Rick Tittle and John Dickinson Second Hour

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Sunday, July 15th
Rick Tittle and John Dickinson talk Warriors free agency and then talk to Steve Kroner.

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But ago there were web again and he grew up a lakers stand he grew up a huge Kobe fan. He was really ticked that the lakers didn't call especially when they're looking for starts to put. With LeBron James and I think he saw the lakers. It call sign called up hope and they signed Rondell he's actually buddies with Rondo too we got along while Rondo in Sacramento and the pelicans and I think he was really hurt. And angered at the fact that the lakers a team that he's always wanted to play for. Didn't call with this opportunity to try and build the super team because he would have taken it from what I heard. A similar deal what them although they had the capability to offer more I think it's almost in some ways. A bleak beauty though. Lakers. On that he comes to the warriors. As a team that thinks they're gonna be contending with the warriors. He's like okay you want me wielding you're gonna have to beat me and these other four future hall of famers and I'm now plan. Interest saying you're listening to Raton John Dickinson 957 game KG and CFM and HUNKGNG. San Francisco our radio dot com station we have another hour together. Well I just wonder about the timeline. Because. We hear that old you know cousins got close to signing with the lakers he got close to signing. With the Celtics I think most teams didn't call because they figured. That he would say yeah I need a Max deal. I don't think a lot of teams have even thought to pick up the phone thinking they can get them on a one year deal. For an exception. So what was the timing. When he thought well when when there were reports. That the lakers comment late and no whoa whoa whoa whoa come to us senate that was he like not too late. Well I think it was it was a little that but I also think it was. I think he wanted somebody to off from one year in fifteen million somebody that had room. Now obviously the warriors don't it in the Celtics don't police yelled don't either the lakers did. But I think it's one of those where don't come back to me out. After that you were at its specially the lakers lakers were team that could have offered more so I think it bugged him that they didn't want to offer him more. Yeah I think it even LeBron isn't all of those such that that don't he's never really been close with LeBron so I'm not sure what the relationship is there I think you made. I I honestly don't know. So I don't wanna. I don't wanna I I don't know the relationship there I just it's something I think. It angers him that he has a reputation. Of being this loose cannon it can't be coached and I think that's something that actually in leads the league circles. Has. Gotten to be a lot bigger than maybe it should be I think there was no there were a lot of people that he rubbed wrong that told a lot of people. This guy's an absolute whacko that you do not want within ten miles a year locker room. And the rumors are spread and spread and spread spread spread a point where very few people wanted to even take a chance. When you look at the GM rob plank the former Michigan player now a GM of the the lakers in game basically saying look I'm not gonna try and build a team like the wars to beat them although the rockets got very close to doing that he wants to go defense. Not gonna get a lot of enemy gave it. Rondo had a Renaissance that to his career you you bring in a Stephenson and all people saying what. What do you do and I I still think the lakers won free agency because you got LeBron James and and that kind of trumps everything else after that. But as they've built the team after LeBron and basically saying that he has been a part of that we know that he really likes Rondo as well playing with him. Outside of quote unquote winning free agency by getting LeBron how do you see Luke Walton as he gets to camp when his five now. I think it's gonna be tough for Luke. I really do I think it's going to be difficult I think he's going to be expected to make it all work is going to be marginalized all of Ron tells like David black shut up he's got a he I don't think it's gonna get to that point because Lucas is sold in me he is a likable guy. But he could be he can be a hard ass in a similar waited that Steve Kirk can be as well. And and and have a little bit of a fuse RID blue we'll handle it better than David blatt. I think he'll handle it. Better than even tie Lou at times did although they won a championship. Together in a year where he took over for black. But I think it's gonna be very difficult I think Luke is gonna be the first. Place that everybody looks when it doesn't. Clinton really casualty if it doesn't click the ownership didn't hire him inherited him all oh. Again he's so I mean you got to think Jimmy Jeanie buss and Luke Walton the weaker share and Jeanie buss is didn't. With the organization for a long time as well so it is a different. It's an yes this regime of general manager and everything didn't hire him but it. He's very much you Laker guy I don't know that he's a Laker LeBron guy won't we'll find out I it's going to be very difficult I do think he's going to be. The first that he's gonna be there if I want to see the first one to go if it doesn't click the way people think it should I if given an odd. Mix of players I don't like anything they've done to be frank other than. A crock pot well. And you know what else is funny to us when you know magic had gone out saying give me two years enough and I'll bring anyone at all. All quit but. To me it's a figurehead you know it's like it be like Queen Elizabeth saying that are of like saying if the gays don't get a and don't make a good trade then stoppers going to resign. I mean he really is just he's not making any of the. Yes you do need deck as a candidate that speaks everybody they gadgets can smile that Magic Johnson. Yeah that Cheshire cat huge moment on about us now. Let's get back to the wars for a second because I'm interest to know what you think about damion Jones the move the book on him was. Hey you know a a young player with a lot of skills he doesn't have that means street just yet hill acquire it. Now going into this next year I kind of look at it. Almost like we solid two mom looney and we let the looney and we thought geez maybe he doesn't make the team maybe