RFP Podcast Episode 13

Derek Papa
Saturday, December 2nd
Derek and Steven look ahead to the Raiders and the New York Football Giants.

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And injure this and along that Joe's. It's no god but yeah getting kicked. Out. Yeah. Denigrate yeah. Now it's time for the readers flagship podcast whole wall Alaska from what does that mean what I think is. News Stephen Langford and Derrick popped out. It allows us we played that season. Yet as this is this the first time in the lead in the podcast in action studio and in my house for quite some time Gallo and that's what happens. We do it on Saturday literally. Less than 24 hours 21 hours probably doing time here. That is correct that's as your boy had to go to our meeting yesterday to interview producers. And and to go to make the whole pregame shouldn't be here on Saturday that's what Dirk poppa does on his spare time Rebecca with the Bruce Irvin is closer than eco watchers really. It's unique watch he's in there you might not have that on all of it and that this is the raiders flagship podcast on when your minister pop I'm always. Joined by Stephen Langford that is and we took last week off because we do not wanna talk about the game it's there's nothing weakness that was and we all we are all gonna ready to go to for Thanksgiving so mean Steven. Both were. Thinking about doing it on Monday announced that you know man science and in such crappy mood after his game are literally one talk about it let's skip this week to come back and hopefully talk about winning it's the Broncos and yes. That's what happened it was understandable that. In addition I think we are both pretty crappy minutes out dollars and again admitted to Eric as you know I'm always the more cynical of the 20 you are Demeco watch and we create. At the raiders had the 21 to fourteen victory over the Denver Broncos eco watch you join us on the afternoon delight and pretty much it was so the Nikko hagee like I have a two sectors today it was coup. Now so that happens it's over Bruce was cool yesterday we talked to producers and hopefully his big game against the year giants in geno Smith and look at that little bit to pursue anything kind of polarizing anything out of the ordinary yeah yeah I feel like yet has no filter he actually that they're talking about how. They were trying those chips. This really hot ships like that Apache gap do you do you mean Arabs are huge fans of the hot ones YouTube series and I guess that's like a new YouTube challenge you eat those chips. I guess when the rookies at a trial one incident Navarro Bowman patsy to. And and and bruiser NC yesterday's. Has to quote and he said yeah bony to chip it hasn't shaken like stripper. And wait line away not products was the rookie was. That's the only both of them he's got he sees it for bolting also he also called my dad and says he wants and he. Do touchdown raiders to scoop and score so we'll see if that happens bars allow. Now he will do that regardless I hope so it out of the present ask for that it. Indebted to that later than a little later that's more a lot to get to actually in this podcast since we haven't known one week. The raiders get the victory 21 to fourteen over the Denver Broncos. And which Carlos first. John a serie a I was confused as to his brother Groundhog Day its ethnic and a nut jobs are gonna jump the gun jumping on now. Getting his first official game as the defense according to open raiders raiders had five sacks. And held the Broncos scoreless until the fourth quarter. But after the majority of the game the raiders pretty much played the way they have been for most of the season offensively I would say nothing impressive there but. That strangest 21 and nothing like yeah you've ever have because it has got to say like I'm unhappy with the way the defense played up until the fourth quarter. But for the majority of the game offensively I thought we were last physical as always. And considering that there was report that morning that Todd downing will be released as the officer corps meter reported by AG's want to forum George section here in the week here Matheson again Brad. They didn't do anything to show that. There you go outside the box of what they've been doing before. It pretty much was the same old dink and dunk off vessel about a third down screen passes which you can't find her rationale for. But I know and not given the Baltimore Coopers and as usual lately I'm honest with thrown out there I thought this after the patriot game. Dirt cars not healthy whatsoever there's no and that's why he's not driving the ball downfield. In India has ought to do the tide downy and just maybe his lack of creativity with this offense but Derek Karr is not healthy. The offensive line is not as good as they were laster. And we had a heart hammering the ball even though we ran the ball a lot last week the amount of times we ring and it's. Only rush for a 105 yours will be the official thing here. We ran the ball at sea here. So Marshawn Lynch had 26 carries for 67 yards his longest run was seven yards. When you run the ball 26 times annually it's 67 yards that is ninety. Right but how much is that to blame a marsh on how much do you blame for the offensive line I feel like I just kept on I see if he goes hand in hand honestly real that it does but I don't know I just can't feel like I saw Broncos are Broncos jerseys in the backfield as soon as the head snapped every time they ran a play well I like the offensive line has got out of sync delete the holes but I don't know it does go both ways though. You know when we play the Broncos originally earlier in the year they were the number one rush defense and they felt like 56 right now but I. Yeah that's all we did and you know who we weren't gonna go after those corners I know that the Broncos have the no fly zone. With a secondary of Bradley Roby that was kind of gone after the first or global game and we'll get to that oh get we will get up prior to prior to last week's game the Broncos actually were. Prison sept sept saps that susceptible their ego Stephens saved me. To the past. Because they gave before passing touchdowns to Carson once three to Tom Brady in three to any adult in the three weeks prior to that game so. That's how we can attack the will be a Maureen with the tide and Jerry Cooke actually didn't get that much. What he did that it came last week he had. Just one catch for two yards which is surprising yeah so we'll get to why the passing game wasn't and it's full strength but overall Steve and I thought it was a you know. The game that we should one considering. The team we're playing was on a six game losing streak. And are at the time is well on them 31 we played them sit on the three and ESO sixteen was street. And don't know about senator. But. Sat yeah. Quite I'm glad the Broncos have a worse announces. Is this is deleted my flaming out take that I told you about forests are inflaming tactic I got it it's user of the station is planning takes lately I doubt one look at. It's not about Jimmy G. No outs by the raiders apple surprise