Raiders owner Mark Davis breaks down relocation brick by brick with JT "The Brick"

J.T. The Brick
Tuesday, April 4th

JT is joined by Mark Davis (Raiders Owner) to break down the history behind the Raiders stadium search, what worked, what didn't, and how they never got the support from Oakland or the Athletics that they would have needed to stay in Oakland.


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We welcome the owner of the silver and black. Mark Davis to the flagship mark we appreciate the time thanks for joining us today. More in our. Couldn't be better thanks a lot for coming on we appreciate it we got a lot to cover I'm gonna jump bride and and before we get into a timeline or start off with view. At any point when your dad was alive. Or when you became owner will you encourage that you can get a deal done and Oakland. Or. Seal Colony Capital there. And that was oh lead number up Turkey into the summer of fourteen. And ball. We're really close I would term sheet and he had it is clear that we are cited in your -- extent what BA. And it. Basically he had called apple deal leveled at that point aren't. But I doubt it. Okay and what would you source concerned. That a deal in Oakland. What nor could be made. Well you know I I think we tried all the way along. They were there were concurrent. Where we call actually. File for relocation there whether they're exactly who it is only really stop at nothing could be done. The first time when we all the move reluctantly. Now at the thought that that was. We were there in the middle of negotiating with. Like Gephardt. That you going on. Offense looked at the same time. And that we need to deal with Jordan. And it that you look darker in new record and it was in our contract with children that you don't wanna quickly able to get a deal at all Moore and Dan Diego Oakland. Did it feel that we got our go to our old Omar. And so it came down to a a meeting with you have to put all the and the city of Oakland. And we were in the meeting. And the city of Oakland didn't break the proposal could be. Took a beating Nevada but page letter ticker tape we felt that I think about Oakland but didn't make a couple. So. In Israel that fire so that we that it that we was well relocation. Directly. And one of the people that negotiating ordered city of openly stated that what we'll just wait for later. Can move the BB. You go LA and then we'll come back and we that he will have all via letter. So when it we lead with Serbia vote for law there. And it didn't go our way sleek and we came back open. And began negotiating. One here of these two when your option. And came up ordeal that we felt opportunity to work long term with the city of Oakland. And let them out of that might be it. Mark Davis is our guest Marc let me ask you different mayors and city officials granted overlapping leases. Bubble teams. Do you believe that the city should work harder. To encourage the age to get their own standalone ballpark. So you could focus more on a football only stadium at the side of the coliseum. Now. We all. What it would let it get one beyond on the sight the quality site to just let us know that we feel. We'd like well let it be okay with built there with. Yeah well we want to do cared oh yeah. What is all the infrastructure built in Randy stadium in America Larry development. And then vote is raiders moved back into Britain. On that site. VA where they threatened doing that there. Back. Went more days. After the believe the Colony Capital the old order letter that was Gephardt deal. Where they had like. Mike Riley and it will via landmark hotel. And we offered him the opportunity to Wear it later. I can do that popular. On the site. And let it from what was exactly it came in the lead that they did not really want to remain on that site correctly we were built. It looked but we're definitely eloquently I hadn't thought about it. That. My that they let the city. And county to get away after that means that we knew how to do not plan on that site. And that we never got that we're. Mark Davis is our guest soul what state before this ten year. Lease extension for the days do you personally feel that you did enough. Talk about lone wolf in this meeting would mark the game. Do you feel that you were engaged that this entire time because you have other people that represent you you go to some of the meeting she can't go to all of but deep down because of the severity of this and how badly you wanted to be in Oakland you told the fans who wanted to be in Oakland. Do you believe before that lease extension with the EA is that you personally did enough to make it clear that you wanted to stay. I. They're they're from the but equity. A deal in Oakland. And not orbiting the truth I walked. Do it by on capitol at a value. I thought it. Would Gephardt offered to them Jeanne. A developer. Educated in the city provide the land. Leave me a long. And very able boldly. Or some type of eight fail again with very low rate. The orient. And they're there having been able to. Hey equity stake in the later. We share. And that is that if that would open up. Rader. That we at 500 million dollars. In. That we needed L. And we never got that. Mark Davis joins us the owner of the silver and black so let's go to after the Carson deal fell through what your mindset. After that. You know they raise your right to talk about that all the time but Larry MacNeil. Was brought in to. Insult and represent you because of his success with the 49ers and orchestrating Levi's stadium. Do you believe personally by bringing him in. That those times you were in enough meetings you would there engaged enough. With Larry McNeill who's had success and with over five billion dollars of real estate transactions was hole. At that time for at least a short period of time after Carson fell through that you can go back to the table and negotiate again. Oh. I have a very important help through. After Carson fell through and let's go from there because we go from your working in Oakland. Now to Carson when you set your sights on cars and and obviously with the help in the consulting a Larry McNeal went. The deal in LA did not work out and we're talking about this time line. Was there a couple weeks a month when you actually thought wow we lost a stealing cars and with the charges that I thought I could. Make happen that you really felt energized toward