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Sunday, July 15th
Rick Tittle and John Dickinson breaks down the Bay Bridge Series where the A's took 2 out of 3 and then talk to Zachary Rymer.

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To say if you don't win for the first five it's better to it's better to be in a position where you lost three of the first five as long as you when the last. Our kids off a couple of sorry re. All right you are listening to 957 the game KG MZFNNHUNKG. In the San Francisco a radio dot com station people ask you what that means and that is when it comes all the streaming. The other apps and web sites that you would use. Those are all obsolete you gotta get radio dot com. Radio dot com app and online you'll hear us stream through. The number to call AAA at 957957. In let's go to Dave who's in San Jose high it and I've. There was there's is there Michael. Area so yes I would in. Occurred they would urban and Tony they're talking about guys go yeah. Her or pitching depth. And they were talking about like god like they're drawn in that regard. And I'll think those guys are available anyway and some regard that they were talking about like saying cigarette noted that the drama are gonna get to drop. One of the guys that I like it's that should be sheep and shouldn't take a lot together as a guy like Mike byers. God I got 35 ERA doesn't walk a lot of guys he's either got it and gave you 200 nautical. All right hey thanks for the call. I agree with you Franklin Barreto is not going to be enough to get a guy like. And it is kind of human nature I notice over the years JD that you overvalued. Your own players play I take calls when you are taking a call somebody want to trade. Vote and so guard for Bryce Harper but I mean the sometimes you tend O all or. We look homey they wanna give away all your worst clip package together your five worst players for a star like the other GM would go. You want you want Matt Joyce for corruption and suited up for extension of its should ensued Q yes excuse me. Now that is you you wanna trade Joyce injured on the DLE 200 for GO. Yeah probably not Bernie. Is back in Oakland paid on burning. I'm good I'm good. I love your show Manilow show. Thank you were you doing the burning lean is that why we mentioned. Let. You wanna put uncle are I didn't even know what to do anyway I've read on the early show. Does everybody had. And I potent seven game. It's an addiction with me. I got Q2 questions you. Our own. One with the area. Do you think. Yes go ahead you're on the air. All right so. My third question I would be I got to. Were questioned mediated Blake who's on top of there the eight sound would. And solidly. Do legislation winds are hard to move on top of their song list. No that's selling alert. Oh you mean who they heard who they are trying to trade. Yup other are there is a mean you have guys you have guys in walk years like Lou Croix and as JD mentioned joyous and and Jeb Lowry. And I know a lot of people will look at a guy like a trying and who's still under team referral but if but we think that BA's are actually going to be buyers we don't think they're going to be sellers. OK okay because but it might says. Chapman is on the block so whatever they want money it and you. Yeah no your political body art. Yeah he's a long iron. All right hey listen to actually call Bernie it'll stop start but I gave you and listen that's just to address the eggs that Chapman thing. It was brought up. I was about six weeks ago. That the days there was a rumor that put out feelers on signing him through his our Beers and he said now chuck actually guy can't say get them out of here he does wannabe in Oakland I'm like that's not what it is now and it's not what you do that's not what it is the thing how is it. I'm glad I. Glad wanna. I just thought it can't it's like when I mentioned George springer. Well and before he ever played one day in the bigs they try to get this him to sign through is our Beers he. He said no because he thought instead of signing for 25 million for three years I might get 25 million courier he bet on himself. And he it paid off. Tom we know that the a's got a discount on Doolittle through his we know the giants got an amazing discount on bomb garner. And I I have nothing against the 22 year old kid China's point five million dollar contract instead of signing a 200. Million dollar contract. But the reason Chapman said Knoll is because he thinks he's going to be a star and it would be stupid and Matt Chapman would be stupid. If he signed for some. Hometown discount through his our Beers and had nothing to do whether he wanted to be in Oakland or not I go ahead. Yes now that that's exactly right and it's it's good for the days to try sure but that the way you have to look at it if your. Pennies fan and an actor's guild. What burns a's fans more than anything it's the inability to keep the players to keep their core guys. The reality it's. Most teams. Don't wanna keep most of their players beyond the six years of club control the reality is. Once you get and there's exceptions to there there are exceptions to cal Ripken but about how many you on the go back and use that early 2000 days as an example Erica okay. Did you want us did you wanna keep Jason Giambi for another G1 assigned Jason Giambi to a ten year contract. Would win the a's let him go would that have been good. Or or you know it'd be like that it it even Miguel Tejada who had a couple of good years with the Orioles the wanna sign McGill spotted honey your cup which act at the point. No VA's. Brought those guys up. They had a hell of 56 year run and it got to a point where. Are you cannot pick that's. It's not just your report team that can't do that or or won't do it even U their ownership may have the money. The days in some ways are actually fortunate that there never in a position where they're going to sign a guy to a terrible contract like. And I think that's where you have to get. Yet to kind of wrap. Your