Derek Papa
Wednesday, September 20th
Derek & Steven are joined by Ileana Matzorkis as they recap the Raiders Week 2 home opener victory vs. the Jets, discuss Marshawn Lynch's homecoming, Gareon Conley's debut, and preview Week 3 Sunday Night Football in Washington!

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It's no god did a lot of guaranteeing they're out. Yeah. Very Shaq denigrate me can now. It's time for the readers flagship podcast whole wall Alaska. Does that mean what I think can. Use Steven Langford and Derrick popped there's Derek get a shot got. Others argue is that a lot ride from our site map where they go Garrett that I sprained right throw themselves. That's sure. And oh. Yeah I'll. I think you and I kind of got that whole game correct. We'll sort of remove this side Tony Romo is were calling out prediction damn right kill kill kill this can but yeah we. Got a stoked on that to be honest with you that was went back to my mind throughout the entire game will go through everything we got right welcome to the third episode of the raiders flagship podcast got rightly Eileen what are your host Gary Papa and I'm always company by Stephen Langford that is me that you listen to diehard raider fans that Rick you're 957 the game your Ridder's flagship station die hard like Bruce Willis who boo which one. I die hard reversal on just a person's good via yet a Christmas one. That the second was Christmas related to once and was it yeah and that was the we will with Samuel Jackson and as we will with Kevin Smith that kind of weird out which one was with a vengeance. I'm sitting along with Sam Jackson well I'll select to live free. And or die aren't I more lift for you with. Asian guy from my dodge both. It is just the law he's like Canadian I'm pretty sure. Now I'm gonna Google as I know Americans are our faculty let's stick to raider football so. Well. You when he talked about what the raiders need to do for this game they're cut they're gonna playing EU weaker opponent in May be the worst team in the league with a New York Jets and seemly for they put a weapon. On them boys from New York which is. Well we what we expected what we want it was good. But we always said but also you know it was very good in the last two years wanting worried about is the raiders also kind of played down their opponent Sicilian from Connecticut is Justin Long zoom you largest. Eric I thought with a name long that I don't know if I could do this podcast with you and Mort why does it I might have to what is it wrong the ethnicity ease of some. Former famous celebrities ignorance that. Of you with live free or die hard as much money and pointless but anyway jets raiders were here to talk about that yes I'm over it now. Com collected in cool I'm ready to talk to you again are. Thank you. So the raiders put down 45 points on the New York Jets and now they are the highest scoring team the National Football League with 76 points what was the last time even scored 45 point artists play US Stephen Lang furniture it was. She calls and hadn't yes it is actually idle this up for a grip up during the broadcast is a host yes. And the last and the raiders scored forty points or more was against the Denver Broncos in 2010 or this or that game 52. Yeah. I'm tired why was it to 57159. To fourteen. Yes you know I had to deal was quarterback. He doesn't end in Jason Campbell to Jason Campbell Corretja and they had the om. The very popular picture of Darren McFadden just with his head back in evil laugh hook up. With 59 fourteen at the bottom so that that's a very memorable game that's dealers and our member. Even the fact it is in the fifties to be honest with the way I know I I I've I forget I'm. Say that game I thought we're gonna lose thinking for a reason is the Broncos were okay that season. Actually no no they're terrible at seasonally three and thirteen or some wasn't Kyle Orton the QB yes your eye color was the QB. And hue Jackson was the OC not to coach Tom Cable is go to the time of the raiders put a 59 points that's the most points. They have scored. Since Sunday's game but let's look at the game happened on Sundays of going in a game we knew that the raiders should be too now. And that's in the have not. Compilations 2002 miserable season something we've never been confident about like. I know it will pass on what I thought last year they were get that done but I did I was the only turns up the Atlanta Falcons were actually very good football team I'm incredibly good yes. But the raiders. Put up 45 points in this is the best I've seen them play in quite some time. They could do anything they want and and I noise on the post game show Chris Townsend that Pierre Cardin do a lot when I meant to say it was that. Derek carted need to do a lot he did do what he sees he threw for three touchdown passes he was only 23. Of 28 so we only missed 5000005 completions on the day. But Derek Karr. I think yes he's the key to our success but some games doesn't need to be the focal point yes he gets over three touchdown passes but I think his game was attributed to the running game. Marshawn Lynch only had four or five yards but everybody else you have Joseph Borchard busting huge from fifty yards you have real Paterson. Busting a big one for 43 yards you can use him in. In personal ways he can be wide receiver he could be your kick returner. And he can be your. Kind of jet sweep guy when you know there's no backs in the backfield and you can be no emotion over. How about Cordero pat Patterson get involved in the run game that's a bit by surprise I just say that yeah. Housing did to you by surprise and I are gonna cut that out but in years past I wanna say that I know we're not breathing I think that. You don't Norv Turner was kind of hesitant to use him in the off its packages. Yeah you know one the thing yeah it's gonna was in a soft yes god. Lee Smith in the fullback position passage from as was out Lee Smith was in there and I liked the way when I was don't wanna see again is the silly on now. In a silly on oh yeah policing Feliciano cern the image of selling on my bet in yes. We I do not wanna see him. In the backfield again at fullback it was a good idea it was cute but he was way too slow to move about their play fullback and I think one thing that. You can attribute to this run game obviously. We're gonna continue to attribute the ran into this if they have success in the future it's going to be an offensive line meant they are. Mean they're out here terrorizing people against the jets but they have a front four and you're talking up their front seven and see much from the linebackers. But their front four at least when your stop and Leonard Williams and Mohamed will percent at least I mean that they weren't just stopping them they were taking advantage of on the like it was like. I mean they were playing with them support is Robin Williams. How good moving so what dying thinking about though is our enemy too much about this it was just the chance. I think we are but I think we should have been a while we should be track