surprise Reggie talking raiders and man as the raiders flagship podcast what you expect indeed it is a new will be taken away from New Hampshire it is also this could be the actually the room raiders flagship podcast there we left the room raiders where we have dare we talk about the MTV generally go to well over our favorite episodes of room raiders from MTV on the Internet will be the next flat rather talk about ribs now what about next. The world where or date my mom and at that next religious gutless but flaming hot today on this alligator right now parents insisted he got us into the room raiders they know what you wanna hear this I wish I wish I wish I had like a drama right now because it's. Problem quarter local well and got a very good show Fordham botching of diver. Who explains that while it. The first half. It's up accidentally age make so many mistakes only the overthrow. Others firstly I think it was I think cannot be used when quarterback like she was awful I totally disagree with each week after the game where it's Reese said that. Broncos would have won it Travers me start at quarterback that's blasphemous dared you don't know that okay. You know I got to. Say I mean he did he for the most part the defense played pretty well but you cannot but in the fourth quarter when they actually Tuesday had a legit quarterback playing. Then when we in the we reverted back to the defense has ordered. Is he Trevor Ximian is. Compared attacks in which are receiving and is Joseph Montana to Paxton Lynch's Paxton when she may have looked. My game but it just like to meet its cattle like saying oh if Matt. Look lawyer would a gun and started the game the raiders put upon even though through like few touchdowns that the in the fourth quarter you know I just not I think that's it snaps losing to San I think that's blasphemous to play. Will be attorney got into whatever the post game show I actually came in and he was like oh we got a win and I was like yeah barely and he was like potentially positive catcher would be positive. What is this away for being in the end I was like you're right we did win the game but I do agree with that if packed its server Ximian started the game. Do our secondary is so terrible. Yet Dax McDonnell's lost man he was lost completely and where was I mean. Mollify outage is completely gone I guess we didn't take conditioning and and that in two in in how. I guess that would be aware that to say I resent about the week before than than what the week before he got beat. My Atlantic cook so late in the fourth quarter and you seem only getting four snaps this next game clearly he is ready well I think Eliza no additional counts. Don't think he's critically quarter be drafted to be safety management and a nickel I mean like this is very true to have them like that the game Mexico to have him match of the desperate cooks ridiculous actually ridiculous. Secondary. I've side. There were times in the game in the first half four packs of lynched if someone. If if Trevor city was throwing the ball there will be completions on the on the raiders' defense yet ever so many over throws the. What the the one that tennis top right at the beginning Graham like okay this guys sprees. As it is Jeremy. Alex and Alex enters his receiver RBI to be completely wrong to reveal his idea I've no idea was named an argument code and Latimer a lot of grand exit might even thought about that. But Cody Latimer not derby he has a wide open. On that McDonald's. Yes McDonald's. Which overthrew him yet at that point I'm just can't Wear face real quarterback right now which is why the right to grant what was that. That sleeve that he was wearing on his hands he was he rocketed do doing Paxton no that's not due back at the mayor it's du rag that was ours that's literally what it looked like when one time in college I chopped up my arm sleeves are Chad's got and whether you say arm like 24 hours alone out. Jump up in arms on what was the movie with James Franco 127. And one or ours is let's. That's selling it and by the way we'll get to more James Franco actually gives you an iron at all that you and me the only people I know that the station and all of the room all day. So we'll head to. You know the groom you understand. Will will will will look at that later the good. But not as we're coming up our sleeve and it's likely to our sleeve on my head in college town a while I was just thought it was comfortable. But that's exactly what it looked like a Mike Paxton. It in tax. All the men in my. In my knee early in middle school days I would rocky do and to. I'm sure that has surprised you. I'm speechless. To get aids. United artists like they like the book like a book cover you think the stupidly things that you eat well yet you yeah this guy that's racket of my head like Q I was brought through a phase ask right now offices in the middle school classes from time. Now get back in the game. Paxson winch I mean. He was here yet and then he came off the field crying as he knew it pretty much brokers. On. Yeah I felt that from a first. And now and I'm not that actors. After the fact I've felt that and it felt that from an all have first when he was trying to monster even greater fan I. Don't let it and when you when your when weird way how old notes when you and me I'm probably easy you know Yzerman and yes definitely is my age probably. And I'm thinking to myself OK what if that happened in the I've drug trial like a little baby on the sidelines in eighth grade when I got a hairline fracture three pushed over in flag football Caroline flack fracture in my wrist let's try it in the nurse's room. Effort day or hours on and announced his hairline fracture and this guys think it. My career is done I did not perform. Every your actual pain. So. Let that that besides the point he was terrible parent he is there he was awful thing god gave us our first interception of the season. Ten weeks in there and I was totally eleven weeks in the season yet if he could release that way earlier Trevor city is playing that game do we are not getting our first interception man. Because. Let's just say god that touched down like that touchdowns stands such that it. I don't put it that touchdown stance of Dovonte Burke Booker that game is totally flipped. Because we are doing nothing offensively. He throws a wheel route to Dovonte poker luckily Dovonte is was touched the one yard line again and then Paxson decides to bootleg and throws. Tips and up in the Erik Kopp and Navarro Bowman who some of horrible bombing in the first day. Literally anyone who thought they were the only chick got he would hand and anyone who's anyone who when he gets a thief I was trying to think of some sort. Just out of this world who can get first pick well volatile because it outside so those people are site is Denver's you know people who try to come out with. A scare hot cakes yeah claiming not to exactly by the way you're not take him through the Broncos have QB issues. I agree with that and there is got a hot take it and their solution I would say is don't be surprised to see AJ McCarron has