head around. This next. 56 years. Now I and you mentioned the marble nobody makes that are being what you're right the days of Billy is they've enforced they've traded guys a little little soon think think Astros think royals. Think cops. In terms of all three had core groups they came up together. That made a run and you had to make decisions on guys you gonna have to make decisions on guys but if you won the World Series. Before you really ever had to pay any it tax write and paid other guys veterans to come in and help you get over the hump run that court group you didn't. And just to inject fer de Mora Kansas City their top two pitching prospects for men nine and fined again who they got Zobrist acquittal for then they made that move their top process. Exactly exactly right and that helps you get over the top to win championships but that core group of you know Hosmer and know that those guys loose and Gordon and all of that and it means you just you go up and down. And yet they they want to keep in Gordon Hosmer is gone you make the decision Irene has gone yet Cain is gone in you look at this it's like every team has those decisions it sure. The cubs may make it different choice the giants made different choices when they had opportunities that. But the reality is the giants won World Series with their homegrown core before they had to pay sand of all. Before they had to pay Crawford before they had to pay belt and they paid Posey handsomely early that basically the giants did it with Posey. What. I think Chatman would like Chapman would want that deal or it's yeah you're getting the huge deal maybe you get that you're getting the deal for yard your picture get a 130 million. That's the kind of deal that it sounds like Chapman once in Indy in a year and half for two years. Right and then the beauty of it is is that DA is don't even have to worry about those are Beers yet not even next year beyond for a lot of guys they are. Exactly what they want they arm yes minimum wage talent who are above average players yes. Exactly right and their and there. I think you could make in me always get in this and they had escaped yet there has schedule. There had to schedule because there are winning they're not ahead of schedule in that these players are better than expected there ahead of schedule because it's all adding up to wins right now. Because they found some. Magic at the back into their bullpen and they found some magic at the end of games that's the reason they are running are now. The players are good no matter won the Scotty and Olsen like these guys could have. Pretty similar numbers Chapman seemed like all these guys can have pretty similar numbers and eight F five fewer wins. You know if if they don't get one hit in like sixty. It's and that's the thing to us when us talking events can China yesterday on the air. He pointed out I forget who the guy was the defensive guru who said that Chapman and Olson are defensively the bass of their positions in baseball. Both of those guys are minimum wage of 547500. Next year. They won't go up to the whatever the next minimum is the year after that and Tony to morning. They still not be armed eligible these guys will not be millionaires. In tilt 121. And you're getting a great bargain out of them but that's a thing we got forty rounds of pixel signed 35 a nominal fine guy and there. Now now that's absolutely right and that's really the days are ahead of the game because now they can pick and choose. How they wanna add. The the ancillary pieces to help them get over the top and oh by the way you'll what's the biggest weakness on this team. Starting pitching right and get renewed agree that's the biggest weakness holiday figured out ways to. Patched together enough. To be in a great position they've outperformed. They're starting pitching significantly. At this point if you look at their overall record. But these starting pitchers on the way that are yazoo. So you know you're gonna have a couple of guys in the rotation that are coming. You know you still have a woman Diana who you'll like that's the only guy I would say is guaranteed. A spot the next couple years. And you're also in a position where you're not paid any meaning CU can go out get a couple of veteran starters to anchor your rotation maybe not. The problems in cinder guards that you can go out and you can get. You know you can go out and get that the next Rich Hill you know what Rachel was that the Dodgers. After the age traded him over and he'd go get. Capital of the veteran guy that can help you get over the top and when it's on again. By the lemon I'll one more year. Minimum wage before he'll go to his first our beer let's go to our friend bleacher Dave and Oakland your 957 again. They tell you want that I made that they got on time. They don't Sonny gray looking at consumer. Yeah that ended up being pretty oppression at the moment yes. I absolutely love Tom. They'll all get you don't Timothy parallels than it all and and it Chapman to. You got two young guys under contract of left. And it should be made public baseball it's the road what they're gonna meg just fortunate to potentially have nobody is there are many start. No not right away you go out and around them are important are know to make what went. So we are now now this this series ownership group. That it would paint somebody whether it's why you ain't retention or not. Just the big hit in the try and no doubt the credibility though is it about this statement that it. And Richie yeah it about you know what to value. In the committee could march he would begin to show. That they are serious about being competitive her account I could do that plays into the lead to explore. Good Booker same time that the money hand over it but that irony is are they could not recover. From a serious note that the 00. And we witnessed that. But the people were saying that this is that a OB a playoff like intensity or. The most intense as Robbie being didn't go through and both in pink and there