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Sunday, July 22nd
In the final hour of the show the boys are joined by Alex Pavlovic of NBCSN Bay Area to give his take on the Bay Bridge Series. Could the series have been any better than the action packed six games we had? What will happen to Pablo when Evan Longoria returns from the DL? Is Allen hanson a better option than Joe Panik? Finally a little Good for Ball Bad for Ball featuring Jimmy G's date.

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I'm stationed somebody at all if it never fails Ayman Dylan a's pre imposed for eight years on the station and during the a's game what people say is. Online and are on the out. Hey welcome the game's not on you guys suck you don't know what you're doing you're all idiots our fault and I'm getting after radio dot com remember. MLB. You can only listen MLB through the MLB paid out. You can't listen online unless you pay MLB you can listen on the radio all you want for free right here now if I sending us but just let out their radio dot com. This right now. Is content free of charge right radio on radio doc I'm pretty met a few opinion for this no I think he'd be getting a bargain I'm Matthew Payne. All right so as we look now I wanna ask you about some of them we don't talk a lot about here and that is the east. Because when Danny Ainge said hey I hate the fact that people say. That now there's no LeBron were gonna walk to a title right we still have to face LeBron in the title game in my responses the warriors might take care of that for you make money he got cell. How do you look at the. East now well. Now that the trade for quite Iran it all depends on what. What collides game plan is for dropped if he shows up if he shows up and if he's healthy and he's the coli that we last saw. Wired is you know that the death unfortunate incident was outside in the playoffs if she is that coli. Then Toronto. Got better what do Zaza yell into the mine puns. Do we remember my favorites are there no more or less than nothing and then. It that's it. I thought that was what his previous team that's but I yelled but I think he yelled and again nothing AJ you know they don't do anymore because it's kind of the time of Bogut. Amid I've looked at the whole goal and and it go to your Vera I do OK so to all know that's so Tony fifteen Toronto got better if coli is coli. Boston is going to be obviously very very good now that there's. There's still time left in the watch Boston get it do what I mean they have a great problem by having all that talent but they just had these. This this young core that everybody kind of fell in love way of and they figured out how to play we each other they figured out how to. How to handle adversity and they did a masterful job of it now to those guys are you lose your spots and stepping. In the starting lineup I'm curious to see how that goes Brad Stevens is gonna have to navigate that. Do you think that the cavaliers are playoff team now. Pills. Would wouldn't you think that they should trade and Kevin Love is a very good player and he's he's not. He's not excellent but he's really get this winter when you trade him because you're not gonna make the playoffs without them don't choose the keep building and tried I've yeah absolutely have a trade. I mean if you think of and if you think anything at all about Kevin Love as the human being. Then you'll move them because you feel bad for him being stuck with the cavaliers seem to be wasted talent. Think about this. The starting four are still Lara George Hill JR Smith Kevin Love Tristan Thompson but instead of LeBron James say hello. To Sadie Osman. Oh it's a little bit of a truck up our back I was actually one of LeBron favorite guys and team for certainly but still the best player on the planet and then you drop off at anything's going to be at its like when a black issue is ERA went from infinity to 54 has it's a precipitous that's the only guy in the history of the world that was. Thrilled with a knee RAF 54 because it was in the sideways eighth format tried to. I almost like you're kidding asked me if I thought that the cavaliers were going to be a playoff team lose LeBron doesn't matter who you plug that is the east. Three I don't know I think Philly is. Damn close I thought it was. Brilliant that they brought JJ Redick back had heard a lot of people say oh he's overrated I don't need to know they do because he spaces the floor he can fill it up. And as much as I hate to admit it because I can't stand duke guys in general. JJ Redick as a pro has won me over these these tough SO BA man I'll take him on my team any day. What do you think about the wars edition of fuel this year eightieth hole. I think it's an underrated pick up and I actually think he's he's gonna help but now he's kind of look overcast BF I was gonna help them to grant health what was done well I shoot like that too at a time but you just you can. I don't know if it's because of health Murphy lost confidence but he was never the only cast be without we're getting. Draft cope if if we get the draft code that that I've seen thing it's a hell of a pickup I like it. This is this is what you Revco is to me. He's fourteen regular season minutes. And for your playoff minutes Jack you average your starters about 48 minutes during the regular season because you will have to have them go 38 minutes. That's what occurred does sell those fourteen minutes we've picked up by a Revco underwent a playoff starts he'll go down before when those guys needed breather. Who that sounds about right to me me and for the guy he's also a really low maintenance guy in terms of you know it and granted he's never been anything closer superstar so it's not like you could say that he I mean this thing that. But I've heard nothing but good things about them as a team and they're gonna run. Well it's kind of funny when the warriors call you as eloquent actually is that I can believe they want and mean and the answer is yes before you can even say yes right going lower Zahn Melissa with the hawks are offering now you immediately go and he has. I mean you're right when you're worried about who you're ninth guys in the roads are you forgot about the hawks they got a lot better with Carmelo Anthony. Went. When you think though about. Jerebko. Being in sixteen and you know he can rebound little but the thing of the lawyers like about him is that he's not afraid to take a three and I think that's what disappointed me about accounts be. Is that when there were when the wars the play of the kings. He always seemed to be kind of a tough little offender that shoot our staff