RFP Episode 10

Derek Papa
Saturday, November 18th
Derek and Steven get ready for the Raiders upcoming contest against the Patriots in Mexico City. 

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Steve Langford I hope you were well rested as well as the raiders because you're coming. In in a bye week. I'm geared up when heroes there's lecture podcasts animal usually. By Steven lately waivers Stevens leaving Hungary actually. Had a bye week to process the over the dolphins. It turned out to be used actors slaves games that's it and I'm actually. I'm actually look at forward Mort disease. Actually after. Four. This by afterwards I've lost all of his seasons. Standings seeing what's happening weirdness yet. Or dresses there. What else do you and it's amazing what a way it will euphoria. So prior to this we were talking about how the raiders got shellacked in buffalo. It's amazing. Since then because we haven't done this spot in the week it's is that time of those lines twice. Shellacked by the surge its own there's football yesterday. New Nazis radio and so. I guess the bills. It expertise and the raiders phase two weeks ago. It's also weird. To calm. I think shocked me the most well this week. At least it's just straight greens being Ayers. With with brown the bears managed to beat the Panthers. Actually suck. 00. It's all that are tough to be well say. So the raiders need Islam minister Basil. Then do and they face the biggest slump buster in the NFL right now Miami Dolphins because. The dolphins. And tonight they're playing their third and Nationalists in a row and they're hanging in there right now but. After deported and nothing. Travesty. What's it like three weeks ago. When they have the ravens play the dolphins. Back then. And you know the whole week roulette with the raiders got to beat this team and the raiders got beat this Chris Townsend was like if they don't beat this team you could say this season's over. I've lesson in the game. I got a stat for you but. He. So the raiders definitely needed this one I think they were playing the right team the raiders beat the dolphins 27 point four. And the good thing is the raiders got the win. And I actually. To your car through a deep pass to Johnny Alton. And now as part of the biggest explosive play in the game. Jerry Cooke was the reliable target. Marc Cooper are again. You know not doing much racked. And again this offense. It needs to be what we want it to be. We in order for to win which is going deep he's a passing team is this team needs to hit the ball out to Marc Cooper. Often and they did against Miami but still managed to win the game I think we got lucky is because. Miami is just. Kind of justice team that's running circles right now and a little bit little bit put Jay Cutler didn't have his best performance of the year. And it was garbage time touchdowns Marshawn Lynch. You know again Marsha as I gonna have a hundred yards this season as I thought before the season started he's been with and it was just a game where. We got away with haven't scored when we did. And I think if you know march when new house phone book it is really it's on. Expertise and even more touchdowns and I've not use the product and it is I don't think I'm too happy with the I'm happy ones but it wasn't what we expected. Really like yours. Sort of re. Aspects of the ball. Here. I think. I don't think he's totaled. The playmaker so I don't think he's gonna make something out enough I think as long as I eat you know it. These bodies of secrecy there are two I think. There are puts it right as we possibly. Maybe one to two feet in his arms and he's gonna make cast votes like in there are rate. In the past 231. Obviously she swears. With breakout year break out. Notice that they have a connection that's that I've seen quarterback. Cornerback duo with the raiders. For. Zach Miller pretty sport. Pops right repeatedly. Today. And they're big. That we need to get our act like dude knows I do remember Utley immediately was preached against him back to America so it was way we believe I was seven years old there seven years I was nine. But those are good times racked attribute that is it times easy credit ripple into rooms so. Yeah it it's hard to put a team. We knew. Watch what do we know is I want to we pockets it's almost too busy with voice acting classes but whenever Stephen. They. They are paying off yet dare give that some time still in the middle of the process of taking these classes. So we're. As many as a sign up or dare I got a couple more next weekend. The pocket but you know the next day what it takes you. We're not rooted in the Turkey who we talk about that we talked about their. You want to talk about the quarterback in between CD in the U quarterback Tennessee. What's the stereo. Answer deal. How he killed that it was entirely done to the entire thing but now I had. Anyway that's besides the point. Is he is that. The raiders I think yes V the ad and they got to win and they needed to win but it was a pretty absolutely. Jay Cutler threw for a lot of yards in the end it was only three point game right side it was in which have been more than that. But the rays down in that game for most of the time without the with the exception of costly turnovers such as it is the leaders the careless turnovers the Marshall Newhouse fumble I understand he's trying to do there shouldn't get the first down. Was there to fourteen at that point is fall ball. And then Derek Carr threw garbage time interception. Oh and all the offense. Didn't do anything spectacular. It was kind of the same offense we saw the last couple weeks. With the exception