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Tuesday, May 15th

Rick Tittle and Kerry Keating talk to John Dickinson from Houston and then former Warrior great Clifford Ray.


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He's like seven games lies and low. Now. Thanks so much and welcome back to nine to 57 the game now live and local alongside. Him. Coach Gary Keating I don't care. I'm doing well Rick it's spend some time in the green room waiting for the delayed aunts and true Steve writes forms have more trouble with the power and water. No I. Yes I agree maroon two after I leave I'm seeing green everywhere as well and after arraigned I think we can be in here about eight hours but copied it will will go till midnight. And this is going to be a real. Our quick segment as we get our stops sets our commercial breaks back on but. A once again John Dickinson whose gonna join us to the bottom of the hour live from Houston or ship reporter cliff re. Right around 1045 grant left and right around. Eleven Swanee soap. If you don't know Kerry Keating was the long time. I head coach of the Santa Clara Broncos and was a college coach and other. Programs. As well. What what do you take out of that first. Oh win for the warriors and Houston because I mean obviously. It was a name a must win but. When your coach and you're that deflated when you know that you just thrown away your home court advantage that she works for all season what what you say. We'll sounds like my kid Tony's gonna stick to his guns because they've been pretty adamant about doing what they've done to this point. Contrary to what the warriors set out to do this year is really just make it to this point that the rockets wanna sue. Send a message that they were good enough. And the problem is are good enough to get to this point but what we may have seen last night as they're not good enough to get past this point probably still one of the elite player away. And I have some thoughts on who that player might be and how his career might and after them move I'm sure we'll get into that later. Yes we'll limit let me throw this idea this is going to be some food for thought and Ireland to hear from you because and and this will also he. Evoke some. Evocative phone calls here at triple A 9579857. In Penske ought to sell stock Comtex 195795. I predicted the warriors to win yesterday and necessarily going out on the limb when you pick your the world champs to win I just thought that. They're gonna come in more confident because there's that seed of doubt in Houston they haven't. Then they're just ship like the warriors and fifteen we are kind of waiting candy can they get it done well they know that they can they've done a more than once. And I kind of body Houston would would do some stupid. And they have they pass the ball less than any team in the NBA they set less greens and any team in the NBA but it has not affected them. But today after a loss evening how are they gonna respond. You know are they gonna say the right things like hey man you know what to Wear the we are the best team and we're gonna get back on our horse and we tip our cap to warriors bit. This is a quote from my James Harden after practice today quote we're in this together. That's nice and he goes on. I can't do it by myself. We need everyone to be at the top of their play whether it's Chris Paul whether it's Eric Gordon whether it's PJ Tucker we just need to open up talk about the game talk about the things that we see. That they see from their angle we can get better on things that they saw that actually work and all figured out end quote. When he said I can't do it all by myself because like LeBron tonight he went for 41 and lost that sounds. That's sounds bad and as a warrior fan I like because I feel like they're already start to point fingers. They they all know from top to bottom trust me in the hallways of the Toyota Senna last night the body language. Was probably very similar to what we saw on the post game press conferences and talked JD about that. Who was in attendance at those press conference and got a little better look than what we saw affair. They they were set up for this by their GM. They added two defensive pieces that they thought would be. Competitive pieces for them to be able to beat the wars which they did during the regular season the problem is. And you wanna talk about past tag light years. Words or give a crap about the regular season this year for whatever reasons came up whether it was injuries a staff. Well there was Iguodala. Waiting to earn his money until the post season. And so on and so forth we're seeing a way different team and not just because they're playing. The vaunted death lineup for the first time together in mass starting now. It's just because they've all. Realize that now they can play and now there in you know with the exception of Patrick McCaw. Now they're all healthy enough to be able to make this sixteen game run. And sixteen's a heck of a lot easier than 73. Or 65. Or even 57. You know I I forgot about pat her confidence that you just mentioned it sounds like he's back on the floor shoot so he may he may make a cameo in the finals. Los Steve Kerr pulled a rabbit out of his hat. Our rights we did take a quick break when we come back will get into the slot further JD you'll join us and also love your participation as well. Warrior fans 1015 where my night peeps be act bad grammar and everything AAA 9579570. And the Penske out of sells stock Comtex line 9579 forever go until midnight tittle and Keating in 957 again. It's. This is the region's it'll show on 957. Big game. Thanks so much and welcome back she's not my time and again right to alongside. Coach Kerry Keating while taking all the way until midnight John Dickinson coming up. At the bottom of the hour cliff re right around. 