Rick Tittle and Matt Kolsky First Hour 6-1-18

Rick Tittle
Friday, June 1st
Rick Tittle and Matt Kolsky join forces to disect the 1st Game of the NBA Finals. They review the contraversial overturn of the charge late in the 4th quarter. Matt asks if the Warriors are too reliant on KD late in the shot clock and in ISO situations. Tracey Murray NBA Champion joins the boys to give his thoughts on the not so easy road for Golden State as well as Lebron James lacking offensive help.

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71636802171636. Radio call for me every single warriors yeah. Yeah yeah family and eighteen YHUC. San Francisco I'm not quite different game. All right Friday night did straight civil and map calls BI no matter. Oh I'm good I'm ready to go outlets we got three hours. Well mostly warriors star Alex problem this is gonna he's got Lou join us 1130. And we'll talk a little bit about the the black and orange but. Other than that it's two and a half hours of warriors talked and basketball fans we love to hear from any team Cleveland Browns as well if you want to chime in. Let's talk a little hoop. It doesn't get any better in this old Milwaukee AAA 9570578889579570. Penske auto sales doc Comtex on 95795. A personal matter it's gonna do show you. And I've known you forever yeah up from our syndicated days together and then he would win 9571. Started. And now is Phil and and you were produce and Chris you know so we've I've known you a long time shore hand crossed paths on many an occasion it's gonna do good to be it's good to be our. Enough of the pleasantries with it and is it actually relatively needy get into the your lips. I'm just gonna there's so many things to talk about and we're still going to rue the name about game one because it's still so fresh in our minds. I was there and let's just start off with that the charge reversal. When I sought in real time. And Katie was not happening great game when he ran when he went in I and a guy called a charge I decide yet it's no I'm on the other end of the court and in the upper. Level it looked like a charge for me. I did an alum of the I didn't know. That within the last two minutes now you can reverse that and so if you're looking to see if we guys and said that little many are. And then you see a guy jumped in front of that I did you know about their role. Yes. Are called on the put it in place. It it's. It's because for obvious reasons frankly it's because there were plays. A couple of years ago I can't remember the specific plays but relatively important ones where. They reviewed a play much like that and everyone saw that the call was wrong but the only thing they were allowed to reverse was whether or not a guy I was in the circle. So they would rubber stamp a bad call knowing it was a bad call and that's a terrible look. So I understand why the rules there I thought this was. A questionable application. Of the role in as much as. There was not really any question whether he was inside the restricted circle I don't think anybody reasonably thought he was inside the restricted circled. I think they used that. To get another look at it and overturn the call and for me the point every play is get calls right they got the call right and for what it's worth some accounts ahead at the first time you did yeah. I'd bet that would have gone the other way and let's say LeBron comes in and in that war we re up in arms about how screwed we are right in the but it's one of these things where it either way you look at it that they're both superstars. You know who deserves the call I'm into. Yes it's if I can understand why cavaliers fans would be upset because it seems like they need is sort. Squeezed in a review that they probably shouldn't have ever reviewed but at the end it's the right call and I'm not sure you can blame that for your loss if you're Cleveland right there are. I mean you whenever you go to overtime you can't help but think about every. Javelle missed dunk or curry hitting from almost half port yeah two and a half. But there before we get into too much and breaking it down the when I keep hearing a lot of a warrior fans say all this is a sweep Houston was that. Have you watched the finals the last years and and maybe if they had won three in a row. I've I've probably would be saying the same thing but I was out that game 72 years ago. And I watched the greatest team in the history of the regular season who have lost three games and are all year. Doing behind the back passes the forty. You know I Z the inversion Arafat since and I'm still shell shocks but anyway when I sat in that seat. And I saw the view almost the exact same seat. I got a really sour feeling because. That I started real live thing. All of that and as much as people want a punch holes and a bronze. The games that LeBron James his game. And says he can't do this he can't do that. He's added that went down sort of pressed her she pointed out in the last eight years going to the finals he's been with 59 different. Fifteen now how many are good outside of Tyree and Dwyane Wade and maybe. And then there's a handful and the Kyle Korver is the Mike Miller's were good in their role. But not all stars not all stars are you know Larry Hughes and Matthew Dolan that don't it's. It's embarrassing. That'd the teams in Cleveland frankly that have been put around him. At the Miami teams were good because bosh and wade are legit all stars and and they had good role players on most of those teams but also all wants a million. Ray Allen was on one of those but he was forty years old via yeah you're right it's. Remarkable and even just getting. This team. To this finals is a remarkable achievement it's in or it's unbelievable. And LeBron it's funny I didn't even notice until I looked up and when he hit fifty. And the guy sitting next message he has fifty. And it's just I couldn't believe it but that game reminded me a lot. Of game 12015. Were Terry Shumpert as time expired on the baseline through an up and that was backed iron and I remember steeper saying hey if that's Shumpert. Shock goes in we have a