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Sunday, July 22nd
Tittle and Urbs team up to disect the A's Walking-Off against the Giants in 10 innings to claim the Bay Bridge Series. The A's are clearly the better team over the Giants but SF is in the weaker divison. Why do the A's thrive in clutch and dramatic situations? Plus celebrity encounters with Bay-Area Athletes.

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Why can't look. When I'm writing my seven big game. Welcome denied it 57 big game man. Lot of local until 8 o'clock tonight Rick till what Michael Irvin who I roll. Predict is having the best time. Rick how are you today are you know in the best I'm having the best time thank you you know I'm having the best time and what's happening Richard rich Richard justice from mlb.com will join us in an hour in two hours I'll probably. That she covers the giants for NBC sports Bay Area he's gonna join us a lot of baseball talk we're gonna kind of ride the momentum of this Bay Bridge series because as I was sand herbs. Both of these teams that used to be like especially last year. Who stinks the least perhaps it's like the big game counts Stafford while we're both two NA but we've been ill. This is a way better because not only of the game's competitive. These teams are good. Now these two at the games actually mean something other than. The rivalry and let's face it the rivalry isn't necessarily on the field it's in the stands more powerful even tell you that. Both of these teams they come out of the all star break looking at the schedule looking at the standings thinking more right here in Britain and I'll tell you our Rick. This six game show let's look at that as that's fixed humanity and it just this weekend. There really was almost identical series you know that the three game last week to three get this week. And it ended up about the way it should of ended that did a user about that much better than the giants I mean that's just simply as I can put it you agree. What do you think I do agree what do you think about the fact that. Adding Familia. To the a's bullpen and it paid dividends today. That when we sort of waited last night to hear her two nights ago to here who was going to be Bryant and the relief. Yeah you mean who's going the other way beyond the object relief here was Bobby wall and will top international bonus money Mets fans are thinking I am Murphy and Mateo and them for a food and the thing is when you trade out of some Russell will you know that'd stuff like this is possible that. Saul what was your thought what were your thoughts when you heard that the the pay out was the seventeenth prospect and then relief pitcher does not even in the top thirty are. I was psyched I mean I thought as long as they're not given up any talk to him and I did have fifteen green a disguise on the queue outside the fifteenth. But I mean your fifteenth best spot prospect he still doesn't have the best shot in the world to make in the big leagues from its all kind of a crapshoot but yeah. You go further down the line and you're giving a lesson lesson I would imagine. Given what. They gave VA's Mets fans have every right to hip shipment is treated to implement lopsided there are some. He had the issue with the domestic violence and wounded in the he's still got suspended fifteen games even though his swiping on three of us drop the charges and said that nothing happened. I think sometimes you just even though you have over was a 123 saves. Sometimes you just say guys and a walk here an analysis. Let's listen about it that they didn't play hardball it and say 'cause I kind of thought maybe they would. Part with a Sheldon noisy because third base is blocked I don't know I didn't seem like an on off because any dollar some of their for the first management. If it's just seem like the Mets and play hardball so this. Yeah they wanted to get rid of him that's pretty clear and that was just probably going into. To the process of moving this guy. Vague they had in their minds what we're not gonna try to hold anybody ransom America. We can't play hardball this if you want especially if your team really wants to get a guy out. Whether that fan base knows that's with the front offices thinking or not. And they're gonna try to get rid of them as quickly as possible so the first good decent offer that comes along it's not like. Don't like he's totally got over on the Mets I mean these guys kinda you know we have it. You never know there are now they can both go to the hall of fame but they're not totally obscured guys as my point. Well I mean the thing is those like him in night when the a's traded Andrew Bailey and they got miles had enroll all Contra and Redick canoeing accident moved. Of course Redick Canada BM better than we thought it was going to be. The seller was fifteen and six in games decided in their last about which is the best in the bigs they lead. The big leagues in runs in the eighth with 89 they lead the big leagues in runs in the ninth with. Fifty. Why do you think it is that they leave that late because that they have to like. Get that starter out of the game and get Japan as it just because they just have that ability of hey you play nine and we never give up. I think part of it is getting into the other team's fan but they'd they tend to do it so early oftentimes there in the other teams fanned by the fifth sixth inning. Why did they scored late wider they have all these dramatic games in Nittany. In the last couple three innings or extra innings it's because they know they can do it and I firmly believe that once the team has pulled off. 67 or eight of those types of wins. When they get into that situation there's