1045 Gramm would have been around eleven Swanee. And you know carry you were a player obviously. Seton Hall pirated when that PJ Carlos tomorrow as therein. What what would you think if if somebody said. After a loss and you know he's your best player any score a lot of points but it would have what would you think if you went to the media and said. You know I can't do it all by myself. I mean would you say you know what he's right or would you say get over yourself. Not a very confident instilling confidence and still incumbent from their best player right. In knowing he's looking at the results of the game where. In all honesty. The play let's go to stood out to me the most is when the clock was running down he had the ball waiting waiting waiting dirty had three shot clock violations in the first quarter by this time. And he's on the left side he couldn't create the space. It's not really is wheel house off to this to the wing as much as top of the key or right side. And he throws it behind the back pass to Trevor res at the top of the key with under second ago. Andy and Tony's over there waving his hands were like come on comic got to go and I'm still like. They're might like that's not the answer and the in the 45 isolation has proved as much so. Hi I think that was more or shot at the coaches. That it was at his teammates tomorrow I think the players nowadays it's not it's not a an us against them. Especially that we've learned out here with the way Steve has managed this team in and Bob and and company have put it together that the personalities. And the and then the persona is that they're able to mesh together in the team is greater than that the individual but. I thought that was a little bit more shot at that at the end Tony. A veiled shot Shea it is like to say you're you're throwing shade down. Because DN Tony really didn't change anything in and like you said after the game rate. Don't act like this is what we do now if you haven't seen us play all year this is what we do. And James has done this to the point where he's going to be the MVP and I had got some of the shots he makes our damn hard and no matter who was Garnett. Small big and long he makes some really really tough shots and he's created a style of play. That's almost unique in the history of the game in terms of his ability to use his body. And his his life in his arms on his drive to draw a thousand ways it never been done before so. I think whoa what are what you'll see happen is you're gonna did the absolute best shot from the rockets. In game two. Then maybe even more desperation shot if they're down 31. And I think because the warriors have time to recover after this three days till Sunday. There that they're gonna they're gonna have. They're gonna go for you gotta go forward and NASA OK we got one to two and scooter come back home for two more real one and next to a 31. When I can let that happen again that. I think you'll see them an all out brawl in this game and I think because of what Harden had said. Maybe a little bit of motivation his teammates parts. To help them a little bit more because. Obviously 41 isn't enough. Three days till Sunday somebody get western Cuba by the way I like that or or good alternative band from the early eighties and early and Obama and I'm I know you said that day and they're gonna go at the same planet as you said that's the horse that. Rodham there you look at the disparity in fast break points it's is monumental how many more than the warriors got. But then again if you if you wanna go have Corey you you just can't guard KD and I got and you could say all that. The way the rockets are playing indeed and no one is gonna stop KD when that is working at 611 guys you know fade away and it's all that cell. I guess in a way I do understand. What Ted Ginn Tony is saying insight YA YMB guy Lewis you know and and change. Five slam jam and the national championship you just you've got to go with the horse right. Well the problem that the rockets have I think which has been a little bit understated as they were there were cook an early and really were. If there were there are praising Luc Mbah a Moute in his defense of versatility. They added PJ Tucker the warriors have spooked them into thinking they need better defensive players which they do. The problem with PJ Tucker Luc Mbah a Moute is. They're not even average shooters now they'll become average because of volume because Mike wants fifty threes a game. And that's gonna get spread out to seven different guys making a hundred of them they think they've made some crazy number of threes this year. Without mbah a moute to kind of really try and even slowed down Katie no one can guard KD I don't know if I out. The only person in the league that can guard KD. Israel mongering. So really. The best thing at the warriors need to do to ensure that Katie stays effective is keep trim mongering even if that means he's on the hundred dollar three year sixteen million move hang around plan because he's certainly earned that and we'll have burnout by that time with a few more championships. And maybe even a few more all star appearances so. In other rockets the rockets aren't tough hole because of their offense last night the 45 isolation plays. The most in any game in the last five years. And you mentioned transition. You don't wanna look the war and get out and transition. Some of the best ways to start transition is off a bad shot. And a lot of times what you had last night were bad shots that are all or nothing in the shots are going in and they're not Americans when he had a fifty threes whether they're good shots that are. Manufactured