completely different mood I felt like that the warriors escaped but now as they say it's kind of a hubris Herman's liked. Like the first quarter in game six in game seven against Houston are my gosh they're letting us down and then they went on the go see I knew all along for. Yeah well the interesting thing with his worst team is there are things you can point to. There weren't great I Kevin Durant Dinara great game last night outside of the all stars you didn't get a whole heck of a lot from anybody Livingston was quite get by it. Overall. The worst played pretty well. Vaid just. Also had to deal with a LeBron and they also got a decent game from Kevin Love so. What's interesting about the game is it's not like those Houston first half I didn't feel like that at all during this game met a man this is ugly I don't know what the warriors are doing this doesn't look like them. It didn't look like them. By. They still couldn't pull away from this cavs team and look part of that is just LeBron going completely nuts. But also I think maybe we have to consider this could be a more competitive series and we imagined even if it's four or five competitive games which that may and appear tickets pay. It's Anderson team out when you think about how much and even I'm certain players moms complaining about guys who knows but Powell even in crunch time late. Katie would get the ball on and everybody would go away from a man I'm thinking yeah this is what they were doing when staff was heard in Katy was playing great scoring 3840 even though they were losing some of those games were your score thirty points. And and I thought is this is this is is this the plan. Even if he's ice cold because I sort of feel like Katie feels like OK it's my call. And then if he's double teamed and has a bad shot he still takes its almost like I this this is the call that was made now I have to shoot no matter what. There's some of that I think he's getting a little too much flak for I think that it's as much on everybody involved. I think Steve Kerr is saying. Yeah. Go ahead and get yours plenty of the time and I think. Far too often. The other players on the floor either he's playing with a combination of guys who really have no offense because he'll end up especially in the second and and early fourth quarter so under out there we've. You know looney Livingston trade Monday and and David West or something like that and now and it's like well what the heck else is he gonna do. And I think also even sometimes when steps out there he's guilty of handing off to TD and clearing out to the other side and stand around with three other guys wall a wall during goes to work. And if you're gonna have someone do that. Kevin Durant as the second best someone in the world to have do that. But I think we all know that the warriors are at their best when nobody's doing that and that's what sort of confusing and perplexing at times. But sort of put it under it because I do think the team both literally and figuratively asks him to do. No doubt about it let's go to tell Lowe who is right here in relation to alma tickle me tell Mo what's up man. I had a nickel for every time I heard that I have a few bucks right now. Are you argue for finished. No I'll know it's not it's not like table like in a lot who. I'm Portuguese but it's a Spanish origin. I was calling you are. You know I think everybody's talking about play but one thing I noticed on the planet that actually not being view of the block or the charge. What yeah the second the standard out without work on are actually right side I can't remember exactly who. But before KB yeah actually make any contact well LeBron before they make contact that that fingerprints and on K means. Shoulder. Alone well armed. Aren't yet on the army and all where that actually pull back to shoulder just before. They make contact actually thought they were there should've been a whistle on that contract before any thing else went with LeBron and Kati. That he put you look at the replay he. Before they make contact keep took his hand on on JD shoulder and pulled it back arm the second thing it. That you know I. Refereed the main green and took another look at it is because you have that awkward at square one aren't. Started to call block and then recruit. And I sensing that trying to. Not are not having that overwhelming consensus that weren't they or aren't. They dug deep in their pocket where what why are we sure we actually get its goal right. I think that's why they went there are few because there's some kind of trepidation there. Yes I tell Mo thanks for the call that Oprah I appreciate you making your point here were up against it that's why when the account to cut you off their butts. Making the point there it was Jeff Green by the way and I don't know it. The big collision is the one you call and again I think they got the call right. Men and plus when you start to slow down a bang bang play and say you can see your hand touched the elbow. I didn't see it in fast motion I was in the arena and he went to slow down of course you can see everything. Are coming up after a quick break Tracy Murray the NBA champion Olympic bronze medalist twelve years in the league. He will join Mac calls in Ira title next right here and I 570. She. And. Now back to the original shell on modified seven game that you without a welcome back in 957 the game great to have you whether it's -- fiddle and Mac cold feet taking always till midnight tonight and that's our pleasure not a be joined by longtime NBA of that and also. An Olympic bronze medalist it is Tracy Murray. And at Tracy after seeing the game one of the finals and all the different. That's story lines the one thing I took away is that. The warriors fan base of which I am one there seems to be hubris like all this is this is going to be easy and I don't know why people think that if they haven't seen in the finals. The last three years this is gonna and this is nothing but easy is it. Don't not you little. By at the same time that you looked up and down the losses or how does the plane hit under the cap have a big