intensity game it just happened to. Nash actually just happened to pay off of them as time Marshall who are Marshawn Lynch was really in the end zone is because. Miami's run defense is on the best. And the key to our success is Jerry Cooke in and Kiko Alonso can recover. Again more and more Cooperman crap you know do them much rat so this all obviously got the win west say they got their out the other Mo -- back now. I don't think there's no Mo Jo with this team right now they house them who Ginny made me this is so I think this like I mean it's not really hold the team from last year but I do is a whole new season and they haven't really had a vote you know so far this season at all maybe look at the first two games. But other than that I mean. There there wasn't really so much a boat Joseph I think like that jets were still trying to figure themselves out at a time in their. Obviously I mean they've sort of figure themselves out now meaning kind of got an identity would not really. I think they're better than anyone expected them to be lit I don't think they figure themselves out and ought first and the titans I just don't think her Burgundy. So yesterday I'll definitely teams when Derek all right. Just me I also think they're very good team overall so okay well look there there were rewarded 63. So. So that. So so and I think that jaguars are taken and unfortunately. I really do you think the jaguars are definitely a world daddy it's important to eat wood if you. With their what are the two interceptions the fourth quarter two minutes still one. The fact that it was against the chargers I'm not shocked I don't know if there was any other team besides the chargers I don't think they would have gotten away with that somehow that charge edges. Never afraid they'd never manage corporate use. The security teams. That raised in the form neighbors program. Now they're not a very good team player but I do you have faith. In the rest of the season that something weird can happen and they can't possibly do is somehow get a playoff spots through the wildcard. I do well activate right now therefore. And the remaining games are against. The human the patriots which is it gets a home game balloons and it's it's an ax to cities that we lose all the advantage there. I want to lose all the advantage but the advantage that we could have had. It being in the coliseum. Really just pisses me off to think about that regardless that we have the Broncos that Broncos is reeling right now when he. Mean this would surprise us one man no offense and defense now is the preachers just reported one points on them last night and we'll get to that you know little and its. There's over the back to arrowhead it with a Dallas Cowboys without Aziz Elliott the have to play the Philadelphia Eagles live for the glossy posters again so Stephen. With the remaining games I understand the raiders last game they play they won. But I think it's too little too late right now not to the raiders went more and how. With a foreign five right now so that I would say they can win four more games these peonies. As I say. And will get to this little bit but the patriot games gives a crap at me with the way they look last night. That's the British probably lose patriots and the supposed achieves in there and I would lose the Eagles and Indian unit. What else. Yeah I mean that's a pretty it is that's pretty good assumption that there is I don't think there's anything anyone can say utterly refute. That because the patriots I mean they also just had additional Martellus Bennett. Yes which is kind of BS which. Now oh I get a shoulder injuries it has spread on the comes in the game I'm gonna go to a different game I think that's total BS and this kind of went that your work was in Pittsburgh. And split them anymore is that rat. Rhett yeah and I think this. Tom Brady can I mean I'm seeing like ghastly he's he's making placed all its time since two wasn't just like. It was a way yes it was exactly it was just rock it wasn't just Martellus Bennett it was Dwayne Allen twos but. Monster he's just again he's just edging a gigantic human. One thing that kind of irks me. Is this whole Darian commonly think ranging views. Yes well we got the news today irks my quirks like is that a thing there can't be that way it's official now we. Was cases officials. Gary Connolly is the place and are the so the season. It's it's point point considering that the high hopes this guy changed it and right now we're going to instantly when. TJ Carrey as the mean or Sean Smith against. And Ovie played alright Tuesday dolphins despite Chris Conte with butchering his name. But let's move up the dolphins game of that and it's pretty much it would. On I want the rays got where I am not impressed. And nothing tells me they get in that game. Is gonna open against England on neutral site and explicit. Yeah and especially the fact that New England just played in Denver and I think they're staying in Denver cracked. I want to say yes I'm pretty sure they're staying in Denver before this with the LT four this week and they're practicing in Denver I don't know if I mean. This is going to be a true testament passes the raiders' coaching staff to. This going to be the first time we've seen them come off the bye week we haven't known what Todd down hinted costly drop seen him drop. Me first like. 1520. Plays for each game but who knows maybe he's having more of structure for this one rather than having to make adjustments adjustments that. I don't know and it's it's really. It's nerve racking to have in Mexico City doesn't give me any confidence at all like you said