throughout France or not. That helps the transition the other way it takes the stress. Obviously and it helps a guy like Nick Young getting the game because there's no decision making to make on the defensive and so plays right into speakers and to protect himself for against the potential Klay Thompson stroke which didn't happen by inserting Nick Young early because no defense of pressure on account. And I just think about if I'm trying to you would use a football award scheme. Against the warriors and you think power we gonna control Canadian and how are we gonna. Perry. Steve Kerr and we have to make sure that you know dram are greens on the paint. Owning the glass and then all of a sudden they didn't forget about clay but he throws 120 I mean it's like what what are you supposed to do unless you also have. For all stars right. Well. I thought about that today because I think the fact that they thought their defense that we equipped to handle this and mbah a moute injured. And Tucker's became an offensive liability. I think when loonie comes in the game this is used you scheme point. If Tom thumb on the other side as soon as when he goes the table I'm senator Ryan Anderson for capella. Putting Anderson at the five. And whether or loony switches on those high ball screen or not. At least Anderson who was brought into this foray to shoot deep threes becomes a pick and pop five. And may be with Gordon out there and I have to cut yet cappella on the bench you have. Any one of Ariza. Or Tucker. And then you surround them with our C Harden Paul. Anderson Gordon. The best chance the rockets task is to go back to what they originally were before they try to change themselves for this which has become a better defensive team. Which is shoot more threes they have to get fifty threes up tomorrow. And they have to utilize Ryan Anderson at the five. If Steve Kerr is dedicated to playing c'mon looney those minutes where they feel he can switch on to hard use it against them and now. Let Anderson pick and pop and maybe get a few more three if if Gordon and Anderson give you seven threes between him. Got a different ball game. All right so we are now joined live by our own John Dickinson now from Houston of course our shoe reporter in the co host of the NBA this week. And I JD I think a lot of us here thought the warriors would win we kind of thought they would have that swagger. Did you think it was going to be. As emphatic as it was. Yeah I mean either quick not a record really well late game minus the first you know a couple of minutes. Relief when he got down twelve for a bit. They got that thirteen twelve and it was at that point 21 or feed. Or 2112. Rocket were that we got shot at a warrior or what are aren't yet at birth order. I doubt it really allowed them to go out and play their game about went on with double the rocket it yet. And not for the hot start that they had and that you felt the warriors could. Slowly can it take big game over and EPA and by the time there was six minute ago let me answer rubble and it pretty exit. Inside the toyotas that are so not I'm not surprised that the way to fight adamant that it wants closer than the final score. Would indicate. But the biggest takeaways for me I'd be just the back it you look at the matchups. And the warriors have more players that look like they're capable of making a puppet of contribution of their series. And the rockets view and edit that the huge advantage all the short term medal on terror. The Golden State. When you look gardens quote today saying. Were in this together but I I can't do it all by myself we need everyone to be at their top play. Do you take that as. While that's kind of a cold blooded shot at his teammates or do you think of it is as you know what he's absolutely right he pours in 41. And they lose or has sec coach Keating just said maybe that's that's kind of a shot of the coaching staff as well how do you look at that. Yeah I mean the heart and confidence in Vietnam comments today that they basically are gonna run it back the way that they played all year not relate rickety adjustment. Yeah at. PJ Tucker saying they got the game quite a lot. Kind of break it out it just seems like the rocket all of a sudden. Have a bunch of different voices saying don't want to if for the exit out. They have to react the bottom line amigo Jane arc was terrific in the game last night Chris ball pretty good at likely follow with solid. All of the rest of the rockets were all players pretty much spell. But except for maybe your read on beat the first. But he got in in such foul trouble with that he wouldn't not back there are became one not because he was about or so I think you are right. In that other guy cap its score you've got to go off encrypt all got to play well the ballot got to be good. And they need to read it makes three or PJ Tucker. They're not down three. They need scoring from a lot at if for it option to handle Eric Gordon got to have a and it packs okay bait shops that. You also missed some shots that they can't miss it may lay ups that they did. But last night so I'd think oh well I didn't notice during the game maybe that apple or you're a rocket carrying I have noticed that little bit it's not. After the game that I know that the demeanor of Chris Paul and James Harden that but the clock the beat it dire. In the post game press conference and Chris Paul would basically roll that I ate it at a majority of the questions. Look at that its own seemed almost. Completely disinterested. In really what was going on there so well maybe it didn't manifest itself in game Juan. I actually think there's some potential. If the warriors really get on the rockets early in what hearted locked in to work maybe