like it in the words sustain it's been more our. Sensors. In June room does that stand was an apostrophe after the yen. I don't really an apostrophe and did not no option but no we're not make it too much of it I think that. We're just so. High on the fact that they had lived up to the expectations like every what every raider fan as sent nag on. We need to dominate this team if we everyone you know contend for the poor routes and jump in the Super Bowl you can go to Ali can be mean right now I pretended to be every raider fan parent while not every raider fan and I never raider fans sounds like that but this is just my voice yeah general human being I got blood. Yet little deeper than yours yours and have a little bit. By day. It's been so long since we've just it's been expected some than. And then they've actually pulled through with it and I'm just who I was so psyched up yup that's a lot I don't know why yeah. Play it because your faith in the nasty boys drag and go ahead and turn your younger an impression come on talk with a nasty boys junger and I want to talk about this guy me and that is I don't gay ailments that the people out at a that's like after an attack but on. One stat that I saw Tom pro football focus on. You've got to step for me Krista I got a stat for a year ago. On a bus and again by. The Marshall Newhouse yet coming in right tackle. A lot of pressure yet how wants and I mean look. He did last seeded in the Tennessee again. He'll two sacks did he really you shouldn't I so there's stat there is settler Sarah guys he's wrong image be meek is on the the second world good lord man I'm dead. Everything wrong if you listen of these first two episodes you'll notice I'm not a big stack guy apparently Gary we sit up front did a lot Reagan last week yeah we did so we got the wrong all the time so I'm very aware of this a peerless and it's podcasts ago. This guy is stoop yeah well I am sometimes may get a lot of my analogy at them but the fact is. The week we haven't had a right tackle that's even in decent. These past couple of seam metal like Watson. I'll Broncos. Donna we got someone new and let's go to our let's with a bronze in a bit later but yes you know you put me on the spot gas last week. Said that the readers. Should score forty points and they did. I believe you what what was your score I predicted 3113. Yeah I say even need to score I said 4116. Rat so I was a little I was little to offer here a little off but about I was close your off by like a total of what eight. Yeah eight points or four points reaching and gather ego that's that's pretty impressive that is very impressive in the it's like your yeah. Ahead editors netstat admits that he. But. Jack also won a Marshawn Lynch to. Scored touchdown and he did in the black hole. He's only touchdown that was mainly Elaine has played a little point that's orcas. Hopefully she joins us later she's during the late. Yes Marshawn Lynch. Scored it in a black hole which then turn into a dance party after gym shorts were his touchdown but also want to seek a little man can get his first sack. This early on his season. So he did he got too good to are tired just the town you got it in the second half to. Which I didn't talk about but yes as as a pops has been talking about it on our show the last couple days the raiders a figure out what to do on defense. It's pretty much. Have the defense. Don't come off the feet communal come on the field. After the move though the TV it's a huge lead is pretty much what as good that's it that's that if that's the plan as well okay eleven Emmys went a little better. The defense of planets. Which is to go after the team imports the hell out of them after you gain so many points on them. That's kind of like a little bit like the warriors he's one exploded initially. And then the Kennedys go after them with pressures and blitzes. And you may give up some points that you come right back to score again so the raiders got off to a fourteen point lead. One saying is that the raiders want patrolled the ball right off the snap of of the game rat so they've won the toss the last two weeks on end and then in instead of deferring which got to root doctoral normally does once the ball the half. He wants only game with seven points are ready right and that's the way it's been the last two weeks is the raiders are scored in the opening drives right so. The way the defense now plays. It's talent wave that you know the seeing Louis rams dead and when they wanna Super Bowl or the New Orleans Saints the Denver Broncos in a great deep fences. But if you gotta early lead out there than you can pass rush. Then again you don't turn you be opportunistic yeah you don't have to play safe pretty exactly exactly. You know what yeah I mean like there was I was kind of cringing after DI David Emerson. Let out the big touchdown against him anchors. And we count on him back in the game a little bit but that's what they're gonna play they're going to. And don't break the are they that did not raise British and anybody out. But they are they're ready to decrease in the points as long as you holds other teams to field goals you have a chance because the raiders. Her score more touchdowns. Isn't it weird with Emerson I feel like. He normally has to cut right he ease ease he normally something and these past couple games. Whether I can't remember if it was like Rashard Matthews but. No matter what the coverages. They seem to make incredible catches on Emerson every time I guarantee that guy on TV is like well as good coverage is as a wide receiver made a better catch. And it always feels like that's against Amber's every single time. And one other DJ Carey I mean it always Emerson it feels like a I think the playing better I think there and tickling a lot better than me in the precinct together and plus a make it tackles the simple we got the first signing gearing Conley and I have to say he was imprisoned in his debut now. In the first episode. That we had. I a said that. I'm I have worded this wrong in the first episode at that generally makes sense that's what pencils aberrations but all I'm saying that. When cornerbacks get drafted in the first round I feel like cornerbacks corner just a quarter yet into the really. He brawn unbelievable. New zone not when quarterbacks get drafted at least in the first round. It feels like their lesson last busts out of cornerbacks in the first round feels like. When you play quarterback that position translates from college to the NFL. Like if you're really really if your solid corner and in college I feel it translates the NFL more than any other position does so I felt like. What I see guys like who make any immediate impact like markets Peters. Or Eli apple was pretty good his rookie season those happen guys I just thought like when Colleen is gonna come and I felt like he was gonna have an immediate impact and as you saw he's probably the raiders best corner already and I I and he. He may be yet as always the case and knowing that the jets put a lot of stock in the Gary Connolly I mean. A long