RFP Episode 5

Derek Papa
Saturday, October 7th
Steven & Derek stay positve as the Raiders take on the Ravens with no Derek Carr.

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It's. Eight. Victory 201. Well everybody welcome to the raiders flagship podcast this is the week five edition of the show I'm when he posts. Dear Papa analyst joined by Steve Langford yes I'm right here. Yes and we are cute guy hard raider and lives in each and every week we will be giving you our analysis. Of the 2017. Oakland Raiders this is a podcast for the fans by the fans. That's again yes he. Stephen. I don't tell you that you had a bad two weeks what's the as a remedy for it. Fast food would be mine I personally went to Carl's junior. This isn't an endorsement but. That's just what I do that's what debts were actually dirt car went after I think it was his first win against the chiefs and fourteen. Yet according he went home with. An old show that was on our station and he said he got a Turkey burger. It's. Well I would say the best thing paper for Derek cards going it's going news Carl's junior I would say it's going home. And that's what the rears exactly did you after they got their asses kicked two weeks in a row. By the Washington Redskins and by the Denver Broncos each week's being only held to ten points. Well. Let's. They're not the same ass kicking them. You know how self will because let's be honest the defense against Denver wasn't terrible. They didn't give up 41. Points they gave what 6060 en us. But. In the end our offense is now look the same since the first two weeks of the season that I can't agree with yes this is true. And that's me because the offensive line is just not holding up the same anymore. These because the play calling is not very good from Todd downing. But whatever it is the raiders are staring at two into right now when we actually expect Nabil least 31 at this point. And now they're now they have fallen to third in the AFC west this me become a problem but Stephen. I'm glad they're doing this podcast later in the week on Friday actually a constant problem it's that of our normal. Studio at 957 the game because we no longer have free time during the day to record this podcast with the eighties season ending yes but to enter. In view will be gone to be playing on grass maybe that makes the difference there media will also all of our games will be played and finds it in the game now it helps but. I'm glad we're doing this podcast. Seriously Stephen fund what we're doing this podcast. The Friday before the raiders take on the Baltimore Ravens and as you've heard at this point your card it fractures his transverse. Bone in his back did he go. You really don't know. Is it of fractures because. We're probably getting it later well in the words of doctor Schwartz I mean you just don't now yes you know. So we'll find out if Derrick Carter. It's OK so here's the deal. I'm actually kind of mad about that that. Gain traction. Your your interview with doctor Elliott Schwartz Schwartz he had David chow on doctor David showdown against former NFL team doctors or break it down before hand looked on. This article where I saw that. This doctor tee doctor. To chapel that discusses the dinner cart prognosis and l.s like Lou that's probably for our show and it looked like now that's from pop this it's we have a little bit of the like all these. Am where's the beef exactly hits between exit there Bob. A no actual an oval you know whoever the doctor is the prognosis is the same even object resume. On TV is not what real life because he. Gave Derek Carr the diagnosis of back spasms and actually turns out that he. Fractured his trains verse. Back whenever he broke his back which happened. And now the they say that the recovery time now to six weeks. And deer car. Sounds like he mean please. Against the Baltimore Ravens now has pockets later in the week because at that time. I was down in the dumps. And Syria two in two while again Broncos a 31 and he's the chiefs art form now. But Steven there actually is no rain the pianist. It's night. That separates. Human. Well use of the rain in the tunnel is inside. Because is. Derek Karr. It sounds like is this schedule already girls at this week Prejean multiply quarterback the Oakland Raiders he will this weakening in the ball rate. Is the off the chance. It EJ Manuel may not start to your cars practice the last two days this being on Friday who practiced Thursday and Friday. He's moving around dance practice. And there is rumors going around now that your car is me it's wrong bush. To start. On Sunday it's bald Marines. I don't want that. I know it sounds weird but. Here via the and connect now this ravens run defense. Their bat. Yes I you know I know that. Because I took about twenty minutes today to look at the team's stats on apple dot com I'm glad you did yes and preparation you know damn right and the ravens were very low on that list they had. I think 150 plus yards given up on the ground per game so. I think. For right now. I mean I'm not gonna say the raiders of the deer