canadian arrow and acts like the workers are cheating. They get one freeagent okay and now they get another. They're not doing it's not like the Yankees and by the way I'm jealous of the Yankees. I'm jealous of any team that just opens up a check book and buys players. There is an ad campaign on Bart a few years ago for the is that said it's better to build a team than to buy it. Couldn't disagree more I don't care how you win on the care of every have you ever lifted the trophy are seen well we haven't where fans have you ever seen. The captain of your professional sports team whoever it is lift the trophy and go who. Mean we only drafted half the team it's kind of fake now you're too busy having fun. You're you're you're too busy celebrating. Who cares if you block the guy. Who hit it to say oh and the other thing that kills me and you'll talk about how. You know I still see more articles about how the a's are getting more bang for the buck they're getting more wins for less money why would. Why would one of fanned on the face of the earth be proud of that. It's not your money. And it's not because this is so savvy it's cheap ness. So I just I will not be as I said before a champion effort god I can't. Up point and say wow you know it's like if I buy a Mercedes and you buy a Yugo. And then here you go cost ten bucks and at last a longer in my Mercedes legacy I was smarter it's like no you were cheap and you got lucky. Is what it is. Sell I don't care if you build a team that you drafted it's great whatever you can feel smug about yourself I draft at all who cares. You think Brian Cashman when the Yankees won the World Series in London you know I didn't draft John Carlos Stanton. I feel kinda but now he doesn't say so when I look at the warriors. And yes most of it is homegrown. Which is great the first thing I'd say that anyone who is that thinks that the warriors are ruining the NBA is listen we suffered. For about 35. Of the last forty years from 75 to 2015. Of which I was a warrior fan that entire time. I wasn't one of those guys is that the lakers the only legal team now I despise the lakers I'll always well I have very nice warm cases of shock and Friday. When I see the lakers do anything wrong. I really do. As a I don't care what they do. That's like Ol I have to have a playoff team and now affirming in the playoffs are always idol I watch them with a one eye open. Because the warriors were never it's never as fun for me of my team's not in it. And you can say William and not a fan of the game are all maybe I'm not it's just to meet the game has a lot more fun when it's my team. So if you think about 35 years of doormat laughingstock. Do everything wrong. Bring in towards it to draft Todd Fuller that he can't wait for Kobe Bryant. Rick Adelman starts BJ Armstrong over Tim Hardaway and just the list goes on and on of the clowns especially in between now these bookend years the Brian winters the Mike Montgomery's Lanier's the it goes on Wheatley and sit here all day and why do it. But in those forty years how many years were fun OK we had the year where George Carlton toward the worst of the playoffs for the first time in ten years. Beating Utah having that one great quarter from sleepy Floyd and you had to by the way number two when he wants him to four adults and are going to be Jonas Jerebko his or 21. Silent you know that if you wanna buy a Jersey. And then a couple years or on TMC and then we believe year. Louis knocked off the eighth seed and in losses jazz on nice dunk by Baron Davis on AK 47 but that was about it. And cells like all war or listen if the warriors won the next ten NBA titles that's still wouldn't make up for the doormat status. We had and to drop a name member years ago I was in her doing Alonzo Mourning and he asked me will who's your team and I said the warriors and he started laughing. And he laughed a way too long it was like (%expletive) (%expletive) (%expletive) it was like the book the book a room and all right I'm happy I made here today. And then it went on and on his like he heard the funniest joke of his life was to file after he was bent over it's like he had gas he couldn't breathe ready at the oxygen. Mike I know the warriors stand. It is like they don't know how to play defense he thought it was so funny so that kinda laughter or if for the 35 out of forty years. I happen to think that the warriors are. Not. Dominating the world when it comes to the fan base and to people jump on and that's fine they can jump on that human nature but the to say. That the NBA is lame when there's a dominant team I don't care. I really don't care we've always had dominant teams you want parity heroes don't. We've always had it one of the things that kills me that we always hear from New York sportswriters. Is they say when the Yankees are playing well it's good for baseball. Her hopes somebody will say yes that is true how is that true even one iota you know what's good for when the Yankees are playing well. It's good for the Yankees got two it's good for. It if you look at the standings and those years on the Yankees were bad. Especially in the bash brother years back we had a balanced schedule you played everybody twelve times six at home six away and he is went well and oh against the yank his of that