Derek Papa
Wednesday, October 18th
Derek & Steven relive the Raiders frustrating one-point loss to the Chargers and look ahead to the Kansas City Chiefs Thursday on a short week.

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All right Stephen don't waste your time every else's time we know what this is the raiders flagship podcast on Derek you're Steven. Let's stop and around here she. I'm serious and that with this one out alive. The raiders have lost four. Games in a row and on and pissed about this now because now we expected when the season started. They've lost four row in the look completely lost right now so new themes on nothing in his that was turn off what the hell do we do now. I woke up this morning. Feeling. Like one of those. Curse pirates from parts of the Caribbean. Which were the first ones where I feel nothing. The league in my face of the spread to see because they were skill they were terrible low. It is the raiders lost made me feel. Like I was lifeless. Like. I went in the studio. I grab my famous Amos cookies. I tried I referred in his agencies and balances. That's a joke of from Doug Benson on. I ate my famous Amos cookies. And they did it taste this week that might have been because I burned my tongue on the coffee. That I drank earlier that morning to appointment. Either way I'm really sad. And it's chipped it. It's portraits that there's going up against arguably the best team in the league wins the five. Chiefs team others beating incidents. Dear cars rookie year 2014. When he beat him masters. The only. Civil you can find is that the last generators losing streak like this was when word. Auction well actually the raiders lost four straight since. Arlington. When he turnaround is by play in the NC cheese on Thursday. But Stevens there's no positive signs coming from the team except for the fact that our record as of Monday after the game. And news broke Dave Navarro is actually new generators so meaningless Ian suit on Thursdays at short notice but I. Meaning you'll play. You'll see Nicholas Marlins again. Or quarry Jeanne spa the fact of the matter is that defense played OK yesterday. Awful it was the offense than it. Is struggling still sense since weeks three Washington. You know they heard. For one thing on defense it was still the stables or herbs they allow screen passes. He's Al Gore is if you were looking on Twitter you saw passes. He are at nine completions. Girl wide open. And the offense. Ages. It was quarterback. Is it's like. Run the ball. Not surprising to me anymore when I think about it in the courtroom max's entire. We can't run the ball. The ball. Just all around there is one costs. Matthew Fox. Loss. We had no I mean. As it is finding ways to lose right now because last week it was the defense that couldn't get them off the field. The defense and doing and any favors this week they play a lot better but it's just the fact that they held them to seventeen points. Then seventeen points actually the ties that team in points scored last week. In the evening on overtime if you boy Jon Condo that's that's. Now. That he had a bad snap ever in his life where he's actually won it. You know something is wrong when Condo is not snap it right in the pocket that market king is golden boy you know. In Georgia today administered Djokovic if you re here to stay. Let here's the thing went well we'll talk about special teams right now. The market Cain is punting the ball as well as he did yesterday that's about as good as I've seen him do in terms of punting it inside that head. And that the last drive his meal so much is because. He did what you wanted he got a great field position for the raiders' terrible for the chargers. It two big pass plays the harder and Hillary when Philip this our Chad Bradford rivers just shocks it to hunter angry like it's not been. And they just get too easy gains in the skill and their run the clock out. And they're able to kick the feel Google which was sad because the chargers have lost. On the field goal in every damn game they played basically so far this season that they would against the raiders. It was awful there. Terrible. Electorate you know. Market in the punt the ball that to a final drive you off because he scored for a deal that nevertheless. You. What what you are saying you know. With that would only lead to the point that mark it was going so well you have to wonder. Officers that market was putting so well why they held that we go for it with the leave. Last week. Jack Del Rio goes doesn't go forward down by ten in the fourth quarter with eight minutes left this week. He's added to go for the first play of the fourth quarter when we're out in the game. And then the charge at the ball back in he's in the tightly. Those are. She makes you are Steve and bring joy that's what Jack they'll reassess after the game and I think it's wrong you were close you were far when McCain started. The field project real it is no one's view is he's he goes to his pants why ago. Fort last week when was fourth three. And they were in ravens territory in this this week days to go out yet decide to go forward to that buys you face. Just the matter is that the things that work. Sport that. There. Was. Shovel pass. Well here here's the deer is now playing very well geared to sell actual pass very well. You get the ship captain the team is gonna actually have an