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Wednesday, June 13th
Rick Tittle takes your calls on the Warriors' Parade.

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Every single or use playoff game yeah she and CFM. TV line apparently EMC San Francisco. These fights seven beginning a life and look. Now he's brake pedal on Friday like seven big OK okay all mine night peaks and let the man. Lift up. Let the garbage skit. Open at home itself where is you ask with bad grammar what you've got it is 11 o'clock at night but warrior paraded. Was this morning did you watch it where your minutes. I was I was in it I was walking. The 957. The game. Truck drove by. Match that's okay me and mean JD you'll walk pensioner died but. I would like to get your impressions. Of the parade and insist that the feelings you have to for the parade. What you think about the future what do you think about this team. I got a lot to say about it before power so get on in and give yourself heard. Right here on your home of wars basketball because who has been out of 57 again KG MZFN and HD one. KGMC. San Francisco the radio home of the 2018. NBA champions. AAA 9579578. Penske ought to sell stock Comtex on 95795. So this year the print little bit different. There was going to be no ending spot in front of the Henry. Which by the way it was going to be the regional side of the coliseum. That would have been cool but. Last day and not last the year and the year before about last year and 2015 of course we had to pray there and lucked out with. Great weather once again. And it always sound. I always love showing off lake Merritt to to an audience that. Doesn't know Oakland or. Just thinks of Oakland and as far as or a rap sheet and and does it always the shocks people when I tell them. That there are ways that comes more better neighborhoods in Oakland and then earned San Francisco what blows their mind I got not even by a little bit by law. You know it's even the best neighbor has a San Francisco you're gonna freeze. Then then you're going to be glued next to another house. Then it is going to be noisy. And so I like I like showing off the leg and not too many towns have a downtown LAQ meanwhile hombre to Madison Wisconsin. So it's good to show that off. But Fermi. A lot of emotions. As I was walking down market and I'll walk behind steps boss. Because he had the best exhaust but I wanted to breed. And as a third generation these big guy you know you go by City Hall. Which is on the laugh when that was bill that was the tallest government building. West of the Mississippi. President Taft. Cut the ribbon on that. My great grandfather who is a stained glass maker who came from Germany he did the staying glass and send Elizabeth's. Either the one in that. Kings acts before they reminded me at the college club. By that he was there for that he wasn't hanging out with Taft they weren't heaps is in that wasn't very good. Have to that is now. Sell out my roots are pretty deep. And I was thinking about that and I was also kind of thinking in a melancholy way. About how we might not have. Very many chances for upgrades. An oak. We have a chance for one more next year with the warriors. We only have one warrior the raiders were not gonna get one next year as much as I'd love on the raiders still Ohio. Horrifying defense I would love to be wrong about that. I don't know if we're gonna make the playoffs much less have a parade be great if I'm wrong. The a's are a little ways away. So and then I was thinking about his being a warrior fan my whole life. And they won the NBA championship when I was ten and as a different world of sports backed that not every game was on TV there was no cable we were forced fed everything. You know Tom Green comedian says that and kids today have never been bored and their lives. Because they do is look at their phone you'd think if you're eighteen and you think you've been bored in your life you never have been. Is as Tom says ice to go outside and look and say look there is a shiny rock all put it in the issue box with the other shiny rocks. So that was 19751. And where was I think that was I was ten years old and then for the next forty years. How many years were fun. Five. Kabul around TMC's. The year that George Karl came in after a ten year. GAAP and play ousted in the playoffs and beat the jazz and then Stevie Floyd had a great game against the lakers and and I was. I was like winning the title for us warrior fans back then. And then now we believe. Has basically yet other than that the warriors were dorm a joke. They'd never be did you ever again it's just not possible. That's why step curry said himself that in the draft the knicks are the next pick and they were just. Brain please. Let's go to the next Manhattan. The knicks they're not that far away is that if you know Madison Square Garden. And the warriors take it you think well the knicks they have a chance to get better I mean they're the knicks the warriors will never get better applicant Terrell loss cause I mean. So it's daylight when staff got drafted by