Reggie Mckenzie joins us for a deep dive on the Raiders

J.T. The Brick
Thursday, May 18th

JT "The Brick" is joined by Raiders GM Reggie McKenzie to talk draft pick-ups (Marquel Lee), lack of news on Gareon Conley situation, to tell us that Marshawn Lynch is looking good on and off the field and they expect great things from him. Reggie refutes the headlines claiming strained relationship with Derek Carr over contract negotiations (7:10 mark of interview). Lastly, Reggie talks about how great it is when players are genuinely excited to be in Oakland, playing for the Raiders. 


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That's a GM of the silver black Reggie McKenzie and he joins us live on 95 point seven again Reggie really appreciated thanks John and us. Thought no problems. Entry. You got let's get right into it first I wanna start with the rookie linebacker mark well lead. From Wake Forest how many look at rookie camp and first off the need why did you wait for the fifth round and do you think you've found your star. Well we definitely think he has the potential. Just start it's in a long ways away from that you know we haven't even begin to get the red zone so a lot will be determined. Don't training camp and treason but we've so authorities. He's looking. Very well you know and at that time you know we just. And so the linebacker at that point. But he was just he was Nebraska on board. And we jumped all over there you know put a lot of Americans were disappearing. Early and we have not taken you know very good players. Part two and what toward. The bit on board at that point so weak rewarding just called. Uncle are no way to do it too good of a linebacker. When we had been reported home port. Reggie really loaded up its safety the fans. Love the fact that the upgrades are made to that position and you just signed Marcus Mick Wilson Colby in the second round Lawny in the seventh. Reggie Nelson has played before and now what the Pro Bowl level Carl Joseph. This is really important is this to cover tight ends that you'll see like drunken gates and the tight ends who at times of made big plays against the silver and black because it looks like you really prioritize. The safety position. Or you know we just we knew we needed some and we I needed played match of football so. We've made sure that we were able to do the and we got some control over it gets really good players. Those positions so we both safety and corner we've felt like we. You know that in the passing league going to be able to cover. Speaking a corn are gearing Conley can you update us from your perspective. On his legal status to and it's just taken longer than you expect it. A lot in the we just Lithia. The legal system you know mental process play you know it's. Nothing for American two. And so we just on the way this course and and and the institutes to take place. Reggie I think Mario Edwards from what I'm here and then the dedication. That he's made in the off season now to help bout would Mac and urban can you talk about his growth and how important. This off season has been to him and his motivation. To be the impact player that you expect. Aren't any industry in the motivated. If you lost the killed the league. That he's that dominant football and not just a solid football and that he's dominant. And you know he's. He's healthy he's stall and then you could command says for the Israeli role and we are extremely anxious that. The feel good Cologne called on the season. Reggie McKenzie GM of the writers as our guest also excited about the tide and position with a lease Smith coming off the injury clog all forward. I Jared Cook even gave hall Holmes and his performances here so far it seems like. You really have the depth Reggie for the competition that you wanted in the coaching staff has wanted so someone can excel. At deposition talk about the battle within the the starters and especially the two tight end sets so we're gonna see more. You know we put got a great combination of both experience. And use and we got great for with that position and and really extremely talented. We have I mean they can do different things not only block and catch it. Because the conflicts. And create some mismatches. That way got good versatility. Electricity use in combination with experience. Is it's very current with their group so it is going to be extremely competitive and going to be exciting to watch and see what what turns. Oh. Reggie let's move to Marshawn Lynch there was a lot of chatter well before you signed him. And your relationship up north which Seattle and did you feel comfortable that you were always gonna get Marshawn Lynch with his need to wanna still played football. In his hometown all clan. And the fans wanna know how was he looked what she'd like. In meetings what's she like when you get a chance to see that burst out of practice. Well I think he would to answer the latter part he's he's been great. He's been greeted meetings have been great on the field. He looks be going in her world or is it progress of physically. On the field so it is. He's doing quite nicely and we think he's going to be a really good help on the field but. Even that all of disabilities. He's been great with the plane being messed up very well. And so revealed. Well in currency has been one of the so it's. It's called very