RFP Episode 9

Derek Papa
Sunday, November 5th
Steven & Derek wonder if the season is over, preview the Sunday night game vs. Dolphins and compare Stranger Things to this Raiders season

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Well Steven. We said that. We would do this podcast if the raiders would get or losing streak again he would figured. And after they're huge win. Over the KC chiefs. More than two weeks ago. That the raiders would get back on track with their offense that was not the case. And so we reverted back to the all day can have confidence in us creators laws and let us. Wondering if the season is over and the us us currently anyway it is podcast will get ago. Because if this doesn't happen this week is my last one that can get into something before we just improper deductions. I wanna hear us their proper along with Steve Langford this is a reflection podcast. And recording us. Just a few hours actually before the race take on the dolphins so hopefully go home loans quickly. And I'm glad we've taken the time Q war. Records podcast because if I did this maybe even three days after the buffalo laws I would be hot still lives in a funk the whole week actors. The raiders lose I'll give you the reason why but I'm glad we're dunes a week later because this puts me. This has been a good place to put puts things in perspective for an animal had a comment to the point. Thoughts today going to I think that is also early in the morning I got two things will slow to things go out for one. Every time after the difference between you at coveted award. After a job as opposed to it via its book but he is a huge huge. Normally doing after which you'll. Open the door yet being Cody and there were in the morning soon to be and it was like eight series new Buick if she wins it will have. Happy it like just sheer although it is a loss obviously. And that you justly got a lot of but here's the other thing on into. So I'm on the weekend. There's obviously a big fight between George saint Pierre and Michael this thing that was the big. Main event and that's like that you're promoting the ways to act on Friday night wait you mean like Marlon Williams actually you know Damon actually. Mom you know they that you're promoting the lanes in its Friday night an ounce of their thinking. How weird is it if you spend your Friday night. Watching two guys step on to a scale. And fake fight for just promote something will people watch these losers it's constant. Isn't completely Biggest Loser they don't listen. And show his people's human scale like you also want it's not just jumping on a scale they do a whole bunch of things before hand and then jump on a scale and it's and it's rewarding. But this you just want to. Guys take their shirt and get all of their their face. Like not real not really get up in their face but you know fake fight to track promoted so I think to people who watch Hewitt you ends. Can't in my heart are the ones from a technical parts of the pain. If to those who watch way ends on Friday night's. You need to take a hard look at yourself in the Mir and I mean literally grab a scale take off your shirt. Go on a scale in the Mir and flax that is exactly what you're watching on TV except just was USC people instead of yourself. So that is just range and I happen and again that there. Well that's when I went servers like you podcast. That we discussed always happens at that it's not that it's Friday. Always ends from the US CQ. Marlon today in two key ivory. Stephen. Plain and simple the raiders look are on the opening drive. Of their trip to buffalo. And then everything after that spammers out the raiders looked that total offense. Jim Rashard and Yonder Washington proof that the cannot be EU leaders of the backfield proved. Yes. They fumbled twice both of them. All political. Profile ones. Yet the stars and they want lead to a touchdown. Dirt cars looked. Mel himself really has this all season with the exception of week one week two and the king city game. A more Cooper could not be found again after the opening drive and this officer murdered back to a team can do on offense. You've figured after. Ten days to prepare for. The Buffalo Bills that the raiders would have. There's stuff together and you have to wonder what the police did pretend as well here's the thing about the preparation. Each day. They need it does feel good on the whole field. That's out preferences preparation they think we're prepared. For the first drive but they were prepared to make adjustments later on in the game you saw I mean do they pulled the couple of plays that we really haven't seen all season a jets' week two Marc Cooper Cordero Patterson's kind of been that guy again outs on the TV broadcast. Was saying that. Orders and places and back track and I was it was it was a good birdie. Hey James Lofton which of them with a terrible remark that he was saying that normally this goes to Cordero Paterson I don't know why they don't get that Cordero has actually. Switch it just it's the host of the people that they had the to register to lease we hear that to get it within like five yards and Jimmy's so so. I mean I think they prepared but they just were prepared to make adjustments at all and yet. Who calls for he's thinking that's the that's the confusion for me with these things can dogs and I don't know because it seems like the hole went and checked out. Is that it's your last option you know maybe goes through one or two reads your wide receivers and then you you get it's running back and checked out by. It seemed like it checked house the first option on like eight plays act. It seems to me that your two gun shy in your right you actually 100% correct the raiders. This neglect jet to Rio when it's in the past but they are not they're not coaching staff comes in game adjustments. Yes they did change things up they had. What is the U bills rookie corners and the treatment of the day today it is what your days I was as it was tedious way to Davies white. Started to follow. Mark Cooper and that is not the case all season long. And then you that your Reese right. On them. Michael Crabtree or you're doubling Crabtree in this forcing Mari. At 11 option and they didn't even have starter AJ gains Crowley in arteries. Yes yes so big these and I just if you put a Marty Becker in the slot. They knew I'd be emulate he should have made adjustments like that. Dear we're back to just checking it down and beyond through Washington. He was gun shy