the Broncos quarterback next season. How's that a solution. Yeah a lot of solution. That's more of a problem that's just continues the problem that's what they think. It's very fortunate today the they would think that that will be their solution for the time being you know AJ McCarron probably tremors in his back. That's terrible teach us John Elway and alternate and he sort of decision do you think he's in on those decisions as a chorus while he opera docile Annika bring them back to. It's easy and so I don't trust we brought back is that his tax which got hurt actually nurture and actually she's been on reliable so there we give both agree that. Excellent is actually terrible cynic kind of played in the part of the raiders winning it was a major part operators but let's look at this to Celek again I go back to their car. I do think that. Com jetting you what you said earlier on the show on the podcast. Is this honored previews here this one focus he is he has legitimately hurt there is yet to think about cart is. What you liked about when he first came onto the scene is that he was fearless he he he would think about anything but what was on the football field when you got injury looming here. You think about that an accurate mine hurt this thing and take the safe route and just check down really quick to my first option any eat it happened so much when he first started so you can tell. There's no other explanation except except for the fact that. Maybe he still think about that entry in swimming in the back in his mind that's all he really sick as I'd there's a reason they game this contract yeah in and it's not like. It's not like he's not living up to it I really do think this injury has some youth at a 100% and I just apps. Yeah well I mean like when thing about it when you throw football your whole body count and goes in motion especially your back. And so transverse process fracture and I got to bring about why he's got three of them is back soltys in US Boston as six weeks now so. Yes he's not healthy he is not healthy and you could see it I can we from the game going that's not the type of that's not the team. We paid all that money that your card week but the raiders in Palin might meet your card and act again yeah or season. In general. It's obvious he's not hurt and he's not healthy and it's not gonna do many favors this week when he goes up against the year giants with. Both of his top receivers out and that's because Michael Crabtree in the key to leave. We're oh facing each other one won again and the first time we play the Broncos a season. Cracked him play and all of what happened last year were key to leave decided gold Devo and his snatched. Crap she's chain at the time when Chang exactly. Given that chain what you. We are remember last year. At the time it was a it was. That was game we need action last year at the last game of the season it's a Broncos we need to go thirteen three tier car was after the season. Broken Kabila but we needed to win that game to get the number two seed when the AC west. And and Wesson that was like the second driver of the opening drive we we get the touchdown to Dovonte Booker. By me and I care remember you have way better memory and I remember this. And it's consists senators' penalty if that's not occur such a total of ran. Anyway so I was the first drive. He. Series are of the game. Third down Crabtree gets change snatched by. Aqib Talib in so early in the game. That. I don't know what penalty there. Then I don't know I mean that a problem and am not a problem now by. We were all wondering why Crabtree in doing things in the first real like. Good for trap heat and do anything he you know in the in years past or a higher exactly what Sherman. When he was on the 49ers he had his slap Sherman in the face after not meant that like you know violently but he did him on this moment rather. The interception in FC championship game. And then Crabtree senate do anything to retaliate Amber's quote after that game being in fire battalion that on the Baghdad yeah so. You know fast forty year later. In the end this game. And on the raiders' second offensive series. We see Chris Harris junior go to the ground. And it was during the broadcast were when Kenny reports that he GAAP punched in his stinking so we are we learn. I was listening to the broadcast I didn't even know that happen now obviously it's I looked at Twitter well I remember when I saw Chris heiress walk off the field and he he pointed in the direction of the raiders silent. And he motioned to his bench. As if Crabtree had upper coated him in the man region ranked so. Not cool in the next play we sat could Crabtree ran a key to leave which we know their history. And sure enough they go brawling each other and it was. It wasn't even the change snatching the they're gonna fire regardless. I mean it it would have gotten that it only took like three minutes now it did take that way if any it was it was read it was absolutely. That is probably the biggest broad see in a football field in person. Yeah yeah and. I was I was count however a practical idea I was sort of after that rod it was so well it was 14 yard run by Marshawn Lynch. Someplace like that is live with lessons and that and so after that I kind of just like looked away at my niece was repairman little nine month old niece she's got to be nine months into days Chan and effect and as it faster than almost got energy and lessening violence that house and look up they got to see a brawl happened in a more well. You know on him yeah elk is the niece is right there's also black. And. Even though you know sir you were cheering for the fight to happen sort of I mean I was conflict it's I was watching I was like brawling legislators take tomorrow but after when when you saw the second shot. Crabtree and Talib again like you know going out at a second time Indians out at that point. That's where Al and escalate after he swung at a yeah he's well liked for one thing. I'm sane my brother was hurts him is because it's his doctorate and when he could Davidson. He didn't after a terrible idea on their part happy babysitting generator and that's awful judgment on their parts that happens but after sort amnesty sings one. You know you're gonna get ejected from the game if you swing like Napoli Italy and it's obvious that the rest through. Talib at his helmet on connects you're out for more than just one game if you suspect by the way at Aqib Talib also spent a punt return of violence on the that's. After this season is upon after after biceps and his with Steve Smith said and I stuffed sock us up. I did watch like you know what that is passed and discrepancies earlier and then yet little. The Dwayne Allen and I spoke against the colts were Regis likes oh we ask. Ultimately I like what is that and it which I forgot about that there is another moment where his helmet came off he tried to use it just like yeah about these grass trees to throw. So it's like this dude and he's our he's our. It is in meaty grew up in Cleveland bag back and de damn that's arch street ball plugs and harmony like. A