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Wednesday, July 18th
Rick Tittle and Joe Shasky talk to Josh Eberley about the Kawhi Leonard trade and then Butcher decides whether the Giants are done after the Dodgers acquire Manny Machado.

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She gives CNN an easy one of the things you Sampras is gonna reveal confiscation of my seven G. Live from downtown San Francisco. He's he's 957. Certainly yes. Johnson on the front seven again tonight rigged to always you alongside. Shows Shas. I think they pick a black seas to work in a butcher shop and back in the day house about 1415 years old and down. I would have to speak very loudly over the meat sauce in the band saws when they were cutting meet her chop them up sports. In the name of the day and saw. At tower market up there are portola was. The manufacture that made it was called butcher boy and so they dubbed me the butcher boy and back in the day I would call into all the different sports talk radio stations. And I'd be in the back in the in the age would screaming help eligible is on an Aaron. Who's those in nicknamed gifted to me by many. And the rest is history I know it when you pick your own nickname it doesn't stick its stores it doesn't stick and that's why you hope when you get one that it actually is is that okay as you have art. As I said four hours opened lions triple 89579570. At any point wanna get and we love the sports talk discourse very caller friendly. 8889579570. And the Penske auto sales doc Comtex line. 95795. Organ have a couple of NBA writers in fact about fifteen minutes Josh Everly is gonna join us from who magazine. Sean d'antoni and the 10 o'clock hour from the Associated Press will join us. Also all in about an hour's time we will bring in Zachary primer the lead writer for the Bleacher Report for MLB. And then now marching guy Lagos Oakland a's sap rookie beat reporter for the Bay Area news group we'll talk about. What DA's are looking forward to it in the show we'll look forward to the second half what DA's and the giants and trade winds blowing around these parts as well but let's start off. We did talk about a couple of trades. But start off with real quick Manny Machado who this trade definitely affects. The San Francisco Giants because now they get an all star shortstop didn't have to get up any big leaguers. On the give up the kid from Cuba they paid 31 million dollars for and I hit two home runs in the futures game and that's great but. The Dodgers as we sit right now butcher boy you look at the standings as a lifelong giants fan does it fill you with. This is trade Philly would dread it or you kind of used to this. Yeah I'm I'm I'm pretty deflated to be honest with you and I am used to this because. Although the Dodgers may not have won a World Series and since 1988. They seem to have unlimited amounts of funds and they seem to have. Unreal amounts of formed talent that they can deal away or call up at any moment and then they're willing to overspend in free agency and paid around Kershaw they paid their own. They had Corey seeger go down a guy's a phenomenal shortstop very slick. Feel dean shore and they bring in Manny was shot up. As he's out for the year you know Seger it's an incredible upgrade. And you pair him with Monday who's been unbelievable. Ballinger in center field where the kid can play anywhere in the third baseman Justin Turner who's. Back healthy swing in the long ball. Mean the Dodgers looked pretty formidable I. I feel like it's curtains for the giants you know it it's kind of funny to. When you think about that seeger and bell insured those are Ned Cohen he panics I mean black guy who when there's a reason why he was savient guy for so long. And as are still paying dividends by the way. The names has cameras involving a political reporting going the other way they can just talking about the youngster from Cuba who looks so good use snail. DI as he is the dodgers' number four prospect third baseman right when the ban in. 27 right handed pitcher dean Kramer 28. Right handed pitcher Zach pop. And an infielder named. Brides sick of the Lara cell they got the number four guy and they got some guys in the twenties and they got two guys who weren't in the top thirty. Obviously the big name there is the odds and that's the guy that the Orioles had to do something. And and as an a's fan I've seen trades where you don't get that top guy like the trades really get the Sean and I have to pay if he can't do that all the time but. You're gonna give a piece like I'm Manny was shot a lot. Who obviously. It's come at a perfect time and a lockyer to be hidden 315 what's when he fort jacks. At the break the Orioles did get something out of it is there on the way to remind you mentally. Bad season bomb did a giants candy at there's not they can't really respond because what do they do they go out and get him out when Charlotte doesn't really work. That way now and and what are they gonna give thought to get something they don't have. Hey Al plethora of talent on the farm to just trade away the one that we were talking about. Pryor is Joey Barton they can't wait for this got to come up they just drafted him a week ago or two weeks ago so. No they're in no position to bring that in and then. Unlike the Dodgers who are willing to move money to bring in. Guys under the luxury cap that the giants in this luxury tax you know our rickets is gonna prohibit them from making any move and it's just. It's frustrating because I feel like like Baltimore has realized the end of their cycle is coming up and that's why they're trading Manny Machado there's really no. Chance of them resigning him. I feel like the giants are in no win situation but they've reached a point of no return financially where they've invested so much. Because I have to go only and and and and try to make another trade but one other deals are out there. Well it's interesting to at a Bay Area team and a draft took Bart. I can shoot edit and blood. You aren't we talking before the shell and it was interesting Brendan Bell who's finally living up to the hype and that the big contract that he signed having a fantastic season outside of an appendectomy. You're talking about perhaps dealing him putting Posey at first now of course Bart east please fresh out of college. Maybe