even Jack Del Rio came out next days and I thought we were little has attuned to push the ball down field. That was in Baghdad as long I don't know as far as deep sense of it seems like Richie commute is cuter even more than us. Pull it if you will it was John Martin. And. I don't know we can stop the Angel avalanche of points but I thought we could've gone tit for tat with their offense if Todd downing we just have me. In game adjustments. On that in the bottom line is that the British turned the ball four times not the one. Plain and simple this is a team that dirt cars are Manning's interception total last year was six. Where we nine. Anyway I and your cart principles is not playing well. Disarmament is not playing well their cars when he asked what he wanted buddy Todd downing favorite bill monsters. And as we got. And it may just be that scared him like. The way that bill and start slow. Or betting like you who. Todd Jones office never gets going is a problem and a big reason why we lost use because Jimmy is a little while ago I heard that changed things in the running game. You're focusing warned me on to Washington he's gonna run which I do not understand. JJ Mays actions at that I think Jimmy is being heard he's been a huge huge problem for the offense even with marsh on. I don't what that Marshall will be back today against Miami Dolphins we'll see what happens there. But Stephen I have this except the fact that on this team. Has failed. Expectations big time at this point even if you make it to the playoffs. He's going to be a walker team the expectations we had was he's started was to be. I don't know my expectations were 115. That's the best they can be right now. And right now it's at their best shot with a schedule that's coming up like I thought. They need to be aided warning at this point just to be 115. And I think their best bet is to go to. Beat any team and that may get you sixty. But then you lose in the first round is not we expected who's he has heard this huge disappointment and the reason I get so mad. And I think this harder than anyone has because. The reason they get so angry. Is because. The only thing that kept everything going this season from the biggest move was the fact that our expectations this team. We're going to be paid for the work. We want them to win the division. We want them to be any. Comparable opponent to vehemently patriots. We want them and take the next step this season. And they are not doing. And with how little time we have left in Oakland this is extremely his point. I think I'm gonna go back to march on Lynch's ejection I think that. Just again you said this kind Vegas thing the height. That's around this team the fact they were going to be kind clouded. Our whole thought process on days in the fact that this team is going to be eventually a couple years and this brings me back to. The whole. Marched on injections. People are talking about how does not mean anyone ever won pretty much talked about how. He's not dedicated team he's not dedicated to Oakland well here's the thing and the team is decades ago so why they are not dedicated Oakland why would he dedicated team. A 100% you know that he's completely Oakland guy. So I think I think he knows this team's movement is. In so I think that was the reason a little bit of reasons for war oh lord it's produced never mind. Put this whole thing we have football backgrounds and Britain's pics they're making it. To be stranger things totally buying offices he's in the upside down like it. Finally Al got it to a stranger things coming up to him and I act on two days there. Spent two days. So you know more hiring but. So I think that's my whole thing with that is that he has forgotten his team has been days and I think we are that did. But the other thing with this old game as previous work. This is the first time that I legitimately you can easily tell that his team gave. It's plain and simple. The other ones you can so that defense is at least trying to keep them and it. You know the chargers game. The Indians the she was like the only one where you really seen a team like fully into me personally usage zero kinda. You know seeing it that way the jets are a lot better then I went out to be really. Art papers there you know terrible. As a team man. It was performance team and look what it gets you whenever there for. And yet C east which is. Pretty easy pitch but so bills and patriots Stiller and more. It's. Easy division into the patriots is the provision was strangled the vision for years. So. And it almost beat the patriots so I think the jets are better than we made about today and so I think Ayers is proving that if you. Play insane. And you trusting your coaches do you trust your players account has more deep late touchdown passes past fifteen yards and any other quarterback this season. So I I think judges they've proven that if you have trusted your team. Then you know good things happen in the raiders that something trust each other at all. And I just don't get what's going on with their car it's a complete mystery to me. And here so yeah I just think you just overall solid team give up especially with McQuay is touched down at the end of the game. I mean that's one John Dickinson but that report. Had that week where he said literally that is give up touched yours that's that we gave up touchdown that's completely true a 100% so. That's I think that was kind of the thing that made me. A little disheartened. After that game and I kind of don't really have faith in our separate this game against Miami I think my hands garbage in the trade away change eyes and I think. That's what I mean that's obviously you think. Miss for them so I mean you can say that you look at the dolphins as well but the fact is that they got. Blown out on national television. Last Thursday. They lost for nothing and now we have another national asking him in in wanna prove they want it seem like there's terrible team. I'm not I'm going to be honest. I mean you know we pick this game because I may have. No confidence there as the season I really don't have and at the point now where whatever happens happens that's our music because. Hey guys I have big hopes the season I really did I thought that they were gonna be. Not as good as last year record wise but I thought they've admitted to an extent Belize. Not only locally they've been the biggest disappointment in the end up so well nationally tested New York Giants at C yes. At least the giants even