Rich Gannon

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Wednesday, October 11th

Greg Papa and Bonta Hill are joined by Rich Gannon (former Raiders QB and CBS Analyst) for a deep dive on the Raiders offense and defense heading into Week 6 against the Chargers in The Football Hour.


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We're gonna turn to our guy part of a football our brought Cuba Livermore Ford a Rich Gannon. He's gonna work the raider games are gonna roll up our sleeves and talk not only about the quarterback play go to CN from a Mari get over to the defensive side of the ball because Richard Kevin Harlan and it worked the raiders. And has set LA chargers game on Sundays back on the answer though like without. Popping by to hear and any five point seven again rich welcome back in a that's just a jumping off point to what what did you see for me. You know I wrote saying he was even okay are not great term I think it takes a while I kind take care and get through the progression. He's got good movement you know you look at the touchdown he threw off a scramble. That was impressive. English in missive read every week you saw a couple times where you missed complex he got hit the back. Didn't see the safety lined up blunt instrument green and let the thing that goes some things fit that jumped out at chip but how. You'll our road watching this came closer here the last couple weeks and the more I study the offense the more content to you can't. He can't pin the blame on any one person can't feel well you know we got our balance are doing good a job as a play caller. You know you look at the issues of PR for a while may have played as well I've read you've got a pennant it would be the first turn Unita can you play better think. Nuances given up some pressures. Dead have been great content really hasn't been there with the running game. You know more I look at Marshawn Lynch someone convinced there. You know he'll look to me a whole lot differently did a couple of years ago and I she'd be explosiveness fresh eager. Short area quickness they see the ability that took the junkyard dictate to tackle but. You're just hasn't had a really got on a roll and then. You know we talk a lot about you know Marc Cooper and he couldn't he's got lost all of his last three games just four catchers are disturbed wildcats' last week. I couldn't go back cute you know he's earned look at children and down. I think what helped to get Derek back I think would also help I played a strong guys they've got to be able clique get get and and all they need it to that I'd move in my little bit how properties lined up. Either not harder numbers and they're able jam moment in. I think he got more money and we when he got to be open and a stack alignment on the bloodshed. Motion across the formation give a chance to get off a lot of legal bit jet get. Get running you know get a hit it you know I had fifteen and I don't feel good that about. And Europe that really wherever that and the good news that record here going color coded. And they took a situation where I think typically compare Colombia could go public you can eat that could relate united hypocritical in week. Elitists are strong and I had watched a warmup on Sunday that he could have played last week it was a playoff game they wanted to be cautious now what do I get your thoughts on you know how is going to be able to manage the pain in. Because you Wear extra protection most quarterbacks play with a flak jacket anyway christianity joining us sunny afternoon like part of Leo football our Roger about Livermore Fortier. And 95 point seven a game they got to get the AC/DC connection going here though I don't know really zero and what you're seeing Katamari. 33 targets on the year. Rich and thirteen completions that that is a horrible horrible ratio. Go under a guy who should be your number one and I give the numbers earlier about you know the raiders tried to feature him in the slot. A lot against Baltimore's corners web date the nickel corner and even Jefferson a couple of times he was in the slot nine times. Last week which is a much higher percentage than earlier this year and throughout his career. Finish is beyond me if you are gonna have a special formation like that would that be your first read it. That what what she saw from a marring it seemed like he got open a lot last week rich in the ball just didn't go to 89. You're adult it's just the need experience in the system what EJ Manuel or just. No he wasn't the primary here covers dictated that you start out fair that you proposed contract out I mean I'd like the idea mode model that put them on their terms you go get. Third best quarter. Oh that could be a liberal record you're looking his side who can strengthen the no idea what your muscle has in fact they're a little bit built a great great though. You not look at I think he's just got to stay after an inning you know you frustrating or look at you look at the numbers treat it but again the date. I was saying he can't think of playing. You've got to be able to pick a player from critical situation and got about the played about how I get the ball pin brown I'll get the ball to Jerry right so I get. You know I only get Charlie garner the Ball State's different thing you know how we gonna get. Marc Cooper cuter than that staff room on Sudan when they in Newport the game trying to get he's saying look we couldn't quite hear oh they're great and you'll really export enclave but we've got to find a way to get touches how we do that whether that's really where it starts coming up with without the ball. You were talking about Todd downing and what you're seeing there just out in it you know what you're seeing from the raiders dramatically on offense this year for the first five games they actually knew precision guided and tried Eddie at Paterson he had Marchand. Verses what you saw from the bill musgrave