Derek Papa
Friday, September 29th
Derek & Steven recap the Raiders lackluster performance on Sunday Night Football in Washington and preview the Week 4 division opener this Sunday in Denver! 

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Yeah did OK yeah yeah. I. I just denigrate me. It's time for the readers flagship podcast whole walls Alaska what does that mean what I think. Use Stephen Lang birdied ten different top five. This is weird. This'll be the first negative edition of the raiders flagship podcast is a strange I've. I don't know how to feel or stranger things. Stranger things and things to come outs in October. I rather just talk about movies or TV shows being honest absolutely so let's let's do with his pockets is about in this may be the first. Explicit to. Version the podcast so small children than those workers were no I'm not I'm not big on cursing of the I'm trying to practice this just in case so my Stephen but I'm trying to refrain from that it's horrid with Heath. And trying to right now the dog crap performance the raiders and on Sunday Night Football that's that's putting it lightly. Yes welcome to the fourth episode of the readers flagship podcast I'm when your host or pop and I'm always torn by Stephen Lankford as me we're too diehard raider France fans that work here and 957 the team and when it's going good we have fun and when it's going bad we're pissed. So I always have ignited by yes I know here's an unknown on stared at the day. Right now in the room now we're at so you know what I'm I'm happy but at the same time what we're about to discuss. Is not very tough he yes. NAND and nor start the raiders go into Washington. On senate football and they laid an anchor plans simple. They we're expected to win this game their affair by three. And now with the way their offense exploded in the second game against the jets in the way they played well on the first game I thought that this came. Was going to be a win not a simple win nine easy win but I thought this was going to be a win and in turn out to be any embarrassing performance on nationally televised audience. You're definitely not alone on that think. I'm actually going to be like I'm gonna put a status out here. 99%. Of raider fans probably top arrogantly neck and let's stat errors 1% there's those one person owners that probably hit that they were gonna win that Parker was gonna put did it didn't didn't Dan -- pick the Redskins doing that he did he did it low vs dips and did test quite quite a lead in that so old so gloomy and quote you know morning when navy he's a reason want laws also knew the reasons that why Kevin Durant. Also Pickering pop that they will win and now Greg has to do pushups in a Kevin are Dirk archers in. And and Kevin Durant to hold deal was that. Greg. Oh that was corrected the raiders would have been in the Redskins. Kevin Durant is a huge Redskins fan writes the Washington yes yes of the bell was. If the raiders prevail. That Kevin Durant would have given Greg a Jersey and if the Redskins prevails and the and Greg would have to give. Kevin Durant a Jersey and I only given mergers you can also do ten push ups and said Jersey. How disease affair with that well there warrior is a forty beating him up saying I'm great when he come by doing these push ups for Kevin so while we're on it would it's it's it's the warriors world the world is live in an apparent. Have you ever seen him do pushups before. My dad now he probably needs like that the low bar they have the chance now. But let's give back to the game in hand so the raiders. And sucked I'm not gonna put it lightly and I can go easy on them they sucked and wasn't so much they lost these got their ass kicked his the way that happened ride the raiders offensive lead to nine look good whatsoever to go from the highest scoring team with 71 points the first two weeks to just only putting up ten points and you were lucky to get those ten. With it because James cows or the quote recovered two fumbles deep in redskins' territory besides that I thought the raiders what do got shut out I'd think Derek Carr look good at all. I think a Maury Cooper. I don't know what the hell's going on with him this season I thought I'd since. And scaring everybody on his back in scoring the first session of the season he's looked terrible he dropped three touchdown passes. In the game against Tennessee. He is bracket covered in the second game against the jets not their fault them for that but after. It goes like this I think the way the warriors cern the raiders game will be dictated count the warriors they get off to a hot start that's how the game will go. And I thought with taking the ball first deferred the first three weeks of the season would it help the raiders. And it turns out and that I mean. What what they're trying to do on the first back to second play from scrimmage with a play action deep pass to Marc Cooper is to get a big play off the bat rack and when that big play turns to return our fee of eighteen and all the momentum goes to them. They get the ball then. They score get the ball and start the second half too so I think. What is the working for the raiders actually shot him in the foot on there's enough on some FO try to your point. In the last episode. Was that in order to you for the defense says take chances with blitzes and stated trying to Abacha schemes that would. You know create some sort of a pass rushing to put pressure on them. That is the hawks are off with the office would be predicated on how well the office started out in any given the defense momentum in the defense still played. Title like that they they took chances and unfortunately you sought on the