way from where we thought things were to go with the night got drafted you know we can always go along with the rape allegation luckily that one way and then there is issues with the shin if you actions once or whatnot. Biden during Connelly is now healthy on the field he looks great and gummy. He's shown the maturity at least block out the noise in just don't play football he felt like he had something that proved most likely he still feels like yes some approving I mean. Isn't it great when Jack Del Rio sit there going oh gotta do more reps you know got to continue to see how to use continue to play and you can voice for everybody notion. A little bit but how a little bit with it and they may not be accurate way their voices that laced. Play each continue to say like you know still need to see more from him and I'm like. All right I'm down to see more home like geez man he was yeah and I mean obviously that. I mean that's a lot got everyone up out of their seats you know everyone in the stands is like our calmly calmly hook because. First round pick conflict and you know that's what exposed to do that's that's why we drafted him so it was get this. Yeah now and what's good to see also is that the raiders explode offensively. And some of their main weapons don't even have that rating games. Now you wanted Michael crapshoot have a touchdown last week yeah he's on the podcast he scored three brat so you Leo you you please now. I'm very pleased actually but I'm gonna need. In its really step up again because I will will get to the Redskins player who I think Sosa are out of that reasoning later put a lot of that going on but. He he does. He does what I expected him to do ever since he first started out and that's like I mean he may not of human dirt car may not may not have been on the same page when I first started out when it came to red zone play yet but I mean that would brighten net the first quarter the first touchdown. In the actual fade and geno does high top off. Guy like I think Derek relies more on Crabtree in the red zone as opposed to Cooper caught this when she does Cooper get to the big plays salute to get to the fifty yard BO touchdown receptions. Where Kraft she will go in high point the ball. And gauge of the two yarder is that we mean when there's even box they still want Amare to be a possession receivers don't they why they wanted to be both they want my hybrid we need to see little more from Mari in the red zone as he dropped three passes in that first game brat but. I don't on the final inning and Samari. Despite the fact that MR I do not have a great game it's only because he was bracket covered covered he only had four catches for 33 yards. And the rest the team actually did not have that big of the game. You know in the receiving game as well they didn't need to. Exactly that's why I'm saying so Jerry Kirk Jerry Cooke four catches for 25 yards. Quail Paterson only one catch for six yards but the way to go get a game big game on the ground in Seth Robertson on how to catch at all. I mean one thing you look at just straight up is snap count. I mean the raiders for the most part. And they they work. The hotly if you look. The offense and the defense. All all of whom they had less snaps play they were just on the field lesson didn't have to make as many places the jets did the jets were on the field constantly and again I don't even know what the time of possession on possession actually favored the raiders they had 31 minutes as opposed to the and you're just twenty minutes coming on 292858. By time of possession doesn't always. I don't know near the rear percentage senators made more of their opportunities they squirted. Pretty much every not every time like that of the games start off with a penalty the construed things up. And there was you know there's a lol here or there but for the most part when the raiders had the ball they scored and they made the biggest play of the game I think. Woertz won the raiders always have the lead but Johnny COLT ins recovering a muffed punt was huge threat and that's on sang like on the M it is clear when a song in my room with a way. Defense wants to play yes seriously take opportunities when they get them to start the game off. The need to get the ball if he won the toss they need to have the lead immediately. But what the defense needs to do is just not. They don't need to be the 85 bears no need to 2000 ravens they can be the 2009 New Orleans Saints and when you buy that is. You don't you grow up points you are gonna give up some scores here there but I you're gonna hold them your band and operate. You going to pin your ears back and go after the quarterback after you have that fourteen to nothing lead. They're going to cause turnovers you gonna blitzed Carl Joseph and make him have a strip sack it gives you the ball at the twenty aren't. Blitz Joseph more than they usually do yes just felt like they did and he was making an impact all over the field though man he's missile. Test and Reggie Nelson. He's also improved his play I mean the stooges Macon tackles left brining you saw a lot of broken tackles from last year in San make a lot of like. Of those open field tackles and where the running back we'll get to the second level when he was literally the last line of defense. He he was ill like Matt Forte would come in handy he'd sometimes buster line and a Reggie Nelson would make those tackles offenders off the plane so they wanna get that long of yardage but. Do it they're both in single and I think a little more this season and it's coming together now we're kind of scene for us. Now we're well also say no I'm I'm not a particularly to. Keen on the good defensive run game yet for the raiders. They are cutting giving up big agency yardage here there they did contained DeMarco Murray for the most part in week one but I still think they had a little trouble with. Kind of like the gun Ryan's and the wide right they got run the gun rights or have you back to Zeta. Got ES deluxe is and I was on this and I am Matt Forte and his agent I want to say 3132. He ran for 53 yards so things you need to clean up a little bit here or there but like I said the defense for the most part they're doing what their job is supposed to be rat. And they're at least they're getting pressure on the quarterback which is what you want an end Coley a Mac I mean he was probably. He didn't even have a good game he got illegally DM one sack but he did not really have that great began not bent on his standards. What wound you have five sensory and top five sacks but he just wasn't really did not much pressure on. I mean. I I wonder why am I wrong on this or my facts wrong here Derrick just what it felt like went up because I'm doing this all based on what I just saw straight up on the field avenue looked back at anything amateur and any scrap its unfortunate that. But on the strait of sand like stimulative that they were stuck in rain and it did feel likely a Mac had a clear Mac tied the game that's us on sat out. He did I mean just because you have a strip sack is