and accelerated by the way. Now again do you think so yeah. I was never fan abundant. I like them on the big east zone but besides that I like segment of the growth and remember what it was it's bound him being typically here. Is. Seeing him keep that he literally put it back on. As he was gone after its view. I didn't notice that but at first I didn't notice actually started. Second coming of the fight again in instantly went back Adams son I was totally awkward. Hope was that did you remember the AJ green Jim Ramsey fight gosh that was way more blatant and wait trees AJ green was in the crap that. He is clearly out of on the ground in you know soccer this was at this this this was a bunch of like you guys all like Aaliyah well which could do about it gap in in this kind of like jumping around or actually connecting area and sort Ajax connected with the ref I guess after the game I'd seen I have got yet to see the full replay that that makes me angry is I don't I don't know what there's there that there is a solution to this but rats should begin in the middle of that. Sorry bay year yours the only thing that the rats have. Is that black and White Stripes the only thing they have it it's a win they are in a fight shouldn't teach touching of a rafting down like be thrown out because now we've got Marshawn Lynch. By the way marsh on likes to help out the opposing team to more than it is that's fine I don't I don't care about that's on. So well DP did you think it was a good move for march on duke scored. To lead to the silent. I don't know if Celine was possibly saint something's he was gone on the way to the raiders' chance so that's the I don't know if he could have been saying sultan I don't care about that's the least of my problems with that I just don't like the fact that rats always have to get in the middle of the and then I mean like you say but in the U butter when him we touch of bright and so I just don't understand that but what what's another solution will find seats. Dig deep do anything like the marsh on the island marsh on full on push to rent frank. Take you to be like without. The black and White Stripes in the white hat in the black cat whichever you prefer I don't know which one went out there a lesser at hockey league you're going to be stopping anything between those players out early like me try to stop a bar fight between. Guys are used you know can you might go over by the guys that are the size of Donald and and gave Jackson that's like media and straight up like these rats marketed due anything except Atmel over most likely so I don't know what solutions. You know what an extra security come out security immediately yeah that's a fight securities so we'll maybe the solution should be that the Ritter team plan is not to mention. Crabtree over to leave it's like that joke. You know what's black and white and red all over like when football players are in a brawl like that. Rats that maybe Wear black white but the players they see red all over no matter who was in that wind that was what was at the punch line. No there's no punchline that I can make that into a joke I just think about that for a came in here. It's like you know I mean actually does is excellent low Woodson. Roaches in the ceiling that's him yet. Bouquets of Crabtree was a throw out of the game along with gave Jackson any key to leave. And actually Donald and I think through punch in their tube yet he was in a box is successful I sound squared up as. Whether it's an opposing player some of the park you want to look like I looked like me in the fourth grade launch line let's try to stay mean for its own dam and a that's exactly what I look like on you through some hands I was about it. So it was bad enough the Crabtree let you know what I think we'll take that. If you're gonna lose a key to leave as well because that led to a Mari Cooper scoring on that drive. I believe so prosecute that that was good bounce back there yet and on and I don't mean inning win after that quarters that had to replace acute sleep. But then. Marie Cooper. It's hit over the middle by Darian Stewart and he got custody and leave the game in return I was ski here so pretty much this year and was but. Much the second half we played without Mari and crap and you could say that they have been that great this season but those there. Generics to best receivers. Despite the affected Jerry Cooke is actually the leading receiver on the team right now which is president of not to janitorial the fewest in his interview with the numbers but. On the second half we didn't do anything offensively. And that was because they're playing down we were who we were playing the rest of the game with out Crabtree. And Cooper. And that's when it. It was kind of bad for Paxson went to get her because then Trevor Sammy comes in. And like I said OJ quarterbacks is to play and you like apple Dan do we have enough offense to actually counteract this right now there. And that's the game plan for this week because of Maureen has been listed out in crap she was suspended two games after that fight. But has been reduced to once will be back against the game and it's will be back for the game against Kansas City. But he's gonna miss this week against the urge. It's you know. Those wide receivers I came in native phenomenal job though I forgot what stats were exactly effort how many targets they had an army to attack in I think they had lead receiver was grill that's you know pretty allies that won the one stat the one that gets me. Zero drops you know not that they were at least catch a ball so. Africa how many catches and totaled the three had between. Him says Roberts says there are rich said two for 26. If you want. Jerry chuckle over Bolton will be ours listen. Holton had one long one for 47 year that's the other to get you catch 33 yards. And actually Derek in three touchdown pass on the play if he's. Healthy but it. He thinks I think that would attest Atlanta I think so a little more ahead as the polls and it kind of have to stop it distracts little bit just again now but. We so raiders win in the end the perceived by. An all out blitz by the Broncos in your car's gonna lofted it up for. Real Paris and come down with a fifty. And in the and the raiders were able to get away with a victory went fourteen but now we go to a thirty yard reception like twenty yards cash that was monstrous about all but also acorda oppression go to the teams over it means for a mixture of Easter plays it isn't it we'll pass on the face teams go down you don't think about that it anywhere near the game and I know we'll come on in the game's over. Some some of those are behind ship it strips Selig who will damage now we. Ash at the plea defense himself having maybe that's by the Broncos in try to attack heart that not go out. Well so the raiders get the victory when 114 and now we're going to a game with new Marc Cooper and when Crabtree but. Do your card to please rookie season that both receivers so. Stephen what do you see from the raiders offense this week. In the end your card did have favorable numbers spy. You know. He's