RFP Episode 6

Derek Papa
Saturday, October 14th
Derek and Steven preview the Raiders and the Chargers.

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It's no god yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. Shaq at denigrate me. Now it's time for the readers flagship podcasts whole wall Alaska what does that mean what I can do. Use Stephen Lang birdied the end Derrick top five. Stephen. It's its efforts it's increased to clear anything. Here we are again. Talking about another readers loss this one is like. It feels worse than pretty much yeah others I think it is it was a home one I mean and it could have been easily avoided. Exactly now with the start those starts well I'll explain. Welcome to the six episode of the raiders election podcast and when he knows dear Papa anomalies that accompanied by Stephen Lankford. We're Q diehard raider fans here in 95 cent in the games even as the for a four hour. Morning show with Angelo ended and I and the producer yet in the light pop on today. And Stephen. We said that last week I don't was a must win this is definitely a must win this week. I mean from here on out I guess every game as a must win you know. I will just keep pace with their burials of the division at this point yeah and hordes of drew it is a must win every week's a must win I was always. DT I was I was little I was working the board for starring drew one show yet and then one week drew said. This a must win for the raiders and then like signs. Most are nieces and everywhere exactly at that but Andrew came back again this is another must win and I'm like you know he has a point. It is ever. I mean from here on out aegis. I mean it's hard to accept anything other than winds now yeah because. I mean you expect. Another expected win net even with EJ Manuel as a starting back as the starting quarterback I just assumed that the. Defense or be able hold out no boy which they did it I mean I notice this was a defense we expect in the pre season how curry less power you gonna let. Harry allowed Denver to score sixteen points on you then have until he'll go back home. And then give up thirty well. Part of the problem is cherry Coke fumbling giving up the defense of scores yes that was pretty. So add when I look at the schedule and no he can't only go by you know prove predictions and all that stuff planned expectations but at this point I expected just before one. Just like last year I thought we had a favorable favorable schedule coming into the start of the season and now it's only gonna get harder now. So there to Univision games are out given up so raiders are two and three if they lose one more game though matched their season lost total last season. And at this point yes. The F three losses on the seasonal consecutively to and at this point yeah I think to keep pace of the chiefs. The raiders would have to get thirteen wins I mean I mean the best we could be right now is thirteen entering. Now and even north that's good enough to match the chiefs right now the way they're playing I mean the chiefs are. Just towering over everyone's expectations for them this season it's pretty crazy how good dale I know I thought it would take a slide this year with the release of Jeremy Maclin. On guys are clearly Tyreke hill is just has just taken over not only him Molina and a keen hunt auriemma. Oh yeah sorry Korean launch team will then there's there's there's a lot of similar yet how keen hicks is a player yes now this is weird but. Always feel lights no matter what route like they always have similar type running backs in Kansas City. And it feels like any running back that goes in there just seems to dominate no matter who it is just when Jamaal Charles was going down Spencer where they'd bring in Spencer ware for one thing and before that they even have Nile Davis who wasn't terrible and shark Hendrick west who wasn't terrible either wolves I don't eat and you Regis knows how to find. Depth on his team little speedy guys and there and really come and in the place. In their defense. Man even with the loss of Eric Berry for the season restoring on all cylinders. I thought Houston action would trip them up on sending ninth but. Yet the chiefs look like they're not slowing down anytime soon I'm more nervous about the Steelers in nineteen coming up a let's focus on the week at hand is absolutely a lot was made about this game. The last couple days recording this on a Saturday Iraq before the game starts and we're going to confirm. But the raiders will with a charge tomorrow in Oakland a 125. I know your guys on the morning show cause disturbed by a warning to this game to be moved and for good reason and very serious was going on in Napa and Sonoma County now and with the fires out there and that the smoke has spread over two years at this or Cisco. In Oakland area I was now meeting yesterday for the pop a Vontae ratio and the smoke was very thick. To the point where you can actually smell a little bit in the facility today not so bad. Yesterday when I was walk around serve Cisco or two days ago. It was tough to walk around actually by. The weather has improved. A lot I wish I say the air pollution has improved. Air quality air quality has improved now you can you two guys the cute so. A whole lot better than the other day I agree completely it actually feels completely different even just today locking in the studio to I mean mark in back to par after my shift on yesterday out Friday. Yeah it was played in almost animals felt like it hit you over the hawks cut in art form a little bit. And it's kind of scary man in and so I get why Jolo and did this where you know. Kind of call mostly Joseph Gibbs. And and and but I'd get it because I mean hi guys I get it to but the the to bring this up on Thursday like I understand the listen I'm always gonna steer on the side of we got to play this game in Oakland salacious you know pulled a big boy pants I understand that the airmen happy bad. But it is. Let's just play our loved the tweet he sent out that I would perhaps her I'll help out impression I read it I would rather breathe in the unhealthy air. And see the raiders play a home game at Levi stadium no chance in hell that's happening now so the raiders will play tomorrow at 125 in Oakland. The air pollution in the air quality should be fine bring gas mask if you want but. Cal played Bausch and state last night kicked grass. So I think everything is all good here in the east day. I think that the raiders wolf will be far tomorrow for the air quality of the charges while now so no worries about that raider fans come out because this game as a must win we need you out there. The raiders need this game. To the point now over here. If