long term would would you still look to do. The only issue that I happen. I don't think positional value is as great at first base of course he's not a traditional. Bang you over the wall thirty home run hundred RBI first baseman. So you're losing a lot of offensive output this this there's this theory out there right giants fans and I don't think it's an accurate theory but. All with Posey just slides over to first base he'll have gold slipped output now that's that's not who he is he's. He's not Gary Carter behind the plate offensively he's not Johnny Bench he's a really great defensive catcher with a phenomenal arm and a brilliant mind for how to pitch guys in pitch selection and all that. Offensively he's a five or six hitter and I feel like. We disproportionately. Raided him because the giants have put him in the four spot and that's not who he is I think got a great lineup he's a six hitter on the giant planet I think he should be the five hitter. But I don't think you're gonna get that return it with him at first base but where else can you put. Well first that's the thing Jimmie talk about that the sluggers that you wanna keep their bad and their cross cigar out Delgado Joan Mauer that type of guy. To meet Posey is a two or three hitter because always high average. So Smart one of the best eyes I think in baseball it's very rare you see him swing a lot of garbage some it's interesting that you you'd actually move them down. Yeah and that part of the reasoning and and I agree with few I think he's back. Is 82 or three Derek but it's his legs he cannot or on the basis Rickey can't go first and third and he's just. In that the top of my order if he was more Jason Kendall you light a foot. I would put him higher up in the order because Jack. I want him batting in the first scene in I want him seem pitches his op O go the other way approach allows first baseman Tim Knox. Hold on the runner ideally who would be the lead off spot so. I think that would be a good move problem is she's just such a slow on the basis. All right the other trade today is that the big trade this is from the NBA in the NBA just keeps on given with huge headlines. Is XY Leonard is now a member at least technically from member of the Toronto Raptors they hold his rights. DeMar DeRozan. Going the other way along with a Jaco group. The censure and DeRozan was kind of sad about it but I think San Antonio. This kind of sends a message that they're knock and a male and and maybe they could have got more form we can talk to Josh Everly coming up about that. But when a guy cries is way off as often team. Like awhile Leonard did I don't have any sympathy. To where he ends up I just wonder what on earth is Toronto doing I know that you know being in a one seed and losing to LeBron three years in a row it drove them crazy. LeBron is gone but they fired their head coach whose coach of the year in Casey now they've gotten rid of their bass player who's under contract next year who really wanted to stay. For a guy. Who might not even suit up form I just I don't know what they're doing up there in Toronto. I don't mean Erica I think you have to roll the dice of sadly because some life cycles of rosters. It's like how Larry's getting any younger and there are fan base wants to win naral like. I'm thinking about war the greatest Toronto Raptors it's like Chris Bosh. You know and it's harder we've heard a couple years you know and then and then you got obviously DeMar DeRozan and cool like could be the best player of them all. But what cool why are you getting and how engaged easy in Desi wanna stay there. I don't know how but. In the NBA if I'm in the east I think this is a roll of the dice you have to take because LeBron out in the east there's only a handful of teams that are in front you and I know there's this assumption that Philadelphia. Is this juggernaut mean Angela because an added any moment and now. You know the path to the finals kinda opens up and that freeway spot. Cut to face the Boston Celtics is right in front in illegally after the clips one team so I think it's a good move for Toronto. And I think on the on the other hand if you're San Antonio wrecked. You know if Popovich wasn't at the age he's at I don't think they make the trade for approving guy like tomorrow I think they take the prospects. That in LA or someone else would have given them. Well wool it remains to be seen when he first of all he asked to show up in buying and if he does then you could be right. Here's the thing if he just never reports. To Toronto and he had Marty said he doesn't want to play there aren't as soon as he passes physical they can flip them they can flip this house flip this player. He will forfeit if he just doesn't show up more than twenty million dollars in salary and fines but here's the fine print journal article eleven. Of the 2017 NBA collective bargaining agreement states that if any healthy players that sell more than thirty days. He can forfeit. His free agent rights. So he could sit out and then remain property. Of the raptors it's not likes it now okay the year's over now I'm a free agent. Sell by this are waiting for the other shoe to drop because there and or the other party could play as. Who who likewise yeah the whole year and a half man oh man that's like playing nine games in two years has such a bad luck. Did did Carson Palmer do that went with Cincinnati was at this similar tactic he took Carson Palmer just stated he would never ever play there again and then Mike Brown said you're under contract and I refused to trade you he went to his home in LA he was lifting weights in the garage and then Jason Campbell broke his collarbone against the browns the day before the trade deadline. And then Amy trashed. And he Jackson got together Allen had just passed and they made the trade a wide net and it either a want her to thank goodness it was only one affected too. Are we come back we'll continue the discussion with Josh Everly he's up there in Canada we'll get his take on the whole call while her situation. And you're. Thoughts as well AAA 9579578. And the Penske auto sales doc Comtex line is 957. 