going to be without Amare Cooperman Crabtree is gonna have set Roberts. Johnny Holton. And real Paris and uses three receivers injured cook has to well obviously I think your I mean when in the passing game speaker's seat cut. Get way more target ceiling had receptions for two yards in his last game super as a so. So I think you're getting antsy and a lot more targets from air card seemed is best friend like Zach Miller was back in time in and is that Millen let. Remember him when you got that's nationally by Seattle that was the worst summer. They had no one after that at ten bossier after that knowing we that we had to you can't bust that season really. Does that situation be from the giants by the yeah so did the raiders and giants sort of have a little bit of a rivalry air. Mr. Kevin Boss away in the middle is the head of possible. Yes that's a yes we have a name look at. Let. And I think you're gonna see pretty much their same game plan with in the running game in March on having 26 carries against the running game needs to be a lot better it does but I think they're gonna go with that again. And I don't know we'll see the giants it does mean giants are out to endorse Jenkins obviously he's he's done for the year but the thing with aunt and the end of snacks agency with him no snacks no snacks sacks is out snacks out uh oh okay as an amateur pass Reggie and know what we know what I mean like this Damon nurses Morin who was next. Has more of a a run staffers ordinary guy that Oprah's appoint you can run the ball to Eric. But they also have GPP and Vernon. Means. I don't know of believers believe you learn of him for an Hungary's for whatever reason that's cornerback I'm a winner. Target Steve and are you. And I it and that after we don't want this article make the DM pregame show are riled up right now Florida next you sleep until nine every day it's true. Mr. Boyd of the of its seven wickets with Dan Comcast that. There's no fire in my house wake up at 3:30. In the morning I don't need to overtake so. You've only happens it's known on the weekends and actually this is your body clock I'd. Get up at 330 on the weekends ago work out for four hours it much like robbery. And TV twelve play. So. Expect. That that mandates and that's why well. At first I was like go manic despite the record the giants defensively are pretty good. I want some last week and during Thanksgiving when they lost to the Redskins defensively they're pretty good. And then you're you don't always happen yeah said that within a year that you or shank it's out of many years that. Snacks is out the still went to college which I think is probably the best front seat landing landing Collins is a Boller is crazy uncle forgot about. And then we get the news that Eli Manning is gonna be benched then and now we get another like it just be two weeks in a row we have bailed out by the quarterback play on the opposing teams. I don't know but also on the other side got Eli apple who's walking terrible who's watching out. Bill religious because the collar about it. They're called them out if you know it's if that would happen immediate freshman football would hate well I would I always stayed in the room. And not locked out so you so my life outside of. Loss of Eli apple yeah but it we yen Eli Manning which is. Surprising because against the giants gave the ultimatum of whether or not he wanted to start the game. And then negative told them I want you start the game but I think we're gonna have. You know geno Smith or heard Davis web come in the second half he was I rather just said. Now these guys play. Which is commendable on his sparkles like that. He can have Eli Manning's on the bench against chino Smith Kline yeah and let's not get too ahead of ourselves geno Smith actually beat the raiders three season ago and Gary cars first game ever you want it but that was actually differ raider team well plus I hands differ jet team. It's just that this office to different so out of sync without Eli Manning now you know it's anyway there offensive line is Swiss cheese to begin with you you can say at Atlanta airman here for hours I think there will he hasn't done. Since the Monday Night Football game where just totally embarrassed himself against the lions falcons. Know what the lines that was two lives yet but since then now he's given up. Its act weakness as he has no that's true. Giants Evans of lines given a lot of giants offensive line hasn't talked about flowers specifically. That's why you're there. Well overrides and give it to we're playing another bad football team down lately and other team luckily were playing another team it's an tableware and outplayed their plane about football team we're gonna be watching. Another that you can went up like fancy you you've gone into the ground on the I've always been gone on the candidly I was sent Peter call me out with I don't do that sometimes on the spot because it. You do what you do your thing man a respectable level meeting the decision if I am I need to be you know call me out that I'm sorry. I said we and I felt weird stand that. We leave. Test now you know now. Oh I think we're looking out this week is a plane geno Smith and yes. In two on two games actually putting chino Smith did jets came to us. And us and generators so there jets came to their Oakland two seasons ago. When they were actually playing pretty well and ranked Fitzpatrick got hurt really connect gaming Gina Smith came off the bench and played the majority back in. I'd in the end we Biggio Smith and Jada Smith hasn't played it. All I wanna see since then. He has this will be his first game back so Berkshire since he's gonna be rusty is now getting socked in the guy. Whatever his name oh. Kara I can't volley. And he he actually was on the raiders early this season. Now geno will Gabby that now that game was after he gets up in the because Wright is in going that season that the Jews was the starter then think god he got in the nineties and right Fitzpatrick came and played better than him. So think got also alleging it was playing because I think retro offensively again. With no Mari you know Crabtree. It's going to be game IE are not expecting. They're carded go back to being Gary Karp last year at this point if the rest of season repeating it on offense which is kind of sad but it is what it is and is David this and had a big game where the tight ends running back to the actual apple did because I'm not Kosher. About Johnny alternate real Paterson as wide receivers at Roberts is the only comparable guy. I think or just you know Gotti to rely on. At least not this season owns a drop passes along with the Mari and crab blood. He's the only guy that has come on big before court Darryl and Johnny's I think more of big play guys innocently. He had the system wide receivers are not Jews that are going to be runner routes in your facing an ghetto and Todd downing and have to create some sort of route concept where. Like Johnny hall has in the past just being in while while the odd man on man. Ages blows mine and hopefully can catch a deep ethic that's what you're