RFP Episode 1-Week 1 @ Titans Part 1

Derek Papa
Friday, September 8th

Derek & Steven preview the Raiders 1st game of the 2017 season 


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It's no god did I do not get a kick. Out. Yeah. Shaq at denigrate me. Now it's time for the readers flagship podcasts whole wall Alaska lands does that mean what I can do. Use Stephen Langford and Derek top five. A job. What a hell of an intro that felt so good you like and I like welcome to the first episode of the raiders flagship podcast. I'm when your host Jerry pop along with Stephen Langford yes if you don't now I am that is his name not lying and it could be alive. Now yet might not be married on and they told me that my entire life by when that crazy heat is starting that was your name her. We'll actually was there. What mining Stephen. Each my real name is Derek properly his real name is Stephen Langford although sometimes you column mind nice guy Stephen. Our KXT. And yet the Pentagon and a which day or on your offense in my mood I mean sometimes and a nice guy and sometimes I'm a bag now according to you people that few people yeah. Well this is the race is flagship podcast. If you don't know was I and Gary Papa produce the afternoon delight with Greg Papa yes that's Internet and a bond to a hill. And Stephen is the board opt Ford Jolo and did so need your vote shows on 95 cent in the game. Absolutely now you have a voice to actually blame when there's like a mistake yes that goes over the and we'll tell us to host first blame Bryant. I mean there's multiple times where I have at the beginning of the show 6 AM actually is well that's what. John did you me live in the same area Livermore are closed in area grass and I know it's a pain in the ass to get to this studio every day and takes about an hour commute so yeah for you to get here and 6 o'clock in the morning every day. Well I gotta tell him and Bart is. It's com. That well attendance at 4:30 in the morning for 28 I bet com I super comp there's a bunch of what looked like probably school principals getting ready to go for the day obviously it's summer so the interest Jim Turner Field trips and ever run in a field trip at 4:30 in the morning on Bart Derek. Now it has not a surprise. But it's tough it's comets peaceful we all map literally everyone naps it's pretty insane actually. Insane in the membrane go let's go back to football. You and me are diehard raider fans yes we've been read well I've moved around the country alive but my roots are here in Oakland. And you grew appears well so we're diehard raider fans you are big Jon Condo fan act. I am out on the big Jon Condo guy you know on the you get all is you can show this a little bits and avoid Tyler who is also a diehard raider fan shout out he actually really like immersed in the NC Oakland raider culture. At a young age and he had season tickets for a while so when he. Invited me to games that he at a very young age and I. Understood. What it meant to be. Rader a commitment to excellence Jack's saying that yet. Pretty much as it was is pretty bad so first for years though the community excellence kind of went away for I guess the majority of our lives are raiders have been bad. Until last year when they went twelve and four. In the kind of shocked me I do not expect them make the jump from seven and nine to twelve and for that quickly it it is. The craziest turnaround kid is you don't know how to analyze this team on any one like for you for example in the offseason. For years were just sit there at the draft like our first round draft pick this can be the art guy this is going to be. The difference Fabian Washington let's go guy who we builder Stanford it's a gallon Robert Gallery we are gonna build around these players and it just didn't come to fruition and Darrius Heyward-Bey hat and after years has constantly. That pick after bad yet and then. You know and Derek Karr Khaleda Mac came around I mean you knew they weren't gonna. The youth that market began that season does all they had was their car that I mean literally took the 2014 season to start out oh intend yes I thought they'd be a little bit better Gallup. He went we we picked up a bunch of free agents. And this for you know mean mean Steve her diehard raider fans. In not to (%expletive) off day and ably but we will with refrigerators as we on the show. You can do that I'll you're you're you're going to be more professional and. I'm not I'm not big on the we think is I don't do and allows Stephen I mean I'm like I am not big on saying simulated he and the raiders hang in the breeze we collectively. Are you part of the readers that I wanna behave and how are you on the team. We could we be doing Angela has the rights and you got to credit. Accidentally did and is mulling it it's what that's what happens when your within four hours a day you want and everything on uptick. You got that. Coached yeah coach tick are let's let's stop it. So the raiders yes serve the majority of our lives the raiders have