they lose in go to two and four then we're looking at me be a lost season. We're looking at me the chargers are one of the worst Tanzania I don't yes but. On paper on paper apple will will will will discuss the match ups here also will mean they lose then this podcast is up in the air mean people wanna listen to him about it. Team that's struggling is bad I mean that's up to you and I dare you and I yes collide but. So I just wanna go back to this ravens can't really quickly did what would you think Vijay Emanuel I think it's fine and actually I mean yes when Kennedy says it's all the time he stares and his receivers way too much. He did. I thought EJ that the game. Plan was posted feature Marie Cooper heavily. Yeah he was lined up on the slots yeah and they are matchups there when he was on the line backers. In forever reason EGD nine go to him until we by the derail the ball pretty well marsh on a round. Played all right I thought we need to feature June June that she went a lot more and velocity Andre in last week's game I thought was kind of day but he'll be back right he'll be back I guess jailing yesterday said on the top of Vontae shows that. He will people be leery to go but as far as the defense is concerned. We got some issues yet and I hit a line backing core hole boy mark Kelly not playing. Corey James questionable but the most of that game he did not play last week against the ravens. He had David Emerson with. Questionable with discussion Mac you have. Urgent discussion in an injury but. Gary Connolly. Out once again and raider fans let's just pushing this aren't aware right now Gary Connolly. Gary Gary currently we do not know when he's gonna come back obviously there's something wrong with him yeah or something wrong with him that stems back from. The injury in mini camps to the to the point where he was not practicing training camp he's only played 12 games but one inning I suggest you look great. I think if anything looks at what against the red. And so the one thing with the raiders so far. As we've known this season is they have not been it with disclosing their injuries Dave Reid say we yet they've left us fans that like in complete mystery I mean you know at first we thought there card back spasms and found out -- well it means that to me that was the mistake on their apartment but it did indicate that the next day and say what exactly one and then calmly with the shin splints earlier in it ever early in the trees I mean even he said action splint so you have confusion man and I mean you know nobody's really gone through about an analyst well the biggest problem right now is our 21 ran for our 21 picks in this draft are turned out to be costs so far. Gary currently oh penal farm could be great players right now only announcing the fueling much generators. OP won't be back into week eight in Gary and I don't know when he's coming back so. For right now in my book Gerry Connolly to me is like on Smith. If he's not there when talking about them because we don't when he's coming back again so. Right now we roll with the players we have right now that's not much completely what eighty man this policy had now it's on believes from from the from going to note to the absolute. Worse right now felt like only yesterday we were just saying yes to Gerry Connolly is the best quarterback on this team does well after I think it is but. He's not healthy now so right now year old with TJ Cary. In one Tony Hamilton's hurt so ya. Gotta roll out on. Dexter McDonald. Who. I hope he plays corner better than he is an interview. But. And then. I knew god. You're down to whoever's laps of the fact that we got to throw shots without their really bugs me. Discussion up generators anymore the fact that the ravens with their depleted offensive line were able to. I mean. The game plan was easy for them watch and Mike Wallace was just heartbreaking Mike Wallace earned. Sean Smith and Reggie knows this is completely you Reggie Nelson they see that that's why do we know follies combat is Reggie Nelson just lost out there is back pedaling if you want but if you want but those big catches that he that Mike Wallace had. Uses and he was back peddling knock on over doubts at all and he wasn't reading eleven he wasn't looking at such it seems to be common theme that original sizzle is in the wrong place yeah in for shots that he's become a theme that he will get burned on every day. Well starting from last season when Brandon Cox with the saints burn them on in the for his first game misery eaters so John Smith I'm sick of him too I really don't wanna see him play every game generators but he's all we got right now. So. We're going up against the Los Angeles chargers who have Keenan Allen. They have Travis Benjamin. And they have other. Receivers that I mean despite the fact that they are just one of four got dates and hunter and Marie to attack him factor exact now that I have been as I got. And Al that we have a secondary to to detain these guys whatsoever. And it's going to be scared the old he. Only positive thing. Only positive thing is that Carl Joseph has been playing up to his first round status in my opinion here and here at area and we do know. That oh we know fondly could be back. By what we get we Kate we had eyes I guess we gotta be patient with that and kind of just. Liberal run out of time here we are we are we I mean you know the offense is gonna have to make up for and there's gonna have to roll with the punches man so this might be a situation last year we had have shootout games Karr is back. It was confirmed yesterday that your car will be suited and booted for this game against the Los Angeles chargers. And after missing last week Garrick is back. And with a healthy back will not healthy back but he's just he's gonna come out one week early and he in the immediate medium bag because right now we're at the point. We knew we'd be happy is we shoot outs yet and am I mean do you think. That if this is probably stupid hypothetical way if I lost about the doubles. Stupid articles. If you if we were if you they had the record like you said that he thought they would foreign ones you know earlier in Russia and and say their car did get hurt like he did have that same back fracture or ever do you think they'd be bringing him back if they had that greater records of like do you think that you really rushing him because. Right now I'm seen as that this team is desperate. Ghetto land that's why they're bringing him back so quick and obviously he's got that as everyone calls it. Kobe mentality Pullman you know and and he he he dropped the tunnel man this week they're only there had always saying area. Now and let's so I'm it's a total desperation