like one of the first screen pass of the game they put it all out blitz on the third down. And it was just I mean Kirk cousins does too little done to Chris Thompson. In each got like however many yards out of felt like it was even knew it was only like 220 at that time but at that point you could tell they were just kind of lost. Eric Carr's first interception. That was an ugly throw one of the guys I was watching the game with he said it literally right off the bat its and elect its hand Mark Cooper was wide open and Dirk is kind of loft. It in they're kind of like coming up to their for the seat to come over picking off what it feels so much time or outfielder and then. Your cart don't look good and I knew I think Derrick is a great quarterback Arnold he's a leak yet. On use the last two national televised games he's played and he has looked terrible they Wear flustered I think I think nerves to gets a little yes he he played like he was playing is Kansas City Chiefs and sure enough. My father told the next day that the Redskins defensive game plan was pretty much the style of the chiefs so. It is any indication of how we play against the chiefs and that's not a good sign they barely run a fairly roster only 443. Man rush and touch the entire time yeah arrogant which is taking advantage. They they've made guys on the redskins' defense of line look like just. Premier pass rushers. Like 94 don't even know his name like he I haven't heard of him before hand and that's an indication on meet dining in the you know look at everybody on the defense Ryan Kerrigan usually great player. Had his had his way with the raiders. Josh Norman are always talking about as far as more recuperate Crabtree talking crap to him before the game during the game. I don't know when in the and he won he. Hit great corners have their way against the raiders receivers. And I know there are great duo. But they get shut down by some of the best corners in the week absolutely and it's hardly any way too much argument not gonna be no Easter now is to know exactly they have the best secondary in the league and the best defense in the league. And this team knows how to shut down the run I don't know how they lost to buffalo. But they kicked the crap out of Dallas. And you know at a loss to buffalo. What's that won't church ever Simien on rulers stupid little or not it's actually it you know what I totally take that back. Von Miller's. Awesome little campaign handshake fate that he did with Tyrod Taylor are both lapping but he got a penalty out of it. That scene on the score that's to detect penalty and like the penalty in all I'd like the way Detroit Lions game there's not a single and a person. Who watches NFL (%expletive) like that now is awful I don't even know I said that was stupid I had this one's no it was it was it was it was supposed to be honest what he did in and they just a flag on and so that's why they lost but back to the main point hand raiders lost in terrible fashion it is awful you know it was awful it reminded me a lot of that game against the rams are wanna say back in its won the I don't don't don't say that we lost 52 to nothing when eats well that's when he well when he thirteen. Not only fourteen was when he fourteen AL it was it was right after generators first win of the season when Derrick are one and Nash and national televised game against the Kansas City Chiefs Nina. Then the next week pages crap the bed right and lost 52 denies it urges are so like Kirk cousins is doing. It reminds me so much of what's on guilt. It's on until Jon no but just you know what you know what you actually are very right because if you remember who had a huge game inning game against for a after the rams. Stu Jackson you know Stephen Jackson wasn't on the ran that program is now it was raised amazingly trade Neeson answer I trainees in personnel makes. It's. Russell dale cell death easy is it wrong. Look at and so so different a different. Tre Mason and a huge gain in that in nineteen maps it is a huge game and gentry Neeson once they had any. Grade. We've all the talking about this week is like that's the guy you have to watch for Jordan reed out. That is the man you need to look out for sure and operators had no clue how to handle him on third downs on screen passes there's couple times. Third intends 39 teens seem deals like that Dovonte burka at third and eighteen lash a week and on and ball screen pass raiders. They get on third and longs get cash for huge gains. They get real complacent yes they they really wanna try interest and they think that. The date is have to update you feel like they have to sack the quarterback every time on this third in laws when they tell they really need to play zone. And try and cover every single receiver including the running back which they didn't they would run an all out blitz on third and long. And you do Reggie Nelson will be out of coverage and Chris Thompson would be open for a big gain it was really sad to watch. And then also course that he had to have the 01 bigs row where Johnson jocks and got out there and you know and he he made a spectacular catch. No you're right I mean he gestured last week you said that David Emerson is usually got a gives up the big passes and lately he has he gave up to two against Jimmy curse last week. He into the big one Corey Davis the first week and then. You saw just Dotson who hasn't done much in NFL. Snag a pass away from David hammers and Dave Ramsey should be ashamed of himself after have the way he performed against his former team. That's it that's our first he should be ashamed he should issue no I. The whole the whole team should be ashamed of themselves not so they