Ratto and Kolsky – 1 – Warriors/Clippers, Marcus Peters to Rams, Marc Spears

Steinmetz and Guru
Friday, February 23rd

Hour 1. Ray Ratto and Matt Kolsky fill in for Steiny and Guru and are joined by Marc Spears (The Undefeated). This hour covers the Warriors win over the Clippers, the breaking news of Marcus Peters to the Rams, and we talk about whether or not the Warriors need another piece moving forward.


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Did TC PG dot. Come studios in downtown San Francisco I'll. Arab peace he's not besides seven. It is nice I send the game man pulls you along side Marine Corps and now. Which is always fun and this is a very exciting day we have lots of stuff to dig into and vile lot I mean infinitely more than the nothing we've had. For the last week the NBA is back. We actually have spring training baseball to be played today in front of people a Mike in my correct. Yes and casual baseball players in uniform. That granted they're like a pajama uniforms that they were in spring training but in uniform. Competing in front. Humans competing is probably strong word okay ask politicizing and for a few months existing in an active state that's good. That's something. We also have. A reported FBI. Probe information. Surrounding the NCAA. Great I don't think you're gonna believe this so. Hold on to your butts but. Sounds like college kids have been getting money from NBA agents in and it also sounds like the NC two A wants to crack down on those players and that doesn't mean. Impoverished. Forever. To that the that they really want to do anything to those players are that they just wanna punish the next generation of people who go to the schools they went to that's a different topic photo they wanna get a ball. I mean they've been able to do that before so. That's fair we'll see what happens. We'll talk about the FBI probe later on today. But generally speaking we have after having zero data points to talk about all these things we now have one data points in a variety of places. And it's time to. Read and everything way too much who's ready. On 3123. Break read. But are at last night's warriors game. Or is when everything is. OK again. Yeah. Ex Mormon they looked like they have looked or offense has been phenomenal. Their defense. Started well. And then went back to its current state of awful illness. They got they got an evening at a JaVale McGee which they had them awhile. And I think may be the take away. They'll endure it is I think they're probably going to be invested in their two energy guys. Which would be McGee and Jordan bell when he comes back a little more than they have been. Just to see if that will jumpstart. There mull ways because last night. For five minutes today there were defensive rating was a hundred. Yen which is excellent here. For the game it was 123 which was their sixth worst of the year. So. There are stole. The defense is has not yet changed the start changed some. And I think we key was who was helpful in that. I'm I was Bosnia because we're gonna talk about those so good but we have breaking news and a U wanna inform Osama breaking news now we don't we don't we're just gonna go straight to it. Marcus Spears traded. To the rams. Came. So that's off the table for the 49ers for one thing and the raiders if either of them more interest in it it's also. Adding pretty capable pass defender to the division. Well I mean look Marcus Peterson not being traded generators at any point across Kansas City is not crazy. Fair point I mean he did not have a great year last year by any means certainly not by his. But he still aid. Far better than average not a guy you wanted to trade to a team you play twice a year exactly especially that team. Mean they might have been more interest in trading them to. The Broncos could as I don't think the Broncos can hurt the chiefs. As much in the immediate future. But even then. I mean they got him basically out of the. Conference say they're thrilled. Yeah success for the chiefs. You know vision. We can't get too excited about one man. Opposing football team but not great news for the San Francisco 49ers not a guy you want to see jump in your division and especially on a team that. If we're spinning forward. Given the relative decline of Seattle the last couple seasons and the blues sort of mess that's going on in Arizona. Niners have to look at the rams is their chief competition in the division. Yeah but I do think if they had wanted him. Should remain more or offer. Well and we shall we and it fell through the short way short answer is we don't know if they wanted him. Let's see here according to Adam shifter car teams are in final stages. But it does not say exactly what the compensation. Is at this moment guys back there if you can find the specific trade compensation for Marcus Spears let us know. It's I guess we have to assume that however bad the niners want to Marcus Peters there were willing to letting go. Which means they're probably you're still shopping on the free agent or trade market or