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Monday, January 22nd

Rick Tittle chats with Kevin Kurz about the Sharks and their Goaltender situation.


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It is we lost her house. We did was our own makes it easy your new. Fine journalists as determined as you every story every day lows. Changing the U fox to you know come clean to Bay Area news coverage we. More here. Studios and don't. Interest town downtown he's got the night off few words earlier I know we've fakes you out sorry about that original filling in for. Uncle Johnny you got and peddle the non made me take me until 11 o'clock all the way. That's drive for hours. So if you're trying to get from north beach to Selma I'll be with you for all four hours tonight. And that was the lines are open has always a show this late night show won't gonna start off at seven obviously us right now. Earlier at eleven is about you all's in your calls we get any Q we'll talk to you add your voice not 579570. 888957957. Need. Just some gas lined out Kevin Curtis who's been covering the sharks for a long time now he does have for the athletic. They'll join us in a half hour's time talk about team teal semi among send. From a pro football focus sold China so that they taunting our friend Melissa Block guard. Who's been following the is set for a long time she's also now with the athletic. Everyone's let the athletic she'll join us at 10920. And that that tend to want me Logan Murdoch from the Bay Area news group bought all join us something interesting about Sam monsoon. As he is from Ireland. Already given a broken caucus tried twice a day yet he covers the NFL for Ireland. The entire republic. Sold stock to him as well. Let's as they say very caller friendly and well love your participation. Triple A 95795. So they don't write it down dialer 8889579578. Are you you know issued me attacks. At the Penske auto sales doc Comtex line 95795. So a lot to get to you today. Obviously the big story around these parts is the fact that Austin Jackson has signed a two year contract with the San Francisco Giants. And to hear the parameters of an and just the base of their six million for two years. That's why you give like so Gardner they're giving Austin Jackson six is that what the market states right now. Does a tremendous. Bargain for the San Francisco Giants. There is a time when Austin Jackson was considered one of the great young outfielders in the game. He has proven over the last few years that he's not going to be on the hall of fame. Or probably to many All Star Games but he has proven to be a very solid player. A guy that can hit over 300 but most importantly for the giants a guy who can play good. Defense and only thing about the cavernous AT&T park. As Andrew McCutcheon said the other day they call it triples Alley for a recent. That now you'll house. Austin Jackson out that now may be a little bit of young miss dirt dog her as well what he did in the Arizona Fall League but. Really you don't need to bring out dug her at this point you don't let him get a full season in the Pacific Coast League in palm up in September if things go according to plan. And if things go pear shaped like they did last year and they went majestically pear shaped from your place steam rolling awaits. A hundred wins and and I would 9100 losses and end up with 98 losses. That you do not to. Actually have to call that guy out unless you have to but if things are going bad you can always trade Austin Jackson. You trader Andrew McCutcheon. As well as he is he can walk. So we will all and we'll get into and out and now legendary giants fans out there about your projected lineup. Because the one thing they're looking for obviously was a lead off hitter and we are talking about maybe in my catch and may be Joseph panic. Where would you have. Which you have Longoria protecting Posey would you have Posey production Longoria I think most of us would always want Longoria protecting Posey. If that's 34 or maybe four or five at this point. Brendan Bell you can slide him down the sixth so you don't have to put him hours so I Brandon belt does better when there's not a lot of pressure on them. Not saying he's not a primetime player let's say when he's that guy. I think he does better when he's not the guy in the amount of money makes you would. Think that he'd have that pressure anyway but then you know Hunter Pence at bat seventh. If he's going to be in and then now Brandon Crawford. Can be your nationally second leadoff hitter in the eighth position and then who knows maybe Bowden I'm mad bond would even hit eighth. In the days that he's in the lineup so. For giants fans there was only one direction you can go this off season and that was up. And I think for the most part signing Longoria right before the holidays. And however. Whichever religion you celebrate or even for the atheists out there you've still got days off. It came time do you wanna buy giants tickets. And hearing Longoria is coming you know while. That's somebody worth looking at the giants are gonna take on his his contract and then you hear about bringing him attaching her about it bring in Austin Jackson aren't those guys all like 31 to call on the San Francisco thirty wonders. Is that I hash tag we can start calming. I live side of the glass the San Francisco thirty wonders I don't think double. Catch on like wildfire but of course the past missile say oh my gosh. Brian Sabine why are you still saw a lot with old guys. Well it's not so much and he's a love of old guys he just knows. That