have a dog crap. They are in and they know I think what the panel and it's so tough because there's so much talent and what I said last week. It felt like. No none of these raiders' offensive players and I have a bad game it always feels like whatever gonna break out that didn't happen when he did was maybe Jerry Cooke. Who had he led the blood the team with four receptions for 43 yards and I was even angry leading the team with four receptions and now on Marty Cooper and an. Exactly Mari Cooper Michael Crabtree combined for two catches. For thirteen yards that is abysmal. As absolutely abysmal this is why said that this off it does not as good as we think they are. And lesson last week that they. Impressed me bleak but that's let's face the facts are playing it's the jets in the end app Avery we want we didn't want thing that we we we we sat in the back arm that. It's it's just play the jets yes succeeded but we also wanted to be like no let's do this raiders out that's credit they're am good at. Well turns out that when you play it the defense with. Couple of start guys care and he is actually mean he he's pretty jammed on that defense now is he is but I've got artist Lee. Besides judge Norman on the impressed with anybody from the watch the Redskins secondary and they shut down the raiders of it even test. CN graphic like with in the third quarters is your targets against Sony and try. It looked like Derek Karr action was now ready for the gamers nervous he made dumb decisions a whole night and Rodney Hudson were out of sync which yet I don't know what the hell was I'll go the whole offensive line played like crap I. Our am I have a modestly embarrassed of what happened and I know minimal reacting here but this was not the game we were supposed to lose maybe lose next weekend's Denver. Happy finally that you're 319 look at it too into a thing to be a lot different for the Oakland Raiders team is just disheartening to wind you guys. It it's disheartening way you've got special teams actually making plays and capitalizing on them and you know. Was it was Crowder who is on the punt return yes to assess just totally fumbled again we have article did well coming up now both both both fumble recoveries were house Gaza and he has preached a player of the week nominee for as far as like it's let's resentment. I've known like the Bridgestone player though he. Generators. Raiders thing I'm good I mean you have to win it and I mean you win a by default. Yeah absolutely and but they need to capitalize they were they had about what the seventeen yard liners something on the redskins' seventeen yard line and it could score from that. That's what kind of brought me down at that point to kind of like okay they're not out of it yet they can score they they can they can score and they'll be within. Maybe like a touchdown and a field goal after they scored the top this fumble recovery but not didn't happen it just went to the field goal no. Let short G. Optimistic. Yep. After exploding offensively in the fur and sync game of the season against the jets are rated the raiders only put up a 128 yards of total offense against the Redskins. And and what way what's the what's the stat that wants to about oh for. At left. On third down third hole for coal and now a lot of things can be brought up of how wide the raiders and come come to play it could be. As we saw in the NFL all days Sunday. The of the riveted to the raiders and the NFL we're outraged by Donald Trump's comments. Referring to the players that don't stand for the National Anthem as sons of bitches. And now. There's been on top two passports about whether or not we stamp the National Anthem whether or not you know. Patriotism exists in the country due to what the president had to say and only to the president take on NFL. On Friday took on the NBA with the Golden State Warriors. Rescinding their invitation to the White House so. I gotta say don't trap is really not only easy screwing up their countries also stirring up sports in football locker rooms because. I wanna make the excuse that this had anything to do with the the raiders not performing on Sunday but that could be the case. Yeah I mean we had bunch a callers call in in the morning show it thinking that that was the case they thought that. Since you know you saw early obviously they are kneel down linked arms. And dare car cart record back but their car is doing is announcing just kind of praying in nodes in his pregame thing. I don't agree with the fact that some people literally. Date they said that the re going to air car in this offensive line. You know maybe they're not as close we think they are no they did have a lot of respect for their car they were gonna let him do his own thing that had nothing to do with it eight. Literally I mean I really don't think that this whole anthem saying it I don't think it. Had much to do with their play on the field out to get distracted them I think they were just lost completely because the first play they tried coming out firing an additional work and registered a new turn over it just ruined every day for the rest of the game I don't I really don't think. All these anthem protests and all the stuff happening in the NFL. The team doesn't strike me. As one that would get distracted by something like that. Well you saw that the raiders. Did not actually come out for the National Anthem the only team that did that was the Pittsburgh Steelers and that's because as yes and yes they asked him he saw the whole team. Lock arms on the bench and see it. The offensive line themselves wanna do their own thing and Neil during the National Anthem. And on to say this. Whether I played a factor and are