player to consider it. The flip side I think Golden State sloppy with the basketball. And then implement them director and have a root of the second half so. You know luckily it over time really got a great what was they are here and obviously don't want it. Giorgio there was an article they have their it could have. The book the war at Sumitomo on the early sort of stick. Now a lot of times I've players can just forget about the situation in and whether it's daydreaming or just the heat of the pressure we we know that can happen and I NL. I JR Smith didn't want to fess up that he didn't know what the score was then and only he knows what he was thinking in your career and even going back UCLA. Can you think of a situation where you had a teammate is some Mike Brown. No. I was only in the movies and I never even seen it in high school never in a situation like dad ever. And it's just unfortunate it happened it'll. So if you're in that locker room trees the act after that happens I mean what's the mood in there how do you. Reacts to a player who makes up a play that bone headed today that may have cost you a game. You know what everybody's pissed off from the locker room but but at interfaith. You've got to regroup quickly. And make sure he utility gunmen anecdotal. No matter how embarrassing how old are headed toward you gotta let it go into. You know he's got to have a mind right for decades it can't be a carry local situations where perky little. But the focus is playing well that's it. LeBron James obviously we re know how tremendous he is he played a game high 47 and a half minutes. Scored the 51 points he rebounds eight assists. Have you seen as someone and perform at a level consistently this high in the finals and end up on the losing end as frequently as LeBron has. Our habit. And I haven't seen in the bunker the carry thirteen. The light LeBron has because I don't they all Kyra you're UConn relentlessly to Kevin Lowe could have a little little star but he's been. Hurt all that noise though. He's had a shot at bat lo to you don't so. I did I haven't seen. I guy. And hit stature especially in this day they'd whereby it to a relief you don't look legit option to go to war game. He's only really the kit option that is borne out this night in night out. Put up these monster numbers he doesn't have a Robert cute so Google really myopic view. They did it live when we're not having that help yeah it'll be why does it doesn't happen so. It is you have Alfred the Butler did it at a at a. Yes he does he doesn't have anything may have comfortable that a point. But it for all the look Brian Peters UCL how great is to Revere. The other is no doubt any news you can hate them but you cannot deny his his talent now. By the way it's that little and colts Q it Tracy Murray former NBA champ. I didn't realize casino I'm a lifelong warrior fan a workout that a bubble here in the Bay Area but I didn't realize until dram on how that. End of the game gaffe that and and net in game five of the western finals just how much America was happy. And how much they really do hate your name on. And we shot. Tristan Thompson after he got burnt out dram on clap and in his face and of course Thompson and throws the ball on his face. How or what do you think of dram on from where you're out I mean obviously the guys say a very effective team player but but how do you see him. I can only go on how people treat the interim I was always very nice to reward a school to make. Bury him until a class act. Well when you get on the floor is sure to go to war so you do whatever you can't the word about football games so he really do. And agitate people and if you're not mentally plot and maybe it can't. The Golden State Warriors when you're so. I think what to do a better job of it will be tough and to block out what would rate monitor or. Given that LeBron played the way he did Tracy NM actually Kevin Love had a pretty good game day they got. A little bit at a JR Smith although he doesn't make the horrible play at the end. And on the other and Kevin Durant did not have his best game they've given all of that. And the fact they still don't manage to win this game. I mean what is the answer moving forward for the cavaliers. All of that's why I have the cavaliers. Only played five games this could use because of the fact there at the Reagan didn't play well there are storage. They had hit Steelcase warned that it didn't do it. Then these guys. They watch tape they see where they will leave their bid to come back sharper. That would go to they've been doing they're all year so I can't even lasted past five games. You know it Tracy is as a warrior fan. I am always happy when LeBron passes the ball to an inferior team meant nothing against these guys in his map point doc Kevin Love had a pretty game. But. At that that final shot of the game you know they're down by one and then he's in the top of the key and I'm just thinking here it is is in a winning game and he he throws it down the middle lot of knows fouled obviously and then. Of course we saw a guy only has one free throw. And hill but. I kind of wonder and this is a may be low Ludacris talking about a guy scored 51 points but. If I'm entirely like tell LeBron just shoot it every time I mean if it's just never pass that because maybe he'll do a Wilt Chamberlain and then. You are Hershey 100. Especially down the stretch you know one that gave them a lie you want you bet they're shooting the basketball you're under the golden ocean either been part of the that the somebody else. And that it the other team and other teammate that's you know you we want to bass player is paid all that money for. This issue Lugo who wins and losses even incorrect for the war. But no you get when the game alone and you gotta put that back. Came initial order caramel in it if there's a lawsuit etiquette boot the credit for the most of. Speaking to Kevin Love specifically strays the day he. In Minnesota this guy was looked as one of the top ten players in the league and their view and in moments in this playoff series there herb run not this series but