this window is on its way to being shot it's not on its way still being open at three and reached its apex. And now what is coming downward. But the window is still over there are a lot of teams out there the window is not cheap shot it's locked and painted shot. And they have no hope outside of maybe in the dog days of August they were only eight out of that second wildcard one hot week and we can be within three. The giants I think for the most part do not want another lost summer. And that's what they have they actually started having some empty seats. And it's not just the giants that I mean I think every Major League Baseball team has about 101000 fans that all go no matter what. We do know the giants there are a lot of fans who started being fans and in 2010 and everybody loves a winner and that's not just the San Francisco thing but it isn't Sarah Cisco's a transient city there are a lot of people who come from other places. And I can tell you every single person from the marina. That wherever they're from Michigan Florida New York they put on the giants that they went there to drink can be senior and Larry -- cares why they're going to the game now it's just to change. I'm gonna game needs some garlic Fries and fill our coffers. And the giants are ambitious. And say what you want about him. I like the fact that they are ambitious they understand the old adage if you have to spend money. To make money the salesmen who pulls up on a ten speed or the salesman who pulls up on a Cadillac they wanna be they wanna pull up and Cadillac. And they know that they're not throw on the money away and you might say well she's or they've thirty plus games under 500 you really think you're gonna make of those games. Robin are realistic but they know won't be a lost summer anymore because there are some teams that will lose 98 games and they're like well awe shucks. Or hey we're rebuilding. We got got to take our lumps. The giants were humiliated. They were a playoff team the year before. Dan one of the top five payrolls and all baseball. They wore they had abject. Embarrassment. Over last season and everything that can go wrong they're top set of guys may have hurt our closer out she even the blown Salem opening day or rely assures that all my gosh a bad avalanche and they would have beat the cubs. In the class we'd still be talking about the curse of the goat on the north side of Chicago. I get my Lance and he breaks down multiple times a bomb garner. A starts doing Jeff Kent Scottsdale avenue we leaves on his dirt bike somewhere. Everything. They go wrong and then down years at the plate for everyone not named Buster Posey. And it all was very very bad we know that. They think hey with a healthy barn burner. With that Longoria protecting Posey then you out in a Thai Chan who is a clash about my clutch and and our past time we step bumper stickers now there hash tags. You're not gonna put a bumper state is anybody even put bumper stickers on our time are now this is the hash tag at this point. But the giants are showing their fans. That they wanna win right now. And they know that McCutcheon is a rental and they did not have to give up. Some of their top guys most importantly the stallion the teenager Ailey all Ramos they did not have to give him out there was no student without us and Russell title by mall in. In being lead trash now because they did not completely dismount or farm system. But they also now it makes no sense to hold on to prospects. And all prospects. If the window was shot but the window is open so let's talk Turkey let's talk business. And you think about free agents like Lorenzo Cain now what are required draft pick compensation you talk about trades as we mentioned. There's Austin Jackson who is perfectly capable of playing a solid defense of senator field and he's no slouch at the plate. And that's why I did not want Billy Hamilton. I did not want him in San Francisco I mean I'd rather have him then Gorky Hernandez. But Billy Hamilton's on base percentage was what two and 99. Not his average his on base. He would get on less than three times bird how how you gonna have a guy that's that much of a liability that's almost like having another picture in your lineup. The reason is is because he was gonna place sparkling defense. That's why you're gonna have Billy Hamilton now you have a guy who might just beat us an edge. Although lower defensively. And Billy Hamilton I would argue probably a better arm. When a guy that's capable of hitting over 300. And you didn't have to trade form he got him for six mil on I'm sure there are other free agents out there this has been a very. Shocking wake up call. For all those guys out there now the big ticket guys are still gonna get paid to JD Martinez of the world there. They're not gonna get the 200 mil they want they're still gonna get a hundred north. There are players out there who are looking around gone oh my gosh. Austin Jackson look what he's done look at he's accomplished. And he got three million a year. Just a couple years ago the a's gave Billy Butler three years thirty mill. It's taken ten million dollars a year in fact BA's paid him to not play for them. Last your Billy mother got ten million to not play for the a's Austin Jackson's gonna get three million the next year to play for the giants. As the kids and say it's a little bit Cray right now. All right sound and the next segment I'd like to get your thoughts on the move I think it's an outstanding Lou how can you not like it it's not like they're thrown away all their money it's not our money anyway