wanting game when big loss like all four of their wide receivers for that one match but they beat the it was a propaganda even so. I mean obviously that they're still putting in an actor just doesn't seem that it's easy to lead this team is given up just as a whole I mean. It's passing it to your car scene. We got to practice better we always just sort of practice manly time. I don't what they gotta say it is it is what it is. Announced and getting angry like. It's they're never going to Jack Del Rio is and here's the thing with which are jacked Oreo Mark Jackson comparison. I don't think initiated. I think it's way worse that Jack Del Rio has been involved. With this week for 32 years total as a player and as a coach as Smart troops mark Jackson's first time coaching. So it's not like this is Jack del Rio's first rodeo as we might say so I don't think that compares it is very hard checks in now you know I had I got chase. It's just the fact that. When you have a coach that is able to. Change things for the better at the time but yet we're not get them over the hole that's compares. Guys like. Like I am the Mark Jackson thing a turning of other situations where get a good teams had a team in teachings and that I guess Tony Dungy Jon Gruden with the book news. Just guys that it Tony Dungy eventually want so miserable but guys that actually coach Tony Dungy is located in dues thing. Why don't we hear from Todd downing ever thought we did he use press conferences over a century late. I had just it really annoys me I know he does press conferences but does he ever say anything in them I haven't watched a single one match stopped watching offensive coordinator pressed this after bill musgrave last year is important death. Flat. I just a lot of time I hear Jack Del Rio. Says that you know when you ask about the they don't know that those not my area to handle. Not not forget Jack's own well. In these reporters because I need someone know Jack. He needs to be if he's coached this team I hate when coach look that's not my expertise is that coach you should know everything. When it comes the offense defense and hear what it is if you once that it doesn't matter eligible answer questions to all sides of the ball. Just because you're not calling the plays doesn't mean you're not involved Nike Marty Schottenheimer was linebackers. And you can ask Lorenzo Neal he was involved with every aspect of that office every aspect of that defense every aspect of that team. It was Marty had its fingerprints and everything. And Jack needs to be the ones not to be like oh let's not line. You like thrown off the corner of the bus last year is that with the musgrave what was he became the city. He thought I thought it a little bit this week. But saying well you know I mean does the magic for there we just in you know take advantage of it is just what little steps that here there were O'Donnell has bought an it guy here. You know June assures us in the hole. And now they want the phrase all we got a hearing news. They want if there are no joke athletes Austin Powers the spy shagged me. Well. He emotional backing it which is as simple as when you stick with the office you have that. The are pressing ahead against teens each he's worked and east. I don't care. Here Carter like. I think Garrett and gun shy ever since that first game. The first play against Washington Redskins we went deep with a Mark Cooper got picked off. These trying to like. Be careful if you QB you know make the mistakes but he's making mistakes regardless he's trying very hard. It's not lose access basically and you've compared with the raiders offense played last week to the Texans. Exceed our talking. Where every play you Russell Wilson was looking downfield for that play. That's why you should go that's what that's what this team needs to do. And so. This week that all the users can be straight up. There's gonna be sure that we got out though is let's take shots as well we can let's not completely. It was the dolphins are terrible there are 43. You know that that that there are 35 liberators. And the dolphins will probably do it the worse offensively. I don't think just because Jay Cutler. Got this team pretty late. And they were shut out two times. Pretty much when the budget the jazz are the dolphins score over six points and winning game. So this defense. Actually pretty good they act eagle Alonso is not spending will be playing dominance who we playing. I mean the raiders have problems with the defense of one of the Buffalo Bills last week we know Marcel Darius their troubles against Saddam consumer can't wait this week. And by and that's what this is cut so. I don't know this I don't the secondary has the dolphins but my name's Tommy called cricket council later Tommy calls did. We need we needed dolphins. It is there's no one in the Bay Area who probably knows the dolphins much like tough call but there. At at. It's a yet to recall my protege if you will be humanized the ins and outs of dolphins. But yeah. Here. I tell them everything he knows. High horse my protege. Once you see Todd Dana Marshall you know everything you know is not a problem I'd tot no way. Unfortunately. While you people you know here there to. For the most part the results were in the game who have no better no one wants to come in the morning so it's really hard to teach people. T actually. Actually accurately that. Haven't said was it hate people under my wing that late to people's. Related game. So well I have protege Eric well that. Except as a perfect segue I have ice 22. I mean that it's time to. Video with my boy Tom McCall who fills in from time to time here or not that's of the game for me and my chipping is. Great job on the weekend producing NBA this week and other programs but. Are fed up with nine fives in the game's biggest dolphins fans Tommy called a breakdown raiders and dolphins. Welcome back generators flagship podcast in this part of the same emirate talked to aid dolphins fan in my. I Persia you can see here 957 game Tommy call fills in for me. From time to time and he works on the weekends you can hear my produce some shows like that India this week. But he's also a big dolphins fan I thought it was fitting that we get Tommy and here we talk a little bit about the raiders and dolphins come up this week and so. So Tommy. Not much is you know getting fired up slash recovering from that trade news yesterday of GG IE still little upset about it well let's let's let's -- that right