RFP Podcast Week 13

Derek Papa
Friday, December 8th
Derek and Steven break down the Raiders vs Chiefs Week 13 matchup on the Raiders Flagship Podcast. 

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Stephen Allred held you back on generators her arm their four game losing streak in would be. Tied for first place in the AFC west with four games left. What do you call me crazy I would say here's the crap. Well I might be but I am also correct because the raiders. Are bat in the AFC west hot. This is a reflection part Afghanistan border post here pop and I'm always join. By Stephen Lankford weird you Darren Gator fans that we're not I've said in the game's a Christmas. Oh well we'll look at that debate to. And we'll get to all things that you or remorse Joseph or Bob decided to bring him with grandpa today on morning shows as it was Thursday afternoon. Let's even. We talked about it the raiders took care of business as they beat the New York Giants 24 to seventeen last weekend. It wasn't pretty but they got the W right now there's six and six along with the Kansas City Chiefs and the and the Los Angeles chargers. Time for a three way tie at three went through it for an AFC east on top who yes. Your thoughts these. Well. You're right about that it wasn't pretty now and all I don't get it I won't get into why we shouldn't there also known Ali we probably should end and at this point of the season. It's maybe a little nervous because. You normally. If you do get a win like this you just like oh wins a win at this this week. Like what six say that say it was weeks six and you're just looking to get wins on the board then. Ivo IRA will take it but for right now the fact this week fourteen and maybe. Depleted giants roster. It has me a little nervous but in the end they did get a win and a we're gonna get picked it up. That's in the end it doesn't even matter as we can park said the navy does. So it doesn't matter in the end but regardless old you know no school lyrics aside. The raiders aren't there well here's the deal the raiders are. Who was that it won't look at our OK okay I like an artist and song actors here. Note paper that he did a phone call during this. Now here's my apologies and I was talking a little paper cup is you don't know it you know loan. And that. Anyway up so Steven then. He raiders are six and six. But I don't feel like it's a good six and six. Anderson and 66 in general is not very let's just Los Angeles charged ones are our own war right. They king's teachings are free for all they've kind of been freefall and ever since they play the Steelers. And they played us on others I've spoke all lost my second. As are we won the last second thanks a couple love. Flags and AD touchdown catch from Michael Crabtree. But ever since then. The raiders have been trading on who wins and losses. They got the crap yet and against England patriots and then they were lucky that they faced him bronco team that was starting Paxson lynch. And they played a New York Giants team cancer Gene Smith right so I think which point he's the right time I don't think we've improved. It at all. On your thoughts there right here yeah once you have those thoughts and other opportunities without more is Peters. And you will get that later another great so it's another great. You know. Sounds kind of weird to say but. That I could you. Kind of helped keep the raiders' season alive. A little bit a little. Because. This is a fired him that you after the raiders beat the giants to go Becky lining up. Stephen. The defense has improved there's no doubt. You know before checkbook roster before jumping gon was named defensive coordinator careers and we had fourteen sacks. And now back to back weeks base Dave recorded five seconds to Broncos entry let if the giants the come up to eight. That being said it's still an interception against Jim Smith Jason actually had a pretty. That he needs. Let me terrorist ass but he didn't look terribly stats are terrible when he ran around Brewster and whom he did yeah he was twenty when there were 212 yards and it's and it touched down to it also says he's not point any receivers. Yes Julie shepherd he has everything here yet he and Chris you look nearly as fast axis much. No tax impact and actually got out so. And I didn't expect these look all that great you know what. Obviously N three hell yeah ounces are again. Obviously Eli Manning plays that game against the raiders lose as a fingerprint Ximian please incinerators. The raiders lose despite effective Harrison looked awful against Miami Dolphins last week but regardless. And he. Raiders I think you're playing teams at the right time they played as innocent passage and Gina Smith. And probably two of the worst are presently. And their defense benefited from that. Still the opposite happened. And the game against the Denver Broncos. And the Jackson. Glimpses of what they were last year here there. But last week against the giants at youth the chancellor pretty good defense with a win Collins. It's next chairs in front and it's up to greet passengers MG he's appeared Paul. And the beaver but. With that are secondary instantly in so you can also indicates that the these giant possibly the raiders and the right times scrappy Cooper we're gonna feel like decent guy. He would targeted way when I realized they had to sign. Five new players this week did you answer your account loses weekly news room in recent days that I guess was there ray Armstrong home nanny and on the outside you already addressed a little glimpses of him beefing that fourth and one against the bench. But they have a new quarterback Brandon Dixon who you see on