tumbling 9579570. Penske auto sell stock contacts on 95795. We'll also catch up with Kevin Kurz and talk a little team till next segment as well ritual if you. While back I'm not about some of the guys. Now back to the original shell on not he fights seven big game. They hear that Lanny welcome back to the united 57 again it is a Chris Townsend show that's tonight's original filling in for. Chris Townsend and though that was a searing abdominal cramps what's not always work earlier and now he's actually find. Wanna hear from you Chevrolet 957957. Events got so stuck on sex line 95795. We'll be joined by Kevin cursor about yeah eleven minutes. Talk a little lad team field. But obviously the the fourth night of futility of that is the height of the super ball has begun in earnest. This morning. And so this week I I hate the bye week. Before Super Bowl itself but won't elect a little in and out. I descent I hate waiting out I want my football and an end to this is a new invention I mean this wasn't always the way. But now it's just it's an extra week how it. And I hate the bye week during the regular season it means it's a week that I don't have football and I care about. Because I only have one team I care about the other 31 can kiss my behind and yet so I mean I'll watch it I have to cover at. It's just it's a week where you don't get football and I really think if you look in. The Communist manifesto or maybe even Ted kaczynski's manifesto will be a mention one way or the other from land and our from Ted. That sound there's a bye weekend there. But a means two weeks of pipe and then the next week will have found media day that will be on the Tuesday and then wal have found. You know the lady in Madras what Tom Brady also IA. To a small soft food tour we'll get all if you could be any kind of treat. What kind of tree would that be but I'm also hearing today. And I'm not one to stir up the the crowd with fear. Mongering but. Apparently they sit on Super Bowl Sunday if there is a potentially dangerous asteroid headed towards the earth. And I five is this Orson Welles here is this real. And at what it comes from it comes from the National Center for Atmospheric Research. And it was during a presentation of the American Geophysical Union. I'm almost too dumb to even say that. By two what it is is there's an asteroid and that's coming. Out wall at the speed of 60000 miles per hour or so about the speed. I'm an AC transit on the freeway about 67 that I'm a thousand miles per hour. And it's close it's. Close enough to the earth. That they want people to know about it but that's not going to hit. And I think well what would be what do they consider close. And before I luck I thought probably. What 101000 miles. Within earth I was I was kind of thinking and obviously are even though I took astronomy and college. Imported didn't cover this that one semester I took it. But now they consider anything that isn't within four point six million miles. Of earth. Four point six million not a put another perspective our our nice little satellite there and none out west are southerner gemstar nine the moon and the moon is 300 dolls and miles from the earth. Now they're saying this asteroid is going to cost and about two point six million miles from Merck. Two point six million miles is considered. A near miss what shall I think when it comes FAA but a win it shouldn't be an air hit. But that is a near me yes but. This scientists from NASA doctor Paul showed us. Sad in the Washington Post. Are quote we have been tracking this asteroid for over fourteen years and know its orbit very accurately. It has zero chance of colliding on the earth on February 4 or any no other time over the next 100 years. Now here's the name of the asteroid. Frank now we just had name a star it's asteroid 2002. AJ 129. And then I thought do these scientists these people these astronomers. They name every hour strike the celestial bodies too much for even. Are rudimentary mouth to having cool the number Google cannot even take into account that many. Rocks in the van Allen belt. But the ones that are flying around. And our look a little bit dangerous. Those asteroids have names. And I just thinking the person. Naming them my blood elaborate day and you see straight blown up looks like a bunny. Which one belong on the one of the rock they're all rocks are allowed one as a 2002. AJ 129. I'm glad somebody Stephen F it's better to be overprotective. There really it. But our curiosity since you alarmed all of us the scientific community and the rest of us dumb people. What would happen if it hit. And that they said that these scientists status is from the daily Mallon London closed scientists warned. At the very severe global impact will last many years and the world becoming much darker colder. And drier place. And Charles barred dean of the AJ you Beijing you the American Geophysical Union was quoted. These would not be pleasant times. The worst case scenario. Is that the search from the impact. Would be in the atmosphere for ten years. And then it would take another six for it to settle back down on terror. So all you talk about complaining about the hood of your trans am. This Duma destroy and they're saying it's about the size of a skyscraper. So all I guess it's these super out strides since little beyond Super Bowl Sunday and able missed us by good two point six million miles. Knock on wood. Are actually not 57957. Let's go to Ivan the terrible right here in town let's sub Ivan. Ray and they in my car. On the exploded in law law. I've vote done illegally and