Derek Papa
Thursday, September 14th

Derek & Steven are joined by Cody Elias & Ileana Matzorkis as they recap the Raiders week 1 victory in Tennessee and preview week 2's home opener against the Jets. 


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It's no I don't want to get a kick. Out. I. Very Shaq denigrate me. Now it's time for the readers flagship podcast hole all Alaska. Does that mean what I think can use Stephen Langford and Derek top five. One and elevating that felt good and as so that felt real good I had your old man Stephen yeah. Gonna fade down now now perfect pass Wheldon there. Your board rapping skills are coming to play on the so podcast I am really good at pushing buttons there that you are also talking raiders football welcome to the second episode of the Ridder's flagship podcast I'm what are your host your pop along with Stephen Langford that is me and we're coming off a raiders in week one victory. Not the same as last year but still is equally good as a raiders take down the Tennessee Titans for the third straight year. In Nashville 26. To sixteen your thought lol it was a little different than last year considering it was total domination. On both sides of the ball let's not total on the offensive side but best defense of late. It was completely different to the saints in week one last year yes and didn't come out of the wire was just a comfortable. Nice weekend I know morneau and and we haven't had that a long time. I'm member prior to the saints' victory in week one. Last year the raiders only one week one they they they had a series drought where they can win an opening day game for the longest time. And I want to say 2000 when was the last time before that where they went with huge Jack city into Denver and beat. The Denver Broncos as co realizes stepped in the room it says my producer yes and he just thinks he did is come in enjoying the show the co realized producer of the Jolo and did show in the morning in coding. In your beard do you have anything to say you have as Mike set up. Another great Ridder went on Sunday I really enjoy that game behind their car planetary camp Tennessee being a playoff bound team everyone loves them. What happened. Well I don't know if their playoff bound team yet they are slowly coming up the ranks going there prom and generators and and in no way that they went from. You know three and thirteen copiers do their first he's a murder scenario and then they went 97 last year as the raiders did it. Two dozen fourteen when they went three and thirteen to seven and nine and into the playoffs last year. But I don't know I think which is week one across the board. In the NFL there was that off offense but the raiders played pretty well offensively I'll think though passing game was clicking on all cylinders yet. But. It was strange man the NFL strange the only team that look great offensively. I thought was the case city chiefs ons and there's an in football right and that the vikings to vikings yes yes it also reorganized it a pretty disciplined out that that was from the December efforts are replied yes but one thing. That I've been excited about. Ever since Alex and has just announced right Joseph jelly Julio as he got drafted what 2014 to fourteen play fourteen. Ever since he got put on a team and I saw he was around stuff for. You can plug hole who he is gonna play yeah right there always wait for someone to be alongside him to do that. Was hoping it was Williams Dan Williams at the time yeah he got a little way write a little bit. But. With any Evander dose via a new thing. For the raider nation. Any time the defense of wind comes out. It's standard dose and jelly time maybe there you know I tried making it Williams and jelly time but that didn't work out too well but you've got to have a nickname for Vander goes that's kind of like European about a related. Yeah video PB and what Egypt Evander does he want that then that's a bit and now or who majesty skippy I mean chunk I just make sure he energizes mixed up. To get European but nobody should he works deserves to be peanut butter and bread chunky in Cherokee and jelly threat but anytime I go to a game I'm gonna be yelling it's Bender doesn't Joseph retired those good time path and I'm very excited for that. But there's also one more thing I want. At least until week eight I don't know what's gonna happen when genachowski who you know we'll get to that to get to that later wreck you know offer right now. Giorgio today IKEA. You ever seen hook. Yeah. You remember rupiah. Actually don't you don't remember rupiah or there's a thing. Where which ones rubio he's the main character with the red hair like the Mohawk and stop the two mohawks who was like the main guy before Peter Pan Cayman into the whole thing. But it's bank. You wed and bed and then show the board how do you backers screaming and it's about it that are no roof PO I don't roof these but I don't want to beat the clock anyway the whole thing. Was that the lost boys would chant. Group BO 30 and an eagle three. Oh well almost that so you want you to that Keogh not to Becky oh Georgie. You