gonna have to hope for Canada Abbott. I do see Seth Robert stepping up normally in these kind of games I don't know why as a surprise at Roberts has really had a huge date yet this season has no name but he at least has. Like one or two in this. Now well last year Hugh had it. I mean US debut Astaire he always seems terribly as the Broncos list awful but he. Has. The ability to have like. Spectacular game when he touchdowns and then when you throw easy pass to these drops out while that's just a raider wide receiver back for the past. Ten years as an L as an excellent they like the did Mary ever since and there on Larry is more as the number one receiver you know has made the big plays they can make the simple slant catches mentos. It's got out there's more it was an in the football no it was not. But has all the potential. The world good with the is not into football open so for this game Steven. IAX. With the raiders to win. I expect the defense to play. Are a lot better. When they did they played well lately very well last week but I think it was more a product of Paxson which not so much. John took on those game. And I think that we that they had five sacks again this assistance office supplies Swiss cheese. You don't have a build up an update on imprint Marshall out there. You pretty much have. A hodgepodge. Yeah just a short hours it sterling sterling guys are shivers a guy you have three by a story about Evan Ingram is only two guys offensively are worried about. That is if it didn't have a terrible offensive line Olin to our all star quality little bit better he's not terrible. Just. I don't I don't think they really have any good running game speak of lately with nobody in this season the brain in Perkin models with all Burke offered out of three adults and dark or other data perkins' restaurants I just think our dark ones at that he's depth at running back he's terrible that's why black. Also as his team quit on that mechanism I think they have that's the other thing is this announcement should cede it to my speech put its team. Is in full line taint Hank. You don't take your football played antivirus scene when you bench Eli Manning. Good grief. Cius pace maker and a ninety cent of the listeners but it's mighty I'm Manning face. One party let up in the top corner he just confused. And that's exactly it is its probably it was like that Mac is like. Garbage. I'm assuming that's what is it sounds like we know why why are you selling Michael keyed in below Jews because he has a hair slicked back and he's got the glasses I think that's just how's it sounds at Communists in this. It. To the plate after two. Days weeks geno lankans and bagels. It just. Senate and had not called me out of medical US and I'm glad he did in his camp on matters now it's as. And we guy that you are I think you're seeing it team straight up does it. And it's coming at a great time because that is the chasers imploding. It. They have lost. Five of the last six games including one generators. They just lost. At home to the Buffalo Bills who can't figure out their quarterback situation. One week he wanna go with me to Peter in. Giants. Yes the chiefs. Lost the chiefs and own eyes are they lost the chiefs in the meadowlands. But it's Selig outs because our time scoring. So. The chiefs are playing the jets tomorrow we'll see how that goes. Bryant. Yet this this may be this may be what we need right now off the raiders turned things around and if Derek Kerr to get healthy inserts. It going back to the offensive last year in this offensive line. Cause that's the offer to viral last year this'll team was that the team of last year then in an eagle or on here and you know it's not have the possibility I don't alienate a wildcard. It's going to be tough. Well he's still coming along cars because. That's six seat could be a 97 in eight teams so he's still a chance of that but even have a chance for the division right now you're watching it's I mean I guess the cheese is still very good team the Broncos are done. That achieves energy that scares the crap out of me watching on Thanksgiving last week is the chargers they seem to figure out what they think. We thought of going into the season with a all the potential they had they be so so team but now it's coming to for wish. They are known as there like I think I forgot who said Tom Watson some sort of post game show where's some sort of NFL shall understand. That the chargers are straight out one of the scariest teams and they have senior right now at the way their plan with Philip Rivers just. Claim better than he's ever played well they have the best. The either the argument they have the best. Offense and defense in the UC westerner can now I mean when you got what Mel dining room in joint posts on the defense aside and and you got Melvin Gordon. He's now lacking in balance in like twelve receptions a game room now and and Philip Rivers also it is it's a scary. It is kind of scary and weird and it's very did you expect at the beginning of the C when I didn't win anyway you don't. Before sees the start I thought this team could have potentially any team. I know a lot about anything when I know he was enough square meter in buffalo last year. But it was expecting much from him as a coach this season. And I wasn't ready for life in the team because they were in transition moving proceeding at LA and there's really no fans coming their games now in anything related football but Brad. I thought on paper and action at a pretty good team. By now you see that their defense of wine maybe is the best in the AFC west they have to best pass rushers. Join boasts and what I mean. Combo wise in the opening grameen joint boasts a yeah this team were what we're gonna see them New Year's Eve. In LA Scioscia that goes but just as far as this week. The raiders should get a win against the giants. I'm not an all kind of worried about this game re occurrence were about the unknown to we have seen Judas with that so long but we should take care of business if we don't that's really impairs. I really do think after. Being under the Helm of Eli Manning for 200 in twenty plus games this offense is going to be out of sync in not an illness at. And it's gonna look like it's gonna look terrible but the one thing that worries me mainly its operators. Going forward I'm not tied this game it doesn't worry me at all but. With Joplin Ghana's defense Courtney did see. A lot of movement lot of disguises which is true. But you still saw a lot of confusion I mean the linebackers and safeties when it came to passes over the middle and matches them I think that. Bruno will evaluate Reggie Nelson and pretty much all of our secondary in the offseason with the exception of the rookies right and I mean Nicholas Mora he you know and gala to get data is just. That touched on I forgot who was too. The news manual sanity in our letter won't penny Fowler. Is tests are now I don't know a use in its way you just saw brown brown right and it's we morrow and Nelson and both of them looked confused. Who gave up the touchdown pass when it was fourth down. And sin in