the war in his life so hopefully she got to be kidding me. Well everything changed. Under the lake of ownership group. And don't look to meet around a basketball team because I was against hiring Mark Jackson does he had no experience but he did get him to play defense and as dysfunctional as he was. To assisting coaches get fired one of them for recording meaning. Talk and this carnation in my Apollo. The over religiosity at times that shakedown case of the FBI came and bit at least the lawyers made the playoffs. As they want to hire Steve Kerr in my you wanna hire another guy that's Erica. Now and then course. Well it worked to charm and then Bob Myers is the GM Mike Larry Riley he drafted and always Bob not Don Nelson's boy but he draft of the splash wrote. And I you gonna take a former agent who's never done this. The negative you know Jolie Tucson Kirk who was working with the Dakota. Developmental team. You bodies these guys. And I was wrong about that Bob Meyers been a dream and executive of the everything they do. If Julie Gibson has asked me if I'm for or against it enough I'm against that he should definitely do it. I was against trading Monta Ellis for Andrew Bogut C keeps going. And he used walking up on and on album. Wrong I just about mental war is finally have an exciting Claremont sales and you auditorium for a tall guy who had micro fracture surgery on his knees. The list so sick of the Don Nelson obsession with the big man the big man let's get Shawn Bradley. Let's get Ralph Sampson. Just it never ended so. Ice and I'm not one of these guys to and there are a lot of people who said old the lakers are my playoff team are you kidding me I despise. Selectors I still do to this day every loss. I get a nice warm feeling of shock and try to an elementary actually dollar shopping Freud I get it when the lakers lose. In a hole for them. And I understand he will though because the world are never in the play of the order even ever in the all star game when we go from spree well that included David Lee. That was like a hundred years in between all star appearances. And for me when my team's not in there it's just it's not as finding oil look at Michael one of Larry Bird with a melt Stan Martin mole mustache. Gray. You know for her he's Irish guys Hillary for the Celtics deliver shimmer RK along not Irish I can help you there. This to say to me as the warriors are not then sell the fact is that I'm walking in and then third parade. And it and believe me it's a privilege. As someone who grew up here I'm never worked and any other market I wouldn't work in India market I just have no desire to ever work in India market. Mid I don't have the ambition than other than it's here or nowhere. I'll do some else it's here or nowhere so to walk in that parade. I was soaking and then. And they did making melancholy to know that. We get one more chance. In Oakland. Now when they moved to San Francisco. If they win one over there if they'll do it over there are obviously it'll probably go down market like Mike the giant phenomenal go down third of the stadium on an author and but. And I said may be will be a parade next year. It just amazes me the people that not one not two not three. It's very hard now course when you sweep. The team in the finals you like Rick it's not that hard whereas last twelve home games this year and then we hear David west's and you guys don't even know what happened behind us. SA one little thing can change everything and other times and all of a sudden Tyree doesn't want award winner ring. If it's what LeBron. I gotta go somewhere else. All the time egos get afraid and we always think figured symbol and you know Lally problems like all the wars and there's no egos there are very those. It's just that they all seem to get along that which is amazing. And that's the thing that I love about Steve occur because it's not just about x.s and outs. Because you look at a guy Garrett muscle. You tell me that Steve Kerr knows more about x.s and o.s than him I'd probably say they are there even had basked. There's mortal life when you coach professional athletes. And especially in the NBA. You know where everyone. Has you know there are no helmets hiding her face Serb or baseball hat everyone sees you and it's it's illegal stars. I think I'm in the minority that I just like team and whoever's on it everybody else like I'm LeBron fan I'm a staff fan I'm a Kobe fan whatever. Whatever team our guys on many MBA is probably has more of those fans and anyone because they love the stars. And to know what buttons to push did you see Steve Curwood Quinn encode that video and just you know causes almost brings tears to your eyes and just saying the paraphrase you know like congratulations. You were in this you earn your spot in the NBA. You help us win playoff games I can't wait to coach you next year I love you. You know how valid sound. Coming from our muscle man they gulp then they go to the front office and say we want him fire like they did no offense to him it's just so hard and I don't think. You can learn that. I