you know but Boucher who gets minutes so we don't know how is gonna go down and looney ends up starting. Playoff games. Is is Jones now at that make or break here like are you going to be an NBA player or not. I I think he's. I think that might be a little strong and I think you know we didn't like you said we didn't think Obama and you didn't know what he had could be I think. What damion Jones needs to do is show that. He has a role but consistent role and I think he's gonna get every opportunity. Along with Jordan Velika Von lead to be the starting center at the beginning of the year because DeMarcus Cousins is gonna be out and I think curl play matchups. Unless something changes. On this warriors roster as far as them adding another big man which I don't think they're going to do to that mix another veteran. He's gonna get a chance and he's gonna have a an opportunity to carve out a niche along with Jordan bell. That's oh what's the one with the Vallone what how was bells. I mean I I seemed all of more minutes. With south log some people think Bell's going to be the starting center well that's that I think into the evening he can handle it. I'm not sure but but that was a deposit as dramatic I am now if the fact that I'm not sure I inning on Al does a lot of great things he does a lot of things that make you scratch your head as he disciplined enough defensively and I don't know. And again I think the way this shakes out there's gonna be minutes for a lot of people. And that that that's a good like I'm just again I'm just looking at right now you'd throw cousins out for now. Sir and you look at the beginning of the year you know if if looney between looney. Let's just say Jones Lou need now. Okay we've got three players. That basically have to fill. Your 48 minutes and it's really not even 48 minutes because the warriors in some games of go small and play. Straight moderate center although I don't think they wanna do that on the death lineup. But it's so you're talking about can each of those guys give you sixteen minutes. Well that's yes I can't can each of those guys deviant and it's really not even going to be that. Because they think you have to look at a Jacob Evans. Who could insert himself into a small lineup and you have to look at a guy like my cough the worries keep them could insert himself into a small line so it's it's less than 48 minutes. So it's really more like. Forty to 42 minutes silken each one of those guys give via. A few minute yell run half a 678. Minute running path juror. They can't count at Tulsa all the more JD about Damian Lee we know is going to be marrying. Sued Dell curry a two way contract which means he can't play more than 45 games I guess in a perfect world. You would want him to step up like Quinn collected. And then get a real deal and also when I look into the Las Vegas league you know you can have two guys on a two way. Kendrick none now Kendrick non as a guy who had a great season at Oakland University he announce some problems in his previous stops. Tremendous score doing really well. As they say you know you're having a great team when you're worried about who's not be here two way guy and the Gatorade league. By Lee comes and and now maybe Kendrick none because somebody else will snap them out. Yeah I think Kendrick nuns them began more apt to be like queen cup because he can he can fill it up and he he hasn't been signed it to this point but yet Damien when he. I don't know what's on about them to be perfectly honest with you I am I I didn't watch a lot of hawks games. And then 2017. Or eighteen I wonder why I a couple of poor quality divesting them I'll be honest and yet not much of of the three point. Shooter. In Ali but I don't expect that it can score and happy a family favor they would never do that. Rang he would stake not now they wouldn't do family's favor. You would think not I mean I just you look it is but you look at his body tied 66. To ten and I mean that's. That's the body thought they like. And I again you just sometimes you just need somebody. That you can have at your disposal. To bring up to the active roster submitted has experience playing NBA games should he become a little bit shorthanded tonight I think. I wouldn't read too much more into it than that really. Do you sort of thing where if what's gonna happen and walk years Lander a last year in Oakland. That organ I have sort of one last her raw with the band together and then when they go to San Francisco obviously staff will be there are so it's not going to be wholesale changes. Maybe Katie leaves after his one year do you think it's going to be one more year of what we love and then maybe something completely different when they come to San Francisco. I don't I don't think the mortgage wanna do that attic but I mean it a lot of it hinges on Kevin Durant and adding people really believe that Kevin Durant was gonna sign. The big deal this year Bryant and I think it sort of you know last year when effort last year he basically said. When he took the one plus one. That he was got to stay so it doesn't matter if he he basically already committed to this coming year last year even though was a one plus one deal. And so but yet still we had that 56810. Different times in Erie had to reconfirm matter leak it to somebody read differently payment he said he was staying. Like the year ago wouldn't pick we knew he was staying this year or not Mike Fisher feels different to me. It it feels like not not that he's got to leave for an inning like that but it feels like it's. It's not a 100% walk but is he still got one more opportunity in his crime right to go somewhere if he wants to. So like I think you could see where he wants to keep that option open. To him for one more year and then make a decision Saunders and this is gonna sound a little like a cop out. I think you got to see how the year plays out and I think maybe his thought process is. See how it plays out among harmony amongst egos and everybody. In our locker room because maybe a little more going on now locker room last year then they can I would set. Even last sort of I hinted at that and and you're right what if he plays one more year and then claimed Braly even and he wants to go home and play for Washington he's leaving that option open are we come back from a quick break Steve kronor will join us talk a little bit about the Bay Bridge is we'll get back into some Doug talked as well. Ritalin John Dickinson come on back and I 570. Gather around every line we've got huge news and it's great marketing so we needed rain storm on how to advertise it. I need for an listed here to help. My computer says there's never been a better time to switch to sprint into the new unlimited plus planned its features the TV you love what Hulu music streaming with title premium full HD and fifteen megabytes of mobile hotspots all on the network built from limited at the best price. 