that's a draft thing that they're gonna do this corner is one of the positions. The niners clearly need to address. We buy. Again. The fact that this happened as quickly as it did. It suggests to me that the rams were far more focused on and 49ers were. So. Yeah no doubt. And frankly it suggests that the overall market form probably wasn't as hot as we might have imagined because if they thought they can play teams against each other and raised the price of shore. The chiefs would. You know again with the chiefs motivations are will. Become evident in time. Will make two yeah pretty much like us so that none somebody always talks. Who have who's gonna play quarterback for them this year we. The chiefs yeah Patrick my friend. Cool. I'm just saying I'm not sure their plan is. Entirely approval bullet the moment another yeah their plan about Marcus Peters is what I was talking about. No I mean it's clear they wanted to get rid of him but. I'm not sure any of this and usher any of their recent trading will prove. To be successful. At least in terms of per writing wins this season. Let's jump back though to the Golden State Warriors where. You were just saying I cut you off to break news fell Marcus Peter is that JaVale McGee made a big difference. And I could not agree more my friend this poor little thing I agree so much I cut a whole bunch of JaVale McGee sound jokes. Listen. We've said it all weeklong. If not the only one of the only guys that you've been able to count on to provide energy. And any moment he's been put into the game for the warriors this year is JaVale McGee. We also spent the last week talking about how energy. At the beginning of the game has been lacking or the and you don't choose your favorite word to describe what's been lacking but they haven't been playing well in the first quarters. I never thought that was Zaza Pachulia is fault I still don't think that Zaza Pachulia is fault he is what year's. Box. I do think having some energy at the start of the game. In addition to. Having to endure everyone talking about their lack of energy. Too much it definitely is related to the fact that JaVale McGee was and to start the game. I'm not entirely convinced that they want off which was what last night is correct tells you anything. Unless you start seeing him starting all the talk. I'm not convinced that that is where Steve Cordasco. I think. I think it would be very hot so in other words you're saying maybe JaVale started just as a match I matchup thing because wars. I would argue that and he might start any team he might starting and Stephen Adams on scenario though that's a different set a scales I would argue that frankly. If you were actually playing matchups for those guys. In both cases you would want. The stronger gun so that actually the match up play it would either be David Westin Zaza Pachulia against those dudes because JaVale. As much as I love watching him and as much as I do think you provided some spark last night he does get pushed around by guys that bit. Physically he can't. He's just tease the got a much smaller frame. OK except that he played seventeen minutes petroleum played sept. So. Well this that tells you that the goal that the warriors don't see it as you do. Well David West played fifteen. So I would say but no they but they do see the value of having strength against Jordan but Nelson got a client. But no we're talking we're talking about me TV Pachulia against. Q Andre Jordan and I minutes last night suggests that they prefer the Miki match up to the petroleum. Or they suggest that they at this moment when energy at the beginning of games is lacking and they only really wanna play a center for the first six minutes of the third and first and third quarter of a blight that JaVale brings that energy and he has already been named the starter for tomorrow. So. I you don't you can interpret that as pure matchup play. IE interpreted because I don't think it's actually. Roar it's not the matchup played him in the past. I think it's less matchup play and more we want. Our best energy guy on the floor at the start of the game. Well let them might be it but once they get their energy back to said. Immediately preclude me he's starting again that's a trick question well yeah and we don't know the answer that which is why I'm not willing to go out on the limb and say. This is an energy. Ask mark spears about what kind of there remove this is in a matter of minutes he's coming up. At 1020. Was at the game last night said hello. To our friend mr. spears at the game last night and he told me then and then delivered an article about. Last night's game and what the warriors looked like coming out of the break Matt of course you can find on ESP NV on defeated. JaVale McGee in the starting line up. I know losing them to me that's right. You brought. Rotation. I don't know if you would say it shrunk but. You didn't see cast be cook or loony so I guess. At least in some way it did. It and we saw a bit of a different warriors team so what does that mean if anything