think that's innate and it comes with the experience. And I worked ten years and TV read this boss they sent him away twice to people skills camp. And he came back and he said we're all getting drinks together we're like now or not. Company like I'm guerra won a special star if you did did today you get a star got non kindergarten I don't want they're stars you can't. Teaching guy how to how to know how to push those buttons and then the respect. Because you can have all those skills. But you never play and he's got rings is and he played with MJ and for Phil and for pop and so when he says something. Eight you you've got the experience in the respect behind it is just it's a perfect mix art. We'll take one more break or will the rest of the way until midnight warrior fans were are you on this parade at night. Got about 48 minutes left in this parade day let's hear from you triple A 9579570. Penske auto sales doc contacts on 957 and five armor to it'll come on back in your home. Of the warriors a world champs and if a seven again. Now back to the original shot on. I'm not 57 big game. I'm sure is fully go to. Yeah and you surely not enough about an camera thank you very much she laughs and tasks deal of the time. Little Marcos merits 1118 cumulative rate to marry him. And Van Halen song c'mon Dave do you bring a couple of one break coming up Lionel and Fremont you are on 95 cent in the game my friend. It'll. Epoch for great. All that water at a I Bob Dutton now. By new group but he ultimately it thirties remember borders has been button I mean literally that indeed glad it. Nonunion it where players. Team. And you write albeit at you know on the which really are going like that in a three year. What I ought and they will make scene there and we that we believe we were right. It we go we go 44. And it went forward. Or it can never get a break. Every trade and work. There. And that you know I mean it and it. There are bought and the body. Now. Then you know that much that ilk and because he went through are the rough years. And my eleven you know he's really been you know vocal right next you have talent but are you adding I don't get today. Like that it happened. I didn't hit a normal Spain. You know Ian Volvo for the young ordinary and they can and quicker so we hope you realize how bad. I think it fainting on the middle or end of this rut I hate to say that. We know that it. Ownership. It and make it let it correct and it is an extension. Would have liked by the way I mean of course that ought to. Forty gathered by you know. I buy it you know it'll get there yet or people saying I know. I've seen both sides. Is great model and laid down except they sent back on it and it could you know you missed about a million. But you understand they do it that because that they don't think they have ignored. We're in a way there or bad in that spot and got checked them all like you say I'd. How bout earlier in the apartheid in Oakland most likely be in Vegas. And that is light years away. Oh as decade would be so you you know they would have a web apps they have. There they got some work to do I mean. Not by whether. I Lionel. I lie and I appreciate the call man and as they said whenever you want to call me up the lines are available and if you're out there you want to chime in. Ritual with you here and an offensive in the game to take it to midnight and two AAA 9579570. Talk all warriors pray but also football basketball baseball hockey's ordered often satirist and boxing Olympics control about just triggers ruby creek. That type of stuff triple A 957970. Penske auto sales doc Comtex on 95795. From the for a way to idol you sounded drunk never heard that before if I'm drunk and drunk on Red Bull on on drunk on technical. You know I don't drink and then go to work that be a very bad to bad recipe and the only time was a couple of years ago and I was doing a day's show with. When did news. There was some sort of celebration at the office over at the old studio on our. The PD came in and hand desks and handed us each a can of bud. That's about as close. As they've got to add to. Can on the air our rights come. In and as Lional pointed out you know you know clay. Wants to leave. He'll make about eighty million more and that that's that's nothing to sneeze at our heroine have. A leader or want your rebate when he left the giants another win the World Series he's the shortstop in the next year he goes for the Dodgers. I think they offered him five million and then. The giants offered forums you'll like I can't believe I agree that guys is only a million on my take a step back and say that out loud again. There's no such thing in the world is only a million dollars. That's a million dollars of course she's gonna take that he's not stupid so how's clay leave eighty million. Eighty million on the table but here's the thing I'm not really interested. In whose signing extensions I know that's a lot of fuel talking about who's leaving who's got listen here's the facts. You gonna have Durant and staff and terrain and clay. You know barring any