in the game I'm glad the raiders did it because. The president trump has done. To the national football leaky pretty march. At you know and it's it's funny that he he says this to the NFL owners because at one point he was an owner and if I'm not an awful team but the US have felt. The New Jersey generals and get heated so why he should be telling anyone had a run of football team because. Will he would give dared told Herschel Walker to non kneel. Or Doug Flutie. So. Also being from the area and we stand for yes. It. Earl each. Park start this is the current count against a blue raiders. Dealing before locking arms. It's it's really. Need to know had to be done and down from prison without stopping him Hampshire won in two. To you know take the attention off the fact that we need be at war with North Korea health bills that he wants to pass not going through. And to wait to T catcher that is just call in now known colony that problems on one. I. Eat. Those people support on out. Sound bite we played in the morning sons a bitches when did you guys absolutely and unedited too because. That that's that's that's the president of the United States in his words cannot be edited so lie when he calls out a group of people sons of bitches it has spear and radio rights. And kids in the car probably. That's your president kids listen up you know he has the bumpers. Are fired and you thought it. So when you say that you were going to. You you should fire. Huge and support the raiders what the data or your going to. Not sport the NFL and players to stick about what they're fighting for if refining against racism the fighting for tolerance. Right at a fantastic. Gulfport I had I think everyone shoot 86 minutes. And watch it. He basically states that's exactly stand for disease. As a vehicle where his words yes that's that's each and keep. Its. I at least. In the Bay Area I think people understand and that's I think across the country should understand this rock people trying trying to Pfeiffer intolerance. For now because that the people that appealed to the people that like don't front or use of the kkk. If people like that in the southern states that don't give a crap. About minorities in their in their problems they had there there Matt white people they just need. To be have a voice heard were not to discredit. Obama just did was for all these years. And that's. That's that makes me very proud yes in this area next. Here makes. It's crazy just seen what some people think in. Their views are completely different out. Against north school cheek but it. Views. As diverse around the nation. And we know most diverse part of the US that's what I feel it out to be from here understand. What I'm lights are in Santa Clara. Can understand. Your upper however so. It. I'm I'm right there with you Stephen and I I don't wanna get too political here this is a football podcast this month Q few things a what do you know before we go back to football. I thought about the Lorenzo Neal put it perfectly himself. On the football are yesterday with Thorman out scheme my father and Vontae. He said that pretty much wiped. It sound like two NFL players was don't trump was saying. You need to control these black guys and you need to fire them if they don't do what you say almost like slavery. And I'm sure that's how it felt to a lot of key players that play in the NFL and also Bob Costas. Who I respect immensely put it perfectly. Well here on CNN he goes. Somehow we. Relate to the National Anthem to the military. As you know and they are patriots they do great shot and know when trying to be anti America I love this country so much. I wouldn't have the CI won't be able to say what I just said about the front supporters anywhere else I love this country but it is flawed. And there are times we need to protest which you believe then they're peacefully protesting something they're not doing anything wrong so I've really nice there. Now they're they're they're doing it. As peace for his policies exactly and cap predicted the same thing it just so happened he was the first person to speak on it so people you know their feathers ruffled yes it's ruffles chips great chips. Legalese to Bob cost is pretty much said why don't we ever the always bring in a military member somebody for National Anthem one of the ever bring a schoolteacher. Round they're bringing a firefighter on the ripping out policemen are they bring out. Anybody that it there's there's more than just military members who pay demise. Being a patriot yes absolutely and sodas which I. I honestly don't equate the NN National Anthem to the military I don't at a military do great job I had a cousin that was in the military. But I think we can separate the two I think it's good to support troops but I think. Viewing doesn't necessarily mean that it's say a few to the military not not whatsoever. And the National Anthem battled for. Is you know written on it as as embassy has a big discussion yeah cap and start when when when like the like up Bob cross also brought this up like when you watch a movie a military movie do they ever do the National Anthem before look at like will what did they tell every please rise to forcing prime ranked team on. Right now. So that's on saying let's let's separate the two. Let let the players do what they wanted to do I know it's causing divisions in locker rooms I don't know what the big deal is. I feel like you can have some players who want a participating and some that don't want to you don't have to have a hole. Uniform thing where of the Dallas Cowboys lock arms that they don't want it to them to the National Anthem they don't have to. About Jerry Jones and I mean look at