throughout this playoffs where. He's had big games he's he's helped LeBron out at least to some extent. You see sort of his Arnold its failure or just like the lack of great success here to be more function of him. Just not showing up sometimes or is he not being used properly do what do you make of Kevin Love struggles. I don't think it's a struggle I think he played his role and then when you got somebody dominate the ball like LeBron. You know Kevin Love was the number one argued that imported the goal two guy in the open guys put their so. When you step into the number two or three guys Orton doesn't cheap. You're not gonna get the same numbers that you got when he was not one guy in addition Wimbledon so we knew the number one guy you've got to hold it sections. He's not given the same little playing time that he got to admit it sold out people don't realize. Cabin into that you're all well it's clear that cavalier team with the golden. Lawless it is not that no one option but they treat the brought it and the volatile with the ball. So it gathers you got to give him where he's hitting. Basically so I think you do what you care. Being over it and it it sort of the old the law. On that stage and behind the three point line a lot so the two different schools for two different teams. You know a Trace I can't believe I'm Sandra spent the last few games I almost want to rant and not shoot so much is just stay in and and curse still front and these ties so's I kind of feel like he's just wants him dead. Sort of hit his way. Are out of this slump. Katie so hungry last year and we know how fantastic he was the finals MVP. What do you think about his game right now teaches. Gone through kind of a bad pass that that everybody goes through its it is. Maybe a hunger or not there as much as a guy watching from the outside what are you bank. I don't think you can you just need to fight it would do whatever is going through. You know he didn't toward that is it. People don't understand how hard your body is. At the end of the season and his people run into the playoffs and hope by the way you have people in the playoffs year prior. That's like the third four year old people into the playoffs even when you put okay seat. When he was to go over there where it went well they have you know a nice little import so. When you have bad. Plus pre season. And posting them they reclusive. You know it doesn't go bar delay. It would be if you were necessary treatment is to get here late back. Spare me a little while you're an actor it's actually shot so see the ball well and that they're pitched cops are. The wars have been starting come Von loony for a lot of the last couple series and last night we actually saw JaVale McGee. Come on start the second half and and a little bit more or Jordan bell as well David West even got a few minutes did you. To your mind is looney and still the guy that's already start to look at some of the other options. Volume you can AP uses who god has probably fill light that over that illustrated this about match. And what this team. And an activist Tristan Thompson is you in the united guys that going to be able to grab protect. And block out rebound. So you can read my goal with girls. What third to build a few more good to hear somebody like they had. To come. Down delayed because the private gonna get doubt he'll lie get into their late unit that greatly so fighters spread protect. It is so by the red protect air Ki trysts and also off the board so you know you you might go will be bigger this time because Tibet. That's Tracy Murray of course great pac ten player NBA champ also Olympic bronze medalist you can bomb on Twitter at real. Tracy Murray Trisha back structured time and we appreciate it and hope we will catch a down the road. Definitely picked gravity. You know what else Matt is said and by the way Rich Little Mac called ski here or not if I seven game grow until midnight Logan Murdoch. From the Merck quarter report we'll China sets at 1030 -- problem which from NBC's workspace area talk a little. But gyros and 1130 with the lines are open. Anything that Tracy had to say. I AAA 9579570. Wants an 888957 and if I seventy pence got to sell stock come to us on 95795. I'm so happy I didn't com Tracy McGrady. Become an act now that he wasn't a great player and sound. I don't know negotiate yet probably knew it slightly better. Playing. Statistics if you had been trees immigrated to less championship totally. Are right now I was in the building and you watch on TV so you actually had a better view than I did from the second tact but when clay. Got twisted up. With Smith and and I don't think it was a dirty deli type of play and he was putting I just think he was diving for the ball right on clay turned us. When it first happened in my sock played down or go down and he was kind of you know crawling on his hands and knees they're just for couples than he got up and I thought. Well that looks scary but he's OK and then I saw the slow musher replay and I saw as neagle 45 degree angle. And I'm thinking this this is an even just out for the playoffs this is out probably till Christmas of next year and I'm thinking all now all. When he ran he ran back out to start the second quarter like you gotta be kidding me I couldn't believe my eyes. I aid could neither. And I thought on TV it's that you know obviously we all saw the replay 35 times but it. It looks really bad and that's the same knee that kept him. Well they actually miss any time within me a cup or rounds ago or just twisted he twisted that mean though in this playoffs already. So I thought for sure especially you know when you see the shots of the guy on TV limping down the hallway. And the trainers walking with a M and sort of encouraging him and he's got his head down a little bit it's like oh boy. We might be about to hear you know MC Eller ACL and I also concluded I thought at the very least. It's an awkward strain he's gonna miss at least a gamer so and so I am back in this game. Thank goodness I I did hear someone say. That he had a pretty good limp leaving the arena