joked it. But then you could use a free they're naming goat Giorgio Giorgio tip that he who. Could do that. This is my idea there and I want to I'm not sealing it from young country apart incorporated this has to share ideas Cody what do you think. Alex is creativity and I think that's pretty good thank you very well no matter what the standard dose and Joseph Ellis what why not VD NJ. Boom in guarding. We're onto something here there's a real here's re getting out into the student at any envy these sounds gonna bad don't you think this podcast with the manner in northern and on the podcast due scream like yeah let's go read. You're. Those here you'd have to say that he. Together you wouldn't just column VD like just an article jelly. VD and absolutely not absolutely not when dvds essar wrestling gators subject yeah he terrorized. Jack Conklin on that one play he was great to watch that offensive line for the titans. You're damn good man and I certainly felt like on alleys and whenever highlight that you watch you just see the defense of line crash step pocket man it was particularly. I'm not ready to go overboard the defense says that the played pretty solid but. They did let out that touched down around the deed from artist Maria and on the run. I still think there's some holes we need to fix. One of the correction I know in the post game video idea with a win in that circus that Saddam mark Kelly was MVP is attributed to Jeff Burton sound in the run. Mark Foley action played out much and again. It was actually an and so I attribute the win more or to any standard dose he he plea he was more impressive in his rookie debut. John Smith yeah. To give burns that's a good thing he had a good pro football focus rating down that's that's all that matters and exactly it's complete no current but the MVP of that game I think. Was Georgia to Vickiel because course the Saturday before the game. We are told bags of cash and accounts is gonna go on IR so he won't be back until week nine and there was a contract dispute before the season started and he has back issues. So George your show that you kick fifty are field goals maybe even a little better than Sebastian now. I mean he made up for how many you got what two extra points in considering along with the four field goals so he accounted for over half the points and it's game two of which were 52 yard field goals and they were split down the middle man. And he was confident it. By the way so Giorgio. We had him on the show Monday without pop a month day and the raiders want him to be called the Italian stallion even though he sits at like. Five foot nine or something like that but. We testimony these Italians have to be tall yes that would mallet I mean I consider myself at the stallion. Here what five A let's not go there about it yeah aren't answer it doesn't matter and hi to my friend I do wanna give props to the on the director of this broadcast because I don't know if you notice on TV but after every single one of to Becky it was kicks. You would cut straight to Jack Del Rio and Jack had both his hands up in the air like this and it usually does like cook cook. And like into the top four is a little bit and what that's what it's that's what it looked like tea and and happy and you saw him kind of get a little. Cross sign to himself you know. And test alone. Won't. And it doesn't yeah you can tell you right at the end of the game and it was hilarious it was great in May for fun watch did you watch on TV. Yeah I do so what you think Tony Romo and Zabian. I thought it was our right at I mean he little he try to put I predict or go home in this this runs in there right right answer and that's okay that's all good and well but it wouldn't it would explain a little bit like he's been like watch this the anti jam. Watch it in the game and the ball up here it I was so damn right I thought it was pretty funny I watched that that like two minute video that was just surfacing all over Twitter you know this. No street. Robo doppler let's just slick and quick quick he would go. Derek Karr saying kill kill to Marshall alleged run double lap. That's that's quite OK but he was little he wasn't that in your. Or anything what it was like being spied why he's been like. Like Jim Flick which see their Tony like whoa wait a major thing that he'd like distance. Jim and a plea in court that the fourteen seasons of the and no defense I see it might as well become a defense coordinator on all this probably. Cody any Fazio. Wasn't that low waterless rural games he pulled his manly to access music. One out what to play it was these yelled boom really loud as the bat on the broadcast here and realize is doing now. No I mean I'm not going to close the manner right now is younger and death row sent a little too little to 200 and brought to somebody on all its first literally anyone gruden. Sir do you bring up the spider to Lebanon. He denied that the heat and evidences that the kill kill kill yeah but yeah for his first get our claims but he tonight so I mean this is for sub. First our first game unit thanks to preserve and games so. Well