they can break the rockets today. Early on in the game and kind of cruised to another went to game one that they you that it's been all but oak. Yeah I did I was missions or Erica along your mindset of the the rockets need to score. And got techs who do little bit today I'd like to Disney CE Ryan Anderson at the five for Capello when loonie comes in. Just a gimmick chance to make more threes because I don't think that there are ready defensively. To beat this team just yet. They they need to. One more guy and I think they all know it and its curious now I'm curious to hear you talk about their demeanor I think that resonates from top to bottom. In the big hallways in the back of it's fair to senator. We're all their staff and in their front office and their coaches. They know they they know they they deep down inside it's gonna take him monumental effort and made made shots. That they just can't beat this team they're probably a little pissed off that there are better than this team during the regular season. And now the warriors are almost a completely different team than they played during those three years regular season let alone the first 82. I think they know and I think they know they need one more guy and they're probably your way and this is gonna take a lot out of them even come back to get game two. Yeah and I speak you know that one more guy and I know you're talking about it they beat yeah start type player to know what part of all that though what more I short term. Utterly you to really be an Anderson if B but it bad. It's bad that he could be on. I mean at the warriors just pick them apart and that's really when they took control a game early in this in the second quarter. They carried it through data the final couple minutes before the rockets at a rugby get the beat back in it they don't want that I have a game. Or app on a three that I think he might be right about that. For the warriors. Look the warriors there are playing on a different clap beat it it is exactly what. You know everybody that bought in March and we all talked about it in some batches. You know the warriors are healthy they'll lock and they'll they earn out they'll become the team. That we eat and used it seen then beat for the last couple years and and it's exactly what happened. In the playoffs so far except for that the game three in New Orleans and and don't want it or not and edit delete it edit audio so. But to your point area I think we're gonna find out early. In game two if the rocket to really you believe they have been up. It tried at least make it to six game series and if they can get tomorrow that were talking about all right it's coming back he used it for five. Maybe the rockets can win that game and force against sixty and the warriors went. That the two would oracle. But it but there were at east beat the stealing up located at this theory if the rockets can get tomorrow if not and it worked going to be talking about. Whether the warriors one point Boston or Cleveland at become Thursday Friday at the. Yeah I think in our guard Mike on the text I read my mind I think it's really difficult to get into a rhythm to shoot the ball. When they are so heavily isolated on offense and that really. I don't think you gonna get the tire rolling that Jeff Van Gundy said he sought tonight from the cavaliers in the Celtics came from the rockets during the game. I I think these guys respect hard knew what he can do is certainly respect CP what he's done to assimilate himself and help him get to this point. My point and Anderson that I think you have to be pretty specific with your match ups where there's looney whether he guards who dollar what do you take a shot on him guarding drama on. Just body him up I certainly can't guard any of the guards it'll take what they're switching. But there even that said though T I don't know if you saw a lot of this last night that the rockets. Were. Unable to adjust to the fact that the warriors who are screening their own guy a lot of which is a great tactic against switching defenses. And they didn't make the adjustment quick enough so for all the credit that Jeff has Billick has gotten for resurrecting the defense they were still a middle attack defense. During the regular season the sound like it was a top three top four defense and that's why they won 65 games they outscored people is to to win 65 games in their own right at. I don't know if there's anything else they can do and I wonder as we talk about who that extra guy can be. I I think they go for broke with LeBron James I really think it's setting up that way. I don't know if it if that helps. The overall product for them but certainly a player of that caliber to me is the only way at this rate that the wars get the throne. Yeah I mean I look I think they're kind of made for each other out there that billion Greek why that would. But if they cavs want to go out not take it a little bit of the rockets want to go out pocket to the final it beat up that. A match made evident that it out the body and did the rockets could actually have you know restart so I think it it that so that they. All sites that actually. Should look at it the hot seat in panicking and work rocket attack in a coup in order agreed that work there that's down the line. Edit the rockets are really party can that they don't have enough well. Well YE a whole ball out of our back at its way voted and elected but just take two weeks opt in and start the finals. Yeah if they are given back kind of look at say is that what Francisco are key manned by rockets red glare. JEB Afro out of the actual left budget either. When you think about two. Steve Kerr last week mentioning that Nicky young could be a factor in this series and a lot of