ninety. You think anybody said. Yet this baseball season is so lame because the Yankees are dead now you know who said that Yankee fan said that do I care about Yankee fans now I don't care about Yankee fans and I'm not a Yankee fan. So it's just. It's it's just the I think the hubris. Of the New York market thinking well if the Yankees aren't doing well in this is just a bad season. So it's easy for them to point all out to Oakland and say well. You got his dominant team. And then but it to anyone to disparage someone who wants to join. A successful team. Like you're supposed to continue your so long that's like no stay there and make them better and I was surprised by the way. Now Paul George did stay in Oklahoma City did anybody see that coming guidance. About Newt go back to Los Angeles. But the other thing too that I think. As much as I hate the lakers yet that I appreciate the fact that they won free agency. And if you wanna break it down so I don't know where I actually want to know they did. How did they went free agency because they got LeBron James. So the people who say well all around you know you got the worst. Three point shooting team or second worst three point shooting team in the league. You didn't go out and get three point shooters she gets steel and saying you get McGhee get Rondo tell me how that got better. I don't care who I don't care if you got Michael urban engine colds and more. You've got LeBron James he has put weaker teams on his back all the way to the finals and yeah I was in the east. The lakers and not only one free agency they destroyed. Every other team in free agency you've got LeBron James. Who cares. That it's a Rondo and McGee and Stephenson. Does that as secondly kill your team. Yes it would have been better if they got Paul George and yes it would have been better if they got Chris Paul it would have been great for them. That could you think about Rob Blake. By the way used to BA is part of fab five team with the wolverines. Now I kind of looks like rob Lowe's grandfather but he's the GM now well the lakers. When he came out this week. Saying that it would be stupid to try to beat the warriors out their own game that they're gonna try and shut it down offensively in this is why they got guys. Like Rondo them and he's not exactly an offensive force and Stephenson. By it what about Daryl Morey is Daryl Morey did try to be the warriors at their own game and he probably would have a crisp ball and get hurt. Chris Paul missiles last two games on the wars were down 32 will never now. I'd like to think that the wars would've won those games anyway we will never now. That to me has been the closest so far outside of the wars choking away three games in 2016 at the end of the season. Sell. If that's what they wanna do bully for them if they wanna just make it into. You know. Many teams have tried that they try to take the warriors into the trenches and we're gonna take away the three point shot and how you and make the way of three point shot from warriors. That's not just staff. If it was just staff that you probably can figure out a way at least to limit him it's like well he'll get money we can't let him get 38. Well you forgot about Klay Thompson you forgot about Kevin Durant. Sell its just and and listen on Rob Blake has got to do what he thinks is is the best thing to do. And Daryl Morey is gonna do that he thinks is the best in India. But that's kind of like the detente. Right now as they're trying to figure out what's gonna work and what does and I play this for the lakers. Their pre season opener. Their pre season opener. The tickets are going for 226. Dollars on average. There are home opener has double the average ticket for the our home opener this is from secondary ticket sources. Is average of 545. Dollars. To see LeBron. In oh La La land now. Soul if you think about getting a lot of you know bang for your buck there than yeah that is true because the lakers are to think a lot more cash. Than they have in the past triple A 9579570. Penske out of sells stock contacts line. 957. And 95. Much and we are now joined by Sean DeVon in our friend from the sporting news. And as chone led that tell me what you think of this I was just saying no matter what happens and the the Rondo isn't Stevenson's and mean he's of the world the fact that the lakers signed LeBron they have one free agency as his end of story right. Yeah especially when you consider that. That is already he would besides on the broad net you know that. It was expected a lot of people suggested that. There was no way it was going to happen unless they got to plot your decline letter that that that that they needed somebody else in order to we're look on their. That was never true and and the crowd that turned out was always going to go to LA. And and certainly there are plenty signals about that. In the last month and Samoa before he finally made that decision but. But yes yeah I have to give them credit that that they got the guy they wanted. But that didn't have to work very hard concluded could do it you'll look back at. When you heard that cousins was going so Clinton did you think. A lot says a great pick up kind of a surprise he's knock hidden a huge contract and maybe he thought he was gonna did and he's going and apply