suited as a religion that sort of grow or as I know consummate pro source wells you know does a way that it was a hello address some says. I think we need to try out Tony Romo with Jim Nance on any broadcast so like you said hello friends the masters and other opponents out this putts go and as slight that are going from total I'll teach you bet you know. Or NCAA like on the and the says this this is a free throws and go and he's Bergen out his pitching wedge from ninety yards out that means he's golfer a flop. I've let's get back to the defense real quick so. Yes the raiders held the only make realize is combine. Thank you for Channing and Cody even I know once and come in here. I know right I won the time in Brooklyn by the way you want to thank you don't seem to ask you socialism there even frost tenure as a kickers sea bass Becky oh acres. Phil Dawson and now rob eagle. Yeah as I am the 49ers can link you know been going through cycles and a little to say how many to tears of the Barry hadn't raiders about to tool to see lesser since 2000 nice to vacuum so. Credit ours they're ready for special teams docile dog on shout out Jon Condo he's been there all your fear Jon Condo or John. And and over DiMarco went so let's talk about the let let's talk about the defense. So yes they Elvis sightings 220 points on the sixteen points but I again I just attribute that to the week one jitters of every team if you look across the board. The only Tina score over forty points was the Los Angeles rams and also he can see chiefs but. The Los Anders slick and glossy Anders rams are playing any injury luckless. Indianapolis Colts team. And they took back to pick sixes so Scott tolls he cut yeah exactly so I artists think that we. We shouldn't be too impressed by the raiders defense is likely on that went off in the first game he never shows up until it's like we three foot. Like I was telling you earlier this week he had an impact though Kelly let me on the on the very I mean how many blitzes are they around the rim like eight blitzes I think in total. But jury those blitzes manual find that. Khalil Mac wasn't the difference maker on when he was the one. That would aid basically. Draw every single offensive line over to him like what they would run. They Rada blitz with Reggie Nelson Brad he's coming on the outside and then I talked to low O'Neal about this he was on because content ET as the as the play. You mean a hall of fame finalist will not find semifinal semi finalist and what mum on the 108 Lorenzo Neal and man. That's Colin on. Yeah but on NN in in his words it was very impeded that he made the list was trying to pick his brain a little bit. But here's the thing Reggie knows what kind of from the outside rally first first good game I'm ready now started pretty good games the past is the first direction you like to the right angles yes absolutely he would mean what he did lead the team in tackles are present on those Manning you resigned TJ careless team in tackles really little TJ. Good friend of the program that's shocker at Ottawa's Karl just keep your son how different the program. No I'm not suckers from the program mean everyone's front of the program you guys are also friendly and personable so any player of the different program is really nice and so is his wife hi Elena de LA -- Serkis pops in she was it blew forty to watch the game without additional is Alina what you think it blew 42 I thought it was great it was a big stage is slated TV's good turnout and I think as we keep advertising warmer people global com and it'll be really fun and hang out the could you tell it was a strip club that went one point in time. I've never been in a strip club that would. Whom you've never been that place across the street from here and. Yeah a bit ago I heard they have a. Well the Buffett I thought I am always working during lunch time and good good good breakfast buffet are girl chickens and could get fried chicken on Wednesday has been really nice I don't. I tell you skinny yes and I haven't been there. So Wendy your thoughts on and the raiders in week one victory. I just thought it was really good that they held sixteen points and were worried about the defense and you know that the titans are gonna be better this year in Marietta is good young quarterback does that scare card I was impressed by. The defense is able to do and I'm hoping that they can keep that up is they play better opponents and polling agents this week that should be no went inland. But you know if I take its evidence of Romo lottery that he left yesterday he left the water here again maybe act KO tactical powers who don't tell ya know no don't don't. The results don't drink that children. And I think your bicycle like pop that you're sure you haven't seen. Yet what's going to be best for the raiders offense and they are good enough and they are good and especially opening drive and scored right away the touchdown it was. Really awesome to see but that they can do a lot more and I'm excited to see them come to fruition yes I am so glad that they won though because if they lost. Everyone will be talking