been. Someone mediocre putting it lightly. I remember the days when. The had Jon Gruden and they were pretty good team for three straight seasons and after the onset Super Bowl to junger and they've been down whoever sends. When Iverson since my last season had a pretty good pretty good year they went twelve and four round and a fortunately we know how that ended we thought that the raiders could take the AC west. But unfortunately died Donald Penn allow the only sack of the season and Derek Kerr broke his leg. I think the I think what's interesting about. What's happened since then since literally Jon Gruden left it feels like the NFL. It feels. Feels he's been a little predictable I guess you don't you yet just because teams really were changing you just had. You know the patriots yet the Steelers had them always move and up randomly the cardinals cancer let. The fact is that. The who's really there have been teams like us or the titans and Jack you see us us I did you know what. You got me there I'm probably gonna come on Stephen L I really liked you know. Anyway so I feel like that's what makes this week one matchup so interest and yes is because. The titans I mean they were kind of in the same spot surely have like a little at a playoff appearance but they were under Jeff Fisher seven and nine probably. Right but. This is about Arnold to make the glass was seven and I have. They have been on like a similar track for the past decade as a zero and there are currently I think. They're pretty evenly matched as far as like itself. One might say even better go get that a little bit but this is the present now's the raiders did have a great season twelve and four of its offseason. Was a little weird to begin with. Stephen you're contemplating whether or not you want to be a raider fan and with the move to Vegas. Yes I was that day when it. It was announced accepting I was doing I think our show just ended yeah so this is between ten and twelve yes and I just got the news that it's official. They're going to be moving. Awasom Bart gone past the coliseum. And I was just like. I know is it's it was literally the worst thing that I can have experienced but. At the same time though I mean you're constantly just for ratings and to. You wanna be a briefing. In I mean or I know I was bloody annoying the crap that if you dress and then Marseille lynch came along at a playing OK this is sick he's gonna he's known differs hometown. So yes that day it was difficult and I know which is addressing elephant in the room the raiders will be go to Las Vegas yes that would now be in three seasons from now. And they need to focus on the present. It's sucks they're going to leave I'm not happy about it but I am happy about this football season come on very exciting as novelties such as this podcast exactly so let's focus on the football brought to get their biggest affect the way I think that's the last time we'll bring board will be bringing it up. On the show books about the raiders' offseason after that so you brought up Marshawn Lynch Marshawn Lynch comes out of retirement and joins the raiders to. Replace into eighties Mary who left for the in Minnesota Vikings in the offseason. I think it's an upgrade different upgrade. And in the also got upgrades at the tight end position was chair of cook sang. And turn things and other Nazis and acquisitions. Two honey Jenkins. Was the only defensive acquisition in the offseason but. The raiders essentially go with him in the pre season Marshall Newhouse Marshall Newhouse he's on he's got a big one yes well he filled in for time when I don't Penn was having a holdout. But I I think Marshall Newhouse will be good addition on the offensive line right tackle starting right tack is he will now and I do think that. Jerry cut acquisition. That's a big 10 big time because the raiders. Do so since what. I mean Zack Miller probably Zach Miller rib Rickey Dudley obviously yeah I mean Zack Miller was obviously the last good ties were only Williams literally predicated their entire offense on just. Running open a run the ball like Justin Fargas and and just throw doctors argued there and you have not you'd you'd have what Jerry Porter on the side maybe not Schatz schillings on the launch shuttle to step but I'm. But the fact that they got Jared Cook who Yahoo!. He's been proven he's proven receiver he can perceived as a tight end. Which not many can do actual nights they're as big thing last year was catching that sideline pass against the Dallas Cowboys when he's on the Green Bay Packers are I think that. It I think that especially in today's NFL you don't see as many pass catching tight ends anymore a lot of honorable guy they see different well okay gimme field. Do you rob Gradkowski and I. Jimmy Graham I'll give you Jordan reed. I'll give you cherry could mean listen I'm not a sitter named title like five one in her like five. I don't think has had more than it's not more that's the thing that was missing from the raiders last season is Clive Wofford. At