health issues. Together again one more year. Let's play that year. Let's do that. Let's play it out year. One more year in Oakland. One more year with the band together then we'll worry about who's leaving and who's going and who's Max and who's not. You know this whole thing about all loonie is leaving I wouldn't blink. If looney left do the warriors medium. He's a nice national player I give him all the credit in the world being an afterthought really and can't you think oh my gosh. All the senators came back Wes didn't retire saga came back for another year no one paid JaVale he's back all they drafted. Bell Pollock and Boucher on damion Jones is ready. There is no room for looney on this team and look he's starting playoff games I give him atomic credit I really do. But you think I'm gonna throw tons of money yet come on looney. And then maybe at the expense of not keeping somebody better the next year. Loonie made himself a lot of money somewhere else and he deserves it sell one when he takes the money someplace else. That's Smart business for the warriors just just trust me you know Molly's room on this truck out. I I'm not even gonna blink one kilometer any leads the people so desperate well you have to gave them you don't have to keep him. It's like you know we don't other would all of the playoffs. If I give your crying about not having your fifth best player you're talking a wrong guy the need Iggy yes do you want a yes. But I just I don't make excuses for pro athletes manages or teams either win you lose I don't wanna hear who's heard and who's healthy. Sort of big part of it okay well fine but did you winner did you lose that sit. Miguel in Oakland what's up my man. Though very. The and I could go all I thought al-Qaeda. Or yesterday. Are they expect. (%expletive) like play not. Krieger who this year you know like I should redo it. There aren't that big bite out. It yeah I hear that out now. Expect it jet that it's not at. It should get impeached at the players this year or first of (%expletive) it all but go back. I hope they both of them what an accurate but they got back. You know at 0882. O'clock go to get that he thought that it didn't quite get that checkered all expect that that. Click that every. Play at all at that particular about the buddy you don't want to buy at all. Puts up big as. The court order ordered that. Plays today that it won't they let I'm sure. A little bit of a pet they around a couple of where the order hate it or get paid a lot. Proud our. Our fault and it. I only like that all of that and I believe that there is desert it's very good a query that oracle order. Oh are we aren't they are all our Asian players. And expect the bullet to pick out. Actual pick somebody but it. Should. You're just very. The court order. Each candidate Shoppach and they don't ya got here. About why we can't make it big buy out the suit or a great picture. Thank you very much for the call Miguel it's me go on Oakland. I'm really nice points he made and the number to call to buy two get in a AAA 9579578889579578. Penske ought to sell stock Comtex on 95795. I think a lot of times you know were listening to to sports talk and people are acting like drain Claire free agents now. If they were then yes. That would be the number one topic who staying what are we gonna do guess what. There are not free agents there and walk years and yes it's something that is on the stove but it is the back burner. Can we not just enjoy this last journal Oakland when no one that is of import. Is a free agent right now. And as as San Miguel said I'm glad for looney but when you win a title people pluck you off the roster Al Davis gave. Larry Brown all that money you're in the Subaru all you intercepted Neil O'Donnell when he threw the ball right to utilize. You know the Yankees or we want my guys they go he backed up Walt Weiss you can album. You think Matthew adult adult was worth the 38 million dollars in the Milwaukee Bucks give them now but. He was on a world champion Cleveland cavalier team. And so everyone Solomon is like hey. The cavs won and let's get the Australian kid from Saint Mary's. And I you know what I'm happy for Delhi as a fellow Gail. I'm happy form. 38 million dollars. Are what he signed the offer sheet before the cavs even had a chance fifth term match LeBron said I'm happy for Delhi I hope he has a great time he earned it. If it it's a world which is what his way of talent who is a Griffin at the time as his lived on and yet don't match that offer. Go ahead and skip that one. So yes the capital the end Clark. You know all weren't you on the warriors. Now we want we want guys horrible lawyers. I have a what Harrison Barnes. Is it worth that money have all well. But I am happy if form I think Harrison Harrison Barnes is the kind of guy you want your daughter to marry. And not because he's rich he's just a great guy. He's a great guy and he just happens to be a world class Natalie I'm having form. I'm also happy is not on the warriors would be no Katie right now. Triple A 957957. Penske also stuck around to excellent 