will be yeah instill your brain the brain area again bust that ballot the war. Age span a mullah indicted and Amare right spin you know did beautiful you know afternoon in the bag just talk about baseball. We do as a together so. No baseball fans decide that a lot of but when aide got to get it erupted. And it company engaged park next week there may and the hitters are relentless. This nation as we need to have an air of inevitability about it that irresistible force. How did that embolden. Yeah I would like you Kagan could do them like it's not that hot buttons but it's into it and they'll they'll they'll slow down yeah probably be absent entertaining players a lot. RIA bleacher Dem I got to run thank you so much for the call triple A 957957. About like Chris Davis one more year of arbitration is making ten point five this year and very much deserves a go on forty. And a hundred for third here in a row we got more baseball talk on the other side Zachary were armor gonna join us from Bleacher Report. He's joining it's an armored it'll come on back 957 again. In 957. Big game. Urdu fluently he would. Yeah Soriano. Are you just. Not our job should love the show will go a wonderful song it. And Rich Hill and John Dickinson here on a early Sunday evening as we have arrived the all star break and we're well into the second half of the games but how is your team doing AAA 9579570. And the Penske out of cells are Comtex line 95795. It's great to welcome back to the show Zachary you're armor of the baseball writer for the Bleacher Report and down not ritual and John Dickinson here Zachary we were just discussing. On the Jeff some margin situation when you think about guys like hall and having to leave the rotation. To get him back in because in the money he makes now on the DL again. And JD suggesting that they might have to get to the point where they can't rely on him anymore we're what do you think the giants stand now or some margin. You know whether or not particular allying them at any point this season was kind of a good question. Been hurt and when he's been pitch and he's been pitching very well that in no way around that. Putting on the deal valued what they're trade deadline being such proposed proximity going out for the wonder like do they go outside the organization detailed list. All they have their rotation now. And then you run into another question what can they actually do give and there are actually extremely limited no wiggle room for the luxury tax. And relatively thin farm system so. Are certainly not the best outcome maker of hope for the one. Yeah and you you just look at. As far as internal options go on a giants actually do you have a few pictures that have been far more serviceable than some margin some largest has been bad. So I think they can fill that rotation spot you mention the wiggle room as far as where they are. Up against the tax that the one thing that they stated they're they're looking for. Is some right handed pop even if it's not a star level player. You know what what do you think the market is in terms of a finding you know role players that have a little bit of power. You know I as we draw closer to the deadline. It's a pretty specific need but it where you could go maybe bring back out of DePaul guy plays regret not the most consistent hitter but hasn't are right side played for played a pretty good left field. Possibility. Otherwise days. Kind of scroll to the let that's really into the nit and not really sure. Well if you think about it Zachary you know of the Oakland a's now only three games out of the second wildcard displaying gangbusters at thirteen over 500 Seattle. I've gone through a little lit of a bad patch right now. And we know that the a's rotation is Sean and I and then now that it's either an old guy Eric guy with a higher air guy who's just come off the DL. Space at Lehman Nyack. And four guys and so when I look at some of the options out there and I hear names like Cologne and shields. I would not give up a top prospects for those guys saw how available are the that happ some of the world and what about the Mets slipped to grauman's sending guard I mean is this kind of the stepped pie in the sky type of stuff. I hesitate to kind of entertain those kind of moves were like DA is well all this is an organization that has always going to do the pragmatic. Yes we're in the playoff race but right now only gunning for a second wildcard spot is network completely turn apart our farm system. To upgrade our chances are a here he is doing. More realistically I think you're probably looking at around mid range rental pipes were just kind of awkward adapt to that part pitching staff. So I don't know they're going to be in an absolutely but the market for him we're about America big markets in tatters going after him could be out of their reach our. Maybe a year reunion when a guy like Tyson Ross I have acquired earlier and a pretty good achievement San Diego to rent or make him very little money this year could go to guy like him. Maybe you pursue like I'm Matt Harvey or Atlanta win. Well rattled up or not but also you know not ace type pitchers but guys who can help the team like the eight were. That rotation in particular in a revolving door and they really just need more salt piece on the aperture. But Zachary what what do you make of VA is run here over the course of the last month did you do you think this team does enough for the right things to tell a year. They're for real and only gonna get hotter do you think they stayed about the same they cool off what what are you make the a.'s big picture as far as. This season goes in the sustainability of what they've done to this point. You know I think if there's one thing I can give you all about. Taking it for granted that there is good is that you know before district began a worldwide Kimi senior day. During that stretch it to warrior basically the same page. On the offense has been good but not scorching hot so basically what they've been known