earlier it's not stressful and it won't have much rather have it in the coliseum and yeah. And I think that's what's gonna screw us in the hand and even if it wasn't the coliseum I don't know this defense can do anything because. Against the league's worst offense them in the Miami Dolphins in bear in mind yes. This is the same team that got shut out twice this season. But they had ten days prepare for the game against the raiders. End. They don't wanna be embarrassed after you lose important I think the dolphins came out and I just think that the raiders are tad bit better them than them right now but it was a close game and no I was not impressed and the defense did not do them much they got they stop when they needed to but in the end Jacqueline at his best performance of the year. They ran the ball pretty effectively without GG IE. Yep and that's. Nothing so let Willie on the raiders got the win. Gave it loved that game two weeks ago is in the past were moving on the raiders of the bye week. And they're going against the New England Patriots and on this and nothing. That happened two weeks ago gives me any confidence but logo instantly saving grace is that these are the raiders had does that to you by we took him. A full week to prepare to assume a patriots but even Alan it's gonna help you. Now. A bye week doesn't help you prepare for the abundance of deep balls they're gonna get Tom Brady is drawing more. It's funny yard passes at a rate like he's never on the before you went like Randy Moss yet what green monster receiver. He's doing more Mort and it. Take control this team rather than just I mean he obviously takes control of the patriots he has control that entire team but. He's trying really to do more than just. Rely on his wide receivers it's. You know use perfect pick plays in just for a little ten yard five yards and yard dink dink and dunk just to get the first down now he's gone for the big places season. And that's kind of really what makes me nervous I don't think the idea. Crusher taxer ready for all well pleased at the look of these guys I. The patriots have hit what has been our biggest problem. As far as a defense. We can we can't cover the team's running back out of the backfield we can't of their tight ends. And the patriots have. Three tenants that we have problems with them. Robert Robert Paris between Allen and his victim Martellus he's running backs that are primarily receiving running backs to. They have three of those guys Rex Burkhead. Dion Lewis and James White. And not to mention they also have branding cooks Chris Hogan Danny Amendola. And the other good who's a wide receiver nineteen mom not Malcolm Mitchell is not an out of that player either. And they don't even have Jewish gentlemen right now. There's nobody on this secondary that can stop this team know what the only the only way. That the raiders have a chance on defense. And I'm not Kona now it was because he is negative but sacks. This season he has got Corbett is what is that what you I would like to he is a force was the game we're plume that needs to be and Tom Brady's face. In east. First have a chance we need to have at least five sacks Tom Brady and that may be hard to come. I think that's one of the toughest things to do in the NFL if not the toughest thing to do in the NFL. For one thing they're out there are offensive line no matter who they have. Is always working with this plan they know what they're doing and Tom Brady gets the ball out quicker than anyone it's just going to be quick to stop. God in us so there's not really much hope in that. Seeing what Cleo Mac's hard done so far this season I mean out seem really. What would give you confidence and that he could get five sacks I'm an I know what you're saying. You could feel it one man wrecking crew dislike him is aging Playboy Oakley were in yesterday with six sacks. That he nice I don't expected but I need him to get to the quarterback. BB visas sacked Tom Brady also needs to be in his face along. Whether it's Mario Edwards junior reserve and this team needs to be looked at 2007 giants. And get to Tom Brady at who or whether and when this game. He saw the beginning of the game did you show there are no there who push overs you know do something like well the top talks in fact just adding that it. Sort of at least trying get their heads don't let them think that they just straight take advantage and he now mean. That's what it feels like policy is is this team that so much confidence every time they played there rated. I just I don't know what that entails I don't know let they can do in order to make this happen is the patriots are probably the hardest team to do that too. To get them flustered but. How did you solve that meant anything to give them an advantage who knows maybe. Just do something there locker room and Mexico City had to study a stack up you know what's in the water. I don't condone what Stephen Saudi bounds podcast but. Yes. To be to be realistic in this game. The raiders have really noble on defense to stop this happens. And it's put that out there this is balancing doing and we put in charge of the season surprisingly we opened seventeen points but that's all he needed and because we scored sixteen. In order for the raiders to win this game leaving the team with the ball they need to go to for ten hours team offensively mechanic and turnovers. They can't do your car needs to be on point. And there was an interest in play last week. Where is third down in their cars to the ball on the ground in an attempt to throw us. What we years well would it we're starting to figure out is that there is actually