yeah he was and that he would hit. He stopped shooting it was almost like well I don't need me to issue and it's like now. Wally here and go ahead and shoot you know you'd. Who we can weekend does have swipe EP take all these extra shots here in their takes were shot. Reason we were all excited I don't know if we're excited is over selling at about rim Casspi was signed. If you're warfare and it really pays attention you were kind of stoked because you saw cast B and staff have the shoot outs where and I'm talking about at oracle. Kathy was not afraid to pull up from. 2728. And he was drill them against orders so that's what warriors fans should shame and that's what they expected and they got that almost the option. People want more Al voice and I now. Penske out of stock for stock context line 95795. I want more out voice we're gonna do more football later you're you're gonna do more out 510 wants more boat she view that he says there reminds him of sling blade a manager badger intent it's exactly it's it's the Billy Bob vote she it's a mix of sling blade and Bruce votes she and that's why we said that. Those numbers Thornton. An assortment. Mean. Arrogant does have some different trafford traders June mad bombs a horse. You have rivers said that cater and Noah. Caters I used to call home run staters where I was a little. Analyst Kenneth there are Bill King told the story about you know he Durham kind of rural Illinois that his friend in school. Brought a Mason jar for lunch every day that was full. Of how potatoes and a half tomatoes. And he said what he Wheaton in the goggles. Traders animators. That was Islam never heard Nader's. Millimeters one of the cars on the death in the cars at the is that the tow truck Nader. We look over there you two guys who are for the young guys on we know why you know you can tell guys 130 his baseball back as pat has backwards. You know you can tell that word during an outstanding job on the airs that we were looking and hearing neither of them picked. Attention. As other thing you know they have the the rugby sevens World Cup going on right now and AT&T park and actually see a lot of like Rutgers I saw a guy. Walking with his dad to AT&T today and and the data as awareness kilt. And I admire the confidence of the sportsmen. This bit low it. Yeah if it's not Scottish it's cut. And but the suns walking with them I'm thinking the sun is is thinking my dad as the bomb or I'm humiliated right now is probably if he Scottish in his care. Your World War I when the the German father the Scottish they called them the ladies from hell. They didn't understand what this well with the deal was you learn it killed during combat but I digress I I saw on TV. As they got here early as a problem for the pregame show they have done. Some network have the rugby sevens on. The fourth straight you talk about a youngster. There was some kind of literally a scrum. On the sideline and guys sitting in the front row was like typing something on his phone. And he never looked up and I thought the whole reason you go to this is to see probably what's like an inch in front of your face right. Never looked up and that's rob Manfred nightmare. Well action. That's so interesting about when you look around at AT&T park. And who when I've. When park first opened. It battle it didn't get a lot of criticism but the people that win two games got a lot of criticism because supposedly they were. On their laptops are on their phones and not paying attention and lay up that was the first part to offer Wi-Fi and a case so whenever I hear that I'm like okay they're just. All all of when I see it for myself that'll be bombed by so. I started kind of paying attention more and look at me you know from they have a great press box and AT&T maybe the best in the business now that Anaheim has sent people. Packing. But I did like a lap around the yard one time for this specific purpose. And I'll I'll never forget I found 38 people either looking at their phone or win their laptop and paying zero attention again yeah this is this is a problem it's also. And it's an issue of like safety. And like part of me of course I don't want somebody get hurt but it wouldn't have bummed me out of somebody got domed by a foul ball because they weren't looking as long as it and get her. While on the Keating did domed as you certainly can't hurt got a if you got a big Mallon and just take it like I'm not on the head. By the way they did some robbed a man for a dream interpretation has nightmare literally is that Jason Gore he's he's a camp. Crystal lake and dead Jason's about the stab them. And then Jason gets out of phone and with an answer Graham filtered takes a puppy self feel himself. And tagging with the complaint about how long games. You know it's funny it seems to me an ally I think there this year the baseball games have flown by. Do you even pay attention actions I don't you don't want and I know what this argument utilized shorten the game and you'll get more fans know you won't. Right and I agree with you and if your baseball fan your baseball fan regardless of age millennial get a bad rap at that they understand what they're didn't intuitive pastime mikes and in Hammond walking the dog lane at the beach at the past time you don't want somebody going to talk about for a month. The reason I've always paid attention you and I work ten years and TV because it affects what's coming after. Sell if I have like a long show afterwards Brett and I know the game is only ME two hours and fifteen minutes and I realize I got to come up with another half hour contents. That's why I am aware of how fast they're gone. And and I can tell you this with nine innings. And you want the game to be three hours you want three full innings to be an hour each and sell if you're in the top of the fifth at the hour mark. You're shrewd and that's when you want some long long. 73 I think kind of catch you up again like we got today yes exactly I last night day last night as long as some and I was twelve up twelve down. And looked like it was gonna you know mean to bloom. I wasn't worried because I hear coming why did you take. Because ninetieth pitch that the thing that was weird and the reason I wrote in the Melvin really high pitched like that idea that about now he is. He he doesn't like you should too good baseball man really. He got really new school that that approach the thing that I thought was weird was that he took him out after now. He wanted right on he wanted to go on to face Slater. It's lefty righty thing and we know anything about Bob Melvin he is obsessed with the lefty righty thing. And he's been