move to bring him back and I am just. Hoping that this offensive line is does this last game. Both sides of the ball started in the trenches they just weren't uncle Leo Mac was a non factor in the passing game. And having pressures no but I Q here's the deal that was very interesting I guess so the raiders consent around whatsoever usable Hillary as the ravens' rush for a 143 yards last week. When they have just. Buck Allen and now outs cones as the index which is ridiculous. Go and one thing to a last night I was out there is a guy who showed me. EU was like. He he Shoney's is NFL player that he practices Irish dancing. In order to help with his feet now tone and I'm like who Gaines is layouts Collins op. Am like in turnovers and suspect. Ray and then and so maybe how actors had status help the men are shown she Hillary's in my objects. Yeah so right now that's a pesticide that is one bring not that tired and sweet man that is those type of play you know again you as soon we'll know tonight that was a well. Executed play but those the types weird to slide. Went on nick Boyle on the opening drive took a tidy and sweep it for a touchdown it seems to me. That the raiders. Defensively. Our host our lawns Matthew fox. And so well. They always. The opposing team's offensive corners. Always have their best days against the raiders and it seems that it always seems that they eventually get the likes their out of the box thinking this with a get so creative. You saw last week when the ravens with Marty morenge morning wing as a coordinator did a tie and sweep you saw with the Redskins in week three were Chris Thompson. Was. Although it was new uses a scat back in. In the receiving game very much. Last year. The Atlanta Falcons started their offensive explosion against the raiders because Kyle Shanahan knows first game he went to no huddle. Aka and it worked against the raiders and that's where it took off from there. It always seems that the raiders. Are the Guinea pig for every office of coordinators new game and it works to a team that's. Terrifying considering the chargers yes haven't had an offensive burst really so far as well you know what. Here there they have I mean you sell or there was came back it's never broncos' week one. The politically weak to think they you have Melvin Gordon two yes very very they should beat the Miami Dolphins I don't know what happened there. Than they play then they they've actually it's pretty good teams into the Eagles play the chiefs in the they beat the new giants who were to star in. In taking note at this point ticker kind of blew it for them to period. Exactly and again they expect that she could add three victories at the ticker came through now. But arm. That's a scary proposition I think about now and I don't think how the raiders of anybody on defense right now they can and contain the chargers offense so where you like me yesterday when a car bombing got released saying that the raiders need to be on phone with his agent right now as soon as I absolutely absolutely my YR de LA I said that before the season started me on it yet well I mean the whole thing with Bowman is probably does this mean do with the raiders but I feel like since they basically said that. Hey you're on the down slope and he's like now I'm on the ups I'm still I'm still at the top of my game you know am I think that he left with a little bit assault in his mouth and then he maybe wants to go to a team. That is gonna play them eventually this season and he wants to take its own. But that's as I mean that's just me. And by I am why when you wanna go to the raiders and terms of just what he's need I mean he's a complete ease in need. They will they'd put him in a role where that he wants say they were kind of putting him in like a limited role I guess what the niners they were really make them they're trying to make you know ruined Foster kind of the leader of that defense yet happened armament of the side. And I are all automatically Navarro Bowman would be the leader of this line backing core for sure I'll definitely get to this team of deathly zero. And any mark Kelly's been OK he's actually make a run defender the last couple weeks but. I mean with his ankle injury don't know when he's coming back but I think my Navarro Bowman. Is not who used to be whatsoever is not who used to be but he's better than he options are haters I I agree but just yet but he would SP primarily first and second down run defense and total EEU it over the same role he had and and but the 49ers. He the first first and second down is there third down your often feel as we we torn the cover. And worst case she'd be heard a slot. Or Nick Roach of those order. Well Nick Roach just in state house in Accra was actually coming days NC health his his career and quickly because of a portion discussion you know. Christine yet Curtis Lofton or yeah I mean I've got worse in on and off and all I remember yeah I remember the raiders always going for the aging veteran middle linebacker but I mean we need right now. And you know Nicholas morrow group good little player of that right now put down these canal plus the long run I mean. Melvin Gordon I think we'll have a field day against the raiders defense and I understand it in the end I hope they win. But I think is gonna be shootout because. There's nobody on defense decides who will match. I mean the defensive line I think the raiders has been all right the season these cute quarterback a lot more. And the chargers offensive line is not great. Luckily there. I mean at the same time I say that Europe. The raiders and anybody on defense team chargers I think that the charges depending on deepest team the raiders. This is it is very equal team right now despite the records are very equal team in the fact that. The raiders strongest point on defense as a defensive line and I think that's the same with the chargers. And I'll give a shout out to attack was. On the athletic he does you know these random and we articles at yet and he get a whole thing about Amare Cooper in why Amare Cooper could've basically won the game for them. Paddy Jamie annual. Reggie Geary got his reads and to his progression are never in red blitzes I mean one of those who have the big blitz on them was when they brought in two safeties you know mailing had dealing had June Rashard to block Rashard you know he did is as he did as a Simon. Is that even at the turn yes it is a sign it and people he blocked his man. But the other guy came out of nowhere that's what that's where the quarterback has got to make his reads and got Delilah yell or run in the ball here not to passes no way but on and that's the difference that Garrett will make you