RFP Episode 8

Derek Papa
Saturday, October 28th
With a Raiders win, the Podcast lives on! Steven & Derek break down the thrilling Thursday night win over KC and preview Week 8 vs. Buffalo 

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All right Stephen. You what I said that we would stop this podcast at the raiders lost air mail posted it but not. They won the most dramatic fashion I've ever seen generator game the raiders win at 31. To thirty. This is the raiders flagship podcast. We know that this game happened more than a week ago who was still coming down from my way. Well the raiders beating that she's the first time in five games Steven your initial thoughts. While Apple's had a heart attack. Actually at war I don't know outs from the Carl's junior a lawyer. Your car's the air cars that it circular. The all star combo five dollar stark. Four choices hot dog selection. It's a double cheeseburger and whatever else in our pocket. From college and by my initial thoughts on the game. Yes. Whatever happened before. I over weight too much when it comes to well law does. With. Teams like us she's ST. Do no wrong heat up. It's free easy. Oh tires season but clearly. There to the Steelers generators who looked like there downs as before. The is Steelers jets gave up that Jackson never. So it's not like I'm overreacting. Iron game map this can happen like after march jobs like. It is going down this go south. And it was heart attacks in the third quarter while it might. Really like the third quarter. I actually did OK on the terrible. And I thought it was when I watch the game initially. By the end of the last it is. Mind blowing and. Stephen I was there pretty much all it is the show with my dad aren't as well I mean it. You'll for the company anything you want. I'm saying that I was there it was Thursday games and that's a pretty big the raiders must borrow generators needed this win I got it. So well today I was there it is Schumer pops in Arctic until three it pregame issue with Tony Romo. It pretty much the idea. All day was. They don't know what pretty much my dad's that it bonds to a city attorney says it Ramos and we don't know how the raiders are gonna win. But these need to find a way you like wrote or usually. I love the world and he believes it comes in the pregame show orders says they've got a kick the other team's ass and that's all well and good. Until they get you know their own risk it. But he actually sits on the that I believe Lewis believed then and my dad believed it when he needed them to show any join him on the pregame show. Take x.s and nose at the game the raiders is needed. To find a way to win the needed to score more points in the team I know it sounds basic that's the the the the gist of at all. Get it to. Come down just straight up. Axes and knows it's a little bit Lott here a little bit of luck there it was it was complete game man it was a roller coaster went for Sheridan and yet it does and finally went now I think it is. I guess it's one reason would be is they took risks. You know so we have seen policies on like that car. Throw more than fifteen yards like at once or twice this season it he was an apartment and keep keep on. With what you're saying you are about what you have more point there well it. There was just a feeling the air that day and I fell to three years ago when we were only ten against the chiefs. I don't know it's just Thursday night games and just you know the whole. You know leading up to. The game itself and being excited the whole day doing the whole show in all the shows were doing from the coliseum and haven't all the fans are greater vale and Steve Mariucci joining us in June and curious before the game is EU's Steve Mariucci says. Arnold was or for new. All of which he's on the focal here EC Gina figured out. It but. He well that is just that was the only air. I felt at three years ago the raiders were only ten analysts of that before. Will we get the podcast last week and Arnold I was a 100% confident that a I would feel the same when going to that game but. Something happened it it the raiders came out like the what they did three years ago with the at a point to prove. And on a national televised game against the raiders. As we saw this season. When they played on the road against Washington we hope is changing its Miami not exactly great are on the road America televised games but when their home. They put him well. So. IA unit you know. They figured out what they needed to do and I know that the reason pretty much why we lost four straight games is because of Mari Cooper returned to the bars. The raiders get the ball to Maurice Cooper their offense is ten times more explosive. First drive your car. Flea flicker taxes to Cooper. Last season. These are. There are. Art. Earl. Which side. Use it off. Later ultimately. The first quarter yet. Crossing. Our Cooper. That's. Why. Actually that's us in the passes. To Byrd. No but first. Oh. Our routes cost. More. The it. And use. Him back on the number. Replace. He. Years. Making this. A touchdown. On court. Ultimately crack. House. There. Hughes will look at the end of the game but the way the game started it was simple get the ball to Mari Cooper. And that means to the the offensive game plan going forward and Tony what's in this last year at Latham at that simply notice it just don't Cooper. Is that simple. We