about that first drive. In that in the red zone this reasoning and I don't know what can what that would affect second drive comes second first practice. Yeah I'll tell us so it's concerned with an onside kick it which showed little blue money root causes of deaths. Hey it. Social on the wanting the rookie recovered that in the only rookie defensive back to actually is playing for the raiders these days. As gearing Conley. You know when the hell he's gonna play but he did practice this week and we'll get an update today as we record this on Thursday. By Gary I took so Gary Kelly to practice will be known Fon Wu will be out until week nine. Social loan actually made an impact on the first play of the raiders' season. Mari Cooper. Did you ask generators went four on fourth and one with Marshawn Lynch. I'm Mark Cooper dropped three straight passes in the end zone and you could question whether or not they should give the ball to Marshall which in the in the red zone there. But Murray needed to catch those balls I've got a more had a great game but that's gonna come back to haunt him maybe later in the season I hope not you think so well First Lady is a learning experience for McCain may be in the eighty help on later in the season but it's the same crap. Has been going on the last two seasons with them right. And I ain't. His hands have sort of been a problem but. Watching him get those yards after the catch the mean that when he when he Kerry did basically the entire tight yeah that's in the ends up that's not really anything new. I mean we've seen him muscles through different defense is especially different secondary is like one that's comes to mind is just like when Eric Berry tried laying this. Hit on dominantly replaying the chiefs and they just. Basically shrugged it off and Mary fell on the ground Omar and do anything Mari is definitely a tough guy you know he's toughened up ever since Adam Pacman Jones had his helmet off and beat him with an in week one he's a little ago I don't. And get tougher after that and I can't say you know at the beginning is Disney's looks you can be really good in the east or to drop passes in amnesties and maybe since he dropped passes in the scheme. He won't anymore yeah I know you earn your living you'll learn their ego that's lying president and his performance after those three dropout so that's a good sign. The the best part I thought of the offense and along Marshawn Lynch look at that little bed Jerry Cooke. There is actually had a good receiving tight and now that the deal with from Clive waffle. Or Wofford. But he we actually another element to the passing game along with Gil Patterson only caught one pass to Kevin Boss man what's your problem Kevin the press through through all that long of them isn't he Brett Myers. But. Maurice Cooper great game how did you drop the pass. After those three treat our history straight drop passes. Obama Crabtree again angry passes he loves a catch football and also eat pizza you love is not Mike's pizza and he does he came by the studio this week eaten pizza in Alina had a little nibble into the remains of his pizza that just took a little sausage and pepperoni who. Lately is Greg same as commercial. I love the sausage and I think I do that so that took pizza dough. We're all went heavy meat lovers it's. You can watch football and he repeats what's better than last better than. Though I told Michael Crabtree that he had a great game and I giggled and locked away and this could consider that there. Now but I thought the offense played pretty well Derek Carla good look good his return off the broken ankle. And I know the passing game was good try to start that there are times where. We were stuck in the red zone we we settle for field goal is to let you had a great game yet but I thought that. This off Lindsay to be a little bit better brightest artists we won the titans offense I thought was not clicking their passing game hasn't gotten in a groove yet. By their rookie Corey Davis look pretty good but he they still need to work out some things and so do the rate. Marcus Mario out though. You he missed a couple of passes the Hillary merry don't know well according to Dell in the draft it's Mario I don't know how but he does it's been associated Rubin frost or. Yes blue route it would frost or freeze and also and also Roger Goodell like you know when one win down. Challenged. Did people come to the draft just likes to what bloggers on the now after the selection rules he. Let's African I didn't think this pot has got to go to those lines Gina Marshall. It was popped out Dina has been in the at the hymn of the pondering as strange that things are which I'm really excited about the strain that has him. October speak of which have you seen it. Haven't I haven't either this is going to be as good conversation now I I'm I'm I'm gonna pass and actors and movies here's crap out of me last I heard a Smart funny no really it's not like this super scary thing you believe everything you hear Elaine. And I actually hit a bailed ongoing and it didn't always usually get your post I see it as a that