Rich Aurilia

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Tuesday, September 12th

Greg Papa and Bonta Hill are joined by Rich Aurilia (former SF Giant and Analyst) to talk all things San Francisco Giants.


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Let's bring in Rich Aurilia one of the great giants of all time he's seen a lot both leagues joining us says he knows that once awakening at the delight with the pop and Vontae. And 95 point seven a game occasionally on the East Coast of of the giants have an entirely Knight is greatly few years ago little TARP thing in the protest that. He ever call some like this happening on the West Coast where it don't rain in California applicable to 211 million average. Well I mean now. I I can't believe it. I mean. Whenever that were here forever. Very. On that and so law and it seems that the way that he's an honor to and so it. Our. They would start the game and strap or one hitter. And then in delayed for another reality. It. I'm. I did not make it past midnight on one. Our Dante was there at the nice thing receiver David there's the game. Yeah I operate well I don't know how. I do it. I mean I think I saw one point there was some guys on our road this fall sleeper on. And so yeah it really weird circumstances. And sure everybody's going to be dragging a little bit and then. It's it was a particular Riggio the flawlessly to definitely. Doing her enough. These are complicit. It. Servers going until the seventh inning. Until the seventh inning guy could've bought a beer once something in the morning seriously they're like the bars helping go ahead and grab a Budweiser if you want bad hearts that pretended to markets that stay up for that. And here after the game at 1050 donuts or eleventh and then I heard stuff. Average which we often talk about it your thoughts on what's going out the Dodgers if you're buddies with with doctor Robert their managers get a business interest together on your veterans in the world. I just wonder if he's spoken to him he's not yet that. And it's it's it's a little. And the giants don't play on Thursday neither did the Dodgers I know they had to travel to Washington. But you know usually the giants and a home series on an amid weak and like Wednesday's game that the 1245. Well because the Dodgers are here. And ESPN to broadcast position that you recruit in Skype and NBC sports Bay Area. And in theory you you could a bank that game last night. And played a day night doubleheader on Wednesday 1245 come back at 715 to get the double gate. You could you know do it on the travel day I mean is there a point here. Where it's just ridiculous for everybody involved the wait around for over three hours to start a game in almost 11 o'clock at night. Yeah absolutely. And I don't know what the decision making process. Was sort is. I'm sure that they travel. That the artists are doing great on the East Coast. And it took on Washington on Friday so they wanted to have a traveled in there don't like why not a day night double header on Wednesday would you rather do that. I mean at the plate area the our outlook later. The Dodgers and giants are not going to be each other. Let's just put it out that number in 2002. I think it was. We were playing in selling to hammer we're battle while parts lot. We played like yeah I think it might have been like there might gain in now way. And we why it is that you're going to work is that we had a quiet effort night in LA. All it won't walk. And then play that back nine Milwaukee Friday night and Saturday game Sunday eight. And you know is sure they're not doing their preacher help each other out and I remember getting in. My hotel and in Milwaukee at like 8:30 in the morning at the ballpark. Batting practice or. You know preserve your cornea then so. Is it tough on players. When Howard. It up on both sides. Want to live music and number matter who you know on the matter but you know as doctors. Here Scotland I'm now so. At the weirdest of circumstances that the you're right I've never a question that the letters that year. Gaels hot yesterday Richard took my jacket off those very humid and and it wasn't Google's lively at the parkas that Wilson there's a lot of dodger fans who stuck around but the players on the field was that we play hard like. Their plan at 7 o'clock like the game meant something in the giants. They played yesterday electing their summit be up on a team that came in scuffling. The Dodgers lose extra Richard Armey we saw Padres and tweets and when he went on a ten game losing streak which helped the jazz when NL west. I don't think the Dodgers will necessarily blow the NL west lead is nine game lead they have put him mayor scuffling missiles we're ever says Sports Illustrated cover we're asking whether or not the Dodgers are the best team ever they've been. To. That's important that white line below the radar. You know don't attract much attention that would permit. The have a good ball well at all were really really tough stretch right now I actually haven't off. Gave him about. Ten days or so Aung. And I know that it cup pregnant with what they're going through it I I get on their side. There issue I think it at all that the legal