haven't let it be a matter of man that drives. People to have that they got most of called. Blow it away. On about how big caveat that they give I like it did a memo that then got back out there about blood red. Bob you know how big Uighur quote. But should nobody got it to you did you went up unexplored. Adds I manage the daylight you know and and it read. Why not but I did that illegally. You know got a call bought you know blown away. And I guess we did did not talk it to light equivalent to build I could order ruled. You know if you wanna be included in there. Philadelphia and the jaguars would have been did all. So called it get big but another memo about aired. That it took a direct parade. You know it began. As a dad wired with a body. Good game. All right always others memos to keep it even that doesn't sound like there were on the take. Are you suggesting there are on the take Ivan. Not not I don't know not one K don't we brought it to the at this chart shake it difficult. And Barrett thank you they. I thank you very much for the call outside and parents are Cisco dribble and I'm 57957. Pence got us as our contacts and I'm 5795. I would counter. That if the patriots were the lucky as team out her then you wouldn't have had the David Tyree panning the ball to the helmet with one finger but yes. Darrel bevel calling a pass on the two yard line Russell Wilson interception. And Kyle Shanahan. And not calling good place to kill the clock last year than he would the Atlanta defense under Dan Quinn not being able to stop Brady. There's a certain point where you can't say they're lucky anymore. You just can't and it's like when I hear people say. That's somebody who wins the World Series and they're lucky. I think you can get lucky in one series. The Atlanta Braves let all the balls or is that Brooks Conrad go through their legs or that game 11 to nothing or Posey was thrown out at second he's going to be in the only run in 2010. I think you get lucky first serious I think you might even get lucky for two series. I don't even get lucky for an entire. NFL playoffs MLB playoffs NBA. And as much as you hate Brad nominee and the Brady a little bit later I have a theory. On why. People don't like Brady and I don't think it's just because they're jelly. Because he's good looking and has a beautiful wife and listen. I'm men and women. Whatever you were orientation is. If you or someone really good looking if there are horrible person you don't see the good looks. Just because somebody's good looking does not mean. Who I wish I was with who that person. From what we know though they are they're very happy together we'll get into a little bit more of that. But we're welcoming our good friend Kevin Curtis to our covers the sharks. Like a glove for the athletic now and I Kevin I'm just starting off. With the Paul Martin's situation he was so. Such a big part of Brent Burns when he in the north slash or letting him a rock forward and using all his offensive skills as a former. Forward as well and now he finds himself wave no one wants them. He's on the barracuda because when he was hurt your came Ryan filled in very well. Were were worded things stand now with a a guy his age plane in the NH the HL. Yeah are needed he's on the barracuda and panda. You know I hope bid from a crane broke them and a charge that they find a landing spot forms soon. So well I think you know yeah it is legal. A little bit of a weird situation just because I think Paul Martin was clearly a quietly effective diet last year Brent burns and and you senator Rick and mediate. Is part of one and archer I think a cure for crying out loud so why did in the in the lineup and I think especially on that road trip. The fight in Berkshire pleading look I we trucks were 12 and do just. Giving up a lot of goals Brent Burns didn't look very good you know what I want are night and what does all partner but she. You know will be no word either guy begin pretty good salary this year or next year. I think if the sharks you can move on there and after at least thirteen coworkers salary your may be picked a bad contract back in return but. Come. I do think Paul Martin's publicly last game sharks which. You know it's one of two things either the sharks just think he can't play anymore or word. They happened handled this very well I think that's just gonna play out in order to the outlet goes. What about just the fact that. They think Brian is better or is it I've just been. All that clearly indicate I mean obviously peak of war is more comparable BO combined entity is Paul Martin as ojdanic and I'm lucky might be right about that deal from Ryan they're very good at. Fred perfectly especially elect streams look a lot or like that Norris trophy guy that our home we hadn't really seen throughout the first half but last year these herbs is their last three games to play much much better creating offence. Responsible defensively. And that FEMA so reliant on clinging strong to wait in that. Yeah that's why I think the call mart decision raised some eyebrows at the time but you'll go right to get player and big east play responsibly. Ease. He's shown some chemistry burn your special last little while you know. You know that it cease our relentless things are burned you know not broke don't fix that and lately that that the McCain line there. Ever a few years ago when he gave us some liked a guy is an all star game I give us some margin when even though he kind of went as. I Khobar remembered talking to our mutual friend Brody Brazil and and he mentioned to me that he did all I kid you