last night but. That's another benefit of the slow schedule is yet to full days to try to heal that thing up. Yeah I was thinking. He walked off on us on and we know that the you know Joseph Thornton played hockey on no ACL on ACL hockey play little bit different by about you walked off his own and we are gonna wait for an MRI and then it would be like staff a grade 2 AM CL sprain and a very very bass right in and would be ten days and he would be done. Sell just the huge huge. Sigh of relief are let's go back to the fans. I have then is in San Francisco your 957 again. Yeah I don't by the McCaw I'd markets remain. Armed or. Deny it then it. Requirement. That. And it would I agree that in wacko Google may lay any kind of try to buy that you wanted to get ever for Reid. I eat you know lot deeper for. But on back is probably that it hypocritical. Their BA and out there and because they don't want note we in all policy. Did it jordin when you are merely a dollar because we. So hypocritical. Literally not have been spared Britain's parliament have shot the ball is great state. And only thing that's right it was right in. Rhonda you got you back but he didn't spend it but rent it. He didn't have what it but I would not I would like it happened but it because it would. Paying. Apparently you know being you know so. Any of the day you ignited the band aid if people want game. It. Yeah hey Ivan thanks for the call. And and by the way if you like to chime in anyone else up their AAA 9579 to 570 Penske auto sales are complex and I'm 5795. Did you insult aggression their pre. That I got at I think it did. The Kardashian shot I liked how he slipped that in that area. Listen heat. He lost his game Shaq has he got kicked out he got an extra 25 I thought for what he did you know dream months clapping in his face he's and he was I didn't think he deserve really DF thrown out for what he did not know Nelson. I understand why they made that call isn't a very dangerous type of play but when you actually see the replay he doesn't. Hardly touch him he runs right I am kind of I think the penalty for shoving a basketball on a guy's face. Is 25000. Pounds right I don't think he deserved to be suspended and this isn't some tit for tat thing from two years ago about what happened to LeBron and there is no conspiracy in my mind that the NBA wants this to continue on. And to make sure that it's not a sweep no one is on the ten there's no. Is there a Tim Dolly here. Mel and by the way. If there was. They should really start suspending warriors not wondering whether or not to suspend Tristan Thompson whose impact is marginal at best. I mean it don't the way the way to guarantee. That this thing is not a sweep is today. Get rid of a couple of the warriors best players otherwise stated there's a good chance it's over and for five games. It's not a great point and by the way on the text line here at 95795. 510 says if that was straight month he would have been out two games 415 says Dre among what it's been suspended for that. I just disagree well and not only that dream on sometimes makes his own bed that way because dream on we know complains more than anyone else in this entire league everything is that as an outrage and he got a foul on him. And he's built up this reputation even subconsciously. As a guy who is going to make trouble for the wraps itself. It interest in Thompson doesn't have that same comparable patient that's what you'd be very careful when you reputation precedes you like. Yeah I know we all watched the career Rasheed Wallace right now and enter Hershey Wallace. Got technicals for doing things that other people didn't because he had a reputation now dream on is a little different. Actually think it goes both ways which are a month sometimes there's certain referees who seem ready to team up from the start. And sometimes he gets technicals when he's not really doing anything because of reputation. Other times I feel like his reputation works the other way they know he's yelling and screaming all the time. So they let him yell and scream a little bit before they sort of try to crack the whip Bonham and I think it's. Put tree has been pretty good. And I. I don't view what does that have to do with Tristan Thompson a dream on kept his cool in that situation and when the ball got thrown his face. People grabbed him and there was no real altercation and so the warriors are fine. If you're a warrior fan. You got more important and interesting things to worry about them. Trying to get Tristan Thompson suspended well something that I noticed last night there was a play or the warriors came down I think LeBron got called wanna. On a reach and something pretty innocuous. And the whole time the warriors will forget who was he issued missed free throws the bronze over there at the rest and he's complaining and complaining he's complaining. And even when they're in down in the past he's still complaining and some people in the crowd like TM Optiem Optiem up. LeBron comes down and I thought he got felt pretty hard and there's no call and I thought that is a direct result of you whining. Way too much on the play before and I I think that's obviously what happened there. Whether it's subconscious or conscious right referees and I'm not giving you call our hugest chewed me out for three minutes. This. For instance. Jury remind complaining. After he faced Paul Holmes. I think it was LeBron right it was the LeBron and he got like full on claw of the faced. Raked his face with his hand and nannies like throwing a temper tantrum after that the call. It really destroys your credibility. Now I love this text to from a 40 wait you guys sound like a buck if haters. Let's go to chef and Hayward here on 957 again. Hey fellas just like to say this show is very fair and now it's just been in possibly. Is with Iraq. Whereas Tristan and how he was and that your country in my time at the end of the game and not getting really nothing going I'm. But also work. LeBron or maybe are they make in two years removed make up calls. Now now they're not Jeff thanks for the call I really