Rich Gannon

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Wednesday, September 13th

Greg Papa and Bonta Hill are joined by Rich Gannon (former NFL QB and CBS Sports Broadcaster) for a recap of Raiders/Titans. We touch on the Raiders decision NOT to run Beast Mode at the goal line. It looks like Donald Penn and the Raiders will settle on a contract extension this week.


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Rich gate and the raider great it was announced yesterday. As a hall of fame finalist that'll Jonas once a week on the ethnic light with pop and not take. Here and at a five point seven games or Richard you watch the raider game back tell me what you saw from from Derek are the raider offense on Sunday in Nashville. Well he's human and beyond our kick struck evenly node that they expect the unexpected. It might argue but I do accord at the argument that. You know. This all together. You know aren't yet and the ball near car. Greater offense. Go around the field and that he was there not what you are good. Don't upper deck you don't have you'd look at. I think bill would create a public guardian you know that there's eleven guys that are probably gonna be out there where you look at what kind of of the you mention the past our order can eat just. What you pick him up all these Google before the injury and as a people our aerial without regard for. The leg injuries and industry how grateful to Robert. Looks like Mario can be defined but I think equally into all the role weeklong other national you know I'll call up. That this kind of seeking could be a much a year ago. That could it would start. What do you see in from a of Ari Cooper rich because obviously the great feat this is right in the NFL maybe the most polished young route runner accompany NFL after playing for Lang Lane Kiffin and in a pro style offense in Alabama. But you know sometimes he gets physically handled the line of scrimmage he looks noticeably bigger and stronger. They target them a lot on Sunday didn't always work there was those three in a row. Where they try to get it about the two yard line but he was able to spit out of that tackle by Tory Jackson has something. We have not seen from a Margaret says the first red zone touchdown he is scored since late in his rookie season. Part of it is bigger Crabtree over there that are excellent and the leaping ability to interpret their. The pork and confidence for your quarterback cab but. You do you're right I think Cooper looks stronger and that. Person or couple things about that a lot of the our committee will debate anyone point a ball down the left. And then to the driver. In the in the draw regarded in the in the middle incredible play into the effort liven up and down there could finish at all. I think we received more that this year it is I think you have a concrete way you'll meet peak Albert Hall. You know we don't think about we have the script we pick about you know the player who went on I become going to be critical situation or better optic about players. The old to play like how can I get who put the ball down because Peter got to make a picture so construction but the same time we've got another guy over there that. Is unique as well Crabtree and really get that jump ball. What what did you think what they got a first and goal to go on to rich they went Ford at fort out of picked it up with these on Marshawn Lynch. In that run the ball again they went a Mari the slain inside evolving even though time behind him and he understands out of the dropped it they want to fade route Adori broken up then the the bus to play where it got tipped in the back of the end zone what would you have liked to have seen one run to beast mode where you'll take on three straight times to Mario on the goal large. You know. I know how you do it. Whitbeck rocket that would that would sort. It. So now there will Oshawa but that was a lot of what. You guys look you got mark on land that's really where he's it's. Get the metric that you get out of it we geared for glass Zack Crockett gender or back Butler. Clearly you could the cricket idol older mark challenge in this operated contributory by carry back. Because the elder bill and nick how will they are quarterback or shouldn't and dynamic here at game. Unity finisher and talk about what an optical shop talk about it Greg at a couple of money being. Because now the player gaming. Short art collector to get back your your your question. I would on the ground there for you'll be out there and get excited about. These current mark now. Five yard line. You know reached this offense they bring in Jericho a pregame Cordero Paterson and we saw a little bit of both early on Jerry Cooke he got to establish early I think it's going to be your. He's gonna bring to very very different element to the softened to make you more dynamic may Cordero Paterson. I mean you line them up in the backfield decorous and jets lead slip on May be some receiver screens. Miss offense even though they only scored 26 points to sky's the limit parties guys unexpectedly big explosion as we can get some gesture it's. You should because what I did get last week I got you see them there. The problem the that are typical. Ball that Obama Jared Cook and the guys from. Versatility can move him around it and number two spot and productive intensity rams. They liked it lingering bad note that fact a doctor might. McCartney about him. And that you