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Sunday, July 22nd
Why did Melvin pull Manaea in the 7th inning of the final game? Richard Justice of the MLB Network joins Tittle and Urbs to talk some MLB Baseball. Did the A's pull of a steal in what they gave up for Familia? What is the National impression of the Oakland Athletics? Are the Mariners for real?

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I like to see that as well is that the Michael Irvin trophy yeah that's what's created me you've made you made out of part of the bark to mid. To connect yeah that's not bad whiskey a go on Vicki is in San Jose era 957 again. I B 800 or how are yeah. Hey Vicky how you do on. I'm doing great. Do you believe I celebrated the dean of what they're they're acting. Edward I checked that. Maybe aren't exactly what I mean whether yeah. And let our brand worked well. Vicky they should be happy for you if they're giants fans and there being an all bummed out that your birthday party they're not real friends get rid of him. I don't know. Nearly yeah I hit the app that. I'm praying that our trading what you're Ian got wet and believe me I cannot any time. They've Vicki thanks for the call happy birthday and happy birthday Mickey. By the way I don't know she's at thirty friends Dino the as have a deal last night every game check with the tickets. This is the coolest thing I've ever heard for groups cells there herb are I think about on or about six or seven games left in the season. If you buy at least fifteen tickets to gather everybody. Gets a BP Jersey. As an ethical thing are. We're in no way you get an a's BP Jersey. Everybody. I don't buy it I don't buy it for you should buy it because it's a great deal PP fifteen BP jerseys yes just give empty now. They're not gonna be embroidery that say Olsen isn't there there are a blank. They might be a little bit thinner so stream them serve nothing Oriole now I think. Well I think there are the real thing they're just not labeled up with the the names and numbers on the back well that's that's patent. Getting anything free of school when you're by fifteen tickets share. The that's awesome by the way 88 the a's have to be the only broadcast TV and radio on earth that has this C 00 come on the air. Yeah he was on for a long time there wasn't clear Ireland while they have the seal on the air and that's because he's trying to explain the VA's go to great pains to explain. We are making the coliseum more palatable it's more fun. You know and and you know the president Dave Campbell and I understand the GM come and on announced the force now it's very rarity get a billion review these days. As vice president of player personnel. But there I think what it is is this trying to say hey come on now we're on your side because remember for a good. Twenty years plus a's fans reached out and they got stiff arm or perk pushed away and now. As an ace and you don't and at the reach out there are coming to try to hug you for. Yeah that's the point I was gonna make it's like bears and they're used to be a stretched a long stretch where you got nothing from up higher. It in the news organization directed towards the fans it was almost like they were trying to repel fans a lot of fans felt that way they felt repelled. Now the VA's or just it's almost like they're going overboard with. Whatever the message is it doesn't really matter it's just sit there messaging messaging messaging to the fans and fans. It's a Smart move because of fans truly do feel more connected to the a's now they finally feel like VA's value them that hard core group that's there all the time and banging drums and there may only be 8900 of them. But they all feel a hell of a lot better about their place as an Oakland a's fan now than they did for five years ago because the messaging is constant now. Then our conversation nerves really hit a couple of topics are on the pens got a sales are complex and I'm 57 and five from the far away and I am Stanford fan. And I hate going to those football games or does nobody claps. When their team does well he says does it does well that's just a bunch of old won't end here is taxed. The little Kamal is correct grammar police. One guy says in the file and though I met my wife ruby Skye and fortunately they closed. About said two years ago that's got a call you tell your kids how did you meet. Well all she was freaking and an island overnight pretended to do the horse he read binder. But it was love I got a great story about how I am my wife and at a bar is that the faltering Rogge a long on campus it USF. And I had seen her before but never had the courage to talk to her what are you know after about 1012 Beers have got a little bit of courage. I she heard irresponsibly by the way I see her in the middle of the dance floor. And there's a ruckus of some sort going on and recognized her roommate who I knew but I did know her. And there's some guy get in the roommates face and Kelly. Is the guys yellen at the girl gathered there like haven't had an aunt and Kelly tries to intervene and he turns and starts as soon as I see him like start name go down Kelly's road. That's when I moved and I walked in this is you know I'm a college athlete in this forum in pretty good shape I'm huge on hammered. I walk up and I just stepped between this dude and Kelly the United States or some sort of problem here. And he just slink away I just saw the size mean he got rid and then I turned to Kelly and I'm not kidding arrested if you give me one day you'll matter. Wow she's like I have a boyfriend and I said so. She actually gave me today. While I was so volt and I saved her life that's how the story goes. I saved her life. And you ruin someone else's. Hot iron that's a great story on my gosh what the other thorough that then there was such a sweet story there for as I have always heard the story that some. On Hillary is when he was a player he walked into like at Denny's with the other with some more teammates. And they saw a table of pretty girls Annie pointed he said do you see that one right there I'm gonna marry now one. He did banks now as his wife chemicals are very culture. Let's go back to the text line just hit favorite game makes it cool story. Four away what about a John Fisher energy here yeah good luck I will tell you this I almost got one really spring twice training. 