that a lot. Three honesty you know look like to some quarterback is not thrown an area looked like he kind of just been my number two the entire season's. I guess they what super crappy Aruba to see him look at it out now if you yeah. Yeah I mean that's the way to look at is that it mark Lieberman Crabtree were out last week. And giant holes in it and I'm not gonna trivia is responsible here but John Bolton. Except Robertson grill Paterson or not. Anyway and get the slide for tomorrow underestimate. Him crap console anywhere. Not even Jerry Cooke. Who thought it was going to pick up the slack did actually nothing. Hey. Clyde walker picked up six days and yes he did quite awful kick that. Exactly the same time the after the first drive obviously players this three rounds and a touchdown after that. You can do anything on the run all day again the alliance seemed outs I don't know I don't know what you get more giants credit on defense and their stuff is an hour you know it is climbing up that line when it. The same time there were a couple of plays where. You know at the end of the game Washington didn't run through you I was due to the O line is Marshall Islands do so that's feeling the Alaska have been out of sync on the run on the pass. The past protect it was actually pretty as far as junior Carl Lewis in the pocket. He was more who is calm and that's you know pretty much else he's that you just making crap really let you go well. Where my college history drop and the first happiness and forgot the other yet. Who do dead in India on the other Hatfield so I DER and a fortunate there is the opposite this time bomb. Underwhelming I think throughout the entire game until the last minutes of the fourth quarter asking nervous. I would say it's an that's an underwhelming for the most of the season with the exception of the first few games as traders are potential itself. I would say it's the Kansas City game where we need to beat them 31 periods and there's only three games or other mayors office look like the raiders offensive last year. And I know Marc Cooper Democrat you're out last week suppressed in the dare hurt you which movies and ours are you look at the process yes. You mentioned that you interceptions ever dropped out of jobs your car. I think it's holder's background. Hope in a wave bet. He is not healthy he's not making the right reads he's making terrible decisions. And his offensive line is not doing him any favors the only thing that we can. Because go off on last week was the running game. I guess at its best game Marshawn Lynch for over a hundred yards. You were humor that you don't I never left the guys that I actually marsh and get a hundred yards either you're telling me you really expect that yeah and I want that to happen at an expected to happen but it did mostly because of Marchand want to keep what you are touched. Obviously the first the first drive yet streak matches spurts he ER yeah. You know that at all on or before the end zone fourteen for 41 yards. Yeah. Yeah outlook but I. It's his fall it. He's right now they're making them run reliably too much martian would run horizontally. To run down the linkage suppliers and one million Hugh mantle always hopeful that more. And you know the only deal worth one I don't. Only you but we haven't used Jimmy's at all this season and we was hurt earlier in the season but Jimmy's. I think you do wonders for Marshawn Lynch Carol why don't use anymore Arnold why remarks at the shop and so on March. Any thoughts is it different running back by committee sort of thing with ya in Washington Joseph Borchard that you see you tomorrow three months. DR Dre that is treated as proving he's navy veteran back in jail that. But I can't patent that he did do so when can I help the game hard and it. That is where Marchand was. Was suspended against a Buffalo Bills that you naturally nothing. So. Allegedly involved with go today it's not even the floor and I. As a running back either in the end of the second half he actually got some positive yards last year were when two years ago probably. When the right accurate you remember who our role our happiness are well liked. In he actually didn't do too that's I mean he could be used. Brilliantly in his opposite diesel and used it. Pass that and I want to make a lot he's just amazing house announced that according vikings offense yeah but. It was just a lot of it is really underwhelming. He was let's just let's just the type of offense jacked a real wants to have this is like and this is not. He wants to run he wants he wanted to run three plays around. Initially defense. I don't want to repeat here well this morning registered Hannibal the martian adjustment is we do know answers. There's a little ridiculous. I think we have glorified QB coaches are opposite corner right now. And I. People getting that touchdown for the way this office is playing but I think also. The guy we need to look at is my tax. And what's not beaten upset a lot is that. Todd downing is really passing game coordinator. In Mike Tice is the running game coordinator. In Mike Tice is Jack to Rio's board. And I think Mike Tice. Without Michael Crabtree and Marc Cooper dictated that game offensively we're gonna run the ball down their throat even if we don't eat your heart is still there on the ball. This actually wanna do. And I think they made this decision was built mostly because you'll mostly wanted to outside it would Joseph Torre wanted to do with not during the game we'll without without wanted to run the ball or to pass more. And it's. In the end objective real wanted to have a office Korean that would do what he says. So he's