we'll find out next would Marc spears. Of the undefeated. Schools in rat on 957 game. I had no idea what that one's it was a and it jumped. Six conclusions. Mat it's easy it would be this masks that you would put on the floor and what have different. Conclusions. Written about it I bet you couldn't jump to. That is the worst and you haven't heard much like a yes it is hard up this idea now back to 957. Big game. It's a cast of office space doing an impression of ray and myself. And that's warrior to do today. Chump or to share your conclusions yes. You go I mean please feed to be my guest judge on video makes all the difference. Is similar although it. Okay he makes all the difference in what things exactly in the one thing that's ever actually been an issue. Which is. The warriors have not. Had the energy and intensity. At the start of games especially but just in general. That they require to play up to bear self established standard. Now I'm not saying yesterday was the peak of what the warriors can do. But it was much closer to their self established standard. Then they've played over the last two months. And I'm going to say. That having their best energy and intensity and effort guy on the Florida start to gain. Made all the difference to them bringing that level for the first time in awhile I don't know if you. OK if you wanna make their argument now. That energy should allow him to play more than seventeen minutes I don't think the warriors walk where it was thirteen and a half I think by the way it was less than fourteen minutes and I don't think the warriors want to play centers. Any more than they are right now owe it to fifteen from west. And seven and a half from Zaza you're looking at. When he six or 3637. Minutes OK but if that's so. Why did he not get inserted. In the last month and a half when this was clearly a problem even identified by Steve Kerr. That's a good question I think it's high I I think it would have been a good idea to try it earlier I also think that. Steve Kerr was loath to seemed to blame Zahn is off for something that is clearly not design allows fault. I think when we when we believe that we know more about coaching a team and the people who coached a team. We get we get down a rabbit hole we get down they're pretty quickly I think this was probably. A very temporary fix. To a specific problem. That frankly reared its head later in the game. And so if they're expecting. JaVale McGee to provide this bark. His affect was fairly temporary. And I am not so I'm not I'm not saying they shouldn't play him more I'm ready to say nation stardom. I think one game is not sufficient evidence to suggest anything. Have a program its its Friday weren't spring training one game after the all star break chump. Conclusions. It's going to be a great day especially now as we go to our flow on where we find the undefeated zone. Marks Beers senior NBA writer. At Marc. ESPN and he wrote an article about last night's warriors game. And let me just ask you what we've been batting back and forth the JaVale McGee moved into the starting lineup is do you see that as a temporary thing against a couple of big guys in these two games or do you think JaVale could start the rest of the way. I've become more or break. Actually thought perhaps you just starting that Andre Jordan. And imagine that politically. You know what you're looking for explorer where you've been in the thing is the fourth quarter it has been so awful. That go to so many points. There's no humility they do that more points in the fourth quarter of an warriors do. I think it is looking for some moderate box. Get a goal in the first quarter and it it's funny bit. I guess two weeks ago who perpetrated by our. The biggest thing that he had done what the parking lot chronicle. I. You know it and I had also been wanna like give it to opera warriors to try to give. David don't change yeah in elective and it gave them a vote but. You know if they have other burst first quarters in a while and but I'm not sit there it's edited footage or. It. Oh they got off to a better start since we've the first five minutes there. Amid too small sample size again but. They're they're defense of rating over those first five minutes was a hundred which was fourteen points lower than it has been. For the season in those first five minutes but the rest the way that was like 123. So is the defense the last thing that's probably gonna come around here. In terms of the the things that people have identified. As issues with this team. I think prevent defense as as a catcher. In. I was contacted the privacy so that took the statistic. Did this thing is it is so great particularly. Astute person that there are better offensively right now. As far as starting five or a year ago. Yeah I think. There's there's been all right well we go to outs Herbert Bart so we can do to play off. Not but there are due out march. You know basically just get to competent officer of the open doesn't bite them. The one thing that I've noticed different now. Than the previous