2010. Point where he's waiting plague of bloody wed she I think Carl if slighted if you're gonna break the techsters on the correct I'm here for house candidates just trying to beat agree Marian Mary immigrant. Spring training of 2010 I know a guy who went skiing. The Fisher and the guys a friend of mine and he said to Fisher. As he's also rich islanders scale well and he said do you wanna come on missiles and miles on the old days function for a went bankrupt. As a new on it the would you mind coming on. Rick total show and and talk inane and he said. Volleys like guy is a friend of mine is your guy you know a's fan has been no big donors like yeah okay. So he said the bomb John Fisher says who who do an interview with the do you wanna Manama I didn't let me think about yes. It would be like you know opening up Al Capone vault and seeing king type yes I would like then interview. And then the day before. It was Fisher. Present at this time. This wasn't Communist happened on a ski slope when I wasn't there when two rich guys and I knew one. And so he said the day and then the day before you said you know what. Johns and thinking and he says since Lew Wolff is really the face of ownership he thinks solution do it youth do you want Lou. And I said hell yeah I'm hell yeah I want Lou. And and a member of the when I did an interview afterwards I heard that the a's had panicked. Because they said Lou has a tendency to be very conciliatory and and and say. You know he's and is actually a very nice guy he is very madam putting his super open but he likes to be really agreeable man I didn't go through proper channels I didn't ask the a's for the interview which would've been. A complete know exactly the resolute a certain time Aaron because I was critical. Is valuable thing I'm home I'm not no one all the a's to a higher standard than I was visit there was a time there about eight years ago where they're like yeah we're not helping out total. In us like well why should we give him an energy because I was I was critical when we were doing I was told the truth. But the little thinner Eli Coleman said. How can you say this is a small market and is the fifth largest market in the world he said well what I mean by that is as I think the giants have taken all the sponsorship and I think they have an but I said the charge are still up and he's like well if he answered all the questions I thought it was fun. Yeah I mean Lou my experience within miles to run the team is that any time. You needed Lou that the best time whispering sure you got him in spring training center is the solution it was yeah. Has in spring training he was always there he liked being the face of the VA's he flew down to sign Michael Owen Nolan in the DR remember. You went down there he animus Shaq while he's he was. I thought he was for what a great day in terms of being if if a guy's gonna be designated as the face of ownership and then you better be somewhat accessible because if you're the face of something not accessible what's the point yeah otherwise you're the pancreas right. Our rights AAA 957 out of 570 Joseph and Oakland you're not if I seven again. Hey guys. Open clinic at. Route to be inept but experience. Should be eight. Inches in ultra no. We've learned. When you below where we've come room early in picketers are Barrick is for my generation air bears and give. Odd. Choir for a while. Mean the way they were hit in the way that we're doing things the way they're. We're. On top to bottom of the issue travel opening up the top. Now baby I mean. Even on Monday by a point let me know that means we won't you know congress disagree with the position how they'd been changed where it. At the end of the day eight it pretty much worked out in everyone's doing their position I mean. We agreed to by the market could mean you I didn't like the equity got picked off quite you know Kernen split at the end of the day. He's still doing his job bear shortstop. You think about every incumbent out of injury yet to really get that little recipient of the date you've got on base compute current. He's he he's covering his do you still there everybody on the team is 200 a Scotty or European now. Mark can very curious when the talk crap about market that they would create. At the ended days or mainly a clear near team their actually career. Yeah no well no I don't adjourned got a problem branding Crawford his staff from foothill high school pleasant and thanks for the call Joseph and I gonna say I. It's a bonus when you get raking in Stew and and braid in all that stuff but I don't care there from Timbuktu and by the way in the tradition of the days when Joaquin and are said I only have one word to say about baseball which is you never know. The ecologists that I only have one word to say is and he said I'm happy about them which is forward crowd he should proud I'm. Now he said I'm unhappy about a minis and I'm proud of actually actually six but that's gonna cool that's the tradition of walking now and are saying one word in and sank more than one word but I appreciate ago you also established a tradition of correcting the callers in the techsters c'mon and link now. Lionel all in free minds and help me lighten up what's up man. God. Repeat it is no longer. Have. And what's so glad I don't make you go to the game today. He did you know Rick documentary thing out that although apparently had you know apparently on an out of spam bots and look how much all of Muller and it. You know I got to be examined. Robert. My multi lateral talks before you get what you want him talked about to talk about tell me about the Bobble legs I have not seen it are you pleased with it. And are you pleased with a just because it's wreaking you got one are you pleased with the kids at school. It says that Ricky I mean aspect black wrote that in the go to. Being like you know Bobble head addict you know needs being met Bobble collect they got it up. Give it maybe. Seven apt. You know me not on audit. Or figure bobbled it battered