that camera. I don't know right away of course it was. Our tail joins us now with the after July with great cop of. It's going on by a simple home it's it's my debut and I am with you very exciting. I'm more excited you are like. Are awkward. We that we were we were talking about the raiders in you know the crap beat out of them at wash U rats is the real quick just odds. Molly lopped just just just your thoughts on now what went down this weekend with the an info players kneeling. The day was it was weird man right. I get wired ailing but the and there are some that I don't care whether. Because all of a sudden they're merely because Donald went out there called. Some NFL players and that's obese. And we're forgetting what the narrative for Colin capped it was when he started. Wells for police brutality. As for black teens you know giving Dresser for nothing noon and the country not doing anything about it is also about Flint, Michigan having clean water. They still don't have clean water. Souls some of it was skewed some of that I was PR for PR purposes you know somebody's owners have donated so much money it's ropes organization and all the site and he says something about the week. And it's like. All Null known on the all we have to do something about this all the little skewed in those disappointing to me because it really took away like I wanna watch football Sundays it's to escape from ever enjoy the game Opel. And this week. A week three was one of the best weeks we've seen in a long long time no you don't integrate hired Eric rain. And we didn't either really talk about it because of all the protests things up so Derek you know be like. Really kind of shy away from talk politics yet this is different everybody has a different opinion and everybody calls open arms if you have a different opinion than them but. You know some of it was you know it was good to see some people unified. Com but then again it's it's gonna take away from the game and that's all we're talking about right now so you know I do question why some people. Neil. Higher understand what's on mother's milk Obama dodger general about how the big PR move like hey let's meal for rent the home. However we need to stand up for yet and the LA itself Ellis. It was all Jed. After he told the plan and this is a rumor I don't know this is actually a 100% true but after it was reported that he told his players that you need to stand in the when you where'd Dallas Cowboys uniform. Let's all over all we're saying is just that this I agree with you I don't look for politics when I'm watching football in the past have always kind of said. I actually don't like it when players bring up politics and football. But when the EU. President United States calls out the NFL has a hole. And most and the majority of African American players who don't want to. Stamp the National Anthem I think it's a huge problem at that Lorenzo Neal said this yesterday kind of was almost like the slavery thing honestly. With the owners do you know given a million says trumps think like not even they knew he would come out with. Comments like this out land I don't know whether they hat company they gave him they donated the million to him because they figured Arabian investment grade they assumed that. It may date just figured that he would be going to temperature actually the country even they are shocked and I think that's kind of lit. Qaeda which shows how outlandish these remarks were suspect that even they went out there in a matter even estimate that. In a million dollar investment that they thought was going to be for a different cause basically sell I don't it's crazy but. It's crazy it's funny to. Because like we've seen each room years. Its rule X he's liked fascia. Real sports I mean missing child build churches next people's home that. Hey there's a million dollars from about. Building separate story which is kind that your. Terms that. Spinach. For a number of years though like. How can you know this and be also surprised. When he's always been a chump but he's he's never try to appeal to the group of people that support him now right. I don't know why the working class citizen even like relates to Donald Trump because here's a guy who sits on golden toilet that if that and he he's fighting for the working class redneck out there now sorry it's in its day it is deathly pretty weird that he nominees bird. They do what they did and you know when I will say this are in the on this. On. You know a lot of people say athletes you stick to sports you stick sports. Technical toward apple and a lot people Michael for not speaking. And now we got to LeBron James who's now speaking out like for over a year is. Not speak well he's please don't be on display. He went speak because that plot that they is probably the biggest platform. They can get to speak out on these rights huge soul. You know I. I'm not one of those say haste at sports or sport athlete. Speak bodies does us. No I agree I mean you wouldn't tell. George Clooney stick to doing movies he. I you know in the past I'll I'll admit that and raiders used to have 800 named Chris Kluwe we've who was battling out with mark Kay king Chris Cooley was adamant about gay rights. And at that time I was like king mean that. I I I agree with what he's saying McCain to shut up is the partner. And I realize that I'm wrong I'm a 100% wrong with something that was so passionate for Chris Kluwe we he should have the right to say that. On. It's tough I knew he wanted to distinguish between politics sports when separate the two but if someone feels passion about something it's hardly in our profession that tells all the times to sports athletes aren't dumb