half of the season. Or did you break everything around you saying how the rich got richer. I mean I I don't understand the sort of the knee jerk reaction against. That move to me if I would go because that's exactly what I would have done. Because who he abilities take a two year deal from the wall and ask. And that that would obviously be the DNC gratification. But I you know I think for what he's trying to do. He's not thinking about two years he's speaking about the rest of his career he's got to be able to prove. That that that he's still healthy and no place is going to be able did you veteran and quite the way Golden State is going to be able to because. They're going to play into you know we know that. And and and he knows that he signed with the wall and you know he might have. You really might come back in February begun playing an April you know that that's just the way it is. They might not make the play out but you go and you sign with the words you know that you've got four month you can Cilic you can do. You'd be able to go out there and ensure that your healthy if you could play well. In the in the conference final in the final. Then you're setting yourself up. In a summer 2019 what is going to be a lot more money is gonna be a lot more seem to some flexibility. All the sudden you'll be up. Back at the top of the create lists up. Firms are maybe at that wasn't so much about the rich getting richer about. The market cousin thinking about its future and doing the right thing for himself. Do you think about after this next year with some of these contracts coming up playing you know Klay Thompson elected. Dram on green do you think this is the season is going to be the warriors last for raw. The do you think this is the last time for the banned all together one more year and Oakland moved to San Francisco on kind of have a new look. Yeah I don't know that it is going to be that much of a new look but. I do expect him to have to change a little bit going forward. And certainly they're prepared to that would be young guys that they have. And the way they try to develop a little. There's there's no question about that. So you had me I think they expect things to to change a little bit even if it's not necessarily. In terms of the personnel. You know that said that the gaps and then that things like that and that might be. You don't chemistry problems they like that he had that that's going to happen it would be rare if they were able to make it true. This whole blood without something like that happening so. Yes you know I think. That that there's a pretty good chance that something's gonna change. In the next year year and a half. But but but but certainly I would not expect them to drop box in terms of their standing in the lead in their that the fact that there. Going to be the favorite. Two win the championship really for the foreseeable future. Yeah and then there's this kind of a underlying story here that beat because you know Michael Thompson plays for the news the lakers and enclave grew up on backcourt feeding passes. Two Colby in and then now Michael Thompson saying right on these Airways are not 57 that his son wasn't downsize an extension. While the extension. He would lose about 86 million if you wait till the summer the warriors can get about a 188 million so that's not a fait accompli that he's going to be a Laker and. Now now write and edit it you're at a lot of guest went on the extension because it would be stupid to do it there. Not something that would make financial sense. In a lot of situation there are times with the extension makes cents and there are times where the president glazing clay Kate and it certainly doesn't. Don't yet that that that that really doesn't mean a whole lot you know he took mistake in the what clay actually as which is I'm very happy here. And I don't really and you don't need to demand as alerts and Adam. And so we do particulates were the free agent market and and if there's an offer out there that he'd like better do that. An opportunity that he like that are in terms of consultants career. That I think that the chance that he'll take in Italy. But but certainly I think going into entry to seek Golden State would be the favorite. To re sign him but that doesn't necessarily mean that well but I think they'd have to start off as as as a team to be in that situation. No doubt Rick silhouettes show on doubt any NBA writer for the sporting news come more questions. For Shaun ask you got a couple guys ascendant in the wither their situation the kind of feel like it's Sunday I'm gonna wake up and find out that coli is on some team that I never expected him to join I just. I'm expecting something weird will what do you think's gonna have a little Leonard. Right leg units silent the Chinese team or something like a year overseas there's no that wouldn't surprise victory at all at this point. That you know I mean I looked. The guys who made it pretty clear what he wants to do you want to go to LA want to quit like. He can't do that yet he's not create so. He'd look at some leverage in terms of his free agency coming up. 2019. So you know I I just think in the end. That your all the teams that have come up you know whether it's Boston which we really haven't had that much interest