RFP Episode 1-Week 1 @ Titans Part 2

Derek Papa
Friday, September 8th

Chris Townsend joins Derek to preview Week 1 and announce new location for Pre & Post Game Show 


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All right now join us some there raiders flagship podcast Stephen Langford had ahead now play joining me now is the host of raiders' opening drive. Readers extra point and you'll find him drunk and our new location we'll be doing. The raiders pregame show and post game show on the road games Chris Townsend joins generators collection podcast. Kelly Dylan Joni well we do have a new home it's blew 42 and Walnut Creek and we're very excited that snapped. We're going to be on raiders extra points and we're going to be on raiders' opening drive starting this. Sunday 8 AM pop you better get ready to go. Get up early kind of started the same way last year when you start looking at these. Early 10 o'clock games which means for us we will be honor ready to rock. Acts 8 AMD are really excited as this is a joint venture right now Allen and wants the all the paperwork and everything goes through my family and mine investors are going to be taken over. Blew 42 in there in. Pretty sad about it it's 1251 a Roy away in Walnut Creek that's 1251. A royal way Walnut Creek and we will turn it later on the plan is we're gonna keep it a sports aren't so football's over then we're gonna turn it into what are Pamela restaurant looks like in. Still have the full bar still have all the TV thank you still have all the sports. But it'll be a menu that Walnut Creek desperately needs nice NASA like it and I don't know why you're telling me. I need to watch out for 8 AM on usually get their before you do you. As we did last year but regardless the site about football Tony we watched the pre season games for the Oakland Raiders. And the biggest thing we take away from the four games is that the offense looks like it's going to be there and fire all cylinders like last year by. The defense still question mark. Yeah this first game I think is gonna tell us a lot kind of like how last year's first gain told salon when Jack went for the raiders got the touchdown and you are jumping all over me. And closets and and we realized wow I mean this was a huge win that really spring boarded the team. In a lot of ways obviously have fifteen more games than in a lot of different things can happen. But this first game's gonna tell us a lot as they go on the road is the offense gonna have to just carrying this thing again. What is. What are the raiders gonna get defensively what are they gonna get not only from a talent standpoint but what are they gonna get from a health standpoint. I mean this may not be good defense and it may not be helped the defense which active be a disaster. Maybe they're going to be better than we think. I guess. I'm gonna gonna go into the season the way we ended the season before Derek Karr got to hurt last year Derek you and I talked a lot about it was. Analysts in your shoot out every single week you have to treat it like it's a shoot out. And don't wait till the fourth quarter to realize you're in that shootout realize in the first quarter get things going in the first quarter. Because a really good offense that puts points on the board can help out and not so great defense. So there are expectations for the raiders this season and more so on the offensive side of the football. Who are you looking for earned this season to kind of take the next step visited. Derek Karr even though he broke his leg up in the season is in a Mari Cooper when he's kind of feed it off towards. The end of the season user is a great start but then the lat night the latter portion of the season he just doesn't show up in games could be injuries can be whatever. Or is it newcomers like Jerry cook are are Marshawn Lynch even to show that he's back to where he was even though we took a year off plaster. Yeah I the fact you say take that step. I look at marsh shot and a and I think all those guys can take. The next step right for march on I wanna know disease still have the staff. Because this could be. A big part of the offense. To where he doesn't have to key area all the time. But just carry it in critical times. To where. Let's ABS Murray was so hit and miss at times and allowed that I had to do this pad level and how we ran up right. Can Marshawn Lynch break those tackles still can't Marshawn Lynch. Move the chains when the raiders need to move the chains. Think about this Eric. This is a team of were really worried about the defense. As much is throwing the football on scoring touchdowns helps a defense. A solid running game. With a speedy smaller. Reshard in Washington. To go with the bruiser and the guy Dick and did you those top yardage to get to those first downs that can help the defense equally as much. So when I think about steps who's gonna take that step I think the first thing I would think about is does Marchand still have the stat. That that that's what we're gonna need deceit. Just not in Tennessee. Just not three out of three out of 41 games on the road but can he do that throughout the season I'll sixteen games. Let's go back to the deeper to side of the ball. Joni Jenkins was surprise cut that happen on last Saturday. And now the raiders are left with Corey James mark tell lean and Bruce Irvin as a starting linebackers mark Kelly a fifth round draft pick. From Wake Forest which you like to bring up all the time Corey James did not play in the last two pre season games. Are you surprised a raiders didn't make and guess Reggie did make a move. Before the first game when they're gonna get the girl go against this. Hi Prodi and running attack with DeMarco Murray and Derrick Henry Tennessee. Not entering at Xavier Woodson luster. Who. I I Derek I'm shocked I I really. You know this is a team that has high expectations or itself forget the outside noise. Inside the building. They have high expectations. And I just think of the draft. I and I look at free agency and they want to fill holes with the draft which sounds great when you're dealing with players are traditionally Wien now. That guys. Indiana now and then now it's it's a lot different it's not like units school you don't have school. You play more games you practice more you watch more film you'd do wars a professional than you do as a as a college choir. And that's why you have that law that wall that hits somewhere it's going game eleven and game fourteen for these college guys. And when you have Super Bowl aspirations. And you're looking to make up your deficiencies. With guys in the draft. And now. That is really starting to backfire on you as you have no idea what you're gonna get attic Connolly. You're not gonna see Mel upon move released the first eight games. And Lee has shown us he can play that. He can be the inside backers that lane hits on everybody and have the green dot on the back as talent goes sideline to sideline so. Those three guys. Were brought in to it to to