like no other net them the big bad MI Miami worked eight advocate for everybody in all of baseball. If you decide to walk anybody here and not grant. They always come back I come back there to be down for. There you know a couple of its couple homered they're back in it they can you know win a 21 gain a debate and argue you know and the city. I mean not great at that exciting scene and that and they are the new era people though is basically we've been at the right time homered. Mother and you better get a new Lara had Lionel I gotta I gotta tell you have got to go to break a record though I like chatting right there are I gotta say further Bobble legs if they get a plus for innovation. Over the guy go windmill thing except everything he did leave he sent a guy was up by a mile on reds and the guy he wouldn't say a final round. It's that the a's get an a for innovation with the ball bullet you know the river cats had a Bobble nose for the broadcaster sorry we got to council talkback. What about the ports with a 209 tattoo on Britain's. Installment that was a ball that's more than. All right coming up after the break we'll check in with the Richards just does as well from mlb.com we'll keep the baseball conversation. Going right here herbs until modified seven million. Now back to the original shell and not flight seventy. Greg's amoled Michael herb and this is your jam on. Mac Miller Dario fit now this isn't the basically are opening tune back when inside the mixes things when I'm kind of excited coal recent. Resurrected it what was. I was trying to think about when we started. Dylan inside in the bigs are that was a one mile oratory twelve when he eleven on eleven. Our talk and do your producer at the time. Derek producer there on top a lame it was I mean Derek channeling Brian burned at the moment. Yeah he was mixed in there worldwide Wes came in Aruba who I forgot which one it was is like herbs very particular about his music. You have liked the songs you had to have these acts songs but they were all good song yeah I mean it's the house particular about my music in that I wish I truly do believe that. Music can help brand to show like you. I think the audience recognizes that's that's that's sure of that session if you're doing it the way. We tried to do within said the base it was just saw high energy hip hop dollars and that particular just give me good soil speaking of inside the bigs there is something that survives from that show and we're gonna do in about an hour's time with that I called everything like Camilo when she wins for ball. Or bad for ball and just give you a little bit and she's your we'll have some Tiger Woods and have some Lincoln Kennedy. And my favorite president. Your way all the the tackle bigger president's staff. Yeah we got some good stuff in as the show goes on. What the reason I'm glad that you know. Brought it up an hour before hand. But if the audience would like to contribute you can thrown on the Penske out of shows dot com text line or call us and say come on through this topic for good for -- about oh we'll take that. I get stuff. On that same sex line 95795. Up from the 95 I don't know if you talked about it but did anybody ask moment why he pulled my and I have who is pitching great at 99. We each talked about it quite a bit here in studio Rick and I did while the game was still on the reason pulled amount is because. I don't know if you guys know this but once a pitcher throws that 101. Pitch. He's at risk for spontaneously combustion and other Marmol fall off there and the a's know that natural that pull away now that's true. So funny about that nice round number of three digits he's. It's such a psychological thing there's nothing physiological that says what your arm candy I remember I got through but do live interview on time. At a fund raiser for the hall of fame with Tom Seaver. And I asked him about pitch counts and I kind of thought his there maybe like whatever and he said. You know all 93 I can start to feel it. 99 or fill more home run around 107. And then if I got to about 115 I realize this so I'm like wow so he was even and is there. He was keep an account in his certain. But remember also interviewing Laverne long the old deacon. And peace was like. You think about marry shell verses spawn and each guy threw 400 innings and went. If I I've tried to talk to notoriety about pitch count and he just what is now. I'm soldiers trekking we discuss. The Lisa and now not on top about that when you where you know he. Ray thought she knew that Nolan Ryan was my hero in much of a player ever and I was eating in me hermetically sealed. Media dining lounge at the ballpark in Arlington which just horrible ballpark. They're turning it down you'll be happy now I am happy about that kid a moment too soon everybody says it's great you don't want an awful maybe for the press itself. That's all that matters and I'm an elitist but but I'm sitting there eating I got my head down and nobody's eating with me and I hear. Policies voice disputes is taking. Community. Cashier and I still hadn't looked up. I don't know what I was doing a matter and checked my phone or some vote when I finally looked up disarray in Norman Ryan sit across from me so I got to me my hero he was super gracious and all that but. I did spend the rest of that dinner I think with my thumb in my mouth because I turned into little baby for a hero at about four words to say he thought I was so intimidated. There are some times when like if you're in the media setting you can't ask for an on a graph for talk to a guy get a salty because you're all working. But there are certain times when you run a new guy and it is sort of told a story about when I saw Rick Barry. And I want to Thelma is named after round who need he basically pretend like I wasn't there. But there was there was a fund raiser thing when two years ago on Vegas that's Garth Brooks had his his fund raisers were for MLB and also NHL the touch a mall I was. An amazing yeah I remember that amazing evening. But in the in the area where there were feeding us the table next to me was Yogi Berra. And Don Larsen. And Yogi Berra looked like he was about five foot