option. I'm running that's case. But. I mean here what's happens in Washington but there is now the scene in need the injury to more than bad. He's lost confidence. And honest. And say oh. Roberts. Three reports. Actually. In the march 2. Frustrated. At. Me. And I think when you lose four road course to the there. With these conferences and expect him say anything. Substance as well as ever frustrated put it that way it's frustrating. Case I think your treated that way. Derrick if you listen I love you you you but there are you eat it. This season in. The first the first pass throughs in the game is intercepted. Obviously that is the game plan was eager to get hit with his back injuries and was quick passes. I like the fact that Todd downing a complete top this game because I think. And the equipment some aspects but this is the first game where actually we we saw running backs catching plans of the back field. Like it or expanding the the offense at all the only deep role car and the whole team was the one that was nullified by a holding penalty that gave Jackson. And that was a duck. So dear to start look at it. Who are. No holes. Or that you read you realize it that way what is in. That one play itself. And Marc Cooper would have had 31 yards. He finished with when he. So he would Al gain his entire performance because that ball. And that's telling Maurice Cooper. The chargers defense does not think that decides to pass structures Melvin. Nobody enjoyed those. And the fact that we only sixteen point is atrocious. Marcia which we catch a pass on the field were using martian which way too much is that we thought was he's under your belt now. I understand it using weights you marched in Charlotte got it to Carrey's. And it it would tutors the whole team for negative one yard. Real Paterson was a signal leading rusher with 55 yards that was a huge run. Bad guys back in the game against a league and we screwed that at the end. With he missed extra point in the church right on the fuel even if Condo doesn't miss dozens are gets a pat snappy depicted as a missed an extra point. I spoke to the chargers go down scored touchdown to lose the game. To overtime. Who the hell knows at that point the point of the matter is we should now be short term should not be in the game like that which in France. Because the raiders more down the team. I'm surprised at how bad. Or lose. Rivers was doing what Philip Rivers does and you know he was actually not that was not terrible split he was making these big plays when they needed to make the and the whole point was that I figured OK we can let him do that any offense well scoring easily no problem. But that didn't happen and I don't know what to expect. At all for the rest of the season because it's just it's a crime how bad playing right now. It's like I said before and earlier this is the pocket that's supposed to be easy part of the schedule. Only gets tougher from here I expect the raiders to be. I expected them to be 501 at this point literally don't think it opens. Whenever it opens us that that you beat the dolphins man. That's saying something. Live without it's getting beat the dolphins apparently. But. They spotted seventeen points. And I'm I'm at a loss for words even this this disease is going down the tree dream superfast. It's time at the halfway point. Only solace and what its last. Last week record three days. The last podcast it's the only thing you can hope for is that the AFC west now just diminishes it. It's just like seeing the Broncos accidentally the way they need. Against the giants who literally had no wide receivers. In. Room wizard number one guy probably and seen how she's played against the Steelers. The one thing. That the raiders need to do this week. Every day. Effort to force you know does it it's. Just watch the Steelers and how likely defense at the heat because they seem to have figured it out. And they seem to. Played like all strikes at the chiefs have on their offense the Steelers seem to defend that. Incredibly well against everything that they. Predicate their entire office. Which is like. Bunch of what I read on Twitter is just a bunch of mr. actions and all that stuff that lightsquared basically they'd use Kareem. As the number one guy. Who they feed off of so Kareem as a big game and the rest the opposite game and keep role that he stopped three on. Then maybe you can stop that that's what the Steelers do that. But. The whole point is that. There. The whole point is they needle Steelers and how they defend against the chiefs because they actually had seemed to figured out unlike the rest of the NFL. Great point because think that hurt the most yesterday it was in the fact that will get the biggest thing was a thing of the raiders lost that killed me. I haven't been and then after a loss. In quite some time I was mad after your car broke his leg I was sent. I was actually accepting of the of the good season we and it ended that season and and it ended at that point it was OK with it but I'm not okay with what's happened right now. What hurt yesterday besides the loss the one point loss to news Los Angeles starters at home. Was the fact that the chiefs and the Broncos lost both of them lost at home in the raiders got to three in three. They were talking there were nine division race at all because she's beat 51. The profits beat three into right in the