as it gets a few lucky breaks but also just like you were playing really good baseball. Is that worth the 26 record or 216 record of the last twenty somethings that born. It's probably not which are preparing work like OK well if they are gonna continue to. Maybe don't trust too much that seniority have caught make it batters in the actually sustain this off orchestra trying to get that Marist game which. Speaking of combat welcome back apartment no we're gonna maintain that stretch where we went in every one run game this kind of winning every COLT in it and there. Now or never gonna laps under budget was cut down you gotta keep this up. Anything about it Zachary with the Mariners on my Alaskan know a lot of people thought oh my gosh there goes the season and now coming back and not playing second base not going to the post season is that almost a quandary what they do them around. I think it can earn their position and you focus on making your first first postseason seventeen years and worry about the kind of situation later. What every interview late August and throughout September fine but. Really think. Shoulder that they're pretty good without and I did you know they've come back to earth recently but having eagle or not a place second base. Are turning up the turned on going to get and nobody else it was issued to move our rescue lineup is pretty good and they've gotten some really good result some. You know not the biggest name pitchers and guys like mark Gonzales and where it belongs. Slow. You kind of carted out and go wherever canal interviewer after this year he's taken. What what do you think they need because clearly they're gonna have to do something to in an attempt at to hold off the a's is it is it more. Relief help visit another starter went what order their areas of need. I thought definitely pitching I thought they needed another starter even unfortunate accident got hurt again now it's like okay what you need. Did you ever gone legit starting pitcher. More popular rotation type in the mid rotation type I think as. I imagine guys like mark developed where it balked at the great stories but it not necessarily trust and continue what they've been doing throughout the rest of the season so. Thought they need some pop was starting pitching and actually think they couldn't sorely more relief pitching well. Are so baker come down there there are birchard which security days that that would bode well. Rickie and JD was Akram from Bleacher Report come more questions for Zack you're not a five cent in the game. What DA's have got out of Blake trying to end has been a pretty amazing he's very deserving the a in all star you look at the 24 saves the RAM zero point 94 as the lowest of any reliever in the American League and yet I have talked to some baseball people. Who warm believers yet they wanna see more out of him. And that the different this his delivery is armed slightest change the 98 in sync. I don't know maybe I'm naive I feel like I've seen enough I think he's the real deal what do you think about trying to. RE has quickly become one of my favorite pictures to watch in any role. The arm was always there it was just a question of like okay talk on this guy throws so hard can't miss that and control them to serve that great either. On both of those things have been. The next city jointly to any day. Now striking out eleven about innings he's not allowing home run I hit a lot of ground ball. And just watching him to the eye test everything he throws seems like it's like. I am actual version towards like you cannot hear oh. I saw a lot of I don't know people are so Obama know what they're watching but. And certain other pregnant. Zachary wanna go back to the giants. Two games over 500. We were talking about it at the top of the show they a sixteen game improvement although they played more games this year the all star break. Then he did last year but in the mix by default. In the National League last but significantly better than they were last year. What do you make of this season overall attacks have some some guys coming off their books. This year they obviously did wanna go over the tax that mobile what do you think of this season as kind of day. Stop gap not terrible but but no true direction for them. You now are kind of struggle to care try to anyway than other waiting you're just in which a stopgap not terrible and just trying to okay. I think that one thing is that last season it was Murphy's law anything that could possibly go wrong did go wrong but I'm. And as a result they lost any games. This soon bikers there it's not a cakewalk in general but by comparison it's been a lot better. Not as many catastrophic injury he got a lot better more consistent performer is from Maine got a lot of output down. It's it also he popped heavy rosters. You know probably more depth than expected but just there's not. Really enough to form a legitimate. Cause you know pop the division contender. And that's kind of where there are no where mentioned earlier the luxury tax reforms of them it's gonna make trading difficult. Can name don't more salary like that didn't object under entries in May also make more trades. Well. I hate coming into the year I kind of pick the giants routine that had a reasonably I floor but not a very high ceiling and that's pretty much what they've banned and what they could be for the rest of the year. Today we had a really rollicking futures game eight home runs in the game as the USA beat the world team ten to six and pitching for the world team. Is basically the a.'s top prospect now pace is slow start though who started off at high AA now a double lay overall. An ERA at around two and a half. And down you know obviously a guy who's getting more noticed. And nationally. Do you have you thoughts on what you've seen from the start on. I think you're not talking to the biggest prospect expert but are you just want these guys who's not picked up a point worries on. The rail were even like casual observers like