two and maybe eighty pounds Felix soul and fragile now. And I wanted so badly just to meet him but I didn't wanna pay it just seemed like you would just be dead on even just to say hi am a big fan I couldn't even do that. In righteous it was to just leave Malone. No I hear are you an autograph guy. Now mean you grew even as kid where you are wasn't even as a kid mom had let me pick I think get I think that if I had had a pen. I would ask where I can tell you my Al Davis autograph story of him I'm sure. Noelle looked for another show. That rebel radio free that would be okay and bring that up and then not tell facility is short when the days when my dad now Michael everybody the wrong team. When the raiders run LA for thirteen years as you know I'd stay loyal to the fan and once a year they would always let the niners are candlestick and pre season because they knew would be a sell out anything to sell tickets right now that was a sellout that raider fans went. So this was about nineteen. And 8685. Maybe. And after the game and as of my friend Steve who has a niner fan mile brother as a raider fan we're standing in the chain link fence where the party Nawaz that candlestick. And as guys are locked in now. How we long walks out Ronnie Lott walks out we ask each of those guys a lot of graft. How long walks bile like it doesn't Harris Ronnie Lott turns and frowns Adams. And Vance Mueller came over the kid out I thought you weren't doing autographs this was at the time I was aren't just because their stand where stand there. And you know or worse fan boys around whom. 1920 years older. So Al Davis comes out. And he stand there talking to somebody in his limo with the door opener is talking to and I just yell because there's like you know thirty of us stand there and me in my friends again. Mr. Davis mr. Davis he turns around. And he's like yes and I said yeah they got to get an autograph. Until you want. We'll be right back where I can you witnessed such inquiry out and I go pretty good hope you're right but I to sweep loosen it. Because it's it's how Sullivan and have new Jews. Ought to know it's not that is a damn good Al Davis the greatness of the windows is always argued. I know why you felt this under wraps for way too long now letting it loose. So I said OK great and then some are pros at my gosh oh they was gonna walk over here so we continues the conversation this guy for a few more minutes. He gets a limo the limo drives away and I can see it on the curvature of the earth. On the horizon as it drives away is not coming back. And I said. He lied. And then my brother goes that's awesome I go as high go to. I go why is that awesome he goes because Al Davis personally lied to you you should have that's a badge of honor. Because I never thought about it ballet I guess that is got a cool that is awesome. You need to bust that Al Davis no way are more often let's go to Kuerten who is in Oakland near I 957 again. They look like all nine. I have a couple stories very similar to those with the warriors where on the outward and I've I saw. The first story better be damn good QUA get the second story office it's not. I am. They're not well all. I carry creep I'm a person. And we all other I've seen strain on on. And you wanna stoppages that O Mike. Broke open a. Out of respect to bomb there or not there. You don't attack by it will bother. That respect we just I say hey what about work I did very little sign after he died at three point shot it actively. Don't shout that loud but he got. I won't let you get more but I'm happy that my old wearing a bomb. That we could be within their pregnancies that we either. Okay you just barely made it what's the second story. That's all the stories really aren't you know. The clock while all that's what film. I respect them you just don't want and I. Now that is called you got booty got the little look that is cold thanks for the call occurred to I appreciated. Penske out of cells doc Comtex line. 95795. Tom Jones hit here in Stafford. Facing the best friend right now well you know it's my Mike my cousin worked out. Mike doesn't work that whole foods and Danville and you think lateral and Blackhawk they came through pure and he'd always say. Who was nine Sen who was in Nigeria in the UK it's hard to discern that someone's. You know temperament. Or personality through transactions supermarket. But every once a while they got a new conversation he'd say refills my cousin and he said they'd either ago. And they go out all right that's Anaheim so many would report the ones that would say well I like him are the ones this one. Did that. Who went I'll tell you later we are very excited once again to be joined by Richard justice mlb.com. And our Richard I'll a lot of a's fans were very worried that top prospects were gonna go in the nine week rental. For Helio is a familiar and it's already paid dividends with a win today an extra innings. Over the giants looked pretty good we saw the prospects were number seventeen and another guy not even in the top thirty and some international. Bonus money was was this a case of the a's playing hard ball to not give up their prospects or do you think the Mets are like Hayden just just get out of here. I think it's. I think it's impossible to evaluate what prospects are you don't know anything about it I don't know anything about it. In those prospect lists her Earl wild guess so they got a couple of guys. They got out from under some money and they got many national signing bonus pool so that I mean that's the way they get they've marketed as they do listen on the gap for long enough. Time that day they've had they've had felt like they had a good handle what is value lies so we give me the way to look at is they now have a tremendous bullpen they have three shut down guys did the indie games there. Well they don't like it other clothes are I mean they got a lot done it better as a team and as someone who's seen a lot of them lately. They are a really strong club that they were transformed the moment. That Olson and Chapman started our car in both those spots though. What city do there without thinking who knows they're better than Seattle right now for