95 armor total he's Joseph show ASCII come on back 957 again and oh. Now back in 95715. Without a 957 the game on home. Rick tittle and the butcher boy go until 11 o'clock at night and a few minutes will be joined by Josh have really improved magazine lines are open. AAA 957 on a 57 depends got to sell stock context and I'm 5795. Do you is because a lot of times. Jill professional athlete kind of gets a bad. Name and may be you'll think that the guy is being. Greedy Ares being patch of land a lot of times ownership creates these as stories though and they back guys into a corner. And almost always I take the side of the athlete. But I don't like guys who cry their way out of town you know if it's one thing if you're LeBron Arcadia and you fulfill every second of your contractual obligation. You've earned the right to test the free agent market and even though or upset. I gonna want Jason Giambi ego but it was his right isn't that he had a great. Time with DA is anyone aboard for the Yankees so all you can do is just tip your hat and say I hope when you come back you strikeout but whatever. It just need the player has earned that right. But there's just something about a guy who's just you know and even Tony Parker send my squad of a million times worse so he got his wish. He got traded and now he says will now I don't wanna go to that team it's just it's hard because Kauai that talent is an amazing talent. I mean he's a fantastic. Player you don't think that's the understatement to weigh anything you wanna do he can do. And I think like you were say in Toronto is like oh my gosh after the doldrums of three years and and I think sometimes teams say they go we can't win what these guys let's blow it up which. I usually hate like when the sharks lost the files get rid of Marleau on Bravo skin could sure and they get rid of Jordan and Doug Wilson. Get rid of your bass players. How does that help so the slowdown in Toronto they got another coach of the year and then got rid of their best player who wanted to stay. Because it's different. You have well. I hear you and I think he made a good point about people who fulfill their obligations it's it's easy for a lot of people to rip LeBron James. No one can doubt his effort level he shows up and plays as hard as anyone. All year. No doubt the local islander not playing it's hard to quantify whether the injury is real how severe is it all those things. And it's not like football like hope I get it you only have a a small window to get your money it's different likely beyond bills talk about may be holding out. I understand that he is bodies only getting takes so many hits he's a running back it's the most devalued position. But cool why you're guaranteed this money regardless you couldn't show up in in quote unquote play ball but does kind of rub me wrong. But about trot out I mean I'm opening and welcoming him with with open arms the other guy that in this deal I think is getting overlooked is Danny Green and I know he's annoying. For warrior fans but these are solid role player and I think came alongside Kyle Lowry in and now coli and ballas units underneath that hoop I think I've got an actual school. There's by Danny Green story but about three years ago he was flogging some. Drink some sports drink. And there are a few athletes that can mama syndicated shows so. A strong and Danny Green about his career and everything in the and I said so let's say I'll walk into convenience store and I got a million choices why should we pick your drink. Anyway and I'm just know he did. I think. There are that you're getting paid for your endorsement I just love that I and it just hit it hit for the pick at it let's say. He was so fed up that point you brought up lay beyond bell and I now I got to chime in on the if you know yeah accord. Lately on belt you don't know what the the Pittsburgh steelers' second year in a row now he's in a plan under franchise tag. Last year he was off for the richest contract ever for running back turned it down he said so are we running backs have to take a stand and what he wants is he wants more money and you think about. Our quarterbacks are the only position amid over twenty million will soon see with a earned dollar and all MacBook Pro only. Get that as well. But they offered him to the Steelers seventeen other gonna give him fourteen million dollars a year. He wanted seventeen million dollars a year sort of put in perspective and listen I have nothing against the guy if that's what he wants to do that he wants to do. I know what I would. Because the highest paid running back in the NFL right now is. Dovonte Freeman with the island from Atlanta Falcons makes a and a half mil. So there are offering a five and a half million more think about any sport any job in America. Saying we want to hire you. The guy who's paid the most in the world we're gonna give you five and a half million more. Then him and you gum and I want a and a half more and forget it. So I will I'll say this I have mad respect to a guy who sticks to his guns but I have no idea what the half. Fatalities thank you and I. I don't either and when the money is sitting there for you. All I can think of is Marcus Lattimore who the niners drafted where you just assume on gonna be a star army get top pick but the running back spot. Every Carrey can be your last scary. You know and and you could tear your knee ankle shoulder whatever it is take that money take that money especially visa for the five and a half million we're gonna pay you what close to 40% more than the next guy that's so I would equate it. In other a person who said that he was in Iraq DL. Was the fact that only 33 million was guaranteed and he would get that in the first two years and the other money was and now. The other thing is is you got to remember we can't think of it as you and me. Because 33 million dollars guaranteed we've already signed we signed and are belied. Right if it if you look at other deals and you say well how come this guy's getting. 