three years. It's the starters are plated and mitigate. Yeah especially in the year that they want their first title they're just true of so many team. That. There are a lot of arrests in the fourth quarter well owed you know bad start a lot of river. It's not the same anymore and got beat by even though. About an equivalent or better than people think there are even despite betrayed. Well it took Gumbel moment and I expected them suited to shake off the clippers. That such a dedicated a lot of things. Once again a go ahead I'm sorry no go ahead one of the guys he's taken a lot of heat. During the struggles for the warriors if you want to call them that is Andre Iguodala in many people I think perhaps too early reporting his demise. Coming out of the break you placed 46 minutes. And has in many ways. Classic Andrei game but maybe most notably. You saw him. On several possessions. Clearly take it personally and say Lou Williams is not gonna score on meat and it was the level of intense successful defense we expect from Andre Iguodala. It did did you talk to him about. Just how good it was to get off his feet for awhile at the all star break. On the membership potato but definitely so more criticism. More energy into it might be don't lawyer Robert Horry yeah yeah view it you know just now okay. We got twenty some gave up the playoff. A ma ma start give it a little bit more now. From them ducking that I had seen in awhile. And them. Athleticism it would be fair so perhaps now you know. Put its foot off cruise control it and to coral. Woods and was this actually good results for the clippers I mean losing. By seven at Oakland because there's still a team on the cusp. At a time when nobody's quite sure how much an attorney is gonna freefall. And he is considering going well for awhile I wonder if they will come away from last night feeling. Actually better about themselves. Well that it it met David Bradley either been orders nemesis for a long time. Don't know what happened the paper Bradley have played but what a surprise this you know dollar market stay healthy. If in clippers make it to the playoffs. And about their long boa. Yeah as if we're. There's only like two games separate the fifth placed Oklahoma City Thunder. I like the team in the world to have. That'd be really are there's you know cup where a couple of losses you people are tired are low. So that have been very edges some of the other bowl play doubt. But you know don't about it till that doctors really enjoyed coaching this team because expectations that it got zero. Although there's still competitive and are still waiting. And it indicated Carol Wallace from from Trout like they have a bunch of like this to say Pittsburgh power players. Marchers go Guerrero our guys. Probably shouldn't be in the league bit but you know opportunity and make the best but what. So back reversing a budget Arafat go to mystery. So I. I have been made to understand. That you had some some interesting things happen to you or around you it all star weekend I'm gonna need some details on us. They'll tell me don't remote them. Someone said you didn't love the new Los Angeles nightlife experience something's on the and to that affect. Is this made up. I'd like to writing experience and know it. And let me just Malone. I mean. Invented the traffic is traffic but I do feel like there's there's a lot more. People have read like like dangerously. A bit like. Like. Peep hole of a bit need to be more stuff like it just I don't like are driving grab that bottle. Do you know that there and I don't hear it and give back to the better. Well now you and yet or you can withstand heavy rains trickle slowly across the Bay Bridge with the rest of us it's very sad as it. Marc spears thanked you. Senior NBA writer for ESPN's the undefeated. We always appreciate the time M. On my beat Kenya but I'm not a bullet through it. That's an important distinction to make and I appreciate our real high bar to clear. It later mark so yeah I mean I think. You know the fact that he saw. In me geese start last night when I saw. Only says that won't that old guys there herb knowledge and appoint and I'm Donna let's not go doughnuts after missing the point it's that. Small sample sizes can kill you when you start relying on them. That's true I mean I and again this is not a statement about me not liking the way JaVale McGee played on our current band I just think that. Steve her to understand him as a coach you have to understand his belief inmate in matchups. You know he has four guys you starting every game but the other team the other position is dependent entirely on match ups. When. When Jordan bell comes back I could see him making some starts young a midget I think the center position is the one place where you don't draw. Conclusions from one game to the next only because. I don't think that's the position where he makes. Mixed conclusions to draw I think that's Datsyuk plays that position is day to day and it you just have to think of it that way. Except that I'm I mean the what