scared boy heals at the office live and Mike I think I think we're all in the big picture my diet my testing team and we do it's a lot more than we think he has. Yeah. There's. Game especially against the giants that want to you can tell it wanted to run first and hopefully they'll passing game author round getting any -- yards on the ground and then you're just trying these little ten or sad 78 yard outs and which didn't even worse they refuse. Just kind of tried killers and they discuss recent. Into tears fired on us all yeah yeah yeah he age age old cancer test at all consequences of the fourth quarter. And it's unfortunate I don't know why they use. Corner past that much he had picked sassy at four receptions for nine yards. Well. We're terribly using what he can do in his ball screens. Where else I was quickest you've seen yes absolutely I was yeah well yeah see Donald. Had a great line problems but those blogs seasonal. But. That's important matters and stuff Roberts issued through wires seen in the eighties not gonna to be right now he is better than growers and as a receiver. Grow Patterson's days in the ground as a running back and see jets sweet guy even hazard as soon. Both street that he is not it'd be that guy. The charges in Minnesota and or turner didn't like his style of route running. He's great. He is let's do it was. Exactly. Josh Bolten. You could tell that my I don't know this might my dad character in the game. General and is one of the mark to resist friends. And you play college football. He. That's real wealthy is what culpable as background. Yet so he's very quick. He is a deep threat but as far as route running and catching the ball is pretty bad. So I wouldn't see I don't Renault and had touched on this game but even then fumbled so I Leon John Bolton for the future. Another market struggles yes highs and lows throughout the season but he is this guy Aaron why. We went away from. Pass first. It seems that we had a great game plan against achieves. Back at the four game losing streak in me is when we met after the first round if the Buffalo Bills it's me because it scares injury acting out more you know but. This team I don't have to drive you crazy pregame show. He's saying this team needs to run it the fault all down there wrote this needs to run this season of football not only don't. Marshawn Lynch is a luxury this team is a pass first offense. And I guess they wanna do that anymore with a history. But yet we paid more complete your part of this morning and understand I understand you're certain this is not the way we should run its offense whatsoever. Yeah you're completely. And I think. Again we think lastly your cards injury at us. Almost everything to do with that is there it is it very well if there's no other explanation you'd users when what. How do you sort of offensive line and beat it. Protection money given the color or sex than in last place even rub off their times last year people forget their games we commendable lick. I don't that you should Texans game G inquiry we need us. But you had a huge game that day who has been leading receiver Jimmy is a little while editor field. Because we were created and found other ways to happens ought to be explosive. TARP down man I think we're I think we're gonna do much credit are he has a lot of saints' offense. I think. Bill addresses Mike Tyson I think we're trying to simplify the offensively too much and it's come to the point where we're what we're constantly now. It's embarrassing you know we I expertise and his team to be. Any 500 point offense. And we're gonna defense later in anything close to that. Yeah and armed rogue refs that he had shown up these last few weeks it is physically backed quarterbacks that. No horrible and has proved he's actually shocking the impact of a little bit Bruce certainly blue Mac actually quarterback now. Navarro who don't yet on the run. You don't cholera. Goes where you Ara. Man is bald and my column no barrel up. That's the lives when podcast. As always you announced that John Edwards yet. Yeah. That it will. Not that he is actually cast as a message easy they're Republicans who he was insane though lake. That. Yes it's tolerance actually I haven't really seen her. Mom I'm just that you who knows what's. As what your thoughts on the litter. You know who lost their (%expletive) and he around earth. Then Mac was getting away I mean you really get Christopher speaking again backfield every single play and senators fierce. Who seem to me that would mean there were. If you do that. Turned the game around that was a little map of last year yeah the biggest problem that we have the defense is making an internal response team and one interception season. You know a lot of trips acts. What I mean hello Matt defensive player of the year last year here have a lot of sex in Lebanon five. And legal delete leader once it was the that easily classic yeah. Colonial white plume that was defensive player of the year because he was an opportunistic defensive player. In that he made huge plays at the right moment so. He. Is I don't last year he hit five forced fumbles and three recoveries. And these two games are won in defensive player of the year last year were. He picked sixth against Carolina. He also has trips back and thinking you know of any action check against the Buffalo Bills and I think we're at a. Back. In the opposite. That was that you guys are going to lurch. It's not remember that ad at act act for regard well regardless keep colonial that the money on content. Yes yes yes you have more sex two seasons ago regardless. Poem that. Who will match. That play where he stripped the ball