need to be through the Baltimore Cooper at least. Ten times. He needs to be RO do that in junior he's eager to his priorities apparently you Jones on Mari Cooper's the focus is on it's it's not Marshawn Lynch. In this a little bit. It's not Marshawn Lynch. It's not Michael Crabtree he's received duplicate. Omar coup offense goes through first of all their car the offensive line. It should go to Marc Cooper. And that was at play and it was a play action play where's that Roberts was wide open and I threw my hands up in the air like dear leader. The balls that except Robert is wide open he chose. The play was and go to Marc Cooper it was a tougher throw he threw two more Cooper. In the Yemeni I was like when you you know you throw that ball in my confidence. Going forward that needs to be what we do the rest of the season. This office absolutely and play action was nothing we haven't really had really seen all that often this season. And I mean not only trooper was getting involved and now police are Jericho get involved in that two years you hear us with a huge fourth and a letter. So let's talk about the dramatics because I guess is even. This bit I have. I've been lucky in new to I want to go to rated games with my dad for the past twenty seasons. Since he's been taking over. I did not go to the AFC championship game we beat the titans have been any playoff games. There were some big games last year at this day. With the way this season has gone so far. I'm at four game losing streak going against. My least favorite team league. He achieves more than any other team Italy I would say this was the best raider game whether it. I mean I wish I could emulate. That was the best. Yeah I mean that was the most excited I've ever been it was like them look like the moment I just. I think in those weird. Since I had so much. So many expectations for last season. I guess maybe that opening saints game I haven't been that excited for a raider win since that openings that season opener against this. Last season and what about the Carolina game last year well I was really excited to now this and I. How stoked Iowa for Crabtree yet again last touchdown pass me. I guess it was just the same sort of excitement and that's what's most memorable to me. And I that the games that I've been to. Not at all like that I've ever been to be close and never been able byters really. Here's what against Dallas there remembered that that huge game I can't remember much about that and remember it was a huge. Yeah I was really excited about a husband and other numbers there's. Got really excited when the raiders played the ramseys and never a lot of acclaimed body slam champion and Danny Amendola. That the hackers could stoke fear that that was the game we lost it to to nothing now it was not was not that was at 45 years yes that was the same breath clippers yeah. But bomb so. I haven't really been to many games where I can get that excited in my heart late I was pumpkin and apple really experienced many of those but. Definitely on TV watching it act I can't really remember it tie it at. I've never had him excited like Mary. There they got it's not though but let let me bring it to you through the Booth experience because people know this very well play along with doing it to the pre game show. Tony Romo eyes of the raider home games under the boot pops I'd do stats during the game. Robert and arms and I was giving was given your experience. So. Believe it's glamorous job that you. Do you want republic yelling at you the whole game exactly. So that. The game is crazy crazy ass game. If you weigh current who'll guilty pop pop up the ball but here with the with the out Wilson at all. Jesus Christ. I almost lost my mind. That final drive. Raiders eagle. 32 point four. The huge completion of Mari who over the middle for three yards in the fourth down conversion. To Jerry cook so that was. And then we thought that your current touched down here my damn weight easy. Island crazy all agree that it's the replay is aunts touched the one yard line. Mean. Outsourced to greet. Doctors treatment you like we lose is. So van. Crabtree gets a pass interference call he thought he scores. It was like. It must touchdown. That was unbelievable. Nevertheless scratching pushes off that do over again but unfortunately. Before that play when we thought Jerry cook scored. And it's a stoppage. And it's. Which is how the lions lost their game against Atlanta Falcons in the season there were all losing our minds think what we're here. Where that close a record score like that this is this bull crap so men. What's what's Crabtree is the push off. We thought then because there was only eight seconds left. In link says it's going to be terrific run off or lose the game. I was like no way like that it can't be like that it was a game like that. Luckily. There was a stoppage of play in and there isn't there's an on time down. Although you get three seconds left there's that there's three there's reasons. So. Then we get a completion. Wolf I'm well there were offered. Jerry Cooke should drop Chicago touchdown but he dropped it out. It. Out. Luckily it saved my AFLAC. Then another. In a depletion nicoderm Paterson. Flag cutesy began three times downs the last one to Eric Carr by Michael Crabtree. Hands on it was like accurately hit elation. Elation sensation it was. I went from the lowest of