knowing the big picture here evil with Larry McNeal you didn't think he had a shot to pull it off again. Well we yeah. Still. People they'd they'd say crippled the red dot. At that point when a lot of people back on the deal. We get marketed it go. One lead with one year. And that was in the air play and we have that comfort before we sign. And electrical I got home and we can't let it get to work on on Korea believe it ill. And a week later I got a call from the board about every quarter by the Little League mark sorry. But the utilities guys negotiated is now off the table and look at the rate went without. Mark did. We were happy camper in the world what really a giant. Rays have written it wouldn't let the children organization but it would get it disrespectful. That we didn't feel right. At that point. In the in the I had spoken with the polian McCallum is in that. And got what I'm only lately we get is although it would. We've got these blue ball and it backfired in the world won't make you haters. And that could happen. Mark davis' our gas owner of the writers mark throughout this whole process. What was Roger Goodell. And the NFL advising you at this time. Really. Out there in all made it happen in the they've put in play to try to get a deal. Even with in the last year we know what operators out and the NFL locker well terror group that would like it and there. There was no all the time and let them go. What you needed at all viable. And doable deal that had certainty. And these being able it would never come up. All women it can hear people. One and it wasn't sure what the record and what that you'll send you ought to. Happy eight lead the call insight within two years. Well are tired. Bit bit fat lot naked while this came about all of that epic that they're. And she would get it and number of times in the NFL lead. Just say that you would use that analogy to the age or get it if you would never do it can be used to. Let on whether he would both all that would absolutely. And I think that that gave you all. I'm concerned. Yet the NFL was obviously concerned and I wanna stick with this point after the a's had that long term contract extension. Through twenty to 43. You're saying that really you had no choice at that point because of the length of that les. The start exploring other opportunities the length of believes at the time we'll all your negotiations and your team negotiating with you. That was really the deal breaker because of the length of that even though. That there could have been a termination clause and from the city to help movie is all that property so the NFL. Could go to war with few on the land and securing a football stadium there. All the the city. Developed between raiders believe. He called it. And certainly in a pill that bringing. It and working group. With the direction that they wanted to go despite the back of the people. Mark Davis joins us okay let's talk more about Ronnie Lott and fortress I know how much you respect Ronnie won the greater clarity. Yes one of the greatest players of all time what factors. Played into not being able. The order personally discuss. The proposals directly with him in his game. Well we got a book that. What we're doing a lot. And at the beginning of the problem. The governor of the bat. At me and my opinion for leverage to get it you don't somewhere else. And I look at. The governor. I would never do that. If you've got a clue what you're talking about. And we're gonna do everything we can't wait about it. I thought that we learn it would have been air and we are talking to somebody else. About it deal. Well and got their opinions. Political capital level. And then at about two data we called the again back up to Reno that market. In order you quote. The what were they. Do you work. And I looked like yeah I know. And at war within fair old lot. I thought well. You know we worked on this. With you about what worked well and I wanted to do. Mark davis' our guests so that's a really important point here. But I'd like to follow up list you have a deep long relationship your father did with Ronnie Lott. How did you personally feel at that point. What you had a verbal commitment with the governor or Nevada. That you really couldn't get into it longer. And deeper with Ronnie Lott because the media at that time is worked up in a frenzy thing that we have a possible deal it's fortress fortress it's the mayor. And we want Mark Davis back to the table do you believe in hindsight. Did you did everything possibly publicly. To make it clear that you couldn't go back on your award and even go and sit down and talked about this publicly or privately with Ronnie. And OK let's move on to the governor and his word there mark we're talking about a lot of money. The battle was able to pass legislation 750 million. In the tourism tax on hotel rooms mark that's a tremendous amount of money not only for Oakland. Any city in America was the key. Moving forward into which shield an apples and what was going to happen next and getting the loan from Bank of America. That gave the owners the opinion to almost vote unanimously for you. Yeah. The booklet about. It a lot different it is key. And in order to keep it and the F partners and made. Bit better if you million dollar again is the book ever. Toward all sporting public seventy torque or aided in America. And it was definitely a big big piece of the well. Mark davis' our guest she said in the past that the writers are not for sale many people want me to ask you directly. What you Weber open and you mentioned the 20% of the stake when the fans Marco listening say you're offering 500 million to this deal. Bank of America is giving you alone. Why not your money in Oakland with a similar loan from Bank of America to get that deal done and work harder with the NFL to stay in Oakland. Well I I think we've explained that little bit about it would have been about that week at 8888. Property. We try to get it to help. Either built with EA. Oh well we do not want bill in the quarter. We were never gonna wanna going to be late. That's going to be world class. And hit it and BP that readers you know well and we'll follow up. And that wasn't gonna happen. Mark let's stay with the process when governor Sandoval Betty do you. And wanted to make sure that you warrant using Nevada as leverage to go back to Oakland. You made that clear from a money perspective. And