99 and how come Kirk cousins and tired deal. Is guaranteed that's messed up because as you just pointed out I'm taking all the abuse here's a running back 33 million guaranteed. Is just not fair so if you hear it. With that perspective. When you think about it as a rich guy. I can see where he's coming from but as a running back is he said every damn practice could be your last day. 33 million guaranteed I would do it let's go to the phone lines we got mole in Danville earlier on 957 yet. I don't but I don't know it. About it. Yeah sure okay on. The coli trade I think we gotta be careful to jump to conclusions. We really haven't. Third any eight why early on in his career quiet. You know I got out. We hear a lot about it Opel and the media I you know you you got to make sure they were balance in terms of understanding what he actually Aiken an event and I think we all. Logically. You know I'm I'm shot jump to conclusion they look bit I don't wanna play your want to go to LA. There might be other thing at you know personally hear that you're gonna come forward when it bent. Gotta give all of that benefit the doubt this is my vision you know he's done nothing wrong. No other than they he's hurt he doesn't feel like you can write a treatment if you're injured I'm entered the picture in the best care possible. Don't know disrupting direct bigger idiot first opposition has training or whatever now I want to beat the you know better part to help his career. What about Molly McMullen at. Mile I'm not really will think about this way I'm not trying to jump to conclusions saying he's a bad guy let's say he really is hurt. There's two things have a problem with if your under contract. Two would take to cry your way out of town is not my way of doing things but let's say you support him without OK Al I'll give you that. When your team is and the playoffs and you can't even sit on the bench and support them year in New York on your own staying away. I just I don't have a lot of sympathy for that. If we if we ever I mean I'm not homer of the book but why let her camp here in a mortar. But -- we ever hear that. Jean one of them are in each year that widespread. You would want it but he didn't show up. Lucky he's not he's not a child he's under contract his team is going to war so to speak. And he's not there ago I had yeah Popovich himself came out in April and had a statement. Saying we wanted to hear but him in his posse that's when he got blasted for saying the word posse he said Jimenez posse you got to talk to them. You know his own teammates Tony Parker was questioning the severity of the injury and his quote unquote toughness I would say desk. I don't think it is fair for us to question what's going on his head nods at but when he took got Max money the first time and they said we're gonna making the face of this franchise. There is a little bit of there's a level of accountability I think that comes with taking that money and part of that you know Steve Kerr says is to step Korea all the time we don't make all the money. That we make because we're great sports players we make this money because we're accountable and we're gonna have fans come up to us and we have to do these media hits and we have to stand in front of the cameras when we don't want to and that's part of being the face of the franchise. He signed the deal he wanted to be in San Antonio when times were good. At least be accountable and get if you wanna be quiet and all that then all we are in the media and the fan base. All we can't do was speculate he can walk to the microphone and talked to everyone and he can acquire squash all of this don't you think Rick. Yeah model. General I agree completely with accountability he had no excuse not to although a bit at a bar. I pointed at the opening with the Toronto I really cute we encourage you dropped air ticket. They need and what happened but it. I don't deal fairly light. 100% of what he's going through it because they're not try to bait there's other things that one and that might expect bank offered separate. All right thanks well an end and like Joseph says we don't know and that he tells us and he has every right not to share this with Sonos line and we've seen before I mean. John Elway told the colts there's no way in all play for you have to play on the West Coast. Which I don't know how close Denver is to the west into it we heard the rumors that he rose a block the trade. To the raiders the niners literally traded Terrell Owens to the Baltimore Ravens. And he said I wanna play led Donovan McNabb and so they pretended that faction and go through. And so they got this thing got Brandon Whiting from cal who never played a down and he wanted to play with Donovan McNabb who we've later threw under the bus and so there have been guys that got traded and just said now Jackie Robinson retired yes so he would play for the child and. Is totally right NN to take the TERRELL OWENS story just a step further. He forgot to file the free agency. Paperwork properly and the matter still retain rights to him so. Yeah I I totally here and look I think that what that caller said was very fair and accurate they're there has to be much much more this I just think that everybody's dying to hear what that means. Our let's bring in Josh or relief from Yahoo! magazine NBA writer and now the host of the hoops. Podcast hot cakes and shot fakes. I know that you are Canadian and are they happier boot this for sure aired they think that he's gonna hold out on the are gonna flip bomb. You know surprisingly I I sometimes merge so much with American. It Twitter or eastern or whatever it is our mistake that speed and feel any candidate people were very confused. Okay all sort of matches and called about. Now who is this court order guy. You know he. Never looked Toronto at DeRozan a try I mean there there's some genuine panic up here. But I just think you know quite being out a year in playing a smaller market up on Japan to work as in all became just don't know I look at this. Do you think Josh in a way that after losing to LeBron for years in a row on this time or really go all them as that. The top seed Andy gets slapped and they they said goodbye to their. The guy wanted to be in the coach of the year in and now on the you know their best player who was under contract to really wanted to stay there. Just to shake it up Haley Dick while Leonard free air screw it let's trial of trauma and Meryl Lowery and see what happens. Yes absolutely I think that the case be what the scapegoat. It was unfair it was really unfair they did nothing else and call that a culture especially when the motor resort they're. You know you bring quite latter might is that. Maybe it's only one year you know I think that's whatever and batting order it now one year and result core Angeles you know similar things