Todd that's too many guys in the a's need to arrest and I couldn't disagree the more I was like no Golan goes soak it up you deserve it DA's with a for best team in the first half. And then there are the worst team in the second half of course there was the SaaS with a strained. And so I kind of thought about that thinking that he may be Brody was right when I heard that just burns. Is gone that all star game as we can do that at first I kind of felt as the sharks fan like short changed on like that said but maybe that's a good thing Kevin. Yeah I mean I think it has. You know especially the older TTE online director or cover the cost certainty of what it can take forty off. Netanyahu both lecherous probably the most logical choice that it is it if you're picking an all star not all here that look Serbs eight trucks all Bartlett. Let it hurt you know you can't ignore the fact that he is putting up a lot of points leader and he's got the second in the league in Kirkland there are I yell at them actual or at least two way you have to be a lot better. But it seemed to truly be a contender. And it has been the last Britney spoke. At the same time NHL all thirteen. A lot about marketing and but you know burn that they fear that the with personality. When there. National lights are shining in his direction. You can see that were prepared to fruits and all that stuff and you know at the same time. If you look at the way it awkward if elected despite division now and if you look at the senate debated they need to spend than they had you're doubting and they eat red curtain there aren't there and car parts again economic order offence elk. I I think it would benefit for the sharks I don't think bird could be a worse for Wear like on results or he might as they keep. He keeps himself and pushed it shape that it's not really gonna be a problem but. Arm. I think it but coach probably happier maybe some of your guys are just to get a chance to rest to recover and be ready Kirk let let it happen as you know look look at the schedule wise it's pretty difficult want to chart. Rich Hill talking to utility ever occurs at the outlet you know if I certainly am. On the situation when Martin Jones and signing him to the extension and then a guy who was an all star and and I was all for that and then you look at. Aaron Dowell who as I call him the castle air Rendell which that hasn't really come on there is a castle there but I think it's. Garrick theater don't look back at NASA though you're on the. RK ged sell it at first I thought cabin night like he's playing so well they can really tread on me got traded at the Detroit Grozny echoes DHL Beaulieu of the air. They can dish out him like they did what why were they got grows nick in the wings. But now I almost feel like it's a drop below thing like you know we we don't wanna turn into early we might need him and I kind of feel like at this point that there's no way they're gonna trade him what are you act. Yeah I think there's no way there and trade to meet you can't afford trade on. You know you you duplicate that semen held court he's been lately. Martin Jones you know we'll lower body injury right now so. They need and the common and they need and the winning team they had been lately of course and eight outplayed Jones broke when you last year and a half so. Are accusing month and a half so mom. You know backup goalie it becomes such an important position not just for the sharks that are around a leak and you'd see somebody back out smelling and her. Starters that media struggled and look Martin he don't do this goal leads that the normal goalie that he always the creature is not going anywhere. But he struggled Villa that right now only in the absence certainly look at look at how quote go air adult and married an outstanding. I think the sharks are gonna need him to keep playing that way but. At the same time. This team I think you look at Iraq or they could probably use another court or bird hit an errant eloquent look if you act that they have to dangle out there. To get some potential help up front. I don't I'd be surprised if they trade him at this point just because he has they're all important FEMA. Yeah he told me that the agents only that they don't plan on negotiating until the end of the here and there. I think perhaps that's probably right group that might be a teamwork throughout there was swollen to give them a shot at the number one. Lump. But at the moment it just wouldn't make sound body you look at what the sharks happen in my early Troy grow but you're not having. Heard it here and can't be loaded each all star has just two games of NHL experience the shark peaking at the threat. If they traded Aaron bell at that point and I think. You know Heidi yes the motorists they're going to take. Yeah I'm just waiting to see what Doug Wilson does because sometimes it's a big trade and and sometimes you think about last year gold Bowman. For hands sing and I can't send a name they bring in another name like like Bob Curran and dad impede the more like I know this guy they they thrown in the top line. And I cannot believe when I look and there's mortal life and stats you know he's got he's a good on the special teams uneasiness that is plus minus like like a negative three that. No goals and four assists and I mean it's just amazing. How useless Hanson is on offense for a guy who's not a blue liner. Yeah you look at the right word that the strong word but at the right word for it and he has been 100% completely useless to the team that beat them. And it's really disappointing