against Houston last week. Was what he did last year we need more of that mine exactly and that pivotal moment we're got market cane which is sex. And they have a ball right there before that I think we'll have that huge. Defensive player of the year. Play cannot safely comments on the defensive player of the year again because obviously it's. Probably. I don't there's a favor right now but I think he's running whatsoever. But I will see that Obama needs to do more that. He needs to be an. A guy that. Cause turnovers for the defense because no one else seems to be capable. Besides Bruce you're gonna need tomorrow there's no one on the secondary that I feel OK that will probably picking up tabs look TJ Karrie could you let. He's not that's single ball hawking get interception. Sanderson is still that is really having an injury Sean Smith you worry about him. And I really where I'm going as she celebrated on the people who albeit a little bit that's my god actually pretty game last week but that's because he's going against these great receivers for the giants. And it any room he Carl Joseph Reggie Nelson. You know or we played last week. We didn't really play at home and want to TJ here and noticed is that we've gone especially like season all of there's a fine person and Bowen where lives on the same side and that's partly what got urban districts acting that the second quarter. And you're can we. Leases engines and we suspending him for that one handed catch desires through. It and Willard and good. Well if you want that I agree is suspending players went too much. I know you got more children being problem with the money on games to the Bengals are thought it was a great game and I understand there was some Allianz to do with. Right she's here is injury. And the injuries aren't as perfect and Jews used to. Will look I'm announces board Ottawa on yeah I know but I don't hear that that your your furniture oh yeah and I'm saying like I know Joseph blow games. They decided that. That that teams will be 20 in Ottawa Joseph did you. What I didn't didn't of course it is again which is hot you happier on it. For me just full what's the what's the problem with that I understand that if there was no massive injuries this game but it's football. Not that that Jordan River broke Muster your head between this week about everybody in snowflakes. I think he's right of any of that we cows countless your thoughts. Do you. Let. We watch well what I hate not really any Senator Clinton watching that game what I what I saw that he. Mom are you friends that Shuster yeah Oliver. Like I I didn't have any other explanation except that this football. That's you know bird bath water is illegal now what I eat. Eagle but I have no problem Berkeley being able to believe he's being very however on behalf of the unions and other Iraqis. As a matter I won't be easy you're mad props and author yeah. Play. Just and that bird. Count is the long whereas if you are on strategy and partly couldn't really move. But you can make the case you know Cooper few weeks ago. Yeah Gary muscular just that there is that he's neck. Heard and other hate and I I am wrong when that is in this case your thing is is really really now it's very fortunate to air force and rocky. Let this be Ottawa movie that duties shocked when he gets this job. They get to that set up well. Let me get that child Ryan. You remember Kevin Everett the tight and the Buffalo Bills like ten years ago I do not. Well yeah okay I'll please Stewart. It's sensor actually. For first player to death sentence he's the Buffalo Bills on Denver Broncos and Kevin Everett could block in the back on the opening drive easily motionless on the ground. Turns out they can better suffered any. Spinal cord injury to the point where his life was more. Sheets and he managed to walk later on next season but that's the first few months on our friend she's either get hurt up that field because. It was apparent to me that his upper body was moving on his feet he can now whatsoever. And said we learned today that the Pittsburgh Steelers. Are pretty cautious hope that Ryan she'd easier to walk again. And don't care artful walker because that's the most important but the sex then I feel bad for ranches here I hope you had a great life ahead of him yet at the same time. That was great football game Steelers Bengals yeah I have no problem this rivalry yeah it has happened and what was what was telling me. I'm surprised that shopping done and I'm not surprised. Jon Gruden was even discussed about it emotionally. Didn't. You and your former football coach what you've seen so that this time. He's ever. Players on this team who global hawk is Lawrence Hill who Warren Sapp. We have Chad Clifton when Jon Gruden was echoes what bugs. And went regional election part of Jersey I'll put it Jersey. It was just as ugly bad and Lisa salters I have most awkward moment and unity and author of the game Jeter's bad. After game like that this is brutal it's like when that state. You this question. And a certain officers. You see when she have you been our experience was like it's just it's your football machines that really the only thing. These are playing for Boston that's what is. Yeah yeah. I mean it goes and acts. Well as it. Cues that 2000. Unseat. Hand me AFC championship where it was easy out in this Steelers great is. We are right cart in its hill listening EVA. It's like that and I mean it's it's well on our side here laughter club alive. Partly why you liked it it's that we know what we don't want that she's eager to opera but being ones you know that are Cadillac impact. And he opted out on top terror let. Single