Rick Barry (Hall of Famer) w/ Kolsky, Steiny and Guru

The Damon Bruce Show
Monday, February 19th

Kolsky, Steiny and Guru are joined by Rick Barry (Legendary Former Warrior) who thinks that the All Star game has been an absolute joke prior to this year and that the Warriors struggles don't matter because it's only February.


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The biggest game of their years playing against the warriors and for the warriors most games are just another one of 82 but. Let's address this issue with someone who knows a little bit more about it than I do warrior hall of Famer Rick Barry. Joining us and I apologize to everyone involved for doing this but it is my father's birthday he is listening in Hawaii right now and you were his favorite player. Growing up so hello. From Rick Cole ski currently listening in Hawaii. If I didn't do that I would never be able to go home again. Happy birthday Rick yeah creditors are. Oh wow that's that's more than I can amass more price breaks so were you down there in LA this weekend for the author of the cities are what are. And initial impressions. As fun as usual more fun with the new format would you think. Well prior to this game this year as a joke. Couldn't given what they did last year was embarrassing and thank god that they can put something to at least make it respectable guy came out with some semblance credit there's it was much more entertaining to watch than what had previously transpired over many many years in certain English master expects to some these records is supposed guys. It's sad because it was no more being we're the super competitive it was more of an exhibition. Rick how was it when you were in your many All Star Games did was here. Was there just something understood among the twelve men on each roster did you did you make a point to say hey let's let's go out and win the game or did. We never had a talk about we people went out to try to win it. We played that is parties played any game you played all year. It was great pride in trying to go vacant seat if you could you know be detained the great players from the other conference and representing your conference. And it was highly competitive game back then money meant something. You know I think when I played was sake might have been 3015100. For the winners losers recount ballots be like system might salary. Hey Rick I want to ask you a little bit about the warriors and specifically I wanna ask you about country without. I have your numbers up in front of me and he retired Rick when you were 35 he's 34. What what do you remember about. They'll go from Golden State to Houston for your last two years kinda how your body felt. Did you know you were getting old in other words as a player. Not like it's still plate and he is still reach you need to make money guys don't play Hartley or relative or mean the most replaced. Correctly after six minutes are we talked about how much playing him tactics or except that it game 42 most of the time and I hated not being in the game. Eighty MB blow somebody out could then that would get the players much. I mean at this thing about being tired and worn down with the way that they travel and everything is most searching everywhere in my life. Rick I agree with DS while we love having you on a now the war is a 44 and fourteen at the break. This may sound crazy but I feel like the field is catching up and is catching up from a physical standpoint. And I've been telling the guys drain mongering he's not playing bad. But you shoot 29% from three point range and I feel like in one wants situations. More so than years past. Defenders or have the success. And he's the heart and soul of that defense. How would you rate which you've seen from drain money in the first half. There's the matter matter replaced in the playoffs come he's never been a great shooter and three W cities as streaky shooter talk about the opera took orders and I count to big streak. As an occasionally threw a great monarchy a quick as he gets gone and that happened and become embarrassed at what they do some tree. Don't worry about it at all and that the individuals that should be your relative you don't play individual defense in the NBA yet expect that you wind and biking decrypt. Yet every line each guy trying to stop someone else does not happen don't sender can never stop and a great player. You know what I hear these guys use these terms and TV it was Q according to police say a lock down the center of such thing. No play airlock statements Leo speak up for it just to do it what he called a defense you're on the defensive. You're a great player no research it down just have to matter what do you have a debate in. They got bridge work harder because. Competitive and athletic and you're still going to be dumb especially if you're on your game great or out of the ball is the biggest thing with the wars. What it is is that the hardest thing to do to maintain furlong record the time is your focus. You are focusing that somebody had done it before. For the warriors it's another game to play it up Friday morning the plate but for other teams it's a huge game went according the second chip. And so there'll pumped up being jacked up or to be at orders are ready to go into it they may not be as high the other teams are ready to play its ports being ready plate. And if they're