Rich Gannon

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Wednesday, December 6th

Greg Papa and Bonta Hill are joined by Rich Gannon (NFL Broadcaster for CBS) to discuss the Marcus Peters suspension ahead of Raiders/Chiefs.


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Bring in now Rich Gannon the former raider quarterback greater grade also spent some time in Kansas City he will work to game on us Sunday with Kevin Ireland a CBS he's back and they. Afternoon delight here on 957 game. Rich I know sometimes you have a teleconference with the coaches before. You actually get to the stadium have you spoken to anybody with that she should coach Reid can you lend any insight into why Andy Reid suspended market speeders for this huge games on Sunday ridge. No we will actually very privileged to be impractical for body or visit LaDainian stare at the practical clouded by. I would tell you that this isn't an isolated and went and then I'll be equity. With market leader and he can't meltdown in the past peace. Situation or defeat where he won political. Because according to Bob Sutton. I just think that the public could clearly occurred I'm sure there's some underlying. Friedman good qualities and shock wave from being murdered young men and I think the mandatory. Follow treatment or work out whatever their I think you spoke they could face the way he did on car they would would I have not only did he throw the flag and stand. He's good luck. I feel that the committee would objectively Watson and then they probably got him back on the Cody came back on the field without shocks and got at least I had. Well your early read a play that's what they're. There are critical game for them they had cash got the look you watch the great you think that cash come into your 488 yard. You know only be 38 point. Because I got a feel on third down and have a single sack or take away their game they're there really struggle right now peacock. Yeah we I have watched the whole game back this morning and so I mean Peters is is it just finished in a dominant player in there without Eric Berry but he can make the point Peters is their best overall defender Eddie takes away half the field playing at left cornerback most teams don't go item on the right side. So do real Revis does come back for this game Richie plays. The entire first half is the right cornerback on the offenses left. Does not play at all. In the second half does not command after Peters gets kicked out on the two point play. So oh what do you think it'll do for this game will be Revis said Mitchell Terrance Mitchell the other corner on the outside who did they put in the slot will be. Stephen Nelson or gains or actor Errol how do you see their cornerback rotation now in light of readers coming back and America's Peters being suspended. Older trouble because remember now and what would that help you market users than their most keen chose to go out distraught gained and turn Mitchell. You saw blood so that didn't see you know about trying grievously through about they're really before he was ready and you really study any going back last year. You're you're not the same player he got instructors speed he doesn't want to play patter on the line of scrimmage because. Yeah the great people loved by and so on clay at all what you're probably gonna become. They played 39 snaps last week it didn't quite a second half I don't know why am popular therapy either. Routine got altogether there's soreness and tightness of a mosque or different you all precautionary thing but. They're good they're very troubled because. Good not great secondary right now I'm in an age they got a number different choices and also play. Act curl play reboot the play gained a play. But they're they're. They're struggling they they do not cover well and Bob Sutton wants you know play press man to man coverage and he's not going to be able to look recruitment he had. You know risk and houses looking at Marcus Spears contract has another year left on the still an option for a fifth year and we know Andy Reid we remember when he was in Philadelphia and he basically suspended TL TERRELL OWENS for the rest of the season that threw me some comments. About the team. I hit the long term future Marcus Spears in Kansas City you look at everything that's going on and always a 55 player Pro Bowl level player all pro level player but he's seen yet and Abbas said we assume. Just what the antics or whatnot I'm hoping Gaby Bree would be afraid to trade them in the offseason and get rid of him because he's become a more cancerous and that lock all rich. Well hard to report the production on the eat cake because it could have a really good oil leak a bad guy think he could. In the door he's an emotional player look at keep up the only one I've let them speak and it took that helped you cold there and I can't that he is. You know in the end up I don't apply got Korea learned behavior LP the first look at the flight last year and Coke. They're gonna what I had over there and end I wouldn't be surprised and again that we you know I tried on the inside information but I would be comprised of the owner Clark caught what the ball but the conversation that there won't have very embarrassing. You couldn't go in New York last week I'm sure that Clark opportunity I end uncertain. Who. The main valve all went down that they become only. You know maybe your grip important got away with a little but you you don't start five memoir of eagle putt fire and all that loot the fuel out I mean they've they've got all kind of issues like but their offense