Rich Gannon

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Wednesday, December 27th

Former Raiders MVP QB, current analyst for CBS Sports, Rich Gannon, joins Bonta & Urbs to break down the Raiders loss on Christmas and the Niners win on Xmas Eve, and to dicuss the rumors the Jon Gruden will return to coaching in the NFL.


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Let's break down their cars came within one and only Rich Gannon the call to dolphins and she's game this past Sunday I believe for getting joins us German footballer presented by a little more forward. Every week and happy holidays ridge. Looks like screws got the raiders again on Monday night in dirt car boarded the struggle you take away message super yard touchdown. Their course 1428 for 77 yards including that late game interception. Or the world's Cornell would DC rich. That's hard to watch you know all I got the people that truly equal back and look at what they've made the change and Ken Norton junior jumped out of the defense has really taken out that they have played better than you go to Philadelphia. Yeah you'd be most cat that ruled it's obviously a different team without cars from what the pill popping. It really get in that whole thing. Good night job keeping score manageable in the religious can't score seventeen points and had that look amazing when you look at the ball you don't. Well these have a certain what happens see them and then you're all obviously they're the lap by drought in the game flat black driver in bed at 41 yard. Had five turnovers that would. Pretty ugly. Hey Richard what we're seeing their regression or what worked we're told that Derek Karr has regressed. And at the same time we have a lot of guests from pro football focus who were their jobs recently to great out film and while it didn't on the eye test it would appear to be the offensive line. Has not been as good this year as last year but pro football focus is telling us that the offensive line is actually having a really good year and three of them made the Pro Bowl or what what are they to the rich can and I test. I don't think it's problem that they have developed their identity is awful. I get start there. So that they want for their play action things they're spread you out. Not suck that appealed scene where. What combination of mull multiple multiple offense what you hoped. I've been breaking down all the get this week advocate of charges while the studying their ordination of groupings and personnel groupings and. And just try to get deepening public argued it could maybe you if you look. Well car bombs shatter Marshawn Lynch gained almost 90% all. Wasn't very little play action all blow poll that's fine they won't start you're Barack. This court gains with a couple wrong. All right hard to get a sense of the constitution does substitutions were probably utilize all three backs. All played quarterback as regret I think all of that you and as well but we certainly know that I'll get the ball very quick. Have been written about 400 sitting there and take yet curious. I'll bet you got a lot of confidence in certain receivers. An independent decision when you watched with footwork. And walked out he was auctioned off the field you'll ever have to throw the ball is 2.3 six seconds quicker more weight. I think that if employed cloaked. And he got about three point six seconds a lap. All you've been fairly accurate and it's not a short short rolls. What he holed it for more than two net effect and it got towards completion percent more weight. We get 43%. Improvement in job you know I think people later dropped but won't forget black. You know. The output a lot of my opinion. I played well ma. And Ed give up tired but he doesn't seem like he is the biggest difference between there are this year black Q in my opinion it would play making ability. You just don't see it this year there are few opium extend play didn't play well you make a great scrabble big drove down the field at all. I think that the biggest giver of all that the utopian dream they relate a year or even at all the fact that they record they're chain effect you've got comfortable what. Certain element in game plan a certain course you know that the better known all the field of the world live. But the bottom line and then that's metro. New quarterback could take a step back this year. Yeah how moisture rich remains in which can afford turn pro bowler in 2002 and most valuable player in the NFL joins us here on football our president by a little more for Bonser hill Michael Irvin for their for Greg Papa Germany 57 game so how much of this can we blame. On Todd downing how much of this can we blame on Jack Del Rio or scheme or wide receivers because everything has regressed or look at Michael Crabtree rich in his last four games started doing targets fourteen catches only 99 yards. If this is that we saw the play was set Roberts were dirt car jelly guy and whose fault that is on an is that I'm a receiver is out on a quarterback who or what is to blame call can we pass on all around or is this solely on the before rich. If you look at the record you know you got. What everybody right we and I think part of the head coach he got to accept responsibility for the package what would he beat Nadal had been made it all went CNET that they've got sick when the new development. Good chance they can pick content that never achieved drop off from big ball so. Of all lofty goal and expectations they have reason defense prop two walls are we opted won't fall behind. I didn't look at the offense I played a quarterback that important quality to coordinator and he drove his first time ever doing that. Probably won't play fair. I think his germs have. You'll try to figure out who the running back wolf what he's capable of I mean that they could start receiving fight getting him going giving them more opportunities. Maybe it would be I would hit it will be good situation but that that would help. But you'll crack treatment consider him quote we could very agency I know it looked a couple of big put. I