jocks aid. Now why did not have brain area there they know what they're talking about like when Serb speaks. Now I listen yes Stanford grad you know so. After weeks or so and Indy it's not like urges dumps are now. I'm proud that there actually now I can make an impact I am I am a 100% proud of what went down this past weekend I hope it does he keep continuing. As I wanna focus on the football. At the same time if they feel passion as people passionate that they wanna keep doing this until change happens I'm all for the let's talk about the football. Yes now you okay now you brought up the fact that Derek curry didn't. Participate with his teammates Brad in this in in kneeling in the National Anthem but you know. One thing that people keep bringing up is that the offensive line all kneeled. And that down out of tune that out of the that would go into you know Marshall Newhouse giving up. Two Sachs now the office of one crumbled against the Washington Redskins. I don't think it's that simple counties that stupid because they realize how crappy this team was a year ago when he went down and we had him in the week seventeen game against the Broncos. And the playoff game it's a Houston Texans. Donald can and the rest offensive or not they jeopardize the season just because he disagreed with terror card yet. India and I think this is indicates that. This based on winning this all starts with air car that offensive line they set the tempo they try to make it yet and work out so I think this has indicated that that is a fact. They need to set the temple with the offense early in order to have some success later on in the game but should they keep continuing getting the ball to start the game because of backfired. Last week hall and the effort it's jets scored. Nobody here I think when a is it's it is currently the warriors if they got a if they get off to a hot start then I think they control the rest of the game that's what happened the first two games the season. Derrick Carter through terrible pass and he would quote flutter in the air and the safety picked it off and I think that set the tone for the rest of the game. He would agents and look prepared at all it looked lackadaisical. At one point during the game art may be tied down Google tool Mora temple but maybe that's Jack real cause they don't wanna temple because Steve it's been on the field. And I want them so long I don't want the no huddle. I'm I think sometimes in a situation like that we needed spark start speeded up. Washington streak in his own washing game back last night. They're certainly in his home on Wednesday. And expressing quick hitters mark and pockets densities keyed more because he has to really really peace special. And when he doesn't get involved early he does disappears edict about a great receivers ought to quarterbacks democracy abroad mr. Schroeder. You've got to keep these guys involved. Or get a couple targets early to stick him in the game again I'm confident. Confident because it's a mortgage that passed in the second quarter Benedict urged them. He lost to them for that we know is on the field. So you know it is disappointing that running game we'll be predictable. Should have been more play actually more strongly to I mean it's a little more chart at Washington because I do feel like the raiders in March when it says he's built. Yet and I'm not sure that's right started you know it's nine. I think think Todd downing on his first bag games and no C. Marsh on I gotta be honest. Not impress me at all the first game he was breaking off tackles they're couple times we was you know blown up in the back field. Singing he looks slowed me he. He he got his one touchdown are also a couple of questions arose and scares outs outside action about Austin silently Smith Macon has blocked there's one that's document that are members why the ball at you on TV. When I saw which way should it bounced inside. Out right. Why isn't she may result while way. Playing. Yeah he was out that first eight games I thought they use a melodic. Again Marchand in the larger effort now now marsh on needs jimmies and as much as he Nina Michael Robinson. He needs a full back to lead the way form how the marsh on the same type player any more we can just step pharma dude in and truck bombing run for 85 yards. He needs blocking set up and then once he gets to the secondary that can trip over there's defensive backs but marsh on I'm sorry say he's looks slow looks please look very slow. It. It's not that surprising at the same time I know people did expect him to come out as. Knows it won't count those tuchman just constantly. You know. They really didn't get restored in Washington involved and it's now and I don't know at least sixty seats in Iowa and they're rushed for 32 yards collectively. It's increased. Are you absolutely do that are Kurtz crooks and I've it's. That's expletive out against him so. Long I don't know why they haven't used them running backs the passing game in the second half to randomly drug use and Cordero Patterson doubled yeah ours and we can use to Europe Patterson and that every week it's it's cutting it's it was obvious we did last week the what the rescue saw coming emotion full speed when you expect you just locked now. If you from the ball. You gotta use them on jets weeks little morning you've got to have a and is a Sloc I am more packages to do. Exactly so that. In the last week and the launch or exit. You know this Ritter's team may have the best the best backfield in football people thought I was crazy and it really do with the three that would reap its repeal. Here like you look at pick the patriots have their backs. But the raiders don't use their