away so ward of the raiders now have to look forward to a new JJ in the backfield will. Kendrick. Side canyon Drake is I would jacked I think in the third round since is the second second year flashy primarily serve as a kick returner was probably where he was most and packed full when I mean. He's a really fast guy has a lot alike twits as he can say I mean he's a one cut and he'll make guys miss but other than that he will at times. Go backwards. Make plays he won't hit a hole very hard on heels Steiner and he'll he's not only be on now a little bit of patience and then try and burst through. But a lot of those times it'll result negative yards I mean and he was a guy that was a product I think Lane Kiffin and ecology Lane Kiffin random all over the all over the field Alabama. I've got the ball in his hands and says you're unique situations. And that's of dolphins and have to do an outside of that we have Damian Williams who knew that as a third down back who. You know he catches the ball a lot but he's not he doesn't have a lot of speed doesn't run guys over he just his third back. So. The raiders and dolphins last year were both wild card teams yet and I feel like on paper they should have. Pretty good offenses yeah. I know the dolphins had their troubles in the training camp I was there with you want her raiders' training camp we got the news that Bryant you know is out for the season with torn ACL and it's so much so they meet the emergency call on the bat phone to Jay Cutler and Jay Cutler has not pan out the way they wanted him to two this season yes. And the raiders who have no excuses of why their offense is inspiring so. Two teams that added we're at playoff season last year and now looks like Ayers having really disappoint season yet. They're both big expectations for both these teams. So Tommy Tommy what's going on besides with the Jay Cutler stuff. Why aren't the dolphins scoring more points. I mean how SP one more puzzling questions and NFL I was reading is that the when they score six points and more undefeated this season if I mean that's that's ridiculous and so they did they ask you David (%expletive) out in two shooting guidance and clarity they are pretty close to Asia and against the jets in week three the ailing garbage time touchdown yeah it again yet. Cells and scored six because they missed the PA team right and Russia by the New Orleans Saints which is kind of difficult yeah and the saints are looking better than male Arnold they did share they bats they take they are back at the time. I don't know so. Yes so you guys you have guys any team like Jarvis injury and Kenny stills yet. And I guess about a Parker is injured men possibly this week you know won't well we'll see yet that's good for America so. I just the I mean there's a multiple question marks in the dolphins' offensive line which has been a problem my whole life I mean especially under Brian Hanna hell. He's never had a good offensive line. AK why he's on the shelf right now Jay Cutler you know he got hit no rims on a free. Defense have been rushed just drilled and so it Austin's a line I mean to dolphins completed together on the offensive line that's when they win they don't give up a bunch of sacks or pressures that's usually when they do while. It's Tyler is the game NFL's game time of possession the dolphins always had terrible time of possessions they can never mostly they're three now drain out three and out. And you know we're looking at Laramie consul who we Tut you know top ten pick two years ago it was. In that draft possibly the number one overall pick out left tackle fell because of what don't know about the gas mask thing. This is its first season hasn't has tackle for the dolphins and I mean he's been very up and down some games he looks like he's you know a hallmark piece left tackle and some games he just looks like. He has no what he's doing out there. And he struggled with some injuries too but I think the offensive line goes with Hammond might pound see whose struggle with injuries and I think that's the senator of the dolphins problem. And then also play calling him mean mean you have harp on this a bunch even when it comes a raiders and I've been extremely fresh and with the dolphins play calling this season and I mean JH IE what complained about it and that's what's they're saying is one of the reasons he got traded I don't necessarily blame and the guys at top tier running back I believe in the NFL. And he shouldn't touch the ball twelve to fifteen times a game and were throwing on first down when you have a guy like that in the back field. And no like in every game having to come back because we fall down we don't control the ball and a lot of that was because they're throwing with Jay Cutler early in early images. That was that's the biggest frustration on my part I am willing to grow with the offensive line but the the play calling from a guy like Aaron gays should be that. Not angry as we feel the same way it was to your car morning in the switch from my Todd from a demonstrated Todd downing. And thus the offense is sputtering so Tommy we have two teams that are in desperation mode trying to get to. It's 500 Bolton as the dolphins right now or foreign three raiders at three and five I think both teams need this win to stay in the playoff hunt and so. The dolphins are off ten days today on last game was a blowout loss against the Baltimore Ravens forward and nothing here. Lopez to present out so I won't I won't bring in happens is I wanna bring up. Raiders lost the bills last week so which team you think is more hungrier and I wish they need teams more desperate well. I mean it's tough with the raiders because they always have a lot going on off the field I mean there's questions about Jack Dario Marshawn Lynch is situation in the walk through thing even though that was planned there are still chatter about it. And I think when you're on the road for three weeks that has an effect the dolphins likely can play at home. Over these last ten days there's been a bunch or reports of Hermione at Miami that Adam gaze has switched everything they've done this season where. Walk throughs are at different times they're going about plays differently from. The top to the bottom and I think an example of that is a surprise stated JH IA they want to change stuff so. My being an optimist here and saying hey maybe that's something we'll look forward to you and might give the dolphins a little bit of an edge that there's a clear