the highest highest low solos back to the highest of eyes. And then. Georgia to that you comes in with a police Tebow extra point. And the raiders survive legal three of for the defeat. Against the chiefs for the first five games. Jack Del Rio finally gets its first win it's eighty read when Andy it's Andy Reid led chiefs team. And we're still in it. Whole drive it wasn't exactly the game winning drive you wanted to drop all of it started out so that was an ear my friends. It's sort it out with what they were like what twelve yard line as of yet. And it started out I nationalities stats. It started. Wit again and an out route to Cooper expect the water run about the night he ran right side of the field which is what we've seen Cooper to. A lot Anderson came up to the raised. And then. And then. It's pretty stupid screen pass to Washington early with that colony drops it is now the second. Aptly call at all. And then of course cut comes up. With the fourth eleven cats on do yeah aired Mary Eric Aron whenever. And ten. And that but the thing is if you're into their shots now few notes about what policy that gave me confidence. After that Washington screen pass just keep on it done in just gonna waste time. Ran out the game almost arsenal face split and and Cooper comes up again huge with forty yarder and and then. The art for the crowd Coca for them play. Stupid. Stupid. What was Johnny Holton Dolan with there are Johnny on the coverage. With spotlight away. We Q1 could we do wanna commend the offense for fighting there there's start again but good lord there are times where they look like what's he doing out there. Will they were two receivers during the same routes in the same area. Good lord. And that made it's because of the effect the short week but there are times right please look stupid again. You know maybe these drops it Cooper has. I mean illegal once when he got into the into their own like you know and there half ends up on me yeah he's I'm not gonna watch us you know I. I'm I'm not take away from the wind but you mentioned Marie Cooper dropped gamely to. It ones that chance I have when I was it's actually more faith grabs regrets on oh yeah definitely. Let's say crash safety blanket Mari you guys go to for explicit. So that said yes raiders went 3130. Still below 500. Always scream four. It'll be a little help from San Diego pitchers Los Angeles jurors who beat the Denver Broncos their three entering. The chargers are three of for the raiders are three ports deal Portugal and lastly the easy way a tiebreaker. But things can change this weekend. We all at least this is a must win from here on now the raiders need to keep winning. Re straight road games and yes that this game is a road game incident we're patriots we need to win. 23. These next three games. And you can just say one thing about taking shots downfield and what the benefit that has. Men markets Peters with that penalty at the beginning of the third quarter. 47 yard penalty and that's just. A spot at the spot of the foul. They were it would take it in the four yard line. And then exit the classic raiders run where they'd just pool game Jackson and let the Andrei Washington do the rest of the Wear and it wasn't pretty forgave acts like it normally is straight takes outline factory. Let. Sort of miss and marched to care. But I do. I do you have faith with Rashard Washington this upcoming week. I'm looking forward to we can talk to you wanna talk about the march on protection act and I will bode real quick. The key to our success also offensive line allowed zero cents. And that has been cases we to need the need to be. The offensive line we end of last year. Did get a little lucky on that yes with Justin Houston literally stripping the ball right. Got away from car right out of his hands and the penalty is like holding something new yes no I agree but let's let's talk about the down. The third eleven draw play. Dear cars and honorable to. With programs. Programs. Dear what's he doing there in the end it resulted in down markets Peters. Martians cousin or so. Wanting to really cheap shot here. Is what is. And Marcia on decides to run off the page. Efforts we think protect news quarter but total different. Britney's cousin Marcus Peters who plays for the easy geez. In the process he pushes it refereeing. In a violent fashion. So Stephen. I got a same man. At the time you thinking. Well Marchand is jeopardizes scheme to help out his cousin or his so called cousin Alex right now. Marshall and America's views are not cousins there is from Oakland and they like each other and looking for in their region and the plea for outreach in the back. Marsh island. When we signed him when there was rumors of signing him. I was excited. I thought he would come back a plea for his hometown team are servicing them Marchand came back for different reasons. Maybe it's because. You know he gave more publicity became actors around town. I certainly think he hasn't done anything on this team episode two week Warren closing of the game for us and Tennessee. But besides that Marcia on as a league and anything this season. In to go out there on huge game that we needed. And to Garrett ejected like dad not to help now for helping out the team but for helping out an opposing players is despicable in my opinion. In asserting it really sick of Marshall was to be honest. He suspended for