weapons as much like using jerk a little bit but let's hope quick passing game would their targets obamas as as great. But what happens at the play breaks out. Weeks also and when the play broke down. He was a bit rattled. The line was rattled the receivers running downfield not reacting to them. To rush I mean it was it was bad and I do worry about his game Kona guys. The key to leave pressures junior on a ten times better than whenever the Washington Redskins sent out or better to more physical your pastor is more roaches they're looking at the film here again. Wait a teaching got pole. We're just four. They got better or just walked outline all the wait the week I'll see them on Sunday yet you ever seen it looks like an improved quarterback. The mayor Tom Anderson where I know we gotta talk about the picture guys. Has the defense is who we work. They're gonna be flawed unit I thought they played OK on Sunday but the offense gig is something that it's a different ball game deep it's August 14 and up and. Yeah partly they were put in positions to release succeed Chris Chris Chris Thompson came alive able it's it's it's been the same story with the scat backs out of the backfield they do not. Have a guy that follow him. And they they're written. They were exposed they're exposed defensively they are exposed offensively in the fact that if the offensive line breaks down his team just goes in the bag in which is purely as game play defense broke out as stupid penalties on the offensive line arrange it wasn't. It wasn't on force you know lately it difference to just pound. Pound that's loses. It's frustrating but personally I. Constantly have to team that they don't think Tom abernathy to the next game manager. And next thing that's you know what's your opinion. The re okay you looked okay and the biggest thing I'm. What the ascent in the coming in this season was we have to be three and now. Is this is this schedule gets harder from here. There you go out and talk about that I've thought about it. They won Tennessee game Victorino walk and you really thought that you and grateful you know there is a lot of talk much bigger. He performed listen and wait for. That sometimes sometimes McNabb sounded as and leader Waco calls. Been there done that. I really thought that this team would be ready go once and hateful ball on time in front of the nation. All lies on the raiders silver black back. There's no excuse here in the I don't care about the distractions. There's no excuse for us and not be ready to play. And that team was not ready to play in a little worried. You know on track this you look at scheduled. To be current outlook that ever and he got to keep it to the chiefs. The key it's the wrong goals. Because he's Pete is all too common hopes the chargers are a up on three team in which each sold out flights a short week inning having been achieved since they were only ten KA Rima. And oh he's got speed to speak you know what. What the loss to the Redskins showed means they're not being achieves any time soon. Cink and game plan C which. Diverted them. If he can't cover Vernon Davis at how old he is right now operatives as it has done anything in this league for a long time is that cut charred statement that laughter your tweet get shots off the I'll I'll get a market as it gets serious. Is why easy on the field get a market cannot cover anyone to get him off. Talk the guy big auction last. Week ago they got caught last year ago. Bigotry great store story. Talking about Eagles man. Stop please. Grow. It. But it's really. Strings attached that. To give up a huge man out where you look at it though Kirk its actor looked like god oh is well O. Come on tarnish on Smith I thought that he result hissy when he came to training camps and I played better and Agassi and a good season last year. Jim Wright had a good season last year I had a good season this year. Since the first pre season game ever played well mark the damp feel I don't see shots with a greater uniform anymore. House now. Sitcoms which it plays out. He can't play outside he can't play in the slot can't play goal by girls I'd is. Legal here accessibility I guess you just gotta give the other guys a chance and hope that they stepped up coming in play well either but at least I have more faith and in this announcement at this point and it worked as correspondent tackling either now I am out there there's hopping I mean. It was it was a typical raider game they like well I guess we didn't play well this season and that's one thing that pisses me off I love Derek cars and a quarterback for right now. But he's got to change his attitude after losses. A chart of the old Leave It to Beaver awe shucks routine after a lot it was a game. Whom will we we'd go to butts kicked get mad get pissed if sick of this crap. About is guys. Seriously hate to work. The denounced have to go on this now have to do now we'll see we'll Sweeney it's a lot of my depleted paid the guy has won a playoff game at the at. They paid more amount to. You know Matthew Stafford. So the value quarterbacks is always going to be like dead now with the direction but Derek yeah but Derek Carr I mean. Take I mean I know we took accountability Villa just a hole like who hopeful both will call man. We got to but (%expletive) but book in the NC when you do there than me go. That's like that's. Very limited there are a every time Sunday Snyder oh this is so random every time he showed a picture Dave Snyder. Kept thinking about the South Park episode. Which one yet he ended when he's just out there by himself going to Dallas Cowboys is getting beat up rack every single play and I'm just looking like it really is kind of