manager of the year in two different leagues I know he's a great great man doesn't altered it doesn't always work out the gone gets later around. We're not even talking about her right now and the Islamic games so we've. I am. I would still be talking about it seriously you can you went into this game and it last night they're talking about you know familiar is going to be here we go bullpen. So you needed to got to go deep fused or indeed for you to a matter of just didn't. Coming up next we'll have more baseball talk gal pal live show the bottom of the hour and good for ball back from ball no more commercials the rest of the way he's urban I'm sure it'll come back and if a seven again. Now back to the original show on 957. Big game. Welcome back to the show original and Michael Irvin with you we'll take you all have until 8 o'clock in the we'll throw back to the network good luck column on merits so give in now. AAA 9579570. And the Penske out of sell stock Comtex 195795. Good for ball bat to ball come up a little bit at the bottom of the hour Rossi and he talked to our college. Who covers the giants are NBC sports Bay Area. And done it's interesting herbs because that we've been pro mowing actually the fact that tomorrow Monday at new. And Greg pol holding back from rural little vacate. And he's gonna explain exactly his side of the story of what went down we ruled that shocked a few days we only heard that. Greg Pablo is out of the play by play voice for the Oakland Raiders and Brent 79 year old grandmas burger. Is end despite the fact of als close ties with Greg that he had despite the fact that Brad must burgers and national nine. On account our minds when the a's brought in Dick Stockton a national guy with no burgers based in Vegas or. I don't know released in Vegas talent and cares relives Ryan. I guess maybe mark those are all find out but when you heard your first reaction. Where UB five older you say sounds about right or somewhere between. Of my first thought was is this just a petty move by Mark Davis because I've heard. I've never ask you about it but I've heard that Greg and our fairly close and also heard somebody goes far saying that the Greg was the sport savvy sung that Al never had. And if that's the case in mark picked up on that vibe I could see mark presenting Popeye I don't know if that's the case this is stuff that I'm hearing but. More than anything cash from what I've selfishly I felt bad I like listening to Greg call raiders games and he's one of those guys who. Yeah I heard of it even Mark Davis in the in the release. Said much like a certain generation. Mentioned Bill King holy Toledo being a big part of their childhood. That raider nation will feel that way about Greg Papa and in my yeah so why she can get rid of him you're still in Oakland. I just thought as long as they were in Oakland. Greg was can it continue to call breeder game's greatest synonymous with raider football my god ice cube an injection in the greater song. It's just. It's. It's going to be the most anticipated return from vacation in the history of radio so I don't wanna say too much because. I don't know much I just know that I am going to miss. Greg pop fame touchdown raiders. There's no doubt about it and I think about when they in the fractious issues they had with Bill King in him going on I think about. Rich moron and Jules Myers so Myers our energy utility has season Johnny's other voice of those New Orleans pelicans Lan -- for the playoffs but. It just is just not a fit in on it and and I think about now. I mean when. When Al diet I was doing on Saturday shifts in 2011 a 957 game win in didn't think there is going to be much to talk about him is that regular gas whenever. Always found out that morning that that Allen passed the night before. So I taxing Greg can we gave you he was in Houston Matt Millen called back we talked him and then right around near the end of the show. Great calls and no blue and I interviewed him and he's he's cry from there on the air right and this is one of them. Confront him on most memorable interviews every bit as was Lou Greg because you solitary ready alma the world has made his Wesco follow on this thing about those connections and and and Greg confiding in him and Al making him his confidant who should I fire mission I'll hire that kind of thing. Mom. Or an on and now maybe if it's a financial issue or maybe they just think that people in Vegas know who must burger is they don't know who Greg is. I insist that says we must burger is based in Vegas he's got a when he retired from. Forget who realized work with but he. He openly embraces the gambling but gambling side of sports and I think that was what his main gate. In Vegas was I mean what better place to be if you're gonna build a show or career in sports gambling then Vegas but here here's the the worst. Reason for this move if it if it is just you know obviously they're all theories. And so we hear definitively from Greg what happened they're all going to be just theories and but one of them with the DA's just wanted to expedite. The transition. That makes no sense whatsoever. The transition does not begin until. You stop playing in Oakland and moved to Las Vegas. While you are still in Oakland and even if you tweet gold golden knights OK there's no transitioning going on just yet. Greg Papa means everything to raiders fans it's another big middle finger raiders fans. And by the way we how some sad news that today. When you think about raider coaches. And it was it was really shocking considering he was only for the 56 years old but Tony Sparano. Passed away today mayock. Yeah I thought that it and apparently he had these the vikings offensive line coach he would complain of chest pains on Thursday only dolphins head coach right now taken giants to take into the hospital. And was discharged on on Friday. And at the first thing I. Out of I felt bad because on Friday shows until midnight and I ripped them. Four won't just because I was talking about transitioning coaches and when he tried to keep dinner and John I was at a press conference. In in Alameda. And he said I should be the full time head coach next year because of my body of work every two gore for Dennis on. And then there were a lot of evil media are actually. Talk about how great he was. And I almost never ever try to challenge somebody or say something. Incendiary but I said well what do you think about these cuts get sick in the body of work I said nine times in the raiders on a plane and lost all nine become London moved well wasn't about the plane he said it was nothing about the plane. I recently said body of