957 and five from the violent or Rick White and her body how their shirt off today. Non because their ripped and they have six pax. And I would have done the same thing if I did you see jordin bell they got looks like an Adonis. If I. The only time I was in shape when other college football player I stalled ending my shirt off because I would burned since Ayman Al Barr now. But if if I look like that. And there were quite literally a million people look and having. You don't bet your bottom dollar I'd take my shirt off to sell if you're wondering why they took their shirts off. It's because their rep does not like Bartolo Cologne went out there and took his shirt off. It's not like Sebastien genachowski. Took his shirt off then I'd be saying like you why has everyone taken their shirts off. Because I'm with. Now the crowd. As I was walking behind. Steps Abbas and others said it was different this time they wanted to be more interactive generally know. How that worked and I'm not trying to poo poo any thing I will tell you though that I like the old grades better. Because those old parades moved. And when they moved and you got to the end and you heard speeches and there were jokes and re MI and where my rook gets Kern a headlock. Everybody sit narron they get out they get a chance to speed can maybe it runs all along and until hot in the sun. But I prefer that than having like that a really super slow parade and then there days. I guess said it was still great. Not trying to say it wasn't great pack and and and allowed you'll settle this way is way better I disagree I like the other ones that are where you get a chance to sort of everybody kind of congregate and you kind of cool out and and you listen everybody in person but. Now they they just tried some different maybe it was cheaper we know that it's expensive. And the warriors would the what was the story. It kicked in over like 700 K and but there were cops from all over the place I'll walk in my I was seeing the patches. Of course OP dealers everywhere. You down though PD well PD you know me there was new work there was Fremont I shot ulcer re though. Polices well. And I can tell you this and I I never really noticed before. But cops are more touted then NBA players. And that's and that's hard to do. I don't think you're allowed to be a police officer and less you have. Up one arm at least three versions of scripture you have to have like dude around me and numbers on your left arm and then you have like. A lower from Paul to the if Padilla Fijians. On year inner thigh. But anyway just an observation. So it's expense. Maybe this way it's a little bit cheaper. Penske also stuck come to us on 957 and five. From the 95 I think the warriors core four is Smart enough to realize what they have I think they've played this thing out. For as long as they care. I am I think so as well I hope you're right. But. If it really does come down to clay leaving eighty million on the table you can aegis candy that I don't care how many rings you have. Eighty and eighty million dollars and now we did see. Gordon Hayward. Leave a significant amount of money what was that like forty mil by not signing review time going to Boston. He's still rich beyond his he'll never want for anything in his life or his kids or grandkids. In fact you could probably starting to be the patriarch of a thousand year rain like that. The duke of Marlboro will build bland and policy and someday it'll be a Winston Churchill I mean when you're that rich and less you squander it. You do you really can't do something with it there's no doubt. But I said let's just. Let's deal of that when he is actually a free agent. On at one point they were throwing. From the top of the double Decker buses. Real NBA balls. Not just necklaces and by the way the necklaces. Mom if you pull one around your neck and you sweat. The colors would run. Schoolers don't run well not all glory of these team necklaces of those color ran. But and people and kill you for a necklace too easily but someone. I think it was McCaw he was in the stuff bus. The ball bounced into the crowd and there was a frenzy foreign people panic for their lives to get it. And somehow I got ejected from the crowd and a bounce directly to me. So I go to pick it up I looked up and I have never seen. Like a hundred pairs eyeballs like Iran has a arms reaching out please get it may get an act. So what I did was I've I've bounced that wants like it was a free throw I did a free throw. Into the crowd and then I'll let man's humanity to man takeover. It was sort of like those days they candlestick whenever there was a home run over the chain link fence in left field. And you saw about. 