Ray Fosse

The Chris Townsend Podcast
Tuesday, June 20th

Chris Townsend sits down with television voice of the Athletics Ray Fosse on Father's Day. 


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Should introducing me. The most interesting man on the radio how big ball or shot collar come player he's romantic. Sicker then a snicker everybody likes happy endings I lose romance. Easy eloquent. Orator and portrait sometimes on the Downey's got to be a little wrong candidate and and he knows his sports I source says there's smoking weed right now let it play out it's the twelfth man. Your. They are you kidding me crest. Podcast. I was really get on and on that now yeah. Tristan is a win here from championship plaza right outside all the food trucks. My favorite place so blind man has figured out. When he's on the radio. Is start talking about food trucks and then food from the food trucks shows up. In the mood. Love the course and I'm very happy to announce that I have the one that does that Chris but but you know what happens they bring up what type of food is we give them a lot. Now upset outset we have to. So that big screen right here it's great because it's a radio fate I've found that out the first out the red. And I asked for food that all of a sudden it comes a lobster lobster roll it got a a couple of cups of punch out there. That's it heck with baseball at its unit and it's the boards from big city country we'll all know that's good stuff that it is not that I don't I. Don't think there's a bad place here because I was just telling you guys before. We started that there were a couple of guys from New York what's happening every time a broadcast team comes at Mike you know that I look at it isn't just a threat of the truck stop and think about here. And he said that's a New York we're gonna go eat opposites attract the food trucks and they saw is that how it's great pass it everyday and that's about the warriors are finished and edited it. We gave and lived here. And it's older ball game outlook radio tomorrow a fifth at. Circuit and cart as two time World Series champion two time all star two time Google Lenovo and go globe winner the franchise rate posse with me here. On 957. Glory years and where. We were yesterday the parade right and it just got me thinking loss is that I'm sitting right. I'm on maker in this harrick harrick I'm rap and I'm like how great it is beaten as the days. My view it and gives you've been through the rate it. To do it now the way everything works now may back and organizations just threw one together now you like. Ran out accompanied duke assault for what that would be like a nightmare would be for a I. Think it would be great I think especially Chris because they've kava the president has announced as you know it at fan fest which I thought was great because. We are standing by hi when Dave Campbell is that are those the next thing I know. He's grabbing a microphone and said hey. Where are local we're gonna stay here fans love that and I know he said. I'm gonna go sit out right field bleachers that's a they'll love you because before those people thought everybody was it their clubs don't believe it but. To your point about all those things happening you remember that 1974 was the last time the well any. Bay Area are Oakland team pledged. Championship here in Oakland. And then of course the warriors did it in the air now sets but but unfortunate 89 after the terrible earthquake. And the a's won the World Series that sweep for the giants they could give us celebrate that because it's a subdued because of the travesty of the earthquake but. I think it would be great to see everything happening because it just that championship plaza. What's happened with the Catfish Hunter unveiling of the seagate. And at Dave Camp will bring in some of the isn't that the fifteen years in Oakland fifty years having to talk about. Kansas City which is not a lot of talk about what the report a lot of championships there. But Philadelphia. But Oakland has been at the coliseum for fifty years and when he is get a new stadium. Everybody in the Bay Area can realize. He's not going anywhere they're gonna stay and they're gonna build a franchise. And they're gonna make this team. Like yours it happens in baseball it's cyclical but you see the young kids that are coming up now and how they're gonna develop into a temperature ballclub. And because new stadium I believe strongly wherever it is built it's gonna create this revenue stream. That is the case one aside keep certain players they're going to be it would do that. You know I think about being me dynasty team. And what this Golden State Warriors team is starting to view right you're on one and they wrote a book about it till the last dynasty. What was that like when you're in the moment did you guys know that you're dynasty means that you did now and I it was. I remember when I was traded to Oakland to VA's. Ten days ago has retreated 73 RD one and you aren't hard it is to be traded. And I'm thinking why now. Why don't magic of that figured I'd repeat and not only that ended up winning 73 and seven reports I got two of the three. But I remember talking to Dick great and I've said it numerous times I agree that you guys are sold lackadaisical. Ardidi they care. It is said that we care we're ready he said we're gonna win our division we're gonna play somebody from the east we're gonna place