times. Looked okay but data for the majority of the season EPA if he can we drop passes. Any on the hit a good connection with Derek Carr I think we have a definite upgrade I think this will motivate. Client to get is known. Game apple what's he doing now Clive yet RE second string Tennant he's the second string 'cause I'm looking here and it seems that Ryan O'Malley. Is this extra side panels are even on the team anymore really that's unfortunate. Now I think is the tight ends are but Clive Wofford. Lee Smith and Clive sorry Jericho at least President Bush but let's talk about what we saw in the pre season. And so what do the acquisitions and there are big expectations for the raiders season now become an office that did at 1204 season last year. And every game was pretty much issued out. Coming from the first game where they had to go for two in the by you in beat the New Orleans Saints 35 to 34. And then throughout the season they would get winning games but all of them are thrillers right so you bag game such as. You know who I go to Baltimore they won by one point. The outlook he against the San Diego Chargers with a botched snap a lot of lot of close games the only games that weren't close. Are pretty much the blowout losses. I'll lose one of them once the globe lost the first time in Oakland in the range the Kansas City Chiefs. And then we went to aero and and wants to achieve swear against their cars ball got trapped by the NBC camera right enact I'd screwed up Ratner another. The thing is. I'm just that of the defense man that's what sells and that was the issue despite a real man could when he defensive player of the year. And I think the only one because everybody else kinda sub par defensive season you remember standout plays from Cologne Mac. Games against Carolina Panthers Buffalo Bills where he and the game on a fumble Brad are caused fumble that he recovered. But besides that the raiders defense for the last two seasons. Has been in are actually three seasons. Has been. Mediocre at best I mean I brought the worst defense in the AFC west prop. Oblique and the fact is they're secondaries has not that good in general now they mean. They got David Harrison and he had you know he's a second round pick in Washington are never any came back any came to the raiders. Any had an exceptional seasonal outs bolts put the exception I think I think that he. Went above expectations Oka and they might have put a little more on his back they need to I mean they clearly need one more clearly need one more corner read. Well that's what they thought they are getting the gearing common threat but as we sit here on Wednesday before the season starts. Hearing Conley is only practiced twice Brad and you know the big thing when the raiders draft gearing Connolly was. Whether or not he was gonna be able to play because it be rape allegation yet Brett that's been cleared all good with that now. But now it's a question whether he's gonna hit the field because if they shin splint or as he puts it shin injury. Cousin. I was doing the show with my father Dora and asking Lorenzo Neal. General and gearing Connolly was walking while Romo was discussing. What to do to. Treat shin injury shin splints. And he kind of laughed out there and has said that he is Nash and sports rental real deal it's a little things of mr. the only thing with me. Conley was that was that I was trying to just tell myself a cactus define like cornerback is a very. How would you put it. If you're good position you're going to be. If you're going to be good no matter what team you're on whether you're thrown into a situation you can play cornerback you can understand possibly if you read the other offences films and you see the tape and you kind of get what type of routes they like to throw and the type of articles that they might run I mean looking at film I feel like you can go out there perform yeah I was like myself. Any. Need these pre season game is maybe be just a few snaps and tracks I was hoping to get out increases in week four to get some reps split in half I mean. That's but that was just tell myself that just to make myself feel better and I know he's a bit more I mean it's probably not true at all he Nellie needs a lot of reps probably needs to watch way more film and expected. And it's just. The whole thing is it's it's scary. Honestly honestly is because. Yeah IE I I agree with you and the fact that Gary ends is suppose this was the raiders' best corner. Weathers he's a rookie you're not east it was the best one he's if we upgrade the overshot Smith. From what I hear I wash little bit of him and Ohio State you look pretty good turn tell the college game what will translate to the pros. By Gary and has huge expectations this season so we don't know yet whether he's gonna play week one against Tennessee Titans but we do you know that the second round pick OB Millen font move. Well not be playing until week nine. And it's was kind of a shocker yesterday as he's been put on IR. And not be playing until week