28. Year old right out for a and then there'd be a sixteen year old who would come in likable those are an elbow everybody in the Campbell and then get the ball. That's basically what it was so. That frenzy. Was that courtesy of moss sorry about that I also saw. Two high school girls about that age jump the fence renfro enemy and start walking. And I'm game known arc. I insane thing doesn't affect Maine and I thought wild thing get away with a that's going to be pretty cool. And I thought they had got about two blocks and the cops like you two out and it's because she needed either press pass her wrist band. But I mean they go to the pokey they get say they were in the parade for two blocks. And be kind of fund hustled it. Also in the parade. They had all the trophies. They had the two. At a traditional Philly and they had those. In Nam low riders the lean body gosh. What the hydraulics. All. The second one by the way a man that thing you talk about low rider. SA that things. The fact that what he ejected Jack did down. I swear on the I didn't put my hand and of that car it was the lowest low rider I've ever seen an average girl. It was it was a low rider that thing was. And I and I don't have like an affinity form but I did think it was kind of cool in my own way. And the guy who is riding in the back I don't know who were hold the trophy is a wanna say they were like minority owners. Guys who threw in like a mill or two back in the day they got to hold them because they were. I guys that I didn't recognize. But they were not ready. For the hydraulics because there's a number on the back seat on the like here's a trove of until. Look at all. It was almost like you know there on the matter Warren sitting backwards what all. Those cool and then car went by. And there was all the battles. One of my heroes. One of my idols. Player. And the coach and just an ambassador one of the great. Gentlemen and the you talk about the face of the franchise will right now that stepped Currie if I about the face of the franchise since it's been in the Bay Area. It's sour apples all the way. I just I love that guy and and I don't know what he is what he was able to do with that team morale as a sweep back in the day to. Which was amazing but. Just over the just like I would listened I'll battles read a phone book. I really would because time he's say. He's just a a genius. Is that while an opponent I think that's my councilman but it. I'm also announced following the the staff but he went out and he got kind of Cray with the people. And if you saw the interview on NBC sports live climb Azubuike. He was just saying you know as my third time and just in Kansas and I wanna I wanna go low Hammond. And but it's funny when you look at the bit when he would like run over to people. The looks on their faces like if you can imagine it's like their wildest dreams are coming true. Because of the million people on the route and he's coming over to use your group of wanna hear whatever. And their eyes got so big and Estonia it's just amazing. How much joy. That when you have that power to bring that kind of enjoyed of people. And staff realizes that and he's very generous without power it's a really cool thing to see our AAA 9579578. Brian is in San Leandro you're not a 57 again. I checked without action OR KQ you're gonna hate before but you've got to lick and me. What I. I don't I don't got to do more and then are gone. No it seemed a bit and let you go it seemed that. By the light hearted I don't I may not take if you evident he went there on site. Laid off for avoiding poorly and offered. Gay Ian Miller and the call him for Stephon curry right now. GP Joseph Wakefield would take that hill. Well I don't know who Stephon curry is but now that would be a stupid deal that take you already have had to guard them point guard given unanimous MVP you guys brought three trophies in four years why would you want a re grass like that. Right so imagine their here's the real heartache is of course you wouldn't. These aren't hot tea for these are bad opinions that's not a whole lot to figure out. It LeBron he's wearing a portrait. And should join your pitch. My column and Willard. What do you think about that. All right well they would be better. They're not gonna win anything. You don't think they would be like in the finals that critic. Now I don't think so Brian but I I appreciate the call thanks for taking the time. The farcical trade proposition is a staple on sports stock by the lamp. New tool would roof repair a huge lewd true venal. And Broder Sharon and Trevor. For Bryce Harper mama and will go for it. Not trying to make funny I appreciate it while maybe western funny I appreciate the call but why would you trade staff Currie for the backcourt that Portland. And listen those guys are great. I love the game Willard I love games do Judy Dench. I love dame Edna. CJ mccombs a good player but why would you make your team worse why would you take this perfect recipe and then row. Giant bowl of promise into now I just doesn't make any sense to me and the and listen LeBron is not gonna go. To a city even more obscure them Portland. I just. I don't see. He's gonna go to LA his son's gonna go to law high school on LA he's got that house for his mom and LA has got a house from self and LA. He wants stores Jersey that says lakers on it's not just about winning otherwise he would go to Houston. He wants to play for the lakers that's what I think. You know