Kirk took most NFL owners are clowns at the. Which at the mustache and jags owner oh shot on. And he rocks clean yeah it does chronicling. Our right I pretty much back operators this whole episode. Now what I mean honestly like after reforms that there is nothing positive to say to the show me otherwise I'm not gonna be supportive of this team right now I watched shooter this weekend and I will defend that movie with my life. The Marc wolf a movie. She. The negating yep that's a map back I wanted to get my movie take our final effect shooter why well I actually announcing I can sleep great action. People secondly it's Marky Mark gonna like pisses me off so I don't think I watched RAI's watch against like sometimes I think so. You don't. Think she loved ones like you know first seen as Mark Wahlberg India shall mark after as little military mess separate them into his woodshed and aegis like. Like he's Jerry Sloan he's isolated it goes up in the computers. Amazing. Work its way it would make. Yeah footballers he's marking our users. Like. These are currently emit the Boller sucks it's so bad it's. So that they try to keep open. The gates. Right he. Raiders in Oakland but by doing what why haven't rally in Oakland like I want the stay open. Orders. First of all from what jobs debt to does a rock have a he's able to do this. Oh. He was a sport that's Clinton's there are stopped up there three episodes it's star and like these it's scored well I feel like I've done that obese only that there. Keep your name you who agreed NFL moving. NFL yes. Well in the greater ones I think north sporty yes a game that. That's one animates the little bit that's that's when John Cusack had an extra votes to main character who Nick Nolte played bass up friendly apnea facts and and the quarterback was supposed to be a variation Ken stabler area so yes that probably is the most accurate and from the best and a film movie. Knives and a falcons announced it was an NFL team but remember tied any given Sunday kick it zeal that movie I'll I'll watch any time it's on the god damn is it like just. Ridiculous at times when the guys I ball pops out of this and victory game remember the titans fantastic. I love that the movies are only about football. It's about politics part I likes pretty accurate it was. Part highlights pretty accurate with the way they do high school football in Texas Ryan Gosling liability at cornerback. Enough ego put out there. Slot receiver. Ryan Gosling can guard slot receiver. Sunday will say school. Oh. The real. Ours will be quarter that's. Our play so she. You know excess extensions of your sticker. It's what ails these. Where it's. This podcast I like to hear personally it's not about football movies laughable and not a football movies just movies and TV in general the rock happened in the conversation it's always in the rockets were the conversations been fixing its cuff links on suits the constantly. It. I will back generators. Yeah I'm an iron to make it as. Long as it's been. And it's been about a 45 minute the treasury. Bills and maybe project so that's that's true but we are coming out. Well you know we'll we'll we'll we'll do predictions I guess need to make time for visual for commodity wood every dozen years so. Of them are all also when this the raiders thoroughly disappointed I think everyone. So why is there an issue for Marin country and so Aaron let's let's wrap this up for it's prediction time I'm I'm fairly confident going in this game whatsoever with the Denver Broncos policy Denver wins. 27 to thirteen. Mango raiders 24 when he won and then go uncles. Uncles. The wild. This. That's auction what I saw on and I watched in DC it. This off on fire ever weeks to priorities. He's yet Crabtree needs that. Begin mad about that. Marc Cooper he's. An easy goal teens can add to its upper. His whistle scrum the ball. These are. Sport. Guessing I'll actually. Who's going to be bark in the entire time you've got to match Tanzania show. Me about it predicting a raiders loss Lugo to into exactly now with the needed but just one player rays look and and and key in order for the raiders to have success on Sunday. Even if I mean I have to go. Both tackles Donald Marshall Newhouse Washington last he's a show up and have to treat they're gonna take care mailer I mean those the guys have to step up from dia analysts on and that's nurture. This. Beat west and use. Up its. It. Surer. Was it holds in team musical and while because no one no no one normally played well at all last sun is our life for someone to show decides Jane exchanged Hauser. I would like to see Jimmy is ala Wally actually play. That I actually think it's ridiculous that he wasn't in the base offense. Any of the running plays he was only punt returns in a couple of running plays. Remains a little while A needs to be blocking for Marshawn Lynch in June Rashard and I wanna CG on Rashard in the Andrei Josh drew nine yarder washed in used. In the passing game more because it's the are not being utilized so like the raiders were actually wake up. And played their potential area all right guys that is the very depressing raiders flagship podcast of the positive to say this week. Except shooters are great move into that in my life in six. Fur Stephen way furtive Vontae hill lie and hero when he euros Derek problem tune into the raiders flagship podcast. Every week as we'll put on 957 game dot com and listen to raiders' opening drive this Sunday at will be on 11 o'clock this week. As Chris Townsend and they'll aroused will be a blue 42 and we'll take you up to the raiders kickoff. At 1225. So for Steve Langford Vontae hill ponder Poppins has been the raiders flagship podcast.