Phil Savage previews the NFL draft

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Tuesday, April 25th
Former Cleveland Browns GM and Executive Director for the Senior Bowl, Phil Savage, previews the NFL draft and what Cleveland will do at #1 with Papa & Bonta on the Afternoon Delight.

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OK with the third pick in the 2007. NFL draft. The Cleveland Browns select. Left tackle Joseph. They go everybody in New York I was actually at the address hard to believe it was ten years ago. Further raider prospective deal faded 2007. Draft JaMarcus Russell won one Calvin Johnson went to an. Joseph Thomas. It was the ticket Phil savage that year. And now he's done is make the focal every single year that he's played it. Seven times a first team all pro when you look at it that say that may be the last really good. First round selection the Cleveland Browns have made and have Phil savage is gonna join his staff he was. The guy who ran their draft there at that time the senior vice president general manager of the Cleveland Browns and now he runs the NFL scouting combines so great gets a cavity of a draft coming up. In a couple of days felt first of all welcome Greg pop and got regularly at the delight here in San Francisco and at a five point seven. They game. Is that accurate to say that was the last really. Good first round pick to Cleveland references to add did you nail Joseph Thomas ten years ago fail. Yeah probably ten years ago great catcher. That. That it brings back a lot apparently first law because Joseph and so should start legally or not mr. singles match. And in the ten years that it and a key play. In the NFL. And out the other thing out of it remind you guys that is remember not in New York for the draft he was actually go fishing trip. I are there. And the court cellphone services you know ten years ago is not exactly what it was ally and I'm like for heaven's sake whatever let's make sure that these cattle life preserver on that boat because at peace -- well we can't at this guy trowel or get back. It is sure. That you bring it up Adrian Peterson was in the room that day and course Calvin Johnson went to two Matt Millen Al Davis took jamarcus from trying to get jamarcus on the show here to go back to. That drafted that ten years ago but. I do recall you you know JaMarcus Russell as a young man fail and there were constant rumors that you were trying to trade up from three to law net. To get JaMarcus Russell or really there's no way in hell Al Davis was gonna trade jamarcus he loved them but were you trying to make a push to get tickets jamarcus away from mail. Yeah I tell you that I had known to market since he lives fourteen year old quarterback jeered both bill and down he. I attended my high school camp. For a number of Summers I'd they've watched him grow up watched it go on college you would play there it. An honor actually I just felt like when he came off on his visit to Cleveland in advance to the draft. There were an instinct connection with our players and Marty on the scene. I thought we had a coach in Romeo cred now that could be a real father. Figure two jamarcus he he had an article that was very instrumental in his growing up light crude and subsequently passed away widget Marcus. Would that the raiders and that was part that that now all of that somehow they're in Oakland but I really felt like we have out of the structure in place. And we could add some some parameters. That would help them have a more successful career. We definitely or that possibility didn't get very far it you know it turned out. Did you Thomas selection woods would want that as he says might be that first round pick but brown had. That thank hit it absolutely he clearly has then because. And a browser in the situation again at 21 round burst unfortunately for them there in the place where. There's not really a clear cut quarterback. To take at number one. The odds on choice is going to be miles gear. Who may not that surely be the best football player today. He's the most talented prospect. And the ground are likely gonna take him to see if they keep. Maximize its potential and then take that twelve picks. And the packages and choices that they have to admit that they've collected over the last year to maybe they get back in the Upton. Maybe she's the quarterback that they liked the most of this particular. Interest in Cleveland Browns 10 years later on o'clock at number one after each or showtime mr. years ago number three. The former general manager of the Cleveland Browns and out executive director of the NFL's scouting Cameron Phil savage joining us sunny afternoon like a pop and bunting or 95 point seven again speaking of Joseph Thomas. A series of tweets where he ripped the year. The procedure. About said the flawed penalties as he calls of for the diluted test samples. And should you do run the combat and I was wanna know about how. How you get these samples and how it all work extra barrel peppers and Rubin Foster both failed. A drug test and what it was it made in test positive they just tested positive for excessive amounts of water which is used to do a dilute. Urine samples which is a way to it to mask. Other things they're ingesting and their bodies so just Joseph Thomas have a point failing just tell us where and when you get the guys in Indianapolis for the come by and how do you get their urine samples and and what are you looking for exactly. Yeah Greg. Could be recite some directory suitable I just saw that one combo. I don't know that. Details of how it works here but I. You know I would I would say this. You know the diluted sample from boat Rubin Foster. And Alabama and Gibril peppers from Michigan. I think it's going to have very little impact on their actual draft status. Where will have an impact that it does put him in stage one of the drug program now they stay clean. For ninety days the way I understand it they would be exit the program so it could be popular for them that they Albert is appropriate. Appropriate fashion. The reality of it is is that I can understand L player effect cramping issue pass. They