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Linkedin and closer than you think. In 957. Big game. 957 again. Brake pedal and John Dickinson only got one big fat. Media segment all the way until 8 o'clock and we love to have you be a part of the equation. We're talking Bay Bridge series are talking about the warriors offseason as well what off season. They turn around and blank and they're going to be in camp 88895798570. Penn. Guiana sells stock Comtex line 95795. Welcome back to the show our friend. Steve kronor writer for the the chronicle and nasty now that there were in the picks building you work for channel five for a long time right. You know I have the year Rick you don't. We're doing well so I got your your TV background is bashed. That's what attitude euphoric but I I were to keep the I think they're they're what color about it when I was working at. Anything beyond that up a couple of I kind of lost track elect I I held a time we're gonna keep PIX in the eighties and nineties working with Wayne walker Joseph on the record on being about and Turkoglu Picchu was the producer extraordinaire. When walker the pride of the Idaho vandals. Absolutely. I'm so even covering the gays in the giants for the the Bay Bridge that the series and some. When you look at we'll get to the giants in a second but you look at what Oakland has going on right now being thirteen games over 55 wins. At the break and win at Seattle getting a little bit cool up there in the Rocky Mountains now just three games out of these second wild card. When I look at some of the names that they can acquire as pitchers and I see Cologne and shields I almost want to open my. My mouth we. Earlier had Zach primer on he said maybe a Tyson Ross amount Harvey L Lance lay in the what do you think DA's do what their rotation Herm maybe they just don't do anything. You know to the question we were discussing that as well if you if you're really ready. Best case scenario will be able realistic scenario and not have a trade. Be working from Mike Trout say but but opened that no reasonable. I'll would you rather have it up for week of work starting pitcher or would you rather have PP eight. One or outfielder or backup infielder. Youngster I don't want to go to the three areas I think obviously it. Com. If I were Billy bean and David for a bespoke an odd about the guy from an older people a better idea who. But. Bill to get three area and I think that there into a point where we know how to get those things and that. Be nice to get one or two of those but if they got to the break up of the deadline excuse and they had basically that it happened now. How this awfully good broke out there a re they way he would be good for the final two. Yeah I didn't priority Steve I mean would you put the main priority though starting pitching I mean just somebody that's been around the block corner two times that. It to make some starts and I look at I don't think the need an outfielder I don't think they needed infielder I think they've got enough hitting. The bullpen is good he can always use another bullpen arm but I I just look at and I think if you've got to do something and it's it's get a starting pitcher. Yeah I mean I think that's the conventional wisdom in the lock on the content was the right are if you take it a step further. One of the biggest story of the birth shortly the last probably also has been all. But it support you keep getting. Worn by the explorer or three starts. Apparently you figure that bullpen has got to Wear down a little bit so. He get a guy who can you get six or separate consistently. And then you can you know Dixon that would book during a it and get the Trevino trying to yeah I think I think the story could probably would beat the number one and number one goal of vote for being the report. The rest of the aids front office. What do you think Steve when we look at Jeff so Marge and as a guy who we love him. Maybe now Michael Morris when you really cracked skulls well number we love the guy. He's a competitor and he eats innings by the on the other hand a high ARA third time now on the DL in ninety million dollar contract which isn't his fault obviously. But you know you kick Holland now other rotation and block and you send Don Stratton and now he's on the DL again. Are they gonna get to the point or the like look we and we know we normal lot of money and that's. What was the stack JD in his starts. They're two and eight this ten starts wow by far the worst of anybody and it started this seat. Yeah let me put it at the level or I don't think. There as much money they have it estimates that some Barca and you know how much heat as it would in the past two seasons. I don't think you can you know cut ties with him but you have to be. Realistic and for the rest of the incident you know we've created our weather shoulder or elbow whatever it shortly. To be right any sort integrated that last night and entity goes on the DL I expect at this time I think you know. You better make sure that he's a 100% healthy. Are both that the clubs they can't forget support. If that means you know you're calling go to court case for a couple of starts after the break. I don't think that's the work world for the. Yet Steve I just look at it and obviously bomb Gardner's in the rotation. Quaid is in the rotation. Holland is pitched well Stratton they sent down. Suarez. Wasn't great today but he's been really good debt as of late and they do aircraft rig has been really dead. I can still see how you add up all the numbers and say it's a margin. Even if he does get healthy. It -- the tanks can't they they can't withstand wait around to find out the other two games over 500 there in the race almost by default because nobody's run away with it. They need to let some of these other guys like Holland in Stratton and Suarez. Stay in the rotation because they get the better chance to win don't they. Are in the short term I think you're right but then again got to think Opel all our technical Rodriguez or is it the quote he died of being it. Pick the big when