I didn't I ache I guess I actually couldn't handle swatch and then the movie theater. Now one is just completely off the rails sausage with again don't count on whittled Mary Oda. Marionette friends and I yen where he made this observation and we listen again yeah he's his cadence. He probably says I think he says. Duct oops. And why can't just sit there on how this merry noting. Some cajon. So do you think that if he were open a bar and grill. Instead of like say blew forty to recall duck duck goose for quite possibly since he's in Oregon duck there you go academic sense again and anything about that. Showed off some this organ dot ask. Playing days when he would do those zone reads and just run so are you saying that he's like you know corporate earning like kindergarten games into his cadence he's confusing the defense there. As I do as he heads up seven. But I like Marriott and agrees and it is a good player I really do and I mean the titans over all they're pretty good team they just really. Yeah I'm not gonna say that they mean and I think they look better all icing is just week one I think the raiders know how to play them they beat him three straight years in Tennessee so Brad I think the raiders look good. And now we shift too weak to war against the New York Jets Josh McCown Josh account comes back to Oakland where he was the 2007 quarterback for the Oakland Raiders were area. Paid severe there was a split to split time between Daunte Culpepper and mark and JaMarcus Russell because of so that was a great. QB rotation there. But the jets probably look like maybe the worst team the NFL and that's hard to say we don't know yet from week one but on paper. They did not play well at all and diesel beyond the game against the Buffalo Bills Josh McCown. Threw two picks the leading rusher was able bubble up Howell with only 22 yards. All Paul. And the only good thing about their team is they still have mom will percent in letter Williams and the rest of that. Not so good for the New York Jets the raiders should have. Good game. Last year we are expecting their years ago to now when they won the game against the New Orleans Saints Brad and the got spanked at home against and the when a falcons at the time we thought the falcons were a soft team. Then they went on to the Super Bowl so. Catch like the jets are a little different now I understand that but the raiders had been to know since 2002 so. Generators live up to expectations this week I hope they do what are they expecting these. Blow out the team I think the expectation is to blow out this team so the last is only of its line at thirteen and thirteen yeah you know my gosh Manning. The last bit like after a long time along drag and I I really do expect a blow out and if they dull and there's a problem. Because so we say forty points down forty points on sand like. If I had to put raiders in score forty points at an open to people saying that this team. Is capable scorer scoring 500 points in score forty points at all last season they're they're marketed need to score forty point know that people say that they you know north this team to win like no you know Greg was talking about is on the show that he needs that the raiders need to score. By larger points or this to be suitable team but I don't think this team. Has that offense early don't really don't think so now. Why is that I just don't think I think Dedham Ariza great right receiver I think we do have one of the best receiving cannons in the National Football League but I do think the Mari. Until proven wrong he does fade away towards in his season. I'll Crabtree gets lost some games from the game last year against the Houston Texans or he only had one past like three yards we catch. But. That is thinks that at times. I think Derek Karr is grade but I do think at times that this offense can get sit in the muddled then yeah I mean they do have a tendency to kind of in the middle of the game that kinda deteriorate a little bit on offense a kind of get a little sluggish I guess we'll it's usually start of the game Derek gets a little slow but that's out certain. It's Erica isn't until he wrote in last season youth they ended hot I mean honey yeah yeah and then yeah Toronto true yeah I mean make. I'd as a wanted to be the case the season I guess I'm with you I don't really need to score them on many points on the reducing the the best offensive football not absolutely not they're not the best offensive football and that's a fact I mean I still think the patriots are the best offensive football when he comes down to it they didn't have a good game. I mean their defense gave up like 42 points or so like that so. Against week one we don't know yeah it's tough to tell and I mean like you said with the falcons last year you know everyone probably thought they were soft and it turned out to be the most prolific offense probably in the NFL the tigers don't wanna say the jet slightly. Not know what should and that he doesn't seem likely to tackle another team doesn't and I truly believe that too. When the players say that. You know we're taking this week by week