carcass they always need there carbon insane this game probably more than others yes I mean they could survive without him possibly so. I think that I've written into the fact that he's like. Making progress already he's getting back to practice I think maybe just keeps app for one more week don't risk anything let them get back to. I mean what will he be yet. If he were to play this week would he be that 70% what it would be 80% I don't know I want about a hundred personally when he's playing because when he's been at a hundred before he got injured he won implant all that well. So I didn't think. That on the shoot sit him this week. EJ Manuel he proved he proved to me that he can at least be a serviceable back up maybe for one game even though we had. A quarter and a half and I know that they're not in use in the same way in this game because let's be honest he was just. You know sit in the pocket throwing downfield it's clearly not going to be like that that never is a backup quarterback comes in emerges. They needed to use in the last quarter and a half in a way that would possibly get them believes they are just let him throw downfield Clinton do an effort. But it I do think that. Yeah I mean I think the kid I think they can't survive with a EJ Manuel this week if there's going to be any one. I agree Steven unwelcome for about this. I'm also aroused but that's different reason. I am gonna say like that were either true that your. Ticket but I'm Rouse was just along the pocket. Of all the weeks not to play Derek aren't. You're right this may be the best one because is. At times as raven defense actually looks pretty good they look I mean it's hard to see the first week nucleus is any angles and it is in the fact that. Offerings across the board in the field and play well and that's what actions amount. You see the ravens were down in the first two weeks and on defense and get blown out by the jets would jaguars in London. And then lastly for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Now. Yes. This Hebron to aren't nearly in the week. You are the days when we had Jason Campbell quarterback. In 2011. Yes yes. And Jason Campbell was around here McFadden he was on the hue Jackson raiders actually did we leave us this is in the hurt the simpler. But we well we put. Did it. Jason Campbell got hurt broke his collarbone in the and we treated for your Carson Palmer thing went down. But. Who you think is a very quarterback. Jason Campbell or EJ Manuel. Want to put him because. At the time we had Jason Campbell the 2011. We move the ball pretty well and Jason Campbell to not have to do that much. And I personally think EG manual is a better quarterback Jason Campbell. It. So here here's my point. Is that EJ Manuel when he was in buffalo then I'll outline to work with it's not that great. He'd not have. When it's emotional close there yet. Ellis Watkins. Yeah it's locked. Out 2013 or you miss Watkins actually best season was as a rookie. An app benched by a and round for Kyle Orton 2000 and receive fifteen or two in his fourteenth season. But I would say that EJ Manuel has a better offense around him now is all the pieces of good offensive line mr. wise. Lou Russell let's get little credit. Gone back to Denver. I mean. He didn't look all that terrible. They didn't allow all that much of the inner well I mean he did allow a little bit of pressure on carbon meant he was getting kind of scared in the pocket a kind of more blame that on car last week. And I'm here okay okay they contain Von Miller I don't care what you said he met sacked just because Derek. Wolf the guy who told Tom Brady that he was gonna see his children one time at the line. He was holding on to Marshall Newhouse which went on to get the Saxony contained in any case you're listening last week those are my keys to the game. Was it true that they're wolf. I heard that yet but I mean it's not true obviously was trying to strike some theory in the. Arsenal beat Texas Campbell and he literally like once you know I'll rent part would vote to the line and he liked herb street. You don't want to hear literally said go look at the sound effects but. There will went to the line when Tom Brady was there and he's troops on the Cilic at. To hear that thanks there yet. There. There will populism in this you. Derrick will also does and we understand why people are not destiny the National Anthem that's another thing. So. Yes even with you the main point is that I feel comfortable at first. If you follow me on Twitter and I went in quietly waited for acts. Action and he wasn't there. My mind. If you your dog that that's my. Sit down. Yes the main point I'm making is that EJ Manuel as. Great tools around in right now. And Democrat he will play in this game. So. Classy that's true. Now I'm not to let let. More like crabs three. It. And skit actually good and and one I don't in my knowledge that. It. Here's the deal. So I feel comfortable with EJ Manuel playing in this game however. If he comes on improves the bed. I would not be opposed here are coming off the bench. And