Raiders Punter Marquette King

Gianna Franco
Thursday, April 6th
Raiders Punter Marquette King joins host Gianna Franco and talks about his eating habits in preperation for the upcoming season. 

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Guard Dion and her girls how it was on I am. Right now. I am out of work as well as certain rural. It's it's gonna be your favorite spots you in the Bay Area no record Robert out years what do you have for breakfasts beaten. Sultan or pro. A lot and even like your pancakes just a simple though are used some when he went to decreed it would yeah burn a little bit of all ordinaries. A memorial local but if it did burger. A book movie premiere number organ of corporate don't sort of ultimate potentially amber. What kind of bread for your PBJ barker my at a camp workers. I like Wonder Bread with my PB and white bag with the rain goes on earth like that Reebok dot sunny and I am I had an advocate. Are you amber yeah. Yeah we're curator. So. Work basically. Or Europe through their corner that you don't read all how it goes are you wake up from. You don't not all these blue. How horrible form up a little bit everywhere raising Carol I definitely not pro member and their allies would almost like. Particular bridge at church sources for our league goes out. There are bigger which broke out. Are you more strict for sample like more pro teen could you cut out all the sugar and a few drinks odor thing be let out of shape yeah. I'm moderately surgery now or go to sleep. A roll up our Stewart who brought to. The already like big bird girl. Shutting people who eat more vegetables. Income groups everybody. What are your favorite foods. Like when you're at the. Volume didn't symbolic stick out from old food. And or hurt your. Career it is our comp garlic Herbert. Health Kruger it's. Words are so Parker remove. All of our boot on sponsored. Could mosque where are all. Right. She ordered all of the court outgrow. Do you have a favorite restaurants in the Bay Area. Or go to a molten salt. That's mother does earned. Yeah pickle. So we have the Libyan leader did chicken. Deal liking your grilled to fried. The pivotal boom. And apparently removed caloric Alberto that's in the hill somebody's littlest in the RB. Into the kitchen. We become honestly to the Oakland Greek vessel since you're here at the Oakland Raiders. Greek vessel I'm gonna promote this thing it's fun it's all good all in order to promote grouper. Or share a delicious so market no joke and it's so much fun. I mean no diet it really is worth coming out for and there's like thousands of people and you just enjoy all this kind of great food and wine all day caddie Terry Greek food. Murderer Robert could you recruit recruit. OK I I'll set you up with a good Stefano like your big wind ban obviously in a Jian announced as. You did you order a double Tino at a wine bar in Oakland at the Oakland airport in fact a friend of ours actually tends bar there are far and not only did double Peta I 82 glasses of pinot is that your favorite line. No like Carol they'll go to America. Well I like government don't ever make a lot of history to have won. Pat you on why tasting appearing that the Bay Area Napa Sonoma. Not really. Some are eligible bachelor all lumped into your blood work the more Obama. Well you can't go to differences. We do a show here called the sports dish which is my favorite sports celebrities dish on it look like food I'm seriously. At one point points of finds you antiques you'd Napa ever gonna do for the sports as we get ready because you have not experienced. Wine tasting and napping you're here in the bakery it's absolutely needs to happen and it's not just Napa Livermore Sonoma even the southern part of the mayor greatly anomalous. Or trigger or bring your swagger.