get the deal done but what about the fans in the east bay again who optimistic. At this point in time they're getting conflicting reports from the media and that fortress could possibly war and I think this is a really important topic here because. Fans are connected with you I've seen you talk to fans prolonged period of time. Indiana fell support your claim now. When they started to vet Libby shaft and they started the NFL to vet a potential deal with fortress or anything else that they were looking at. That even without. That the NFL couldn't find a deal that would work for them in the city of Oakland does this world that even the NFL who tried to do a deal here. Deep down didn't believe they could get a deal done in Oakland. I. Look at Marc Davis's our guests as we continue on well what about Libby shaft fear wanna talk about how for a second because. This is complicated and these issues go for back before mayor shaft came into office you ultimately feel. That she was forced into the into a decision. To choose between your organization in the days. Now I thought I doubt that the web at either or. All I can think that she walked in the B eight ardea accurately. More difficult situation where. But. I don't think it would mean either or. But one thing I want to Beijing accuses open never in competition. With luck and let. Or the back. We're up a little longer operate in every competition the only people we call to let would then they'll. And a ticket to come up with a deal that would give back the land either that or give it to a reasonable terms. And gave it infrastructure. And we acting ability to our developers that we got on the gap we may have but it would be up on that site. Because I believe that the phenomenal site. I'd bet well. The site in the open is phenomenal and that is at that stadium is is are the great. And bit the player that that this city is talking about Dylan and everything else and and it took it I don't think that I think we'll compromise. That at any game. Mark as we wrap this up a little bit back to Libby shaft do you believe because once she went out to talk about this to the media. In the latch ditch effort to try to save the team in Oakland do you feel that you gave her enough of your own personal time. To explain the severity. Of the raiders' future in Oakland at any point that we went back to. In this conversation on the timeline when she came into power because she was out there are telling the fans one thing. Even though your hands were already tied you made the commitment would governor Sandoval. Do you believe that you gave her enough access. The commitment with governor or a year ago. So up until. Your work with me number. And I let alone required to get something done there and it never happened. But at that is at that point track right now KG I'm not celebrating anything like like I would like to be. We are going to be building a world class. Stadium in the entertainment capital of the world to be great person purple and video. But I don't have believe that bands in the Bay Area and I met with a number of them. And anything I stayed there it is it is a bit. And don't make people think bittersweet. And but I want people in the Bay Area. That even though we are leading to play football game in the that in Las Vegas. We're not going to be the Bay Area would actually you. I am right don't work would beat down day. We'll get to work with schools and working executed immediately razor effort. Monday that it. And that we won't get. Raider fans are the best in the world once you open your best in the world. And it it it felt really hard for me personally. And I'm hoping that they'll be enjoyed it. We're wrapping up what Mark Davis Smart sensible was made official many fans as you know in the Bay Area are upset. The wanna know why you race season ticket prices why they have gone up can you address the season ticket holders and their concerns for the upcoming season. Yeah I can't remember why I like to say that. If you're there ain't laid to be given currently be mad at me it's not players coaches. Ordered on the one big issue. And Mike Reid is not be able to play out in two and possibly refuted that well and I like to bring a championship. So. I I don't know how would be humble and yet it is time that that it will go right. And that will be able to do something of that nature. That's a very important point because I personally believe that you need the support of Oakland. Los Angeles the central valley the southwest. The global raider nation. To make this work in Vegas and what opportunities to talk about Vegas hopefully in years to come. But what is your message to specifically these space fans the Oakland raider fans. Not only about this year what would you would she would be a better scenario in the future. That they would feel welcome and wanna come to Las Vegas and support your football team. Well you look at the great question. Last week and talk to them and not the kind of figured that really are not an easy thing to do. I believe I am an outlet and it is amazing that we get where you're at work forever. But I actors and yet there's. Anger. It looked like that and I think it should be pointed at me there are not the only. Not not being coached Jack Leo because those that reject Egypt and they're. Mark last question I've personally seen and heard you tell raider fans countless times. That you always wanted to stay in Oakland. Since the relocation has become official. What is your message to the raider nation. Nugget that we got the community. Raider nation or not although the weakness of the resources in its future. And then I will indeed building world class idiot. And that we'd like for everybody should be proud of it. In. What was out there. You seem like you're pretty excited about this team coming off a twelve when she is eating get a playoff win. But the job that Reggie is Don and Jack Del Rio the contract extension. But while one question on football how optimistic are you for this upcoming season and the fact you have a chance to deliver a Super Bowl for the fans of Oakland. Well it. Yeah. Oh. I'm excited about progress he would make it obvious that whatever they do the bow. And we hope that we written better regulation for a. Thank you very much Marc I appreciate your time thanks for joining us. Areas Marc Davis the owner of the silver and black on the Ryder flagship 957. The game.