a coordinated offense of the raiders last year inch. Well I think that. He didn't go back to look at a couple simply go back look the first two would serve almost all schools qui sort what they saw against the titans of the jets. Also been around a book called on their watch intended and then even in Denver I just think no. It truly third down in the big picture guy and you look at struggled with guarded and we pray against the Europeans they call on third down they Q2 birchard outlet that. So the truck that it did affect the flow of chemistry and remember that you have. Also affects the play caller so what you've got to keep in mind that it first time doing it as a play caller so I think there's a growing current fair. Entered the big difference I think you know he added that people called on Marshawn Lynch. And I think they're trying to pick to integrate him into the client a little bit I would like rifle from you know Rashard and if you've got. Be quick and can they change to page back. But again I said before I don't think it can anyone think like old the play caller they're gonna and that's why they're struggling or the quarterback at play here. You know they've added this group back of the optical media collectively they want you to think I can turn around you've got a club card and I just. Yeah those there was so much talk I just didn't look at two more guys you know the show let's talk about. You know listen to 1214. Men that they can be you know they can bet you know they can be Super Bowl payment. It took you went twelve for intelligent and nothing you know I the first out either black skirt it got to find a way to flip the switch and go back at 2002 we started for a little fourth straight game swearing in every get a chance to when we get it done. We went on to win federal bailout they hope to them laughter in a row and not off competent and that he'd make it easily look at what this week against the chargers. They can't risk but the chargers come in and winning their first game they've been in every single ball game and add those two defensive ends there Joey and also in the Melvin Ingram coming off the edge stared Derek Karr come and then we'll probably start with a little worrisome because they're short turnaround would achieve summit Thursday night basically a week from tomorrow I mean this is dangerous all. And talk about Todd downing in his first year as a play caller just looks the office just look. Looks so predictable when I watched Kyle Shanahan 49ers Lotto window dressing on priests now movement will see a lot of that talk loves CJ where were charter coral Carson Patterson her mark cool for a more jet sweeps or just show that action like to Kansas City Chiefs do with Alex Smith a Korean Harden Tyreke killing you you see tarnish excuse me chuck Kelsey and the back door for kids see this is not enough going on. Destroyers offense. Yeah I'd like and you hear you right heavier even look at cared cooks involvement from a different things they can do but. I would say this he you've got to be careful this week any good game current structure protection got a quarterback that. That involve a significant injury code probably not a 100% what that there traverse process fractured lower back control. I eat eat eat eat you've got to be protection crack as you point out against some really good good players in. Ingram in boulder and I think you gotta help Marshall Newhouse and yeah I think that's first and foremost going to be insured global McDonnell and you wanna make sure the bulk of tackles. Get off to a good clean start this game against boulder and in. And they are good if not there on the heels to the beat you know that kind of data good because look at the sixers morning. Good thing is there are currently hold the ball and the ball comes out quick effect they could try to two point one there's two point one point two. Two point 16 seconds that's funny is a factor right now. And any quarterback relate to not hold that that's a good thing about it it's a great to be a lot more that all other against the chargers. Yeah he was Intel one point 97. The first two games of the year and then that Washington game had been there in Denver is Denver we know Dan Bern in their corners and they're pass rush and you fell behind any any kind of knew that was gonna be. Hard line that will what do you think happened to Derrick today at that that arguably is one of the worst games he's played. Any NFL either three interception game against Kansas City. A couple of years ago at home all the fourth quarter the rays are winning the game at. And he just melted down but from start to finish. Richie just look paralyzed by the moment what going back and watching that Sunday night game against Washington what happened Derek Sherrod again. Nor could happen and I think that Americans he's got very good week after that he can't go back and they always do a little look at what Washington did it could all call great enough because coordinator Garrett on the legal relationship got all. We'll open bedroom what did you at all going to cover crucial. I think what they gonna do it I think teams are concerned. You look at the greater colleague an impeachable with a throw the ball over your yet they are treated and get the ball that. Cooper. Used to speeded us Robert Patterson grew conclude the call by the secondary let clay to beat shell. Look candy corner receivers and let see we can't force the quarterback could be patient down the field. Just just kept the ball down global baldor need to look streak we can't rallied maker tackle them make him. We'll go eighty yards and ten or twelve play badly that's what you're gonna feel they think if you look perfect man to man coverage challengers need Garrett because. Or you know hard to cover Crabtree no situation they're totally great joke all of the actual withdrawal so I think you could fuel left of that. In and then what he's seen