cut plan as for the raiders things have been. Up in the air ASE testers there. Oh definitely I mean it. I thought that they of their win against the KC chiefs would catapult his team into the right direction agree I thought they walk through buffalo. I mean I thought it would be a close game in the and I thought the offense would go back to what we wouldn't normally sing yet the fact that they scored on the opening drive in nothing after that is just mind boggling yet and you gonna half I mean. At this point minorities of the affected it's teams down in the playoffs and set it necessarily was Steven but. You area fire losses already this point in the season it's not it's your week nine. And the raiders charges now Oakland themselves adults and they don't care yet to think by in ten days what held actually did and yet I know that you make adjustments in NFL one's usually playing game throughout the game but. The fact that the raiders knock it on the field at all against the Buffalo Bills. And I know that's whether or playing and I know that. Boozer gusher Reese rates. And down the rookie quarterback for the bills from LSU. Orchard devious way to Davies wide were adjusting to the routes that Marc Cooper Democrat she replying by. Just eke eke out of the IR I was watching the game later in the day the Seattle Seahawks in the Houston Texans. And Russell Wilson and Shawn Watson just the wretch that feel yeah that's a when this week on a percent so the fact that. We re very back to. You know is she is dink and dunk offense to you know do under washing out of the backfield that is puzzling to me. In a toga is the same thing as the Miami Dolphins and on the dolphins. You know there's there's part of the strongest suit is their defense of line with. Can't wait in William Hayes and on the consume so which you say this is a fair for what he's seen this season what is the best way to attack with Miami Dolphins defense. I mean I think. I mean just the run look at look at that game Thursday night you know we talked about not bringing up Alex Collins a guy who with the raiders held yet barely intact even though they lost a name. I mean he made the dolls you look like an all pro against the dolphins and they could not stop them and to biggest thing with the dolphins defense I think this year's. All the dawson's problems I think lie on the offense adult the defense has played well enough to keep them in games and that's and I took the raiders this is exactly and I think that this game will go I mean these teams are weirdly meters ivy tech act yet kind of if the offense plays well at the dolphins dolphins plays well the raiders often will play Iowa to really come down to the defense I think. The dolphins defense may have a little bit more established play makers then and the raiders and the raiders like bill that the dolphins created turn over whether it's. Alonso. You know punching a ball out Rashad Johnson picking off the ball in and did as a safety. So I think that's where the dolphins may have an edge in this game cause I think offenses will kind of B we know who they are outs I would be surprised if we see a big change from either at this point this season. But the dolphins defense seems fairly. Okay the raiders defense has been hit next you know you don't know. So I think what it comes down to in this game as is going to be how the defense of plays I think Cleo Mac in cam wake are gonna be like circled on every. Latest disdained those guys I think you know if it's a cam wake can come with two sacks and there's multiple sacks and the dolphins come away with this one I think vice Versa he can say for the raiders and have clear on Mac causes a bunch of problems to a guy like console like this that are clear. Gonna go to raiders' way I think that's going to be the biggest difference in this game is passed stress because. Both coffins of minor question marks and both defensive lines are pretty it. It's sad to say that the result excellence question mark now. All right Steve Stanley saying Stephen a writes arming cut that now leave them at that everything's. You know just the clintons podcast but. Just take your dolphins that offers second just oh ice is came on. On I think it's in the tough one I think you might be around like 24. Or twenty cunning game and equipment and I think some of those scores will come on mistakes. I often take it he had air cart to pass interception that he you know Jay Cutler I think this is the game the raiders get interception I mean. I think we think that hey yeah I just think that Jay Cutler is good for wanting game as a as a fan watching it. If there ever driving to take to leave Terry you know big data I always had not had everytime he drops back to pass like. Ball could go the other way I just have to think that as Jake being my quarterback. Well a disgusting sentence say. But I mean I just think that that might be the difference is the team who makes the least amount of mistakes and possibly protects the quarterback and those super general terms but I think. With these two teams playing each other in makes cents it's not going to be yet. When rocket CJ Johnny dominant run for a 150 yards NT twenty case. Obviously marsh islands. Agassi Marshawn Lynch do that mean it's it's a weird it's going to be a weird game. Yes it's been a weird season is say the least accident Tommy you failed to him the winner of the game who I just I hate if I hate to say because I want of course now at this point unknowns that is going I. I think the dolphins pull this one out just because carrying a home they have ten days on its sentence I mean they're sit him being much of an excuse that this game was an Oakley and I'll probably give it to the raiders but since. I'm going to just off home field advantage I mean I know the raiders are practicing and sir Arizona and going to be there but it's still different for a West Coast team and the East Coast it's gonna be really hot and muggy nights can be Hume made. Can be gross Florida weather and the raiders are playing the black beauties and yet and that's that's I mean that's something that the dolphins have done my entire life dale is where the lights homemade team Coco Tories and the other one that went Green Zone it's a and I don't like. I'll let the record I guess. How he's got the colors. On to this letter from them and on the yes I I think the dolphins may might sneak this one out it could be just a three point game and you know in the field we'll have won seven games this is. To