try to hydrate there's probably a balance in their somewhere between hydration and trying to cover up an op. But in this particular case in these two players I don't think it's gonna really impact their draft status. Yeah apologize for that that misstep there I am well aware what you do with the Senior Bowl and wanna ask you about Davis web coming up I think he has a great chance at the next level when he was the MVP of the seeing Google which filled does. Does run the executive director joining us here in the afternoon like a pop and bunting and at a five point seven. They game so you're kind of of the opinion I guess the mouse scared will go on number one with the Cleveland Browns but I was beat many years that you've been doing this fail. Now we have no idea there's no consensus who was gonna go number two. What what are your thoughts and with the niners and John Lynch will do I think they wanna trade out of that tick but they may not be able to. How do you think this plays out after the assumed draft of a miles scared number one of the Cleveland Browns fell. Yet it says that it's got elements that are in the car. Like you pointed out there a consensus for the second third or six players that group of prospects people I think are going to go. And that and that range. But very usual circumstance it would have a number of players who look at. Medical lacks a number of players who had character issues that number of players that it not been able to fill all the combo line texting laws in general change really lean on to try to pare these prospects so. Bill Polian. That said yesterday a hard year round table but he has been Il about ten or twelve players that he considered to be clean. And so with that being. I think if there's a law to be portrayed. I don't know here's detained related going to be willing to go there because it's where they go in there yet. Everyone's question. So I think that probably count down the Solomon Thomas and Stanford. Although he's a decent lineman drafted secrets of linemen. Last two years. He's considered the clean. At his position the other direction I think they keep you know would be perhaps Jamal that absorb elegy in the recent high. Jamal had a good one maybe instead remotely cocoa from our side effect. Three years or I'll shoot it though injury situation no care. Mean there's there's nothing about Jamal atoms to say that he's not going to be really good 40 with John Rich's background safety. And the fact that the game it's changed. Where they now have to copper they've got to match at the idea that they're receive your data support the rock. Safety position is probably elevated some in terms of the draft historically. Great safety and opting in but in this case it is giving year. I don't think it would be a tortuous in all a matter of fact it might be why for the 49ers go ahead and take it's. Awfully basically ask my question because I was gonna ask you yesterday came out that the niners. We're looking at a quarterback and pop and I thought thousand smokescreen. We don't think they're gonna take a chance summit's coach Robiskie. What the number two picks are lashing what do you think Mitchell too risky will be drafted. And whether or not what the forty niners have to do take Jamar Adams why they would deter from taken another defensive line and that number two Solomon Thomas. Yeah I I think that touch Robiskie is the target line. At least in my estimation would be probably side. The titans spotted in the tight it would absolutely. Want to move now unless Jamal and it is they're they feel like he's a can't miss prospect but I think they're looking to get out the jet should chicks. I think they'd lean more toward Stravinsky. Additional Watson for this reason. They directed charge board at Clemson a few years ago art Whitner can't really struggled pick up the offense I. Not to compare it to do that board statistics are actually better than what Watson Kos wants. I think could be a little bit tricky for them to go down that same boat. I think that's why they favor such a bit ski so five person. In the course whatever the ground do well they try to get back in the top ten where would that be. You know seven it was a charters are perhaps they would be. Considering a group I don't think Carolina witnessed or that one of them now because they admired the literature that. And throughout this creek ran run out by. If I picked quarterback in the first round this year in the when you take one. Within those first 32 choices Niko on the field this year and I think that guy to handle the job. The best. Right out of the gate would be additional watch and he's got the most maturity. He's been on the big stage is he he's handled the media. Real desire be it fell a successful quarterback it. I don't trust him more than these other. Our prospects that the quarterback position it and honestly I think all of them use. I do agree it's not more than that degree of Ichi station time because. It is that not ready for prime time. Collapse that quarterbacks this year. Phil savage longtime NFL executive and overcame the espionage he noted and also the executive director of the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama joining us on the afternoon delight with a pop and Vontae you were talking about the niners are number two in the safety selection went with the safer choice. Jamal Adams. A league cooker. If he does not go to the niners are too. Hi how far can he fall I think there's a little bit of a thought out there and he does have some holes in his game I see him take four angles and be fooled on play he does have good instinct little fire. Fail and then you know he had some injuries he didn't take part of a lot of your draft presses here with a torn labor that is hip and the sports hernia which will. He'll but he had it on both sides. Is it possible hooker will fall com Thursday night. Like I think there's a possibility. I think that next landing spot that would probably be probably be within charters that extra happen. But again he's a perfect example of what I was reference earlier if the player that. Basically untested since the regular season had