an unspoken in the dugout this is right where we want to be we can get this done we've done a million times we're gonna do it again and so now. I think actually relish that situation I mean they go into the eighth inning. Down 42. Donna right realize when the giants are now fortitude in the eighth and I'm watching the game I'll I might switch it over. If the jays are down 42 in the it there's no way now I'm switching it over. While things like about your herbs is that you. Admit that Vienna Gary is on peninsula you like the a's and the giants and I think a lot of people out there. More than would admit are our like you act like both of the teams and so we have the Bay Bridge series. And especially in a year like this where both teams are are competitive and within 43 games of playoff spots what what does it mean to use you watch these two teams gone. Well when they're both like you as you said they're they're kind of playing for something now the playoffs are realistic shot and I just. I just look for good games and that's what we got him and virtually also I mean were there and I forget what the scores were last week but they're there weren't any lopsided games right I mean these were competitive games and the only thing I was rooting for other than just good baseball I saw a lot of good baseball and there's not nothing that I learned the neither serious about either team. I knew that the a's were a little bit better than the giants and their younger and athletic and more dynamic and that's just what we saw. The only thing I actively rooted for in the entire series was your day. And I'm sorry but I rooted for the giants not to win because if they don't lie and then they would had to give them the trophy is the winners so it gives its he would have been split 33 in the tiebreaker is whoever wins six game. And that's a horrible tiebreaker I don't know what the right solution is but I did not want to see that happen because it would have been. For the first year the trophy judges didn't wanna see that I'm glad it worked out the way it is so. They that happened last night that I wanted to ask you knowing that I was gonna work with you tonight as a big lefty yourself. Bomb garner who is probably enemy in the hall of fame some day. Career high six walks yesterday. But two things and they both have to do with the 89 and not that the chance days were champs and 89 he had 89 straight starts of going through five. Getting to the success that was broken. He also in his career had had the bases loaded 89 times and he walked in Iran. Twice before last night he did it two times in the fifth fatally and Simien. They were close pitches by the way they were in our way way outside. And I just think a guy who's that good it. And then he sat down and body armor he sort of had that thousand yard stare like he'd been in combat like what happened right and now of course you do play in the bigs but as a division one pitcher I think I can at least get into. On some semblance of the psyche of Howell you you miss like that when you think I'm gonna throw strike right down the middle I don't wanna lock the guy and you still candor. It's unsettling especially when somebody is accomplished is Madison bombed our electricity during that situation anytime you nine times only while. Twice and then you match your career total in a span of Q what three hitters right. When they take you out that thousand yard stare you're exactly right that's what's going through his head like what the hell just happened. Because when your medicine bottle garner in you got your back up against the wall. Any game. What are you used to you're used to blow people's minds with the success you have like you did against the royals. In the World Series and when you get the absolute opposite of that all you do is you sit there and you nailed it because we're not when I'm when they tend to them. I'm like what's going through that guy's head other than what the hell just happened I don't think he knew and I think part of it was. Yes some of the pitches were close but. I think they got him right I don't think bomb garner got screwed and any of those situations I thought the zone was. Was fair to both teams and wasn't the greatest zone in the world but it certainly wasn't any different in the days were up or when the giants were up so. I think he was just stock indices used to kick commands. It's funny because like it happened at this Gotti and Sammy in that front door slider that almost hit you and you swing through it. It because it looks so fat and juicy on the outside and all of a sudden it's coming in and your ankles and that's just devastating from a lefty to righty which is incredible. We're gonna take a quick break we come back more discussion on the Bay Bridge series. And perhaps leave the coliseum where your a's fans giants fans baseball fans let's talk. AAA 9579570. We are in the second half or about a hundred games and but the quote unquote second half AAA 57957. In the Penske out of cells dot Comtex line. 95795. Tittle and herbs not 57 again he's. Didn't faith. Now back to the Rick turtle shell on mighty high seven game. Philip Michael herb and that 95% of the game thanks for spending Samir. Sunday afternoon with a space fans giants fans baseball fans. We're to talk with Richard justice. If you look at it from memory of deployed earlier is not David Jones aggregate David Justice served by the way Michael. You're David Justice. Okay well when he came back as she was announcer for the Yankees correct. David Justice that I'm in a day he went to work in was in an ounce for the Yankees after after his career was over. And he was I was in the elevator with him I liked him covering him he's a