drop house easily. Let me talk about Ross will let you know we're in and outs of the raiders near where you are. More thorough it was asked readers. Are not meeting that took that as you did he should he be suspended. I think I don't know I think I think I don't security of the suspension and ball is knee deep. I think he's way more deserving Q yes ears reason why. Because for one think it's shots. Besides these news week he education issues. Six foot to fifteen. And Pittsburgh six foot Tuesday probably nothing that block him on my Pittsburgh Wednesday. Berkeley law. Move. Then move that was under. And but she is why gays and 510. Well not be. Whereas Crockett 65. To sixty. So we're 66260. So I want. They're just decides that in two. That it. Number it was problem he beat racing for a but he was still running game and paying attention in I don't know where that. Why he did not happen in he which is light brown. You know just when it was over then they all grew up wrong. Just goes in sports or our management is an injury so it's just. Crop play reminded me of something like sixth grade when you seem to these give away guys that the other going. And what really match what you just went after him on the ground here is that. And that. You since grind house he's not a dirty player for the most part and he just really really lost his temper that the Bieber went. Which is which is so weird I have to use our path yes and the weird part today. Split. Recently passed. He are ready for a change one's. And decide that yeah let's let's face Tom Brady is a site that I don't care if anyone's he's saying. He's not well there's no way back tomorrow and it agency croc me that page just like that just seems unnecessary. Power but I did. He thought funny bar stool you know parcel or Boston park is obviously user base from Boston Herald patriots. Are very. And one of them wrote an article complaining about how we have now is always through the patriot but I didn't drop a one game suspension throughout. We don't need him against the dolphins that elicited jets for the rest of the season as the center of the playoffs. That reversed and it McConaughey and where was just funny today and that's that's our job. There is it is correct. He has completely. Google works is we cannot let the line that the war is not be he's out for the rest of the season. If you do it keeps interest to star as well let's go back achieves real quick and just we're just just just ahead on the rocket. I originally went outside in is that again the wrong. And argue with boxing about it on the cruise missile couple days ago I did. More more and that he caused a concussion two he's slide. It was dirty but dirty as hell. And I'm not a theater of all the suspensions and with with our market perspectives in sports at all to deeper longer. Do you find guys. Can win them in their paycheck. And in the day when you watch guys play but if they had they might just be suspended I think it should be brokered. That even more so Democrats treat it usually bite. Last week put it to let's get towards that this game coming up this week and craft it was originally suspended for two games. Vermont and now you're together now. Was appealed and now he will suit up for this in your skins jeeps more salt on the top yes Marcus Peters asked. Actively pursing that the other day he's he's NBA isn't ourselves code that is more is Peters. That's commitment. So the chiefs. In their loss to the ears yes. Which is embarrassing itself. Peter flocked to score on me I guess hold probably through the flag at the rap artists in the stands yeah it was a jet from the game and without. Yeah. Where it was. Yonkers. It's all of statistics are you suggesting captures the agency will consider it on Twitter you see you tomorrow so great well yeah yeah yeah. Frequent. Well well. Is he uses we expect that on a surprising. Things affect any reads and America's Peters himself yet and now the league so going in this scheme where Marc Cooper and 210 yards on you know. You know having this corner and the chiefs secondary sort you know the air Darrelle Revis important right now. Captain of the matter is captain and captain Aaron. I. It's interesting. Because there I mean. They're thick of things in the AFC west I mean. I. So yeah I'm writing sitting in front end so that makes this game that she use all our warehouses for the raiders this he's. In just a fact. Peters did that I mean. It is. Goes to show you and how much that he's sought and obviously dusters and process this off and you read our. The more Portman has the integrity of the game is then maybe I'm getting the layout is it easy and you you know and mark excuse me. It built up frustration just our house is now that go what. CA waits eight plus six the last yeah once they certified access uses pence or frustration and I think it is all capitals. And I was suspended for a game in the raiders' chance of another race. We will what will really be great because my cougar I don't care what you. See he's been practicing when I outings or at least playing witness on Thursday. And we have them. As. And believe Rostenkowski. Covered instigate people that just popped up conflict in this area. Sorry that it was a trip follows. Yeah artwork are more Cooper I don't see playing in this game it's not always the question any separate from the Denver Broncos game. Two weeks ago results of the ankle injuries others without Mark Cooper. This offense. He's going to suffer and suffer or last two weeks is a good fortune that is playing really bad offenses so perhaps you welcome that that is enough. And we think. Cheers cooks and I don't think says Roberts and