look at eagle Paterson. I think the big question with him and the and the challenge that they had enough so that. Was you know getting on the field and and just make sure he knew what do you how to do it all the adjustments person prior to fail and golden. Or the right thing is no question he's altered outlook Norv Turner tried that. Finally get the ball based futuristic returner we know that. But he's he's he's. For whatever reason he's being year Ford still galloping. As a wide receiver. Rich gain in 2002 NFL most valuable player forts are pro bowler with the raiders MVP of the probe calling anyone is as recently as. Policy finalist will join us so once a week what standing after the light turned the football our Jeff Garcia Jonas who won thirty. And here at top and Vontae 95 point seven the game we elites are open talking about Jerry getting off to a quick start. What did you think overall of Garrick 22 with 32 for 262 the two touchdowns the wonder Lamar that Wanda. Sets Roberts from the quickstep to did make a mistake in the game no turnovers what did you see from her for opening day rich. Well here that the typical road and not turn the ball over. Think he's he he's becoming. A more. Accomplished player deposition I think the anticipation. To get better at Google Talk and it seemed a lot of scrimmage change and protections. Plate and things like that. I think communication with with him and receivers. You know I just. And I think that leadership and no talking to people open your English first year you're. Crowing that rule clearly he's more vocal than he's been in the past and I think take ownership of it. You've got obviously the change at coordinator and now the end of the day. Yeah I think you see you guys it is really control. He knows how to play the position he gets the ball out quick notes were crickets or throws our. And you know that the thing which is interesting to me was thinking about it for a mostly for whatever reason some people want her two Brothers remember the one being that. The people kept a lot of guilt can go back to the game against you exceed well you gotta ask better questions got happy feet. I've never seen that you know going back to a first year here at that point and they're taking yet to deliver the ball down field I think we saw more of that. Although production at optimal are pretty solid and tried. You know rich early in the game tied downing I don't had a tremendous first game as a player designer play callers and offensive coordinator in the NFL the early in the game. That they reminded me a lot of the year 2002 raiders when you led the league in passing and you were you know the MVP. Where was a lot of you in the gun and you know you have to the backfield that's election due back then but. Just you know they would have to the back field a lot they were trying to you know well a lot of teams have an automatic blitz to an empty they would be able to pick up Dick LeBeau as blitzes better. And they went to a lot of empty a lot of dare. And it later and they got the lead especially the fourth quarter reminded me of the 2000 raiders when you guys led the league in rushing. In a chilly in the league in passing in 2000 led the league in rushing. So do do they have to have a a true offensive identity. Our candidate vary it by series were some series it shotgun and let's go check it may enter or exit a fling it around. And it later we're gonna put him under center and give a beast mode. I think they go fast as they wanna play you know technique are they conjure up all horrible and the emptied it could be gone we deal. L code that years and and bring in mark on the plane accident. And what our game and do the things that you'll I think. You're Euro look in the creative idea that particular per hour. I think your important cargo like march Tomlinson no role in the you'll keep more on my record and expect our current hot there in the fourth quarter it ought to be able finally cut. And uncle at duke opera. Didn't let a couple of the EU really. Not going to be on the happening eager. That the light coming on silent neutral about they're required to bring about. He's out there that about two years you know he's not in my opinion not going to be. A public productive guy at this point 25 year I think march on it all the corporate. But I think he's you'll meet could get a cut is lol I think he's going to be incredible tradition they have not had a creature a lot either a Manila police police raided a lot lead here. You'll late game where a guy like command. And it's really been talking all the. Raiders are kind of split personality and they go go on under conflicts around the criminals are in cook the thing you know they're one of the best offensive lines in football. And now we have a report from the the rap sheet in Rappaport is senate tweet the raiders and Donald and are closing in and I two year extension. As sources saying it should be done this week so that there had been no I should he already got the most expensive interior three in the history of football game Jackson. Rodney Hudson and nick alleging assembly rich to tie up the veteran left tackle Donald and for two more years after this year. Yeah. What about do you know formal go out on their content could he could probably was born broker. Bird you know on demand color and bird slaughter in order or at all and clearly either required by oh. And then and then cart that the quarterback now is protect the third