the snake upcoming game is homecoming is buffalo. And honestly don't think we need. You'll see at the Buffalo Bills on the third ranked rush defense. I think jail in India luxury interior the rest away all that Presley at an advocate advocate of the load this. This is. Obviously the the bills rushing defense isn't that great. Beyond. So they're not. That great they're not mean there at third they're really really good but there that ray I mean these are third and you know what we we paid. We're recording this recorded this in the party before the game. And we just got news three hours before a record in his pocket some morsel theories is the trees the jaguars. So. They eat admiral. A less have your line for the raiders run against. Aren't. Obvious saying that your arm the raiders' success is gonna be the passing game. Asked this a wake up call. That the raiders. Well between the past that some rest okay I'll do all that. Although we payroll. We roll or. Everybody everybody you wrote. R.'s on thing. It's bear he's so. Right. Right but the thing for me. The players. Expressed frustration. You know Donald came house is gone up for it on. Line I don't know it's just protecting marched on personally. If the players don't care care and what that I was the rat doing. I'm sorry there was dead rats did you get involved in that all if the wrath of the rat if you watch. Right Marshall comes and on the right side this ground. This rat that pushed was on the left side in his left. Guard like Jay Jackson. On the fourth line. In the early comes around ourselves back shoulder and surplus and shot observe man. He contact. Grabbed his right shoulder from behind and rapped a ground stop in March. I'm telling you if he'd left that alone. In March on which is gone to markets stopped bowl. It wouldn't have mattered that also. Almost all the rest but this time much wants to become an op that's the first place in this fiscal situation should never happen. I'm almost Egypt Mars and it has now made this that and benefitted out. And I and maybe that's just generator and like march on obviously. I agree. I don't think he's just entirely. For the team. His it is Joseph constantly says showed through and did in the mornings at its hands and then. He constantly talked about a march on is a brand. And that's completely true so marched on act dead. The players don't care I don't care and I do not think that the people watching. Right away telling me there's an eyewitness. Is this for the rest of the season I'd much rather have marched on on the roster now the rosters I don't trust I onions are thrusters are Washington to carry out the rest disease. No that's fair and okay now anymore that's that's yes this car he took care businesses we do you know gun rounds on cost. Also. Always would later. Run that a few times Tony what was possibly mentioning how that's the Steelers game you watch him. Well let's use our replays. Show us the run is artful and then that's their opportunities at the readers that I'm right. Time Blassie's notes it is options. They should keep all that maybe spotless if they can Wear. By the way I can see Romo. So. Well able to stop. Not checked it's not really good. By the way in C. The room he. It was last at it was. Our. It was more. The holes. With. House warned. Members. Wrong. If the seniors and it's obvious aim it and there you there's a cat. And east army but here you march orange. I don't think we needed for this game against the Buffalo Bills like I said they have a very good run defense in May be different with numerous areas now but. I don't think this could be gained receipt you Rashard you and you watch them much I think. That this is a game what your parties to area. Going forward though. I think you immaturity are you washing are capable but they are not the main guys that are going to be in the football. Martial artists still. Are pestering him back. But each does need to be the main focus now. I don't know if he should even starting games. Maybe yes maybe no I'd go back and forth on that but he's definitely I get to on the goal line is that close out games but when we need it. I don't know. I feel like. He should be on the field is much disease. He's not a guy that we're gonna throw the ball to obviously because he's injured passenger car. You Borchard in new York and Washington are better pass catchers. It is seems to me that Marshawn Lynch has is attitude. That he's big in the Oakland Raiders and bruised in the wrong way because no one on. That's the point. All the and the shooters there's Marshawn Lynch actually kind of blame him before game lines because. And always about him. It's cold you know we're trying to get him the ball. It's all about Henry he's been a distraction from Vegas because. I'm not only is in the news is I think the last four losses also had to do with just how much pressure was put on them. From everybody at the beginning of the season maybe the fact that they were just doing so poorly nobody it kind of grew on them I think personally and it was just really frustrating and I don't think. That even cared about the fact that Marseille as the center of attention about it dance that well did I just think it won't let. That the reason the raiders losses because Marshall his stance on the sidelines after game two that's bull crap. That's bull crap because Marshawn Lynch would he even celebrate after he