sock line lately like the team who. Is on C must trash most healthy I think that's gonna make a difference in this game because they are so close hated meters feet. Yeah. Well. If there of the regime three and six then. Incas the season Dubai I already have to be honest I'm I'm already kind of been kind of negative about the spy and a it's hard not because. Internet with the dolphins as born huge expectations at this point I mean that a yes I mean you guys are senator position and I mean things are looking bleak when years in office and my coach was June voters sugar and some videos for prostitute. He's picked up since then it's crazy to that form meaning. That he believe I'm doing this for meaning bash. Can help a lot sent off season has stared like if the raiders coach stated would be laughable to you but the fact that it's Mike Tyson into and I know. I tell me the very much for joining Lehman thanks man appreciate them on no. Tom incorporated in town for the raiders and dolphins. So this game is actually is about sixers. Achieved via by six hours away. And it will be at 242. Person in football last generators Clemson football and other casket but the Washington Redskins and hopefully things change. The raiders put that second televised games he's actually the third. Thursday night game against against the chiefs. So. Gerry Connolly out again and I noticed on. What's on it acknowledges the rest of season honestly. No because I don't that would come back onto there's something wrong with him and he's quick healer. So I mean we. Year. Ago. His whole thing with this loss. Work. I don't know when it's when it's different but we if we thought that here in mean simply because of the rape allegation. And now we're dealing with the shin injury happened. So unbelievable so. We will see now on for the first time that is correct will be coming off the PP today and the keys. Raiders gave you. Hopefully he starts with that one day I even know Croat troops it has completed where aging is gonna play. I don't know Jennings on the wallet and play that's why I'm saying this is not a slam dunk whatsoever. Dolphins had time prepare as a raised it last week you mean it ultimately more. Just think they're not traveling. So. Raiders. In Miami Dolphins and raiders have not won in Miami or beat the dolphins Keeneland steam. Start for the Denver Broncos did it take you sit back and laugh. Yet brought us rock out. And that pisses me because now the Broncos in the slide. Dolphins and Broncos side I was it was a mix up the wrong. Has taken a slide and we could easily jump that an opportunity. And we still can hand it. It's going to be up to climb the raiders have games. We it would Parcells focus on this one but. Think the first things first you start by with a win today. And we need to. Be other teams the patriots the cowboys the Eagles. All coming up still Broncos and chiefs again. The chargers to put between us Steven I two of the raiders have lost five straight to Miami Dolphins. No one in Miami or beat the dolphins since. He now. We go to the year 2002. The action even beat a man. So the last generators beat the Miami Dolphins. Was 2007. You lose a game winner. Daunte Culpepper was starting from the Oakland Raiders. And Donte'. Threw for less than a hundred yards on C threw for like maybe forty or eighty. He threw two touchdowns Jew reporter. In Iraq for three. In Miami Dolphins were the worst team Italy. They had any atrocious run defense and until we won again we had. How he bearers sons Justin Fargas. As our starting running back. And ever since then the raiders have lost five straight the Miami Dolphins historically the greatest now wouldn't do not do well Miami. And as of late they've played terrible incident Oakland so. Stephen. You know our pearl weak Bill Romanowski Chris Townsend here today on traders opening drive. The British beat this team this team lost forty enough to Baltimore Ravens that's last week. Is a week to week Lee I wanna be surprised in regard to secondary. Again no gearing currently again you know Dave Emerson we don't know Carl Joseph is playing you. How lost that this secondary look against the bills and why did we not make a move. If we at least at the British think there's still in the mix that there are. Mean there. The only the only the only way of trade deadline it usually eulogies for the playoffs what did you make train Dovonte it is why did you make a traitor well about why didn't you make. And necessary. Needed. For quarterback. Why didn't you go out there and get a quarterback is right now we're playing with. TJ care who's doing the best he can't but he's not number one guy shots at this god awful in Chester McDonnell. So what the hell are we gonna do and it's like eight only thing you have ever OP play cornerback reports say try. You know you try to let what when that's Reggie symbolic it's the Packers philosophy abuse. Not you drafts but I I got what a weapon at me with where the midway point right now. You see all these huge trees I'm surprised the raiders did not a single moved form. Yet this is Green Bay where you can just rely on Favre Rodgers to make everyone better now than just carry that team you really got to start making moves and yet it's true it is is a mile. And you know just seeing a redshirt year you're happy effort Andre Holmes who is you know for the time being wasn't it was a good. Rader you know just in terms of helping Derrick Harvey develop a little bit as a rookie and then just kind of you know being a kind of someone you could what sort of fall back on engadget touchdown to land you felt like all hope was slots with a wide receiving corps but. And that play at the end zone where. Andrei to tap to it was a pretty terrible throw but Tyrod Taylor mean this year it was right there but I ye yet he's had to get both feet and make an effort. And he should have been that wide open it was just terrible policy and which there. And this is. Damn good wide receiving corps they have in Miami. Regardless of who's playing quarterback has I don't care would lose the right thing to boxing partner and Jarvis Landry wells I think they're both playing. About it Parker's normally been plagued by injuries so. Just it's it's it's tough to have faith in the secondary without. Any of their starters David Emerson nine he's been kind of the backbone of the secondary for the past couple of seasons so. Aides that he's out there so. I would not be the least bit surprised at the dolphins lies out there. And is an