work. If you are the author to the worst loss in the history of the raiders' 52 than nothing at Saint Louis. It is like gab of the body of work announced thinking. And I feel bad that I said that on the in the guy passes but he's only 56 I really yeah that's obviously. You can't field had a had she should junior laden and the time you all of this at the time he is alive. Right of the few years ago right before gallery for a few years ago you had a testy exchange that I mentioned it Friday and a our anyway our our it its horrible person realize after you're looking for he's got two sons and a daughter and his wife and four grandchildren and I is that the say are our thoughts and condolences as a guy you know use. You know we we were judging him on his senate job not judge him as a guy you know we we feel really about it as seriously though I Ifill. Our our our our prayers go out this found out that strap Iraqis 56 years old. You know a rough part of the story is that he did go to the hospital with chest penchant for these two and whoever signed off from him. Can leave the hospital and I axis that sticks you know what let's change the subject let's go to drew who's out in the orchards of Oakley what's going on drew. What gore lottery date nobody. What's up man. You know. I'm pretty. All right we've also what's up and I'm doing great let's go drew Kamal. Okay we're realistically as a and they've been here if we get the wildcard into one game while our matchup. Realistically reply in a base. The eight Eaton Lou Urbina. What state what picture or reenter their what you want. Our blood and that's it you're actually asked him in a question impossible to answer no there's only one answer. That it will unless you burn him getting there there's only one answer drew Ryan. I don't eight. Would you you pick someone else Olbermann 90 wait a second most of the times teams that are scrambling to get that last wild card Darren. That's what I said I'm not a man pitch educational unless you burn him but if you can pick one. There it is a perfect world there's there's there's only one choice right drew. You'll. Yeah right now. There are. Who else could who else could possibly be the other guy in a perfect world you have everybody available how can you not gonna push on my and I among your starters I just tell me another name that you might even consider outside him and I. Rare realistically you know it you know it might the only way we get a surging. Help the you know main enough. Pop up I thought I wouldn't even watch the wild card game of mangan started it because that's already a fait accompli at dawn we lost. Drew might be in too hard on it. You know your guy that it's a question that we ought that made you know like. Are we we we are we tropical amendment well. Well it drew it true it's like saying let's say you need to save. Good the days go do Ryan dole far trying then. I mean it's the same exact thing you're saying right now between men Diane mangan. Nice night there. It's the same exact thing this thing if you were to say I don't know maybe Dole's hot we don't want trying to. But you know I got right relative that I think that went in from there aren't doing our. Well anymore and edit that been you know he's he showed me. Well I mean we did they day they traded the whole farm to get Lester and he didn't step up he stung in the wild card games sell. Listen I I would love to just get the by the way drew thanks for the comment. Tom I I would I would love to get their world a few more months away from such a and in the unfortunate part about being one of those locker teams is usually you are having a pull out all the stops just to get there which means you don't have the luxury of welcome to everyone welcome wild card DA's did. Sonny Graham won the last day of the season are working my game right have they lost they would've had a one game playoff at Safeco. King Felix might have actually have gone of the playoffs. So negate for the complete game and Leicester in the Kansas City killer who led the best record against the royals of any pitcher in the history of baseball. And two blown saves Doolittle the all star closer. Blew us and we love Sean Doolittle but when the chips were down he blew the say there. We're just just plain now what happened. By the way Friday as her in the blue room somehow the topic of Sonny gray came out and and I should I would takes an angry back and herpes they're some guys who just can't just don't pitch well in New York or for whatever reason. There's guys who put on this pinstripes and the issues to be who they were. Prior to the pinstripes I think Sean is one of those guys I thought he would drive a New York but he's not he's getting hammered and he's getting beat on by the media. If you came back to open somehow I think you refine his magic in. I think gurus among those who think once you know when she's staying. Like you've been good in the new stinks and it's gonna be really difficult to ever be good again but I would takes any backward while owning your own personal friend Barry Zito was fantastic. Stunk to high heaven and I got again there you go. I mean it was wasn't for the longest period of time but wouldn't bottom line would you take sunny back. Politics and about for the Yankees there's no way they would turn and there's no way despite the fact everything you said the area over five didn't beat up. When Montgomery had the Tommy Johns less than make a trade group his kid like that there at the tabloids have headlines that say lose this bomb when it. Do you think cash from the get about down the red toppers. When when Montgomery had Tommy John Sonny gray is now the fourth starter they they can't afford. And I can either in the playoffs following but they can't afford to trade him right now. Because and he actually did start the last time out let's go to Joseph who is in Napa what's up Joseph. So are questions no follow up but it's and I were available. Prologue carton you're considered. When you were approved open you can start. Now now thanks for the call Joseph I wouldn't do a bullpen game from the start because the a's aren't acclimated to that they're not they're not Tampa Bay. You'd have to go and that that might be some horrifying situation where Trevor hale the second best pitcher Frankie montage of the second best pitcher. And then you're gonna have to grit your teeth and watch a game through your fingers yeah I'm. Why am I have heard time and Trevor Cahill and Brett Anderson and just keep wealth and that this is the thing I know we kind of lump them together because they came up together and everything. Trevor K hill at this point in his