Armenia have had these you know of a good game I think he was there I think that he causes offensive lines to dictate to him. And I think you do you do waste policy doing got to the quarter levels as for 12 he got one extra ends it. And and you know what I mean what am I here nitpick what am I gonna do and it it currently ol' Mack I think you are. That dude is so good and such a beast and I'm like. Sit here just on a chair talking into a microphone like Charlotte chair yet how my got a criticize -- mag in all honesty any and now I I think honestly this is all we can ask for for the raiders defense and we're nitpicking here there with the run defense but when you score 45 points up you can you can allowed twenty points we scored 26 points you can while sixteen points the main big. This system look you know we don't let Tony or go around asking is Saba or get due to score more points the other team. In the end yeah that's pretty simple it's the raiders to win no and yes. Some in and haven't done since 2002 so that expectations now. A pretty high for this team but also look at the rest of the AC ways to end the Kansas City Chiefs to tune now you have the Philadelphia Eagles concern that the for the Philadelphia Eagles. With little if he feels that an Dem but yes there they'd be Denver Broncos beat the crap out of the Dallas Cowboys 42 to seventeen. And if it wasn't for a couple field goals here the chargers could have made the Broncos one and one in the chargers could be two and now how unfortunate is that. Yes I mean like I forgot I saw some stat. Could be wrong on this Derek lives as you normally are but the chargers have lost like eleven games straight up in the fourth quarter at thinks it more than now over the in at just 26 and chargers will. No longer than that I'm in the charges of pissed away game and since that's my sixteenth season they have lost like eleven compared to the rest the NF where where they have a lead in the fourth quarter guests and which lost like. I think seven I. That's their MO though I mean like I've. Since the charters like I think they got good and he asked what's the best friends O'Neal. Sorry as since the chargers were good in 2004. When they went from foreign twelfth twelve and for the one season we Drew Brees. They've they've blown a lot of fourth quarter leads Pratt I mean that's just kind of thing when they their kickers miss field goals that was that the the playoff game when they lost the jets' playoff game we lost the patriots. The has just been known to blow leads and it's unfortunate because once is what's actually fortunate for the raider fans but. It's been kind the MO of Philip Rivers and Antonio Gates in the hold chargers organization go for C and you go to LA right you really. Speaking a raider fans to talk about the atmosphere really quick yes in Oakland my gosh now. We all look I don't worry going into the game about what was gonna happen with the raider fans you know wasn't going to be an anti A Las Vegas thing. But honestly nothing was said nothing was done. Everyone had a good had a great time that the stadium was full. And luckily this will be the only game we'll have to see the infield like that would deal when he's on the in the playoffs brat but. Let's have a Marshawn Lynch when he. Danced on the sideline after June Rashard touchdown run Brad that was the moment it was after jailer shards grass it was okay they were trying to I think even nfl.com had it. They the EU is dead after Michael Crabtree is third touchdown where Crabtree celebrate the cheerleaders and onset there think and what we think and act like no that was after restarts fifteen yard run media for a touchdown that's when he was all psyched and that. You and honey you know that's I mean or as drip opposite it was hammered down at people like me dedicating himself should they if like me you. Didn't really understand that reference that heats. Man but this is the first time where like he was a part of his hometown fans. He got to celebrate you know like damn I'm on a good football team right now and that's partly why as Jack Del Rio it's exactly he has been on good football teams of the past more suitable with the Seahawks. That adds of it is a different feel foreign mrs. He's on his hometown team he grew up loving the raiders. And this team's gonna go away from Oakland years so he's glad to be a part of this let's talk about Marshawn Lynch. How he is used with this team because we I want him to rush for a hundred yards and I don't think that's gonna happen this season maybe. He it sounds like it looks like to meet with the way that Jack Del Rio and Todd downing our game planning things is that they're gonna use in the first two quarters. Let him rest the third quarter look the young guys get to carries cheerleader DR Andre Iraq or Darryl. And then use an as the closer in the fourth quarter bring an end in he's just kind chipping away at the yards. I don't think marsh ons are a bus to 85 yarder in the chat touched ending sounds like in the past and Seattle. But. I think you'll get the crucial. Hard to fourth down you know runs on the third down runs just chip away at the forehead if we know four yard runs a five yard runs. It won't accumulate 2000 yards in the season but I think. Marshawn Lynch is making a difference. Overall with the other you know people in the backfield. Any and he's gonna help you win games which is. Oh yeah yeah that's all you really why I mean this that's this that's skin you know I mean stats are nice there they'd look good on paper but in the end I say I don't think Marshall has been a thousand yard season I don't think maybe he won't rush for a hundred yards and game this season that's no problem but what Obama a nine inning on honest honestly like I don't think with this offensive line. Yes he. This this may be the best offensive line he's run behind. But he is getting older Mac and I just he helps is a different ways like with Haiti's Marie can close out games Marshawn Lynch will. You pick up the fort down and run for he'll pick up that third down on who make that touchdown. But he's not that it Jalen Rashard Dionte Washington going to be your explosive running backs right along with morial Patterson I think it's going to be interesting. All the while it's you when he comes back up gas active nest we'll act inactive list because. Who lit what is the raiders run in terms of the running scheme they just run a much his own right we both say B is in Darren McFadden in the past and yes all while he's only been around there for that time power running game now right in so I mean he's just going to be bus and up to gut and hopefully he'll have a lead blocker and I mean we'll see how in Lemar Marshall I can do without me maybe he can get a hundred yard. I do think he'll get 1100 yard. In my view my and I think I'm one under signal that's in the game plan right now that's not. I mean look we look at that that's stupid to say I yes and on the game planning give Marshawn Lynch a hundred yards but I don't think there would. He's gonna be the closing running back he's