I would say to advance. Is. It hasn't actually banned usually. There have been a couple times when he's played match upstarts but for the most part. The attitude of the warriors. Or or at least the apparent attitude based on speakers decisions. Is that JaVale Ole. Is best as a bench guy and Zaza brings important. Screen setting and passing and it's sort of adult men ship if you will to the starting lineup. I don't think outside of injury there were more than one or two starts Oz I didn't make so far this year. And I and I know Gaza started the other games against. Oklahoma City right. But it's not the starts. That you should be focused on Coca it look at the minutes of play. He's playing. Fourteen minutes a game which means whether he starts or not. The fact is the warriors aren't married him in any real way. There's other human yet no I don't think there wit there waited to anybody. In that way except for their for all are human yeah I think there are four guys org they're gonna get as many minutes as. They needed. Everybody else is you know I think you'll see I think you see of a pretty consistent level of play. In terms of just playing. From Iguodala. From Livingston. From David West. And everything else of those it's one owner but then you're still gonna get about the same number of minutes. Per game out of those three guys spoke with a only had to bring or deviation here there. But. Center is the one place where it's entirely foul trouble and match ups. So that the conclusion that. Last night proved it JaVale McGee is now in a position to circuit new lion share those minutes. I don't think why don't think it did oppose that position has gotten that since Kerr got here. I mean Andrew Bogut started all the time but. You know his minutes why a new wildly varied. Based on who they were playing to begin with and how how long he could stay on the floor and I think that's. That's how Kerr views that position given the people he's got. Also because that's how. Phil Jackson didn't win Kerr was with the bulls. Which was the senator was the one position that was always fungible. And yeah. Acts much like Kerr has done that's a great example on I watched every game those teams played and much like. Steve Kerr has done. The bulls were very committed to having a big dude. In the middle to start the game who they would use probably unnecessarily for the first two to three minutes on offense and cool even if you save the position was fungible and the the people who played it were never stars and that's all true. They were very committed to. To having Mac guy in there to start the game ended feeding him a couple times to start the game and that guy would be. What could be west but they do we've seen they don't seem to wanna start him so back I would be Zaza in this. Particular situation but so it's going away from what he's traditionally done. Last night. But what I'm saying is last night is. To meet or at least for the moment and isolated into yes no I agree well that's why we're here today tell jump. And conclusions. Then again going to jump but I don't see the value that are jumping to conclusions this the worst I've ever understood that they just. IA season is not. 82 isolated incidents let's ask the people stated it 957957. The Penske ourselves school. We'd be off the year I'm just saying. Well I hope not 'cause I'd just did ask the people Matt I'd like to remain on air at least for the next hour and 25 minutes later disposed of don't ask the people. Our fair enough ray doesn't want your opinion I'll give you the phone number anyway in case you choose to challenge ray Iran has authority 889579257. B. Is how you call us. You can also text that's the Penske auto sales duck contacts on his 95795. That's where the nineteen. To know the 510. Weighs in to say is Oslo brings that toughness that the warriors will always need in addition to Dre mongering. And I don't. Look at you know I think toughness. Especially when we're talking about professional athletes at this level that ball got it to some degree I'm not sure that's a real issue but I do think that is the attitude towards Gaza he brings a level of toughness and he does. Do that for what it's worth a physical malady. He also can't jump has trouble finishing around the rim and both times he came into the game yesterday DI Andre Jordan went right over him for an offensive rebound which is why I mean he started. I think that that is at least in part true but I actually also think and I know remains to be seen one data point but again jump. Conclusions. I think this is the beginning of JaVale McGee serving in that role as sort of fire starter to start the game. And that's what I would wonder if people agree that this is going to be. A long term plan. To jump start a team that. Had trouble jump starting itself. Over the last month and a I would suggest that if they need JaVale McGee that night in and night out to start and jump start them. As soon as he comes off the floor. What do they do you. See I don't think it's unreasonable to suggest that giving. That