how much of that but you gotta be able to run the ball a little bit and get another week and get good fortune to come down point to make them cry that you control so. You know I think it's a bit chip match moving forward now this we're homage to see what got talent out more important I think I think he could turn up a little bit and told him you look at trees Kriewaldt through the fact that they have. I haven't got all Obama offered what he what they could do to get things turned around. Last time the raiders were Goodrich Gainer was the quarterback taken me in team history straight AS US titles in nearly 2000 joins us every week and a football hour here and answer loud pop and Vontae 95 point seven a game. I mean we know you that day injury problems profound injury problems late in your career. Chris did you ever had a back issue what what do you think Derek has to do it is we have to take a pain killing injection deal with the changes you have to do more than just a usual. Quarterback protection around the midsection and then mobility well what do you think it's far as playing with his transverse process fracture while all in jail for Derek parents Sunday rich. Well I think it it is a pain threshold what you can what you can handle and I think it should. You know what normally happens with a good hunger project could have been allowed to feel pretty good the First Act this article where all of all the sub second hectic yeah I don't control. You'll Romo has played with this I think Cam Newton had the accident a couple of years ago the way to put the building even though we controlled but yet and what kind of injury stroke. You can certainly play with that you'll be you know could be careful I don't even want Gary knows not a great in the period. You I think you could of course you have the flexibility during a multilateral portrait of her order look at their gratitude that it would by Kathy went out there are good we'll need it all right he could could move could compel them. Don't typically go communique prepared a he'll make sure you're talking a good start and end yards in order for the debate charges they look at the al-Qaeda we got to watch this defense they've got to play better I mean. Yeah I'll look at you know leave and change in solid linebackers they have not played well outsider we will look a liability coverage they're not playing around as well. Shall submit general pace so I mean it's gonna take everybody a child they get chart. Not gender really each actor Corey change on one play with AJ derby that site at the next play lining him up as a fullback to go ahead mark Kelly you're exactly right and I don't know what the -- situation James as a nearly as a bad ankle. Who knows if they even played and I wanna get your thoughts Trish and joining us here now to five point seven again. I'm Sean Smith because they've been attacking him. From the first game as a raider last year New Orleans Sean Payton and Drew Brees runner I had an over the top and Brian Cook seditious not stopped. It goes to tell Washington inflation inside and Vernon Davis runs right by a lot of post route is a couple of catches Donovan and Mike Wallace last week rich Tatum wage first play that game. Bombs away so. What what what the raiders need to deal with they are forced to play Sean Smith with the Conley injury and Emerson that it cleared and also now has a bad shoulder on top of the confession. They had a bit banged up right now as you guys know I mean you look at Emerson then calmly. I also think Hamilton got a mean they decided teachers Craig solar down there and you know. That the charges are look at that situation they are welcome as well I hope. When you look at Mike Wallace I mean it when they get that the first way to gain even knew that they saw subtitle film I think Sean Smith. Need to play better. He's struggling he's in good golly his career that could have been confirmed compete in his performance. And then you see him later thinking yes he's he's cushion he was in order they cushion he was confused so they emigrated began well according to lobotomy insult. And he bought it yet and he's got so. He's got to improve his performance. And that's great now altered that's a weakness for the new look at peak injuries. And the inconsistent play of the back end. And yeah I mean we all remember there that you deep balls the 52 yarder and a 54 yarder pleasure talking about that third and six and I can remember clear as day. He was so far all or just he just gave it up out of that I third down Jack Del Rio was outspoken about it was talking about Dexter McDonald as well. Christie on guys weren't twice three but how do you play so far off on a third down on sex like that. The community because you lose confidence because you only get there because you don't want aluminum body and so you know you just hope that they don't throw out there you can rally a political up and let me know that. But the problem right now when you look at about a gallon shop Smith and you know he's been cracked I have before is that covered most what they're not gonna happen when you look at where else could there are deposition but you'd look at this group coming gad. And they've got forbid got some players over there that can really get out of it and get dogged Kurdish starting. Obviously with you now and he he's helping now you know even the first couple games you could see him but you watched the film the last couple weeks and he won't. He's got he's got terrifically. This. Dontrelle Inman a good player of course Travis Benjamin they about a number twelve just run by people told. They're gonna get bigger to get stretched from the back and as well this week. There what are you seeing that discharges into our did you speak of Travis Benjamin and I remember chart has changed man running right by Sean Smith. Lately air down in San Diego for big touchdown for San Diego a new excuse me for LA on celebrities