about that sick World Series and we're going to be what's yet so well. Than ever that easy and it Ed that's the way those guys thought they see. Remember that in Kansas City when Charlie sign all these players that core group of players and talk about the court for the Yankees. What you look at Reggie in Rudy and then go camping and really at tennis. And that Raleigh and catfish and oh yeah how bad habit so many guys were where if the days there's no free agency. And as they came last that's why Kansas City still not very happy with the they charted to the because. He took a team that was going to be successful and brought up to Oakland and they became successive five consecutive. Division championships. And at three consecutive a medically chipped it to World Series step it don't of the Yankees have ever done that as you know so it's. I remember asking Jean Tennant who will be in tomorrow for the the cat fish on a daily as a geologist thing. It talks were kept the core group are the guys. I said how many could you want he said that's a great question I have no idea but it would won because Joseph Girardi had talkative yesterday about their use. Aron judge it and birds of the players are coming up. He said it's important with they an organization. To have a bunch of veterans but also have a bunch of young players that are coming and that's what charted yet. Charting at his core but it's as Dick great retired because they'll at different guys retired they bring that young guys that also at free agency yet. Its artists that I've got to assign anybody to long term contract and everybody went their separate ways but that team that stayed together. And Charlie would have actually. How about it said OK have to keep it together pay you who knows how many good ones in and it just it happened before too because creates its. So when you look at the warriors now we saw that yesterday and it's just it's just a franchise wearing just everybody loves each other because gets along so well chemistry sort of way. In a way not. That's you like Brothers though brother's love each other rep Brothers by. Let you know that was all that was all blown out of proportion if you ask illustrator they robber was still here. If you had different people who with those clubs they traveled with us all season they saw the same thing that that that national media saw. In October and it's at all there fighting to do it all the things that that's not true but you know to hear what about the warriors at its say. I could say. Two words. Johnny. Salary cap. Based there's none. Basketball football hockey there's a cap so for the warriors to employ. But at the big hit them all streets Ricki Henderson's right behind yeah. You tell us that I think that the show half. Look at that. Rally fingers as a right here. As I've Ricky why I sit own keys in the house Ricky better ways yet it. The brick whatever rate to shut. Up about Ronnie that no way you Paul Ehrlich ran out he's the volume. About that now Europe. And act immediately it's bad. About it. When Beckett ever post season they saw you guys got relatives that against how bastard but look at your market but that's it but I think that salary cap. The reason the warriors to stick together and have this dynasty talk about. Is because first twelve players vs 25 baseball now but it baseball. As they can watch the late great Walter paused it while Austin Roy Eisenhower when those teams won. At 88 loss the Dodgers needed it swept the giants losses that Cincinnati Reds. Sandy Alderson said Walter it's not that we start all over. And it across the bay side got injured on wall deposits audible. So rarely at a time. You know what is at it baseball or top three for yet topic based on how it it's totally different but I think in baseball. They sent me an ID 2001. If that team had stayed together. It stayed together with the contracts that commanded it would have been and pay 200 million dollars a year to automate Ellis cup average premium. But when it comes and it's gonna change everything that's gonna happen because they've kept posted you in front of the masses. At the at this goes to an Oakland got tickets for the year and it's gonna happen it's gonna change everything projects. And I I hate to go and negative note because it's not that it hit me yesterday is as we get down the parade and I got the tax. About curt young and we don't know I mean you know anchored. For a long long time brought desperately need that right at eight is a great pitcher for the aids he was agreed a he is considered one of the best pitching coach that's pitching coaches with young risers. And we had David forced out here you know things are on the way they want obviously you can't fire all the players. Something's got to change is just a really sad day I think for a lot of people here in the or. You just said it best it's at Kurt. It's been around long enough to know. And I talked to him as he was driving home yesterday and I say it spent time with your wife Kathy to kids that there is on the summertime which is rare. Nobody gets to do that in in the game of baseball but. Yeah it's on a sad note it's hard to see him go he will land on his feet. You go someplace. And somebody's gonna get a good pitching coach and I I think given David forced Billy Beane and the entire organization though that. Sometimes a different voice and it hurts that sometimes it's better to get a different voice but