the sports hernia and the hip labor of surgeries. Either you'd eat that with me. They haven't really seen on the field and it's like ordered by. Call you want to struggled. We checked it also. All of the law that's one of the reasons why have all these days then apply that work out to be able to go kick the entire agency which are. Getting ready here. And with them and Corey receiver western Michigan. Those are two examples right off the top money a guy has not relegated to do anything prior to this track that scary proposition that the general manager. The terror card ahead you're strictly relying on your medical staff that we think he's going to be a you know by training camp Corwin at. So you've you've as far as shall fall you'll think he'll also be taken by the chargers its seven could could he possibly fall into the changer. The raiders are there 24 I know it's probably unlikely he'd fall that far but if he does not get chosen by San Diego it's seven could hooker fall more film. Yeah I mean. I would say that most keen most people if forecasts in the option of taking you never know on draft night there's always kind of all well. Because there's a surprise there to let. Yeah go down. The list with some of these teams I mean you know the ground could certainly use or a range Sheikh. Preached safety if they were still at twelve that would be there. Range if it. If they have already moved up trying get a quarterback. The ravens are pretty close at a safety you know the Washington Redskins seventeen. They can use. More range in the middle of the field and actual Coca retreat center field more than anything else could bode you know he's got the best tackle on tape now they're. You can also pay itself where you know he's coming up feathers in bonds supported. It is at the last line of defense. That needs to go back and scored touchdowns so he's got to become burger Jack or the next level. I was a basketball players could use the army's raw but if you coached them up but he does miss a lot of tackles Phil savage joining as the executive director of the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama. In addition to his work and ESPN all this work on line as well. We talked about the quarterbacks annuals figure out you know who goes in the first round but it Davis web guy. From Cahill the more you watch that guy and you know he played in sunny Texas system and he had a lot to learn. The watching and that the Senior Bowl with you any Wanda but that being the MVP showed that to me that he can may be you know become a decent five and seven step dropper from a under shatters got good size he rolls to his left well. Give me your thoughts about being around him so much at the Senior Bowl and then what what do you think about davis' Webster Davis wedge chances felt at the next level. Yet greatly and now we have invited. One of these executives and friends were definitely call me in December that. Tech quarterback they committed from cal golden first round and a light rail. And so in January here a few days before and didn't get started another exact. Call me that Nate Davis where it's gonna be the sleeper first round dart at the big east got a strong arm he's gonna do well. In mobile. Interesting story because he was on the West Coast you know it's risen to protect you played countless years there. He showed up here about three acre. To get accustomed to the time. Change that we connected him with some of the local players there's a quarterback coach here and how that works with some of the draft eligible keep these high school kids so. He spent three days on the ground you're getting ready for. Other practices with the ground in future action I thought that you really sure like toward Davis. He's got a big army got height. He's very impressive in an interview because. He can talk through this circumstance that transferring from Texas Tech to cal being cashed in both schools. He can talk through the difference keen city's been involved in with the understanding. He knows there'll be an adjustment. That he's capable are I think he's a sleeper late first round candidate at fourteen they did you know it's falling in love with him. It's not I think you. Clearly bill in the second round and again if he goes in the second round delegates and the net necessary time to make that change. Vigil from college to pro and Kiki get with the same rate sitting on a better where you're cute I think Davis worked absolutely emergency starter. Up by 2018 or 2019. How how many quarterbacks Phil. Do you think will be chosen on a Thursday united around one. In my over under numbers Korea I think it will be true this Ian Watson. Almost for sure and then I think that there will be one gene at the bottom of the first. You know like Kansas City. Well maybe the Pittsburgh Steelers with Ben Roethlisberger. That it takes a lot of guys that they can sit try to dwell on now. I say I think it'll be one problem could be captured object could be Du'Shon charter from Notre Dame might he could be Davis where it. To me. 'cause of the this drafted. You know there's a lot of between the tent Laird sixty player quite frankly. I think a lot of teams when push comes to shop. They're gonna lean more towards the position player and Arctic get on the field this year either. Potential sauter they're battling palpable special team to play in a role this year. Person taking your developmental quarterback so that's why my number's only reaction. I think the reports of people are slanted towards our exit quarterback to go to our I just don't believe that. I'll might be completely fooled on Thursday night go to. To me I think going to be pretty quarterbacks in this position players with the other twenty not spots. Phil savage executive director of this Senior Bowl longtime executive in the NFL we reminisced about ten years ago the other great selection of Joseph Thomas and all work on ESPN thank you so much for your time sir rings. I guess I enjoyed great let's into the broadcasting here yeah a lot of exit elements are there. Thank you my friend thank you sir. Phil savage joining us from a mobile elemental virgin America is too and of.