thick of things and right now. But the way things are right now we have seen you look at the standings. The Cleveland Browns are oh and six they are the worst team in the AFC the second worst team. By record in the UC of the openers. Worst team in the yes. My record yes they are there ties with the chargers. The chargers beat the raiders to buy tiebreaker the raiders are the worst team second worst team in the senior political last AFC west. Well you know a division that we thought they win they are in last place right. Do you think it all it can turn around late do you think that at the think all this offense has the pits and her. This offense has the potential that we thought they could plan did you think at all they could play out of that potential at all. I mean yeah I mean that we saw that we saw we won we sell wheat to. Stephen it's asking do you have faith is mine do you have faith and not ten. And they do it do you have a. Hopefully George Michael like Jessica has phase but I don't know I really do. I mean. Is tough man like. Downing. I don't I don't know what it is it is down earnings call to clean Marcia on more than Jalen I think gene which he's getting what touches on what deals going on there. I would leave this for the ball around and it's obvious that Maurice Cooper. Well and it seems that the liberties CG manual their car they're not trusting him into Kuwait Crabtree yesterday. So more Cooper had the April matchups in the heat in Windham. And he's for the ball around more worst climbing wall for. Where I mean we just relying on Jerry cook I mean he has been very reliable a couple weeks. I. I don't think Klein offers true. It's. Real person receiving more but she. Is tied. Little bit more. Court or. Use when. The balls to him. Oh it's. Where. You linebacker that. Bull he's missed parts. Let go rides past and it just don't make attack awkward so it's obvious wintertime do you with the secret weapon. C. That thinks they scored Hugh drama again so in some ways is big effective with digits we've that was a great way. I know where I mean. It's it it asked a predictable but yes I mean we take with you take the lead on the budget sweep. You unions. The problem is is that. It was only sixteen points yes in this extra point. It just it's not enough points it's not it's not what this off it's capable. It's alarming in need the fact that Todd counties in orders as office or meters. A huge mistake on screen it would let the street noticed because. Of the ego and pride object to Rio. Musgrave. Knows what's best for this office. We won the best that is currently last year. Now this is the show itself. Tony at this day yesterday that the court 44 points. At this point and that's one. So it's up to get better with march on each court matters injured and actually it's got wars. Almost it was an office Korea for a long time and he's hoping to her loss last night by. Heat things we're working with his confidence I think Jack holds that Kansas City game against him last year. Where it was 314. And one we threw the ball twice. Despite the fact our offense did very well last year was their defense that's. And I can't defense so far this season. The I mean gasket bolt working with the wind closed it out. But I think and Navarro Bowman you know that's what happens here that it's going to be that much better obviously he's a first down run defenders. He helps the passing game. That being said you know who. Relentless. No quarter after a few days usually. Flat. Lake's greens. Ours even like our ops against linebackers huge gains. The secondary actually held the jurors. What receivers Jack you know. I I thought Phil rivers threw like four yards against effective. That game he may have may have had a couple of big plays but overall it stopped them there was let. It just seems like that late David Emerson. He missed a critical tackle in the backfield our wide receiver screen I think and eat as Brandon for a first down and there was this nonchalant from there I think it was like. Second down and long it could have just forced it. Favorable third down matchup for the raiders so there's just so much that goes wrong it is critical big plays and keep bombing and missing an end. But also. Only those rats were garbage 20 that that Heatley when the worst reps that call on Donald Penn. Was born as worst calls I've seen in my if you'll do the worst call I've ever seen in my lap what's wrong. OK now. It. But either way our item of overreacting here are items show up I don't really know what to think great. Ain't no such things halfway crooks. They wanna laugh honestly the Sunnis of man. Now and obviously this is not how I want it. You know miserable it is do these post game shows now Crist announced. By the way the one yes it was amazing some and then my pops for it is now might commercial. I'll play for you tomorrow at that if approved this cycle that he goes. Yeah I'll listen or not drives over the very human you know our red dress you down as a reliable source because you know you get Omare interviews put. And isn't that Hamburg iron. Put talking about this moment as it was rooted and well. So in the town had to explain again it was answer that's a play by play and it's that's a recorded commercial that was years. While in that just drew some what are Levine at the people we don't even put on the air some people that you know when we answer