build up our mind to epic like Ajax. Pubic. Movement tree crock pot and Briton Donald and our family. A year ago been. An article on the receivers Cooper cramming you know look at how Britain has real different a quarterback and little dark with the trigger because. You know that you. All month there are talking about current I quarterback young guys are quite another dozen years easily. Create great year ago. And eager to their second boxes that they talk about your car. This. I just. A great appreciation for what he'd to an organization. Maybe he'll do what you did few years ago actually decade and a half ago and notably the raiders to. Even while I was away at me yeah guys well he's put up big numbers and that skated in and I'll start with the ease. He has the heart and soul operation right. I am rich kid joining us from us CBS sports and certainly known as a raider royalty here in the afternoon delight with pop and bunting and had a five point seven again you mentioned you're Orchard Park last week you and Kevin Harlan for the called the the jets and the Buffalo Bills and it. In the raiders do one of the best offensive lies to me the real a strength vs strength matchup is the raider line against the jet. Defense of line let lettered Williams Mo will appreciate it they bring in coney. And the jets are not a great football team but I have to say. That that that front that they can whether it's at 34 fraud or are they go to the nickel they rushed for that's the strength of their football teams are not rich. It is and you know Beck played pretty well all things considered I mean. The score seven exit perhaps that you took up that shot court speaker of the backdoor couple times. This important day in the and that you know under nine yard crowd who quarterback to run around. In so they did get the run defense wasn't tight lipped it sort of cute that. But overall critique the there. I would put it up by the parent put the good defense has got to beyoncé. Really crept Jamar Adams market maker player when I got more Claiborne. To book I don't match up pretty well. Go Griswold will be removed all courts comic which you could score I don't think we're a little. Gain Kariya scored twenty or thirty point beat the jets the jets will struggle ultimately that's not because quarterback Josh McCown. Former raider wasn't the issue on Sunday Orchard Park you should it have right now because on the ball porting howl. And then they have no gamble Kroger people in the the type of situation. Awful and the receiving corps is great curse won't help at some point he just came aboard ten days ago whatever and it does factor currently wavered. And it got a rookie record reporter actually what I think what's really hurt objector now. And shift early plays in this game to get Kirch and curly rowdy Anderson looks like decent young prospect with some vertical speed I an eagle does the jets pre season games will join us at 2 o'clock in the afternoon divided again Jeff Garcia. Coming up at 130 hour chatting with their Rich Gannon here and not a five point seven. That India and like with Papa and Vontae I did watch back your broadcast integrate chat with Kevin and opening day in buffalo and you would lavishing your praise Josh McCown I know Josh very well he was a raiders here. He's a good guy. You were talking about though his ability to throw the ball out aged 38. Where he still likes it more in the middle of the field and he does rich you say outside outside the numbers and a. Yeah you know we got at least that is amazing right so we get these. Computer for now stats and sometimes there's one or two that jump out into that stadium. The numbers on job count. It's amazing if you look at his complete 2% outside the numbers throughout his career at 50%. Between that number that jumps up almost 67%. So even in the game against the bill to drop a lot in breaking cut. I think you'd like a little truck to orbit much terrible eat out in numbers don't really have any bodies strict but you know I think Robby should. As from the and vertical speed but it is for whatever reason it was. I think you know you know yup recorders well anyplace architect or more. Votes and it's nice job here. From Hickory from court clerk who. Them yeah. Different looks in the running game there that are familiar to people who know the coast of Opel I think really more than anything he was can you were convinced that he couldn't. Have the dirty you'll. Quarterback COLT all we think about quickening quick shot quick roll quick decision. He bought an old are not able strip appeal courts to go right now are a lot more that. I get the record they've got the tribe on the ball eighteen for a while house Goldman running game that could go on paper chart out. Now rich you'll be following the Buffalo Bills to Charlotte when the bills take on the Panthers this Sunday and I was at the game Sunday and leave our state a must Panthers and nine are Cam Newton. I don't like what a soft Rome obviously he had limited reps in the pre season coming off that all season. Surgery but what did you see at a K and Sunday I mean he was a little off in these whole ball a bit that it did not like what I sought a Camden on Sunday. I'm concerned an. You're a couple of things that are medical career cup certainly took a monitor. Where any current Walker Cup couldn't control twelve weeks on YouTube ball in the currency divided we can look sharp I think part of it is this eulogy. So