at least an LS. They opened at 888 or some mob. Off but you know you want. I don't wanna be hot going in the postseason because. As we've seen in your hat is model but that. The act. Get there against the World Series win the World Series team that obviously on the back on. And you know right out at trader at. Gotta be I don't straight on you know they walked. This data that them in the National League but. You know so that a week users who that would they can do and then maybe partnership. You know I answered it not a lot of people in this. They were ninety lawn in 36 education after games played in August 25 and 55 over the top history since that point there one and sixteen. And follow the 9253. Am Richard text here for and it. I worked with the years ago a judge pre and post and by the manager Dave average stack and try to get on the show. Tomorrow to figure out what's going Tonioli judge agreed. We are joined by Richard really is clear when sweet talk in baseball giants baseball though overall world baseball here enhancement that would pop and bunting and and a five point seven again. On has given another good guy you know well. Rangel saw you know when a couple of different that capacities he actually was a teenage year Germany. At first came up in the early two thousands he went to Pittsburgh and Jason Schmidt deal and it came back and we know his story to try to get vote the end. Later media Friday and the reason is negative notes I don't know and you Wendy dealer at a arrivals on day here. Just talk about you know history here. Young guy trying to find his way get shipped out winds up on or NTELOS VP played in the minor leagues in Japan matches Japanese Baseball at what point. The miners comes back in the two time World Series champion he pitched a lot of big playoff games for the outrage. Yeah. You know on. Iraq. One. Called up for and I acknowledge. I cost. There title toward Dan. On top eight in what was he court judgment Diaw shouldn't you know. It's spurred. On but. Yeah oh yeah I mean. You'd home pot. You're you're not on there I com who literally. Literally league on black. Now he loved his time here and you're not accessories. Are. Oh cup World Series title actually hear what you're that's what you record. For her or him. The water buyer's guide and an actor recognized. And it professional here the orders and I think it tea. Let back on both sides. Now at Warwick. He's now. 11 year deal in the absence impact our. I know that like that at all plant don't root out help when you. There and any snob like a baby over that game. Yeah. You know what what you know I'm sure. You know as we move forward you know toward the end of this year all. In the all the other writing on the wall that he. He backs so I'm sure they'll do something right I hope they don't expect them. The conflicting. You know sometimes when we have pitchers and guys like vote you guys here. You know you don't sustain that great match. Where a huge huge extended period of time. And I think sometimes you got to remember with those guys he would. Professional. Book war there and was winning. And I remember quite what Madeleine scenes where me Heatley Buchanan and earning your cup when no one running the law. Resistance or hurt him but. It oh god what this organization. And how much done stand by their. You know win or lose so there again. Analyze who was he had gained enacting McCain a lot of Zia. A younger guy associate these seven McCain later in the U of W arrivals on day coming up on Sunday at AT&T park we hope the podium later. In that we real quickly we normally talking about the nationally it was grown now the giants and the big story in baseball and really all American sport now. Is what Terry Francona the Cleveland Indians are doing it they're gonna try to tie the Oakland a.'s 2000 record. And win their twentieth. Consecutive game can you wrap your brain around a sport you play every day region you know Lee is a single game for three solid weeks. No especially you know with. Albert well I think him and release. You know what they're human concept and thought that she ought though in the post eaten. Ever can't retire record tonight and Alia by the way air rumored to. Detroit I mean you would think that that's a no brainer. But the name and it was too weird hamstring an app that just what that he. Over. A three week period and I remember being in you know here Saturday when opens on it and I mean analysts like oh I'm like Eddie. Any time they were in the game late in the game. That went and I can Cleveland they're seeing. In Moldova on mine now. They got the ball partners in the two of their best players that they get back OC and fitness Brantley but. You're using these and I. Record demand. Now sort of and a number two guy on mart and target their pitches. Aaron richer really think it's so much for your time and issued to architects so they don't need your help tomorrow trying to Yemeni here but hopefully he'll. Alina good mood got played Kershaw on the Nigel thought. Okay well. Oh my advice is Letterman got back from triple. That is not returning your call you guys in business together selling on the track he's a veteran Guy Ritchie thank you rather thanks that you aren't.