their phone calls just like that Ali talking about it. But that's that's why effort people don't call question. All right so Stephen bottom line and I don't have much to say about is who is needed to wind it doesn't really. He has witnessed podcasts so. You know you want to be. Positive that came out with this curse the growth and just again everyone else that's. It's just like. Computer stuff for little later on that Perot would. I gotta be honest and work to vikings' New York acts accident also. Components that's hampered its. It's so hard right. This I mean I set it last hire hired said this on the last podcast split. And I and I this is going to be probably my optic but. Season's over man I think it is this loss this charge might have sealed you know what that could be overreact that we could because it's still what. Will emulate what would've likely in this eight weeks later than all the sudden the chiefs have lost like four in a row and you know you know and here's the deal last quarter rather they won maybe three of them lost another one did you know enemy we could be looking at a totally. Different like the stand is totally different in a week's bird matter analog is now number but just a little bit of time he could be different but for right now as Republican it. Season's over. I'm very good at. And now looks bleak. I think that's key and so what. The confident. The fact that it last year we it to division winners going four game losing streaks. Pittsburgh Steelers loss for Perot in the pits and the Green Bay Packers lost four round in two when their positions. Should me. Positive about. Is on normally wrong. On a lot of my predictions. So the fact of say the season's over probably means it's not already this season's over I think we submitted had a chance get a wildcard I might be overreacting I still have faith did you. You. But it is the it it does look bleak right now and expect them to lose it or match the loss totaled mr. And now. Located. Yeah. Bottom line what's the atmosphere like that what was what was it like yesterday at the game was it was quiet was hyped up that was zone option B for charging game where we're download it would do people does not have any faith that you know I think everybody was nervous and I think also. I think something I think in the air pollution and a little bit of play in effect they'll open as many people showed up again. And here's that thing and it went so ever on the pockets this season but on the losing and after you. If this team starts losing. People won't Sheila. Because the only thing that kept people coming with the fact that they're moving to me is this unique team. They start to lose this thing in baseball turn them fast. So the raiders you start winning again otherwise. The fan base we'll stay in my solution is the story. It it also does what happened in the offensive line in I preached it constantly throughout podcasters just. They they they're not in sync and the Mike Tice is still this it's still the same offensive line coach who is great normally so the only the only. That you could possibly blame maybe that's when we'll go to Todd downing is just as they all seem loss out of sync. It's time Downey's faults. As much as we think it is he's a little more creative thought he did the last week ago this past game he's in greenbacks in the past. Cheney's make better personal decisions if that's his call. We don't know Downey's in Norris had as a as of right now yes he has and he's I'm very creative play caller. It. Mean he's knocking results. The results are. The expectations were that this team was going to be needed agrees the best offensively that's the patriots it's I'm close to that so. The person blame right now. Jacked Oreo. And I went off and in little when I went off on him a little bit too much last week bird Mark Jackson but the truth of the matter is that this team has lost 40. And there you its huge expectations for this team. And it means a losing record. And you have to think about what an objective real expects to coach this football team rule what you do with its four year extension you just stand on the theory. On that happens in this business. I under pretty huge fan. Of the east that is that is suitable whatsoever. He's never gonna be the Bill Belichick and you read the chart on applause. He is middle of the pack coach he's only coach he's not play caller. Keys for a guy that. Preached defense or defense has been cut tacky. And got the personal decisions he makes he's fired more. Office of the defense coordinators or coaches underneath him than any other coach. Did you think about what he actually makes good decisions at least hiring and as far as the game decisions. To go for. We have the lead yesterday. Is puzzling and last week when you're down by ten and not to go for is you know more puzzling. So what the hell jets' thinking. He's got his defense more mourn the bench Johnson is good for them. TJ here Anderson OK okay containing the charters to say TJ there. But here's the deal. In our trajectory keep his job he is or before his injury in geez. He needs to beat this team others. The way this team data on the phone. We really the turning point a focused franchise was when he beat. The chief so there's an F football three seasons ago there were only ten that was the worst team in the league so people were saying we should be allowed sixteen. You