recent if you want to Lattimore. Was what that was at TJ cares GAAP atlas now it was yeah. I like TJ good I I think yet and I'll wait all three corners next season do you think of that means and at this point I would bring back teaching Cary David Emerson or shots that special edition on Smith. Playing a little bit better of late but. Pro football focus get another irate and Eric in another 81 on the boards could for him now. I mean they're playing it's their Brothers often supposedly freaked out there but I expect the processed at the raiders take care businesses this week. Parents say the raiders actually can. Tell this team and the end zone on the go that far yet but it's possibility with how with just the expectation Gina Smith in this terrible offensive line plus. On the cells could be will we get a second interception of the season so we'll see what happens there but I expect day. This is a game where does this is since the week two game against the jets this has been probably the most confident in going into again. Yeah I actually have a lot of confidence going as the Brock has flinched. And lenders and that's why that's when he won nothing was kind of disliked I still think guys I still think their bronco defense is still pretty widget on target before and I still don't know why just did I just had a band is a lot and it was like an active season. Now I agree though I think going into this game I think this is one that's kind of a blow. To sling items at a low around but. That being said. That's what makes me nervous so I don't necessarily know. This is an impress me. But the last two games. With the Broncos. Skis and the potential to today the I mean like the that the game last week in non interest in them touch going forward. I think if we kicked the giants asked Morris and depressed either than we have games against achieves Eagles cowboys and chargers told to go. Right so. Just because we win these two games at home against these. Below average offenses. In below average quarterbacks and a we get to six and six or run the thick of things with the AFC west I don't think that's gonna really. Help us going forward still in the chiefs are better team and it's I think that Christmas Day game against the Eagles scares the crap enemy yeah. And Carson what's where's Perkins stocks by the Coca. Just I want to throw that out there can be given a specific fashion update on Paxson lynch and now cars away answers or anything else to get off the table about. Fashion on Iran. Artsy malicious predict this game I'm gonna say the raiders win this game to 4423. Do you really think so. They get the garbage time touch on the end but I would liken to keep in the onions and especially his quarterback in this packets you. Micah I think at 3110. And a half I think I think three touchdowns and maybe you'd. Four touchdowns and field right now I think it's seen as a 31 and it's happening. Not to sneak Autry about it. Is that dude came into the team again undrafted. And I actually I don't care residue of your skills as he's the quarterback but he's been doing that ever since he was on the raiders where you know he'd find a double team signed peace he fired masters you'd find an open gap in need you know going to sack the quarterback can do that. Pretty much ever since he's got your but actually. Google him earlier is in net for an hour at the college. East Mississippi community college. And that you want their right that my friends Meyer raiders likes it listeners. Is where last chance you. Was filled so. You know in offered about this show I was I have yet to watch you should watch it man right. You should watch. That's that's what the coach says if you execute those who yell at these players in Kobe. Very very tight night. I'll belt but. Buddy Steve it's great coach so I'm not really surprised at all all that surprising is that kind of flourish after being undrafted to be honest with because you went to. East Mississippi community college it's a little fun fact for. Aaron. That on a snapple bottle and opened it and be surprised. They still those little fact and several bottles. The snapple by the way I don't think so that it still around hopes now. I've not seen last chance he has so. Was that your wife I've Akamai council and that. One thing I did watch inside man the other day called on will will get two hour movie titled. The real quick just just just clear EC these justices users. It's gonna throw out there. Throw it Jalen Rashard okay I see him have a big game no idea the rocket Rashard he's good at home I know that you know ever since we had Jalen. Come in studio withers. Well studio but in Alameda rag and prior to that my dad has called GO in the pocket rocket ranked since this is a mouse. Yet when he was called the rocket Rashard. Because. And we brought this up my my deck on the pocket rocket I guess it's a reference to. Older player. And he. He called the block Iraq when he had that long touchdown run against the saints last season Oca. But we look it up pocket rockets also catch aircraft yet talk Iraq it's also another way to describe a vibrant self. Yeah I've I've mentioned that many time on the blues does when has it doesn't. That's do you not know about the he always is like the older players namely that's a reference to that the pocket rocket small guy and he shoots off like a rocket. And we asked you about music prefer the right respect. Gain on Jalen and I guarantee you know that before and I. Don't think any Unita drivers and I do not. I'm fine with that at a in denial about my operators to be quite honest with you. Let's go forward with another topic. I think about is just Talladega nights. The vibrations. Of the cars come and oh my. It's. Sorry I'm making you comfortable I wanna see big game for Marshawn Lynch in the cold running game because it not for the good. Big passing game. Army they will Leno exits which Norris you want to see it came from and teeth being eased in Marshawn Lynch. You know that's what we're doing our work is acting I want this to be the game where Marshawn Lynch it's over it's. Analyzer that before this I know you want it to be but do you think it's going to be generic. Is Michael is that no no it did deep down I pick players and Marchand needs to be the without without snacks without a Mark Cooper in and my Crabtree. He needs to be the guy he's the doc now Crabtree to leave type role because this is did you pick a player. I picked 140 a marsh and he's been the and needs to be it's not who needs to be accrued Bouteflika have a huge game on Sunday yes the -- action rip justice and off. It from he should have like would this offensive line they have. They should be the game. He had two seasons ago as the Broncos are five sacks. Aka by the way we're gonna close approval time operators make an approval. Giorgio. Number not definitely now there's definitely better triggers there's Justin Tucker in Canada but. I don't think we've seen a Seymour. That's right it. I don't I don't get tough question I say collect Jeanne that's it. Maybe Rodney Hudson know you don't think so no I think. Right Julio Lugo and Alex Mack