because they regret that aren't thinking that the trade I would achy as the guy in Vancouver that. He could could trip you off and everyone Carlyle but he also played that agitating great eighteenth we get on the the other team can't. And we have not seen that at all there was one game I think played that way and it was against it all seemed Vancouver early December. Other than that he's been terrible. He's not part of this team going or eat a lot of articles in right now. I wouldn't be surprised at all the sharks ended up waiting young. Com. And you know aunt and uncle opened IE there are I don't really feel any other chop player but. And yet they can't then had just been such a disappointment to that team since that trade happened. And you know he's the guy that big it using you know they could use the guy that. It a little bit and agitating forward is a guy that gets on the other chiefs get the guys that can score and also while yet done any of those things. And he's been an absolute 1% failure in the pilot cannot say there's really no other way to let. Other than that he's a great guy. Yeah and (%expletive) beat out there in the Egypt I didn't record and and the young people put it between guy and you know we tell them like it is like. It obvious piece in the doghouse with the before right now he's not getting out of it and are Sunni the last lady it. Brutal turnover and found himself or on perk a show right after that. Well being is funny because you think about the sharks and the special teams are okay in Indianapolis some. I've been different player from from MJ the the defense is this not bound and you just think what are they gonna start scoring in our last in the league and you cabling and on these. Youngsters and you know hurdles still not that young anymore anyway on a blood bank but you know Meyer the kid from. From Switzerland and then you think it may need that may mean now all the way he's been playing because he's really since he got draft and he's got a lot of muscle is a lot bigger than I was first remember him. He started throwing the weight around a little bit and I'm I'm kind of excited that maybe Timo Myers coming into his own talent. Yeah you know it if it happens when an appointment came acquired Utley got the most optimistic. There are early encouraging guy because. You think Grady Little lady getting better read Andy's found a home on that top line amateur record took a belt keep. Amber and yeah he's a guy that. He doesn't necessarily have to contribute offensively to have an impact eat each person they get that. The agitating guide and I think they hope unit can't it would be. And there he's strong and penalties strong power panel you among the chart leader in terms of drawing penalties. And you know he seems like he's kind of coming into his own people hurting how to play without the agreement is he the power forward type guide I. Unplug your take a little bit longer to develop and again he just seems like he's getting better every weekend and the shark eat at. Thank you because they are really reliant on these young guys take that next step number development. And especially on offense. Because they lost Patrick Marleau has twice the bulk Nazi salutes you McGwire seemed to be done that. Come our question for Kevin Kerr has some when you look at you in Oded thorn in coming back on one year I think we're all kind of surprised by about and then you. Do you think about how that that Deval skin could sure they're given their careers are kind of like it progressing at the same grade in the contracts are on the same and I kind of feel like. Or in this weird thing we're like one window as kind of closing and maybe they'll banks that in the miers and hurdles of the world that windows getting opened but. I kind of feel like this is going to be one of those nothing burger years where the sharks I'll get. 876. Seed maybe one around in and go out I don't I don't have a lot of I have optimism right now. Yes and and that there are a million. I think in the chart the way or the victims of their own success because I think a lot of stand during that same boat where they do. Maybe expect her make the playoffs but they don't necessarily see. A Stanley Cup contending team and that. I know frankly on the net same boat right now till I think. Very good team we're gonna win and you are gonna get fired ops like speed and challenging first though a couple of I don't quite see that with this roster right now so. You know we'll see how played out I think a lot of people probably push things they think it's quite sticky and and they went on the long run and the NHL playoffs are all out. Match up shark got the right match up. In net here and you know frankly. They have pat except in the two separate divisions are part of your twelfth two and three against their own division and that's the idea that they get sent to optimism because. Yet to get out your own division ordered you to make the Western Conference final the sharks. Very well might get out of the division depending on if they get is the real deal well. Well you know don't I think they are little or nothing they Unita at least a researcher at the trade deadline. It's it's going to be complicated too little to do that I think that they don't have all assets that. They would be willing to part with but arm. Now is Iguchi right now yet as a great team and I don't know about that. And then we should know in people and another Vegas got the most sweetheart deal on any expansion team they've pretty much held every other team Durand some extorted picks from moment