we're not caring about what others are saying we're not cared about the point spread its thirteen and a half that's what their Del Rio saying at least nude and I think I'd really think that they believe that they're they're not. Looking at records her. Rankings or any of that sort of stuff I mean maybe a couple of players on the team for the most part the leaders like Derek Karr Coolio Mac they're taken this like any other. Can't we get any. Gloom accept this this weekend absolutely because tomorrow in years past it's Khalil usually gets off to slow starts insulting and sag last week. And I need. I think he only has gone a sack as early as week three in a season before I predict go this is a bald predictions so there's a Romo prediction I I'd Tony Romo or until Roman nasty prediction. This is this is Stephen Lankford prediction you can actually he he I'm sorry your own hands are real and I ruined that a little bit there that wanted to try and really really are no I didn't like I do predict who get. One but it won't come until fourth quarter and get it when it does is tires sack fumble you're saying that he may be who strips whom it. Strip sack fumble but he tires offensive lineman down to their core mandate can't keep up with it. Like twenty force at the beginning certainly I mean in my field like. Hold them off a little bit but in the end when he's put your hand a pinch off in just pushing you back you get tired of that yet as Marseille intersect. Over over and over and over and over and over and over and back and take notice the same with Cleo Mac and this game he was getting double and triple team a lot. Which left a lot of open space for the safeties like Reggie Nelson when he come on the blitz like I was trying to talk about earlier about we veered off from the point. But luckily Mac which is take heed took three or four offensive lineman almost every other play was ridiculous and you let a lot of open and you know that would leave Vander dose to go one on one with the guard and he was taken Conklin down. Into we mention one thing. For Marshawn Lynch. He didn't just run over any defense attack literary chasing my house mister Casey and he's a good player two time pro bowler. Yes and it SO one on one of the best offensive line in the league announced and I mean I'm like dude every decision. Although lynch ran over 305. Pound defense of one now. Extra case who so I have a lot of faith in the south the mighty Casey goes down I got a lot of faith in buses offense and defense I do think they're one of the toughest in football if not the toughest post in the trenches actually Casey struck out but anyway. So let's talk about Marshawn Lynch Elaine are your thoughts on Marshawn Lynch in his debut. I thought he was incredible I am in like you're saying is so cool to watch him just I mean after a year oft T down. These offensive line and running through these guys it's pretty incredible to see how he can do that. And I'm really excited to see him in Oakland and I can't say. As a Oakland native I can't wait says see him at home finally pelican was just the right fit he's finally where needs to be. And he's arrested and stronger than ever I think even am you know as he's getting. Ernie just count or is crazy transport firm is insane even a pre season week for people all got there cal jerseys on number ten yup you know so it's it's crazy how much the city backs him up and I mean he's Diller for the town united talent and has let liked cat. But the one thing that about him is like he's a real Tim team player I watched that plan any minute sound where. Well here's the deal yes she'll say I thought about march on game I thought martian and a great gave his debut. I thought that the run blocking he's been a little bit better because I thought I felt like he had of pinot. Stephon like guys from self and that's not what we brought and enforce its for him to is pretty cool and no it does definitely provide. Ice on the marsh on their break up eighty NE eighty yard touchdowns this season and end and then texting ending sounds probably not. The guy. But I five is that he played well as well bikinis to Blake break off guys. I think he needs to have open lanes and that we will have good to bring back by committee which human Reshard. It's it's just Yonder wash it's refreshing to see noticed you know because I think what we got McFadden and Mary ever since to get it there Justin Fargas. Justin Fargas of the power running a launch shortly re hearing he tried running into people far is it really succeed all that much but he at least tried to be a power back out runs through people. We've had McFadden emeritus entire time just. Dancing kind of move in their via everybody had a utilities Murray look in his viking debut I don't know I just paid attention to Allen took his cuts on my fantasy team our area hiding care about her memory and one carry for a fumble. That's a song I did see that houses only carried acting he's going to be at least in the cross eyes so he knows and are from the carry the bomb. Jock why in the heck. Don't do that. You take your. No I thought Marcia was very good