scores a touchdown was added fewer sharks or his touchdown. He is excited because he was back in Oakland. And excited that he was winning a part of his hometown yes exactly. I really from Oakland out. But here's the deal when it when the when the going is good marsh on will be excited when the going is bad he will be a bad teammate telling any mosque in the way. And that will cause problems. Like when the patriots were sixteen you know it season ray animosity at sport and when things got bad you want knew contract in the shook his ass out. Marshawn Lynch. Needs to decide quickly if he wants to beat Oakland raider if he wants to be his Marshawn Lynch arm Oakland Raiders. He. I had is still. What we just literally every. Teammate was is from sound that affects can look at literally everything. And it. Earlier game this is in the first happy when they we're. Doing well so I guess his morale was. But you see there's so little snippet it look at it look at the best sounds weeks. But it shows car gone. He's like to open the flap about march on days like. Note to me he's. So he knows he's been real light like you're alluding to this entire time is out that's march on. The screen pass it and marks on he's been doing poorly on that I don't know if you can go back and forth on one knee and if he wins you gamer two or three or four. Dollars. Racist man winning cures everything I think so if he becomes act from here on out. In just plays football plays hard nosed football like he knows now like he played against Oakland tech at practice earlier this weekend I'd gotten a little bit of trouble. Yes with that. Did he. Violates some suspensions they know is he medically it's Miami. I think it's icicles. I suppose. That it's there. By. The that's surprise there's no advantage by had a Marshal and truck sixteen year old. Areas I've always lap including mascots do Euro. And you can not see. Each boat. You know. In theory we days what little football team owner. Please put on. It. Sex or. If you watched that eighty data sets that little ball. It was a 52 clip I want the plane that over in pain we have three years Steve and well I've never watched it. And I cracked up that that he was huge but anyway. Hopefully I just think net. You know we overreact so easily I overreact so easily football I think it's a sport Rio react to most all words we have. It. It's it's that case because you only have a we have a week to sit on things whereas baseball basketball over the next nine years you know back to reality. What you think about. The point. March. Well it did an arm Marshawn Lynch I want Obama's team I don't wanna cut that he needs to the he needs to BP. Yes he needs a president a little bit but SM arm where residents are sitting there have a hundred yards rushing this game. Maybe the case he needs to show that he really wants to be on this team and then it's all about the team and not just him. That's all it's all right Navarro Bowman. For a guy that's sort of a Monday implant or Thursday he played his ass off. And yes he is not great against the pass and saw that but. He's the guy that we need a person could Darren we held. Kareem hurt. 287 yards rushing. And going forward that he's got the middle he is he's going to be our leader our defense will Mack is the got to get after the quarterback. Navarro Bowman is the leader on the defense and it's alarming that he's teenage last week he sees a difference yes the raiders gave up thirty points but. Could be a lot worse. And I think we have a pretty good line Betancourt now when mark a leak comes back and Corey James is healthy guy. I mean that's a battered the horrible in the middle Leo marginally. Corey James and your dad Bruce Irving or once cycle Mac O Warren. Mario Edwards eighty there goes in the middle. In it and it's just an analyst's defense improving little by little secondary that's had his trouble and again might be the case this week with David Emerson out. And no surprise here gearing currently out as well it it. They got quite a lot of pressure on in tears and his game for sure Mac. Which is a beast out there. Smith got a ball so fast he get me a chance to him. And that's what's it does but they were so get pressure on them and make them role outside the pocket and you know since the second they're pretty they're pretty damn good job in coverage on I watch TV because they gave them a huge pass Terry hill. Anyone's gonna give up that huge passes Tyreke OK ever seen. With fifty game up fifteen yard cushion and still could air route with them and I was perfect pass by Smith you're no team. Is gonna ever stop at that stupid tip well I mean guilt that was all locked and it wouldn't. You know so. Just think that. Overall like they didn't get that many deep passes it normally happens entire season. Reggie Nelson did kind of well it's sort of taking hill out the game for a bit. Because they could've used him that's what the end of that third quarter and you know they can get me I think and it. Well that someone did it. Kampman let they took heal up the game Reggie Nelson did and you could tell that they were heard about that plus. Besides you know that pass the first quarter. Let Kelsey too much and Kelsey was kind of an invisible. Each bring him back in the fourth quarter. 