people thought you know you are right. Those threes that he hit those are knock garbage time free threes those were back breakers and they are almost challenged him like look you can go ahead and shoot. Any did and he was hit them. You know an even if he never does another thing rule in all probably remember that. That moment you know that Zito moment for him but so what did you think about swipe EP. I think they were all Utah got I think they were it just did you set I think if it young doesn't hit a couple of the shot. It's a situation where the warriors by themselves. May be down. Nine or ten points at halftime bit in their look at it that the app. Like it while I completely differently at that he'd been each to make another uphill climb. It trying to get back into the game that the post video playing Equant. Starting the second half the speed Kyrgyzstan and clearly. That did it we didn't in terms. It young's play ability in this theory if I did think that number that. Really translated. Yeah yeah you averaged seventeen of 23 in the opener when you are divided then. But the one thing in encroachment or you are going to do this and into the kind that we pot. Even realizes that there's a place expert Nick Young the play. Against the rockets team where the rockets really can't expose him for being on the war the way. Other team can end for whatever reason. But you can rock it cargo that one team that nick young and can chill out but it's epic touch not the yet. And Steve knows JD that Nick Young not play against the Celtics. That's sick you're very heated time in now because once felt this come to town. It'll be lay ups forever he's Garnett that. Today today the rockets sell them the rockets up them by stick him in PJ Tucker in the corner and you know we didn't really have to do much that the lack of decision making on the on the defense have been really help Nick Young last night and then like I said. The insurance policy just in case clay wasn't hitting shots but. He got up fifteen threes last night's you know he's gonna hit at least five of those if not more on any given day so. A great set of for the for the warriors to get going and obviously we all expect and the comeback would obviously not one but maybe two. Look at for the sweep and put themselves in a great position to go for the title. Yeah look tomorrow is tomorrow is going to be the determining factor as to whether we have a series not I mean bottom line. What do the rockets have left in the tank Kent State crew to the world and the warriors that there index staying. It to try to win it and to extend it to us. You know decades there are seven day you know put themselves in a position where the warriors may be out a little bit of pressure out of the hole Serb command back into the wind that you gain. That are going to be played an oracle this coming Sunday and Tuesday. So I think it's it's on the rockets but now it's going to be adjusting the warriors approach because the warriors know guys that they can. They can effectively end it tomorrow if they get another win and it beat it interstate. You know it would debate off the app or game two. The warriors really can go for tomorrow they can expand and it's a little bit knowing that they're gonna have arrest state Thursday at a couple practiced it before they have the play is great about or not. It's every other day. The rest of the way it's or it's. This series goes so I think that's an advantage for the warriors to where they can play their best guy or edit in an attempt at trying to snuff out. Any kind of hope. That the rockets may act out. That they can't make this thing up along series. The only question I have tomorrow because the warriors have had attended tree this year regular season and the playoffs. Whatever they if you feel like they're a good opportunity whack. Age ten it that whack whether or whatever they have a game to play wit. They played with that enabled little bit to debate comment on it per job. Try to deliver a baker and a knock out blow. Or do they count and Canada day at our it was party got one. And then the rocket stage potentially allow the rockets get to work their way into this series to pat that's the biggest question for eighty. As far as the warriors go tomorrow you've given him a little bit rope. They've they've just they've just said OK it's fine you you got an app and not act is about. That's John dig up some live in Houston fall on Twitter at JD John Dickinson great insights is always JD we really appreciate especially since it's Wednesday where you are. So I have a great time of the game and we'll look forward here in your thoughts on that. Our rights great stuff and you know it's. He'd minge brings up an interesting point carriers that. Psychologically. The warriors know that they don't have to win. And that's the thing you think you no matter what Steve Kerr says to them. It's still in your subconscious like you know what if it starts getting away and they're down twelve you kind of think well we got our split like you don't want that decreed bit and. No it's really dangerous if you're the rockets with that cinnamon mind steps can just unload tomorrow. Stepped staff. It's serious it's house money you don't want Seth Curry playing with house money at all he does that with Katie clay in his pocket stuff comes out firing tomorrow. 