myself. The stock is there and I think what separates him from other pitching prospect and he actually knows what he's doing in terms of control. And when you merry that would stop that pretty good across the board what you get is raised. Very very fast rising star who. I didn't yell at Puerto animated fox Sharon that rotation Mercury in the future that's going to be a lot on. Also when you look at the a's bullpen and Lou Trevino is a guy that I think even a lot of a's fans wouldn't tell you. The price say gaming Lee Trevino they golfer Ballou truly you know Lionel eleventh round pick out a slippery rock five years ago. On eleven a holds a 125 ERA and the setup man and two trying N. And a guy who really. And maybe if he was a bigger name could amend all star team as well and it's just one of those guys that we see every year and on basically every team does comes out of nowhere intent to dominate that would. What have you seen from Trevino who's hitting a hundred on the gone. Yes similar to what try to and that you know you've got the big arm and he trolls stop that mu and it's really hard to get a barrel on it. If you might commit date relievers like that hurt diamond Donovan because it just everybody's throat 9500 now higher brightness bats but. That doesn't mean they are malleable in there on your team and yeah I was looking at him like panic I should have been an all star yet saved to a name which is. You know the multi useless statistic imaginable. But still has some clout and you know the general consciousness. It would have been an all star all this it was man movies should have been an all star. And finally we have the home run derby tomorrow. And whatever you think a bit deal like the fact that Max Muncie has come out or no or because of injuries. With the Dodgers to participate in this party think this is kind of a tired sideshow. Right can they go in viewing it as the tires aren't so I'm and I always thought upon watching. Well there's always something that's gonna happen that's going to be a lot on my couple years ago that turn up in new format and it was yeah. Just this tremendous show and it turned out that actually it was great current and what can reform last year had a Aaron judgeship in the baltics under Peter where laws. This year look at the field I'm really excited he's out here by has I think he's one of the most exciting players in baseball. Park or nothing else has occurred as a guy who has extreme raw power he's going to be fun to watch is ideal ourselves you're cutter for the guys and there's always going to be some funding terrorism that's really all I can ask for us this. That's Zachary your armor read him in Bleacher Report of course on Twitter at the exact primary thanks so much for your time especially on the weekend we appreciated and looking forward to catch him at the end real sent. Term our rights original and John Dickinson lines are open at Tripoli 9579578. Penske ought to sell stock contacts line. 95795. And dead just to a finish that thought JD about the the home run derby. Mom I kind of figured the best thing to do was to not have a clock or a timer. Just give everybody ten ounce. And then I'd be and in and out amount that the end and you think about when Josh Hamilton had his great first round and then you wouldn't have this fear like Bobby Abreu all I ruined my swing and a I come but said do you have thought comment on the home run derby is it's constructed at this point. The clock has been at a nice addition there are at least I kind of like the clock although I'll be honest with the I didn't think it was gonna like the clock that they didn't think it was gonna make it significantly better. But it's now at the all star game doesn't count for anything anymore which was beyond ridiculous. I'm looking forward a couple of days to kind of check out on it to be honest I'm like I I don't foresee myself. Planning my evening around the home run derby or of the all star game it in the ways that I've done in the past. I think that the clock in my mind you these these players are soul. The you know anything out of the enormous like gol World Baseball Classic I'm gonna get hurt us like knowing your baseball player and are asking him play baseball. I think the clock kind of adds more tension. And I think that would be something that they wouldn't like it but let's just go through the brackets. Paces you are will be facing Reese Hoskins first of all as a sack and dying. Reese Hoskins what does he mean to you anything. And it's Sacramento state GAAP yeah I'm going Hoskins in chaos okay as as a fellow hornet. Give me hot skin disease that people Sacramento days now. And actually he he what did jesuit high school in carmike soldier is actually. Five minutes from. War I grew up in Mormeck it's still with anesthetic I have friends who went to jesuit grade school. I'm not gonna get by over the record you let the grant. Now it's alchemy. Which is about five minutes the other way. Okay Alex break men verses Kyle's former now here's the thing out Bregman is not only on the only American League hitter in there. Alex Ramon is a fantastic player there is no doubt the second overall pick. He's about five for the day I don't think of him as a home run hitter very surprised. That Alex Bregman is even in their so I gotta go. Wore over one on the flip side dish Warburg is just built for the home run derby right and he's the guy you think should be when in this thing. So yes sure all right Bryce Harper and Freddie Freeman. I think there's going to be because of Bryce Harper forget his batting average he's still got the power numbers Freddie Freeman is having a great season. I see a little bit of an upset their by the Potomac I'll go Freeman. I'm gonna go Bryce Harper I actually think you know 89 you get a guy in his home parking. Adding key Todd Frazier and ten stiff. To skate caught up in the moment a month that I typically don't like Bryce Harper in this event I count like in this Yankee makes Iran. That's a clown comment bro. Wasn't