in him. Or Philadelphia. Which would stuck at some interest but it's not gonna go to public that they know that no guaranteed to be able sign him. Toronto which is you know really acting out of sheer desperation that they wouldn't make a trade poke pro coli Leonard and and I just don't see that happening. You know no matter what he. He might have what other team gets involved in this. He still going to deal with the fact that. In the year he's going to lay down so it just. Yeah you know it did get a spurt you're gonna have to eventually. Swallow your pride and make a trade with the lakers here because. I think that that the that there's no way he's going anywhere else. And Delaware hearing now Melo maybe to leave the rockets that's the stronger Sherman if he does go there are low what what how does he held them. You know it it it's really funny because. And you know this is routine that obviously had the words on the ropes and Chris Paul and help beat it who knows what would happen. And that series in that game certainly in that game seven. You know that. You can look at data and and and so a lot of what it's kinda game. They go from that attitude to really being the team that. It has the best chance to take down the warriors. Two losing two really key guys what ever reason Luke about mood today and now. Not only down pretty easy to me really downgrading it to Carmelo Anthony. But but being desperate to downgrade could they cut military that. They only have a small or because nobody will complete the three so. You know it it it it's it really. It's quite a fall from grace. For you know considering where they were. You know two months ago to where they are now if they don't get Melo I actually think he'll probably be better for them I don't think he's a good that there at all. Especially with Mike and Tony I don't think that that. That hat it has been buried from their time together. In New York where they really did not get along. I could it be better off not getting mellow and trying to find. You know a small forward that they can cope they themselves. I just think that it is in the big picture really socially. Just how far they've fallen from a from late NATO that. And speaking of the east at Danny Ainge told the press that is kind of sick and tired of people saying that all now a bronze out of the east it's going to be easy for you and he said listen everyone awaited championship. We start to get through LeBron which I understand only thing is the warriors might take care of that for him before they even get to that point wolf what did you think about what Ainge said there. Yes I did I think what you're saying is that somebody's going to have to take care of LeBron I don't mean that bet that that you know yet. That that that the ultimate goal is you know it LeBron is going to be a factor there no matter what. No metal future talking about. Yet you know I really would like to have seen the Celtics were his final this year. I think that would have been much better matchup wise I see us opening the war is win obviously but I think what the Celtics. Had available in terms of their personnel. Would have matched up much better than what Cleveland had available. An and I think the Celtics team with Gordon Hayward and and in carrier ring obviously presents much different problems so. I think ultimately we're going to see blocked in the Golden State in the area in an NBA finals probably yeah probably in less than a year. That would be pretty fun no doubt about it we also heard and we heard rumblings of this during the NBA finals as well that perhaps the the commissioner is very close to. Getting rid of the of the one and on the one and done will be done opening up to high school players. Yet again and then we're thinking maybe 218 when he we're hearing today any news on man. Yes and that that let's go to bed in the behind the scenes planned really going back about five years and and it had this idea. You know that that they want to get more involvement from the NCAA they want to have all the pieces of Bob but it really every everything that. That happened with the NCAA in the past a couple of years. What is that BI. I think the NBA is finally that you know we're gonna go it alone. They don't want to do anything until they have thirty. And and earn a certain level of money if they wanna come right out of high school because they're eligible for the traps up. That that that's one of the key component and that's why it's something that we will keep for a couple years but that. But that's stepped over the next when they get all thirty years teams with the G league affiliate. That I think you'll start to speed up planned. Accelerate. And I him before 2006 and we saw had our school guys gone straight and I don't remember NCAA basketball being on watch a bleed terrible. Now as you're right and and you know I mean that. It's would be the argument against. Against. The one and done even I it is no I have no problem with the one and done and understand what goes to college basketball. But again. You know contact your pocket not done a very good job policing itself or or improving its product. In terms of in terms of how it manages. These these these guys and so you know I mean it's it's it's an NBA rule. And it forces things on the card game