nine and is another guy that we expected to be covering tight ends as that was a big issue last year you know I remember he's taxing game where. Brock us Weiler of all people was rolling out its current is CJ for Dora weights and most of them they ran a play like six times and others tomorrow again am the raiders were surprised. Every time not only that game and it's a city the playoff game where dear Karl wasn't there but still defense finally today and yeah and the thing is Reggie Nelson I hope he's ready because that guy is gonna have to Reggie Nelson had a C. Deceiving season last year yes he did he had a Pro Bowl season I wanna say he had seven interceptions or six suddenly got a house interceptions in the NFL compliant. He does not read the back field very well he. They're they're multiple times last year and even the pre season this season. Against I want that this de LA rams we played them out week to the pre season. He takes a wrong way every time and it's miscommunication problem that I find surprising that is still happening. Yes you have to jump the gun when there helping you with the defense but this is pretty much the same defensive coaching staff from last year and the same players. And still having. Breakdowns in coverage how they don't have anyone settle on packer linebacker position either now that limit that's secondary issue now. But the communication on talking about with tight ends and nano yet it's brutal well lit case let's go to the line backing core Johnny Jenkins. Was placed on IR and this is the guy I was expecting actually to be our middle linebacker. Riots the raiders cut him last Saturday. And now the raiders are left with Nicholas morrow James cows are Bruce server mark Kelly quarry James and Tyrell Adams. None of these guys before comfortable except for maybe Corey James but he intake to feel the last two pre season game says no word he's an injury issue. Cows are still have a long hair he does all right that's it that's on. Well I don't I all what I need from the one mega corps is more because the Tennessee Titans are any strong running game if you think you can predict what how this line pack held his line backing core is gonna do this season your whenever you're saying it's wrong it's false I think. I think it's literally impossible. To know what these guys are gonna do as I it's a literally you have to react to watch. You have to see you bacon as I mean. We don't know what kind of schemes their running or if they really are playing so these guys strengths I mean. I don't know maybe there's some sort of defense a scheme that they're working out so that these guys can all complement each other and play the best possible defense that can play. I don't know if that's gonna happen or not and no one does and as far but as far as we itself. Not many names on the board and it's not that exciting. Well okay will what is and Reggie go all out. I would trade a first round pick for Alec Ogletree tomorrow. To get him a middle linebacker because the situation with LA rams right now is that Erin Donald is holding out he wants a new deal. Al all the trees can be free agent next year. You couldn't bite the bullet on air Donald came when he wants and then they and then mean I'll leave you enough money for Alec Ogletree. I don't know he's the greatest hopes and dreams to have a middle linebacker that's a comfortable with week one because the raiders are playing DeMarco Murray. In dairy Kendrick and years pass the raiders have huge problem with the running game is on the defense aside. And I remember weak ones in the past we've got to Tennessee. Where Eddie George ran for 200 plus yards to forty years ago. Chris Johnson ran all over as artists have visions of DeMarco Murray do against the raiders defense come Sunday. Think they'll don't start to Broadway musicals after their careers over is that any Georgian yes. We starter I've no idea what it was called a no no it isn't a Broadway musical and that's my main thing. That's my knowledge with the sweat not the only think the lightning as the titans aligned to yep they're good. Real good I mean how well they are here and I've watched the tape. And I'm telling you they can get up to the second level and I mean it's. I don't know he's got to show that it climb back is gonna have to find a way to somehow shed their blocks. And nice nice in Rome and asking a little bit to knock the crap that of home. They're gonna have to go all the bottom of the title. Grant someone who knots. Now. But. And then it's a complete mystery. We've mr. We'll come back here will take a little break here and Chris Townsend will be joining us to get little preview for the wheat corn. Greater game against the Tennessee Titans pummel player they're ego. Stevens is alive drum machine yeah and I whose realm and their ego. Pal sex and also tell you where we would doing. The raiders pregame show this season on when the number of games are losing to the raiders flagship podcast under Papa. Steve Langford. And I 5% of the game duck I'm a player.