sure. Richard you based in Houston and New York right now. I mean here I mean. We're in my I was used to living is to breaking here. OK and so your sharing space where in the world champions the reigning world champions urine national guy our our the a's still kind of just this. And just as cute little story like oh yeah the a's are doing what the is do they win some games and and then lose in the playoffs no big deal. Or are they start to get worse spec nationally because it's. This is the team should tribute to contend with I mean I have no doubt in my mind that they're going to be there at the end of the season but I still get the sense that nationally. There were only know the as a negative. And you mean you claim that we don't get any respect cart. Not not necessarily just we don't get any attention card. Well and another fourteen over when you look at the that the people that play them know what they are they know alternate Chapman a Lowry. They know what all those guys are people that have played them lightly no target trying and and neutrino. Are at the indie games mean bit Billy being hit a lot of revered figures involved so you know what if he'd get into that who respects to. You know if the Yankees if the Red Sox and it's everybody else has the cubs the Dodgers. They Astros the Astros are coming off a world champion Gypsies and I wouldn't say any other many other guys are helpful in six. They never know you just played look this standard plan in the World Series everybody wanna know what a great player jet Lowrie has. When you look at says the match Otto tread and a lot of people sable than than that said he's going to the Dodgers are going to be pulling away from a pack that it's everybody in the last outside of the then the Padres involved as is that even a true statement or maybe just a little too simplistic this early. That they still need. Relief help and they're gonna go get an armor to you know I mean there's really. First race for Zach Britton a cubs are aggressive Astros are being aggressive the Dodgers want him as well. You know I thought he might be included in the deal the Dodgers birdied the best team in the nationally I mean it's the best. Another six teams that you would look at and you know they're going to. Talked Okafor the American League teams the three division leaders plus. That the Yankees and the Dodgers in cuts and it's kind of a race for the other. Force spot and so what you're trying to what you're seeing this team's. Make him lieutenant general managers pretty open about that I can Cleveland makes a move it's still matchup with the Yankees postseason games are bullpen game that's what the age group. Worked on that's what the Indians have worked on and so you know you get to play inside out but look. The theatrical under one games western. To win a World Series. They had to win a game. Italics Bregman doesn't homer off Chris selling game for their respective deciding game five he. In Houston division series that went to elimination games at home. Against the Yankees to go to the World Series. And then there are about to go down 02 in the World Series. And Marlon involved it's a ball and 02 pitch over the center field wall off the best closer in baseball than they went to the craziest World Series game ever played two and five. They never know I mean that that basically all legal of these teams that are going to be eighteen that are gonna end up in the division series. They're almost all the thinking and it's going to be decided by a razor at the end you know whose play well and LP all of that. Richard the Astros are not only loaded but now they're young core is a year more experience obviously that's gonna help us to trade deadline approaches. Are obviously there can be sellers but are are they looking to make any moves her Earth Day one of those rare teams that has the luxury of saying you know what we're pretty good right now. Now they're casting a wide net that Britain is their first choice they would like they would like to have the ninth inning iron down. You know managers every day and a better job and AJ changed it last year basically win in a World Series. With a bullpen he did not trust you know he piggybacked his starters you know Verlander was phenomenal. All of that. Didn't they feel like they would like to have somebody to pitch tonight and you can play the mix and match game in the sixth inning or whatever would erode the quality of their rotation. They feel like they're gonna get to the sixth inning maybe the seventh with with the with Verlander they wanna do more. And I don't think they're completely happy with there. They're not completely certain about DH slash first base they talked to the white part that. About Jose breaking news there catcher Brian McCann is injured in day out indefinitely would need surgery they talked of the month about JT real mood so. The question becomes. The bidding on Britain it's probably gonna get not. And how long do you stay at that poker table book at the cubs are serious the Dodgers serious others are serious student. When you look at Chris archer and Tampa Bay and I guess he has. Another couple starts before the non waiver trade deadline goes out and he had had the abdominal strain but still under 30 AM and been pretty durable and a few feet you throw on some club options under team control until. Twenty Tony why not have a bay is a game over but still nine and a half out of that second. Wild card and of course that's pretty hopeless it in their division do you see them moving archer RR because he does have control mom Newman and trying to rebuild around them. Well there's you know. They are inflexible and what they want they have of value assigned to the guy talking about it. Thirty year old guy I think he hit thirteen strikeouts today. In front of every. Every contending team had its captivated election pitched and he hit three years to 27 million so that it's gonna BI product. Particularly intriguing guys you know it's historical starting pitching market the two guys to keep Aaron Jacob took on. The net and they're gonna have to be overwhelmed and in the race to just sit OK we get this point we will trade him I guess since that. The