18. Lowe's third five game real well this stuff yeah you name it runs up on to make its second intent. And then I held on just where are ever make birds snakes. Nature. It tells. Me things. Or. Well as the two biggest. Things that kill this last couple weeks in this four game losing streak he was the room the running backs and tight ends throwing as the passing game and the readership that down. I want to say. Scream hard to only have thirty yards receiving and Kelsey orient 33 yards receiving and Aggies keep going forward. You and me is really hockey mom or about your public doesn't have really. An EU wide receivers at all so. Well we're gonna seed old friend and laundry rooms and this act you know it well he was classic raiders in terms that he would cash. Any time this casket match but they drop the drop yet is cast that also Taiwan Jones in buffalo really get through taxes and of course the backed up almost practice squad it turned Pro Bowl Lorenzo Alexander OAS to. And so. That's kind of went out a little nervous about. With. It against the Redskins with Chris Thompson McCoy he's he's. Triples rat and he's he's so well going forward the raiders have had ten days for this game against Buffalo's like we said the have a three game road trip. They'll play at buffalo at Miami by a week and then they're playing in Ecstasy incident were patriots have three straight games against AFC east opponents. And yes. The Buffalo Bills so it attend names to get ready for this game David Emerson didn't play well it's chiefs now play. So you're gonna see out there. TJ carry. Out and shown Smith. Top. You sit next. No as far as its recorders well I was. I don't know I don't know optional you you're right. I hear racial era TJ Kerry gets a McDonald's announcement. The good news is who probably never will be there were far woo back against the dolphins. And blue dolphins have Kiko Alonso after his vicious hit against Joseph Flacco I think Richmond vocal out there but you I would be surprised if he suspended we'll see about that now. And like I told you earlier as the third string strong safety in freshman football in high school. Do you want to play that I had asked drug's safety I had a late hit. But I like when he made two seconds after the play was over so that game moves fast and so I really I sympathize with he does he go on now on wholeheartedly and I don't think he's injured players as far as I'm I don't know how. I don't think they either don't get into let gone or to buffalo the thing is. Not gonna get a pick this game Tyrod Taylor does not turn the ball over. Well he could fumble though in here's the weight when we win this game we got to hold the show on the point check the running game is not agree this season. And the passing game is terrible the thirty personally it's now they do. But tight Tyrod Taylor is a popular and arm he'll throw throw it deep but he's not he doesn't agree he doesn't have these. Not the quarterback whose artists it is but he runs around. They they have the worst. Yeah when you're not around here not when he play out games with Tyrod Taylor sorry say you're nightly news and yes. There's no neither the village. Although it did about Tyrod Taylor he did was Sammy Watkins. I effort. He always. And waits that we beat this team is you make Tara to throw it. The game Jordan at these back no Charles ladies out. You make this team throw you don't make him throw short passes we'll Sharma Kuwait in space an avid renal and admiral over us McChrystal incident with three. Wow. Yes. So the key this game is you make Tyrod Taylor throw the football. Also legacy before this of the game we throw the ball. This the bills after the playmakers on defense EJ gains is out there rookie quarterback. It's that guy from LSU. Yes yesterday's white good player. But I think you could find what holes in his defense and and and I think we're a better team. Also their line not great gloom that should you know homecoming game for a little Mac should get to Tyrod Taylor. The detectives get they had Ted they had ten days erases game. I think the real issue come out and they should beat this team. Emmys tyra. In the fourth quarter is completion percent screens he's like third. According to pro ball OK it's. Completely. 83. Person. That he this game mis use fourth quarter stopped the room. Keep which boy under fifty yards he could do that. John EU get this at third and longs Tyrod Taylor's. Murder happened last year. He ran the ball all terrorists in the end of the registered to throw the ball get back in the game tyrant we third fifteens. He can not do overthrew him at Watkins in the end I remembered. And what will that emea was actually a matching its trip sacking him in the game for a cell. Seemed formula I think this seems a lot better than last year offensively they're rate the better that way yesterday and it impressive road win it. And there all of this LC Oxley only undefeated teams. Buffalo's our place to play but I. Went what is okay but but. But to your marketing analyst like I was I watched this sums that. A couple of hours ago wonderful network following games were Derek Karr has a game winning drive. Derek Karr is fines of five that you record he's thrown twelve touchdowns and only two interceptions. I think the raiders go into buffalo and they have a good game this and it is going to be tough game. Finally going to go forward. Watching him just this entire chief's game to step up in the pocket throw it deep. Double coverage who cares nothing happening