you go there early though how much of those guys have. They haven't been through. And I play a hopeful big leaks that. I think one of the things that whose votes he liked about your call. Instill this this like couple that got the fruition really quickly it has already is that he'd be the sweet guy he can. You can give you make the rotation up the wallet you need to rest. If you support or cookie jar he quit no has been quite what Johnny quick ones the past couple years are you know he would outlook two. Forty I got that are not surgery so they can give you an extra day era they're doubt you know the last two. Inch spot start call. Now I think that would be the way they got to go. Chris rap was very good early he was not very good the past two or restart before he got that there. So I don't of the decree struck the answer I think they're they're debt he. Thank their lucky stars that they did doctor call autopsies began to beat a very valuable. Part of the rotation slash open. Steve kronor with us total and Dickinson 95 cent again a couple more questions for honesty from the San Francisco chronicle. On when month they signed my Lance and I thought oh my gosh there's forty automatic saves every year and if they had only had on the year before against the cubs maybe that comes and still be talking about the curse of the golden. Not winning since before World War I and all I sell Strickland comes and he becomes a closer and then. Pits of feet. A I should say a fit of peak. He breaks that lets that whatever it is he does something dome many breaks is handy and we just had the pins removed he's not even Billick come off the DL until. A late August but my lands and now all working as a way. Back in is I just you know is she gonna take over the closer role of the war where do you see camera now. I think got to where he is I think it'll lead he has pitched the seventh and eighth inning I I think occasionally he could get. A closing role but I I think we'll script literally the job the only question. Will script you know you're coming off the topic on is he able to go back to back days but he will let on the eve of what the date but he's really good. For the past a couple of weeks in the role that. That mr. Burkle and had and I I think you know that. You know that the role will be this city. We were going to kill until put something dramatic happens it'll. Public schools got put to the war well I think politically. If not the closure and he probably won't be. Yeah at least for the remainder of this year it and a big part of that is just his inability to pitch back to back days I mean I need your closer to do that at least. At least give it two days in a well. If if you're in up in a position it to win some of those games that we mentioned this at the ace Steve kind of hit it with the giants as well mean. They're kind of in a position to where you know they've been a ton of close games. They've had to use the bullpen a lot. They haven't gotten a ton of innings from their starting pitching although they're starting pitching overall is the better than than what DA's have add. Do you do you feel like Darren a spot where they need to. Add something maybe to that bullpen to avoid just weren a bullpen out that's actually been pretty good. I'm not so sure about that you couldn't ignore it and get furcal back I think the jacket the it'll be really had a best case scenario in my particular sport. But I can you know open. All what all has done pretty well but it raised on that has been really good. Will script has been really good Tony Watson outside of or by. Mr. can't alas not walk really good I would accurately been. They'll look at from open right now I would think starting pitcher and or cork a bat out Leo whatever glory comes back. However she might be but certainly get that one or that but it might lead by day by need to out of. You know it's funny with with Currie young who was a very quiet number of the bass Brothers T imminent. Acquire a member of the is for for years and years we we know that he was one of the scapegoats for fried chicken gave back in Boston but. After being fired very surprisingly. Last year of mid season and going over the giant's. Also again very quiet but you look at some of the results and you know pudge is sun and some of these other relievers as well. Seems to be getting the job done with a well earlier the the years you've dealt. Well with curry on how do you see him right now over there in China basin. It ought to government double cork a lot this season but it the numbers speak for themselves the giants pitcher has been. Considerably. Better than it was last year particularly. In the bullpen and you know I don't know that Kurt is the open reason for that but I securities and it solidly that. It's hard to argue with the results. Steve one final question for you oval switched gears and talk a little basketball. IDs. DeMarcus Cousins with the warriors what do you think of that doesn't work does it not. Your thoughts. I think it'll work I think the warriors out. A booted up core they haven't been coaching staff. The market doesn't want. To open championship. And I certainly. You know all the one of the better big red Indian BA. It might not be completely flow of first. But that yet that he'd probably get back from his injury but you don't forget that you know Kevin doing it. That curry did exactly match for the first couple of the 1617 T took a while I think a little while but overall. If you advocate the type of market took over. Quote. Bob Weyrich of what you're gonna. Yes just for the uprise for sure down. Yeah I would outlawed. No doubt about that is Steve kronor you can read them in the San Francisco chronicle as of gate dot com and on Twitter Steve. Kroner SF and I always bring this up being a Danish heritage that is the money in Denmark the crew owners. My it was a daughter with on the European. Weren't you get that there are people were asking her about the that we are not correctly. It's. That they didn't get. Gore waited yet court with a well. But that they don't pronouncing Crowe who you know what our quote you're gonna like that but yes yeah I would I would prevent them that but that. A RA Steve thanks your time and we'll see at the yard. Or. In you know what's funny JD is that he talked about how. The ability cousins. Kind of fills up the world is against them can measure of these like in the car driving around or asking questions like. I think Billy held a deal with the guy who would not just drives