Rich Aurilia

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Monday, August 21st

Greg Papa and Bonta Hill are joined by Rich Aurilia (Former SF Giant) to talk about power hitting in the MLB right now, the Giants slump, and Pablo Sandoval possibly playing third base. 


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We are gonna bring in Rich Aurilia. And the afternoon delight with the pop in Vontae here in 95 point 7 again and I am I safe to assume you have exactly zero inside the park larger change here. Yeah and less and less money out Steelers like where were taken out by sniper. The proper stadium I was not in inside our. That the reason I wanted to commitment that the of that call was not the fact that it was an inside the park homer you can you can debate the official scores ruler and fine. But it brings up a bigger issue because. It almost every other Major League ballpark that would then any outside the park home run it would have been a home run. And Brian Crawford you know brought this up earlier this year when he was talking to a group that I don't know McNulty was in jester not and I never really brought it up on the show that you're the perfect guy. If you played in this ballpark obviously you it right handed power but at 421 you know triples daily Death Valley out there. Do you ever think the giant China were overreacting a little lakers are having you know who won bad years. And over the last several in a string where they want with their pitching BG do you think that the management would look into this and they would. They would maybe just cut off a little triples Alley in back all the way up to 421 bridge. Are beyond that the only way they would probably do that is that they were guaranteed that you put worksheets in there somewhere you know season tickets. You know I. You hear about talk in this burn centers in holding your brand's comments earlier. And and CNN com. You know I. They want world championships were not hitting any Oman I mean now they are losing games without paying off its. More magnets are now. Especially when Eric mostly guys numbers are out by illegal not played army and we take on that equation that the. Larry you know these are again later. You know we are decent pop Oman so. I think that the main thing here. If you right handed pull power. In benefits used the card benefits you've been more than your can't. Yeah and JT snow our mutual friend that they can come out of make the argument for different defenses a little Vick is about is the one left handed hitter that cadet. You know over the May's wall. But speak overall I can help I think they could add seats would you go out there and you watch batting practice on the field they often being groups and a warning track. And they set up about their rights Sanders I think there is a way. To just cut that off you know about the entire wall which estate area there and maybe you can have a in with a wall in it but there may be way to have seats haven't. Barbara Bradley Crawford. Gaddafi was serious when he brought it up but he did he did mention it we never talked about it on the show I do wanna last year. What's thrown out fraud not only because he wears your numbers place your position. But the numbers here and he is he's up to 233 now but it was a long laws watching dot that you want a quarter. The power numbers are down and knowing that a groin injury is serious situation where there's. His family and his sister off the field but. What do you see from Randy Crawford this year is that I saw early in the year ended in the World Baseball Classic bodies they could've in the MVP. For team USA when they won the World Baseball Classic and it just is not. Carried over where he's pretty consistent. He's kind of had a down year this year Ricci. Yeah ultimately I think it's you're the first one of the net. You know we're not about snow. How. His life was affected personally advocate tax effecting his play on the field you know I I don't know. You know I'm not mean atom that's in that situation that you never know the impact. Like at. About play would IC has to my. You might make it I locks in Kansas. You see him change and more ball. This year. You see him you know not not a watching. Movies well. As he has in the caption. Nowak could be a combination of and the early season injury or accommodation. You know very you know guys Gilbert older than actually slowed now when. You know the power. I think it's it's been out here for him currently our I think will return will be aired on you know to the point where. You know your remote your career playoff picture map out some photos trying to salvage he and at that he's in where I'm stuck like. Sometimes get two point. Where. Oxley you've got to stop caring so much in this glass plate track on. And get the numbers back to where you know they're respectable level by. You know in terms of the season I mean you know he's one of those guys. Is. Average you're above average year that you enter to contend in Indian tradition there policies and obviously that quite sure. Richard what's your assessment of Pablo Sandoval also afford it turns uniformity are you here net. There's a possibility get the giants will let him compete for the third base job next season Richie. Daylight at all that has gone. Article the Christian worried are going to be off either he plays where a ball on I'm pretty sure that all blow probably due out where it would vault so. Arm in key word. Which he can do bill law would strategies here now armed. In particular they see and what they go outside the organization and bring created third baseman. I don't see why they wouldn't get and the chants. To compete for that job and stop the contract situation looks like in 88 stopped recruiting. Already in the organization. Art my personal feeling I'm watching Garrett plays you know of Oreo. It is better defender at third and writer Jones would be over their page or just my personal opinion. But they knew a Covert. You know writers play at first now maybe guys put multiple position utility guy we don't know that I would say right now that part was definitely in the mixed. And you know until something drastic happens particular. The giants signed him to a church of multiple year deer in the next two years for the veterans many of minimums so the Red Sox have to pay most of the five years 95 so you know as far as economics why when yet. Bring him to camp let us sort of out of and you know figure out where you play and every time wanna get your thoughts and JP morose she energized the top of the hour 2 o'clock in the afternoon lollipop and bunting and had five point seven a game organ at length what's going on. I think the number one issue in the baseball this. This weekend was the umpires protest. Where they actually wore white wrist bands during Saturday's game to show support for Angel Hernandez who was criticized. By Ian Kinsler and bounties to edit the update he was sick and there was fine 101000 dollars and I'm after the baseball a lot of people thought you know we should have a suspension. You played where and when Angel was strictly in the National League now they melted the umpiring crew is that I can recall. In any bad calls by Angel Hernandez and him being highly confrontational there was replay review and thought NEA several years ago in Chicago. Number Steve that Michael alignment the bears and releasing the national at the the he even rent in a lose lose Lou racist finger back up to on the Wrigley got into and so he's a guy with a bit of a reputation and when you great amount. He is not the rate is one of the better umpires as ours balls and strikes what's your history as a player and now observing him as a broadcaster. Where they Angel Hernandez Richard. Boxes interpret some are saying that's on our guard. But if you think it's gotten easier with. What are implementations replay. And the goal is to get the call right arms so as I say that her it's not an easy thing to cajole and upset some. That being said. I'd like eagle manners. At first. He's always very friendly mean. Put through the years I mean. Yeah you it's great he wasn't one of her top notch guys that was out there. I don't know why a one on all like some guys are better. I don't. You know. What. This is what for example that's. You know turmoil. Protest Spain and you know they're there are certain guys you know going and that. Here's your chance that some of their decision maker called an upset can't. And at Mike's guys I think Angel is. That he possibly. Is one of those guys and yeah peace keepers. It's either an on its rating on Sports Illustrated oh. On you know it and could bear rating umpires then now in need something attribute consistently the bottom. I do want to say that we are two ways. Major League umpires were value. At age like you know so Greece. Maybe on I can't begin invitation to meet gains and maybe. Month to month basis and perhaps something in place where. You know I you'd each. Trying to keep up your under bargain here or you know you may not work the next month or something like that I don't I don't know how to implement. A situation like that I think there's a bottom line it all want to cancer called correctly in the right way the player he umpires. That there is that human element sometimes you can't control when umpiring baseball content to play. And in Joseph west was recently suspended for his comments against Adrian Beltre where in Ken's there was not and 101000 is that fine and basically said in angels not a very atom player needs to find another job he just needs to go way as it. This interest and some energy use on. Man I would mind going away. And the laws that send the checks that you think demand looks elected next Monday evidently aren't there are harder to.