the hurt and we knew that. But it's affecting the when he grows. So. I think. We're not going deep because here is injured in these are playing as well because he is that broke. And it's affecting the way he throws a little bit he did really deep pass strangled last week but it. I don't think he's taking the risky shots anymore I don't think he's trying to do anything to his back. But then again like I don't know how that would affect your throwing motion and one not why he would take less chances. Well I mean. Because you do use a lot of your court it. You know put some power behind has also. It is no question at the back comes into play the fact it hurts you and every single thing he's not manager you usually rated. But. We we think do you. I mean it's. Be the worst defense played so far this season. But first C now. So this season that the. Patriots could be extremely acceptable to the Penske. Its first game of the season where Terry killed just killed them. And Kareem aren't killed them. But an egg and teams like CQ 33 points to the the Texans and the Panthers actually came in their beat him so. This defense has improved though it's in the same defense during the season. And it will that's only part that I'm nervous about it this was the same New England defense that was given up 35 points a game he had you know. To number as to when she gets every week and I Lamar hope. But that he's been the case that the that if if the patriots score forty points or ratings or four points. But then again Bill Belichick is a mastermind with defense to act so our work they can't. This is was plain and simply cannot afford to make any mistakes. Every time the patriots score the raiders need to score right back in a Morris companies have huge Gainer recently and he said he can't. No you can't and nobody can have a bad day on offense nobody rat and it's gonna be obvious that. Probably Brandon cooks is gonna burn Sean Smith and a huge play at some point in the game apps. And and you come right back and have more Cooper. Right after that. It's going to be track. Yes I mean I'm just look at the stats right now currently. New England is giving up an average 26 points again. And then you're given up 480. Yards passing per game so. 121 rushing yards. So. They've decreased the amount of points in the media and like last night they beat the Denver Broncos that Broncos. Lower the Brock is the saddest thing happened this season I think the most one of the more surprising. Kiss. Turnarounds like us in terms of what the most surprising part of is that it deep it's getting a report. Last week 41. If 51 the Eagles in the 41 hole last night. And I don't know what in his quarterback change that you have a better chance to score more points whichever Ximian and you broke Oslo. It. Features three car. CEO. The where. Let's. Reports X. It is. Scratching. Away experts. Probably right now teams it probably. See. Pictures Pittsburgh Steelers genes. Right now it costs between us and in. The raiders and expertise in. Competing with the patriots in right now and hopefully. In the nines and sixties. Losing. And that first round. So all in all this has been disappointing. News that there was the biggest disappointment this season is different. And the raiders in the giants. Are they that you biggest. Get them. Asked the giants. Their big disappointment that they've had every single wide receiver hurt. You know. Is that they've had so many injuries on that team they're aligned straight garbage. I don't think they I mean of course they are big disappointment in terms of the fact that. People thought they were going to be legit Super Bowl contenders this season but they lost every single playmaker they had so don't go. They're here. Understand the raiders of late there's the jets. There right there with one points now. We're saying it's on the day where. It's official mark marked press conference rated program. So Avery. Every loss season we had here in Oakland pisses me. So this is not a playoff seasons more waste of time that we have to. That's what's what's more wasted time you know why I love every game I'll watch. It is close to posters that that this team won't be you know when anymore and wasting the the the all the potential this team and is seen. This race teams you know long time and their data have been made it better than being set. They relate to nap went to their full potential disease and other coming off a win but it now well seasonally to lead. When three games rightly they played well Tennessee. As the jets team that played their absolute best that's what they should be every week. And then they squeaked out when against the KC chiefs it was amazing but the daily one. And then last week against the dolphins. That will eat you do what you do you play crappy team and you should see them. And it wasn't pretty but yet done by. Nothing I guess it did everybody seem kind of horrible has been playing well this team I beg to differ. He played all right and that first game against Tennessee cheesy it needed to do but they exposed them. In the Miami game and their depth we wanna expose him with him with him at the pictures expose. Them. I just don't see how this team like I don't know how it will patriots on four points ambulance. No I don't see that happening you know more morally it's a positive view room. My wrist surgery will I can't really furious excitement as the patriots. You know we're talking about the greatest quarterback possibly of all time we're EU and its. Where was I I was at home actually remember that members lit I was a young kid but he immediately eight years old. Yeah I said so yeah