and he's great clothes for our offense when you close out games not worry about to say that was thing was missing lash was at the teams will get stopped. And Marchand couldn't go this extra yards on the clock outs we want to rely on the defense closeout game for us but I do to the run blocking is of a little bit better foreign and yes Marchand did play that game put in I don't wanna use him in the receiving game because when Derek Parra threw that pass for rhino we all think he overthrew the ball to Marshawn Lynch when it is fun flip yeah. Marchand was lazy on the route just wasn't ready for I wasn't rape rape but then they did that the that the thing with Deion Sanders on an oval that were quick to. Rivers to Davis gammage lynched and scope ran ten in exactly and it it is it actually started Derek Karr and a martian erupted and instead. You know OUs and catch that pass in Germany now know that was my bad my bad meant. No I don't don't record it on the bus like that marsh on you should go running get those passes I mean I like that was marred being too man I don't know if I like that you know I mean. How involved was the Andrei Washington. You know what happened to him I really only had three carries for four yards I mean. They credit his longest run was four yard as far as I can see as far as like it's from last year he was effective on the screen pass arm aren't yet explosive play I think he'd be using both running back Jalen India Andre in the passing game a little bit more yeah I agree completely and and I think Marshawn Lynch is a great compliment but actually you know what what one thing we can take due account with the running game. Is that marsh and ran without a full back last week and hopefully Jimmy is on Wally is back up and running that's actually as the Jerry did his suggestion is remains well Wally he lit bit of a threat passing games of when you're imaging units to go away. Your last dying day are sent you Unita the sweetest song is in the movie I'd watch that for what do theater class back in and I am PT. That sounds good but there's one roars like who cannot Iraqis. In my pocket keeping the coup the coup boo me I'm in more than just watch this one's. It's going to be we nickel has never and really I I wanted to add that to be in need it really ruined but I would I would like to be one of the PR's. It ruins like my way of fighting as I saw 1000 elementary school and if I ever tried again finally stood aside and ask. I didn't even try and put and you bring out a knife. Well well that's a little dark well that's how the movie go the exact absolutely. I did not go that far now just dancing to Mario and are now. Nice mix impressed by thank you being so. We're all going to be in Oakland this weekend I'll be doing the pregame show Anna-Lena will be there talking with the raider fans for raiders bill. Did you lonely walk in Iran says he Simi weighed me down I'll be having 95 some game. Mike flags soak come talk to me he can be an angle so what are you may ask the fans rerouted to. Why I don't why you're the best raider or why the raider fans are better than any other NFL fans of US and coalition on the if you dressed really cool that's really good food utilities in if you're just really awesome and so on a totti when seat. Your greater extent in steamy I mean there's a fan interest and fun yeah absolutely. Well. And last name poets it was week four in pre season and I felt my job he sat through them and I did and I found myself yelling. At a James Houser. And sunshine and people around me were like it's going to shut up and I'm like Jagger on my guy everywhere games via. You should tears at a late hour by our home next and my dad in the broadcast video and you can tell that might try and about how to know I had to press the dump a couple of times wells were in the raider broadcast as the U Arlington County. And I wish that was the case. Real quick so we'll all be there we dollar big. Oakland raider fans how good will this be you see the raiders play in for their own. Oakland fans I think it's going to be great and I'm hoping that and the other fans feel the same way I'm gonna try to just taking in as much of the Oakland is as I can Waller so here. I know that some people have mixed feelings about it and like and I posted video on face the yesterday inviting people and come find me at the writer Toby and I had. Mixed reviews of people saying they don't wanna give them the raiders and money are. So up like that but let's is keeping it positive welder here I mean that's how I'm gonna do it and telling and using differently by. I'm an enjoys seeing like the good things like Marshawn Lynch being an Oakland Allan as he scored touchdowns on Sunday on a great idea so awesome and just enjoy the environment experience as we still haven't and like used yesterday. But the two nights ago. Aides announced the new proud to cite as their news either they're gonna build we're going to try to build Laney college. And that's really good for them to but that's just another reason why I wanna enjoy the coliseum tailgate experience. As it is now and in game experience to