gonna be kind of on the Zack Crockett he's gonna be the guy that gets you the heart yardage here there rat a bigger role in Zack Crockett I don't buy it. I just feel like. Jalen and beyond traded to the ones that. If you look at for a long run and that's the guy that's gonna give it to you absolutely and they're gonna like you said last week it I mean they're gonna have to continue to use restarted Washington and passing day no doubt and actually liked in my mind my pops was expecting Marchand come out last. For the introduction of the game rye but you know Derek thinner and longer it'll kind of be like if Kevin Durant came out before stuff curry. And you be like we must has been here longer yet Marchand is it going to be a big contributors this team. But I love the fact that he team now with both of his Bernie Mack Maine it's. And he was then try to do all the crazy antics of Slidell. He was just like a rat he's all by that action bonds I'm gonna get psyched up and yeah bit like it I mean despite what it. You know his dancing in the third quarter despite that where as a fourth quarter and fourth quarter and the fourth where it despite all that. He is a really. Serious football player. Now he'll no he'll go in like he gets his mind right that's why doesn't like I mean I'm sure in the locker room is he just talks about the game doesn't talk about anything else and and before and you could just telling who's gonna well to his teammates or reporters. Bulls won a reporter I don't know what it's like what do I get it away edge out bit in the locker room one. Iced you name a media is part of yourself Saddam Hussein like you know with reporters it was a till like he doesn't it like talk about football helix they ask him like you don't. Eight Eaton who will really get me the ball to reset my mom I rather talk to my mom ran on the talk to you guys. But yeah I mean he's in the zone in the game and in game which by the way monolith just come on the show on Monday and you freely meaning and really in and bosh you have to hang in and I'll listen to that first segment on the way home and then. And then I heard she was coming on and I and I listening your shield the mourning should everyday and yeah well not all that actually it's kind of early course not you you really get up at 6 o'clock now. I'm just drive my car to bargain that I lost of a little bit in my that's enough national nine the same thing for me I go home I get Barton then hanging on get my car. Turn in 957 normally I get in like. Maybe you within the first segment twelve to 1245. So you know I normally get to hear your dad's initials thoughts and bond today and and and I heard she was coming on house actually calendar for two that's champ and a path. Don't really easily to back but or does she know baby nice view and takes me back but he liked. Yes so the raiders get a good point which remains a long way. You know we'd not for the first two games and I think there are times where Marchand couldn't help to you know could act could use the fullback blocking foreign rat. In legal lease with a good job but you know. He's versatile as well as as as Kordell Paterson in different ways but he can also impact the passing game and sell it for starter while deadly in game last year against the Houston Texans where he was leading receiver. He's just another weapon I mean even used him in as a running back of a belly a couple of times in the past couple seasons so I'm excited for him to come back I think he's gonna. Have nothing but a positive impact on the offensive anything as if this end as if there's offense needs another impact player but. It's kind of like the warriors would get in like Kevin Durant back end it there that's a strong comparison but I'm saying like there's so many. Offensive weapons for this team right now that this team was good offensively lash out and individuals I don't know on the level this year. Wanna know one other thing that calls last week was that but I said that any time there's have they there's a big raider touchdown run yeah. You that two of the big ones Cordero Paterson and Jalen Rashard correct. On jailer shards. These are Rodney Hudson get out there and clobber somebody. He just pulled away any different set of it was position anyway Robert some money and they opened all Foreman it was hilarious who got who indicated he wanted to make that now only guy and he talked about how Rania of running that's the slates and Diana write a Deke leaders he would say yes and then in Cordero Paterson you saw. Donald Penn. Where a guy out I mean that it'll on coral Patterson's did you watch steel liner on that Al in home. Josh nasty voice calm man and nasty bullets and I'm the the key the key to this team's success has always been in the offensive line when they play well. V they explode offensively which is not been very common since before this previous season eight had a good O line play. What do we ever really see that next to the Dallas Cowboys he may wanna say better than Dallas Cowboys after the Denver Broncos held the Dallas Cowboys bring back is he can only to just eight yards on nine carries couldn't contain Von Miller at all. He knows that he was disruptive so operators may have the best offensive line in the league. The day in my game very well might saw Shaun O'Hara from the and FL network on Randall listed as top five offensive lines from originally won the raiders were number one. But again. Let's Robert let's remember it's the jets yes and you know we don't wanna make too much of it but still it's good to see them just gone so pretty much what I want to say in. Post game show I don't thing and it is very clear was the fact that Derek car. While he had a great game. The off the passing game did not need to be the focal point of last week's win and they were able to put up 45 points. It's gonna be scary when this team. Explodes offensively when the running and also winners yes it was balanced it was very balanced game offensively. When you wish you a lot yeah but when you have Gerry Carr you know when he's gonna split these guys out and throw for a huge yardage I think this team. You know what I was skeptical about whether or not this team was the best offense in the league. They might be actually it's just hard to imagine that. There. Won't be performed. As like Crabtree had where one guy just steps up big time like it just doesn't feel like there's a good guy that's gonna like eat dirt doesn't feel like all of them are gonna have. Like a bad game it just feels like there's at least going to be one dude every week who steps up and just leads the offense this week has. Derek Carr I think is just he such. He sets a leader on the offense I mean you don't have to even haven't haven't you don't even need him to have a great game you just need him to at least. He caught ought to bulls keep putting them in positions to win which I trust that he will and. And he and he makes the right decisions you know winner is expecting Marshawn Lynch to get the ball the one yard line. He makes the Seattle center Seattle Seattle audible suit and