it's one of the Russa left after 95. He said my time has run out well. Tony also realize that this could be a young Teepen he would go to better which he did Saint Louis and end up what all of anyway Lotta games but. But I think at a time. When a club is not playing as well as out of ought to expect expectation. Was the word but. To see progress I think that's what to a casino players. And because of injuries you can't fight that is a pitching coach you can't fight defense which is very porous at our guys are making errors behind you get honor runs. And you know it just doesn't work out so unfortunately had to bite the bullet. He was a scapegoat a main gate went what are you gonna call it what he has gone and you'll land on his feet and it was fun yeah I still understand you're gonna have a bunch of young pitchers were the worst defense line and it I thought what. You know when I was traded over here and I've said before the late great Dick Williams said we do two things. You you know this. We pitch we catch the ball. We don't give extra you'd look at the championship teams in the seventies we look at the most boring games it was like catfish how many DT today to win. It be too. It went. That's all I got was to run its almost like you tell me what you think it will get a four U and it's about Reggie gets out and you don't know it champion got a dog that I mean. It's a lineup that that would have said I as to what a mess it up to put the same lied about you know Bill Walsh. I've met him but that did note reading that well yet he he always talked about how per head coach. About ten years yeah that's about ten years everybody's kind of tired of listen what that but but that you know the bottom line if you go to what is what at Walter Austin at 23 when your contract. I mean and he wasn't. It was a Connie Mack who'll in the team is at fifty in the but hey he was a good manager Ed and you know these guys think about a shot due to elicit her it was a pitching coach have Evernote. We have a young team. Kurt has all the guys this spring training they come up so for those guys it septic shock in the middle of the season. Remember 2011 Billy V for the first time in his career. It changed managers and Bob became the greatest thing ever happen. But for him to use the way it is season and you know I'm sure this was hard for David rebellion for everybody to make the decision but it's almost like. So that's got to be done and that was it. I I mentioned earlier before you came on about how when the book money ball came out. A lot of teams in all sports at their employees read the book and I'm now thinking about the Golden State Warriors out how well their run they're like a well oiled restraint. I asked David force earlier today and I'll ask you. How important is it for the eighties right now who are in the same building as the warriors to look at what they're doing and go you know what. Their model is the right way what. We do it better looking at the warriors well look at it this way. Look what the flavored idiots Atlantis human cab ones in the temperature they took off with game seven World Series and Terry Francona said. That inspiration that success of that organization which is right next. Two their their stadium progressive feel that whatever room quicken field wicked stadium is right next to each other. At Terry said we fed off as they were playing in that Father's Day in June he said we took off without a sudden it success. It does there's a lot of players on the industry that did so to answer your question yes because you don't wanna be not a likely. The mode dot. You know you gotta tip to tip their you don't meet next Thursday well that it it's going that we found that out coming in the park. Employers have played a bad it was stubborn as a as a wedeman where anyone they see only here 41. You know but they stopped us they checked what what about the war let them go why. So experience that it the F parking lot but Bob happy for them could be happier but. It's nice to see the success but I think. Because of the salary cap but they could designate players they can keep that organization together and go to win a lot of games a lot of I mean it went over what 300 some odd games in three years. I don't know it's it's unbelievable to see what they've done it at that time they've been here that I think it's great I think. Whether it's here are San Francisco in the Bay Area got a lot of success that's what the fans in the mayor's job with realize. And all the success of the print sizes in the Bay Area there's been a ton of football basketball baseball hockey. And you have to enjoy it because there's other places. It's Chicago took off but it eight years what a championship. The a's won four with that one side's for it respects. He is the base. Grants targets both fired at it. It's and that fact that you may regret but double. Gate has got to pay a bossy you're the only thing I though it that you're the best. You know you you've got it to you it's well it's always great to listen to it's you'll be with your oh. You realize I've learned from you about the putra. And he had done my other life much like I hit that out right up over here it's pathetic it's not about to vote. I talk about it tomorrow on the air did braille output up does it. Italian. You are the best and others and say. Yeah you're still at it. It bothers him about it they would agree rate but not everybody bossy.