his there's nothing else like it in the world and we have here for a little bit longer so I was planning to. So raider fans is my message you I know that the Vegas stuff is you off pisses me off totally a great deal. The let's just try to enjoy this as much as possible for right now the raiders going to be here for three more seasons the team is on the rise. Suitable aspirations does come on a coliseum and have some funds is one of the the last time to receive them it's going to be electric man I I I don't have to get to the game come detailed exactly just have a good time list. You don't have the support organization never have been in the and I mindset but support the team the team is good they have your back let's have their back. Down the coliseum got bombarded get a nice hot dog that's only the little. I lay there a hot Doug's diner just by the way side. And eat one on Sunday nights ago relish when we put on. Let alone a little mustard a little catch at the world both chilling. Well I like Chile does not usually don't go for a little relish in a little onion that's about who's doing the normal. Hot dog and an eagle at the sausage Booth. All of them put all the peppers and stuff and yeah Stephen your take on on dogs on the big mustard guy on hot dog and I love mustard on top mustard I do and mustard I don't know. They don't like ketchup and and can Muster Hamanaka sentiments will not ketchup and mustard just mustard pilot. Just mustard. I GO I do little mustard monsters from the catch Obama in the act. I catch on my Fries you know I can't wait until you have a hot dog and you have mustered out until you have mustard on the hot dog and we come out image in icu at the game I mean to be like wow he really mustered the courage to get mustard on it now it was a great Stephen then your thoughts on hot dogs. I wasn't gonna get there you know that must and onions on the I don't hear that hot dog apparently had more on me if I could threat relishes getting help anyone and most importantly do you really see him. Is a crime whites on well OK I agree any and I agree with the by the way highlight catch that we we we had this debate would mar with them are taking. Hot dogs are not saying which is absolutely. I agree with you on either go market you're market you're insane. Think all right there's one easy so we can mark get on the podcast that can work. That is fantastic I look at if you're listening which at the line I think if it come join it should be fun all right game let's end on this real quick side this last week with that because you had to leave early yet Mary I'm fortunate so let's predict the game give me a scorer for the raiders and jets we tip our. I'm gonna go 3113. Raiders I I think have Jackie O isn't enemy needs he needs to be used as much I think he's going to need to make one field goal and I see the raiders and four touchdowns and I see the jets getting one score. Because of the raiders they they they give up a touchdown every now and then and I'll suggest score more than one cinema only get one scored a field goal that's a 3113 from Linda. In both. Does is give a prediction I don't have predictions. It's just this number now OK I think about it all right fine on this there raiders when 4116. The raiders haven't scored forty points I wanna say. Guy games in the last and they did that did you say they're not gonna score more than forty points earlier in this pot can no I said no no I said that in score forty points at all last season. Maybe at CB about a lessening think he could do it mean this heat and the jets. If this is this game is there an offense capable. Of putting 500 points of the need to show this week so what they are gonna be great offensively to score at least forty points on to say 4116. Year. I think that's all I can I like that aren't aren't I can't panic. RA and real quickly just up player that you're looking forward to be the key to the game as we do with Tony Romo. I'm I'm looking deceit look I'm hoping Michael Crabtree gets more involved as I love Crabtree he got involved last week a little bit not suggest is very three herds were caddies and Cooperman. Ambilight he needs us. Yeah you can like I don't know I want to craft is this is too much askew now and it geely and besides who he's like he's like in the melee. LA cannon like this I watch him run and that's really bad. Description of why and well. I wanna see and do what they needed last week. Our C Marshawn Lynch to over a hundred yards and his Oakland raider debut in front of the coliseum and the Oakland fans. And it touchdown and a and a touchdown correct does the whole black hole would go crazy if he did. Our guys that is our second episode of tune in every week Elaine whom they join us some more yes and have a prediction next time okay. And Dow will we talking more raider football here on 957 the game you could tune in every week to this podcast. Go to 957 game dot com and you can catch it there for only an immense circus and Stephen Lankford shattered as a jolly time there you know what he wants it back. I I nine Derek pop this is being in the the raiders function podcast.