doing when he does. So I do that your card should be active for the game. Yet so here's what I would do how it's very EG. I think that I think it is couple years ago when he plead the Cleveland Browns. Going in the game Landry Jones did start to gain. But they were moved the ball that well and it took like two series might sound like OK then what's. And I don't want to be like that for at least for EG EG just throwing four picks the first category let's but it but. I never feel comfortable on a cook especially after last year play to buckle so. I would ago. With Jamie was during the game out of your car acted as the number two and TJ gets hurt. Or if he's not playing well in deer carcass off the bench. Yeah I mean I can agree with that and once and we're not bringing up to is this could be a game that could be one defensively. The defense could take over kids for one thing they're missing Marshall don't you want to want to Yond. I literally took the last humid the thing that not only that the yes thank you yes they're Daryn the Arab. A lot of pieces on the offensive line and the defense of lines so. Yes Joseph Flacco. It has bad problems. In he has a look at the season at all. This could be team Korea will Mac market which junior just. On Flacco. But. Your quarter. What Flacco. With certificate. This poll. It's holes. If you. Were. Sports. It's. I would not see how it's easily line Manning category. He he's in the line mechanic you ease in the Eli Manning category he got lucky place. Now he like Alec twice what I'm looking to oh one's polite but. With. All he was great but ever since it hasn't been up to suitable for. So. I think that this ravens the ravens offense has no running game speak of whatsoever. I think at their receivers aren't they should be better I mean they've been on paper this are pretty good idea Mike Wallace yeah Jimmy that one. And you have one the got a drafted as a player at all sharp hairy men. And they. You know will that they lost the eighty would head for the season. No one was one of the usage it's one thing sharpener analysis like this guy's going to be good but I'd really done by the way during the days of Kevin White verses in my Cooper draft. Yet. But let's bring in up to him recuperated now because in order for me EJ Manuel to play well the people around me to play well so. Marc Cooper well you in the last couple weeks but he. Ever since you drop those three passes Indians he is not done Jack. Program. The sentiments of there. This week because it's these pockets in the week would actually attempting to step is that the league has pockets and we got completely. I'll apologize the last pockets that it is extremely. And one more positive toward positive positive. Recess. We're back with. Your point and neighbors. Hillary. And noblest of that point who treaties do Sheila. Eaten in Sheila. You. Showed up and grow each year that you'll. You this area that. You're okay is it dollar fifty. Did hear an east to Michael Keegan. Well when. Some frozen piercings. You huge bargain. In my mind. You know on the pulpit. I'm gonna continue to look at the ravens' roster you. That you do that and you noticed that Britain Williams not playing on the defensive line. They're secondary isn't that great but that doesn't mean anything you Marc Cooper does not come to play. So mark the parties to be the guy we expected maybe he needs to be the number four. Overall. Draft pick he was. Marshawn Lynch. I don't know whether or not. If he's just age two orders using him way too much. My pop's great pretty much in the statement earlier in the week on the show that each viewing that he'd be equal carries he's intention to. So harsh on its and she only gets to the Audrey gets ten YGU. India -- have not gone down Carrey's that they users. And it's so that. Places where the rate can't predict it just feels like oh we're at least at the fullback position our pocket around this. Far it's it's chimneys or Wally on the on the field withhold. Once I. Put it true 188. He was. Perfectly. It. It was blitzing. It and they just didn't go back in your. Pocket error oversee every single play is what. We do you. It's ours. Should the power. That they normally do it was all good friends. With poppy. It's yes it by the way whenever we. Mean it's pretty obvious that we put quail Paris in the back field he's getting the Opel. Can we do like some jet sweeps across Europe Anderson. We do and India play action to put Paterson. Who we used to play action in general. And Todd downing. You because. That person. It and Todd downing he got schooled by it is the former OC of the open operators bill musgrave. Last week again. So. To our earnings he'll marketed with a play calling I don't know why we're not using GO Rashard or you country watched in in the passing game. They are good little scat backs that can use. Way more than he should be. And he'd be used more in the running game. I don't think all of these to be on the not Marshawn Lynch and that he needs to be all of gun rounds at the shock and Marcia was not a shock right now. He may have in Seattle