company join moments I don't think he'll pacts I don't think even hear cars. Because his office is not. Got anything in the last few games that we think that you take care of business and they did it. And week. Everywhere we played against each teacher therefore industry. Is not the same offense they're currently in the same player. That game Leo they basically amounted threw the ball yeah. And I think we're gonna resort to going back general tendencies that he ran all your car can pick apart the defense right now. You would mark in the market Peters out. Their defense is depleted. RT this is depleted. Alex Smith is gonna horror all arms and there. You know it's I actually he did last time yeah like. Really. You know would jump at homestead and coverage of Terry hill this week just pray yet this threat because. There's really no one program. And it's happened that she's defense has been I mean this has that changed our offense has been a problem and we don't want to Ben jealous man. That's ridiculous. You know you gonna have a home right now that you guys will just make it six integrity. Homes could be great quarterback when it's also had done down the road but you put a rookie and there right now they will fail and other feeling right now let's talk because there are. That included backup quarterback and you get enough yes AJ New York Times. Exactly are. So. The only the only game the score a lot of points in this sport in this tree from the Casey she's against your generous. And we believe jobs you know and the defense is the secondary is depleted their front seven is very good camera at one point. I mean this is team that was what are you last year in your chance yeah so. Alison this sort of a little bit but I personally picks apart our defense. I think the other normally honesty to every chance Kelsey you know putting on defense to cover retiree health and actually there are only two days. Offensive weapons besides Corey Hart. I just don't add up and shoot out and I don't think we have the weapons to win this year that we did last time there is not. That I. Angela and I run without a thousand I was lucky you can ask again look well and it's it's. Hard to imagine that retirement really creating any scenario where. The raiders have a massive it and I mean. How ridiculous that in anyway it's the raiders. Right now. In my entire ball and he he's been harm. This season hasn't I would say yes no are all on paper let. The potential. Of another potential maybe not vote for right now papers so far this season he'll seasoning super Cooper's problem flag. You know they got tracks Chelsea who is probably. Needs second opera that's India though he is that's in the these. English. I don't know. That you plus. Can you always easy using as the rain. They they did but I don't know iTunes yet properly understood the stats are so we have four receptions for 33 are now asking so maybe change that. Seems odd man I mean maybe this Jeter's injury. And god. I honestly in my mind that opinion is good feeling is that this morning he is after all. I think Garrett car. He is what got the last few weeks. It means he's going up against Justin Houston. And nobody forced out Tom Ali plan. She. Constantly put all season. Here there. Yes. As part of our plan and whether that's patently. Out there aren't planning on being achieved now. He struggles against this team. He had a great DA gets his team back on Thursday night game that's there's only with that game and there's my game of their own ten. The sense that they're cards played terrible it's cancer issues. So. I know we're tied the finals again this is a good bill that matchup I don't towns have because it's. Gives it gives an audience for whom 420. This is that it. One of the best games as we hate Nancy I know both teams are 500 is for the division lead back out into the raiders. I don't know that she's lost water around even close look she's our house. And I. With this raider team at this point last season we fourteen. You're sitting there it. This team is probably gonna win out. For the rest this season because they're active and you have confidence and then you had confidence that you're going to play out to maybe do some damage but. At this point. You're sitting there just watching this are you just like. There aren't doing things passes he may get there were recently you know not. There is is it doesn't feel like he'd been actors are usage yes. Mystery S first the first it was a seasonally tires are up this team was like last year racked. Besides that we had an ear when against the dolphins. And we had a great run against the chiefs so when we lucked out there I thought that would propel us is something that. Into mediocre against the Broncos and in this case both. Wins are wins but I haven't been wowed and our offense we actually NC. Playoffs exactly I'm BT I. Don't think we have a team that could be jaguars Italians are editing Nancy right. And I can think of asking if she wants right now is a Los Angeles shares yeah it is they're looking at the right moment right now. If he doesn't have a realistic here we're playing she's on the road we have base four ball matches against the Dallas Cowboys it would go to Philly and relish. I customers in the playoffs and and it's it's really to supporting its discipline policy. People five. We have we have shot him to be in the that division of the AFC west and ran into quotes of that and who actually have. With shall under the division has been out. I think we have hope this week investors see the hope is little is little injury when will probably hung out no I understand that but yeah. I welcome back on the clock is actually