I get that. But you know I don't know I I think that it is caught that book and every bit as popular the last couple years does that ever bad. So you know just the fact that these guys are we gonna beat their one year. I mean I think that there's that much damage. To that game so yet you know I think our best look illegal Lotta people that don't like it and watch it kind of regardless of what the NBA rules dark. I think the NCAA missed an opportunity though with Adam silver. Because he really didn't want the NT eight to get involved and and be part of you know sort of let. You really a comprehensive solution. Instead we're gonna go back to where he hit the NCAA is really having. A solution forced upon it whether it likes and our. And finally Sean with the other summer league. And besides it being an all we know a lot of funded and get back in you know get knee deep in the basketball again anyone. I kind of out of the blue like maybe kid didn't hear of may be a guy who's hung around for a few years really make a great impression on him. Well I thought Jonathan I picked you know who drafted a couple of years ago by Orlando two years ago and and and and didn't make much of an impact as a rookie. He really looked. He looked like you guys ready to take a step forward or franchise that really need that likely. You know they need to have some star power. He was pretty impressive. They can put New Orleans. Xavier they treat beyond blew it. You know he seat not. He's not going to be somebody who. You know going to be starting a two guard but. And Mecca has been cheering like crazy and and has probably earned himself contract here as an insult to contract from the oil and and you know he's he's been somebody who can get trapped it was a big prize. He's been pretty fantastic so far as well. That's Sean that Devin he read them in the sporting news fall Mon Twitter outshine and Devin he had to do. EEV and EY Sean thanks for your time in your insides especially on a weekend and we look forward to having coming general soon. I ticket stuff and O lines are open and a lot talk about their basketball wise and then at the top of the hour or bring him Brody Brazil. The inventor. Of the Bay Bridge series trophy made out of the old cantilever. So action political stuff armor to look on magnificently and few. This is the wind chills. On 957. Gains. Does this moment shops welcome back to the show and they're in a moment chances business. Ritual at the united 57 game ahead. You ready for the dog got show at 6 o'clock first pitch into the Bay Bridge series around 705. And it'll be a matchup of a couple of guy has long ended two Brad Anderson and the shark Jeff some margin. You guys with ER raised over five. We'll get that to you at 7 o'clock coming up in about fifteen minutes Brody Brazil. From NBC sports California annual during the join us talk about the trophy that he invented. It's called the Heisman Trophy. What's that old Bay Bridge series trophy next. Let's that would love to hear some of the thoughts from what Sean and I were talking about their from the hoop fans out there in the lone toggle baseball blitz them. Actionable late 957957. Lines are open open for the cultural freedom on an 8889579570. Penske also stock untouched land on 5795. How do you feel about that one and dumb rule we were just talking about and I'm sure there are high school seniors right now our elect yet the way told point one intention to right now. I I don't have a problem whether it. I know some people have suggested. It should be like baseball. Where you either come out after your senior year in high school or if you commit to a four year school when you gotta wait three years. I mean if you like Bob Melvin you went to college takes cal the college World Series doesn't wanna wait two more years to get drafted so Leo's the Kenyatta college so you get drafted packaging get dropped the Jaycee answered Bryce Harper did too. Cell would you make out a role for the NBA. It's got to stay three years. To me it always seemed kind of dumb to make you guys stay at least one year and of course the first time that happened that was in the armed and and to rat pack class those guys up they're gonna walk right in the NBA and sell. Grey gardens Oden Greg Oden socal go to Ohio State and and Katie went seed Texas. And by the way Katie still loves his time there in Austin. You saw when the warriors went back there this year. He was wearing the longhorn gear and I think he made a donation I'm not mistaken they KD. Worked out area or whomever was the strained and conditioning heat he loves his time there and that's great program. Why it's am I think if our guys ready to go Aminu Tony that Kevin Garnett wasn't ready when he came out you tell me LeBron James wasn't reading. In Gaza Dave towards accent about Kobe Bryant when they drafted Todd Fuller. Arrows working in TV ad then I was on the couch I'll blood curdling scream and someone said how do you know Todd Fuller is going to be bad and I said just. Look at him. Look at who just look at him and he each jar is a poor man's Andrew look a whole work look at him. And towards exit we can't wait for that high school kid to develop. And I can say I wanna Kobe Bryant and in new you really know he was in this news this kid out of Philly who lived