got to watch. And you know you'd think people how can look into the camera that can't kitty game on Monday night even probable. And then you know he can't be can't show flashes going into the disappear for a couple weeks ago. A global can sit conceded simply haven't been on his status for all things. Rich over on the other side of the bed obviously Jimmy ground below is just so the world on fire to the point where the big question is. Franchise tag or pay like a franchise quarterback can give him. A long term deal now. Looking at the east today and what's happened would dare car. Does what's gone on with the car does that represent a cautionary tale. For the 49ers I eat and maybe you wanna take some time before you give him that big fat deal. Didn't point probably there are people saying. We'll get that hate and I don't negative because look at a lot of money that kid what most people partner Adam. But it has been going right now you say what you don't want it he got that step would make of that money losing record starting quarterback. You know you look at Bob Newhart terrible record starting quarterback. You look at Kirk cousins my only point six point that it wanted to starting quarterback. On news report that quarterback can relate to make it you know boatload of money that apple wants. And that would adopt. And that's what you got to figure out and the scary part about who topple it obvious bigotry that require that I think they've got to protect quarterback but after. Or games or five start what are going to be the ultimate Barbie say well okay were ready to Ed's point five million out. I doubt a lot bat and the fact that I've ever played I gave them quite well. Of the cabinet got got the ball out of it and 450 million dollar contract I mean I think we needed in global body or how helper. That being said they've won four games. It put 43 point on the jaguars are critical 43 days. It 4401. Always thought OK I bet they. Well or regard about bad or more any support start feet made it never walk to start the perfect for local backing and to start of the patriot he's brought her back some of them. He's brought the production he's brought them consistently. Topped the solution to the to the group but they haven't had a long time. I do think that. You know I'd add he's got a huge upside I think that would be no greater. In terms of the public yet complain about that the problem that's why Washington was reluctant to make her cut it and keep pain in the sand to the pressure the certainly remain I've got to be the brickyard bill. And you won't next year ending in equity initiated by and large chunk incremental long term project. That can be removed their risk for the 49ers I mean he's done it gets for differ defense is here Dick Pole vault that jaguars defense of exchange or Chicago might bring former Cornell in Houston I mean it is fascinating to see what Jimmy drop was don't want these units in the short term parents are just go by rational about jerk. Former head coach Jon Gruden here. Here's a report over the weekend rates that Jon Gruden has started to reach out to other assistant coaches in the NFL. Maybe trying to return we know is youngest son. Is going to be a senior next year and act in high school out there Tampa Bay. Do you think gruden is coming back commissar I know we. We've asked you this before but do you think she's it's in the return to the sidelines. And that's so which team conceal what could he possibly make a return hearing Oakland in maybe helped revived Oakland Raiders. All I've had conversations with them I haven't had blown it you know originally erupted recently bought a couple weeks but vocal volleyball well. Although I've talked a lot like what we years. I think he'd think couldn't talk with the football coach. You know he looked like a football coach he's really mobile app couldn't get over the last four or five years probably won't work harder. You know public like that the rocky movie you know he's great he went there he went straight over Russia you know I think Janet constraining like that for five years I think you've done an unbelievable job. They have brought was probably looking at personnel he has got a lot of with college coaches. And learning about different he said is that different thing to do offensively. JavaScript game and and he he could get resolved this information and I think they come back you're gonna go back inventive I think it can called what's my personal opinion I think I would get ultimately. If you come back and we. Let's let mom and dad we hear. A private property and they're going to be better than the next head coach a book or exceed. And had been hit it should be able what quote or could be the word out that well we didn't pass. I could be bigger group quickly are gonna follow what I want do you think about the good Dick Vermeil. My I think Joseph kids. When he came back to Washington do you think the game you obviously is also in the days. Situation spit flawed but really he was away from it is that cart jackpot in order for jobs. The work will be a pimple more importantly. You know he has you know we've got mark. Mean he he's he's brought people at the coordinators often recorded Mulligan he'd gone on offense from a coaching staff I think he has. He had continued to work at a Biden don't think I think he could put that together rather quickly. I think even that couldn't come back into it right away I'll tell you get I think all of us do these games I can't say how many cultures. Having quarterback our people our course it is a real problem our league right now. And no one coached that position any better engendered. I'll have fun down there LE race for New Year's Day when charges will be plans for a playoff spot let's see how much fight directors who bring that they liked their fight Monday night bluesy almost fight they'll get the chargers on Sunday Rich Gannon happy holidays have a happy new year thanks so much for joining the baggage. It Rich Gannon. Ford's controller pro bowler former MVP in 2002. Former raiders quarterback play when Jon Gruden and.