office and has not done. With the exception of the game against they had the jets. They have not done anything offensively. Let me have. I mean they'll start Kenyan Drake as a running back today. I have got I haven't seen anything that that we can stop him. I've seen it we can stop these receivers a surprise office is terrible as it is as well as generators. We can see issued David is he low scoring game I wouldn't be surprised I mean. This could be a game where the defense needs to make the play because they have done policies now I know what's a little Mac has gone silent the last couple weeks. And all the gets double team and whatnot he had easy at quarterback. So. He's he needs to be in Jacob's face today because. I did not see how the city here it's obvious receiving corps and I don't want paper the of the worst passing team our 31 pass to Lee. But just look at the matchups. They actually is Thomas they have Kenny stills they have market are in terms Landry who we have. So let's I don't want I don't know I would wanna make this a long thing today on and I think. If if we if we record this spot gasoline in the week that would have been pit stop that screaming and says that this team's some of our coaches and manipulate that today. I have come to grips with the fact that this team has failed expectations be for country in the Kool Aid arm themselves. And they're just not an English team. Lifting it rose schedule last year when they they beat teams they're supposed to get our car was money. The offensive line was jelling this year that's not happening that happens some times when you have a good season. And then teams get tape on you when what worked last year won't work this year so maybe the raiders just not as good as we thought they would be. Yes and I guess all you can do. Is just. Hope that the NFL. In a weird way manages to get the raiders within. Playoff contention what I mean by that is just. Teams are losing streaks they might lose a couple of players and you know they might just have that luck for the rest of the season that allows unpredictable so that's literally. All you can hope for at this point you you're you're not gonna have. It's just not he can't have all the faith in the world yet this team's gonna make the playoffs just based off of you know them winning out the rest of the season you can't hope for that he just got to hope that. Yeah balance some weird way puts them within minutes a wild card spot playoff contention but even then. 66. We. Pittsburgh team or C team that's now Jackson. Do our. It. Co. Ops were. Up pops to the pre. He. Please see. All your house. Is the raiders. Ole. One of the plane to be comparable. Patriots. Going at Foxboro beat you should handle. Up to Auburn team well those four degree weather. It's sad it's sad it's. One or the edge here and extremely disappointed. I love this team's game march. With how little we have left and it is. It is in fury. This season it's. And well. When it happens. Steve word which. You lose its. It's completely unpredictable at this point. You know like that's seriously how could anyone have any sort of faith at all what did shared costs up and up in the pocket. Making plays tolerate just there to get a touch to have. That's down two up or nominate 89 on the Jericho was number 89 on ram's not mistaken at some point right here. You know he. He may submit a one trick pony he made is from the guy that caught a huge play with Aaron Rodgers in a playoff game and that's how. He got its contract because at times. He dropped passes I mean you could see why don't four teams before. He's not stable tight end Reggie McKenzie is right Reggie McKenzie just like you know I mean he obviously he brought James Jones. Now Briggs and Jerry Cooke he trusted those dudes who he thinks are great players where reality in the bigger picture they're not that great compared. Other tight ends that could possibly picked up so. He's at least he's happy he got that she's way and he helped he helped yet they get there without them lose money that was about it. Jericho is literally the least of their problems at all you know its. Knees. Just kind of been he's been serviceable more serviceable way tight end they've had in recent years but yet this team has gotten the point where. They just get if they if you still have faith in them then I'd be shocked that so it's kind of sad to say I'm shocked. Do you wanna hear my take on Julie Bowen. The hot mom from. Monitor and we just got givers shout out and I didn't lies that on to to get to that point. She had to stars and Happy Gilmore alongside Adam Sandler. And Joseph somebody alongside Ted who alongside Tim Allen. So the fact that you had to pull it cures. She's not the bomb just somebody she's like the do kind of romantic lead into the somebody that Tim Allen. They can't tries to fall in love with to get over is divorce divorce a weird wife who's also played by some high actors who can't remember the name of let yet to see her mother and we know it is they'll give her shout out he's grind it grind it. Had to go alongside Adam Sandler ten now on to get there she is their man lot of respect for Julie bone shattered. You know into. Happy you're martyrdom. It's not exactly every actor's history in the romantic lead in a movie about eight offer. I happen but. Which usually rigorous life. She cried probably did some rules that are immediately and she. Is modern family so while capacity by Hilton by head coach rivers that. That's ridiculous by the way sure one. And now the seasons so a while thirteen you possibly thousands of Texans may be more so maybe you would stop the raiders at that point. Well card berth gay we want the division this year but whatever anyway at least Texas home for future making you know already instituted these view. Played their potential. More I don't know the potential to bear well a game here here's the obvious in his. Humidity and that an off season whatever happens is he's and you addressed the defense this in the offseason. Finally don't we to the draft. You go out there and get a cornerback or linebacker somebody. And we'll talk about this more more like you know towards in the season about what they mean but you address the running game. And I don't think Marshawn Lynch and return home. Just realize that these things real yeah down the road but let me just give me just answered no we got to talk about this yes or no exit. Todd returned returned taxi. Just yes. I'm gonna say yes on that is what the gay and you