that he achieved since I was wrong. But. I got him going intensity beating them and not even going into Philadelphia the Eagles. I can see them beating these chargers at last in the season as he finished. And we what's next year and we fire efforts coroner. We need really to all the offense if that's what it was two years ago. This is depressingly look at I don't know and I know we're going in this scheme and we had no idea rumors she's ago all we you'll want to open a mystery which I was close optimism. But I that success on the after the last two games we had. And if it was any bigger margin of victory and I would say we may have something here in media properties with more explosive. Now until the root of explosiveness chiefs especially in our house is doing that much. Risk you run the ball today. The chiefs know that yeah and we'll double team tomorrow. Aaron and Crabtree. The general zinni and then with this I don't think. Grill Harrison's gonna do the things that Robertson doing anything. I don't eight. Always go on sale I predicted that she's still wins 31 cent to him or anyone else and that means music. But I don't sound is beating incident this week. Man are we are going prediction is this plan I think we're yeah. And in person needs to. I think I'll let you guys whose line is there are yeah I have faith at this point yeah. Look the only the only reason I have faith in you car is because. She did win against the giants he didn't look. Scare he was confident at least in the throws he was making usually don't want to be suitably cop wasn't. Just checking down each play. So that's the only a little bit confidence I have with him right now. Place it's it's really artsy kind of argue against what you're saying is I think this chiefs team is just overall. Better on maybe. Defense made it is the raiders defense has improved a little bit. But op fancy there is stacked against them so. And you forget it. And it. Let's talk is current higher now obviously you have case he's playing that we that we and you mentioned him as our top Norman Brooks. There are those. When we don't have yeah another one so I think that's fairly well and you know yeah and they and they kind of held and they held in check compared to the other teams that and that week in week what six wasn't I think in the chiefs was it wasn't yeah he had nearly eighty hour weeks and aren't so yeah EE how hungry are included in Europe she wanted all purpose yards flu like 88 yards on the ground yeah. It's 00. I pick it is game. 88. Is it raiders went apparently so it's like for. Like the and you know Americans are well Ross. And I really do but I thought seeing them makes you believe that this team is capable of action on an I am. Yes or six and six but I'll come on and who announces the raiders fan. They're playing the giants Broncos yeah and they are there one of their two of the worst teams and we yeah Likud and the bench folder or that you couldn't score. So first and second class. So we'll see what happens the chiefs are losing streak here. Navy continues need emirates Peters suspension does play a factor. I don't see happen this week I don't see it happening this season. I see the Broncos and anxiety that raiders. Losing that she's just in losing to the Eagles lessons ranchers. So we don't want freedom stretching around in house and a and model to next year which is difficult because tonight that you're closer days which is this monopoly. Yeah I mean I cannot forget. This is it's hard to forget about his top political factors. In this season besides hopefully it's played a factor are things women can no. People's analysis was to the station. In the Intel's direction this nation is going to go on tour 49ers yeah. Truth of the matter is guys it pains me to if you is that raiders games are not doing wrong route that's just the facts. On TV and on the radio. There has. Not only he can show where every year like I am confident that this team can the Angolan Indiana the partners is nothing that they show us to the point where achieve any comments like last year. Last year it was a slam. Went carve out her against that polls well to that point I know her game more confident in the raiders team before. I'm just not feeling that way all season which. That's why it's a week or week fourteen hour days. Yet the season's narrative that ultimately. Play at all. I'm saying now though as a fan base to another edition comes out every weekend people who watch the games that's as far as the Bay Area is concerned. It's difficult because. I think a lot of fans and moved on from the raiders. And this season has not help that I knew it was 66 excellent chance to play out here but. That there are losing is not doing anything it was an emblem to next year. Or any remaining seasons that we have in Oakland until they go to Las Vegas which. Is another topic for another discussion for today and at that time but it. It just shows that in order this team is still. Mean eighteen something here there and win and it's. Which makes you sad. Thing I think that she's anything exchange policy. Stephen is our president of the yeah. What. Mainly because. Aids. Well is pace around Christmas time for one thing it all up and go through Christmas party. And curtains and Christmas spirit. So this thing and it's way more Christmas movies and not acting is my point with them in the states Austria say. Or als. Or your dad put it on the show earlier and so Christmas. That's great actually agree with mom. And here it's fantastic cartoon what did you care one Booker yet. On not only seen parts one with the justice. Taste when humans. Still. Want. So for twenty minutes. School. Stood. Still. Oh