you batty. Absolutely it would and it's a tennis and that's exactly the kind of being they would draft bill would tick them off that there's no doubt if that what if that were the case. But and a lot of people were a lot harder and asked the the plot it were a lot more pointed I'll say about cousins and especially during his his time in Sacramento I act. It yelled. In fairness actually TE got a little bit of a bad reputation considering electorate among those what a debacle that franchise was when he was apart. Can you think of off the top here hadn't maybe one or two of the biggest. Fresh cause at the plural of practices they that maybe the two of the biggest serve meld down type of situations that happen when he was up and. Well. He got he got kicked the one was gone downtrend remember what year was it was the lock out year. Where he got kicked off the team plane that was mark Jackson's first yours and I'll lose. It was 2012 in January it was it was like a weekend that season. It was a weekend it and the one that we're talking not only did the show on Christmas right 2011 this was early part of that year. And the team was thank you were flying to Phoenix. And he he got into it. With there was Paul Westphal as a head coach at that point in time. He he got into it would west smaller got a new with a teammate. And they were gone to Phoenix every is getting on the plane in west while kicked them off the points that you're not they'll. Which he. Didn't have the authority to do. Westphal also been at that point win suit public relations and told them to put out a statement that cousins has been. Suspended for conduct detrimental to team he will not be making the trip the Phoenix so that email went out. And while he and Paul Westphal had cleared it with ownership. Not at that point and basically wound up getting Paul Westphal fired. The fact that that he did that but he was so fed up with. DeMarcus Cousins and an everything they did not get along at all. George Karl if you're a member DeMarcus Cousins you know it's actually happily play the warriors. There is a game where Vladimir route not words are not about Iraq hit a three that sent a game in overtime in Sacramento and worries in a winning miserable teams Staunton. By. Prior to that DeMarcus Cousins gave somebody that was shooting free throws for the warriors that choke. Symbol. And Paul Westphal. Benched him. From that starting the next game because he did. Because he thought it was just on toward in. It's a simulation freak Thursday's game was on the line and cousins kind of walked up to him like him choke like you're gonna choke you're gonna miss these free throws. And you know whatever gays when she had kids and you know and Westphal was so perturbed by it that he didn't start cousins the next game. And he talked about just bush week I mean it's an at that point. Yeah that was one of the that was one of the fracturing points of of their relationship. Well. Her girl and the nuggets they aid. The warriors knocked him out in the playoffs and that was the Mark Jackson playoffs and he was seen. He was fired in George Karl on you and remember film about for him he would gone through chemo and remember the press currencies that I thought David Lee wasn't a plan now is all dressed. He gets fired and so they bring a man after a year off he gets his health back. And immediately. This is another primate cousins mad everyone said oh my gosh George Karl's old school he ripped Jo Berry Carroll's lockers off. How how in the hell is he inning along with cousins. And a. Peres that didn't work and that but again bout was stupidity. On the part of the ownership group and and general manager in all of that it was it was absolute foolishness to have DeMarcus Cousins. The your franchise player and bring in George Karl to beat head coach and say hey. 68 get along guys were trying to make a playoff run because at the point that they did that. They signed. Rajon Rondo they actually made that the horrible horrible trade that is the reason. That the Boston Celtics have their unprotected first round pick next year and less it's number one and it goes to Philly on. Was because the kings traded. It picked swap which happened last year in the Jason Tatum Newton that was actually the kings. Slot. But they did. A swap with Philadelphia's a Philadelphia got their pick they shipped to the Boston in the mark awful steel. I'd get off on a tangent here Rick but though I look at the bottom line is the kings had a Jason Tatum slot. That was Ayers but they traded it and the first round pick next year that they don't have the Boston now owns. Because they wanted to clears salary cap space to sign. Marco Belinelli in. And Kosta Koufos. You know it's funny zoo is that I would I mean is that not the most. Old school crappy warriors type move he ally of suffer again forty years the and it was a couple weeks ago I I did an interview would win Jim Jackson on my syndicated show on I've talked about his cover coffee with the warriors but. That the thing with the kings came up this time went in Sacramento. And it was basically Turkoglu took over as his spot but any ended up signing a two year deal with the Houston out of that. And he actually said I was very upset with Sacramento I wanted to stay and they had no use for me. And it do you remember that time in Jeanne Jackson out of gulf. 033. Out. He was a really it it's it was actually unfortunate because the kings had that year particular. That 03 year that was a year after they lost to the lakers in the conference final every talks about with the officiating and all that. And kings kind of gagged on it in a game seven at home too they had a double digit lead in the second half of that game. Lost in overtime but. Jim Jackson they signed their next year. And they had they had more players on that team then they knew what to do US that was in an actual fact and he was. A very useful player but at that point I need to think they had to beat. They did beat they had Christie pays Djokovic. Weber plottage. At that point in time. They stay signed Keon Clark you're working on an archer who was still at that point productive backed up big they signed him. They had Turkoglu they had Bobby tactics and at that point. They had Jim Jackson on that roster they they had. A ton of talent. You seemed to be away doing new and a incredible Hulk. It's amateur I need whatever he seven. Original agenda again tonight if I set and again in the near future bullet 957 that if I seventy pence got