well with him a month between them. Prior to getting here he there we had no. I have no sit exit thinking that he was not going to be able to do it here my communication with the was great and communication with. March around people and everyone indicated that he wanted to play and that's so we need to know and the fact that you wanted to be or greater that would just icing on the kitty and a we went and media public different the process so that and we get it done and the end lieutenant. He's excited and shall we. One more question on running back with a logic good coming in in the seventh round at a North Carolina. At that position it's too early always for the coaches to tell us the rotation but we know the depth the deposition another. Great group in the meeting rooms and it looks like Marchand can be a mentor. To these young players that look up to want even a feature feature back and he gets the amount of carries that you expect to structure that contract where he can make money on the back. And it's it's and that's what's really because the president position is. Everyone. Brings something different to the table. And they complement each other and and it's great to see that do work and how well to together. And also. Competing you know they all wanna. Children orphaned and they. That kind of in a group competition so his could concede. And you're you're exactly right field. The competitions. Is strong home we've got a lot of talent bank that's it's going to be good to see them play in precinct. Reggie McKenzie is our guest Reggie the national headlines this week in regards to your quarterback Derek Karr in the future contract extension the headlines say no significant communication. A Derek growing frustrated with the slow pace. Of the discussions from your perspective on those headlines accurate. No you know me and we constant they're committed. That we have a great relationship and caper well now that's. That's not going to be an issue at all and a controlled the contracts and and all of the tools we. We can keep. Cannot only discussing contracts. To be in the open. These walls and are coming. Keep that's kind of been my monitor and countless people that heard from in house. Bottom line it's. We've we've looked very and we wanna people and we don't commitment. To make sure this country can it done. Yeah I'm with no specifics in your position. Where you've been with this franchise when you took over as a GM when you look at contracts like Andrew Luck you look at the franchise tag that's been used twice for Kirk cousins when you look at all of that does that come into play in your thought when you're dealing with Derek Karr. On the planet going not solve their cars. I won't hear code generator. For his career and so that's only going to come demand. And we have and we get it done have we need to do it and so that's. That's. We've talked about negotiations involve. These in negotiator put little. Make sure that. A wounded here and one of the B reader but he knows. We had many discussions. Leaving today and so. That's all our concern and that record did we won't can enter it won't be here so. That's that's kind of world we aren't as. Thanks for sharing that with us finally Reggie it's a great position to be in with a draft I'm looking at your seventh round and I'm looking at the want they Wear a hood. Pasteur a look at what you've done late I look at what you've done in the past. Obviously in the room it's a little Mac extension call are you gotta Mari Cooper how you personally at this stage in your career with all these balls up in the air. Securing the Marshawn Lynch. Contract how much fun. Are you having considering how hard you work. And it's you know what there's there's a lot of fun when number one. When political wanna be here. When they wanna be raiders. And then when you have a chance actually give them into the fold. There's. It's exciting you know and it's the whole world. Upcoming season that's leading up to you know what we have in the kind of belittle what we did last year. And that's the goal of gold as an advocate for the championship and the question. We don't do everything. There about that we need. To get and it starts right here with the old season. Field created many camps training Campbell through week to week. Getting better and better. And alternate entries into the game and that's where readers therefore focuses. And just missile we have at this point so we're excited. Last point you love watch in the dubs them what they're doing is they try to get a championship you know you know the bronze comment Reggie we've been talked about that today we have an epic battle up commandeered a couple wakes. They also all right we'll bronze common good we get we gotta can draw on stopper. In the week doesn't go at all. This big haven't stopped in the slums that's going to be you know we get it. Did. The San Antonio they got to give rebels and so. Once that's done you know everybody is looking forward to the show again and it's gonna do great on the ground. I'm excited to see what does to dual. Thank you Reggie pleasure talking to you thanks for coming up. I played pretty preachers tend to have. Trichet you Reggie McKenzie GM of the silver and black on Derek Karr on Gary and calmly on the additional Marshawn Lynch. And everything else that's going on what the silver and black.