Yankees are so debt which the Yankees have such a deep farm system and they are so desperate for starting pitching I mean desperate for starting pitching. You know there right now they're they're they've lost ground and wait for to have about. That they will meet that price. You know could keep silent archer underground sort everything will flow from there. It Richard what do you think of the Mariners I've been thinking as the season's gone on like OK if they're gonna start to fall back sooner or later it's gonna happen it's gonna happen and hasn't seemed to were they for real. I think they're for real they have things they wanna do you know they have a very good and general manager under the Dakota. And you know given the way king Felix pitched less that they would like one more starting pitcher than likable and army you know they've already got back and got one. They that this thing is complicated dyke thing they need another bat but. I know comes back August 14 in yet he won't be able play in the post season and they don't know Robby. Well they may know but they're not tell us we gonna play when he comes back demons deep Norton back to sinner that a lot of moving parts yes they're good team they're really good team. I think Oakland better right now but. Becomes a way that division is good because. You know what again I'm inspect a 500% and they beat the Astros today. We have four competitive team since he would say logically either the because. The runner up an elite is gonna make the playoffs and then it would seem the runner to dale west is gonna make the play out. And that means the manners and ways of fighting for one spot logically that's. What you would think it plays. Got more questions for Richard justice from LB dot com the whole new term of MV ER. Not most viable. Reliever mound visits remaining I must feel like the intentionally put. On that is actually more time consuming then before it's almost the antithesis of what it was going to accomplish I haven't seen any of the mound visit remaining. Come up as an issue this whole season yet. No they cut it and I mean and it does so sudden that number amount visits it has been about. Cut in half but this is all get back to pay two game becoming sorority implement a day which she had a right to do because we'll abide by fellow labor agreement. He wanted to initiate a pitch clock. But does the relations between the players and owners over there all over the winter were so toxic you can't just force it down their throat. And that was that was a Prague a byproduct of that free agent market being so tough on them. So you know. Players owners you have to sit down they're okay look we have a problem here pay your game is a problem it's selling the game. They became mr. rich stand around and what are what are we gonna do about it and you know commissioners say this week. People that say part of our problem is banning use ship and we should banned ships. The players have made a decision we're gonna hit the ball in the air it's we're not gonna get the ball will appeal on are shipped so. That that remains to be. Seen how you work through their one true one solution would be. Play and a 107 degree temperature the Indians and the Rangers today played a two hour and 33 minute game. Just turn the computer 207 and boy that they became really picked up. The time I beat current baseball. Pick it up and that's what you like that forget the good ones become baseball that threat. And that's what it looked like peer. You can use that on mlb.com hello yeah you're welcome Richard justice has been with us remembered reading them out mlb.com and follow matter Richard justice thank you time and double talk you sound. And herbs I saw you make it kind of the face when he told me that I don't know the a's prospect. He he basically suggested you didn't know there is prospects in the and he accused me of playing we don't get enough respect. Because I can spend two minutes she kind of went down both. Our road plug you know what it's funny is that of course on the grand scheme of things it is a bit of a lottery when you have prospects but there is a perceived value us like draft picks. You don't draft a guy in the first round who you can get in the seventh round. Do we know whose moral hall of fame now but at the perceived value where that is and so when you have cases Louis Art Bell. And you saying in on those negative and how many years it will start how many years as you've been thorough. He's been a pro two years right now. I think after tearing the Q years you know a little bit about that prospect I think it's kind of funny to somebody senate Tex lines said I'd watch out troops for Trevino he's having a career year. He's a rookie. How can. How can you have a career you were year one year rookie another guy here on the text slang or is that. He said I'm surprised that year after year that a's fans are content when mediocrity. Show me one a's fan his can tell me they are hurting them I can't think of one. I don't understand you mean because we go to the games when they stink. That doesn't mean were content. And if they go through a stretch for the team as mediocre as you just taking that of the team most of the fans must be okay that. Are right and herbs and you wanna get and a little round ball today through a little bit I just there's so much chaos in the NBA. Bunch of different things happening hardly I think two under react now we've had a few days. Of calm in the dust to settle our endless duel around long the other side and of course we'll give back into baseball Alex palmas shall join us at 730 carnal giants in the Morgan and a good for ball bad for ball so much out of us air a total of Michael Irvin come on back 957 again. This is the rich too it'll show on 957. Big game. David welcome back Lucia original and Michael Irvin on a Sunday evening with you until 8 o'clock great to have you with us Alex salvage at 730 lines are open at triple 8957957. In the Penske ought to sell stock Comtex line. At 95795. Rhetorical move but I got one more call here wanna get a minute before before ago there. You can cold cold good thinker colas are for you engineer executive button pusher whatever you wanna