appreciate it and the lines are open at triple A 9579578. And listen I understand Matt why some. Or your fans alike wall of Drake got suspended two years ago when he met in other a lot of warrior fans up there I talked on. And they think that's the reason they lost the finals and I like to remind them that he was not suspended for game six and for game seven if he was driven for all three. Yeah you could make these cues for game five but game six and seven he played in the warriors Los both of those games at two. And beyond that. That was what I Kevin Durant here so. I. Pretty much we view if if you're. Position is had a dream mongering not been suspended for game five the warriors probably win game five in the series. I think I agree with bet. It doesn't matter 'cause he was and maybe more importantly. I don't know if they win last year's finals if that happens 'cause Kevin Durant doesn't come here the entire future and history of the NBA is different right so. Playing that game is silly and I can guarantee you. First of all I who even knows that the referees in this game were part of that series and second ball. They don't care about that but nobody. Involved with the league cares about that anymore it's over and done with him and sometimes referees are just not that good. Jeffs many times. There are not that kid and I don't know why anybody would want and it's like the type of person who volunteers to be a meter maid I mean if you're in this crazy. Here in this the Communist country where they assign you your job I understand but if you're in a free country. What can I do or I can ruin people's days. All day long it's really crazy when former players become. Officials. I really. Now what you wanted to do when you're done playing is gay yelled at by current players. Okay our rights that Tripoli at 957 that if I seventy Mac is in Santa Rosa here on what title and call ski. First of all bill it would it would give up in their game. The official did you know that great a crystal this but Michael bishop the best of. Out it's a hard domain and the thing is now and the rest of those are not gonna get the calls right every time they're just not. Lowell what the but they ensure that because that's their job. That's what you're supposed to do and much much bigger problem what basketball is that they call out on what they think they saw. Not what actually happened. I I'm not sure the distinction that you're making. You wanna clarify that amount. You can't get you mean may be an official call eight doll behind a guy. Because of the way he re bid to your situation. Yes a simulation MLS and I'm with you we all as sports fans. We we love to hate the rafts and we blame them a lot of the times and I'm I can tell you I'm no fan. Of the wraps the only person I've ever worked with in my life that loves the rest is dibs because she is a basketball wrap I don't know. I respect the fact that he gets their backs hope I'm alive because now especially media with the NFL rest being at their part timers I want that really drives me. Crazy but I don't think. That if you are an NBA draft map that you are thinking. We have to make sure that this guy gets extended we had to make sure that this is in the sweep that's the furthest thing from their mind. And 99.9. Percent of the time all of these guys are constantly thinking I've got to get this right. It's very hard. Because there are men bigger stronger and faster than you sprinting all around you jumping ridiculous heights. And doing ridiculous athletic things in turning and twisting their bodies in insane ways. And a lot times you don't have a great angle on it now I have a whole rant like I'd like to do every month or so about. How refereeing should be conducted but this is the world that we live and we got two minutes are. Referees should not be on any field of play anywhere for any sport. If you can't have a robot do it is should be human in headed. Great TV room in like a theater room with giant screens in front of them that have quick DVR capabilities. And have cameras run to the best refereed positions and shoot those positions with all tried Def cameras so that the referees can actually see what's going up because. They've proven. Consistently. Over time that from a court. They can't see what's going on a lot of the times same thing with the NFL referees. Can't see what's going on on pass interference half the time the Tony yards away from the play so to me none of these guys should be on the court. There should be a security guard down there and calls should be made remotely. That being said that is not the world we live and I don't think that's going to be the world Renault and anytime soon so mistakes are gonna get may have. Let me tell you something rob man Fred yesterday and in the last year the technology for automatic strikes on he said has grown leaps and bounds. And you leave that out well I believe that technology has gotten better I don't know if they're gonna remove the human element from that but I have been calling ever since I'm in broadcasting for some. Person out there are some kid some old person some doesn't matter who you are how old you are. If they can invent I said kind of like a floating orb like from fan pass them to just flowed over the would GPS and everything else we have. I I hate the whole human element thing because human beings are flawed it's it's such a silly approach to the idea of light. We must have the human element but referees aren't supposed to be the human owners the players and it's also event data is and it's yeah. And it is send it to be you know being spat upon and all that. Speaking of being spat upon we'll spit on his mikes all way until midnight if you're on a whole we will get you. In the next segment we appreciate you taking the time to call a triple A 9579570. Pence got to sell stock Comtex line 95795. NBA finals talk with tiller calls because back on if I suddenly got. Back to the Rick tittle shall. Do you like seven big game. I'll thank goodness that's the real version. Oh wow shots fired at DJ asked for a powerful Iran to have nots poor quick. Carolina wanted