of a burst of energy to start a game. Changes the demeanor over the course of the game more than just when that guy is. In the game. No I don't know if you don't know because I think Q when you need a burst of energy at different times during the game. It doesn't necessarily have to be the start. Now you need energy at the end. But then other situations. Start to take pressure that's right it's easier to. It's easier to self motivate in those situations I met as well I'd I'd that is admittedly their problem right self motivation. I know that's eight ROK that is admittedly a problem there I mean it should I I am and I think the solution. Is not the outside agent of who the center news or whether they get to have their own timeouts I think it is in their own heads. Just decide when this stops. And JaVale McGee's starting the game. Every night. Is not a solution it's just. It's a change but they're gonna keep changing it again until the four guys that. We're not before really the six or seven guys who determine how games go on this team. Decide they need to play harder for longer stretches. That it did not look like last night was that night based on their defense. I will say OK so Ali let's. Talk about the defense last night because because I I think that's interest. There were times none look at the end of the game the clippers ended up shooting 50%. Which is not going to you win you many defensive awards. That being said. For much of the game they were down around forty. And it's forty. Yet clippers where for a lot of the game they hit a lot of shots in the fourth quarter all your image shooting percentage tea. Not under not points but I want to say at what point did that happen very America. No not down forty points they were down around 40% shooting for much of the game. And I gotta say there were some shots late especially by Lou Williams that word. Just good offense. So I do think even though. Statistically the defense was much better in the early going I think it was generally much better overall even if it wasn't perfect. But if you're talking if you if your statement is state defense his effort. Well it was you have when you end up giving up that many points. And for the most part your defense of rating is in the 120s. Then you don't have that effort yet. Don't what what the last night told me was that the warriors supreme confidence in their offense. Which is well founded ya is still what got them box. Well I mean Mets yes yes that is what got them by but by the same token if they don't play. Improved defense on some level they don't win that game because. They won by seven and certainly in the first quarter the defense was much emperor of certainly the defense overall against Lou Williams was much effort it was it was her sixth highest defensive rating in the year. So it assess relative to a lot of things that yeah it's relative to all their their games. And the fact is when Steve Kerr was talking about how 114. Was a ridiculously high number for them to have in the first five minutes of the game. 123 is far worse than that. The point he has. Wayne. The warriors are playing the kind of defense. That smothers teams early and keeps them smothered. That's what that's that's how they get away with. Not playing Stefan curry in the fourth quarter or Kevin Durant in the fourth quarter and giving those guys as much rest as Steve Kerr would prefer. Yeah. Weigh in people is that a data jump. Conclusions. The wars are just fine right 8957957. He's bail fix everything. Penske auto sales are contacts on 95795. We talk about how everything's great warrior when next school ski around on 957 game. Now back to 957. Things game. We are bass I'm ankles he got re ran well. So we are not joined by but I am endorsing this award movie. As the fix for the Golden State Warriors everything has been taking care of now the to bail is here I should mention especially in light of that. That this horrified report. From frank I soul has come out for a guy solo course covers the knicks. Activities the national NBA guy now offer for the daily news sounds like that he's still very tied into the next. He says Joakim Noah. Who I guess has not technically been bought out yet but is expected to be bought out shortly he had a what I believe was reported to be physical altercation. With head coach Joe Horn a sect. So. Apparently the warriors would be one of the team's interest it. According to frank I sole funder warriors T wolves some of the teams interested if Joakim Noah. Works out an agreement. No no no lol no it's not appealing not come not to me I'm acting. I know his past I made diehard Chicago Bulls fan and I can tell you right now you don't want Joseph Camilla. Joseph Kim knows career ended a year before he left the Chicago Bulls I loved the guy. I did. I am a big fan. Of Joakim Noah as a dear lord and as a basketball player unfortunately he is not a basketball player anymore. You know who is. I don't need you yeah. You love that sound board Joseph the course that you. It's the first time ever really had my own