from the falcons Max Unger from the saints they're better singers out there. You know your centers there. Now saying that Alex Mack great senator also great show on Nickelodeon. Dvd did did did did tipped it to. In Italy it was itchy. Sorry yes that's that was Steven. Yet there good. Such thorough as the kids you're inside man tock I just thought it was funny because the beginning with Denzel Washington Denzel 50 and she would tell you before it is a Spike Lee joint. That's as it was a described Spike Lee movie summer movie its joint exactly. That's the joint. Jane she. It's actually weird it says. A prime rates of production Spike Lee joint. And then later on it says produced. And directed most likely she'd be joined by Spike Lee maybe. You know little cots and they've never that a little continuity spike but the app by the way. And this is the cost cutters greatly. Overrated as a director Kevin. Do the right thing. Only the movie. Incitement is. Inning. He like starts out by literally telling you stared at appropriate for all. And it's like who's. Saint just this that I'm paraphrasing the pair is now can you discuss. It. Succeed it's so it's. And I didn't see that he was Jackson's move here American American. But he. Com went on disabled to stuff about like dislike. It's too. And went on its stuff. I do what he sent the beginning to listen carefully it's. So that's what he says that. Said after he got double does little. 22 speech at an outlets inaccurately some. A oh. It's like you know it says tournaments to dry UN blitz a distracted me you know obviously. Well I think he could you wind accurate I did I would be countrywide cream. It we meet. She goes may I urged jails in most of its most. It is a New Zealand had and I just thought that was really funny when I was budgeted certain and I thought of him repeat that he. And I have to say about that is great the other man. You know and guide a movie that Arizona check out in the EU and diet that was before. Is the biopic. Of Tommy was over director of the room disaster errors. A high Marcum had W. If he if you've ever seen in the room is probably the worst movie ever made on it's it's known is like the worst yet but people will it eaters Ebert did it. Now game bird Tevfik ten times worse than the room but the room is awful. I've seen it in Austin it was a huge thing to like go to lake. In the movie theater watching a big crowd like last that it yet I would throw popcorn after last time I guess I mean that's yet at the draft house. Mean my in my room expect of the day we lead you know get people together watch it it was it was in you know. Under the influence of things and it was. It's so fun to watch but it's awful. It's just awful and you. Is its its its bases here Cisco the movie in right you with a few people actually know I don't wanna bring in doctor yeah yeah it's an issue so funny how you like the beginning uses weird like. You know. Girl like. When you do it's a long six to carry out vaccines it's like where are you doing these things so that's how you do these days. What's going on a landmark the decrease is noted Mac. Is this that's great and and the way that huge drawback of sports are there waiting for the full on a movie to your lower. For their all like hey what are we took the football on the ground and the only thrown like. This ought. I love is chuckle he just chuckles at anything. Politically is is done him right now. I'm glad we got this and then now we'll there's a movie command which James Franco local disasters and I don't movies and often Morrison's Steven week a with me you see this movie enough. As you just asked me go see a movie with. In advance I don't do that guys that's a little weird that's Iowa one day when you and your ticket in Livermore we we have nothing to do we do and then. I don't wanna planet in advance Eric and final bestseller live by the notre you'll see of her pants and I mean ladies and that's where you see you hear your hand out your blood you know here. Doing nothing you might be watching. College football playoff games like the over and your site ha. As we do now on to go to a movie meant Asher it's not like hey you wanna go to a movie next Friday let's think about 715. No no I don't do that article he lives thing is it. I. I've yet to be experience that. In which case I'd say the same thing no. Love you cut. Any parent will then Stephen if you need ticketed navy will go and there are at Southgate is it's Hussein extra tuchman movies and has Pakistan and am yeah. We are disaster artists because this whole last five minute conversation in his past. Sciences. To that the overall thinking and stuff sport's all time and it's true that's true she's got a market boost pistol it was on again this humanize us of that human sciences like ours humanize so yeah last chance you outs and we'll quirk very I was asked about it at Thanksgiving like oh dear use your sports US last chance you. Nazis and so second. It is that dead. At the players are sort of like skeptical document they have the right gently. And they also have these other accidents these two guys you'll see on their two linemen that are like best friends. He can understand orders. And candid but they put subtitles in only because you literally can't understand it's a drown my car announcer. Yes and I did it literally is hard knocks except these guys are pros India you know date they're all kind of there are showing real emotion here against guys and go home to a million dollar mansion and feel anything practice in. It's really really I recommend it right. Stephen you actually get the game tomorrow correct it will earn an income moderator though where Amin and bill room asking Chris Townsend of archery for. Raiders' opening drive okay model has been to 1245. Tomorrow. Line 957 game. And you list of the game on line 957 game KB elects and Kate fox for at one point my kick off for the raiders. And the giants can also listen. On our stream. And make sheet to me and after for raiders. Extra point with Christiane. And take your calls its gray you'll you'll hear Derrick as you'll hear pure emotion from Derek it's not you don't hold anything back whenever he goes I guess that's that's usually when mean town usually gaffe fights it's. It's pretty fun whether it's you know he's. He's able to do the post game show all saying or if he's mad about you my negatives Castro is always able that is the post game show. Another two or iTunes and actions these kind of thing about bonds. Not get into that they were all right that is your raiders flagship broadcast it was in the game tomorrow. Stephen any final thoughts. And raiders giants. Jets chiefs. Helplessly for the values not just to bring the games are there's vikings falcons. Saints. Panthers. Oh that's right and when you're now one more wanna suits. Me tickle your. City we get Jimmy g.'s debut tomorrow Yahoo!. And handsome man all the Nike Seattle in Philly. So that'll be an interesting. One as well all right Stephens is the one of our longer podcast salinity here. Four Stephen Lankford I'm deer property to listening to the raiders like ship carried.