percent of vocal or. That's neither here nor there. Right now the record that there are way up front of this in Brooklyn Washington Cleveland three years girl and they were emasculated by. This Kenya this which he needed shakeup. If you're in an economy Campbell it might as well be you know fertile part where the omens aren't principles aren't the ball. I think it is a control Egyptian court and try to guy you or. I know there's risk and people like that but it would remove. So look at this Ronald roster he got Kyle Lowry Valentina surge of bock now you add in Dini green coal while Leonard. You know where do you think that this roster ranks in the the east with the Celtics in the 76ers now. Well of course I mean it would be nice if it quite letter came in similar where quote George did a year ago were you as. You know beaming and not let Kyle Lowry. You go live here or that this year and I am healthy and meaty. But stressed that no more feasible way you know that's a question but it can be 100% healthy is going to be full bit. If he isn't organism that liners. Reasoning that are acting mrs. At worst but they're in the Eastern Conference and honestly think that is does the best in the Eastern Conference. You know you know B Kyle Lowry didn't want Leonard ask a yes them but they are really long good defensive team and things come together. I think you'll be surprised by our existing. Stylistically on offense how are they get around I know they wanted to get Balanchine miss. Out on the perimeter more and Serge Ibaka has developed that aspect to his game but how do you seek how Larry and Cole why fifteenth on the court space wise. Yeah I think their book it's shooters you know too worried about those two guys it's around it and and I wouldn't be surprised that. Where a lot more small or whether that surge are at five over this past yet America are always. No it would turtle go on and with GB you know being what he has I think they are gonna play a lot more or more structure or. And they're gonna move them all more. Josh Everly is with us till lunch asking and I personally am who magazine hot cakes and shot fix up podcast. When when the day raptors first started you know there are named after a movie like the Mighty Ducks and people talked about a guy I don't wanna play at our got to go through customs all time in the Canadian dollar in the Canadian taxes. Are we past stalled or now it's not a big deal or do you still think. An American players like oh my gosh I'm playing in a foreign country. You know I'd like credit is harder Rosen and Kyle Lowry tripping changing that. That viewpoint some are river in the beating Kenny Anderson a couple of years ago and he says honesty when he was traded to Toronto for being centers stated I don't know. But if you saw Colin. And you know Marcus Camby Alonzo Mourning since Carter that there's along with the guys that didn't wanna be here you know for a number of reasons I. Think that perspective changed a record we're all about all. You know try being one of the five or six biggest market in the NBA it's come a long way but I you know I mean it's still it or another country would deferred tax situation I don't know. That is the number one destination bring. You know with Cole. You know advantages Toronto has in retaining him and giving him a long term deal. Yes he's now I'm curious that never looked into I don't know how much of it he takes. Spain Canada. Relative to say going to Los Angeles or wherever else Wednesday but we know that throw to offer that this year. You know just shy of fifty million more dollars over over five years rather or I think it's 19 uber fibers what ordeal for our. I'm in terms of how have attacked whether or not I'm not sure what that could beat. I remember there was a Kevin O'Connor article a couple of years ago maybe even now where before he was that the ringer where he was saying what the statement that was elected. The IndyCar on the way to mitigate that somehow but I I don't know how to speak to a. Yeah I'm I'm kind of fascinated to appease the American perspective. You know Toronto has fantastic town three million people and I think. A lot of times people think that it's still the battle of New York from 1812 like it's moose jaw are something. Well I know you don't have to sell. Sell people wanna go maybe what is one of the things when you talk to some of those athletes like. Did did they think that they were go up there and be attacked by beavers what's the what's the one like stereotype you got. Yeah Peters matters acres that you because I hit jokes all the armed due to get spot on American chose a I trust you let the surrounding area I think it's normal seven million. You know it people love her injury but try to you know in that business and you know it. I just think there's been there a level attention. And fame and and deceit and that's got a lot more play and the last spot seniors ever that previous week different than when Vince Carter Hersh. So DeMar DeRozan now goes to San Antonio and everybody knows Popovich is not any rebuild mode what kind of player. Is San Antonio getting men do you think he can help make them a Western Conference threat to the warriors. You are probably split on this you know I'm watching people debated on Twitter all they went their way up in the not. You know I mean they made it without without quite runner all year we think that. You can adding to mark eroding even though it's not that think player and they're gonna have to trust that dial to basically inertia can never ever shoot threes. That they haven't Metallica either. You know I just I wonder you know that they're aren't fixed that LeBron might not beaten tested this year and human cost and looked for nonfat or it will. Over the last year decree published at a very trying year of his career. Yet her a huge personal law. There's there's talk that can be retiring copies I I just don't know the spurs teams in the EEE. Well oiled machine that people expect to be. And you know the name we're not saying a lot I know you mentioned and is is Yucca proto that the V nannies and it was just two years ago he was a pac twelve player of the year he was the Pete Newell big man of the year he won the cream Abdul Jabbar award the top ten pick. Well what do you see this kid's future. Yeah I think you can be a nice player com. You