sound board to just play with lately gorilla do this relief and into the radio do this thing and love and it. Net net that not a joke I'd I think choke him though is in name. That people occasionally throughout their on the theory that somehow he can. Go back in time three years if I think it would have to be even more than that I'm the phase three as it. Just the starting yet Tony 1516 in his final year with the bulls 29 games two starts shot 38% from the field. They will appoint 1516 is three days two years ago I said three so three years ago shot to 44%. From the field as a center. Seven points. And a lot more nine point says the thirty minutes yeah yeah okay that's I that's what you would be looking for from him is minutes not. Massive steps OK but if my point is either way either way it's bad guy he's not an appealing choice in my mind but let's just what I suspect. Cracked. Is that the choice that the warriors can't make. They've already may which is nobody which is nobody which is they're gonna rely on Jordan bell coming back. And then mixing and matching at that one position. Hoping it under Andre it would Dolly gets healthier. And make their run with that. Yet but in other words they're mostly going to rely on just playing better wish I think we all believe they can do and of course it helps. When this award whom he is in the starting line up let's go to Antonio in Oakland what you got force Antonio. Or you at all. Mean they won again last minute they rebound it that you wanted to relive that worms I never was confident that the popular Ronald went. You know it's like you know people of my elegant super excited about this win but I bet that the lawyers lost nearly spring break it up trade agreement trade show everybody. No not at all any sort of I mean not that I'm not clearly be what stressed that won't really be you know part torture put their hair out so. And today they were energized the big four carriers. You know so they did what they had to do you know beware of the injured a good thing that he would now that's and that's steal it it would be energized as well also. At them they didn't play good maybe they. To attract orders were totally. Yeah yeah and you know why and drove broad look at the energy. Each year just doing that because you got a new toy and I get that. Well to be fair there's a secular reason Christmas did the same thing nine completely understood it. I item I would I should be so lucky has to be the equivalent of a five hurled a Christmas every day well work toward. I I I think that the point that the call was trying to make that they were the awards they're not the old warriors. They were the warriors of the last. Month and a half in the one thing that makes people. Crazy do you really is I think defense is effort effort is energy. You're really anything yet there was problem it should show OK but aesthetically you watch the game ranked. Did you really not think there was. Certainly at the beginning of the game a noticeable uptick in defensive effort and intensity and I'd I aimed at knowledge in the first five minutes they were dramatically better and and what they do not sustain it OK but didn't end when you need to sustain it to get the goal that you're looking for witches. He leads so comfortable that you can put your starters on the bench in the fourth quarter. So that they can save their legs for when the games actually mean something as opposed to now. There are some pros on the clippers as well though and again I would argue that although the defensive rating of that game. Might be worse than and I don't know if this is true I'm just throwing something out the loss to Portland a couple weeks ago. I think the defensive effort overall. Visibly was better than the loss to Portland a couple of weeks ago. That's possible. Based on. One team in the clippers making tougher shots than Portland did right it's possible to have a worst defensive rating on a one game basis. But appeared to be a more focused defensive team. K I'm not convinced they were more focused for. They these large stretch of game. I'm just not primates he you'll know it when the other team gets a 105 not a 127. That's a fair point to make Eric in San Mateo not buying into my JaVale McGee thing. You're wrong but go ahead and speak with a us what's up Eric. Yet Eric and salmon tale online to heads up everybody. There is what's up Eric. Nichols you guys are on pace that you talked about the development using solution bit. I would argue there was never a problem that there will be defending champions they order last year. And we're seeing him more more in the NBA especially that the raiders visas is devalue. And not a war is evidence they have another team that likes that dispute lawyers to go. All I care about the play out now which would I guess what matters as sports that. The Gunner position in general ray rattled knows that the senator this is dying and it bothers me that he'd heard other coaches. They are progressive but they don't know this I'm a big Dennis declared teams like. Washington