what kind of a gun. It didn't do that and the tendency to get easy with your feet and coming get sloppy a lot of currency that drove the he's not a position that shoulder the back arching. Out more nuclear development backcourt. And it gets lazy at times and really actually accuracy last year completion ghost are one of the worst football. And you know they've they've they've got to yet. Call and I think the other thing is I mean it is easy public and open up a little bit because he can't take it mean and I think they're they're really. Changed the way they play less don't read in the big flight data. It would not get the care treason determination Stewart. But. Cameras gaga. You've got to get a little more disciplined back there are. If you hear about Taylor said it was music and I years certain throws off his back foot any different driving me nuts his entire career as I understand the arm program and but each is what why did they never taught him. To transfer his weight onto his front foot everything Heathrow every throwing a warm ups when you watch your rich it's all off his back foot. Yeah you'll talk about it. You guys know a six foot five or are he's got. Strong arm he. He can just lick your Eagles seven yards without a whole lot of effort now that could occur as well I think sometimes they said. You know. What you were brought up but the Google from Africa and welcome all read them a card the government quicker from the up. Workable but on the furthermore getting court practically throw by wrote it have been really get off to a good start. And that they've had changes you know gadget at wide receiver position Benjamin utilized with her last year in the weight issue that he's still developing in the script consciences. Second your player. Dirtier players coming that. And then you know immediately. Looks her part it and look for Greco toppling them cook good extremely productive but. They. You know they've got they've got to get it cleaned up in that cultures. Eat yen compared well I have not clear our great. As the 2002. NFL MVP rich can't talk about the MVP just a couple of years ago Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers Beckett 2015 over calling the bills and Panthers. Sunday for CVS and had just one final thought you were talking about Johnnie Morton hours I was thinking you going in there with the production meeting with Kevin and I assume they brought the offensive coordinator earlier. The idea how does that weird you know Johnny what he just a kid. Rookie Jared Bruton was a weird asking questions now is the offensive coordinator than he earlier. Great to see I mean it's great to see guys like daddy. Each earned equal to our men and and you know obviously you worked as a into the raiders in the creation of an opportunity to beard and an intern and then became that this is the critical of the copper. And coat the receivers and then when the you know of our. Harbaugh universe and Diego and many as a you know US CNN news or in saint herself think I think the big important in his career. Got courts have been Jon Gruden. Some Payton and Jim Harbaugh I think he you know yeah you see that curb there. The matter is that. You know that. Terminology to challenge you know how excited I got years but what he's set to me that really stick in my it'll benefit from Derek. You get out there to be the opera coordinator. And then you you know you'd get a job projects and looked at quarterback situations are great up right Eddie's struggle Christian Achtenberg struggle. Thirty years old and secret I don't. You're a quarterback or a bottle equipment. I don't mind being talkative put up broker you got that mentality. You do a little bit like gruden shop lately you don't really hear you. Immunity by uncle to my local local went to gain I think and it meant touted which they serve him well in that situation. This is big break he's an offensive coordinator so you mentioned Jim Harbaugh real quickly before we let ago. What was it like people don't realize Jim Harbaugh as first job as a coach and you know I don't know horribly it was your quarterback coach after John Wooden did Tampa and and they elevated bill Callahan interest and like Josie the Jim Harbaugh came and what was it like having Jim Harbaugh first job in the NFL riches your quarterback coach. To order because we keep it yet. And equipment epic theater worker here now the fight for your commute could go to the older. I have great at great respect for because he came in and eat it at the right way even just say I was you know great earnestly on disconnect. Give the art party keenly than did the dirty work he was there all report the morning Scripps together and putting out. You know post up the playbook and grind it away and watching tape and just. You know physically kill themselves than in learning and critical rightly earned respect their ability that entire room and really require all even. He was great with the young quarterback it was duke and yet he leaned a little bit of Bernie I'll can be an out of I'd been in the coastal. You just knew. Really early on that this guy you know and the business and Brothers that you know he was going to be a good football coach and it turned out. He's becoming. Actual apocalypse. Like yourself could grind here actually gets enough so well. Thank you my friend tell Ireland we say well safe travels to Charlotte, North Carolina we'll talk to next week will report card pictures which can't.