career is better than granderson Brett Anderson is still the guy who's ER is over six who always gets hurt. Kate Hillis shown flashes of getting the RAs in the three's. Cell. It's it's I always feel like a Villa when Cahill pages. The a's have like a 5050 shot to win. And when Anderson pitches it goes down to about. Now 1585. Of the interesting that you're right I do want those guys together I would bet a lot of his things. Our rights speaking of the Bay Bridge series someone who has covering it for the San Francisco Giants as he does. Very happily for NBC sports Bay Area as our friend Alex probably it's. And Alex first of all. Your thoughts on the three games of the coliseum and then opening round Davis and a really raucous affair it says it almost felt like the playoffs than it. Yeah all cyclical markets looked to me it was. You know that there are concerned there have been very quiet and and to give you two teams I don't know news. I don't rivalry is as much as it was maybe just to hear that really need every aware that this court I think thought that. On the field not just three event but the report that it AT&T park in the scandal certainly you do it in and it looks really cool being. In Oakland I mean I've had my farm with eight cent over the years so it built up quite a bit it to really. On the environment they give it showed you that you know the epic despair that they can figure that doubted. And put a winning product on the field here after here I think you'd be really cool place to watch a game at a critical point. For the sense that the kind of build something and poke with a computer or polar. And not only that when you think about the six games this isn't my glass shareware which is which team stinks the least. Every one of these wins and losses there there Connie huge right now. Yeah in assessing the time of year when you look at the deadline coming out a few updates that are ready it. Return to grow what they wanted to do and I think they'd probably or to look it is the first week or so here in the second half and figure out. If they need that or if it's worth that a more and and really making a run at that spot that to me kind of it emergency predicting it and and we know that. Pursuant to talk to the break and it doesn't work to get up to good start here I think they felt the same way and I actually thought I don't know fielder you or against. Hey Alex Pablo came clutch was another huge hit today and I have already heard some fans looking for to win Longoria comes back. What's gonna happen with Pablo while he'll go back to the role that they envision form when the season started but all or is there more to what they have to figure out away. To get depend more run because he's been much better than most people expected to be. I think Google remark took the one thing with that that he has that let these just all coming to the point particular note got a spot so. In this division they're gonna fit a lot of homework with the doctors I mean there. They're the three guys at the top of the rotation the rock you know I've got a daughter or whether there's corporate raised so. Just let ethnic organically that kind of set up where Longoria come back and get. Most of those are interesting thing is it again you know another situation straighter pitchers could follow a bit of oil and they'll Longoria with sir are pretty. Armed severe in terms of who is that this here so that you think will feel a little bit that the change but not really too much because it it bring yet appear to be in that their management from point quality to it. And I don't get a rough defense the first but it there that you should be back fired but he that the opt out there. So are you suggesting that there might be a platoon situation because the only time you can do without Longoria really knowing he isn't simply tune is to say hey. Evan you you'll come back from injury won't take it easy with the Gibson games off here and there need to work that way right. Yeah I mean it does make penalties here and especially with the fact that I do expect that the you have. In Seattle on cute I think that they have a left to go on and Paxson make sense revenue to be there aren't. That does give you a little bit of we where I think the first couple weeks a year ago he should really get a lottery games mixture that. That your Foleo exhibit the same time we do want you out there. And you want you're out there and certainly if they have troops coming up and then we'll hear the rest so. Response is pretty good that it's figuring out this situation and it'll get global credit you're viewed at our. Cause any trouble at that our government approach adopted. Lemon not getting more time to execute that. It would be deceiving here when you're sitting pretty well I don't expect that now. Yes the entire Bay Area oh will be rooting for the giants up at Safeco for some there's no doubt about that. You know it's funny is I I spent so much time covering the a.'s doing pre and post I had I had read about Alan Hansen and seen them a little bit but after these six games. I'm really impressed he's he's a very confident player he's fast he's got a lot of swagger and I'm just thinking about how he don't panic was basically traded had Stanton agreed to it. Other looking down the line that I mean I know that today Hansen is Tony fighters old and it's such a short. Sample size but that this kid really impresses me. Yes he had I mean that you bring something that. We don't really Q with the giants and new hero if you with a lot of integrity has. A little a party by isn't complete and these guys you just that times are good run right at the stop Steiner. And drive you nuts and I think who is at some point that you're gonna see him do that and repeat it you don't it'll be two. Something that goes the other way. He got picked off a couple of times early when he when he yet. Amounted yeah you know in terms of some of these players pretty tracked the aura on the you'd ever really seen before. Army at some point there's going to be good pro and and it's gonna get a but. It at the foot that he's capable of changing game the speed at which he admitted. They have an added an and it's something that they need in there whether it's on every day bit mr. Weathers about the bench and really get. As a pinch hitter I think it's issue as you start us are into it and there that. And it's even at second base which is the spot that they feel most comptroller the other two that they're that. That he dropped in and a third one that would drop the proper Randy Crawford so. That it could be something that is obviously a huge southern joke happened and