Smart guy a funny guy. I'm an elevator whether I'm going up to the press box. And we get off and he gets socked by the elderly woman news. You know sitting by the elevator to make sure you have your credential he didn't have a credential. Should I'm sorry sir you can't come in your credential. He's like come on man all of our credentials downstairs she says I'm sorry you can command and goes. He goes are you serious I played for the days and she goes. Yes and play for the Yankees and play for the very low very well but you need it credential again there. Some zeros on that. You got a very first second can I gotta walk around the studio to find some headphones that work. All right go ahead and by the way wait till we are on the air to do that don't do that during the commercial herbs. I can tale story about that I tried to rake in recent credit all right now you're on the other Mike I know what's interest thing. About that story is it reminds me of the story where. Keyword here is story. That I was in downtown San Francisco and I was walking pass. That place ruby Skye and her then are maybe it's still open by union square it's like a dance club. You are oblivious guy or. Mom. And there was a guy outside any of this with his girl and they are saying I'm sorry you can't command and he's like. But I aim I'm supposed to be here I've played for the giants and I heard but I play for the giants I turn around. And it was Noah Lowry. Merriam. I do very good pitcher good dude two yeah he get hit to move. And I said lady at a salon and by the that's Noah Lowry is starting pitcher for the giants and she goes. OK come on in and he went our thanks do and I thought what would you believe the total stray fresh catch. Yes like all this guy walking by vouched for you anybody can do and I now. So I it's it's it's funny when you run into a guy like I tell a story about Popovich you know I saw him at the W and I had a drink you know Allen time and effort you're curved below story to her I got another one for you. Tom this is the royal exchange. Me about ten years ago. And Harris Barton dinner. By himself and I went my friend like you than the bar he's just sitting there. And dumb as I was walking by ago pairs what you're doing is like I got a meeting downtown. I goddess wanna let you know that there is one person an error recognizes Newton and his wife have school man. And then as where I went back to my friend. Two bears come over and they go he bottom and and Harrisburg a middle salute and go sign up how many offensive linemen get recognize down public. I will hear fanatic like you and I we recognize every one of them but I would think. Harris Barton one of the greatest offensive lineman in the history of the niners is having a drink in downtown San Francisco and no one cares and a money than a niner fans crying and I want truthful let them know that at least somebody recognized them. And for one reason or another I don't know what it is. He was a fairly recognizable. Offensive line he had a got a little little face time daddy did and and also you've really close off the field would show. Judah helped. He was in his favorite story only bullets too much all his favorite story is the one during the drive. You know that Joseph. Pointed out was that John Candy in the sense of effort in in his retelling of the story cracked me up. Because she says it in Joseph turns to me and says hey H. That's recalled in its news he felt that he has not only going to qualify that because of the Aaron. Well Harris probably Chris Harris in Paris Paris Paris art Harris Barton yeah. Not Harris beat by the way which sponsors are. What is it to be flying right the morning shows before there ever any or had an Omaha steak I have their awesome. I used to give him out for. Wing when people had kids that was the president that I would send rather than go off their registry because like. You've got a newborn you're not to have time to Coetzer here's these pre done meals. OK that makes sense. I get it comes in a cooler I love I just a hair whenever. I always thought that's a great gift if you're living in the country of begin mania where meat is outlined. Like why you. Because it's a five minute drive to get a stake wherever you live not in Omaha just a cattle. Twice baked potato that's and it's like either you get those down those hermetically sealed. Payers that are raised like Kobe beef and and their wrapped them like tin foil and then there's like bubble wrap around them have never had one of those. Yeah like that's great or I can go to the grocery store by a pair the app on now I think it's just that the fun of my my brother one time for Christmas gave. Mean my other brother Omaha steak hamburger patties. And they were frozen. That's fine but I was thinking I wonder how much is constant they were running like fifteen dollars each. Actually shoot for affordable and the reason that we started giving them out is because we received it when we got mayor Ron it was awesome. We also received it after we had Jackie are our oldest child and it was awesome and then when we looked up geez how much you know when we first got it I mean it took. It's a cooler and it's got it's not just the stakes there's a bunch of different choices you know what what combinations you can sound like there's one. This has. The filet mignon and New York's. Hamburgers hot dogs twice baked potatoes there's a dessert. That's like a Mac pac and it was only like. I don't wanna save under a hundred dollars got a ton of food from a hundred bucks and it was good. Penske out of a total has got to sell stock contacts line. 95 says enough knocking Stanford football. You know that if you know what you know of senators and that