throws a faded to a Michael Crabtree rat and that's got. Mr. fine now more I mean who knows why aid that audible was and yeah who knows. We do. The Super Bowl you either it was that obvious I think it was obvious gap but on images to the play call and maybe but it now. One other thing. Call on Bruce Irvin. Now that penalty that led invented all sort of leading to a jets touchdown what was that won't go OK Bruce. The last two weeks he's a chill a little bit he can't do spiceland guys like that was not a body slam. China was out of body slammed or did he just spin this dude around in a spin cycle just so we can get a doubt it was sort of a bus exact cause bad call but the this the way the NFL's ready to be played now so you need to. Not just pick guys up thrown down quite that smooth clean tackle I had everyone in the section yelling at Jeff triple yeah. It does constantly they got a front amuses layout you ask her that got you up yeah Bonnie what did you champ. Until Jeff. And just junk. Turning to. Chick I could. Should. I wouldn't stop that and I'm Juba. Also one more thing with generator atmosphere yet in the fourth quarter yeah there's maybe five minutes left obvious at the raiders had to win. I'm the suite comes around in he was I was the next to the sweet yeah Indonesia's huge. Pans out for pizza. Own they had an extra pizza left over when he laser was pepperoni on and he was nice enough justice roundtable and it's like a family atmosphere that walk. To the bar bridge. I mean it's packed every single season. But it's so different when everyone's like. You know just happy ending coming off a win it's different yes. Elaine just popped and me bushel join us initial China's may be not out on she's looking kind of skeptical. Home. The real quick yes so the fourth quarter was fine with Marshawn Lynch dancing with and the jets had to get a little buttered. And Jordan Jenkins there outside linebacker said he was used pissed off that he did that. And kind of slandered his words and that translators words I mean Mikey he declare fight in say it was like unsportsmanlike or disrespectful but. He did say that like whenever you see someone do that you want you back on the field and you don't tackle them of course but that's isn't having kind nobody you know what like I can't break you shot I've always been in the camp that there's no such thing is knows there's those thing is poor sportsmanship you did you would ever the hell you want on only if you score another man's building to do all you want look when I played a backup safety all my freshman football team on camera sees and you receive I engagement. You want I want I know Alain. I got one piece of footage I got flax or economic for a late hit now it was awesome Alito what was your experience at the leader and he and Tennessee's and I got. Analysis I don't know there's an interest in now was not. I'm a great experience of the raiders came I was able to go out for the game and walker on the tailgate can take some fan videos. Interview people went up a fun video yesterday and I really enjoyed that as I'm meeting. Different crews out there until gaining. People fed me and talk though it's than. I need to seats Chinchilla. Salad went over the bad boys of barbecue or Jian editors' edition of the sports stairs and his huge spread of this like really good season Salomon. Shaking and incarnate son back in pork and all this sort of stuff and I was really. Really delicious in which you think of the game Jennifer and I also generally find time in the game I mean just the atmosphere in the coliseum was. Unlike I'm cameras and the ever seen and buy it kind of was. But this new fresh feeling and then having marsh on there and I told Jared that when marsh on started dancing I was looked around I think this. The best moment miles hate. Because the whole crowd was electric the place went crazy was up on the screen I could see in front across the field I was sitting back on the fifty yard line on the other side of the field. At that point we yeah I was cruising around I was just using the blowout. Look I want I thought the black ultimately. We should shouldn't have probably texted your yes that's unfortunate it was kind of hard to get out the text it during the games it was actually before the game and raider valid excuse the pregame show couldn't do anything necessarily liberals there. But. Yeah it's I've felt this really really incredible and I felt really happy to be from Oakland and then I was able to experience. Yes and but it brought to heel got this wrong the raiders actually them raider fans to actually threw skills a marsh on correct. Well okay it wasn't until the Marseille was like the camera people that are when I was in the black hole yet. They were tossing bad this kettles up into the fans OK okay so but there was only like five or six bags of scandals that I saw that I was there at the end of the game they might have been doing it throughout the whole game yeah but I did in Cantonese kettles and that's unfortunate that happens next time next game and then remembering. Some scandal and you know you not to the fans are kind of like that actually. When you have a big bag of Skittles. Would you think actually is get that bagging like hair and then tossing schedules that people yeah adheres to grab BS handed. I mean that's a do you view one you know groovy as Renee meals rain gloves who literally has its license donors and grass was killed first on his glove who. That's her sanitary idea yell just came from the doctor at a technician oh I don't know what happened. Nothing like Tillman had got a tetanus shot and now many years neither revised from the doctor. And she told me that it's going to be sore but if I move my arm around a lot today it'll be less so just remind me to move my iron wiggle it around. Out literally in your videos yes I had it and it's it's one thing as a board op we do we flail our arms Ole Emily ample. Nancy. I just tried acted out the best that's good for radio podcast. Is this radio now what are my way of speed of dentists and or doctors and dentists in was to me has been to the dentist is I haven't gotten some quite some time I think people are telling me they're probably should go oh man it's been so law again I refer to service the I really need to go also a game just. On the count of three to say how long it's been 1234. Years its fifth orders for your time five or 65 or six cent for not my eyes then went along with the recent I think about period for me and I christening go back because I went and I got these cavities filled and then they told me. That I oh I thought that I it was covered new and then it turns out it wasn't in Ohio than some money and so I haven't gone back so doctor Lara I'm sorry yeah and wanna just they're screwing I wanna give a shout out to warm springs family dental. Over in an Southside Fremont net revenue warms things existed before bartender. Definitely warm springs line. Good dentist terrible Bart train it necessarily. On every time. I'm Alexandria has been on the with the warm spring yes you for a hot