to go DJ Kool now and cocos walkout they went to the that was the buster rimes version. Sure it was yeah Vijay quite loudly and clearly not a brawny. He was to nine. Are. And Lindsay tomorrow. School is definitely a DJ at it our global figured out they get the DJ or whichever version is get a for next Colin nick on it ritual and Mac calls here with really bad music known to stick to sports here on 957 game. Logan Murdoch will join us coming up at 1030. Your calls welcome at triple A 9579570. Pence got to sell stock complex on 95795. Talking NBA finals game one still fresh in our minds game two course on Sunday let's go to the motto is now what's going on now. Were ordered our. I don't wanna make this point you know. I registered going to be about. Deserves respect and all that. Well you know you guys what are under wraps and our public I'd do it questions about it. It would debris buried there at top guy on. No one really had indeed if candidate explanation that spark might rule X number one at the Al bit. They're always knew the situation where it's so subjective where the reps are able to pay what the actual trial. And it changes you know the giving a big game won't play all that all you know. Would be. James Harden and what should our local mobile. They've played. Russell will look away look at slate is charging you live push for a new. What you really want to game really well you can achieve what you would count every. At the last second a slide pushed to create separation. Goal to me that bad blood could be called public advocate I would know because nobody had covered the lyrics doubles. Thanks so our our gate checked out there that the well it's true we have the candidate object be it. Well. Well colony discovered evidence that sort of like it in they say with offensive line you can call holding holding on every play a few. If you really want to can be a little bit and nebulous sometimes with the wrath and you're right sometimes that wore off. As your saying with the arm as the following human Chris Paul's only offensive moves back and sometimes it's not you know you. It just depends on the angle on the graph and death of their film frog I mean this is still unfortunately. This is the trick of refereeing a sport like basketball 80% of the calls are subjective. You just you you're making judgment calls most of the time and those push off I don't know on the other hand is in response als what seemed like the direct question they do have a rule book. You know these things are written down me handling the motto what what their calling that'll do bombed the sort of mimic the motion a home and and you know when they go to Steve Jaffe who who really his job as I see it is too. Do everything he can to make it seem like the rest of doing a good job so he's always equip a catering and trying to play both sides split. When they go to him he does usually at least. Address what is the issue at hand here's LeBron James coming over. The question is does he get in legal guarding position now if you if you're the question is what's legal guarding position that's written down that's an NBA rule book it's just horrid. To safer sure her. Who was moving well and exactly when things stop and sometimes the more we slow it down the harder it gets I I think too he mentioned Steve Jaffe. He would have been the last guy. That I would have thought would be the TV guys that are calling Don Nelson ever hated anyone more you know would be go to Jeff. They'd pick I'd be good as did guy they took off the floor to put in a different quiet room somewhere his money McCutcheon. Because he's sort of the credibility guy because he's really good talker and and good it's sort of having those tough discussions about why call might be right frankly I don't think the TV broadcast has any. Real interest in having a referee explain anything they just. They NBA wants somebody to rubber stamp thing to see Wyatt yes shameless is out in the dock here on 957 again. Or not. Can I ask you shameless because of the television show or cause of the bill angels' song. I'm at the kind of a nickname Kerala payment saying okay I'm fairly certain it won't so neither Britain. You brother who's Billy Idol and it at anybody I don't wanna with you know recurring nature but please. They're reading you guys. Watching and players. Oh. Oden on the gain on the broadcast I remember there they were talking about is that called that the rest and air balled him in inbound pass over. Gander at Ted he's making you know forty million a year and a much rounder. Beyond him about it when it's like a lot more that everyone wants to park all the plate or army guys there are. Canada's crazy of their expectations of these referee. I hey thank you very much now and listen we're not bashing or freezes that the refereeing is really. Took it upon themselves at the end of the game you don't you don't want you want the players to decide the game I thought watching it from the arena. That it was a charge and you watch on TV what did you think I'd definitely thought it was a block. Because immediately built the way you we saw it in the TV shot you could see LeBron was so moving I gotta jump in for a yes and the first replay you can see he's clearly still moving when Kevin Durant hits them and even more than man I just I don't like that play. The the quick slides sideways into it did dueled charge call even if you get their just in time it seems to need to be. Against actual spirit of that rule which is really to avoid people charging into other people deliberately. That being said it if these. Not moving. It's definitely a charge but he was so they got the call right and that's the whole point I think of all the things to complain about. Let's complain about how women get it wrong now when they get ready people have this thing where they like to go all well. You know you you say that's the right call but so what about the 15 minutes ago that they didn't review it's that we that what was wrong let's fix that one not break the one they actually got right. And I think if there wasn't disagreement that Ripa would have been