253035. It's a sweet. Great stuff speaking of warriors champions so we're gonna speak with big at Clifford ray on the other side Rick Tuttle and Kerry Keating come on back. On your home of the goals they warriors got a 57 again. Now back to the Rich Little shell out. On 95 to seven games. I welcome back to 957 the game great to have USS tonight Rick tittle and coach Kerry Keating and that's bigger than basketball. One of my childhood heroes joins us as the first time got thinner you know more thrilled to have Clifford ray whether it's NBA champion. And Clifford and that 75 last season seven for 75 when you got traded. From the bulls for Nate Thurmond. A lot of warrior fans work kind of analysts say up and arms were they sent packing your trade Nate and they said like we're getting a guy who's eight years younger. And it was perfect timing your first year there. You win a championship. Does that seem like yesterday or does that seem like a million years ago or well I does that seem to you know. They're doing it seemed like you didn't bite into who moved into a group heard. The could that but you it appeared there you go about their good you know Clinton do good basketball as a young man's sport. Cam Newton you just saw it tonight. What did you how you what it Al battles bring to the team because you know very fiery guy. And not only that he would literally would who would fight for you and and he basically was that's the last time the warriors played defense until I think Mark Jackson took over what what was so great about Powell. Worrying you're you're you're team takes on the personality typical. At least there were there aren't certain and you know. Hell those. Chris Kaman or else you'll give up. Practice is so completely short on guard he would. You give him and clearly played a typical Cuban community you can. So who you know you eat you know you lose. Put your code should. You know solid four under so I coaches. Virtually nowhere or three. Clifford you mentioned the team taken on the personnel labor coach I think what we're really. Starting to see here were Steve Kerr having the awareness that he does being very conscious of others it's really started trickling through his team. In the way they're playing obviously we know they like the pass the ball and I'm really curious in your assessment of how they're playing now on a little bit. Closer maybe in a purist sense that how you played in how the generation you came out played by sharing the ball and pass in one another as opposed to the isolation and hope that we see from the rockets tonight. That how do you counter assesses that the over the warriors take him aside in this new age and how much longer do you think this can last for the league may figure out how to stop them. If I don't I don't know bit. In between me and I mean when you moved here. This both being included in any other world championship anymore let me. Were there before you Google could use Google what are the nuclear clear that go well and meekly. We're pretty. The energy. And you know and so Christmas. In no one's concern who just so who probably do would that would go through. A situation. There's no group is nuclear. Coach. He deserved mine whose members. Are typically occurs more. Got a great basketball time. The other coaches ordering her Clinton bill third. You know students of the game as oracle. They're in control group for your. But I happened to be old. Guys who have a great knowledge of the game. If you look at the radio how inclusion look at periodically. We don't use that it will produce more. People have been bit about bringing this. This creepy Gary. Yes and there are and bring to a lot of energy a lot of and that pretty pretty game but like whip my unit he could do you know about nine. He looked pretty heated battle between. He could probably. When you look bitten when he would do what he was doing. God I hope I don't even admit it you know but you know got into him but there is called the destruction. Now if he's got a book. How are you and you're immediately that would have been a flagrant it is it would agree anchor we have made a great deal about it all their border with Ukraine in the game. In playing him if there's little weird you know piecemeal bit over. There. Well lit the future which use. Or chairmanship. Eventually replace the guy on the East Coast slow missing clinging to go to work co wrote. And so everybody's doing the things that minister. To do that is if you don't you that continue to. In this or he has continued actually. Holy. And not live all the guru are to be all. Are potent that we do we break Soviet Union would give him there seemed. So well at all and regret it could be that you could keep it. You know we're in law and how exactly it. This has been able to win all the tips. The wrestler different ha I don't see. It but it beat them and took them that if it grew to move. There there's a reduction of ball well. I don't think duke took. It was built Lugo is there any alternate minimum of Arab and together as quickly before income due to predicted could open. They could parachute Manassas so clearly you're. Stature in size and a former warrior you look at a guy like Katie is essentially a seven foot two guard. Taking his size out just the mentality in his ability and maybe even a gala dram on those two guys in particular. I am curious they can probably play in an east Allen in any generation but are there any players that you played with their against. In relative to drain money Katie you bet that those guys remind you of a particular. Our oh you are like. Big trademark tenacity. Who magnitude Sloan tightly and hopefully it would article. Peace. These don't. Eat you know. Just a tremendous. Or you are appropriate Wasilla that article where you know just a commitment or commitment sure. Well. You know maybe you have incorporated reciprocal. Who should. You know just. So you'd keep America and it could report you are Brazilian. And good period. Pete merit which is absolutely. No doubt in her embarrassment could shoot the ball. Would know. Don't know trying it no effort or whatever you call they're not so would you vote.