what you does defensively but. A lot has changed and Joseph got hurt and just the weeks and at first I got hurt Q and it got that shot. Promise it's no longer I think this situation where you put him in the lineup every few I think there are gonna find. A lot of Autry and sit in and find opportunities or try to do it on the last couple weeks. Hey Alex given that some margins back on the DL and that the young guys continue to pitch well. The fact that he's on the DL again is that make it more likely. Or at least open up the possibility that they consider bringing him back in the bullpen and and be able to sell its own like him and even things out your workload is where it needs to be. These young guys we wanna keep Roland I mean is that a possibility. I think they you know I don't think you have to sell it to what I think you'd be okay with the chairman of the guys to understand that. They get back contract it is what it isn't and you want to go out there I do think a lot of people but the fact that. He could've just shut this down I mean he could have just that I any remark that. To respite he has tried repeatedly having from the time he came back in April to pitch through it and that you try. Armed with a lot but he came back here we're debate if you start to that and you want to keep going Alabama coach technology. Want to stay out there and you wanted to start again fire pit where I don't only the belt on. Aquae advocate I think you just want to go out there it's what they can't the problem with that it's subtropical warming up and it's as. Something we're you know what you put of a situation where. Maybe twice a week you find the spot where he can really soak up a very the open and that you feel we can do that I it's just really hard dispute is that. You guys know I mean there's not a lot of spots reaching. Can't tell a guy's guy you can go out their warmup fault them for 1250 minutes and due to time the state route during the investors are electrical reliever. Rich Little and Michael or whether college college from NBC sports a mark questions for Alex who covers the giants. It's weird how I kind of feel sorry for mark my lands in which is stupid the guy has a 62 million dollar contract but. Last night he's just trying to pull a chair out of the way and then it almost heard the giants and luckily for the giants it didn't matter and then today a blown save and I know the RA is. Is under three but I daily guy just looks like a shell of his former lights out 45 saves a year. Person are we getting closer to the old Margo Lanston. You know I thought we were at the last couple times that Obama appealed it it's been rapidly in the aid they're a bet to get that there have been given guys. A tough time but I did think before the end. That's the first and wreck before the break there there are retreat are a lot of attention that you carving off it was. Was what you expect from and so it that this stuff has gotten better that it go to sleep better I think it was a month ago it. And that it was for most of last season and the problem is David is over it's it's back Beck it's still. Or workload concerns there and and there are you know it's just not. It's just tough first when you start up situation and get that big contract he amid a the first gear like out of the start respecting your. On the way he has I mean it stuff whatever partner putting and ever our that this is where I think people are fully trust them to get governor so it it is that buddy that fits very well. For two or three weeks and it's it's going to be a situation where. And you can substitute it for months and it may even get a get a couple Satan and get them out he picked up I think before. People always feel like respect to what he was. Alex earlier in the program I said that I didn't really learn any thing that it didn't already know about either of these teams in this series such as this series with the three games they played for the all star break now I know you haven't learned anything new about the giant. In this series but but in terms of the day's a New Hampshire that you follow them you know a little bit more about I'm just because proximity of where you work but did you learn any thing. Knew about the Oakland a's or the six games. Yet no I definitely did have an that the pink truck is we don't. Are all over it certainly told the writers are we we have the monarch. There as well so I fall apart and I can't but they're usually wearing the retirement aren't you don't it's watchable whole lot and he just sent to the numbers and that you see that they've worn or whoever that run was that they edit your first but the media I mean a couple drinks that are out. You know the line up it doesn't. It's hard to quantify it sometimes but to talk to guys that aren't they related article argued Brian right it. I think you know that a lot of weight weight and that you'd like about dispute aren't that aren't you getting probably better. Better than that nobody does Connecticut got a lot of those things like they're grinding keep out a little bit of an outline or even though there's some young guys and their. They've got it done a good job without it and then the other thing that that thing that really without being. I got dignitaries at the back into the bullpen. Don't get you trying to get all the water nurture veto. The Serbia as a trio yeah I don't it. And you look at. You know that there's no and you ain't Trevino yet. You just you guys committed him throw 99 but I cannot be adamant the fact that they're able to do with it didn't. And I go out there and really admitted today it gave it. I think imperative for you to do that in and a lot of teams try to do that where you kind of a couple of guys to do that that a garment. And they were you're born and that I think is something that. It speaks during he'd have been a potent and as well and maybe can sort of game down the sixers haven't that the because I guess fairly upper which seemed like very much I mean that is something. I think accurate and you should be very excited military development and hope that they keep on over the next week and and that maybe go get another starting pitcher or something because what they but the fact inaudible credit if they're able to get a read it pretty much over. I don't think that's really limited to the regular season I think if they get in the dispute about it. Well form you'll receive from other teams were you throw those arms that it seemed that and maybe get to getting better closer to being go to direct product epic really work. Last question for you Alexei every team has a guy that was on sung who stepped up menu. Think