Wizards they start we're seeing we're taught whose great Jonas solitude has played a great he'll come out of energy. Our senior associate at ten rebound and can't point to first quarter's gains this year literally and intend. He will play zero minutes the second out the center position is literally glorified like and so raised at a guy and they put him in the lineup because coaches for some reason things you have to spark five positions including senator. When it doesn't matter because these guys never played in the minutes that matter. And like Wright was saying yeah you have to sustain it yet you come out great for five minutes or ten minutes. We have to sustain it for 48 minutes or gained in order a win or hopefully like great set. How big guys had a comfortable lead where you don't play them a better position is dead I've I seriously mean that the warriors should get rid of Javelle. Are okay that's enough I won't take down my program because Joseph the no look. They should not get rid of JaVale I will say obviously the call is right obviously to a degree. The center position is fading away obviously position in the basketball is taking over. And I think what people usually mean when they say the centers are gone. Is the low post traditional back to the basket center is gone and I think that is true. But when you play. A team that has. Somebody like Stephen Adams or or DeAndre Eric Jordan compel or yeah the eight a guy who plays that position is necessary is necessary now that the senator position. As an impact position as it as the focus of your offense. Yeah that that those days are waning. But there are things that big guys can do near the basket that small guys cannot. That especially defensively. And by the way so it if we're gonna talk a ballot. Small sample size theater in various things and I realize this is a much broader thing that I'm gonna talk about right now but. This stuff goes in cycles and it in the grand scheme of NBA history. This ten year period where the center has been devalued and changed fundamentally. That's going to be one phase there's no guarantee that. Some form of back to the basket play or generally more centers being good. In other as we have no proof that the current feed of centers. He is the senators are never gonna be good again or just because the talent hasn't been at that position over the last decade. But also more and more big guys do not wanna play with their backs the basket. And Simmons fair enough but this did it there are fewer and you're not just pure if you were centers in the NBA of the classic mold. There are fewer and fewer of those in college yet and even more dramatically. You don't get a lot of wide body guy ace of the Pachulia ilk. Coming out of college. And that's where. You get the vast majority of your players. And if they can't do that there all of a sudden not and alert when you get to be pros know because when you get there you are who you war. Well it depends on the guide by it what could happen is. In the same way that the value. Of old big man has decreased because the game has switched towards more three point shooting. Something could change in terms of the way teams are playing that suddenly does present a value in guys who can score efficiently or or. On the interior I'm just saying theoretically. We're not we don't know that centers are gone for good but right now don't know that anything's gone for good and that's all changed the rules that's all sang. Yeah and our mission it's it's not permanent. But there is nothing. In the immediate pipeline that says that this trend is changing. I there are not players and they're not players in college. Who come out in any now in appreciable numbers that are going to change the way coach's view the way they wanna run their profits. I think actually there are a fair number of bigger potential. Interior players I mean he played with their back to the basket I mean that's where the key that's where your offense is gonna end and it's I'm not saying your MBA is changing its offense I'm saying when I look at all of the highly ranked prospects in this year's draft. What three or four of the top ten are guys who do play of an interior game eaten. Bad lead to some degree. Mohammed bumble. You know. These boom this is a good year for big guys is on saying so these things change every year how many how many big guys. Coming out do you think will be impact offensive players in the NBA playing with their back to the basket I think it's fair to. Say that all of the guys they just mentioned have a chance to do exactly that. I don't know I'm not a big college basketball fan but what I what I read about the prospects there are several big men who do you play on the interior in this draft. Not that playing on the curious not same as playing with your back to the basket in an offensive sent. Okay so we have that and a net especially when we're talking about we're not talking about that size is going away size is not going away. What we're talking about is is the senator the focus of your offense. And.