really help you out. And one of them for sure it's not going to be there the other two are huge question mark. It's. So wanna scale of one to ten what's your concern level going into the season when his defense. I don't say it's Friday around seven. So. Is that a good thing going into the season like war week if the raiders have a bad season we'd go back to this. Saying wide and Reggie make more moves. In order for this team to go to the next step the biggest question mark last year was the fact that US diplomat was defensive player of the year had a great season but the defense. Was one of the worst in the league and they did nothing to improve it will that be something we come back to when the season ends. No doubt about it this is a team that only had 2.5 sacks I was the fewest in the NF now. They didn't hit the quarterback eating get to the quarterback and that's that's part of being a successful team here. And if we get to later in the season. And in the post season. And there comes a time where the raider offense. Cannot outscored the other team. And as defense. Struggles throughout the year and if that happens I agree I see some coaching changes on the defense of side of the ball. As some flying some as Guinea the point the finger at the general manager and say you know. What. You spent so much money on the offensive line which is great it's been a lot of your quarterback which is great. And you knew he had a very good offense but. Did you really do the right thing if you're going to win in the I mean you can win but often you win of the offense during the regular season. But in the post season you have to play defense. And and lets you have a home field advantage. And your plane in Oakland. You're gonna go on the road your goal in the cold. Is this kind of defense that kind of defense you think second knuckle up and let's go in a cold weather playoff game. I in Seattle last year we NC in the pre season to make us think that now we have to wait and see what it looks like start now here. Play yet your question is if things don't go right. I don't think we're going to be point fingers at the offense. And Arabic point fingers at the defense. An Arab be point fingers at the guy with the defense together. Get Jack here on this. Despite everything going on with the defense. What are your expectations for the raiders this season do they make it back the playoffs every year we see. Teams and made the playoffs. For the first time a wild men have let it come back to reality the seas in the next year. The raiders to have a hard schedule they are playing the NFC east an airplane the AFC east. All the other teams that divisions suck except for the patriots but what are your expectations for the raiders the season. I even heard something that the raiders' schedule the teams on the raiders' schedule if you put everybody's schedule lot. The teams are playing gave up the least amount of points on their schedule than any other schedule but what does that mean. It means absolutely nothing in football. Because of injuries and change you have no idea. That's why I always cited stupid even though we do it's stupid when the schedule comes out. I got to twelve and four day you don't know with the injury you really really don't know. You would have thought hander of course general explain weak one for the colts you'd just tell now. So I'm gonna believe that this offense as. What's that number we came up with seventeen teams scored 500 points or more correct. I think they're going to be the eighteenth. And I think they're going to be eleven and five and there are going to be in the post season. Landing and win the division. This off and it's this team. They're gonna find ways to make up. For what they don't have on defense. And they're going to be watch were gonna see them pulling guys off the street hopefully vacant buying something. But if you can be good enough like dead saints team. To give up on other teams. Make it easier for you to get to the quarterback. Because that happens is always struggling. And find a way to get turnovers turnovers tricky thing one year a defense is good at the next year that same team defense as. So they find a way. It turnovers. Get to the quarterback. But constantly be backed by high powered offense I think this can be great season. Actually have an eleven to five as well we'll see what happens tell me I will see you blew 42 this Sunday and Romo will be there with his. Nice flip flops and jeans jacket over knives it's an. All new menu it's an on new deal for Lou 421251. Royal way. The party will start at AM where you have the drinks on ramp tickets to giveaway. Tickets. Tickets. Prizes signs that memorabilia a lot to give away. Blew 42 Sunday at 8 AM and fraud for anybody I mean for all NFL fans mean. The nab all grab all the games on constantly and everything so it's going to be a great season but the real question of the bloody marys gonna flume. For you. Everybody the most remain. For you do you remember what you look like it's ever post games he I think we have the audio from some of those games too it's not griping we should get rid of that -- But you know is gonna happen again. Yet not it's going to be it's a party to psych we we've done everywhere we've ever done stuff with the F now and I 57 game. We've made at a party trust me this Sunday blew 42. Is going to be an absolute party we'll see you there. Special thanks to Chris towns of Sabbah by the raiders flagship podcast from member. That you can listen to the raiders' opening drive. This Sunday on 95 point seven the game and the game itself will be moved to KB elects. And Kay fox with any time complexion with the Oakland Athletics. And sub by blew 42 for the raiders' opening drive pregame show will be there and I'll be there with Chris Townsend and Bill Romanowski. Stephen Langford added to apparel or early as he does the morning shown its little tired so this week for the first week. I'll be doing our picks segment by myself. And yes the raiders are we taking on the Tennessee Titans the raiders have beat in the titans a last two seasons at Tennessee. And I think it's going to be three straight years it's to be tough in May be the same can deals last year with the raiders have to eke out a win. In the closing seconds and the defense doesn't show up but I think Derek Karr. And the raiders offense can it done once again in Tennessee Titans have a great team this season but I don't think that there. Quite clicking together yet for that first game song they say the raiders went thirty. To 25. In the first game of the season the raiders coach to wanna know they're any of that first win. Because the schedule gets harder from there are guys that's a first episode for the raiders flagship podcast thanks to Chris Townsend first up and by. Stephen Langford hopefully will join me and more episodes coming up this season. But. Yes thank you for listing firm to our first episode I'm Derek proper and two and in this Sunday as the raiders take on the Tennessee Titans.