please not that if that. I wanna give. Here's an idea honestly. I I would start in the assurance. That he would be the start. And when not in March on need means it'll. Third quarter fourth quarter we need to grind out some yards if we leave. Me be now march on the guy that gets the short yardage or the goal. I also think at least. A rugged situations where they can get favorable third down positions is good lord I felt like they were getting maybe four for the third and seven and every single to approach one of the war every single again there well yes you are yeah. Schuettler to rich when he for the last two weeks on third down. Well and they got some sort of you know records there. Yeah well that the biggest problem and it's just when you said that they get stopped at third and 1130 tan. And the lines that warming up it is an exit and that they've they've you know. I don't know what optimize them playing as well as they happen but look what the the Redskins did last month in its achieves the action that out pretty well. In the expand the raiders played against two good defensive lines the last two weeks. We absolutely did it. Age but it's not it's it's rare like the the last year we have not seen your current pulverized with either the last two weeks Brett and I. You know go back taxes. Blue monster yet. And he may he may have had the whole thing with him was a lot of Vanilla play calling Butler and and and I think though that he was a big reason for there aren't progressive last season is probably a big reason like I hate now. Because I look at it traversing the public this kid's improved. And the Mets have now so. I mean and I just wanna give bill must do a little bit of credit effort to your car. Is Dana and I mean this you don't need to get much credit when he was here with Oakland and I think that on the he's collector car with sodium. Jets to react under a minute town after that questionable. Third down on its candidacy last year but. Was in. Todd downing museum market with a plate calling. June maturity to be used more on it washing needs to be used Mort said Roberts he's been used more and more companies to show a lot crap she will be healthy. And then again Jerry critical a much onion urban dolphins the whole office in collectively needs to know PG many of the team to success. It luckily. I think this team they're playing this week with all tolerated in the news appoints this week I think the raiders to win this game. Nearly 2.3 sixteen it will close we will all return there route but it EJ Manuel does in the ball replace march. And even the raiders. It. I. You'd think they understand that. All's step up. Say that these athletes get complacent with what you use a little bit nervous and there's probably. Pressure. That. Sunday night games after that just like all the talk about the raiders. In shock. Oh. Still will all that's our line. Care. Redskins crap game this last game was terrible and continued. Applause. Com. Is the team. So. He always. Last year year. History. To see him. Sets. It. Up and out. Is actively you know maybe go out terrorism heads off. We're getting a call from. Bench job board operators and new Asia ala incidentally are. But yes so are. Oh OK then we're gonna podcast we'll call you back. As you legs that aren't like the jolly old style that he is yes. Yes very easy or in this studio. Band yeah. But. So based eighty puberty at that point. The rear. Sometimes the raiders. Have phase like lightning pace that the Tennessee Titans last three seasons as the thirty Euro they played in Baltimore Ravens. And the first year when their car quarterback when the political agreement you remember it was a week to gain. And the EU. Coming up eight terrible loss is still open the season as the Cincinnati Bengals and the and it shoot out against the Baltimore Ravens put your card through a touchdown pass to set rounds when. Then. Last year the raiders had a huge lead well actually I once a hugely but he had a pretty. Pretty good lead over the Baltimore Ravens and come back when 1928. Cents a despite the fact that we look confident. Against this team and has taken every bit of this offense or to win these games as they have one. On the last two seeds against Baltimore Ravens by total. Ottawa state five points. So this could be close game is a big deal byters Joseph Flacco does play well in Oakland. Let's see what happens but. Yes. EJ Manuel as quarterback do you feel confident against this particular team now the playing against each team's different story but. I would say yes as I said before he's human masters at gaming Maingear car package if you need. Just one thing if anyone like me. Had some sort like it just trying to find little quirks in this game they should be focusing on you know little quirk that look at that. Jeremy Maclin you know mostly. He did it against the raiders likely analogies the past couple seasons so I looked up its gains logged against the raiders the first season it's like fifteen yeah I was pretty but the second seasons sixteen he was too good so no once you're really worried