Raider Fans Sound Off

The Morning Show
Tuesday, March 28th
Joe, Lo, and Dibs take calls from the Raider Nation to ask if they will still cheer for the Raiders if they are still playing in Oakland for the next 2 yeasr. 

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Now backed it show lowered dibs on 95 point seven big game. Welcome back it easy your show this morning AAA 9579. B 570 the topic. The raiders and relocation. Costs we handle it moving forward market research Mark Davis was asking for yesterday's sold a little. You want them here for the next three years or not. Tripoli 9579570. A piece of good news. Let's abroad get elbowed in the head last night I did I did right it below the nice. By the old red neck an old friend judge delivered a blow for the Golden State lawyer that at David Lee targeting Pakistani plug it. Should David Lee be run out of the league triple A 9579570. Would all that. Rasheed Wallace type played Edison physical player the elbows point you almost due for a six ticket lost it. Lost in the elbow to the dome. The cavs got rocked motor boat by San Antonio 10374. They're now five and eight over their last thirteen. And raider nation I'm sure you root for the warriors as well if you want something to smile at. Don't take a look at the NBA standings this morning. Notably the Eastern Conference you'll. Noticed that the team on top is no longer the Cleveland Cavaliers is no longer they cast a Boston Celtics up a half game now they played one more game but. Mental or herd the cats go on win at the tied for the number one seed is this a sign of things to commerce this LeBron just trolling all of us with you know early reports of his demise only remnant to rise up again in the post season programming note Houston tonight Golden State act Houston tip time 5 PM right here on 95 point seven game just the second time this season the warriors are listed as an underdog Houston a one and a half point favorite over under way. Meaty 233. Total points remember the under is hit in fifteen of the last sixty warriors games jacket Cordelia thank you for calling the program. As a raider fan Harry feeling this morning Jacqui Cordelia got. Absolutely now he's got. All the horrible time of the agua is. Important that all of hypocrisy isn't at all hours of the plot are still be competitive. Predator. Not because of the court that played will be dropped at the corners like that guy you want to call it well right now. You play it or the heat and hypocritical that competitive and well. To pebble and foreign looks great and it looks old order where. People don't need it apparently. Well suitable. Could ever have been a bit and Egypt have you look at the political quote. Read it that well. A golf. What you all other thought about it is that the proud political yet. That it is out there. You know he can look back. Oakland yet is it that you cannot. Be a ballot at the time you heard them yet they still have a new stadium but he said. I doubt you'd mistake on his party admitted that he admitted that the raiders. On. Unique like you point diet was open and greater Shea Stadium at least I would niners and that's when he got into. Either spoiled little brat just the pain. Okay that's we need to avoid the personal tax on the man he can judge what he did is an owner but that's not. I get into petty name calling in to the point about how nice it is an emotional day but you may you know what I mean he can say a lot of things about what he's done the as an owner and businessman without. Our Mundo in Fairfield the show he's yours are mine no go ahead. Morning outlined a lowly there right now I'm 22 vehicles on moderator gains stressed out riverbank might add you know electric generator game. Every change relegated you know the coliseum. Oliveira and Jason Campbell got hurt out there on a credit card on our current and return. You know I was there are a lot of memory and in Ali streaming has taken moms on to a game Monday. Not enough and I didn't hurt that search where certainly encourage a lot of people. It by their opinion matters more in Oakland Raiders deal greater. And I think I'll I'll I'll still be a budget is hurt at all Soviet handler. Rock watching. I think you vote. Should the phone call thank you for weighing in low what would be a good move for the raiders moving forward you came in this morning telling me about what the raiders should be doing starting right now. A business plan of attack would you have in mind absolutely. You know for that phone caller just called me and I appreciate you know you calling in expressing yourself we you know with us and open yourself to the fans out there because this is a tough emotional day. At first thing I'd give a Mark Davis. I use an hour Mark Davis him remark in the this mundane he's a sit down in over a plan of action in one of the first things you need to do just says an owner you come on and say look. I want the raiders fans in Oakland city Oakland in this community to know. That the raiders. Read my lips will never ever. Lead we will all waste in our training camps in Napa Valley because we're going to always being rained in this community. We might have lost the battle were gonna try to win the