to sell stock Comtex line 95795. I do think it's inducing him back for the warriors here JD. That. A guy with the amount of success. That Katie has had elections forget all the scoring titles and everything else the last two years to rings. And two MVPs. In the NBA finals. That Katie is still arguing with seventeen year olds. On social media not with a burner account and I think it is it's just. If you have a personality and that's that's just your personality you can't swallow that you have to slap back even though that guys opinion. It doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things that still irks you enough that you have to risk. On yeah. I totally get that in I am off Arab problem. Honestly it's just it's ingrained for whatever reason and who he is an M look we don't get that way we all mile. I I actually used to be that way were I would go back and forth and anybody you always we always feel like and now home it's like you know what. They get to say whatever I don't I don't wanna take the time waste the energy but I'll be honest to somebody that that is Canada guy that looks at everything in Tennessee's every response and and you know if he's special UV had a strong belief about something. It takes a long time ten. Fight the urge Cherokee as you know I mean it's at any light years you don't take a year to you it's a really content. And that's for a normal guy. That's not you know that's for a normal guy and it's gotten you know will limited followers compared. If Kevin Durant got to have a couple 100000 dollars at least sir. I've found Ireland Twitter came out in our old boss JB made media Twitter at an out of the time. And I got into some argue with a guy is almost emasculated and stupid cowardly. Anonymous I mean and whatever his name was big bowler for a 15 any whatever was it's just it's such a waste of time and we just quick. Note is Imus stickler for accuracy here Rick SNL he's got a couple 100000 dollars that she gets seventeen point two million. Fat but the sound a little you think about everyone I know I it. I was thinking it's probably over it was probably at least seven digits but now it's yet seventeen point two minutes or so think about. Think about data in the context of how many replies you begin to anything. And 100000 of them are snake every night no matter what he tweets I mean it that if that would tick you off final one. No doubt about it another thing I want to ask you back ism I'm bending your NBA here here. The commissioner at the summer league I'm so over he had he had been saying it for awhile that they're just about ready to get rid of one and done. And rumors that may be around that point one A season. And so we might see another influx of a lot of there's only two rounds in the draft a lot of young kids coming out listen right now we have one and done. You know how many underclassmen declared. And didn't get drafted this year 41. Am 41. And they were the big man on campus and someone wasn't there are talking about being a lottery pick in what he get them by first the car of the council on whatever was. And when you talk about all the players and now playing in the European league. It's there's just not enough room with with some sixty odd picks for everyone to get drafted so. On the other hand. I feel like if you are eighteen years old and of course this is a private entities the NBA it's a private club it's not a Philanthropic organization it's a commercial enterprise they can make a year old they want. But some guys are ready Garnett was ready. You like it that's LeBron he was ready. Is a farcical year at a school I like the fact that when I interview long the ball when he was a McDonald's all American in high school he told me I'm one and done. Is it the years past they always say well we'll see how it goes I'm going to be a history major or not he said listen I appreciate his honesty I'm I'm one and done. Want it done because that's the way you have to do it out then as the rules. I think. Then ending one and done it's it's too full what it's about the big it's about the big points in minutes about the big time players in this thing there's no no doubt about that. It's about getting them into the league. Quicker. And others now as a Gatorade lead ideas and that was my second point it's about it's also about the fact that. The NBA is really trying and they're almost there right at I wanna say there's only two were three. Teams that don't have a dedicated to Philly. Natchez weird and it but there but that's kitten hashed out every single team is going to have their own. Dedicated. G league affiliate. That's gonna play a schedule so what they're working this thing into issues. It's a baseball scenario it's a hockey scenario but mainly to baseball scenario where. You're going to have farm teams. You're going to have. Guys that you can sign in guys that that are free to sign elsewhere if they can get brought up to a a Major League. You know roster per say you're gonna have a certain amount guys that you control. And I think that's where it's headed so I think there's also a belief that these guys that want to be will deal done and done not even go ho. If they don't get drafted they will at least be able to be signed. And playing in a minor league system where yes they're going to make less than the in BA minimum. But that will still be. As long as this league continues to grow at the level they want that will still be significantly more than the average jail and you'll be playing against guys who seem minutes in the ambient. Absolutely and you will have some sort of there will be some sort of team control aspect to like right now you have to wait guys. Which are team controlled. But basically these guys are free to go in west they're under an NBA contract. They're basically free to sign anywhere like yeah you know player on the ox. Roster you summer league affiliate let's say could Simon mavericks if he gets to go up its count the NFL out of the practice squad guys can sign when any team as long as they. Wanted to be on their active roster. So we're tell. Yeah well I'm really has said I am I a running against us some you have suggested doing like baseball or you gotta wait three years. Once you commit to the for your school lets you go to. MBA questions for you JD. That the big issue that still house to drop as the Kohl eyeliner and thing and I know pop metal them in San Diego and I know they tried everything they could to try to make it nice. And I guess there at the point now