call. And he provides in music he's the one accused of music we come back. Calls a thinker. And that song that he just played well I don't know off the title is this but like with the Hokies you lied to me now return of the Mac. But part of the their sure you lied to me and so return of the Mac or you lied I thought Kenny you're getting clever there any particular reason for that choice you got to go pretty deep into the song to get that part them. Why go deep on everything Anna do you particularly. Return of the Mac just think you know that I'm on that makes me happy mark. More sooner. I remember when that song can I say spend a lot of time in England covering soccer and the sun came out it was a big hit the people how to calm that the mark Morrison had been in jail and they kept. Can't talk about his previous crime new. Who have who have forgotten funny in jail when I was glad make music when I was in Philly in December for the army navy game there were freed. Meek mill signs everywhere and fairly early and a and once she got out of jail didn't they have and they had to do something like what was it is Philadelphia 76ers shall clinical. They act and saw him he's she's a hero you ever. For years and years we always heard free Nelson Mandela. And Eddie Murphy goes man that the at times or about their own deal. Palaces that was as little line for a she got out of there. Eddie Murphy let's go to the lunatic who has and mafia what's up man. NHL and I don't. That you'll Hollywood and our manager of the year but. Each technique and I had at least pitched at least seven any big guy crank up that whole lineup today one run pretty actually out there. But if you're gonna LP the strap which it has you gotta gotta tell them like the date more jam. It can't shut that legislators thought or victory. People shortly. It's not about given up runs it's it pitchers is spontaneously combustion when they throw more than a hundred pitches and Bob Melvin knows that. I can't well I. A shot. PR guy hey we agree we agree Rick and I were talking about a before the game was even over what the heck was he doing take human you're right. If you is the start of your staff. Let him be aged let him show everybody else in the rotation look I'm. You guys need me right now the bullpen has been heavily used in these first two games after the break just. Throw bunch of weight on my back and I'll take you into the eight inning I have no doubt that if you've left and I and get the final out of the seventh. I would send them back out for the age thing gone batter to batter there. And I dispatch at that time I wrote a little note that the giants are now happy but the thing is at the time comes then. And get Slater no one's talking about it and all the looks like a genius I said this is why your manager you're gonna get criticized one where the other. And it any kind of. Double entendre on the day that Oregon gives up they hitting comes down in the run eventually scores that Ryan Healy hit 23 run homer of the thing. The Carolina. No I I I was I think the only guy like a boat she learned there. We are brining you can swing the bat we know often know I was like maybe everybody seemed okay with trading line here if they give that's fine I'm well you were shed at first base and you know we don't have position for. But I like. This chance to Goodyear really good player in the big leagues you media get more earning. And I finally spot that I give more here that's all right herbs by the way original Michael Irvin with the united front seven again. Bomb you said. Now that that we've seen a lot of these big names move in the National Basketball Association. Mom you've come does that someone of Synopsys now as we look at some taxis. We have like you said there's room. For a minute there is a whole bunch of things going on once and so what we're while we're speculating about what move this team might make so they made it and it's totally different than what we're speculating about. An inference is just Paul George resigning with Oklahoma City Nolan saw that coming. I think we also LeBron fan of the signing with the lakers. Coming but then the lakers kings continued throughout that we care. Urge to reach stretched to add. Through this cast of characters which is now. Luke Walton good luck to you man accuse you kind of budget. Loose screws I mean you've gotten I think they got Michael Beasley now. So they have Lance Stephenson who's a little bit of zero pictures the lakers are going to be really fun to watch and now that the dust has settled. We were asking each other last week. As anybody in the Western Conference got. So much better to the point where you think being now might threaten the wars look. I don't think anybody in the west is can threaten a lawyers it depends on what you think of threatened but. Out of respect for LeBron now that the dust to settle I'm thinking about everything a little bit more rationally. The total acres of the one team that improved enough. To push the lawyers a little bit not threaten them but they did they get in this series again out of respect for LeBron. I think the surrounding cast now Los Angeles is better than what he had in Cleveland so if they end up traditional lakers. In the playoffs but I'd I give my chance at winning one or two games but you don't think they're the lakers are biggest threat as Houston. Well I absolutely think they're bigger threat than drilling got way word as if he doesn't coffee just goes way where Chris Paul's on the lotteries a bit of Chris Paul's healthy we're not talking about that rockets seemed to differ Iraq how they're different outside don't have a clue who mbah a moute he's had a key defense but what what did he didn't do much in the series against the orders. He's a good defensive player rich and defense was. For me. The reason the rockets were such a good team is because they finally started playing defense with some commitment. They can fill it up and how they did something I didn't think they'd be able to do. Figure out how to appease both James Harden and Chris Paul I thought these guys are too ball dominant play together role they've played together a little bit but the key to their success. Was