know I act I would never as big on him as sort of the Earl Carter on the market over more than I was. Brent you Margaret RL a updated. Deserved a little more harmonious you know bury it in there still think he's a good players on the analytic speak beard very I have it in limited minutes. But a turtle are gonna defend repent literally artery. Mark Zuckerberg you know what it is more notable game you know eleven trips down against the state warriors are in my here but he's a guy that the public will find a role for. Know how assault that nature think they're looking for somebody more steady at five. You know I think he's an underage pick of the deal for sure I just I don't know that game changer won't take it oh. You referenced Drake earlier and I know that he's made unbelievable amounts of money and has unreal market share when it comes to attention. What kind of star kinkle while Leonard beat to the nation of Canada. Yeah I would look to see somebody write a piece on the two because I would think it would probably could districts because mark in the NBA. And it here river earlier in the strollers you know developing the year there was proper court ordered one of bigger market. You know he ought to more money issue he'll do under the bigger star. And then there is you know conflicting reports on James this last couple weeks that you want to play with them he didn't wanna play with them I kind of wonder. You know pro gun there's no fraud in Toronto there's real change because that mantle. There is advertising many years as a whole nation are amnesty when their current and act and that's important asterisk. But I think there's probably and a potential for him to work on his brand and makes them additional factor that's what he's about. You are hearing that the blue jays market is the nation of Canada that's a pretty good market to have for a baseball team. Finally at Josh. I'm sure they've already thought of this in Toronto and I don't know if there's scuttlebutt. But let's say they absolutely just have to flip them have you heard any rumors about what they can do now if that's the case. Yes. Talking about you know how how the raptors haven't ruled out of things ghost out they can you know potentially put him for ordinary car. I think there's a scenario here is the lakers arrogance it because I'm gonna pay. We're in last year's social Oscar's gonna walk over it didn't happen you know I think they feel similarly require Leonard are. If there's an opportunity to grab him and gives him pieces that I think they were still consider that current Christmas especially because it's cool LeBron has been now. We'll see how cool front changes come Christmas visit they're the lakers are ordered sort of like the option. But obviously the first choice would be you know. When with this guy took a real run at LeBron on the copper charter signed him but but they were a lot less and so options scripture. That's Josh Everly hoop magazine NBA writer host of the apart cast hot cakes and shot fakes and follow on Twitter at Josh. Everly thanks so much for your time in your insights and a look at WC in man. Thanks and Joseph how about the fact that he said I don't know if you heard through read the article by Sean Deb any you'll join us right around 1020 I'm ready for that in three hours arrive there. It's funny when he said we'll see how happy LeBron is an all I can think of was. I think LeBron. Pass to operate with a fractious team in dysfunction. I don't know what he would do with everything was hunky dory and they're always have to be crises. And team meetings and there always has to be some I don't know I think he almost thrives on. That's the Jeff Garcia organized chaos he only worked in a broken pocket scrambling to his right or left I mean that's that is this might be your question Ricky is. Why didn't cool why I want a team up with LeBron because that's the report out now that he will go to LAB he'd rather play for the clippers I just. I find it so fascinating that he doesn't wanna play with LeBron James. Well it's the same name acquire Leonard I mean sorry with Kyra Irving he wins a ring. And he has to go it's just it's just that that top dog when you talk about the all these type a personalities. And you're not the top dawned and it's like you hit the most famous shot in the history of the franchise carrier ring I was therefore out which of storage. Open finalist and yet you have and yet you have to leave and the fact that the lawyers who won the last two makes it feel a lot better. No doubt about it are on the other side will will continue discussion we'll also get more. Intimate shot a trade and also what the a's and giants gonna do here as they begin. The second half against each other. Partially here in the game right here on 957 game armor till I and he's a judge ASCII come on back on for seven. Now back in 957. To thanks for joining us hopefully strapping isn't she Batman. Rick at all. And until the butcher boy is she asking with you. And we'll be with you for about another three hours and fourteen minutes. So of your line and DMV you'll be with you half the time. If you're driving from knowing valley the downtown will be with you for all three hours. It's great to have you with us and and butcher boy. The a's and giants closing out the first half and it's kind of funny because both teams are sixteen games better than they were. At this point lashing the a's have 55 wins. Last year this time at 39. The giants have fifty wins last year this time that 34. And when I saw the giants did in the offseason I said it is a 500 team at least. He'll sit on my gosh they're gonna have to improve by twenty you see that happening well they've improved by sixteen so far and in the days. In their history and all Mac in 1901 in Philly. Have never been in last place for years in a row and they've been a last place three years and are so that was the first law wrong on the latter that's never your goal. Let's get fourth place if it but that's that you guys you knew you gotta run before he can walk and all the other cliche is. Sell. As we look right now let's start. Tom with the days because we heard Billy Beane talking with Susan saucer on the a's post podcasts that may be when you look at the starters out there. That. It's count Iraq. Mean if you want Bartolo co owner James Shields and