in Italy and the Expos be really great. But the bad part about it is if you get back to no one in Dunn's. If you're gonna have a lot of high school guys up there. Who are going to. For pooled their eligibility. But put my name in the draft and the marketing draft and and that's why and I think they shouldn't have to do forego their eligibility. If they never sign a professional contract. How does that make them pros we already know that the NBA has a system for NCAA athletes or they can go to a com mine and and they can be told. Whether they're gonna get drafted or non and they can pull their name out. That happened with Chris Hernandez at Stanford and staffer was number one team in the nation and he was the starting point guard he thought MBA here I come. And any guy in front of NBA coaches and they said. Need you will never play in the NBA your nice little college player and he'll play in Ireland or Spain herb. Japan that you're not gonna make in the NBA and he said thanks repel me on the back from my senior year and that was great. And there's nothing wrong Chris Hernandez he was a great college player. And that's a huge jump to make so for those high school kids who come out than you say they're goes eligibility. That's just that's just stupid and see if you get drafted in the and a few down. Then you can go ahead and signed with your scholarly. Let you Monta Ellis that was on that last year before Cady and Oden had to go to college he was the Louisiana State player of the year. And I'm share everybody was tong you're the man because he was the man. You go city after city county after counting all over Louisiana. And he was known in all five Burroughs lefty from mulberry street he was known. And I'm sure everybody is like our wanna be your age and I'll what are you gonna do with your first checked he almost ended draft. The warriors took him in the second round. And I'm sure that was a rude awakening for Monta. At that time good thing he did get drafted. But think about this in this last draft that we just hand the NBA. Which is only two rounds and arm armor when it was what sixteen rounds if you believe it. Are when they shortened it to seven rounds and then they shortened it to and then they shortened it to two. And you still have draft and stashes. The NBA draft outside of on now 1516 picks. Is like jury duty for a lot of these teams they really have no interest there are teams and on Donny doing terrible cellular tropics and rubles arm pit again take it. But we need a draft pick for who cares after the top 34 guys we don't want anybody. This is what we can't you now. In this last draft. We how to 41. Underclassmen. Declare for the draft who we're not draft. Think about that 41. Juniors. Come out and say. Or I should say could have been freshman a sophomore students underclassmen our group together 41 who weren't drafted there's just not enough browns. You're gonna have sixty picks and most of them and then that's it then you're done 64. And so now you're gonna add them all those high school players and just think about you know you're the big man on campus a high school campus. And UN every award you know your year the state player of the year like Montana come out it's like we don't want you we want a guy. Who plays for rail Madrid. You know we want this guy who plays in the French leaders from Senegal we want the Lithuanian who plays in the Spanish flea. One of bombing on the state player of the year well you can go to summer league I guess if you're lucky. So I just think that it and you know what they always use argument. And I saw Jalen brown. Of course to get the one and I think Colin he was the third overall pick by the Celtics he brought up the argument is that you know if you confine you should be able to work. And that's always one that's hard argument if he if you. Where I can get drafted and I can. You can put me in the army and am I diet but I can't have a during. And I can't rent a car and I can't gamble and it's like now and I can't do any of that stuff but you can you know you can fight so when you bring that argument out but it that it's hard to trump that argument when you get to that. Like you can fight but you can't do the other thing. I do think though if you wanna get down to the brass tax of our. Are our economic system and as if you're eighteen your legal adult. And you know listen the MBA is not some Philanthropic venture it is a commercial enterprise and as a private entity. They don't have to do anything they want. And people who have tried to sue leagues over the year the Mike Williams and the Marreese color rats and good luck with that especially when you've got an antitrust exemption but when you're the NBA. And you say well I mean eighteen I should be allowed Tenet to make a living. And that's another thing as well I'd like to hear from you Tripoli and I'm 57957. Pence council stock contacts and I'm 5795 brick from the 51 now. If they go back to one and done I won't watch college basketball anymore it won't be any ged. Listen how many of those who one in dons are actually going to be fantastic players. Now 56. Even if it's like a dozen. Twelve if you take all of March Madness and removed twelve good players. Does that ruin March Madness now and I'll be ridiculous. That doesn't ruin March