moist. Really that's the content. To get staking on those more well it's not exactly the cold spring strained their exact cost of those names such a sad joke. Let's go back to raider football yeah. Now for the first time since 2002 and all is right in the world but now the ticking on the Washington. Nice in the last name Redskins but that's OK yes it's fine is I mean there's some people get better when he cirrus and well and job terrible name is what they did with the name is data. It is a terrible name should change a long time ago but it is what it is yeah let's I thought about that gaffe raiders are going on Saturday football to take on the Washington Redskins trying to go three you know for the first time since 2002. And what's the raiders a favorite don't know the point spread right now but. This is a game of generators should win as well but this is the first time we'll be on national TV this year so what are your expectations. The Oakland Raiders going against a team they'll play a lot the Washington Redskins well. She mapped to their mother and am. At area. I don't expect the office to score many points obviously we asked which is something. Very simple to say but they're gonna have to really they're really gonna have to be effective in the round in the suit this is game is on you got Norman on one side and Norman he's a lock down corner no matter he'll probably ought to tomorrow as yet no matter how much you don't like him wit no matter. How much crap that he may speak he is a good good cornerbacks so. I think they're gonna have to impact the run game is going to be it's gonna have to be a run first pass second type of offense I agree but. And for their defense I think this is going to be the no but the titans actually have a better offensive line but the Redskins have Trent Williams so it's going to be adjusting to see. How the raiders planned for collegial Mac. And see if he can switch around a him members serving in you know try to create different covers different. Disguises maybe to hopefully get back in get pressure the quarterback depression Kirk and that's. And you know hopefully make an impact way it's gonna be an interest in game mom I'm really looking forward to Italy is that a thin in the name pyrrhic. Now I'm not accept your name Morissette and you're names Kirk got their sorry not a big a stark can recruit I. I just don't like the way it sounds. Now look at make sense in terms raiders playing on Sunday night I feel good about it because they feel like this team even though the core is relatively young and does it seem like anything really shakes them I mean they came out. Guns a blazing in the first week and sometimes in week one year you don't plant to your capability. And I mean Derek Karr and the core guys are just seem like a really strong and they don't get shaken by big opportunities in big moments. So are looking forward to seeing them on the national stage. Yeah last year when he wants and football and kick the crap out of the Denver Broncos though I don't in the and the only they have problems with the big stage miles within the Islamic that was a great game but they did actually play the teensy shy Smart son. The stance that code you can buy that yet that him and I also forgot which Redskins linebacker on basically. Ito actually I didn't. Ten and are scared and I was scared now wasn't here. But basically carry him he's dead he's daring the raiders surpass all its like again than mr. O'Donnell and I can and try to beat us this this might of the game we need to throw more. But I think this is the game the defense that she's doubled up a lot of have to because everyone has to step up in weeks now Kirk cousins is our quarterback I think that this team the Washington Redskins as have a good offense. They did have soupy mistakenly with Shawn Jackson and prepare our song going to foreigners but now the Redskins have the raiders former quarterback Terrelle Pryor playing wide receiver for them. So they'll be interesting to watch as a guy that Al Davis. Would have drafted in probably want him to divert from quarterback to wide receivers not doing that for the Redskins think he's gonna have to ask you know he's an ass gearing colony are David Emerson or Carl Joseph to ease up on the tackling. Because that's what he asks Alaska do you really yes he did well that's appointment will be asked yeah and instead of I mean if we is is that true that's very true area so who rooted Central Park last week the route the rim pretty sure they played the rams Hillary was the rams yeah yeah I forgot who yeah. Forgot who is talking about but. CES and he's at on the tackling basically like loudly as a literal threat to try to. I think they hit a low. And days you know this could come on man but I was always a big throw prior acts you know I'm I always I know some problems with him playing quarterback for us they have it it is just felt like those are the ability Tebow gonna team but he made you know he made his way back from. You know basically what Louis supplemental draft pick right and and we act as he guess he was. Don't taken tattoos with the Ohio State's money is something now and did it. He didn't pan out as a quarterbacks I respect you as fat as a quarter I respect the fact that he you know came back and in the NFL pre vetted himself he's playing he's playing the position that he should be Corretja and it is to Shawn Jackson playing I just say. He's on the Tampa Buccaneers. Might count why am I think it. That's bad. That's bad I mean yeah I just thought our I just watched all apologize I just watched all five episodes starting assignments had to I don't sit there go the entire week just on. And it got to watch out for that Shawn Jackson. Ever not and this Jamison Crowder tail and as you know the best receiver is there Jordan re either tied an absolutely and that's the raiders have trouble guarding tied a course. And open in the final stuck on that two week nine so and that's actually a very good point and is and scary prost now and maybe keep from the gill who has two guards tight ends but. Yes this will be a bigger challenge. I thought the titans pose the biggest challenge offensive rebound and they were running on all cylinders yet. So this might be the biggest challenge defensively the raiders had a bad to face yet so we'll see what happens and then agreed. After that we call of the match up hopefully both teams are three you know with the raiders in the Denver Broncos. And whom I think went out. I'm not share what I am organizer and I was here but did you talk about Todd downing. I know we did not actually I'm just wondering what you think of him in his first two games I mean IA. I like lay off and is playing with adding Cordero Paterson and showing his versatility in the roles he can play in the offense I think is is been really good so I know. When he was first hired here wondering why because offense had did such a good year the year before but I'm wondering what you think about his first two games. With the raiders being high scoring team in the league right now I think is going