act and and you saw multiple times they'd have all out linebacker blitzes and Cooper will be open from the slot right over the middle. And there is not an end in and sound and there's another time where he would just have rely on Crabtree the entire time who had a good game who's who you know. Who was serviceable at least in our level EG mainly because the last couple weeks mare has proven he can catch the ball football that's true so I I've I. I think I think the difference this week is eagle in the same game plan. Many get a little more creative with use and marring the slide or. Using otherwise are running backs don't understand why would we don't why don't we use the running backs in the receiving game. DR Andre Jim and are great receivers in the backfield they're there they're terrific and open Phelan a Getty and I mean they they can shoot out they went there one outlawed the defender man they're gonna win pretty I don't would be at a did you do that a lot more if you know all of them Arian and and crap and I do well we need to go to the rematch limelight last year there are games where they were held in check. And I wants to there was a gay marriage amaze Allah while it was a leading receiver against the Texans are forcefully Jimmy's will be out. Tomorrow at stake at his big so we'll have to run I guess with three tight ends if you wanna have that I formation again with Lee Smith but a I I I understand what ten wins saying where the game to do more with Samari Cooper I thought EJ Manuel played all right. I mean this thing is at least. I do have faith that as a back up he definitely I mean maybe not start a full game and win at form you can at least come in and the I was at Virginia and he would at least coming in the second half and contribute and you know it is at least throw the ball downfield as he's at least got an arm when he wants to throw a media it's all when he. You know as full potential he can really sling it and sometimes he can't just straight that's as long as you socialist as long as he learns how to use his eyes and not stirred and. His receivers at the EJ Manuel will be a good backup for the raiders but I fortunately wasn't that wasn't enough to get the win but the raiders could've won the game I believed. When it was 858 left in the game. And it's fourth and three on the ravens' 44 yard line. And Jack Del Rio chose not to go for. Brad and I am baffled why denied the rays are down by ten that point it was 27 to seventeen. If you pick up that first Downey to get if you hold your right back in the game and that puts the pressure back on the defense. And unfortunately the defense I mean that is that point by. You Jack in the past whose can't afford. On fourth and one is called for an on two in New Orleans school of running he. Fake punt with Marquette keying on fourth and eleven against the Broncos yet what was I mean now is still profits aired two general political outcry the worst play call of the season in all honesty in that in the kind of reminded in all honesty you analysts say that I thought. They did you ever play like long time ago where. We granny for a few local fake where. Shane Lechler was gonna flip the ball to. It is Sebastian Janikowski is there room for the first. I can't remember that but I really I was off I I I remember watching it was against the chiefs and the chiefs knew was coming. And they blew it right up and scored touchdowns but as John underdog all the beavis butt. Answers as they call and he said that on Monday night folk art broadcast when the raiders are playing knees like minds and island Lechler. These guys. Some but you know I. Think about it it quotes a district another seventy odd that. When mark corporate jets say lark they were just said let's mark with Shane -- would just be laughed and don't. If if if got a good and what and only the size of when I miss those to. Now there again they were well let's see that's on the team is there but now we got shorter how much longer. Yeah I mean charges could he checked me ha. And having hard wire that we we went off track here. Bush well I went up toward it would it would or to reject Hillary though it's not going forward on fourth I mean it must just in cold feet man and now and not thinking in the moment you mean you got to keep you keep on with that sort of thing I think. I think in the game I think Jack does or lean. Know how to adjust to a game to be honest he goes in with a mindset before a game starts as a mean ought to apply. Changes because. He has confidence is defense right there yet the thing about the fact that a quarry James. And mark Kelly are not on the field so how the hell either stop the running game I think it's become pretty clear that. Tell Rios not like. He needs to it coordinators around him and guys like Ken Norton junior and me not now not exactly benefits for having having a too lightly Ken Ken Norton's on his second your surge here. This is thirty years or your right engine is only his third here's their defense that coordinator after come back from outlook in the linebackers coach over in Seattle writes or time defensive coordinator in a first time Todd and her first time. Our offense coordinator in Todd downing you know it's not like. Where you're sitting there at the rams where they got Wade Phillips is a defense of coordinator and shot me today. If you sit down while the defense has to work as Wade Phillips taking care of all you know so I mean maybe. At we didn't know I mean maybe jacked arias is one of those head coaches that really needs an experience coordinator aside him. It's kind of too late for that now Adler pile on the first and third year or maybe I'm on this in army be object or is not the coach for generators. Or. I think. Out thing is Mandy we don't know that yet I am I mean that's just that's just overreaction. In I think that's just overreact he also has built a culture for this team and notes don't definitely play out so it sort of Mark Jackson. Rat. Area I'm just saying I think has been so I've heard this a lot lot of callers actually bring this up now in are well agree with all of credit that is the first two people lie I made her brings so it was a hit and cough. They they compared jet to Rio to Mark Jackson. I think there's truth to that obviously because I think in the end Jack get this team to twelve before we saw. By and obviously you don't injuries have screwed things up last year and this year. By. In the end when he goes up against the bill Belichick's team you read the Jim Harbaugh has. He's gonna get out coached and you know it's very scary the fact that it's hard to find. Steve's career to go wrong with that mark Jack yeah you don't know I'm in the rough for army and she lets