was like when the sharks came in I would never would let him have Eric Lindros is. It's a situation. One final question for you as said the jets. Come to the tank tomorrow night and you look at the standings I think even in Winnipeg they look in the standings oh my gosh warned first place in Chicago's last place what kind of world. Are we in in the sharks they're couple weeks ago on and did not look good while losing that game level Heidi I do think they're gonna approach Winnipeg tomorrow night. They didn't you know they were in Canada and five game road trip or campaigned on all of defensively there are back where I think Rick Green art but art and Croatia beat holly you know are we just went crazy you're team I think the sharks so remember that thrashing he took at the end of the fire reached the end. I'm at the fact Eamon you know you you look at the jet but a lot of big -- team as there is there they're speaking in their transition game will yell at Pittsburgh in the same way and that was what really was the downfall sharks twice extreme that expert. Came in Europe that are in a shark local book soak. That the bureau mentioned your real pension ceiling panel looking speed again and if there it'll be one thing the way they beat Pittsburgh. That's a real lucky that decline for the team headed here and second half. And public enemy number 33 dust and buffalo got a lot of blues. At our church has always. Remember to check out Kevin occurs in the athletic covering the San Jose Sharks and follow on Twitter at K curse gets KO RZK occurs NHL. Kevin thank you Tom really appreciated and I'll see down the tank. I. All right says great stuff always love talking shark he's we'll get back to talk about the superb owl dot com all due the next hour to look on magnetic 57 again. And even from each week from now. Did Chris Townsend shell on 9570. Games. They've got original and for our Chris Townsend tonight nice to have you with us on 957 games against 11 o'clock tonight. And alliance RD and clear and free right now so get on in their AAA 9579570. It's all free don't write it down dial it up 8889570570. In the Penske auto sells stock contacts find 95795. He was 707 and says the sharks' roster is kind of like the giants right now without the championships. Interest thing to go by age but back into the as they say we have a fourth night of hype. On the the Super Bowl right now. I've never understood. The fans who get obsessed over what match up the NFL wants those are sort of Madison avenue type of things. I think everyone outside of Connecticut and New Hampshire and Vermont Rhode Island and Massachusetts was probably hope rooting for the Jacksonville Jaguars. And I have a theory. And you can tell me what you think about my theory. Maybe you already had at this I think I don't think groundbreaking. But the reason why. We don't wanna see Tom Brady and it's not an all encompassing thing because I do you think. We kind of get sick of anybody having just way too much success that's sort of what we want people don't. Share the wealth unless it's our guy. Can tell if I was a patriots fan and I'm not would not want to share the wealth. Obviously some Wheeling all you know he was a steps then and then under mob all he thinks he's high and he married. So you Burma hadn't his son and an actress and marries a supermodel. And I'm just I'm sick and it. I'm sick of them. Well I think what it is for Brady. Is yes some people are coats jelly. The other thing is I think for me is he's just. Such had died dead. Now his his mom and outer listening that I wanna punch her in the face I'm just saying not his talent. You can't deny his talent. You think about everything he's done hazy there matched or exceeded just about everyone. To look at the stat sheet. He basically is at least even are taken everybody's butt when it comes to stance. But when you say whose clutch and get our Montana. You know lady whose cold and shown name. Yahoo! had that 58 on the fight of Favre who. Had a passion you know like. Drew Brees has passion. That's why her. And Aaron Rodgers. Are even going back you know just that. The absolute dead the winning attitude of a Ken stabler you know no one ever says. Tom Brady first and I go Ali I will Brady to. And my theory is is that he's the Pete Sampras of football. Sampras is as good as anyone who ever picked up the tennis racquet. Fifteen grand slams. Seven. Wimbledon the all England lawn and tennis club seven Wimbledon titles. Today it was Scott she for the go all US today. He owned. The decade of the ninety's a little bit of the 2000. Oh literally like. Liked Andre Agassi. We liked him then he had to more flavor. He didn't have a clock around his neck best player replaced as he always knew what time it was. But he had a more flavor. The guy who didn't go to Wimbledon because he didn't wanna Wear all white and he shaved his chest and I tell you what if you are one or read. A great autobiography. And usually sports autobiographies. Honestly. Are not worth the time. And then in 1942. Civil law commend introduced the forward powerless. And someone decided to split them into. Life. That's why they get but Andre Agassi's book I was called open her rattle my syndicated show years ago. But it basically on the high school dropout and that's how stars I'm in high school dropout. We liked him more. We talk about the all time tennis greats we talk about Bjorn Borg you know for the men ranked. I think people get down to like rod labor before they even say. Oh yeah Pete Sampras. Why because saint Pete Sampras was a dumb idea. He had AD now aren't