means there's a Stanford fan out there and another Stanford fans existed British. When are we knocking secure because I said in during the big game I wasn't talking about during the heart by yours this must be a really homeowner must not really young person but Fergie in forty years that was who stinks the least in the big game. Real but the thing is they've staffer bill is beautiful and even an estate and nobody can or Phil right it's gorgeous no one goes they have BCS teams under Harbaugh. And David Shaw and its fans for the other team and you know you get. You get the white turtleneck. Under the red Stanford Slovak part again. Yet and then your life just got back from a photograph yes it sure of Tanzania because you know they always said that the niner fans were whining quiche now that Stamford. Really yeah oh my gosh so. I've been meaning to ask you this because you are former college football player in the Bay Area and why is it that when despite cal having a BCS. Team Stanford haven't abused wife command not draw. Is it is simple little there's a whole lot of things to doing there. Well there's a couple of things it's two different things number one at Stanford. People can't relate to Stanford in the Bay Area saw an usher Stanford fan well you that you can't relate because it's almost no one from the Bay Area that goes there because they have to recruit nationally and I I admire what they do they it's harder on the right interviewed Harbaugh and his head coach. Any said the other registrar is change it's now easier dig in and Harvard than it is Stamford so he has defined. A valedictorian. Who's also a no one from the Bay Area lacks the elitism at Stanford unless you live in memo Parker Paoli out Apollo I'll join you aren't a lead. They can't really relate. With with Cowell the packet the packet missions that cal they think sports is an abomination to the planet so they always put sports last they tried to Ginny barber tried to drop. Baseball and gymnastics and everything else and I and they ended raise their own money to keep baseball around Amanda gone the college World Series. But I think fans can relate to cal because there's a guy from Oakland attack and a guy from saint Ignatius and a guy from sleaze and any guy from. Saint Francis you know they're they're actually some. Bay Area people on there. So you have a school that puts sports last like cal but we relate to I think the bay area of holes more for account. But the other thing is herbs is this is a pro account if I can call the Bay Area a town yet. It's a pro town we don't really care about college sports in the Bay Area not as a community. Only fringe and only fringe fans go to see the hoop game. So when I was a little boy and my dad was taking us every single USF home basketball game and they were consistently ranked in the top five I'm talking about the bill Carr went for boring change hardy that era. And even onto the quick and daily they had a good eight to ten year stretch where they were topped when he came is it just. Did I think it was a big deal because I was a little kid or was that truly big deal and for some reason. Basketball is in a big deal college basketball anymore anyway. If you're a fan it's always a big deal. I led the way you look at it all the time it seemed like USF basketball got a lot of attention. Yeah but let me put you this way same areas is always sold out. If you put same areas on the radio they get five listen I know but they weren't nationally ranked. This one's karma right now saying Mary is gets nationally ranked every year okay good that President Clinton daily the whole. Follow shall give them the the death penalty himself he didn't even wait for the answer after all rape thing that was horrifying. But it's just like if you think about counts Stafford as radio entities they they they are flat zeroes in the ratings I had. How about duke and North Carolina you know they're worth their radio cravings are there through the roof shirt it's because in the Bay Area. It's like we wanna watch the warriors. And it it didn't help when the warriors stunk too because on the warrior stunk I think there the Anderson basketball won and you even lower so. To me caught bass balls really for the students. Who go to the games which is always fantastic fun it's good for the alarms in the does get first few fans like you said when you have an area of over six million people in the Bay Area you're always going to be notes. And get a good crown price it's just we only I think as a kid talking in general terms this is approach how we care about our pro sports. And if you have the option of watching their college basketball gamer pro basketball most people are gonna go from well. Maybe not now they might not be able to afford to go to a program want to petition are open spec. Yeah I get that its approach are no doubt about it that just. It's a shame because we've got some really really good college teams here staffer was ranked number one undermines Mike Montgomery right arm and they still got out drawn by their women's team. That's still one college team that consistently. Draws in moves and not necessarily moves illegal needle in terms of sports talk radio or TV but. Stanford women's basketball as the biggest college brand in the day. Well there are dynasty carve out of her is also a team USA coach and and she's a hall of fame. A hall of fame talent as a coach no matter how any which way you look at about the way. You listen now I'm 57 the game herbs and eight KG MZFM and HU one. KGMC San Francisco a radio dot com station. Which means you to listen to a stream through radio doc common rated. Happy and by the way didn't didn't name and MVP of the battle of the day.