and that it take after all there were a couple of questionable throws where it could've easily you know been intercepted their a couple of where Derrick Johnson just straight taped it while and the use basically gone ran the corners hands. He had another little floater I think in the fourth quarter which couldn't turn disaster is. It overall Leahy I heat he got his ball that man. He hit it out of Baghdad and seen car live like that lie and it was. So I mean any time there's just thrown downfield careless at an interview with the leaders obviously yes they're taking shots. And adult I've acting not once he's released on Washington. I don't wanna see him get many screen passes this and I don't think caps that well. We were charges can be used more now way but. Overall it's going to be a big game the offensive line too because. I mean they're gonna run a bunch differently factors which are crazy the chiefs. And edit it actually pretty good job contain achieved so far and now another thing for the greater success I think at least in terms of in terms of coverage I mean is eight for the most part they didn't leave anyone totally wide open you know I mean that everyone covered it didn't seem like it was like. Confused which is what it felt like in the past season and they. They didn't believe him let's I'll have much to list when they meet its U that they were shown a lot of blitz disguises but not really a blitz I think that kind of threw Alex Smith off a little bit this. I say this is a game we looks a little more. I see is game we go out Tyrod Taylor. Yet I think that this could be game you need to build off the win last week and it it was a signature win. Unlike last year signature win was weak born with it losing it's a winner of the next week but I think we build it I think than we be built off that win going on for two points. And I can the raiders will build off this when he gets kinsey cheese. Finally contain Tyrod Taylor there in the running game in list is Ron Smith is running quarterback despite people's. Actually. But it Arabs man on play action roll easily gain. Ten yards vs those of the killer's plan yes yeah act like the Goldman or it's gonna be. Corey James he's questionable actually also questionable marketing king in this game with a groin injury upon to play. The fourth goal in as he helps. Or visit at that point on this like yes this news is still real. Care what these matters answers that. Hope we're talking about knows what he's done. Yeah he's better raiders linebacker seen in years already. Particularly better than eating. It's he's. That's a bold statement. Well it's hands for. You can't say hello Reza there's a bit more ratio. Actually there was once. Where and it. B outs listeners he called himself. Through this operators. We threw out listeners. Asked him. Question. Well that's. Let's. Yeah. So. It. Yes the data that was hosting eased his story shows up at one BA yeah. I offered I offered to gotten calls. I ate and I totally botched the question. I ask is something. You group. To it I don't know enough confidence. There's not just call and ask them stupid question but does slip. Does happen weapons on this Altman's I don't drink yeah and free agents and yeah. That literally I had edited your yap. And and host at the tough. He hit straight out goes sorry about that last caller is couldn't really get that question. That's Sox. Well so he's a great dude over us and it's crazy actually seen where he was on the raiders at that time it's you know leading into balancing acts along. Thirties. And in his mid thirties he had his best season last year Butler Buffalo's defense NASA than sneeze they. Pregnant linebackers. Now I you know what I think Rex right screwed up that defense that got them in that defense was done Maroney Jim Schwartz. Back when they were 43 defense and then Rex ranking in screwed up in my opinion every GG IE order. I mean just an average age I yearning for 200 yards of both games against them last year. This defense has improved the edge here use mine fellow possible doubling time school with. And at Kyle Williams no commercial Darius but I. I've in the raiders get this done all right Stephen we've read if we reiterated for a long time now let's let's pick this game. But. It. Story directly but real quick I mean I know the real people awarding for your take on shooters. Differ movie. Out I find that little bit and we'll talk about who we talked about there will be led slipped that little bit too. Real quick the rating. In which is what's pockets is mainly about so. The rain ice generators who went to buffalo and they win 2720. In my got to look at it simple to your car. Heaved the ball has to beat wrote in the air. Comes. As a key to winning the security for the rest of the season Derek Carr needs to be 845. Need to complain about tweet by passing game now from here on Indies drove for about 250 yards. Or more. I'm discuss it all here's little roll it comes in 2417. You do you think at least it sounds funny yes yeah act decently force team and I think the raiders are gonna score three touchdowns this game I think. Two days why is gonna get a nice little welcome in the NFL moment even though he's kind of dominate too little bit. But Amare Cooper's Michelle what's and hopefully Mario has hands man because it's going to be colts can be way. And is that a little nerve racking to be honest with