not really. You take those guys for free in the a's take anybody if they're free. But if you you know it did crime is even available I don't know JJ how you want Hamels in the money. So he talked about being talked about maybe adding someone in the bullpen that's and Zach Britton someone like that. And therefore you only need five innings not gonna tax your bullpen. But as you look. At BA's right now what worked what is there any of those names intrigue you or do you divvy what do you do you stand pat. I would like to say hey go all in on on the ground but he's starting years old you know. He has had some arm injuries at times and then what are you gonna have to give up I don't wanna give up the future. Of DA's Chris. I as awesome as it is right now this looks like a team that's built. Tell contend for a couple years and you see that hey even if you do get into the playoffs I still think they can knock off somebody you know in a one game scenario to gain. To a five game series but. In Houston is formidable and Boston and the Yankees are loaded so it's just it's a really uphill climb. I I still know I'd love to see them get to rob because he's under control for multiple years and I think that's the key for any case if you're gonna make a move. For somebody and again give up something of significance. You have to have a guy for that second year not just this year is pushed but for next shares well ticket Negron is gonna win the Cy Young in the National League if he's state keeps pitching like he is right now as you like a 16. There are people in New York you think he's the National League MVP which I don't think. I'd go maybe more towards an Aaron not a someone like that need to but you're right I mean he just is in his first our beer he's got two warriors is making about seven and a half milieu would think maybe nine and a half and then maybe twelve on the last one which is affordable even for DA's blood. But if you get it did wrong. You are going to fleece your farm that means you're probably gonna have to give up balloons start though. Ernie today pock. Or him at tail it if the as a patient. And this is the quandary they're in right now because their farm system for the first time in awhile a stern look pretty nice. And the start Al pock James two trillion it was a first round pick by the Yankees pitcher at UCLA he's coming off his Tommy John. Those are three guys right there that I expect to be in the rotation right now the rotation for the a's is even worse than I thought it would be. At fan fest and I said they'd have the worst rotation in baseball Sean and I is the only reliable guy that you might say Frankie Mon consulate okay. Daniel Maybin had a great may. Great men is on the DL in the minors. I mean it's a psyche you get tech Cahill and Anderson. Edwin Jackson for free he was in the Orioles how about the Orioles are and they don't even column up. Sell your your really on a knife edge and sell but the thing is as forced and Ian have said. If were presented a case where we have 55 wins and we're only three out of the wild card right now. You don't throw that away sell for me if they can make a move where they're gonna get. A guy like that rom. Who's under control is our rental like Jon Lester then I didn't have to think about it but the last thing I'll a two mile start goes on try to water rather call a kid up. I've he's incredible guy. But if if they do make a move and they try to shield and noisy and or payment tail they trader Sean Murphy which would hurt because he's the one of the best catching prospects in baseball he's really the only catcher. In the system right now. If they did do that I don't wanna hear because it was for James Shields just hit it and I had a ballot I'd have to pull over and thrown and I have pulled over on thrown up on some trades before. And I just had. James Shields when you give yourself your own nickname as you alluded to earlier in the show you're not big games James and ease I can't Danica and plus I don't think Hamels fits really well. If you're gonna make a trade for like Hamels. I would take eight. A wrong downing they'll get a Francisco Liriano I even try to plot currency he yankees want to traders back Sonny gray for something. You know very insignificant we'll take him back off your hands you mentioned shaman act you know I was dig into the numbers the other day and I brought this up on the show. The last day's pitcher starting pitcher to have eight sixteen or more wins was Bartolo Colon and meg and is on pace to eclipse that so. I mean he's really be in the best most reliable guy in the rotation that you need somebody else or at some point. And I know old it's starting pitching is all should devalue but at some point you gotta bring someone in who can eat some innings. And and just. Give me that anchor stop. Just they take it you hear the name Cole Hamels and remember his time with the Phillies you remember him as of the first round pick who won the World Series. But but now you're looking at a guy who's CRA is around for an hour half. He does there is a team option next year so they could keep them if they want but you're probably gonna have to. Paying me huge chunk of change he just he's getting off a seven year 159 million dollar deal. That they are to have a guy with eight losses and ERA of four and a half that's free. So that's why don't do it now switch in the server to the giants a little bit. I saw uninteresting. Little tidbit from NJ dot com which is the star ledger new agers. And one of the reporters their take of for what it's worth he says the giants have inquired. About Albert Abreu who is a giants' minor league pitcher. He's in now hi AA right now get a greater last year a lot of people think that he has a lot of the qualities that Louis several Reno has now that's some. Serious company from the minute Dominican Republic was in the Arizona Fall League had a 26 so. And ERA speaking of Brandon bell had an appendectomy in February. And something in the water if you're thinking right now hi Andy are as self four point QA they're not really worried about ER am hi IA. But it's interesting that a newspaper in New Jersey said the giants are calling. About a brave. So he's obviously not ready to pitch right now and we know that the giants also have a rotation that's a little bit sham Wallach. What are your thoughts