where they realize that they they have to leave and adapted to get something forum. And it if you're the lakers. And there was talk that maybe they would take on some fat contracts from Denver just to get a first round pick. Another team won on ended that buy it if just to make it a little more. That may be a trade scenario little more enticing. Are you willing to wait a year and get him in free agency anyway and run the risk. That he's gonna sign someplace else because I think we were all shocked that Paul George decided to stay in Oklahoma City. So if you're the lakers and you see the scenario for. Hawaii what do you do and then also word do you think Hawaii is gonna end up because we're hearing this about every in team under the sun now. If by the lakers I do what it takes to get him now. And I would became an end and you know why would above everything else LeBron is not getting any younger because I don't think the team that I put a bat around the promised good enough freight. That's and that's a sad to me it's it's twofold that you wanna geek why now. Seed to Regis keep them any yours. Obviously he has to prove that he's healthy and there's a lot of weird stuff going on there. But to me it's a matter of your team isn't good enough right now you need to get this guy in and you need to make it the LeBron and Kauai show with these other guys posted a roster balance they need it. They could figure out which guys are there which guys are gonna be need to figure out of Ingram a ball and and some of those like who's in who's out coups muggy can't. You can't have all these guys you'd rather have a co island or no LeBron and a couple of those guys that have LeBron and can TV is Caldwell Pope and a budget a L a bunch again other guys trying to to grow into different spots. I still think at this point the lakers probably at the most offer because they can offered let's say to those younger players are trying to pick. I like who's and you know. And there's a couple of guys are you throwing it do you think that ball. The whole thing about boo my meniscus was leaked by his dad so that would diminish his trade value yes I do. Because the lakers kind of didn't really know about it. I do you think that's exactly what evidence. The cynic in me I I believe that's exactly what it is ID kits where you can treat the injured guy. In act in a trading guide it's got an injury and it's always healthy arm guess what he might be healthy till season starts. Into miraculously Sunnis on the roster. Easy and he he's on the team he can't trade him if so if coli goes for the lakers. And plays with LeBron. Are they better than Houston. They might be just because Houston's lost. A cut yell and he lost a reason why arteries that go to Phoenix Suns like day one there when I mean to be appreciated and he wanted to be paid you'd think people forget about a recent. He's wondering. A series is not a guy and it's. He's not a guy that is in his position where he's chastened arraigned you know people that's why I think sometimes fans get its you'd think all these guys are rings. You know what she won one. Especially if you're down like a reason it's you know role player. He might have other priorities in having an extra fifteen million for the rest of his life if might be a greater priority at this point then taking. Let's say fought three year five for the team like Houston no doubt about the rigor Kerry Keating story is about a reason. I did UCLA story yeah are okay. Yeah is apparently that's Kerry Keating refer as the coaches tackler and he needed a lot of work with a certain 57 again during the of the warriors playoff run news that Ben Howland right and yeah he is an assistant down and Westwood and he said. After every game that Trevor batteries is mom would. Yell at the head coach and it was kind of like Kerry's job like you get yelled that because they were doing something wrong with Trevor at the time ice. You know and I think is kind of funny that we kind of I think his warrior fans. Because you kind of feel like you know it's the Partridge Family everybody wants in the van and have fun we just kind of figured I yellow reason look I'm here. Pretty exception. But you're right if you got a ring you'll go to the worst place in the NBA to make three times as much money. Get and that's what a boil down to its look everybody went free agency starts every strata set their value and that's exactly what it is every trying to look around and find an offer. And I and again you go back to DeMarcus Cousins beat somebody who's going to pay Trevor reason fifteen million dollars. And nobody offered DeMarcus Cousins more than the minimum or more than that mid level mean c'mon. I mean that that again for a guy that is looking for things may be to get ticked off about him being that the world about that was an easy call. Now what's interesting too is that apparently. And long so ball is going to be having arthroscopic. Surgery. This Tuesday. Now I can tell you just it's and I'm not a professional athlete. Buy it it's funny I've played lacrosse and football at the NCAA level division to I never got hurt and then playing in Golden Gate Park plans soccer. I do like my posterior cruise (%expletive) in my meniscus that I. And so I go and I actually have surgery from the cal doctor I wait because he's the kind or doctor. After the arthroscopic surgery he said I'd India saying. And I said what the hell was all this for and then he said no be glad he does leave your PCL ripped. You got enough muscle in your leg and the and this is just leave it ripped. And I I was kind of mad that I went through this whole surgery and in the end Chinese find so if this is. If this is the ruse. And because SM naymick was reporting this in the USA today that he's gonna have the surgery. If this is peruse the and have a rectal surgery were they just gonna take a look and don't do anything in The Who say it's over. It could happen and I never I don't know a you can emirates might get a surgery no effect but I'll tell you. Yeah you never know I I think there I always think they're so open. I always I'm of the belief there's some kind of shenanigans going on wants double by the way you know my the one question I asked the doctor my knee surgery. Why do I have to be completely. I and I understand that it's my knee is it because my underpants are you liken it down. But here in it down yeah no and then they took the gallon off. And it was like operate them on a GI Joseph or something I don't know understand