Madness if you took out half the good players a March Madness that order on it. Yes it would be pretty awful to watch. But if you took out twelve of the best players you're basically taken one to two out of you taken one of one or two of the best players at each conference. So show me a conference where the player of the year didn't have some terrible injury and he miss March Madness to that rule in March Madness out now it didn't. And so I don't think you know and the whole thing about long gonna buy a Jersey of a guy who's gonna leave your black college Jersey. Of a guy is generally of the only anyway is gonna graduate. So the most you're gonna get a that even a perfect scenario. Is five. Sell. That's another thing to take in the consideration here on the parents got to sell stock context on 95795. From the the nine to five. Rick I want not paid to watch bad basketball these guys have to be ready. And they do. Erik Chris small undrafted Andris Biedrins use eighteen years old and he was from Riga Latvia and he had played. In name. High school all star game. And I remember his line it was one point. One rebound. And five fouls. And Mullen draft and them because if not this size and thank goodness years later the Utah suggested that contract. Are for the lawyers and others say that honors leaders didn't have a few nice moments. But it's that did the talent now is so so raw. You look at you know Trey were young and Luka darn shoots if you look at what Travis like is trying to do in Atlanta he drafts conscious in the U flip some. To get said Trey young and that first round pick. And son now you'll see the dodges can do with deal with amounts. And that's a risky thing to do when you're trying to build a team. Many of the betray our train young led NCAA and scoring and assists and Oklahoma. And NI looks overmatched he's gonna be fine. He I think Tre iron is a tremendous player are much for a young fan. And I know a lot of people I don't know why they like to disparaging answer not a big fan of that kid. He's going to be fine he's just literally coming into the pros at this point. Now if that one year he didn't have that Oklahoma. Let's say that he came straight out of high school how much better would he be one way or the other well depends on the individual obviously that seasoning is gonna be better for. Parents got to souls doc Comtex line 95795. From the 650. What about the influence of foreign players in the draft. Well it's not a saying you know the only got two rounds now this thing about when LeBron at what accounts for the first time. And aerial Gilbert did nothing. To add to that team when they have LeBron they went on and gotten Drew Gooden IDC I got booby Gibson and they got an elderly Shaq I got Anderson bearish on the never really game a lot of talent around him. And one of those years they drafted a guy and they sent him immediately back to Europe no libel will check you with a human a couple of years like it's hockey. You know wolf are you really that good did it well this I think I had a when Reggie McKenzie drafted Connor cook and a fourth round all this is the green game this is great. The raiders aren't good enough to draft a guy and stash him to trade him to somebody else later Ackerman and even make that team now such a stupid pick. Drafted to help your team at least in the next year. Especially when you have a chance to do some thing. You know and in hockey we know they got to go back to juniors or you get the weird thing emirates like if you just follow the NFL and MLB and the NBA. And you hear like the sharks draft a guy and now he's going to Boston College or Michigan. Or union. Like wade didn't you just get drafted and adds that it's a different set of rules there's no doubt about it as a different set of rules. So. That the one and done is. I think it is a little bit antiquated. Energy her Chanda have any say especially with a corruption that went on in college basketball this year and people coming out saying that you know. Players had been paid and that's sort of the bill the way to go and you know hearing you talk coach sent him a calculus and I got offered you know thousands a 100000 dollars a Gardner an alleyway was never mind. And then when he. Well what happened down in that Tucson with the ideas that it is better does it take him directly and and that's the thing too is it now you have the developmentally. Now you have that league you can send guys to sort of an earns outs due facto minor league in their under your umbrella. Maybe signed to a to a contract like the wires just they would Damien Lee. Who's going to be marrying us adultery it's going to be step curious brother LaMont a two way contract means that you can't play more than 45 games for the big team. But that you can't play for the big team and it's a good way to keep a guy off the fifteen man roster but still keep them around. Our rights. Yesterday when nom I heard that's Brody Brazil. Of course the host today's pre and post game and also the Sharkey is over at NBC sports California. That he had invented this really cool trophy now that the winner of the Bay Bridge series. We'll get to keep over the policy Emery AT&T park. I asked him if you'd come on and he's been more than generous with what this time Brody it was that the the story they.