they closed down non. I think it was battery streeters fans from downtown they filmed the commercial I think cruiser camera company. I Connor some and Pete Sampras was playing under magazine in the Streets of San Francisco on there like hitting balls off Muni buses and for the want of trying I think Pete Sampras wanted to but he just always. You know was just quiet. You never really had a thing this day. And it a lot of people think that Brady is achieved was to deflate gave him spy games and every other I like to see what some point worm. May be an actual gate hit someone in the Fanny on the way out in gate gate. And go to somewhere like that. That would be and more interest. I just think that he just doesn't have. That kind of and there is no word in English as uneven a word in French vision SA clock I don't know what. Maybe another French where he doesn't have that Elan he does for me maybe it does for you maybe you find him wildly captivating. It's just a guy who goes out there and really what is he being paid to do he's doing exactly what he's paid to do what he's doing it better just as good as anybody in the history of the gang. And that is wind. And beat clutch. And BA guy who. All lead your team to you know that when you say captain come back who's captain comeback it's Roger Staubach. That's his nickname. Brightest Knoblauch is captain come back but look at Brady does anybody call him mount. I think it in a way also you know we kind of take things for granted and and I think fifty years from now on we like you know Brady. Wasn't really appreciated at the time. I think this is because we're also just so sick of the same guy now if it was Joan aim at every year. We've probably like yeah more white shoes or see some more Broadway Joseph Joseph Willie. Give me some more that. Oh when it's Tom Brady think how much cash can again any more boring and not as a football player just as a guy. And that's not why I watch a game and that's not why you watching it. We watch it to see exciting football and does Brady provide exciting football yes and an epic level. Epic. Heretofore not seen before. High level of epic football. By it's just for me he's Pete Sampras. Because. When you mention the all time great people I said in a billion dike and Don Newcombe. Great Lithuanian lion Venus Carol I guess you know like Ali I forgot about Pete Sampras. And I'll talk about you know Andy Murray here Andy Roddick these guys who haven't done one iota of what Pete Sampras is doesn't. Has done I think it's just it's just that factor of just being a big giant done didn't. Triple A 957957. Let's go to mark. Who is an Oakland go ahead mark. They can he could hear your voice trick us on what was well. Okay. About regarding Brady every greater and I know eight. Gradient a patriot and all the back convert the cut came obviously and I'm never gonna get that. I think that a lot of it. In the local area. Are in fact he went all the time people develop. A pretty much that they're. So you're just saying it's it's just people are jealous send. And I as I said there's obviously some of that too there's no doubt. I've gone one other thing we are going of the warrior an interview on possibly go to the ticket. What the president a warrior. And I think ticket prices not concern increased that might. Going to the state. Senate from the oracle compared to other people uttered and guys who you know changing buildings and you're building. You know and the accompanying it are they gonna be gigantic. PS Felder Carter feel like whatever you wanna call on the new building that nobody talking about. But I came out awhile ago and that is if you wait long enough you'll get your money back on that. I think it what is it thirty years and then you cannot sell to somebody else she got a solid back. To the warriors right. We had video prompting a little bit about that they are you gotta gotta live long enough to get that back that you sort of have to shell out what 101050000. And we go hand pumping. More validity of the Levi but I guess. It's going to be 151000 or less. Well this is what happens when you have a privately financed. Stadium for billion dollars now. I'm a guy who thinks there's absolutely nothing wrong with the stadium that therein but I'm not the owner sell. My motto is if you're gonna build a new stadium that you don't need. Then pay for yourself and they're saying fine we well and they get money from their sponsors like chase they get money from. The league on TV contracts and are gonna ask the fans to shell out because that now they have the best product in the NBA and fans will be Welling. To shell out but as they say it in a way it's surge of U wanna look at it. Of the warriors the way the warriors wanted to look at it as is gonna serve as an interest free. Tax free. Loan it to the team for thirty years almost like a war bond help us when the war help us build the stadium and you get it back later. When what I gonna be like in Vegas for the later they're going to be applies the Campo. I don't I don't I don't I don't care one iota about Vegas in the fence into further raider fans in Vegas or could not care less I wanna wanna talk about a must not just not war I am and I never will care about the fans in Vegas. Rick thank you very much for that that's just I'm just be an honest. Sour grapes you damn bad I think if it's sour grapes. Like somebody who's ball is that a weaker to go do it Rick are you outraged this worker in Vegas is planting a chiefs nation flag in. In the foundation of the Vegas stadium like what the hell no why care. That's Las Vegas.