that is because of my underpants so full of germs. It could be that's just now it's creepy I'm glad I was out for us move on to something less creepy. As we quickly go through. Do you feel. Just as Alonso ball as that guy what do you think give him. Talent wise dividend a lot of people because of his dad. Think volleys these overlook I like Alonso ball as a player I don't love them but I like him as a player. You know what. I like him to actually I think anybody gets passed first and has a vision for the game and India's attempt though. He was actually at a player grown into his own with the lakers last year in terms of running a team in. And figured out how to get it and an you know I I think anybody that is unselfish is he is on the court. Is is good you know it is somebody that you wanna have around. In this day and age in the NBA and obviously he might yet be the guy you want shoot it all the time. But he's a guide can definitely get the ball to. The guys that you do want shooting it and any Kiki create a temple. Especially for a team that wants to play fast so no I I actually like him as a player is he knew it. All that just yet no I think it's gonna take him a little bit longer than people would have anticipated. Woody came into the league but actually I actually like his game. And you're right that the stuff what his dad do is create said that. A distraction a conversation that I think a lot of franchises don't wanna. There was some NBA and is and by the way. Over the weekend that Jabbar Parker the Chicago native heading back home former number two overall pick. Two years forty mil though the box pull their wild qualifying offer. At the last moment. And I think in about. We're talking about cousins again who sometimes feels hard done by as your mentioning Parker averaging about twelve points and five rebounds a game three pointers around. 38%. Didn't play a lot he announced some ACL surgery. Last year as well but twenty million dollars a year for this guy for two years for forty. How to value. It is such as the price of doing business in the NBA it. It's not it's not great but it's only two years and so at that point and I think you almost by the bullet hit it two years some people love Jabari Parker. XP teases a budding star. I haven't seen it. As far as that. But I'm not totally ready do admit that it can't be there. Coming off the injuries always an issue so we'll see we'll see how that plays out that the world. The length if you go to signing and a big money go in and it's short lengthening that's always some and I'm more open to do not trapped. By the way all odds shark. Which is a an online betting side they have the the odds now on work Hawaii Leonard. Well end up and it's interesting the number one team is the Toronto Raptors. The second. Favorite after that is staying in San Antonio than they have lakers and clippers sixers 345. Your thoughts about the Toronto Raptors. Well that's come up more this week that that they're the team that would be willing to part with the most. And would be cool planet the way Oklahoma City played. The Paul George situation so that that's why they are kind of the leader. Of the pack they can risk it terms a last week is that it and forget it it look broads gone now the broads out of the east and they fired their coach LeBron leaves. The brunt seven east so. It's time to get caught why and yeah exactly now. Be the same team we work is you don't and the coach I have cited Danny Ainge with the Celtics he addressed that that this week about how he's sick of people saying oh now the east is gonna be easy any so but the goal is to win a title. We start to go through LeBron. Now. I would temper that by saying the warriors might take care of that for you you actually won't have to face LeBron. That's a very point you might not have to face LeBron at all if there's no question. If if you're any of those teams in the east you might not be facing LeBron at all in fact I would be willing to bet right now you won't be. What about Toronto I understand that franchises get upset when they think they're gonna win and they're not a mean. The biggest example of that in the Bay Area was was George Seifert won twelve and four. But they'd in when the Super Bowl. And when he was fired he had the highest winning percentage in the history of the NFL for anyone who have been fired in this you know because you get used to winning so you're in Toronto. He had a great coach he's coach of the year. But once again even though you're the one CD get swept mile LeBron it's like you know what I've seen enough you fire on egos of the pistons and then a couple weeks later. LeBron is out of the east dia where she held on of the guy and I awarded the thing about levels there. Any it's unfortunate for Dwane Casey for sure but I also think it you know a lot of these decisions. Is how did your season and alassane like how does your season ended verses what the expectation was coming into the year those are things that you have to. Consistently. Keep. At the funny your monitor and evaluate that an all time every team in every sport I always try to take a picture of what I think they are. And an as the year goes on. You the expectations are different things can change but at the end of the year a lot of times things get very emotional. And it's. This is the year. Dammit you should've beat LeBron because they were down and we were this was our best year of your management or ownership something different perspective right. It's also not the first year that we've come up short in this kind of fashion when we thought we had enough men who do you blame. That's it you gotta go doing Casey sorry gotta happen. And it it it's unfortunate but I think that happens a lot it's how you go how can change the narrative. Well I can tell you this as we segue and we go out to the network for the rest of the night always great worker with a man. Always fun all as far as time flies by when you're working with John Dickinson so thanks so what are you on next. I want next Saturday and actually gets in some time off I'll be back for the did the debris series part two Friday welcome the hostility cover all three of those games but noon to four Saturday adding to get the guru. I'll very good shots I think I'll be after Al beyond with the butcher boy a seven to eleven Tuesday and Wednesday nine and then after that as well. Anyway I have a great weekend we'll talk decent JD soundscape armor to the we'll see you next time and out of class seven again.