yeah I would just at home I was watching that. And there's not much of the story too and I didn't really know the impact it had at that time but I remember watching it and remembering it being a really big deal as an eight year old you think you know the impact but. And but it you doll and you know you realize later on just geez is that game which is so brutal scene down before they went on after that the down slide. It look it's it's amazing. How to franchises police went different directions that day. Yeah they're ready to go simple the next year but they were never the same with job after John gruden went for those whose last game yep and the patriots when those who've borne timer he's going to be this we're beckons you and playoff. Well a general in NFL history probably next I mean you can make the argument but. You know that time British oil lost once to the raiders in his career. Really now. Yeah that's not surprise me on that much and it's not surprising stat at all do you think that he's following the TV twelve method as we speak. Witches. Honestly any to get more details on it but I know drink a lot of water does that prevent some records this accident and really that's what he says it is book. It is what you drink it up he drinks like. He drinks I forgot what it was I think late twenty fluid ounces of this. Electoral lighted water I don't know especially the water's different rate of the I don't know it's Tom Brady water aid he says that if you drink enough it will prevent sunburns I don't get it. Let. He hits. He's just become like he's become more of an athlete I don't think people look at him is just an athlete anymore he is a straight. Like he's kind of. It's just he's hot he's kind of got that like Cristiano Rinaldo feel to them in America. Like you know Christiane or not it was almost like. He's one of those athletes choose is constantly surrounds. Sports no matter where. Tom that's. Please in his own little. Bubble where is the best athlete out. We. Desperately. Put himself out there. He sort of last year. It's strange person. Am. I'm big on. Air. You. Sure. And rocking out and others. Outside. Stephen the main point is is that at forty years old Tom Brady will probably carve up Israel defense and the only way I think there really is nothing I can say that. Is there any hope that the raiders defense can do something analysts Tom very like he's not Tom birdie and I scheme and he just. You know it this year more so I have seen their offensive line. Breakdown of the and Brady has been ordered to rest a little bit more. Texans game chief scheme that again that was earlier in the season and I think this team is putting up to what their potential news. Whereas the raiders so enough so mayors. I want to Gary Connolly. Huge disappointment. And we get we get the news today that he's going to be out the rest of season right hands. You what we thought originally was this on this schemes because that is where our nation. And it's something totally different. Is the fact that he's not able to heal properly. Is Ni. Ers are in relation. Maybe it's an announcement unknown owners of the hour. Is he she is this this this is the most serious. Case of shin splints and servicing but it will say this though. Before the season started we return making it will be heard about Christians ones. And Adam Caplan who works Prius paean. Stuff by tuchman pops and he goes we notions points in the reason why. Kevin White missed his rookie season. Modano and that's that's that's trees. Missions that can grow to something wars. And if you remember remember when Marc Cooper and Kevin White word it was debate between the two Kevin White. Hasn't done. Jack in his poker night. So. Couldn't the anemic here it is not out of my mind. When hearings healthy. He's at this point for the raiders. By. Could be the case that we need draft knee injury prone corner or drafted the safety or open or on who we thought was the ticker at times this season. He just got that last week it's mine yet. It's tough to really it's you know I want columns straight up like he's going to be injury prone for the rest no matter where it's. It just so disappointed with the that's a reason why we as we as well and I think it's just sort of just the mystery surrounding an entire thing I think it's what's been the most disappointing though people. That they haven't really you know they never really gave him a timetable to come back ever. They mean adamant for the first couple of games but I guess obviously something was bothering him. Maybe. You know it could be the communication between him and the team doctor maybe he wasn't really you know. Maybe he was saying you know I'm good I'm good I'm good to go and they thought it was good in Indian of this aggravating it more and and and the doctors just like a cat can't let you go out there again you're not dead in May be vicious. In trying to convince himself that hey I'm good enough to play but instead just. Aggravating and more it's almost like. It's kind of weird but I'm almost panic not and I don't want compare them because they don't have you know there obviously. Completely different players but. It's it's sort of the same mystery surrounding him and Andrew Luck this season Andrew people thought he'd be back after like soldiers shoulder surgery then. But his whole thing I think maybe the day he might have overworked his arm too much and you know heard and that team doctors just like he can't come back. So it's kind of like this team it's like the same mister experience or there isn't ground. It's it's really. I mean I don't wanna say they made the wrong pick but it's a slight. Do