initially bought about Philly you might well yeah you know it's a good team. There are on the rise got a young talent and you could he's old enough to remember doctor. I think it's all about Tyler let's go up to that jelly belly factory in Fairfield Brian you're on 957 again. Way to a permanent. Nobody. Or rumblings of play all the long green ribbon you're but he didn't. Ansari said the fast was. Great compliment. And dream on green took Anthony Davis now thanks. Okay now thanks would you do that I agree I agree with her order play about six months ago. Yeah that's just you know that is that's just today guys who are more in our girls whoever's right those are those just people who were bored and they contrive that story. Just to get people talking about it at says that the garbage story. Renovate money I agree I'll have played our Lola three month that. There are green cards Goldstein played solidly anchor the defense. And listen I look out and I love the number out but you'd Aziz said if it lets say the warriors got knocked out in the second round. I might have to sit down and think about that the war is just swept. The eastern champion in the playoffs why would you change that when everyone's under contract at us I don't get it. And it definitely winning formula winning work. Thank you for the call Brian I appreciated. The by the weather guy said I have to listen to his hot cakes. I don't I don't understand what it Tiki is first of volume in your opinion. When I was when I was in Philly go do my show that during the army navy game this one goes like amen that's terrible take the terrible hate. Mike what's what's it take me what I had to say. It's the only thing I hate is the word hater which just means you differ in an opinion. The united did the do you know what the word hate actually means you all talk and I'm not. It's what I've ever what I sock covered Reagan is very last college game it was over here at AT&T park for Reno and he was. I said he looks he looks good at but he ran for 4000 and threw for a ten dollar number washout Canada but it did look like. And if there's some warm burners I said he he takes a long time to throw he really asked the wind up like a pitcher. Which he was by the way down in. Ter locked but he had 98 on a guy on the cubs draft and I'm. But to have a rice said and done on this show here in 957. And someone's like. Not give a chronic pain. And I never said I hated them I just that it takes some alongside. For some reason people. Don't understand that word and the other one I have since amend my pet peeves is when people taxes and they say should. Now I'm never gonna read it. She I don't know what should. Means. If you don't know how to spell should have please don't tax me. The grammar police are and what guru. Dribble and I'm 579 to 570. Penske out of cells to counter excellent 95795. If you're wondering about Libby is mad Max snail. It was in effect. And no offense to Libya but the the double entendre of the irony. Of a politician. In a giant snail. We're gonna get things done and we're gonna get things done the Getty's blend. Now let me get in my snell. But that where what do they do with the snail and between fifth parades what have you picked up on year in your date NF fire. Spitting. Snail. I'd like to take you out to a lovely dinner and now I'll be will be by your house at 730 on that sounds great. Let's this. My Iraqi girl. You know it's a scenario don't we jelly kids that spits fire and don't act like you and impress when new issues. From the four away. What nerve Libby had as being out there on a float. Listen. At higher member. I thought it was kind of weird that the mayor of San Jose was on the flow one year in and someone's like now it's the base team. Now listen you could say what was the Alameda board of supervisors why did they have a float. But politicians this is what they do what you like them or not whether you voted for them or not. Whether your party are not your party. That's is what they do. Okay and I'm not trying to make I'm not tournament passed judgment on anyone and I am not trying to say everybody's not that anyone's a grease ball. But if there's a parade and their success. They're gonna arrive in the parade that's just the way the world works let's go to ball brighter in town Moscow on Bob. Hey ya I wanna shout out to order a great job finals and I thought it was very treaty that they let them. Would very compelling captain Sergei book. It was you know it was pretty cool considering how rough they edit darned well and got knocked out by. The rocket. Well I got my. What your favorite uncle Britain. I'll thank you very much for that. I gotta go clockwork orange. Still banned in England. Arrow silent as eighteen in Germany. With German subtitles I didn't have to read them thankfully. I answer that because the slim 47 but actually called triple A 957 and 9570 Penske also stuck around to excellent 95795. Hey Rick it's ray from the two on nine driving home from a's game you're driving home and your textainer. Do you. Do you think the Eagles wouldn't trade Bryce Harper