clown he said clown question bro. Max Muncie vs hobby error by as much Muncie by the way it was and is graphic play for the is a little bit not did the Dodgers picked him up. He wasn't even a September call up last year he came out because senior got hurt and Forsythe got heard. And turner got hurt and he's got you know twenty jacks has a look back what do you think about just the fact that you don't have. A judge your stand and they don't wanna do that you don't have a Chris Davis he got Max Muncie in there and you care one way or the other. I don't care one way or the other but I think that derby would be better if you had judge in Stanton a sponsor and I it to me I mean that's what that's what I wanna see that's will be able to see right people wanna steal people to see. People want to see harper. And I wanna see judge. And they wanna see Stanton and Chris Davis would you know maybe not a household name but he gets as many home runs anybody. They wanna see those guys they wanna see a guy like short Bert. They wanna see Chris Bryant the other wanna see the ultimate masters of the game in this thing it's like that's how it gets Jesus it's like this. I'm done it's not Coby exactly mean you know it's like Grady can dunk and a son who I was looking for exactly and when they're gonna dunk contest was at its peak. That's what it was it was Jordan and Donna equal consumer to. Stars of the game two of the best players in the league no doubt so Baez over Muncie you don't without bias for sure okay so that would mean and lash Warburg faces Baez should be. Warmer RI and that would mean that Hoskins. Faces harper in your scenario harper. OK so harper shore birth finally gonna go harper at home. Yeah I'm a homer pick. Partnering our fair enough. The phone lines AAA 9579570. Let's go to the forbidden island of Alameda with Scott what's going on Scott. Have you guys doing. All right well. What I was trying to talk about early site called talk your screener. He is about. Not adding more. Getting training getting. Good help for these guys. You know like it Chelsea lane for the warriors. Who just got him but taken by Atlanta. If you can keep these guys healthy. They're on their way you might need to add eight pitcher. Where you find them I don't know I'm not that much of an expert neither you guys because. You know I mean news. You know when you say these guys you're talking about the aids. Yeah okay. Of course I'm talking about here is on Sunday but for a seven game. All right a thanks very cost is showing agree guy. Tom this is the other thing too JD palm as much is you know Chelsea Elaine leaves and we like Chelsea lane and then hearing that the Al Linux guru Sammy. Gulf then. Left for the pistons. The call we have clay or Dre leaves I mean deserve these are nice people but it's funny how people panic over this call me a staff leaves otherwise I don't care. There's zero reason to panic. I'll I'll give you that although those those are two highly respected and appreciated. And I would say adored. Members. Not all of the franchise of the organization for sure you could throw Ralph walked walker in there as well and he was a security. And I mean it's like I eighties. When the warriors become as big as they become. Every single person is a part yeah I mean every single person becomes a part of the story when they cues to have a different life path. So as long as we keep dale a security guard has also works a.'s games. If we lose him there or knock on the final everybody's apartment. Absolutely. Bomb just Q and we'll get and by the way we will miss some basketball talk in here in the next segment but. I you know it's funny you said that it was dom. That they let me it's they let the exhibition all star game and decide who which Lee and I hated dad forever. As much as I hated that and by the way I like it now it's best record. Yeah via an early play that's the way it should be. I liked it well when that women say in this time it's for real I like that better than the way it was before or which was nationally starts and even eight years Ellis and America and so they is 103 games they got to play games one and two on Dodgers stadium. That to me was more dom. Sell at least. Apple at least now. And people say hey it's not fair because what if we play you play in a bad division what whatever if you're really really good you're probably gonna end up posting anyway. You know and I kept it at least I kept that number every year from the from the time they do and I used to keep track of like the years that they're actually only any three years. That it wound up being the opposite of what it would have been with best record whom and one year was one year went in the cardinals' favor in 2011. Tax issue and had it. It was. It also worked against the cardinals in 04. They should have handed over the Red Sox they didn't have it and I think the last it was what 2016. Right because that was the last one that they counted in that was. The cubs should hatter of the Indians the cubs on a when and that series anyway as I think it was gone the a's only blown say it was all star game which meant the Yankees started at home and they lost to the Marlins anyway. Exonerated it's it's I think we made that too big a deal out of that I understand a basketball sure you'll want gained seven. But it in baseball. That the best team normally is can win rank and arena home field you said you'd rather be at home but it's not like you got it's not I mean. There are certain places or intimidate like Fenway and such but if you're really good it shouldn't bug yen based. No it shouldn't and what's fascinating is you know all the game sevens and there wasn't a road winner in game seven from what 79. Until 2014. When Bob garner want in Kansas City perhaps three road in a row I'll bomb garner. I can add at Kansas City the cubs Cleveland and the Astros one at Dodger Stadium last yourself things happen in odd train. And that is great knowledge from John Dickinson armor to it'll take a quick break puck a little