you wanna bring Tony Romo out of the product stacks of as a coach. I'm just it that talent that timeout. He's an awful lately about round. He's been awfully just been kind of know he's he's he's toned it down one while he's toned it down needs he's guessing a lot of her wrong play is really yes he is Romanian maybe the office corridors is changing things up it is now. He flew him yeah yeah Q Tony on its news. But and now man I mean like Ajax coach for now I'm run and win them but. He's got a contract to. He did take this team from the depths of hell from three in thirteen to seven and nine and twelve Ford to what happens this season and other expectations. So Jennings show how good a coach he is not only is this a must win this week it's it's a must win next week against the chiefs. Bottom line this team is kicked your ass ever since you've been coached this team. Jet surreal to beat the chiefs and dirt cars rookie year that was to Esperanto. So Jack Del Rio was aware of four against injuries as a as cutesy chief. Yeah that's accurately and I bet you his record against they are planning with when he was in Denver defense creator in Denver. Probably with a blanket against she's either. All. Actually well actually the Broncos all of them at the Manning. But. Start them. Now. The thing is you'd like it just so hard. Criticize checked it seems like I know I'm probably in the easily amply you know what as last week I was like well gently. Just some balls there in the past we have one on there. And and I know like that in the does lose the game analyst the first two you know the first opening drive of the game. So opt in and cherry Coke who by the way has not. With the expectations in my book. And still dropping passes and I mean at least injured cook yourself a one play last year via that great play by Aaron Rodgers throwing him. Is the reason we signed him there's a reason Richard cook's accounts ground Aaron Rodgers god. He is Aaron Rodgers. It's. Not a he makes players around him better and Derrick has that kind of 52. But and the same time these players need to step up awesome in how is it. It's the offensive line is gonna have their hands full this Sunday ride aboard against probably that the best pass rush do oh. With Melvin Ingram and Julie bios. And down. And guys that his game up he campy fun with the fame now in the parking lot after games he's got to be focused on blocking opening Majoli boasts a missile off its line. Needs to step their game this and his team will not succeed. If they're from the same with the deal on two men you don't wanna give Philip Rivers time you know Flacco did actually very good job at getting the ball out there and not yet pressure and the and the goal this year the article this week. Absolutely needs to be the raiders get the first interception season. They have not got sad is it's extremely says that's that's yeah they they definitely an inning and who's doing it. Not Mac yet match your Donna's not locked into that door on and cheered him. All shocked when Roger Cooper is he coming in which is Rupert. And Stuart Schweigert. So the great white safeties in the and raider history. It's. You know it's a who's right now TJ Cary. Guess that's the only guy can rely on to see only enemies the only and a secondary was has Karl just like there on right now yeah and Carl Joseph nannies and I even targeted all that much she's more of a run blocking safety and exactly so it was so calm I mean you know after last who're gonna we are starting linebackers. With Lee out I mean browser for Egypt Iran and strike against each Hauser. And I mean look. Did he mean happy that he's on some spots in but. James houses up to date they've had this thing go on the raiders stock on the light from the NF media NFL life of James Houser. Much like a football life on NFL network for all those they've Holloway regimes calendars for James K Houser also ask you actually speaks Chinese its influence on it and in Chinese is actually very impressive yes acts I'm not sure if it's Mandarin or Cantonese I'm not sure it's one attitude in Chinese is not technically language it's Mandarin or or Cantonese to close knowledge by and Dallas and knowing is half the battle other. Thing G. Today show at all clue Mac in preserving on the sidelines for the first set it down place now. Okay did you notice that last week now what. I guess maybe was that I was a little. Inebriated to analysts is tough time wishing to do that yet games are gonna be alerted to stats yeah Craig after I was an idea bar. You know now so in others with geo location and tell them our tock in somewhere in the Concord Pleasant Hill area to leak of the name of the bar. Jack's. Anna is a beautiful place and snacks and a nice mid island mine and a lot of the time and and panday and actually. I have managed to catch like. I think I got there maybe halfway through the first quarter as like assi was there they already don't fortunate GAAP and so I was there when they are now fourteen and outs and then you know obviously. Watching in an out and seeing Crabtree make the caption in an Indians announced okay at a shot but I wasn't noticing Cleo Mac. And embers are what wears well an app so service nonexistent viola yet where's he had so I noticed. And more great point this out. The first mostly in the second half. First second down. The majority of this and a I guess an attempt to. It's beefing up the defensive line stop the run. Colonial Mac and bruiser who run off the field is navy just to get them some rest. And you know let them go after 76 sic the dogs on John Joseph Flacco on third down Baja. As kind of alarming. I am Bruce. I guess is that battling injuries while he's gonna suit up tomorrow. Right now were where only hoping linebackers preserving. So me I mean like. Who not exactly the legion of boom here's what I would do tomorrow. I took blue Mac and outside linebacker. I love and I would put Bruce Irvin in Iowa put Corey James of he's healthy and middle. And I would have Mario Edwards. Also who's in who's got suspended. And seriously and yet to areas like important suspension Jesus TDs. While I would have him on the offensive line to good. As I can happen well I mean I guess who go Mario Edwards see a lot of Hauser man. Hauser is Canadian output cows are on a defensive end for the game I would put Hauser. I would. Mario Edwards at which just Nellis and put eco watchers. Mr. stern offensive line not great pride you need linebackers in this game. Oh well unfortunately Coolio Mac one thing they have done is. Sort of isolated and to just appear pass rusher this season whereas last season or Joplin back in coverage and it wasn't working out too well now and I think he needs to deal with