took. You quarterback played really well but they lead they have gotten laid out the other week where a guy dropped the ball. To wipe out. Got picked up right. You know Alec that under crows Kyra feel wide open on a he's got to let. Sideline and Demi boot they pick occurred that they can be better at and Google waited for quite right now at Gallaudet scored 35 point peak would could be because. After five and I'll start it is shocking answers season has turned out this way in six and sex and as a huge game on Sunday and they suspended America's leaders at all any rate would say. Regarding the suspension when he met to Kansas City meeting also met the Bay Area media conference call I am not getting into details choice activists say. Why he is says suspending. America's leaders for this gamer Rich Gannon is joining us here in the afterlife I 95 point seven a game which football our bunch of other more forward and we'll be just cursing at 130 on. Jimmy Iraq the most debut in what can expect a Sunday in Houston. I know Richie get ready for the game they're calling game on CBS regime change its with Kevin heartland so you've been studying what you saw from the raider offense last week I don't think the Mari. Is gonna play in this game he's working on a side field with us got to shape but I think it's unlikely if she can't go to bed it'll be able to play so under the under the the auspices that that Amare will not be able to go what she saw from Johnny Bolton said the robbers Cordero Paterson Crabtree. We'll come back how do you size up the raider wide receiving corps. Against their chief secondary minus markets Peters. Well I really liked the fact that. You know they're they're trying to get. There Paterson the ball you know little flip screens or bubble screens or Hillary were called. They've they've been very effective another way to get the ball. In tandem racing this slump. Make guys miss and just you know like we saw against giant with a great play there in the fourth quarters so. Mean more that I hate to put it in the backfield trying to get on such as the need they eat the cloak of guidance got to find a way to get them. In the right. Positions and you know I outlet look at sept Roberts. Now look at. Cole and if they got some ability to be included got to create this kind of bothers me about them is is that if a ball security issues to walk more I watch them on paper ball on the ground and that's that's got to get cleaned up hole. Lieutenant simple answer as percent Robert secured always nobody's little bit in one earned traffic they've got do birds out there and and so does you know Rashard and he put the ball on the ground a couple conflict without a lot of beach so. I think I give credit I think getting crapshoot that would be huge. You know all I give credit not having Crabtree and called collapse which Roberts stepped up all stepped up. Paterson good and good greens you're restarted and they they could get a good job getting everybody involved and by that got a couple weeks ago. But more opportunity to be such as Marshawn Lynch guess over the course of the game the more productive and effective he can be. Especially late in games I think that is important as well. Yeah and I just are running at a 51 yards are. How about when he made he may Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie Messi made land and Collins missed double checked out made that is most as best players are greater shows us. Play that looked like he did even if they got quite. Control of the value of that exactly what everybody I mean he may be just to even be small and I think. Again that latent demand him in the kiss kiss you don't. Look you've started to create nuclear politics in the trio Ron Kirk no logo when it started a game last week you know I'm getting the ball they're not they don't want to build up the gate you look at our. Beleaguered defense legal or not I think the defense is another big story guys I mean you look at what. How different this team that good the last two weeks now and turner. You've got to take into consideration the quarterback play you both can claim a back up quarterback black I mean I do look I got my note could go from the mark and the game remained. They're they're. The plane crafted the plan more competent. They're energy. Flying around football you don't feel that the lone culprit is the gap and finger uncovered two. The good. Every other I think that's significant jump the gun outcome than than a nice job bringing something up street money can think through these guys can go out. And if not they get much just kind of cut loose. Taken the ball away there's Shaq in the quarterback they looked like a whole different defense Richard they're moving to -- Mac around even meg enforced for years or they're moving him around his standing among the move and Herman around the putting him on the same side. They're they're not blitzing anymore but there I think they're blitzing more effectively right now. You're right and I think moving back around this is significant and he crooked governor acquired Julie LaMont got to make it to eat people up and all of that strip sack of fumble recovery. Q on The Who saw a lot of players at your cab when he gets humid there what I mean. And anyway that was. Nobody plays original thread all right now. I'll let you know I was not just it's would leave their original and dot. I think they lowered the hunt it played great this panel vote upon. And now sudden you know you're like scrambled before they happen and you know what we'll play or two later he Condit does that confirming that. And and I was