for Klay Thompson and staff Currie could this help the sharks witnessed at the top. May your day I needed that. That bet that was like another shot a Red Bull fought through it or if there. My friend the other Davis talking about and actually had tweeted out this picture I saw the shirt that said Carolina on it. Like you know Tar Heels saved Carolina and underneath it said cal you know written in the script like the cal helmets. In my friend says that he had one that said champions of winning super. Which was yet are growing eyes in Italy. And that a Benetton which they folded if they folded shirts and you had to pay an extra ten bucks. But there was a dangles Helmand on it. A sideways view of you know that tiger stripe dangle Cincinnati Bengals helmet. And under the helmet it said California driving school. I balance my favorite. Triple A 9579257. AM let's go to hi Amy who's in San Pablo what's up man. Eric dark do what's up. Or no you know. All of a book up. Like soccer. By you Reggie spell it duet that the World Cup but are you sided switcher. Game two when it LO WB OTC there and that no woke up drill bit yeah. Then given a call I mean I appreciate it and since it's ten to midnight I think I can answer this like an internal. Mom. I will first longed I'm disgusted. That my country and for missing out CONCACAF. Is a very small pond with two sharks Mexico and us. You cannot contrive away in the schism like Italy or pollen knock qualifying in UEFA. You cannot fashion away it's not qualify. And when Bruce Serena says public to see these European teams get through CONCACAF that made me throw up. And actually had Omar guns also my syndicated show last week in mass and some tough questions mostly about what's it like when everyone's discussed that video and he said it's hard but I move forward in any answered them. But you know what I'm not gonna let the USA not being in this World Cup. Not real and it forming because when I was growing up the USA wasn't in World Cup's. So I rooted firm my heritage which was at that time west Germany not just Germany Denmark on one of my grandfather was from Denmark. Moved to work at how anxious Kramer in Oakland. And and England on my mom's side is English since before the revolutionary war. And so those that teams are for those teams I grow beloved thing 8286. And then in ninety that college all star team when Paul Caligiuri hit the shot heard around the world out of Port of Spain. Port Au Prince. And and got the got us to Italian ninety's in Bob Gensler wouldn't take the royal way believes in them who go Perez's than he only took this college all star team which is to about I worked the World Cup in 94 which was the by the best for now while live. On. After that sort of writing for European soccer weekly. Which was a great thrill based in London went there are a lot that was a really cool. But yeah now. Test your question. We look at the favorites and it's very easy. To pick. Germany NN and the thing is I still have to watch games in Spanish because armor that 82 World Cup final on Spain. That was the only game that was on American TV. It was on ABC and it was called the Budweiser World Series of soccer Roger twice about all the football announcer did it with a cholera junior. Who is a USA international but. You know Roger trouble the ball out of bounds that's good riot and it's like well. Now really that's a quarter kicked. Can you what that's a corner kicks are gonna write and they took commercials are we really come a long way. Since though today. So I'd listened to Tony to Rondo who would say diplomatic. The mood and then under his gun to our. All the other thing about the and a good about again about to let go into that I got these Oden and all the great commercials. But was there a hole into goal pummel. Yeah I can out cut costs and put a pull the panel deal Israel. I got to meet Norma belong to a one time used to be that column on up on the based on or. And I mention the fact that in the consolation in overtime nine when David Platt scored for an inning into Italy actually said the S word on the air and he laughed when he admitted. Are under us to endorse and wire you featuring media among the other network which is kind of weird. But I get emails every day from you'd double us that I delete them I stall I'm disgusted I'm not not until we get to the next World Cup cycle I don't wanna see anything I don't wanna talk about Christian realistic amount talk running. So we till we get to the next cycle. I'm not gonna let it ruin things but if you're looking for a dark horse. And if year old soccer aficionado. It's not really dark horse but the team that it's just obsolete each amber talent is Belgium. Douby in my dark course. Because they've never been a final and they never won so you wanna lay down you've got to have Aponte is all Weis already do you get a for the Belgians. But consonants and saw. Yes Belgium would be the panic. Thanks to an end and that's an ultimately 6 AM Joseph lo and did little talk parade as well thanks to an in an armored syllables see you next time on 957 go to.