about a guy drafted by the twins is that an outfielder and signs a minor league deal. In Derek Rodriguez and that he looked great against the a's the other night and four wins in a row any RA under. Under three minimum wage. Is is this the kind of thing where the league hasn't got a bull economy hatter is can these certainly looks very impressive. You have to keep thinking and and I I have felt that I keep waiting or maybe the other shoe to drop the you know we we see that capital Eric a lot of overlap here we are over the course Arroyo's first week in and it doesn't take long. First got to figure out but it it's been awhile about that is that I appear. It's just quite a bit and I think Internet start to look round pick that he would think that looked up only of people noticed growing but. Army is still able to do it and I just think when you talk to heaven and when you that the meter. It is something that whether they came from his father whether you're a big topic we both about this they're. There's just a lot of swagger and a lot of confidence and another tool to erupt pitchers are a picture and I think you don't have that on every single pitch and but are put aside down and is ready to go on people we've submitted. It's a reminder of what we've seen in the abstract when it is going right where people aren't going right in a stroke. Pork it to evaluate it and 97 mediate but it 94 to work and I just think you know it's looking more markets for real and I really would look we know from which perspective what they're thinking convicted and they indicate that. You get somebody like that and not quite as aren't reported up arbitrage up putting irritation to back that. They didn't human organization anymore armed given issues without but it certainly worked out but aren't. I think. The last couple weeks still left to retrieve certain that meant that really certainly. Make you believe that this is for real and it's not big just for this year but evidently got a bit of control for six years. Big Papi and JD Martinez can be cut I guess we should build a believe that you think we've been so how did go to. Every now and then that's Alex yeah Alex travel let's follow on Twitter at Palo this NB CS and of course see him on NBC sports Bay Area cover and the the orange and black Alex thanks for your time I really appreciate with a toward having on again thanks Alex yeah there are rights we've come to the part of the show. Where really. There are only two ways you can look at life. Signs course. Dad threw. Here's Michael herb and I and everything everything everything. And it's not just sports it's real life it's a big things it's small things all keep it simple here. Still first Turkey catcher Jamie. Good for ball. That's simpler. I was raised on. Hungry man frozen TV dinners Salisbury steak right here. Stove first Turkey took cruising that's when you like. You wanna go big Willie style one match up from the hungry man salas bears I was I was this is thirty years 2002 sport NCA aptly when I played good food growing out. Moon and it may probably be in the pro yeah. Second blame my parents I think I can blame them for everything just like everybody else are I tried giving news is it really is that simple one of two is good football or basketball you hang out with me long after him he should both of those a lot. Young hot nickel producer. His name is his full name is nick brown and he's agreed to in here is going to lead us through this version of good for ball back from. Well before argued into a couple questions I have you did earlier in the show toss it's more to our great listeners and fans if they had some questions for goof ball down off. And they took to the text lines for the first question for O way area code number. Being really cooled for dating a porn star good for more bad for ball. She mean she ran some people think that that was his first misstep. As forty niner. The guy is he's young he's handsome he's single he's rich he's an NFL quarterback. Do your thing kid do whatever you want to do whoever you want. Everything Jimmy gee does including being outlive the porn star that I probably wouldn't be outed myself but they do your thing good for ball. Now say about from law day. Only because. It's that sort of thing where what thing connected on an intellectual. I just think about it it's not about what you want when you are the face of a franchise the highest paid player in the history of a franchise. You have to think before I do this will this make my friend says look weird so to me that's the first thing Jimmy G has done or I think now that he's stupid. I'll call you stupid stupid. I think you gotta be stupid to do that in public when you are the face of a franchise that doesn't mean he's about football player and he's a fantastic football player. But it seems kind of dumb and act Rick kittles minors for average I don't you know this has nothing do with the niners have to do with him off the field I just think. It means and is this is ridiculous so. I'm onion freak of nature obviously I'm half kidding but boat okay say. He needs somebody like you look at her and you know she's involved in until filmed somehow she's just to freak she's built like. Are you would expect of porn star to be built but let's say he find somebody who doesn't have those who. You don't look at and say that's got to be a porn star any goes out within and everybody finds out that he went down where there's porn star but he didn't even really know you think that's gonna make him look bad. While no other franchise I don't I don't think this is the notebook part two. Well I think she's already various published in the industry and TMZ was following them around anyway. And even I'm not saying don't do your thing if you are under your finger at them on judging who you go wow if that's fine if you want to do that he's that he can do it everyone he's. One of the most eligible bachelors in America a Seubert are looking any super rich right there but. I'm just saying. I don't think that John Lynch and Jed York and Marat Marat they saw that went up daily look at that I'm sure they cringed a little bit. And then they called them the next morning and should she do. Should I don't think she the pickle now now I think there are like us. A man the price you pay another good quarter well Jimmy gee it makes everybody better what they do so. She's going to be better porn star let's move on. For her who threw a they scores of 510 area code. Great pop of being inducted into the Bay Area sports hall of fame I don't know how we can get a basketball take on this would go for more about the data neither has he not been