you let Andy and I have faith now my faith has been read restored. We've got to have faith yeah and and I. And it. Yeah we would get back to 500. I mean that we were tardy valley that was hugely last week still below 500 regime to get back to 500 inning to beat Miami to get above 500. And then we'll soon adds it's only. But Eric Stephens you're taking the the raiders went three for seventeen entry into in 27 to twenty. And actually the raiders are gonna Wear black on Sunday for once well. Do you Wear black and won't. Ridiculous. Right Stephen Alamo well waiting for the real top of this block casting analysts are raiders flagship podcast daily with Iran as a top. OK. So I just looked up the arrests and that. And I looked these up earlier this week never really looked at them before. Rallies looked at him from years past actually looked at him. From this season and. And I have no complaints but. I go down. To that currently two's house it's. What is wild wild west doing with a rats the award. Is one of the best movies. Ever. Okay anyone who wants to disagree with that bite me because I wouldn't destroy. When it starts out with will Smith and hot oh he's pretended to make out there. Your oats we were there and she's like are you working. Are working he's like. Nine work and he's like kids or whatever and goodies honestly looking back as yours or scared is he's. This girl get active wells. And cracked me because he goes down it's hot tub thing. It was weird I don't know what there's there. I. Horse care run that is. Not. Just randomly. Flows out he's. Do it. News maker. And users are. On. Street. News cracked me up. Rate Kevin Klein and brought it dude who play. Exactly did you you played Buffalo Bill. In. Silence of the land or shoot great big fat version yet. It's. It. Home yeah. So act as I remember the time the problem with the grass he's on that and actually I for the time as a kid watch a movie needy needy ego. Was his mood change. That's what Wilson has constantly sent them don't you. Crack me up and oh. I Jerusalem. I'm Jerusalem we will kick while west gym whereas this Toronto rough router look you don't want not a and there's another run this could in this buffalo soldiers look it's like I told you. Any damsel in distress will be at that dress which you need you went yet. Well yes. It's. Erica and her glass. That's market. You absolutely Will Smith iRobot. Sweeney family. My favorite moment and move. His way and is best buddies Shia LaBeouf. He's taught about different chicks he's like and I I guess Will Smith Senator Kennedy was spoon is it. Austin and amused at the chicks tonight mean cool as we get this fine it's bankable spoon. July and it scared with me through the years saying global spoon you know here. By the way I said in the past episodes that have any easy meaning they need to make a sequel to there will be blood there will be more blood. So ideally Lewis coming out of the new movie from with the same director Paul Thomas Anderson there will be blood. Called phantom thread where he's a fashion designer in and looks it looks. Very boring well. Yet it's quick but with this this is this is dale it was last movie. My plants even you want are both right there will be more blind indicative really comedy. Oh. Will finally are. There will be more mobile lab party in the first. Indian news comes at a retirement. It. Plea you know Daniel played the sequel. Q coach. Three. And age you I. I finished anyway so that's. My today. Any other remove easily approaches. You normally it's out. The next president. That's overrated. There's a movie that to dale later Alain it's only about this gratefully and answer is who borrows from me. And his green videos before the raider games. They're great. She will vote you know the Pont de L this past week when he asked. Later fans what there at least favorite team is in the AFC west and you can expect more abuse from Alina she is with which Hillary. But. She she took this movie were Kevin Spacey eastern to a tax you know this movie. Yes for the. Director of while Lowe wins. And now. She. Hopes and dreams. It. Well we'll have more movie talk next week as we continue this podcast because the raiders. As a race team to win rookie in the podcast. The reports. I. As it is pockets and it is all of us that Americans. Are lots. Review we won reviews. We were. Viewers. Well I guess what about it now. Because we will be at the 42 this weekend as the pregame shows to start at the reasonable hour at 8 AM but as attorney Kate kick offs. So the raiders will play its Buffalo Bills this Sunday in here at lives on nine fives in the game in also nine putts and team dot com. Raiders' opening drive with the Romanowski. And Chris Townsend will start. The crack it done. World cracked from me in AM apple point two Walnut Creek come by or listen. It'll get you ready for raiders and bills and keep up will begin at 10 AM it was in June 9 but in the game. He'll let us or gave fox than iPods and the games stream. And our all the around with Chris downs and after the game to your phone calls it unity 5757. Now. For raiders extra point hopefully popular leaders went Steve any final words. I assume that's a line for a while while all right on that note to raiders get the win but let's continue this win. Or wins I should say for Steve Langford ion dear Papa you listening to the raiders flagship public order. Wow west.