about. We treated like Aziz ansari and apparently weren't you weren't at. All. Waits in the sense that it's on you're trying to elect disease that. I'll need a budget that did win of the season they did it. But no. Maclin taken by the wayward about Jeremy Maclin is a master of none really good show. Second season I can live with now offers he's really expectancies and c'mon at. That's just me c'mon you're hopeless romantic. Yeah. You bring up the raiders. You. You bring up there ravens receivers. And yesterday that going in and on laws they have Mike Mike Mike Wallace can be deep threats so. All. Well yes they really don't know check down receivers but. Camp the raiders secondary hold up against his hearing comes plan. John Smith no thank you. I. Don't he's playing he will he creates action sports breezy Sheehan injury. I. And then I don't know but dean hammers and with his concussion. So this sector could be depleted. Oh he's okay is he. But like we let's we gave him. Huge pleas on these very cute little scary the jump balls. The pass rush is going to be huge this weekend. That might be huge this weekend with whom acting entry are. Mario Edwards you know. The Eddie Eddie Eddie van it is feasible the backfield the running game just analysts looking good. This is the game the defensive line is that the defense in the raiders currently. And the first game they did play well offensively that's tied the game we kind of need willing to score thirty points misty to hold them to like sixteen points that should be enough this openers. Does the team mom how much Tony Romo is salivating over Mario Edwards. Like I think you sound his. I think that Tony Romo was watching the tape and that Jesus they're trying to find like this one kind of obscure name that's. You know and was meant to be good yeah obviously Edwards in the second round pick out of Florida State knowledge. And he how. But he was just so funny is it just started performing it is this like. Tony Romo is probably look at the film before hand that week it was like. I'm gonna watch out for this guy I hope he has a good game and if he does I am gonna continue to mention him like it's my job and. Constantly. On it is Smart guy he's it is. Going to be the latter but what he's trying to predict every timely with the line in my it was it is now actually. Oh yes okay so I don't and it's too much. But there's that football game at the Packers and bears Tony Romo could not shut the well. He. The jump from Thursday's it was ridiculous though he was talking nonstop on Thursday in his cocaine I wore off lights on. There are where. As well there's. There's. Scored. As. Reporter. In. Its but he. It. Amount to iron out. The all around. Cracking me up I couldn't stop laughing but I will say this for him. If I had one guy yes to kind of broadcast gains analysts unlikable that just brings a lot of emotion and actually meet seems like you lost a beat no I. I I like it IV. Rentals times but I intelligent answers like gain was pretty. I think there are times or let the that the game last night the patriots the Buccaneers to meet Ruble torn down again last night my pops. He went crazy last night but there's times were genetically. Like two in the NC anything in gyms that you predicts. You know that's double play. So anyway. Is is you know he's a pro in there is literally kind of I guess it's either there is an art of broadcasting and there is a certain sort of cadence that you that Jim Nantz is used to and it's like kind of an old school type of thing into notre ABBA he does he throws that rule book out on you know goes on and. Though it's it's it's Arnold it's a good matchup I think maybe Toni needs to be with a guy that's not his lake as. I don't know the proper word to describe Jim Nance gets very like you know hello friends and link that the collective Pat Summerall style of like just. Finally nearing a team and getting too much detail. He's a guy that. Arnold kind of guy he needs but he's a funny Goodman I shall. He's greatly greatly. Please. Gus Johnson. Does she can you imagine Gus Johnson would join your. Should you. Hole. It's. An impression peoples are. It's ET bit. At that real quick before we get that the raiders want to mention story. So. I meant my dad when I was with the attacks in Baghdad that. In Dallas when he was doing the things getting into generators in the cowboys. And Jim Nance was calling game with Phil sands. Looking up and down the field in the Jim Nance was planning goes. Hello nice to meet you and Leah is an answer to meet you I'm Derek and I'm Greg sending us all want to Eric Ramsey to join your father on this trip. So are you within Daughtry. And I said who. Doctor that thing and I was like oh. Our movement with them only one of the leasing was an American Idol do you watch American Idol. Alec. Currently addition hi how will create. This is only when I was a college. That users can now. I know it's and down and now. How sick and all I want is just 2013. So I was 2322. Now. Now Iowa is. I was tweeted as it was back. Yeah somewhere. In there. Somewhere where. He. Puts