not totally focused that's when they get themselves trouble because it's been good enough to be shark. And that's a hard thing to do you can't teach that and after you've been at the top of the critical such a long time. Sometimes it's hard to maintain that and that's what they're going through or going to a situation where they just lost focus a little bit gonna be as long as they're healthy they'll be just. So in your mind and by the way we're talking to you warriors hall of Famer Rick Barry and 957 game in your mind there's not really. Risks to falling in to habits of not. Showing up we vet. Delete playoff level motivate. Not to let that happen and that's the coach's job to not let that. Mean that make sure that the guy statement have to be mentally that's the most thing is the mental aspect that would along with it obviously being physically healthy. That can have a big factor it in impact on it. So I'm not worried about it and everybody these guys era they're they're talking about what can happen now it retreat in February issues with all our Greek who cares how your plane right now. It's how you play in September and is not in April you're getting ready to go to the playoffs. That was critical. Let's talk about this. He's with the war are you doing come April see how they're playing street with their health is. That you could start to make some kind of the valuation about what people what they liked that better check that other people to DeWitt ballot at least a time. Our own good I there's all I'm fascinated Rick with with. You know basketball in the seventies. It in a big big way and as I've always wanted to ask you this in. This is gone back to sixty since 6768. When you didn't play you heard I guess legally barred from playing in the ABA. No look and I decided not to play inside out. OK were they they got to change I. Well I thought that's what it was they should change basketball reference that because they say would bar and I I thought we'd yet. What what did you do that year. What are these. Daily radio wonders in Johnny Holliday is jockey of the year Q where everyone knew exactly like such as godfather. So I played and I played point guard Eric pastor Johnny shot about thirty. Think it's all the high schools in the Bay Area it would only help on a bunch of other guys can't grow it. And just really a lot of good guys that fighter ever problem we we had a lot arteries and money offer for high schools and every once a while it's. Crazy guy and one of the high school kings are almost and you can track from some gets which is kind of ridiculous but. But yet that's what I did that played a key patriot you'll want. So you like. I mean would you we've kind of bitter that Jerry were you mean what what was going through your mind. At that point of bitter about how to do it again I wouldn't do that one of the one of the prime here's my life and career doing it you know but. Eight all these other guys should be sending money gets semi circle of people worker collateral the door for all these other guys stop what was baseball reserve claws and turn it into an option year at could be an option contract which changed everything which gate guys' chance to get out of our contracts. Rick speak in a coach Carr we saw last week against Phoenix that he let the coach coached themselves. And a lot of people weren't up roar had you seen anything like that did you like to move. That's fine you know do whatever you have to do with the coach try to get these guys excited are motivated turn in my a little bit I mean in essence I coach I actually every player give me at least two plays that they've tegra programs apartment where where they wished structure them achieve what they're not like all of their traditional they want it. And a lot of times that steeler player like that so yeah I am not wrong with that. It's it's it's it's fine you know what players feel better speculate you know actually being listened to it make you have some input. I was sort of thing outlook outlook artist secular court as secular plates at the net. You know absolutely release sat down get a lot of talks to suspensions coming college I think quite lot of college coaches or have been successful in BA. The biggest thing to have all the catcher slowly built. You know Liu would sit down and talked to Billy Nokia on the top of the try to get an idea not to do everything we say. But he was getting some input about to gain form that's people who actually got they're playing the game at that level because it's totally different approach and it is college. And so what you'd have a lot of respect for coach who shows should that respect type of respect for you as a player in your knowledge. Rick is it how would you compare the ABA. The quality of the ABA to equality the NBA when you know when your major transition. Well there are few teams that could be competitive but we had a lot of great players and are indicative of the fact property not all players great start and and be seen but they just didn't have the debt. Obviously and we didn't have these other quality big man at the end we had our junior talked about urban Wilt Chamberlain Bill Russell mobility and you know in sinners like that partly of course really grates and that we would Artis Gilmore. That is the voice of the great Rick Barry warriors hall of Famer Rick thanks so much for taking the time and.