very well. But it seems that Todd downing is a little more creative and outside the box and bill musgrave is and he wants to be you. The box not a safe. Yes and at any given their car on the same pay AS NII. I think this is a move Derrick wanted yeah I know that Jack I guess to get along with the mustering of and we saw that a parent really. Yeah the Kansas City Chiefs game where men Wear them with Haiti's Marie was actually ended game and I guess we've through fort around 31 of fourth and one. As a lot of shaky play calling also with the camera I guess hitting them a Murray's ball McCain remember last year at a camp spider can't spider camp. But. Yes I think Todd down he's done a lot of great things this offense is just the first two weeks in the raiders have done well I think that the best. Besides the patriots last week and the Denver Broncos but it's more so I think on the deep decide the Broncos. I think that the raiders pretty much have the best offense in the league. You said the patriots struggle week wine. The Pittsburgh Steelers kind of hits gonna hit walls here there'll William bill has only gone. You know is not really helping out and ABT. At would you fancy team my baby and yeah. I'm with you in a cup Iraqis in her baby newborn PD. And you have Atlanta Falcons. Their problems scoring the second half. So they won again he's screaming attackers but they have problems that are at current carried over since there's sort of half yeah. But yes I think tie downs and a good job I think aged for the most part. Ken Goran is doing a good job. With and very excited yes with John but Ghana. And so I think that is the offenses there we Stevie see what the defense will bring this independent adding that can be good test them and I also think it's a good and thing for us the schemes are saying it's that we would have to go so early to put 42 of the office Steve you come of the for a two this week. The yeah. Yeah yet to be and he said the last time you build. It's very sure oh. I Caledonia junior you can hear people guru Orman I chatted on. I'm sorry effort really love what these days will bring good look at cougar on to explain to everybody why he was bails them people fiery. I think clearly has lake. Widget he wants to go to somewhere and he just likes to say yes he's gonna do that because you'd you legitimately wants to go but then when it comes down to which he does have a family and they know can obligations so well I don't know many things aren't any I just say when I don't know if I don't I'm going summer missing now that a British show up finances surprise surprise of the day I don't like to have any commitments because that I feel badly I want to use. I we've come this and Eric. Yes yes oh through look at Tennessee what my favor I am coming out there as possible that I mining begins I think he'll sort but I am. I think aka an excellent. I have to be there. He. Yeah but but but it's gets out of the four to christianity make it more fun each and every week exactly now for sure I really and I feel I rings it'll civil 42 who Lulu good idea yeah. We didn't you tropical version urges the original BOG like OJ as bad rioters ya can't get. Also do we talk less I am totally jacking now outscored in the late. We talk about how all three of our picks for big games last week did all that I need to make a prediction last week approved mix yes I did there. You skewed and let us. Get nervous with numbers man. Let's let him gamble or ban anything. No but yes so we were talking about how Marshawn Lynch did score a touchdown and you got that right I said they need to score forty points I got to Jalen Rashard. I wanted to and big rec league I guess you did just because the way he looks in the you know you like that hazel Sanchez just like it's a silly thing that. You wanna crack she scored touchdowns Stephen and that happened yeah I want in Oakland three back brat Yang Katherine had to give it to me again yeah. We began at all it's a breath. One. I think I I think Michael Grant crafty Canadian some economic pizzas with us energy high jinx until and I think I when I told me and a good game and keep it up he really took that to heart and yet that girl ninety a seven game mighty that pizza. And one of the game. Gonna try a little harder and good for Crabtree he. Our guys well let's give our predictions for this week the lead if you're ready you're if you need to be I'm gonna say raiders 27 and she used money. And happily the chiefs how criticize Redskins honey who we are so prepared. I've gotten so much wrong on this podcasts today but you know Ellis think in red Kara she's now. It actually to be honest I thought I was thinking about this as we're talking I have they're raiders' scoring 27 also packs and I think it's going to be at 27 point four I think it's gonna come out of the army close interest I'm gonna say raiders win 33. 224. 3224 noise at 333 twittering Stephen. Who's the player you guys are keeping your around this week I'm actually gonna continue to keep an eye on Crabtree I really am I am I I think with Norman on the other side. Primarily guarding Cooper witches. I think what's gonna happen I really think Crabtree needs to. I mean doesn't need to I think he will step up and have another big game for the. Alina I'm intrigued by Kordell Paterson who images he had the use it again court jailed the guru yes I do heralded as I remember how to say his name is not cord Darrell scored yet again. After actors Ritter debut last week are looking for gearing Connolly yeah first start at cornerback impossibly. An interception. Mistake we'll see that that's a big that's bull that's a bald predictions are bold prediction that the ball prediction Diego. All right guys well this has been the raiders flagship podcast any other things wanna bring up before we ended yes I will be more prepared next week. So I guess you can say that every week Steve and I know I know if we go about really short and I look forward to this so much and that's a and I hope you listeners down. Hate me. Elaine I love you. My last words are sorry I called wash. Do you chiefs. And also watch my video on FaceBook if you wanna see the fun little video for the raiders games greater fans. And look kind of blew 42 on Sunday and join us for the game. And look for me on Sunday when they played. He. Reagan's. Ravens so the next on the next home game correct in three weeks three weeks in Oakland. Yeah that's isn't that a long time now from now but. Well that's a great game time we have we'll have agreed the great teams from then open the Redskins open the Broncos hope for both teams are defeated that point rise in we'll have a home game against the Baltimore Ravens. Our guys to catch the raider game this Sunday on KB OXK fox and 957 game the pregame show start at 3 o'clock. And the outs interest towns in the romance to take you up from leaf blew 42 until 5 o'clock the fifth action at 530. Kick off. And yes so listen to us every week on 957 game dot com for Stephen Langford Italy and as orchestra she. IEA Papa and this has been the raiders flex your pocket.