loop on the other side right here or not if I seven again. I. Now back. In 9576. Team. I think he's about to welcome back to not a virus so again thanks for joining us on your Sunday evening. Briggs always John Dickinson and we'll be here until 8 o'clock island local taking your calls. And very open to your participation. People relying which is AAA. 957957. Once again 888957957. You can choose attacks on the Penske out of sells stock Comtex line. And 957 and nine file will be joined by Steve kronor in the next Simon I'll be about a half hour she writes for the chronicle. He's been covering the Bay Bridge series this weekend. For SF gate dot com as well. So. You know JD we were talking to being a show that the warriors who Wanda four straight finals and basically 400. Games. Regular season and playoffs and then we go straight into the draft in the summer league it's almost like there's no off season. Anymore so let's just talk about some of the points and you know your team's going well when you're talking about the ninth the guy in the rotation. But you're the host the co host of the NBA this week. You're our resident NBA expert with with shiny hair tell us more. About Jonas Jerebko because of what I've always known about this guy at 610. He can rebound he can play a little. But he will shoot a three and for some reason cast be refused to shoot last year which cost him his job so what what do you know about this guy. Great pick up I think you encapsulated it perfectly. ID he's an he's an intelligent player. It doesn't make a lot of mistakes can shoot the three I think he's he's kind of sneaky tough to McKay he's not afraid that the bank would be a little bit he's kind of that he for then he's basically a stretch for. And I think if you look at that the roster composition for the warriors at this point. You pencil you don't know who the starting senator's gonna be at the beginning of the season because cousins is going to be hurt. Oh yeah by the wayside to markets that's that's. About that but you look at. The other four starters are obviously the four all stars you know livingstone's on the bench you know a good dollars on the bench. You'd like to keep McCaw. You've got other bigs in Jordan bell and damion Jones and come Vallone one of those guys is gonna have to start at the beginning of the year Tom cousins it's healthy. At that but that's your five man rotation basically you don't really have. A back up. For our backup stretch for they like the used to rant and would dollars Canada backed up. Forman. As much as possible they would use Jordan Velika how many times in that spot and but it gives you a more skilled option that can gist. Eat up minutes Donovan an innings eater. To read cozy eight minutes eater if you wanna give Kevin Durant and I all four feet develop some kind of an injury. You've got options and different skill sets now. At the four. Similar to the way. The warriors had him at the five spot over the last couple years for you almost have three or four guys that do something a little bit differently now you have it at the four spot as well. And he's also basically if you think about it a regular season player because it's way and the even the Hamptons five or whatever your core guys are getting 28 minutes. And then the playoff start and again 38 minutes then those guys like Jerebko they're not going to be participating so they ain't someone needs to eat up as you say these minutes. During the season getting back to looney were you surprised that he came back at a price that they Gama. A little bit and then a little bit and it happened relatively quickly to which which surprised me I'm just not sure. Look the warriors have the sink their role in right. Is everybody wants to be a part of it and it's so special that you wanna keep that role and I think of all loonie may have looked at it like. Yeah I could get paid so Morales a little bit more by. And I really ready to go have to stand on my own as far as. You know being a more impact for player vs being a really good player the way and used. In this system so I think it's it was almost. Yes sure he didn't get an offer that knocked the socks off but I also think Rick for loonie was. He wasn't really quite ready to leave the nasty. You know I mean they are is our athletic gulf why. And book but if you leave then that means you're expected to stand on your own and not necessarily. Fit into the system I think maybe he felt he needed one or two more years. Fitting into the system. And it's not too bad when you start playoff games for the warriors that's pretty darn fun as well if that. Let's talk about cousins because. I've always liked his talent and I always think if he was a true. The knuckle head than Popovich and coach K and coach K would not have dealt with him what team. That USA he wanted to stand sack we know what happened there reverend flying back and talk into the the fans as well he's going to be out for basically the the first half of the season although he thinks he'll be ready quicker what I heard the news. That the warriors got them I was elated because like you said this this is doesn't this didn't happen for good forty years. But now I know you know cousins a lot better than I do with over the years that you spent cover and Sacramento as well and you know as I said that knowing cousins as you do what went through your head when you heard about. And his rookie year was the last my last full time here working at Sacramento's his rookie season and I and I live over the years. Subsequently when he was there. They'll cover debt team part time and kind of a freelance basis here and there. He's not a knucklehead he just has a temper he has a temper and he. He he's one of those guys that at times gets caught up thinking that the world's against that everybody's against in the officials are against them. The opponents against him that narrative that he ease this uncontrollable. Wild man is against him and I think it can make it gets in his head to any any Jews he loses it he's