you have any sort of injury history before handed a nine to they have no this is coming I don't know this is it's an error recognition he's so young. So it's like this last was happening young guys. And I know you recently that we you worry about going forward. It is disappointing because it though lake. You know ready generally address the defense decides here position. Mom who's ahead and picked up the linebacker from Miami a joint Jenkins. And because Giuliani in training camp in that was always that was only. The is the only team defense of free agent movie made dress it was in the draft the draft DiMarco leave drafted. Blumenthal who drafted any and it just we drastic Gerry Connolly. And say. It again program where season with a defense you know. It's been oh it's been c.'s rules and CEO. Steve. Potts. Stephen you went on after the raiders win went to coveted by Jeanne Fremont in the with the raiders yeah. Yes sort of I hit I snuck in yeah that he delivered in the show their we got to see Jack Dario is about cheap. The great young men and sat down with a us. I. Well that was going on I was watching guy TNT and Steve Mariucci Clinton by two papers lesson. I've yet and it's the proper way to pronounce Eric well. You do realize that. And just bear with me here if you are seeing Colin Ferrell and got Syrians seem to be there. Hello I am not coincidence. I think now aren't. You think. Colin apparently is the day well. And don't be constantly with the weakness in last name but I am not being content is an issue or in a real jets are you know. Fine if I'm pronouncing it right it makes me ask I theory. Is Colin Ferrell and I don't approve but. Can't really used to be a lot of movies he's not so much anymore so I think Colin pharaohs. He knew who. Persona he like three time instantly. And that is hero spiky the ship. Boom listed here got theaters this year's dare put pop. It just me. He had. Walked past us multiple sides. Obviously. And it's not. Colin fair he hits such flavored town. One way politics and you want to flavored town that's when I went here and. You says I've yet. He did. A bird in his column you're under a tree and you're on your proud. Looking for someone on that show up well yesterday at a certain look. I'm here on your face in our office is less accurate way to look at. Figuring out on each. He Shania immediately at a fine for an editor I'd find aghast. So that we had the average on that we had Steve Mariucci use it was it comes by. And by the way. But yes here was there. And so we're allowed the other rookies who became buying it's who we want to we played. Chris pounds with this pronunciation was last. It is here he laughed he was like but he he liked it. In a sort of final last guest for the last segment of the show and Georgia to Vicky it was more the word coming hours but. Nice guy Steve and couldn't even tell them that he wanted to have a new chance for Giorgio from hook yeah. Early chicken out on the that was. And there are seeing me I didn't know what to do. I'm just looking statements you reference church that I didn't know that he probably wouldn't it. I'm sure you expect he'll looks like view really big Dustin Hoffman fan. Well I don't think anyone's fantasy often these days and I don't know why I just assumed that he probably didn't see hook I got cold feet there what can I say. I'm ansari. I should have probably said something but when you come up with a name. Cool in that year. For an athlete and they're huge proposed it to get but he he's got that was quick kick it would just ran out. You are the nicest yes there are active our our. There it was a fun day but. Well I shook Mike Tyson's hand and my phone has been seen since it still hurts. It might Mike Tice now Mike Tyson Tyson I wish. Well it's nice wouldn't it when I said Mike Tice. Sorry my price that's like that yes. Frankly. Can he is marked by its it echoed stuck my hand out. Well like my. Mom's what word. I guess. Lately opposite contract analysts say expanded. It. Like Obama just went so far back when action please hand it did not feel the same for the next three days there's something still wrong with it. Really friendly guys. But yet. Know that was a fun day it was for a check. Korea's foundations and that was it there that it. But. At the same time. Good time but. Too many of the players were there at their mission to get ready for a little New England game coming up but that's just me being crazy fan Stephen. You don't as long enough. The raiders play the patriots. I don't see any way. That we can. Stop them defensively. I don't see our offense is not proven enough that we can put up. The amount of points of we want to the season with the with the exception of the two in New York Jets game. So. I predict this game Sally on what to say that the raiders lose this week. If this this game was in the coliseum I think you might be different stories a little bit but the fact of going to a neutral site they're playing. Indoors and down. And we have known it covers ground we know covered. Brandon cooks we have known cover Chris Hogan and we have no one covered anybody yet so. I would say the patriots probably went 42 to two point seven. 