have to talk. Explain this answer yes but with some huge with some changes. And that's and they don't talk about maybe you bring in an office assistant built into. Well on and on to say yes now this and I say yes. As bad as it's been I say yes stances it will have more as to why am personally right now I just think are now to what we really want me to stranger things. You watch the new season and did which. Com. I thought. You know the it still has that stranger things feel scamming you watch this next episode has today. Do a fantastic job of closing out as it's to get ready for the next one which is perfect for Netflix not every show on Netflix doesn't act specifically. Play itself middle episodes I'm bored me to be crossed with you. There was one particular. We're where elbows and owner managers rack rat and into an argument with graceful way but that announcement with a as soon yet yet Allen yeah I don't know that has some deeper meaning through the next season there's in my mind that. Dean dean did lose as it just as a random. Thing but overall though it's fantastic season has pretty much you know. As I watched. I thought the season had ten episodes and I was fine and I was you know the last one episode nine. And I just this massive errors. So watching all the stuff is happening in this at this not like. What happened in the last. Alec stuff you know also. And I realized well that's what the show up that's. I thought it was good and our own thing is it is the first season that I think that and it's fraudulent Netflix. Right that I mean yeah its it's the writing is actually like and it's in the what it's done very well I do think that you do see a lot of what's his face that little will buyers plea by an election. He. I think he's the best. Actor while those kids and we use in all members he's obviously he was lost but it seem a lot the second one better act at all personally. By the way and you lose is that season. If that is until under her strings and bring back memories. Of yesteryear. Rat you know sole. Tech X. I. Yes it's it's good but. Yeah maybe watch more shows now with the latest book policy is. All right Stephen Russell. Love one. Crazy characters got it from California alone with. With that hair okay excuse me that listed weights with a cigarette in his mouth while staying at is ball. Dad you know it's I think that's the funniest characters prosperity over the top care they ever let you know that it worked it worked position I don't know where it. So. I thought he could do without them. Poll step brother watching you grow then that would that was kind of weird I was gonna racial element to differs. You know I absolutely did you know but then that is turned out that uses that your. I don't suppose this is an industry things. We can spoilers and strange things podcast I had entities that would go with the way things are with us rated season things are stranger things. As is deep bruise is an issue on that stranger things. And I mean there. The evening knows me when doable thing on what's going on answers season mystery things that. I digest. Listen you. Giving up shown to fare coach. Steven. And they don't want today I would say the season's over at this point looks pretty bleak but I would you would put it appropriate to stand on it. To go into it with any expectations are not I'm not either so pretty much you wanna that you wanted to picking go forward I don't I don't know which would go here I don't know. Inclination. Either way. And I you know who'd game I think that it's it's obvious this point we're saying the same things that we put the guys and play well here are hard to Crabtree gloom that the offensive line the running backs Chris brutal and. I'm gonna go into the same mindset that I had from those seasons with jamarcus did you know like it's. I don't know a lot at bat but I'm going into the same mindset of happening in you rational. Total. Totally irrational. Thought process that they will win this game edges if I get disappointed then fine but it yet you know seriously attorneys not that that obviously it's the sources say mine says. This is thirtieth 2015 season when they went from 313 it's. That he steps it looks like we live from huge expect big steps. And that's the most disappointing part it's touchdown via free and easy points for me with course to meet him. Already it will now do it for the Ridder's flagship podcast. I wanna see will be back next week but you know us. At this point back at some point this season we almost had oxygen is not even do one for the rest of the season but Willie back at some point this season we got. We gotta keep this golf we're not we're not fair weather podcast there we're not Annika mania and over for the guy it's tough I mean what can you imagine the wars outsider guys. Had to do a show with the rate with a gorgeous out well you know what. Let us. Let us go subscriber rate and review on apple iTunes or whatever you can go to the podcast section search operator flagship podcast. Let us know if you want us to keep doing this even though the raiders might be losing it especially the dolphins lose let us know. Review it we got one who wasn't happy with the fact that we talked about blew 42 for about five minutes in the first episode there. It didn't of people that are that's an autographed by the way so we're doing this on the Sunday before the game. So the game will be on a mere hours of hopefully downloaded or listeners on your way to the 42. Blew 42 was what will be out today will be there at 330 the Chris towns in the romance can get things off. And the pregame show go from 33 to five and then there will be never created and the game starts at 530. I 95 cent of the gain came he elects and Kate fox. And then after Chris towns in Iowa stick around the wee hours of the night. And will be taking your calls hopefully after raiders went after the 42 for raiders extra point he couldn't. Collison 808957957. Uh oh Stephen any final thoughts. Note the cigarette in his mouth on the field he's here act like that happen. If you're in the footage of John it's. Like come and you qualify on the call on. Me call light on us an article one of them. That that is who she spoke with. Its. Tees. It. Up. Everybody talks are tabloids. Quite. Ha that's that's that's changed or. Humorous. I don't that notes. For us talking about it chief's old coach generators lecture podcasts that's the latest election podcast on your pop up he Stephen Langford. And we delirious from the raiders lose.