encouraged by what happened by the giant go to that cut down late in the great the ball back only got field and then put the game boy and match. You know those type of things I just I think turn courage then and now. I mean we've got a we've got a game here that's gonna be gone so when this came at the field elimination game the Nate and when you look at you know. If you look at this there's there's good vision and I seem to walk six go out there and you look at their charges they've won six of their last eight. And all of sudden the raiders got themselves right in the thick of things that got a chance to go to arrowhead just. Really do some real damage repair could choose who I thinker and big trouble right now I mean you look at injuries give up the play calling responsibility these actually things are controlled our players can spend that. It's like a good opportunity for there truly is to get right back administration. Yeah rich talk more about what you see from the chiefs say you know it's interesting and Andy has given up in the past when he said Doug Peterson is now a coach in Philly on his staff had met Maggie the offensive coordinator. Was calling the plays but they I think they scripted together whereas if the first eighteen which one are scripted and but what what did you notice differently. About the the chiefs' offense may be after the first scripted plays and just overall a nag he called the plays vs the head coach rich. Couple good performance from people who stacked what stacked up he but I think it's a lot of it in the same ideas and concepts. You know it it it looked like the raiders with Paterson now but that they did try to do that retiree chill out and try to find creative way to get him touches that people. All around a lot of scrimmage. Kielty still big part of it you know he's a he's going to be amp all the expect good unit I think. Think we start with the Pope saying you better start there he's a guy that can really eat yeah it took a step our game he's he's. Really special. You'll put that definitive not doing a very good job of it could be you'll glacier creek are you know the first. The fight game that he knew them over and twenty yards they gain. Can't stand them in the numbers are awful forty lawn area 87 against bird that the later reported a 37. Electric gained seventeen yards rushing forty yard truck into the not running the ball as effectively as they'd like to look at a lot of the output climbed more than anything. And I would have been that there are doing a great job epic opens up from polls. And but the quarterback is really makes it all go and you know you could say what you wanna bombard. Com or reception overseas and to report touchdown against but yet he's not there you know Ludwick out its catalog to build a defense. And another merger agreement they're coming up a pound the ball very effectively to have double plays out on the children do week it could be speak the local plays we just got to execute. Prince can't and joining us sunny afternoon delight here in 95 cent in the game I saw part of the football our brought you about Livermore for me and Jeff Garcia and Jimmy to grapple coming up until. 130 I love this rivalry this is my favorite I love going to arrowhead and I think CBS for the right guy and the call not only you're a great raider. But the raiders got your from the chiefs directly. So just speaks both sides of it can you know the Al Davis side and then and you know the Carl Peterson thing and they animosity and Marty Schottenheimer but he sought from the the chief perspective and I just what's it like when you go to arrowhead. Tucci fans remember your your time you played well really well with the chiefs in 97 in particular or they consider united curator. There yeah I told they considered me a greater although like I I think you know there or you know long cream don't want Turkey game so I gonna go into the Indian food but can't Korea would tell you that. McRae who remain dependent than that. In this rivalry but they're the bad blood ethics code they're going to be easier when her crown. You know under attack both have great history got to remove. He's who put more wanna want the ball over rated of one multiple global. You know I just think that this is going to be a special game because. Actually what's at stake I think. You all both teams that have ever had overcome a lot of adversity you look at the raiders restore to a vulnerable or straight now they're kind of I thought I think like Arabs. Donald Albert and right the ship when you look at the chief of merit a little treat all right now that they think he'll have. The good chemistry and leadership a locker room we'll find out what what they got because I think for the chiefs from and that is that if they break it they blue connector this game here I think I could have appealed a playoff game early gulag as. It could be optimum you've got to quarterback they're very talented director and they can really take over games. An hour with a little bit differently than their car he actually uses play a little bit more to do that god. Go take good care of the ball and I didn't gain could get in game could come down to who makes a big claim to fourth quarter probably overs. We turn those could be cute factor in the slow slow gossip of that the weather and shoot. Mostly 55 degrees and sunny from what I hear also could be good data throw the football around on Sunday should be fun. Ratio travel safely we'll see when the raiders can and Friday night and Saturday and we'll come see in the go to for the payments under trigger particular change.