do desperately tape is Mary bass line you know that's really satisfied that's where I was conscious act basically all of that game. And you know maybe your car needs to he would Turkey burger from girl Judy and good luck because that's what he would after the media. Arguments in this podcast before into that's really aptly be achieved together fourteen. That's fourteen. Bomb on the show that you're producing. Threats. Remember. I was pretty sedate but. Stephen the way and after that win laughter that win they lost to nothing programs but besides that. VE eight. That went to pressure Pritchard is. Shifted. Switched. The raiders beat the ship as the 49ers can't go weeks later. The 49ers lost the fire Jamar are the winners in this game the raiders have. Improve but this season they've been below expectations I think in order to get back on track. It any hopes. Into the playoffs this season. Absolutely. It's Wayne Thursday in its teachings that they don't. You could see diseases or 2152. Road games on the East Coast. That you're going to Mexico City it that you lose all of those. Within a seven game losing streak. You know youth. Actually eight games. You've you've swayed my mind. Meaning it is one more game Nina I'm Backus is he's as well give it one more game. This is going to be tough and how how far where where it is greens kinsey Jesus what they were they just played in Pittsburgh. And it was an error like that's right you know OKC knowledge got a lot of that you have that. All. The standings right from me I can't believe that it means that. Note here yeah. I mean maybe the fact it will be a short week for them traveling over broke down romances. Each debate that point on. You know an honest and especially. And our question is what that we don't Wear. It's called Arusha where Arnold silver and in the in the and that she's got to Wear red I would now like that whatsoever the raiders to be an all black. All public solar. Like that was that old yet filters usually likes older letter in more than to normal. Human. And that's not good. Well obviously what happens there but Steve if at any chance of winning piracy in the season. The last to win on Thursday if they don't then here's what else. Also the season is over. And we will not due to the podcast settlers. Panel that's a positive or negative listeners couldn't. Quote well look nothing on talk about being honest it would just be a depressing podcast where I would do this. Like it like it is right now where I'd do zero facts that are correct. And I just feel like talking. Basically. Means there and it doesn't feel good. In. Just. You lose just please don't let it be. Like having you know where they stopped Tyreke hill. Stop three month and is just like T Anthony Thomas breaks out of the big game and wins informs us. If she's doing always let him do it she's fast enough by some stupid otherwise let. I think the you know what maybe the raiders will step up you know I mean may in maybe car while the game of his life. And we should be completely wrong about this but yes I don't see how we can have another podcasts and totally get away and just because it just so we're a little more. Cheerful. It. Raiders lose in this game when you into the pockets and they when they. All right before their final predictions. The player to look for. And mourn its and shooter than it came hours it like ten years ago. Yeah when Michael Pena got tackled by Mark Wahlberg at the beginning of the movie that was totally justified late but he's in this yes he has and he's excellent supporting cast Jack right leg who'd thunk that. What was that the observer report I didn't think that after that movie with Seth Rogen Michael Pena who come in and be a whole areas. Yes he was an. As a report I saw that movie long time ago anchors and with the lakers. But they're comparing it to hold or mall. And in. My point. When it was better server report pulled. It's you know orders and it blew it anyway. No applicant an observer where it. Armies are right it is Michael Pena. But the thing is he's an FBI agent and shooter and ask why as a way to plot of the movie spoilers. It's like flip it over by Mark Walker for reasons that I don't ones this as well exactly. And and and that basically all the FBI's making fun like. Comic Michael Pena. No one could take it might walk in that circumstance. No. So that's Arctic from that movie. Again it's fantastic I recommend you watch it probably fall asleep the first time guarantees the second third fourth fifth sixth seventh 89 and tenth. Watch it. Stephen breaking news. You are playing to their fantasy. And I obviously in the lead by one point. You need Eric Decker had pulled this victory here as. Businesses. These days you get worse for you it's. Understated burrito some feeling for where. Oh pass by he owed back Padilla. Not bad. All right. Well I'm an agreement is its alleged in this thing Stephen what is your prediction for new quick turnaround for the Oakland Raiders they've lost four Perot will finally. Winning game. Argue against a team really happy. In three seasons. Yeah I don't think they're gonna win I think they're gonna probably lose. I think generators willingness or seventeen. I don't know how many and chiefs are gonna score maybe 24 is probably the hope that I'm keeping but probably 2417. Losses chiefs. I mean did they give me no reason at any faith but then again I'm