when you hear this rumor I. I don't know who they would give up to acquire him right. Is it someone on the Major League rosters and Branyan belt is it a combination of some margin may be Longoria mean who has the money to absorb those kinds of contracts. On the front end and I don't know I don't know where they're at without one. To be opposite view we have a guy right now in AAA in Tyler Beattie who I don't think Zach you're a so if they how long has he been in the minors at a couple years and that's he's not that good he came up had a cup a tea. He had no life on the fastball. I didn't see the maturity I didn't she is secondary pitch. He lost his emotion on the mound in his first couple starts and just yeah. You know he reminded me of here's a name from the past William van in the whoever that guy. He it will event Manningham if they feel about him not only that he of the longer his last name in the history of baseball. He was drafted he went to the University of Kentucky and the scout went and and he went to see someone else but he saw van Manningham. Warm up in the bullpen and they drafted him on Mac really yeah they never some pitch. Kenny actually you. Was kind of get their troubled remember the he had had a minute the ladies all in and land with the hair and eyes and ears LA had a hockey hair and hit it out but it's funny you mentioned Tyler Beatty because. This is a guy who was on tradable. And he's what 25 years old now. You know I almost forgot about him they send Stratton down even though is that it winds they kick Holland out of the rotation even though is got the best ERA. Blocking now as a reliever again and this is all because they wanted to get some margin back in he's the guy make and all the money so why am I almost forgot about Tyler be. At Tyler Beattie is somewhat and when your former first round pick that has cash cheneys trades because everyone always thinks I can shine that guy back up there's a reason he was drafted so high. I just don't see it like there's certain guys that come up for your team and I just. You know you don't mean Ricky just don't see what ever the hype is an X Tyler BD to me. Derek Rodriguez on the other hand. This guy had no fanfare there were no minor league right apps and he has done nothing but impress same thing with swore as swore as we heard about in spring training. To me Suarez is untouchable and I know that sounds crazy but he might Max out as a three or four starter. But we don't have any cheap three or four starters and so when you Dallack in all this money to the some margins in the Quayle's in the bubble burners you gotta have some cheap starting pitching. There's no doubt that fans. This is what we do or were fanatical well we we overreact yet at times and and Sonny gray pitching against the Red Sox for the Yankees has been parable. Get a good start last time out. Buy it and it's funny because he does have another year of team control after this and you got me think and I wouldn't give a top prospect form. But. You know I think about policy parental influence and maybe more in detail. You know to get senate has actually limit her no later than that you know. I now and this and it's funny because when you talk about prospects. Everybody wants to keep like all seventy of a summer ever being on the air here in the giants fans ripping the the giants for trading Tommy Joseph to get underpants what are you doing as we've fallen in love with prospect out when Brett Wallace got traded from Saint Louis they're gonna burn down. Allen John ms. Ali act you any edits Brett Wallace. Itself I think it's true we do fault too much in love. How about this sunny great to the giants. I would love that there's certain guys and and this is why I brought sunny grip to the days it's like Pablo this is where they're most comfortable that that is a thing like there's a medical. Personable aspect to this human element if you will. Outlook Sonny gray back to the giants I I do think he pitches better in this weather in this environment around this media these fan bases. Let's be honest the giants fan base soft. Would you agree well Bay Area fans are yeah but the giants fans right now specifically are pretty stuff out because they're spoiled yes yes very much. And it happens and it's funny because he cyclical things when the bash Brothers around at the highest payroll in baseball. Everybody want to play their but the giants played in that the lousy part with a real fans outside without a giants are the corporate achievement that is. Play in about park and they have the real fans did it it does get a little cyclical at times. But if you look at sunny day they cities and it has another year of arbitration so he's under control socking it costs you. An arm and leg. But you wanna bring in a guy who has seven losses and an ERA a five and a half. I think what you said is a Smart I think any other team looking for starters let's say you're the brewers for the Braves you might think Nan. But when you look at what he did. In Oakland when he was an all star I mean when they call them up as ER it was two and a half and picture it was three in the next year it was two and a half and then. He had that one really bad year but then bounce back. Had around three and a half. You're right he's comfortable here and he doesn't everybody breathing down his neck. The Bay Area media is soft beyond belief there's no teeth in the bear me this the media here is thanks for the ride Billy if if it got into the plan. Opposite what more could you ask we've got to the playoffs thanks for the ride it's the right where you went over Clinton your carpet. It's that they I don't know that that does make more sense. You know Rick that the thing is to that. There's no expectations he comes here he slotted in the at least three or four hole as opposed to the top of the rotation go into the two hole. You think he's had a Quaid Ellen and I talked I've always want some of the giant RS yeah but he is he's probably one of the two above and giant screen like the three spot where it is much more comfortable and not only is he. In the three all you're facing other reason horse as opposed to facing aces in and that you feel like you have to be perfect yep I'll pitch the next guy even though. We know he doesn't technically pitch against someone else the right and us like Kennedy.