yeah no that it will load balanced picture the same time our way is more. On Christmas movies not acts and policies that conveniently Christmas movies not die hard on Christmas. Exactly let it it's way more recruits is not Christmas. Mrs. I guess that makes sense you know. Joey Porter brought this up on the morning show and eternity you should be our brings you its borders of the morning shall. I end. You know Bruce gonna do it and she'll let you can function that's nice so dangerous game and I think it shows they believe it's on his. It's based Christmas time but it's not criticism when I heard one of the best original action movies Christians yeah. I think it's wonderful life is congress'. My dad in Providence the last hours of prisons. Christians to meet with a whole theme is Christmas and well I personally. Seen a clause that these letters. It's wonderful that I sound young kids like it it's its own 1950s. And you see how old people at people that in my talk the children are sharp workshop clapping yeah. It's C. Siegel point C. The fact that these Christmas movies based around them. Christmas you know up but they're not really slick. It's a wonderful it was about a guy's life was not Chris I see it. Well honestly I that's what they put it every year on Christmas Eve and I'm like why the hell. Our Christmas movies I think the grinch you know and all. This and it costs. Bleeding heart should the world who. Great performance of that in the area. In underrated one emerging walk away. Yeah all of the hook they just want to look over at age. He is he is my policy is not warehouse that's a movie stars we're trying to get his son. After an action figure for Christmas that's crystal is not strictly from my earliest stories stepped in youth who are those who are yet alarm or not get your act of the actors yeah. Yeah I think yeah. This movie hands with just a way that's on my plans. Are crappy stories. And what was the he arm slot and imaging all the way. That's a big minutes Angela get in great movie. This. By the way. I think that is our report here she John Denton. Former. General manager the is it she's just been named general manager of these brands. I was talking crap like that as quick interest fiscally. Yeah. Huge acts. Earlier rounds he used to. Be terror higher on the court he ought to have a secret well. Basically his own said he's. Adhesion engine fire yet. He's like yeah yes they're very bad guys thinking and then on sixteen teams. That's unbelievable. And there's music on my team. On the raiders when are not readers are fixes. They needed and it is. Topless car that it gains achieved just depressing Christmas movies or where it's. I need it written down ISI IRS my company racked. I and soccer's relentless. One's in Iraq. Well Stephen. We will all over again except the ultimate Christmas present on these issues out I was Johnson always ours now. For years. He sounds of the disease. Blues notes plus the night with Brian France it. That's another that's another eight ounces each who's now in 2001. By itself when Lewis. Was like eight roofers came out and I would be on this gym on Christmas Day every night at 7 o'clock. Well. That brown Christmas tradition that will close the night in Gaza yet. Your sister. These aren't yet yet he was so Bryan Cranston decades after a while and also passed last night. Remember that I I I am not an op I grow our digital movies I was busy channel original movie's plot not. The movie Disney Channel original so you know Johnson Chris Johnson on the brink of testing. More. Nor double teamed Noor double teamed. Final on current G you know under acts. Yeah yeah I don't lose money with Marshall cute as Marshall he's such a cool person change all right OK what what about when you're the one with all the aliens coming or tired. Well I want to fail the exam like that their heads jars. I vehemently yankees. Set sister and my ears now. That's what. Thirteen years. In the evening listening audience. Now what they are Smart out there was that's great. Dziena. Guerrillas for centuries he's been zooms whose home our problem that not super Lugar. And can't do it it helps our night that's where we can't Warner's. This out. Eclipse those of us. Aaron is rated products here and if but Steve and parents. And remittances from is up to the general public that hey much. Yeah. It seemed overcome well look that next week generators victory on the norm there's spears. I asked today. I know that 66 and I know that we have if you wait time and she was but I just not. Feel like we've done anything offensively to meet you believe people going intensity and. Let's hope that bearable only game she's dead and run man run the whole game and I agree Q well. Well answer the US to the game this Sunday. At the early hour will stir things up at 8 AM from blew 42 with Chris county coroner has you know ready for readers opening drive. And then they're McCain picked up at 10 AM you listen to. I facet of the game so that you listen to regain our own. K boxing K electing. Those. Station accidentally with Ana com anymore grass you're going through mergers and eventually you most of those. Those games it's a bit football season. And you also call telling him to raiders would lose that triple 8957. Arafat said and operators extra point. After raiders chiefs game. And you can listen to Derek be negative about the raiders regardless of whether they win or lose. So you relax that's always really fine. Yes usually tap into fighter before posting is there anyway I am their problem he's seemingly period yeah. Raiders flagship podcast little bitter talk Kristi personally is it Disney Channel original blues.