war were gonna come back and show you for years to come. Our brand. The legacy. In in Napa Valley being in that facility is so beautiful there being there being a part of this community we won't let that die even though. We built it on you guys even though that there are not appear that needs to be addressed to make sure the mark Davies samba. I understand the Pena gone through but just snow. Six weeks have long train can't you get to see your players and we're going to stay involved in this community. That should be one of the things that he should do get now and in front before you jump to the next one. Do you see that happening. Cuba training camp I teams have gone a different locations before remember this is a team that. They moved to Los Angeles once still a big fan base there yeah big fan base is Southern California you're going to Las Vegas you still wanna maintain here from the Bay Area as well. I would Joseph because he. Yeah you're right. LA San Diego San Diego said hey they wanted to greater sending us some money let him lease the place for free for the next couple years so you know they have a fan base there. But I would say committed to this place and this community the struggle leave in this town twice I think now. You have to and I think the book I think kidnappers a great place for the for the raiders I think if you look at what's been going on the history. I really believe you stay involved and that's what Marc Davis test to be one of the first things that they should do. Two I think that right now. The readership find out. The guys that are very good and charismatic on air the cars to clear WiMax mark Cooper's. Crabtree can you did absolutely market team all these guys should be on air every single rating throughout the country and say. It's about one thing I know were born things we are that we have blinders on we're not thinking about Vegas that's three years away. We don't know we'll be here we don't know whose players are going to be here. Where that's three years away we can only take care of the now. And then now was when and a Super Bowl and bring in the Oakland Raiders disc community a Super Bowl ever want to be on national radio shows. The our show in the PR department she had these guys out in front insane it's not been. About winning a Super Bowl for this community. As Oakland Raiders before that three years we're not worried about the three years I know you guys wanna talk about biggest. I wanna talk about Vegas I wanna talk about where we're at right now and that's an Oakland jokes and that's what these players and that's what this organization to be do want. Right now get out friends. Terrific point because in the next segment we're going to be playing a clip from Bruce Matthews. Bruce Matthews is a hall of Famer. But more importantly as it pertains to Teddy Schell Bruce was on those few months ago and he explain what it was like playing for the Houston Oilers. When the announcement came down that they were moving to Nashville. It was a terrible decision to remain in Houston attendance plummeted the fans were furious. To the point where they got out as quickly as they could and realize we are huge mistake let's just get a Memphis. And hold on until the stadiums ready in national we're gonna play that for you next because you're right there needs to be some sort of damage control whether you're excited or not. As an organization to be going to Vegas. You are in Oakland next year and you are a legitimate Super Bowl contender. You would like to be hearing from the players right now Derrick wrote a great letter to raider fans but it was really one of those on the fence sort of things would dot. I'm sad. I'm from California I wanted to be here my whole life but I understand it's a business where you wanna hear is a guy like Khalil Mac come out and say look. That's not my decision. I can only focus on what's astronomy that's win a Super Bowl that you're exactly right you got rally raider nation right now anything in the players are the ones who can do that. I think the fans appeared in the nation are Smart enough to realize these are not the individuals to blame right they're not the ones who make this decision this is through the. As wanna hear from they wanna hear from the players because ultimately you're a fan of the team yes but more specifically the players you're not so concerned about. Who's the president of marketing their who's deciding to move the Tino Las Vegas you'll root for the players and you wanna hear from them. No question. And in your right because so many people talk about all greed you guys who come on greed all morning. In a little book did desist who wants to beating Greece and teams has and let got a little chow you gotta be like a little child and the players right now they're the children they're the voice they're the purest went in this situation so I definitely would love to hear from them. The Bible references in the opening 25 months. Do well to have pot pace you. Based on. Regular shows you what you big it is not a sigh I hear that book in my headphones come out they're not they're god can we had. Voter guides impacting you are up next AAA 9579570. Jolo and in 95 points in the game.