the field on some of these lately in any pulling little even middle. Do little you know to get bullets that are you know this goes back early in Russia signed Navarro Bowman right now yeah I mean every it's too late probably at this point. Deceive in sign him and get them on the field by tomorrow. Well if they broadening yesterday when he cut it could have been done it by knows no win now Navarro Bowman's playing tomorrow. But I would not be surprised if we welcome Monday and found out there tomorrow Bowman's top generators and we could deal. And it's that beat. Solid man and I mean. They just need and I know I lost to the charges be the worst thing. Of all time I'll last they the only the only one by three in both games blasters. That was when. Quote unquote the raiders were good. Yeah so. It's going to be tough rivers always seems to have that sort of game I was rendered. But again candy they got to get pressure on days they can't do Philip Rivers that they deadly to pick. And man I just wanna see rivers on the sideline yelling at every single one of his players was that angry face he makes this is terrible for podcast but this face. He makes this one hours eyebrows go up immensely and he's yelling at everybody I can't stand developers really. I respect his game that I guide. Is the way he talks a quarterback the way you like him Jake at least to get into it that when Jake is on the Broncos. I reached the rivers would ego talk crap to the the fans. Hands. All big Philly style on the epic Phillies now and remember you talk about FX. One with Philip Rivers we talk to blow run on clean. He was a reader Rondo you know. O role Rolando look at the way I mean he was it was it was time to straight shooter yet. And smiling in his noxious to make Philip Rivers signal that Ron Maclean now. Is that your blitz. That's that's a bad blitz man fats are bad it's even it's good blitz it's just it's trash man's trash well he's kind of like ram monger in menu lot of money your team but you'd hate if he was on the opposite team he's on your rival. You aren't completely hate him but you watermark your team if you can happen in who the hell's gonna cover hunter Henry tomorrow. No idea. No idea man I think it's gonna be issued out I really don't see anyway the raiders it's not this team is an MBA it's going to be a college game it's going to be like or again verses. I don't know any organ sound of the third string quarterback right now are that I'm ninth and attention account for policy of our nose at Oregon has known and never have any defense at all so he. So pretty much it's just like watching that it's going to be like watching those kind of games where it's just like straight. Offense bomb downfield bomb now on the field and you just hope the raiders on that's how it can get well here's the deals is nonexistent and the chargers defense. Just that that's a Baxter's much depleted as the raiders. With. Jason Barreto Oakland native out for the season. And now operators need to pick apart his defense. Things have been like last year we had a game in Oakland where there was a shootout and it took the bad snap. Of panel the holder but Josh and oh. In a chance tied the game now so the raiders got away with two victories last year with against the sea Indian pitchers back and and the raiders. And the last healthy gain of Deere cart last season was against pitchers in the clinched a playoff birth. So. It's tough to. It's it's not to be easy is not going to be easy it's not be a blowout. Is going to be a nail biter. It's just crazy tested being at this point in the season you'd expect them as being like. Being how the charge here and seen how the chargers played. And missed. Hoping raiders would have played you you would just think. Is this going to be a walk in the park for them this is it's like almost not not nearly powerless against the jets before and by damn near close to that words just like they need yet that swing. Almost double digits. So again it's kind of sad man and and again on against the chiefs Thursday night. I mean debt you got quick turnaround got to get away and here you gotta get a win because I I don't think they can beat chiefs. Personally I think the cheats or wait you are right now. So I think if they lose this game and again it was an on and it'll be straight five straight losses that's pretty much the season overly itself. They'd need to add this is a muscle and India and it is a bustling to death and my plan and and I think cart knows that hopefully car. I mean that's it I think his car's back and it's a good thing but at same time he hasn't been playing with the most confidence only has he and I think lately I think coming back to Oakland. And play against. A team that he's had success in the past. On the back to his rookie year Deere cart through four touchdowns against the the charges first deep in his first game visitors. I would say just straight come out fired and just like to play action bomb Lamar Cooper I saw how that what we saw how that winning answer Redskins start you know what he got a chance and got to take a chance. Risky for the biscuit yesterday chance on me eaten. You know I'm I'm of the firm Marc Cooper every big game twos so. We broke it down I mean. Well we've broken it down as much as we can break it down is in such as well you know it's such a snag you are you really wanna break down anymore and they know that Gordon. He is going to be who we can be huge factor in the passing game in the running game so. If we had troubles it's Kristiansen we're gonna have a bad day against known warning to. Completely and and they haven't faced any running any running backs that are anywhere near Melvin Gordon's levels so far and they edit titans and had DeMarco Murray but he was a non factor you know your Jackie your X era and Redskins again to you know Chris Thompson not in fat rob on the team he wasn't implant but that's. That's all they had in an what did jets who who'd they ran out there I can McGwire. Even know who is wondering that. All smaller yet local is that is that how do you pronounce his name rhyming name blah Opel but Walpole yeah. Does that itself I'll love las vote problem problem and an. Are from Denver Agassi's Anderson would be once he Ayers it's the closest got to get islanders generators that thing is a raiders have individual running backs to under a hundred yards but collectively as teams. They have hard times step in the right and so and this offensive line has got to open up some holes from marsh on there there is now. And owns a simple as that may well the good news is the chargers have the worst run defense is only so area actually the game plan and they also don't have great secondary to use of