triggered weeks. Our rights I wanted to map but wait till I calls through the united I've set in the game Tripoli and I'm 57 that if I seventy. To remind. In this especially these these these last two rounds. A lot of times they say the two there are lies damn lies and and our statistics and a lot of times you'll watch a guy. He held a great game we look at the stat sheet at don't look at the stats are so many things that don't show up on the stat sheet. He had a great game I think dram on is one of those rarer. Cases where it's the opposite. Because it looks like the Houston did it cleaned and every pass he makes barely know or he's going they jumped the lane they intercept. Breaking threes. You inbound passes to the wrong team. And then you look at the stats any of the triple double. Did you does that does Drake and have that effect on you like. You're killing us and then you look and you go no you're not you had an amazing game I think it is because sometimes the mistakes are so pronounced. Yet I mean I am aid die hard to remind Greene fan since Michigan State freshman days off so firm mean. I always look at him and it's unlike them OG with the heart eyes when three months playing I just I love everything about his game I love how well he sees the floor. But I know exactly what you mean and look. He took three. I locally three pointers over the first record as a meg game. And then when he had to hit two of humvee hit them and at the end of the day he's a 40% three point shooter for you know he. He threw the ball horribly out of bounds on the one played the color was talking about and and I think he had a couple of those but you look at the stat sheets. Kids two turnovers and guess what five steals so he's plus three outsourcing my legs hurt our margin. I I don't think. I understand what you're saying and I think it is as though. Boy is it ugly when he shoots a three off the side of the rim in the back boards like that that sticks out in your mind but. I don't think it's a case of the stats overstating his impact I do think his impact is on that level. When you look to. Howl and the reason that he's wide open is because they want him to take current. And he set out I was sitting right in front of them and news yesterday is talking about how Kurt tells him keep shooting Currie tells and it to keep shooting he goes. He said that that actually had told Nicki shooting on my okay are not being used the outcome but ha ha. Tee it since he's been what the warriors he's attempted seventy threes in the playoffs and he's hit one. Sell you know that's about 26%. Move as bad and it's that bad triple A 9579 if I said let's go up refugee oh valley road in Hercules to Josh what's up Josh. Now what's up man. Very ought to give Russia trick totaled big hurt recruit out or in the bill and yeah. They are too good sound I wanted to gate again opinion on the death LeBron dynamic because. Like I know all these guys that are our friend out out of off the court and but I I get a particular I don't look for oranges love to beat up on that they need to be yet they are. Any chance they get and take down the pay what it has opinion are on the dynamic between those two. They actually called Josh I don't see that I think LeBron wants to be done every one and they both said after the game that the little smack talk was just whatever I I haven't seen anything especially geared towards staff from LeBron have you. It's an interesting question I I don't know of. To answer what you just asked. Now. I don't think I've seen anything specifically geared towards staff from LeBron. I do think I know what the callers talking about in terms of LeBron seeming. I think there's an idea LeBron said in a lot of NBA stars heads. At. Who's this little runt. Sneak it his way into the top four or five guys in the league because all of the top four or five guys in the league. Step is the least. Physically intimidating. He's the one who the least of all those top guys imposes his will physically he imposes his will was an incredible skill set. And I think. There's something deep inside LeBron. And even someone like Westbrook who I think curry is clearly better and but there's a chip on those guys' shoulder like I could. Bench press him. How can he be this good and I do think they try to take that out on him some times I think usually backfires. All of this is the same guy LeBron who had to watch Steve Nash hit a few MVPs in here so this is nothing new. Triple A 9579578. Justin in San Leandro you're an ID 57 again. Hey guys just. Will scale marine I don't know. A lot of people coming down on KD. Not annoying word is places. All of sudden whack sheer. In our view finals MVP. And all of a sudden is the just because he is you know have a little bit of the that a lot. You know in the last couple games. Carrying a caller block necessarily border saying you know he hasn't been AD. Why you know why a liar people against the. Justin were just pointing out the obvious you're right you're exactly right he's not KD he's no I'm not saying he's an empty shell of himself. But he's not the dominant player that that work Chinese too and I think in crunch time I would much if there's a last second shot man. I want a splash brother take I don't like Katie taken out right now. Yeah but that's only because you have to really fantastic option well we do on on most teams you'd want this Kevin Durant this version of Kevin Durant which granted may not be the best version if you're OKC yes what are you basically was that area Boston. Yeah but the bit about we have let's watch pros yeah. Now but there's two teams in the entire NBA right now probably they wouldn't take this version of Kevin Durant to shoot their last shot in the both playing in this series but. That doesn't change the fact that. Kevin Durant is still. Tremendous. And I don't let's just look at last night's game in. He had a bad game ranked yes Tony six points regretted it for Tony to shooting 26 points is in great. But he missed six threes so if you take out the three point shooting seven for fifteen. From two point range. Nine for ten from the free.