it. They staggered those two guys playing time quite a bit they weren't always on the floor to get there in fact I'd I don't know that this is true but if I heard they were. Not on the floor together more than they were I would be aren't that makes sense to me but judged. They did not get better I don't think Carmelo Anthony makes them any better people say it is and that's the rumor that have things going there. I think I think the rockets got worse. Young high neck our producer he thinks Oklahoma City Thunder. Got better I don't know if that's addition by subtraction make your your available to to give us a little time on there. What is it about the Oklahoma City Thunder that makes you think. They're better than they were last year you key did I mean. The money they're getting off their books from the moving off for Camilla laughingly hundred grill is can't be it's a lot of money here and and and Denish Ruda from the Atlanta Hawks. It's a tough player whether they play him at the point of push rest of the two holy they bring them off the bench is going to be in addition. And anybody resident who lie in their name. Well that's relentlessly kills in the fuel pronounce his name wrong people say Schroeder. What is the Schroeder. The ruling as an Omaha there when there were no. The athletic shoe editor Rick wouldn't it but it's just this is the that are but he calls them in the league but. It's funny thing about Schroeder is that that we talk about how he was thought Joseph and his staff in IU is an absolute malcontent and he wouldn't play any defense and they couldn't wait to get rid of them and it's funny because whenever we song you know yet weird hair he always seem to be a good player. And then hearing like they just they couldn't wait to run him out of town now. Why I think he's a good addition for them and I do think it's addition by subtraction. I'm getting rid of Carmelo Anthony Burton I love the fact that your so sick of but his job was there that you don't you know I just where is coming it's like I'm have a good time. Or that you had no other way why is he young hot neck. Because my daughter saw a picture of him they do reside Nokia let's turn out. I'm sure he doesn't like I'm sure he's not embarrassed at all. He says that bomb. We've seen mostly dominated wars news is that. Of course DeMarcus Cousins has had his saying we continue to press conference. Tom what I have a press conference was fine I think we've we mostly other than those of from Showtime's the that the video of him. Is saying and in in now with you know with with swear words now how his decision went down and everything I was very interesting. Bomb but this is the thing I'll say about it I. I don't I don't wanna hear it anymore. And I mean I don't I don't want. He is sought to anyone here and I don't wanna hear about how I made a decision it's over and I don't I allied drama. No I don't I don't wanna fiancee told no one wanted me and then this is my term car this is my nuclear bomb. Poll now we now know just play and that's why I love Matt Stein Mets one on one with him and if you miss that you gotta check it out at 957 game. Dot com he got about 810 minutes one on one. Would the markets and there's no talk about the decision and you didn't get these offers it was just it was all about moving forward. Assignments now that I thought jamarcus was. Is good as she could possibly be same way in the press conference I love that he wasn't like overboard bubbly happy guy and being fake we know jamarcus that's not hand jamarcus is the guy who I don't know he's he's got resting bitch face for life better. Phrase you always looks like he's upset about something out that he is always upset that he's not have a cuddly. You know ever optimistic type of guy and he didn't try to play that role in the press conference he was he was DeMarcus Cousins and I like that about he was real. By the way why you're talking I got a call from the FCC when you said the B word. And they said all way up the say about your station has. That's and its price learn more you do as the bubbly just you get upset when I don't come around our workflow. It's literally blow. When you bring you know and I'll tell you a little story. My friend Steve was a big niner fan in college he wore a shirt. To my house that's said F Dallas. Would move our in the middle in towns right her official muscle and he walked in my dad goes a volume Clemson. And my friends said while because it in respect me respect my dad brother is an essential terrible now. I just because your dad should add about yeah because led like because you respect to my dad and I just I'm I'm I'm more costs and do you think there's. Think it's no class when your when your where I SS kidding I don't know like when you're. Yeah this F whatever yeah I think clear what if that's like having a cat union. You know just like him Lou let me make sure I hire you to be in my CEO if here UP Nakajima the Japanese shortstop two years six mil the bubbly as press conference in the history of the world. I wanna learn how to Bernie lean Billy B hard Billy yeah. SC. There was. We were over the moon and all I can think it was no more Cliff Pennington yay no more guy a key you know he can't even throw the ball to first base and they brag about his defense he was terrible. And then you see these things WBZ about flips you know that he never played one day in the bigs. Have heard not one day in your right I mean press conference everyone was talking and I'll I loved it it was great and by the way. Nakajima got sent down to double. And wide and go back to Japan to his game three million a year. I saw him in spring training and Muni this is the last year Muni. And he had his number was like 87. I look at the program and it says you know Dick Hertz. And you know 39 round pick out of Texas a and M I go that's Nakajima. They had liked to who number 87. He couldn't even get his own tomorrow in camp and he got sent down to double play this guy was that the guy what billboards in Japan. Yes she she just called back in their little concerned about your ticker and number actually said you're listening 957 game KGMC FL finished one KG MZ's Karen Cisco a radio dot com.