and Irish are non Serb all. It's hard they were glad they weren't there Diego last June oh yeah but said his visit their mother I have an anti real wood yields here and Mike Williams is is supposed to make his debut the first round they got to Clemson I mean what do you see at a San Diego they seem to be an every game but they just can't get over I hope it's the same. Old thing over and over for the chargers. They're prepared to scatter report October she got approach to look at side he doesn't move very well and that he never really had a good gently back down he'd get flushed. Oh good writer where did you got can't confront when you watch take people pressuring him opted tried to force me at the moment. And many good results aren't great debate they have a dilemma data but the dilemma is that. It got a talented runner involving Gordon. And it got so birders and they haven't decided which direction they wanna go and right now it seems right. Unifil observers first monthly fees we're going out terms he can get a ball when he wants it. And last week he finally got. Melvin Gordon a little bit more option more touches he went over a hundred yards and a big coincidentally they want to gain so I don't know if you live. And mortality outlook for meetings saying we gotta run the ball more I think your best chance to warning if it happened to balance what Melvin Gordon got out of runner but he got to you know right away I mean. You know he needs to get it touches you need to get the ball and you know they get excited again trying to be act passed symbolically the Carlyle called children Rebecca throw the ball. 3540 pounds each week. Answer raiders don't have courage and your mark Kelly their two inside line that can run players may have to play their nickel dime linebackers Adams and moral I had a problem. Melvin Gordon English later on the ball and I think it's. That's a big concern we got to figure out Tuesday fell to the reader inside linebackers what one thought rich about Philip Rivers and that's how the guys at 47198. Yards. In his career he's thrown for over 4000 yards with his seven times in history he's amazing. But he's throwing mechanics are funky penalty called a side armor low three quarters and you wouldn't. You would very often drop down what you had to fit the ball into tight windows you know the mechanics are going over the top first is dropping down. And rivers is controlled this way his whole career rich initially kind of a very strange delivery. Strange but it's effective and you can say what you want but you come Alpine political vacuum what would it look quite cannot be pro what are they get fitted. Get for the receiver you know and see what it skate through Al know whoever but. Here's a little different little quirk about that but there's very effective I would say that the bigger problem river broke Baghdad last really could have treatment that kernel work. Great up there the study reported portal well you're not couldn't imagine that he'd eat kind of already did yeah if I lose track of who's winning and got that battle the last couple games got. Where would respect it the last two feet deep and these people don't sit over machine but he. You're do 21 pick last year I think ideology government completely over that I didn't I didn't chiefs started in Kabul we could country interceptions. And that's really what would hurt them right now he's got to take a chemical called Beagle on the road this weekend it escalated internal church they've got a chance. Average and has CBS TV over in Oakland for the raiders of the chargers. On Sunday joining us I think after though like without inviting her 95 point seven a game last week you were you were in Pittsburgh. So you saw up close and personal what Ben Roethlisberger did five interceptions to run back the other way for scores right after the game he said. I'm sure I have it anymore and now I think Salman may have tried to pump them up a little bit when he met the media. Yesterday today Richie was talking about the other two Super Bowl wins and who you know. Where he said but where where where is Ben Roethlisberger is game at right now so you just saw him. Here are that you don't is in the twilight of his career leader in question about that we talk about. But mobility I don't think he moves as well he used to although he's still a factor in the pocket he got gutter. Lateral quickness and mobility certain of Philip Rivers. He's still connect employee Kirk he played poorly there's no question about it can't get some balls that were batted in Pitt could go collected and bet that what this from an infection. Five interceptions and there's a lot. He knows it can't have that I think right now the little out of sorts offensively. Olivia belt installed pre season located grind and all of the last season. I don't they are very getting note got back in and it could roll a little bit beat right tackle market Gilbert without this creek Colbert struggled. And you know what they're. Third routine but there much greater if you don't. Play good football you can get embarrassed I mean it's got a heart you know you don't show up on Sunday when the role. And take care of the football and be found in the kicking game play good defense. I would you do not gonna win the competition and too tight end you know the charted a role would tell people well they don't have the current one for her you know rate. Because what you want if the chargers and raiders got all that matters on Sunday. You rich can't will be there to call along with Kevin Ireland on CBS really the radio show from Alameda on Friday you to be at the facility on Friday or covenants Saturday when nine million dollar try to. You know me had I will be dumped a live version with yeah. I can't wait to get as much. That's coming back home Richie and it's going back to Oakland will look for a young Saudi over animator is thank you terrorist reformer. Thanks rich.