it really. Great. But. Notes than. We'll explain to me how that they use a doctor's amazing that when he has time for the Salvation Army should do little to and down. Yeah they're great and I'm all right long. You know wide economic achievement. You know all of them partnership that repent. Garrett. And walk to. Act as. I hope that your. House is currently open. To dealing tree. Just bust out because. That's at one point Italy currently airplane was like Derrick. Gibson Grunin and yeah. Turkish prison. You watched gladiator movies giver look around the gym in the bullies. And went. That's a raider football. So basically what we're saying is is at this should be a win for the raiders because it's actually north. This needs to be when it's a must win after two straight losses. You want these teams are going to be facing a three game losing streak or that the time that one ties so Torre get back division race we need. The market is on a bye this week we need the Houston Texans take care of business against against the chiefs incentive for all. And we get back in this AFC west race we go three into by beating the Baltimore Ravens at home. Do you think. A true believers especially this year and look at that he is and a. You. Look in active records now where they stand like that yet what there's there's two wins record. So I don't think. I mean normally people trying to make out these. Early season record low at this team starts out 04 they have a 12% chance of making the playoffs you know I think you can throw all that's about the award this season is this the also a man and the patriots. A. Terrible defense I don't think they're going to be sustained. Crop is given to you know continue to win them games man. Out of whack you say chemical present from feels about how Puerto Rico's constant thing is though it's. One with one to me it was a huge. Oh. Or. If you see today we use that political. Patrick announced Puerto Rico he's trying to do like for his way the political. And then there's there's political and then there's Puerto Rico its. So that there are about football so. She leads our liberal. To listen to your question. Ocean. That's what happens when you do pocket departed. I'm really. What you said earlier with the sing that rhymes with stress mounts. He said you were aroused earlier in the fact we're getting closer. I did not say that did you did you needed. To cater. Do you still want to give James. No I can get my pound key action thanks very much that's enough Rosen that is she's got a. All right it's not enough now it is sat strapped. Let's put this game Maury. And the keys to this team charter Marty Cooper show. Please. Marshawn Lynch show up let's. And and gloom that in mind what you hear it to Joseph Flacco let's bring their backup quarterback it right now. Oh. You can answer the words right out of malice there but. I do if I had to. If Ike is I don't wanna do my words they go home. Oh in room. Continued. Deep breath. Are yet. I think that. And yeah I mean you really named all the players but there's one guy who if I had pick like one guy who's gonna have a big game this week. You know I'm just gonna go out on the limb. I'm gonna say Jericho. The dude can't catch he had a detachable touch down the last because he just didn't happen Dixon and his arms but you know what. I think he's gonna have a great game you're absolutely no reason there's there's no analysis that's going into this there's there is nothing I just think Jared Cook is can. He came on its own bet. Before that my players who is in real quick that. Garrett Hartley has come back he is he's he's confidence because the last two weeks you think here. Lately he literally play it it's hard in his car after the you know say this dude is playing scare it's true he he was playing and he played again. The same time he a year older than me playing in the national football with the same. It just me all right so we actually grew over the same area and certainly in Texas. How much a part of it is out. Got what it is that gonna go to Carl's junior. This unit didn't jacket. Is there's weird inject in the commercial. He does well that commercial for god man should there car clubs met. 00. Movement at the movement. That. All right so Aung San is. I am I'm I'm. I'm confident that Derek. Carlin his confidence back and this is just the right time for him to do this. Take take the week off hopefully Gmail plays well you know the worry about it but this is the right stretch for three years get their groove back just like Stella so when you. Had the home game and is still got a group that remain moving. Her memory of the emperor's new groove in them hostile got a groove back. The house to the group that oh it's ultimately. What about waiting to exhale. These are movies that I've never seen its annual. Eager to shoot last. Skewed to the surrounded by what. All right let me point your car. Back in Rome regain his confidence when he comes back and hopefully as he beat this week. I Duke's comeback against the Los Angeles chargers who either went five at that point you school. I