already. I don't think he's aggressive he has convenient maybe you could not say slam dunk and warriors days giants raiders. Magnuson won earthquakes and now it's shark he's elements now. But do you have to be I don't know what's the criteria you have to be like. Is it you want to make a donation debate shop how many people have been like right in disgrace in his prime as a broadcast right you gotta becoming now let the dust settle get you do you induct somebody while they're in their prime you know you have to wait five years unless you don't get 15% of the vote away that's that's baseball and I missed. You know my my if I'm making the rules for baseball hall of Famer. These guys who have their own agenda as old nobody can be first ballot in Iraq and be unanimous if somebody hits and wooden 90% or more and you didn't vote for them you never get to vote again here's my thing. This is what I say Gary Myers of the New York Daily News printed in his own paper. Had I known TO wouldn't go to the hall thing I wouldn't have voted form I think you forfeit. You're okay right there I do care that you're judging him when he didn't do on the field. Furthermore I think the hall of fame is being petty by saying they're not even going to acknowledged you know. All you have on the program. All you have to do is at the start of that we're here to induct that man to the 2018. Paul fame class which includes started out and out and Terrell Owens and then move on you don't ever have to mention him again but don't. Not mention him because she did what he did it sink into his pay level. You know what I would do I would just have a little laugh at his expense or as the kids used to say in the eighties I would mold him or cloned him this is what I would do I would say. Here is Terrell Owens bus. And dom I was gonna say it's too bad debt Terrell Owens couldn't make it today. But he could make it today and he didn't feel like coming and everybody I. But the thing is you know it's sad no one in the world no one in the history of the hall of fame wants to be there more than him. It's killing him he bought presents those vans. Every other hall of Famer between a look I'm sending presents to all you guys. It was a sour decision he made and and fortunately he stayed stubborn. No one wants the attention and to be there's like an Harry Carson I don't put me in any of that 45 minute diatribe stream of consciousness. Acceptance speech. I think this is killing TO that he made this dumb decision out of the heat of the moment and now he's suffering because of. And now all of the people that helped him become what he did Cameron talking about high school coaches in college coach law. They're not can get their Dudek instinctual get their due at the University of Tennessee Chattanooga which is not the same as him countering that the thing. I nick which got thank you by the way to the textures for participating like that. Doesn't really good questions all right mine is little bit out of the sport zone. Earlier this week in Indonesia villagers killed nearly 300 crocodiles and revenge debt. Let me give you a little bit of the banks went up but now man living a little bit of the back story that story it. I didn't really PGA I love are you familiar music like all of us. Was like all Americas is the eco boost this knicks have vast 48 year old victim was picking grass and some food for his kids. He was killed by a four crocodiles the next day. The whole village was armed with knives hammers and clubs and they they they wants revenge and killed over 300 alligators and crocodiles. Well alligators or North America yeah Prada is accurate Ricky this he's correcting it and today I know is right Ares tried Marlon. Switzerland X and she didn't correct the guy who missed pronouncement I had. Kidman and did you notice that at the variant of this college admin and we did regret ago. What do you think I'm always just like has a vulture like walking though the perimeter of people's. Pronunciation. On the ramparts. Of every single syllable. All I know is that I do little graffiti in one of the stalls in the bathroom here and shortly after that I saw you go in and then the next time I used it my grammar was corrected on my graffiti. I I haven't pointed out. And well that's because you said for a good time call herbs and you put TYME. Michael. Contact your you know John have you noticed our rundown today. That's Rich Little and UBS. How's your correcting them again. But a better fit for the United Parcel Service. Okay all right. So I would say it's bad for ball to do a alligator genocide with hammers yes I would agree odd even with Peta. I would look I did it. And had I lived in that village I can't say with certainty that I trying to grab my own club I might join the fun but. What do we know about are any of these reduce I don't get it wrong as a crock you're alligators. Alligators in America elect Florida Gators Merck we got ninety seconds here which we do Lamar and there one more quick. Are you vegetable Kirby got the last one okay last one. Tom florist we hear is out as well now we know Greg topic is out yeah. Lincoln Kennedy is going to be moved up to take over the Tom for a spot to work with Brent Mossberg and the promote about the. It's fantastic as much as I hate to see coach go. He's eighty years old I'm I've but when this whole thing went down my set on the air link is the obvious choice of that has a choice. I got nothing but love for like he's a professional he played for the raiders he was a fantastic college or pro player he's worked for the and lead them the raiders radio network is the perfect choice. Yeah and it you're right it's there was no other choice in their hoping that raiders fans will forgive them for what you did what what they did to florist. And pop and it's all okay because Mary you have blinked as the link to the old crew at. Tomorrow at noon on the option Indo I think Greg Papa show Greg Papa will be on these airwaves at noon. And I don't know if he's just gonna say hey. They made a decision I got a little of that are he's gonna have a huge but the thing is that a lot of enough time has gone by that he's had a chance the thing about what he's gonna say and he's gonna tell everybody what happened Mark Davis. Talked to Al. In his prayers and says dad I fired Greg what is I'll say back. Why would you foot the great hope we'll bring most elegant and remember in 1965. He couldn't pick up a check we will all dramatic and crucial in their lives don't some elegant. I think sort of looming you're the best at a restaurant and a great fallacy in next weekend for all a's baseball Rick that a lot of front seven again.