wrong on a lot of my predictions solemn really help will be a turnaround and I think a march 2 parties have a big and he's out there. Hey. Jobless line around. The going gets tough. The topic only. Stephen operating give up yet. The only way this season turns around to get a victory you know what should it. It wasn't over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor white. Funeral him and his role. Bottom line seated is the need this game and so on this and say it and they'll take it so. In the same exact score they beat cancer each tees. Three seasons ago and arrow and tan on to the raiders to win 2.4 21. Hopefully this time steel war in glioma don't sack Alex Smith on third down that its fourth bastard dance around. But a different channels as it. But I yeah. I'll just put them as well it's ever in my life is their season was done I had fun with that thought coastal areas and in some laughter. But you know I you know what. I was. I reiterated many raider games. And one we'll stick out because he spent old days in the rain. My pops did the show back that would warrant and they did the whole show it raiders built. In green. And then it rained during the game there was a point where the raiders and leave the loss leading the American wind. It was crazy it was so much fun I'll on their forget again that was an easy game the original intent but it pilot playoff game. From what I will remember though is if we have got a caller fine my gets called when these Zach oxman this winners goes. I was doesn't the first year you would stats full time with them. And sack Al accidentally they have sacks Alex Smith and they forced the chiefs on a fourth down enemies and then. He sees me freaking out going. They're still. And then he's like wait is this just. Knows that's no more nickel hill back also but it offered a different. Yeah going back and just talking. Charles Woodson finally call a timeout. Malia that is probably thinking. How old. So yes I'm taking. To the raiders in 2.4 two wanting. And I think Derek Karr. Needs to play like he did the first two weeks. Because I've not noticed two disguises its weak theory. It. We recognize this team overall I just want them be the team we now in you know fell in love with last season. Regis got collect your assembly truck in dues while you know jailer Sharpe us now for a big game. Big touchdown. You know just give me some twenty to thirty yards and big play and Nancy Marshall let's get some holes man it just feels is always in he's going to get hit. Behind the line of scrimmage every single time ilsley as the fight his way through the different every time Iran's also crates of holes for lynch man. Some rock and. Breach. Stephen opened that podcast next week. By on this right now your agreement the raiders lose and in the game. We put this pop festival. And I know. The millions list of listeners we have will be upset. But he have to bear witness. Eric Decker just got another reception I am within one point of you now I'm getting close. On the last drive and pass. And Mark Murray anymore. Nobody cares what's. On. It. When an analyst is here are now on OK okay now. Do they have to leave either run with the ball when I watched in my or what stories but Adam Sandler Ben Stiller Dustin Hoffman knew one Netflix it's a drama play. Really surprised when I'm Brian was amendment issues it is an ulcer cast what's it out. About a family basically come and it's our characters plot really. It's just more Dustin Hoffman is this kind of old. Artists dad who has three children who like to they're all like one. Is born to his like born with his other wife while two of our born to this other life so they're like step children basically are upset children there have children and and they come together all the sudden when he has a like note that I'm not sure what that term is of retrospect. I guess for an sculptors termer is like Italian art show looking back on almost famous art so they occasionally a moment players the economy that they come together. In this in New York. And Adam Sandler walks with a limp the entire time you've really sells it hard to believe it becomes ridiculous six to Eric and makes this movie. It's Adam Sandler Ben Stiller. So there reuniting for the first time you. Where we're bestseller was the orderly. In the editors and worries. About Harden hard all your Marty. Such while. You sleep I will put to sleep. So. To the used to win report warning you that the losing but I hope the parkas as we and that means that raiders. Will land. I hope. As well. So this week we. If that's of the game is gonna have the greater game during the week as they raiders on the cheese Thursday's. Action raiders' opening drive. Well actually catch the great shall party hill as we will be at a raider bill from new history. And and Chris Townsend in the programs he will be starting raiders' opening drive at a rate of real at 3:30. To 5 o'clock. You can actually gain in line nine putts at the gain even know if fox 3530. And awfully there is pulled this victory out and where do much cheaper next week even any final thoughts. Hopefully are much chipper like Jones. Who. Aren't and on that note. It's been there's flagship podcast for Stephen Langford on their Papa. Hopefully we're back next week but if we're not you know why because the raiders have lost 50 but. If they beat the chiefs. We'll see you next week.