do OK so you picked a player to injure I've taken jail literature at this week. I don't expect to Mike I want to show up he needs to show so Marc Cooper. Needs to play well but the X-Factor needs to Biggio Reshard in the running game and in the receiving game as well. All right as far as scores that are earlier in the show on it EJ Manuel plays in the scheme in the goes right. To the raiders to win 2316. America. I think I'm gonna go. After much deliberation. Room. You know I can't believe it yourself I'm just feeling it this is just that gut instinct pop in my in my. Normally shaped cut your great Google today. What's your prediction 28 to. I'll take it for touchdown there maybe not all passing maybe just one pass but I think it three rushing touchdowns in total gun don'ts when he hates that team. Rose so kind of little. Eleven point win but. They'll work is. Back at home. It's hard to tell it's hard to. The others they're past the terrible again teams that looked up but also to air and that's who are there so the nation to undercut the game you know I think about that it would you have time to change your player I'm still here he's gonna get. Aaron Woodley definitely. All right seen anything else you wanna bring up we don't we don't against this week in and because grew amounts and our guest Bob up we got prediction that. We shop. Sort of that's true that's true call this show that's true that the that we quickly hung up on yet we did. It. Just. We. It make. You know it's a must live there. There's a needle in this game they will get back on track. Three straight home games. Could do great things this team you know example the ravens were will be maybe playing you win Lister team and we got a dictionary it's against the chiefs put time. To bring all that down in the coming weeks even realize points. England. Was. The and now let's get it down for the pitch. Or. It's. Just oh Jay Cutler I've got to tell. Totally massacre and the whole. Future. And I got it. Out there. Inject flick kick it at the you know let me because I think it's over Russian. They did show the Russian play calling and it was Russian. For Jon peoples touchdown which by the way he celebrated. Wait too much. But. And they had a Russian call or it's amazing. I think I'm well formed like I think it's great I think it is immerses us different types of cultured kind of brings us together. So I might away. Speaking you know vote for only which calls. You about the Los English or is getting locked out of their own radio Booth. In at the at the stuff moderator well what senator whenever Helena is what. There is the video there's a photo the Spanish language. Broadcast team. Could not get in the radio Booth the Los Angeles chargers broadcast and they were twenty and sleep on the here. So what. There was dead or my friend and I don't know I'm not the team itself. Idealists don't like it. There's also com. This is the same game. I don't know how I was listening to this com show audience at radio cards it and it meant he'd. But. They mention that Ryan Clark. Stuck in this ESPN the Portuguese radio news for like the pregame what these things in the case then. You just sit there like hello I'm doing here but I think that's pretty. This is. Insures. Hero to some answers but aren't Steven let's shed pounds of PF Chang's. And let's hopefully generators victory. And you know you wanna say I'm afraid as you know. Also lists. We. The pocket a little right it's great but. We. We V. Georgia. Which is her members in his kick. Remember there is one before the start. Shock. Which. The PG. Low. All right got to catch it's. Or. Any you know what this Sunday. When you little. Edu and yet to be easily no EVE jelly time. It's. Just. You know we know you've been anything else so you always be teams have diabetes or you know aren't aren't you as much. Needed to EV AJ this time PG EDJ. I. All right. Steve you are going in this and that. I will not come on when and it's very unfortunate. Just. Will will will read. All right our rectify it. Gravity and if we don't have time there all right hey if I want to come Washington with the boy I. I tend to lomb. You know I make some pretty long. IVRoots. You know TGI Friday's potato skins frozen that ushered out there. It. Our lessons you you raider game in the sending. And it will be on 957 to gain this week along with key Felix and keep Fox's pregame show finally. And I fives and the game with Bill Romanowski. And the one and only Chris Townsend and you peel moderator bill. This Sunday at 11 o'clock it will get you ready for the pregame show with great prop it can be making appearances and the always short jackets and I'm missing all. He's always Georgia it's an oil and always a little kind of on the Albert but. So listen you. Raiders' opening drive and get ready for the raider game this Sunday as a raiders take on the Baltimore Ravens and hopefully to read too. If you always listen generators lecture podcasts right here on 957 in the game duck congress to. Me. For me do it properly for Bob. The dog. This has been the reflection pocket blow.