42 units wanna set ago. Am I mean I actually. I think SE a patriot putting up 48. I really do. I deceit and scoring on almost every single driver. And MIA. I mean wouldn't it be funny at this the first that is the first game or the raiders actually get a pick. You. I aim when I'd be surprised. That could happen because the NFL's weird in that way. But mom dad see them putting up 48 the raiders are estimating enough money for gas he's. Yeah yeah I'm not expecting much I mean hey if they start winning in there in the game man I'm I'm really looking forward to I'm discussing it week by week from now on I'm not gonna think forward kids. You never know what can happen but I'm not analyze this entire podcast I did look through the titans' schedule look through the bills' schedule. It's it they're looking like they got it kind of it way easier slate generators to the raiders got the cowboys Eagles and the patriots so parlance goes through whereas the bills I mean they got the patriots one more time but then they also got. That dolphins and it's often two more times I think actually they plan twice more. And and then neon tightens things got Texans and you know the colts to use that they don't really have many. Out of division games left either so it's. That's not what it's. It is good for the raiders playoff chances this season so. Our Onassis a quick question you. And they ask you answered honestly do you think the raiders' coaching staff. Is Smart enough to compete with like the bill Belichick's. Or even the and you reads. And that's it's. Obviously. In hindsight now. And if you're just gasping for action now. There's no one. Whit. In Erie could do that if he. Figure out his time management better. I just don't think that. We have the coaching staff to. Outsmart the patriots early. Am and it's yet slept well hey listen we're not gonna win digging in dunking. And we may even wind chill in the ball deep because. This is the first game around like. Thirty points may not be enough. In the end man I just think the starting point. Is where it just gonna go back to what you said earlier and that's just try and play the most disciplined game possible. Trent go out there. Don't get to commit any penalties still commit as many don't give up any sort of yardage that you can to them. Did we just went with the executive when you know you were okay well and others that would obviously that put on saying don't give up any unforced. Yes unforced yardage and Lee Smith don't don't go jumping up and head button. Anyone on here probably alumnus who was your friend. And say that I'm just get tickner out there that is out of the funniest penalties I think I've ever seen in my life well yeah Alaska that was the funniest thing I've ever seen I cracked up like it could help but lap Lou the fact they want me in any track. Got a fifteen yarder for that man. So just don't commit any stupid penalties like that and and if they'd have zero turnovers in the first lesson. I mean I think they might have a shot it. I'm seeing them really. If we're gonna go bill room and ask style and try to do three keys of victory I would say you had a lady. As you said disciplined game. No turnovers. No penalties no dumb mistakes. And Derek Kerr in the office into place flawless. Tom and I can't say the same for the defense I don't know what they're gonna do clue Mac needs he's the quarterback Mario and where he's at the quarterback. You need to rush to pass I don't that he couldn't cover anybody on the new patriots but he could at least try to capable and summaries and and you got to score 84 points to sustain this game it could be issued out of Mexico. And good old Mexican shoot. Yeah well. Lost for words at this point analysts that they hope for let coming off lake oh win in a pilot that that would be a little more chipper. June's. But we did talk about he. The budget altered immense. And Arabs a lot of things in our moderator town seriously them though dig it reinstated days and need help a little bit. But Gary Connolly out for the season. Now it's just. Nothing tells me that. We're gonna go in beat the patriots in the fact that it's an expert doesn't help either and want one thing to just speaking with the defense of. Like get your hands I don't see them get their hands up all the time when they're trying to get pressure see them trying to sacked the quarterback costly but I'll see them trying to bat down balls come all the time. See the worst even wrapping up on its oh my gosh yet how many times reported that they were too. Jacob Fletcher and Michael Vick last week what it's ridiculous yeah yeah. Age and. Something the size jets think they sacking the quarterback that's all they do there's tons more they can do aside it's getting Saxony. They got effective quarterback so. How. All right Steve and but the real reason why he's this podcast. Any new developments with a movie that came on a policy years ago shooter. No new developments today I I just want. I just wish that I knew how to recover from a bullet just in case every shot because that seems to be very useful. In the movie. He gets shot spoil there. And he he somehow manages to go to a store. And lake. For wanting this is actually genius he turned out the all the electricity in the store because his face was all over the TV in the news so if you got a glimpse of his face he knows we as they call the cops. He put up the electricity stands in the door easily. There can be some water some salt sugar and all this stuff like create a whole idea for himself but he's covered and so he's port there in the bullet work not just like this could probably be really useful at some or to get shot act now learn how to recover from a bullet wound if it. Comes at that point there. That's me about it. There is lazy gentlemen that Stevens weekly take on this issue. Any other. Semi a weird movies that remind you wanted to discuss. A lot freaky Friday a week and that we that's great news. It's a weird one. While some might say freaking among about that and pink slip. Oh. Yeah. Soldiers she's a girl. All on the podcasts on this and titles