RFP Introduction Episode

Derek Papa
Friday, September 8th

Derek & Steven Introduce the Raiders Flagship Podcast 


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I'm Derek problem I'm seeing a Lankford in this is our introductory episode of the raiders flagship podcast you excited Stephen. I'm super excited I can tell you exceeding your eyes now. We are the true flagship we are that you flagship of the Oakland Raiders. And every week mean Stephen Langford will be breaking down the raider game will be previewing the upcoming week and recapping what happened hopefully mostly wins. But yeah will be doing their fruits all the 2017 season you catch mean Stephen. On 957 game dot com breaking down every raider game. In reviewing it for the raiders flagship pocket we are experts yes and every week will be having guess sun such as Chris Townsend. Vontae held me. EB evening at Greg pop probably not really. Father. Answer. Who will lose your father he can't you can't deny that I use that thing go by one little question go forward now. He's known if you're a Bay Area sports person and you pay attention to sports you know Greg pop that you maybe so most people call him. The god father. Can't a Sports Radio I'm portrayed my daughter either fell as myself got the other day yet but. Do you consider yourself the God's son so why would be Michael Corleone to his veto. Yeah you look is that your traffic that's my best impression Connelly you thought about that throughout the season but yen means Stephen. The main thing is whether or not my dad joins the show I rather he did in but it's a Rakers flag shop. It is the raiders flagship podcast every week means Stephen break down the raider games. Will hopefully have a exciting season we're gonna come in hot weather I think opening highs they are our perspective. We've been fans for awhile now yes I think we comparing. A sort of perspective that a lot of people. Can agree and AK they've Felix could see eye to eye with us even though they're listening. Through their careers also beauty here UC San ear to ear I mean depends on which way wanna look at it okay but a little Baxter NS and dear Papa am Greg cern unfortunately now can. I do produces radio show. Cokie it's called the afternoon delight with ponting hill Monday through Friday twelve to three. Stephen is the board opt for the morning show would Jolo and its yes board operator glorified bulletin bulletin. Button pusher kindness. That's critical to. Yes and we'll be joined by guests. Does that work in nine fives in the game and that's also people behind the scenes as well some reference. But I yellow green on the games every week so tune in on 957 game dot com for the raiders flagship podcast. It's that it greats and closet yeah that's a total that.