this. This will be issued I am. I'm hoping at least it's not. I mean well I mean I'm I'm right I season I'm hoping I waive it into the day I'm not I'm actually hoping it's a blowout for the raiders. But I don't believe that whatsoever on this defense can hold them and I mean we got that about next week with the chiefs of trigger when we do that pocket next week to. In the meantime can you try to find this drop of just supports an A if you can go charges go low shot shows drawl. A I think if the bloodiest probably demand guy and he you know what's the irony of that drop out of I don't know the origin I don't know pesos so that's back when Arnold was there. Bradley ten years ago aka and they were having debate there'll governor yes yes governor use. Deaf man isn't. He was the govern Haiti wasn't the mayor you don't put stuck it to political positions anymore right well that's that's understandable but I like continue. And I ten years ago the charge Richie on the Houston Texans. And that game was talked about whether or not they were going to move that team because of wildfires Diego. Low probably what we'll probably will actually yet they they moved them. I think they they they gave me that was different in -- 2003 within move the money ninth game against the chargers and dolphins to Arizona Arizona idea and I move from right over there yet but there was a there was a team from 2007 with the rate with the chargers would play the Texans. And the whole week they're talking about moving Nanking to in the and they stayed in San Diego and they had he given eater come out and go grow charges coal. And once and throw Ellison charters to the text he tries so hard. Jim can we can just say football. What is going on in this league man with boy it just. Everything and like all these expectations going into the season great expectations. Like. So our address of ego and let's go and none of them. It like none of these like you know. It. It's is it the jets are. What three in general is ever since Marshawn Lynch dance on the sidelines the raiders have a three game losing streak in the jets have a three game with extract all the sudden the Eagles are probably why everyone's talking about after one game is like the best team in the NFC outlets pumping breaks available pump the brakes hot. And then. And what what else and it what else is happening right now there's a lot so honored as everything well I mean. Like you I mean besides the chief generally have a dominant team I mean they're they're they're some good teams in the CME the Packers. Come out and they've had impressive wins against the the cowboys. Positive in the seasoning they they beat the bears on Thursday night I mean games like that once they came back pats. Now that although the patriots I mean honestly I think that there. Their expectations were so big and I think there actually. Kind of now living up to them there are 32 at this point of their defense Sox immensely their defense is worst of the raiders' defense out yet and they got big problems over there onion like. The point is the AFC is up for grabs this season wasted no I mean we thought before the season it was us. The real patriots but she's in the steelers' Ben Roethlisberger goes down throws five picks it's the jaguars. The jaguars a contender in the UC right now actually. I mean right now name and it actually if the jags to pick up quarterback. Anyway litter anyone besides Blake portals date they actually are contenders as quickly Orioles are back nine of that event either defense wins championships. Violently or lose your quarterback. That's not true. Now I'm on I'm insanely yes like right now the the NFL itself is up for grabs besides like. It's hard to believe the chiefs with Alex Smith at quarterback. The most dominant team the NFL execs it's hard to believe but I still to lake and Alex Smith is having. Meaning years past that she's been good about who's been okay like deacon and Duncan this year he's been in the league quarterback he right now he's my MVP. Yeah yet and Adam maybe. I guess you know with that being all said from here on now. Maybe the raiders do you have a little bit oh. You know made what is the thing would reportedly see what at the sheets falloff you know what that she stopped just going honest hair and it's just like. First third of the season type a thing where they're just like a degree for you know I mean I just think with what's happened so far I just think. It's so unpredictable. That India and the raiders is. They gaze out right need to win the rest retained its it's just disappointing with the fact that the patriots are living up to where we thought they were going to be. And it's surprising look at the chiefs are at the same time I thought the raiders should beams they connect with them what she's a five and Allen of the readership but for one at this point right but it lasts. They're not. And it lost three grown and a kind of pissed about it but. They have this one. The most win the masters one from just. Okay has indicated an attendance has posted the thank you acting too. By the way the that the Indians winning in the same style as he has to Albany's kind of warm. Mean losing it seems I mean sorry losing its and that kind of it's like garlic Schroder auto industry it showed that he mainly mainly Asia win twenty games around the you know. Anyway we're stereo up to baseball. All right Stephen what's in this crapshoot oh yes services and depressed and I I want us to have that could a positive show next week going into the chief Keeneland Ezra the record that pretty early in the week. What authors in Yankee game for that an incentive for you. Yet human Aaronson. Article us wanting Solomon. We we keep you would tearing them and if opal was amendment football titans colts this week. Titans calls it 00 wait wait wait wait wait quarterback match up. Jacoby percent. Matt Cassel. Ha ha we thought and we we we don't know that yet to actually just listed Marriott as questionable. You know is crazy thing. Eric in area again this week. Yeah last year Christmas yeah that's pretty wild. It's wild. East then will there a couple of wild and crazy it. Josh that's the irony. Podcasting's light up man is going to be ready when a baby within the minutia but shooters aboard. Low man out or it's actually meet tonight as a matter you know I am watching Danny Glover. Now he's in the yeah Danny Glover in announcing into old little bit and then apparently knocked out and then on. Here's all the I had talked about openings dealers like it's as a means to. That opening what was funny is in that saves scene they locked up there with SUV like a suburban you know one of those nice kind of newer suburban is that government officials