of movies and so. Freaky Friday operators flagship pod. Gates' speech that every week. Home with its shooters pre Friday or wallow list. Checked Aureus or that he wanted to cast its own Brad. That swallow us yet but we don't have seen. This new movie that it Will Smith is and I went right. On Netflix. It yes. Nor no but it's coming down in they were easily it's like half humans have theories. Early works or some crap. It crisis right now and that this. Percent but anyway. Well at least in the when there was this makes that which is continuing look at the case the raiders the victorious in theory them. Of course that's going thankfully Austin Powers. If you remember the movie the spy and show me. Austin gets his note of that but they need to and it wants it fat bastard country will drop citizens yet. And then you that I don't have blamed the loss of my manager. And then Heather Graham is like now Austin. You have all wrong. Exactly so. It was a bit too precious as it. Exactly obviously DNA is here anyway so basically the raiders in a look at themselves and say we've we've always in the same team. Come on dating these proposed policy. The motives always been there. Maybe other artists OK what what you know what I need ending the show on a negative light. If if they managed to beat the patriots. And this changes everything. You getting a whole new momentum. Going into. The camera in the plea next after the patriot game but. That's an important she agencies and if they managed to beat in England patriots were to have a whole new ball game winner yet it was so much more confidence and get and so much more incentive to. Worked for the rest of the season that think they did get complacent after that jets win and they're news basis so I think that it would bring even more. Canon that well we you know we're not this team that we'd been all season we really can't play up to art the potential that. Everyone thought we and maybe you'll make it work harder. Maybe you know maybe they'll find something where they some sort of you know scheme more than that they can exploit for the rest of the season like this is this is our thing this is what we can do is race I still don't think they have an identity yet. Today an eye on the Baltimore Cooper that's good scheme might work. Before we in the podcast as one acknowledged the the biggest story of the bye week for the raiders which was the allegations that the offensive line wanted to get geared Carter's. Reported by the one and only meek programs. And we just say that she is a disgusting human being. Are disputing that something may have happened in Washington could have been a fight but you. Just go on a win. Or whoever she knows the raiders to get this knowledge from but to say that the offensive line. In as she put it the all black offensive line was running at the white quarterback hurt because he want everybody to stand the National Anthem. I don't Derek Carr really don't but he is written is that kind of personality like. Everybody needs to stand. You know what something I got you recently that happened in Washington because they were not prepared for that game it's kind of winning over sense but I do not. To suggest that. He. Offensive line of the raiders are not gonna block for their Bible thumping QBs is actually ridiculous and irresponsible by her. The total publicity stunt. She's just trying to get I mean that in order podcast was called until now that we don't yet she loves meego are any part of my heart Mika so. It was a total publicity stunt but she she she honorable she and her husband ran out of Miami so. I'm not surprised. Stress Brent Grimes future corner victory absolutely and I I wasn't. One night when I saw it it was her that said this stuff I was like OK I'm totally dismissing it I am not gonna believe anything that she's saying. But I do think it's. What's nerve wracking to mean is. People are on the East Coast that maybe don't know this team all that well I don't really pay attention to you and I that there car really is like that he's he's all about team these team team team he's not. He's back and make them stand up very hands on that stage used to not this is not the type of person is we know that. But I don't think a lot of people maybe in the East Coast do knows that. And. Ortiz and talk about that that's why the road is the block leave him because premiums they they it was a travesty. Is this is East Coast radio for him but aren't particularly mustard to him but. Hopefully. The latest UN I would have no faith but they come on notable of which you will be a fun time. Which are ready for the raiders patriots as you come to blue 42 for the U raiders' opening drive was Chris Townsend Bill Romanowski. Or coverage of that starts at 11 o'clock pick up of the team will be at 125. This Sunday. He computers even for once. It really well this is not. What I'm. A so it was Tony Romo predict everything on the broadcast. Can't wait for that but you can listen to the raider game on ninety five's in in the game or the app as well Felix. Or box Steven. Any words. Just stay hopeful. As much as a as negative as I am I'm just being negative literally in light of the podcast I am always in always happen. A hopeful raider fan even when they were gone foreign twelve. When they played the patriots I always somehow in the back on my convince myself hey they're gonna win today when I woke up so I in the for the purpose of this podcast and try to be as realistic as possible. And but in the end I would I wake up Sunday I will think the raiders are to be the patriots regardless I. Activity. In. Oh. This. I'm dear Papa. Has been in. Breach.