got a quick trigger. Quick fuse I think you'll absolutely thrive with the warriors I think another thing he needs is players in it locker room that he respects. Which there were very few of at any point during his Sacramento ten year. The other thing he needs is a coach that he respects which they were very few of during his tenure in Sacramento was billed the coach that got along with a in the vast during that ten year. Was Michael Malone booed the kings. Basically fired for no reason because he wasn't Steve Kerr outsider has filed after they had a nine and five start to a year and and cousins actually got sick. And missed ten games they went to an eight and he got fired. At the end of that run after cousins to play for about three weeks what would an illness so. I think he's going to be he's got to respect Steve Kirk he respects the hell out of drain on green. And I peek at it as and dream on greens a guide it'll get in his ear and and talked to all in the first similar personalities honestly. It ain't ya there's a fine line. I'd drain on spin more under control. But they. They both have that fuse I think as far as just players though he respects Corey. And Thompson and Durant those guys aren't necessarily get in his face like dream on well. But I think he has a respect for their game as players that have accomplished more than he has he'll fall in line what. Do you think about the tip possible ten Iraq's. Between because when drama on dresses down Katie Katie you can tell you doesn't like it but he just kind of nods his head in eyes like OK all right that's fine. And he also India Texas 4:30 in the morning. Do you see a scenario where award dram OnStar screen and a cousins like what are you doing over there I need you on the low block you don't know what you're done. And do you you know with cousins you say a little bit of paranoia self destroy OR. Adding it'll be all right and I are you can take it from drama I don't think he he could take it. That the problem is. Guys like Jason Thompson used to be at hand and he'd and he in it would drive them up a wall. Because he feel like you're Jason Thompson your scrub what are you Dylan like what are you doing telling me when I'm scoring thirty and I eight. On a team full of losers. You're telling me on the guided doesn't know what he's still like that that. Particular scenario happened a lot in Sacramento went with with different players in case top of the hell of a nice guy but. Yeah he's you got it's gotta be somebody that cousins feels like he's on his level and the warriors have a bunch of guys. That he feels are on that level or even above the level that he's been able attain in his career. So when do we know how he got along with that the unit brow even though they've kind of play a similar type of game but now come under the warriors. When curse sits down on them and say look were almost. Never gonna call your number of we have world class shooters do you seen our senators here even Bogut would just rebound and pass. Actually started for us a lot. Loonie has started for us. We don't need you to score thirty and we're not even gonna call your number that many times rebound. Get a lot of put backs. I'll block some shots is is is this in these combine and all that. A lot to chew on here we haven't even really talked about how the injury. Factors into this whole thing. It won't get to that but I wanna just as far as his skills go on he's so. Really good passer but he's a very good passer I think I don't think people realize. How good a passer he years so he's somebody that actually could fit right in. At the high post in particular. In the warriors offense and and and really look for cutter be able to move it in fact he's even got a little of that. Staff. Knuckle head past. To look like he'll make some behind him down passes like really why you do that but it has such a vision for the game. And you know and it desired it it to make that place and he's actually very good high load type of players I think he'll thrive there. About a he's pretty sure from the outs outside which is a dynamic that the warriors don't have the time I think. Think David West almost only with a three point shot because cousins is got a three point shot. So I actually think when he's back in he's healthy he'll start speakers already said that. But I actually think he's gonna be somebody that will be staggered. To play that David West of minutes at the top of that first quarter. Our top of that second quarter and fourth quarter I could see cousins almost being where he plays may be the first six minutes of every quarter. And that's how he gets to his 24 minutes and then maybe he'll finish a half maybe he won't. And that's they'll get from 24 minutes to maybe thirty minutes a game if he shows he's healthy enough to play that much I also think the injury is something that. Has to be talked about. Rick which is just it's the fact that. The warriors can bring him along slowly he's going to need to be brought along slowly. And I think it helps that the warriors can get minutes for the other bigs because cousins isn't going to be able plea can ease him in. Why does he says he's ready by camp who's he talking to he's he's got so he's he's got. He's got something to proof. And doctor from Grenada on argued it over the back story in this is yelled things that's why we a lot of talk and an area things would seems that. Things like 'cause I mentioned the temper. Ed cousins is always kind of got that chip on his shoulder as far as I approved this guy or that guy or whatever. He really. Ticked him off that nobody call and offered him and it really ticked him off to a point where. I think once nobody really Calder wanted to make an offer after a couple of days he said OK I want get assigned with. One of the contenders and yet he called it his trump card that he told Marc spears that in your view like it was if nobody offers me saying. Well you know what then I'm gonna go to the warriors and just you can hate me again because I think the.