driver around and yet as. Mark Robert marks up like a split vote and he liked me as happy as nice Angela picture of that and then like. Committees it takes a pitcher Felix steps back pretty far from the car and takes a picture and later on like the guys that are driving the cargo to see what he did. Took a picture easily yeah agent care about it and he wanted the plates. And it's like yeah he was training count drops. And it literally had nothing it just meant nothing he could use that picture at all. It throughout the movie alive I was easily exposition there is that you have to Muster any use that debate is used as the little. The build out Mark Wahlberg is the trees the military guy again I don't think when I watched that movie that's why like it's Selma sometimes and you watch news that the absolutely big trouble little China that's another. Now Kurt Russell for a friendly with a music on the violent densely dislike them match point break. I would beat speeds the king of the one that's like really funny don't donors nominal speed screamed I'm sorry am I haven't seen speed. But I should. You know and split much similar and he Nicolas Cage movie you can think of Arizona except for national treasury definitely a face are you gotta think. And all his face after a ma yet faceoff or Connors a great Anita PH for oh but if you wanna laugh. If there's one called next. Which is Nicolas Cage plays magician. Funniest movie I think I've ever seen in my life there's one where it shows music shop bodies of their overseas there will be blood. Funniest movie you've ever seen Isner will be blood what kind of comedy here. Just because affected due Andy Lewis is so serious movie to the fact where. Seasonal and he's with his son H I. Travel to be. The just as ridiculous things like that there's a scene where his weren't accused apps in Athens at those. He doing. Additional features. Just percent. Speech. That the departures. At you. Elegantly when guys like. He's. That game and we need more we were drainage what I have. Read. Shape so I don't. AG and I buried usually beats with a base a bulletin. Remove a massive and watch. I was at this condone the sequel than me there will be more. Let. Man. That was amazing. Frank. I gotta give you props for that is I was really. Okay and it writes that actually have fact that these are highlights like to go off track and kind of sad and egged it and edit that out of the pockets you know like it's much and keep it yeah we we can edit whenever yet ought to edits of hookers towards a lift lines one but. Missed it let's just because you know word down in the dumps right now because Ritter's last three wrote up this week. Stevens tight it's prediction time. And as every week I think it would be able to pick the raiders lose once and this this podcast I don't think I'm ever gonna pick them Lewis. Except for maybe institutes so I I haven't I went to I haven't aren't asking is if your prediction for this week to the raiders had to petition gained I'm gunning goal Columbia say yes I think they are going to be the chargers and I do you think it is going to be a blow. Are not a blow a shoot out she's at Q and and I think. I'd put a number on it. I am gonna go. Thirty Fuller. 221 so accident yet and it's a while thirteen points. I hope that's the case Steven but I'm not as positive as you want what do the raiders to win but it's going to be closer game on to say thirty to 27 injured in good old boy Giorgio well guess who gets the game winning field goal in the end. And down because Giorgio has been tested in pressure situations yet. This is grow well actually he can. That was much pressure that ours is well on we have the lead at that point so I'm saying at this at some point in the game will be tied in Giorgio will give the scheme field goal. Stephen who are you looking to step up Yugo first all of us Channing Tatum. His wife on them about you whose life I don't know her name she's in stepped up. So that's open up in the yes opened up as you want user views step up to use it to him I don't know step up to just step the first one. Or something. Anyway that it does he dance he does stance got some man. Anyway. Aaron for example. Mark Cooper. Mark Cooper's. Means huge game from glory Coopers to have. Two touchdowns one of which is long and fifty yards I'm looking for air card come and I'm I'm looking for him coming out right now that in short bright I'm not I'm not nervous and Eric Carr I'm not nervous about on this and I think he's got to step up I think he's gonna throw three touchdowns to maybe two Marc Cooper possibly. And things have at least 300 yards sterling. And I think. That is completion percentage is going to be somewhere and maybe sixty to 70% range which isn't terrible so looking for him an app lets go for a sixty good for him that his biggest games so far of the season which she hasn't had really so. It's it will mean week two against the jets against the jets that's true details about it running game and he and I mean like yes we have we haven't seen your car have like game. And he Agassi 300. Louis three touchdown and the guys in the trenches get it done. Just as nasty boys nasty bullets and get it done. In now threat they're capable of dealing which we all know they can't which they all we are now starting. By the time we have this podcast next wants to be good spirits and Aniston moderator victory let there Somalis and it's here it's my friend. On them you know me regardless whether or not the raiders win or lose will be talking about shooter was podcast she had to Hampshire. Maybe have more there'll be blood may have there'll be more blunt the CI yen in gangs in New York left union maybe or not and I I can't do that voice and it you'll learn how to do that by that area. Com. All right so. Hopefully the raiders are 33 and extend his podcast and we are. Talking about the raiders getting ready for a short week against KC chiefs which will be tough but it's on this on this week resting on the Los Angeles chargers and hopefully get a win. Listen chew raiders' opening drive this Sunday but Chris Townsend and the Roman muscular injury for the game as the game. Well being Oakland tomorrow at 125. Connects to kick off his but he listened to raiders' opening drive at 11 o'clock on 957 in the game. Any can also listened to the game itself turning at 125. On 957 game KB LX. Or K fox as well as 957 games stream and all seek and listen to this podcast every week on 957 game dot com Steven any last. First score then we clown. So that's Al Davis Mike John and Greg Papa and Derek area that was my but that's my closing statement all right for Steve Langford. Under probably even listening to the raiders collection podcast.