Paul Gackle

Rick Tittle
Friday, September 29th

San Jose Sharks Reporter for the Bay Area News Group joins Rick Tittle to talk the Sharks heading into the 2017-2018 season.


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And we bring in now Paul dal col San Jose Sharks reporter for the the Bay Area. News group and dumb then the first question. Paul before again to this specifics you've been watching a man attack ad campaign and how they look at. What would they get in the preceded him but it's that preceded them then like the NFL and you know that tactically in baseball you can't really know it's early yet I EIA and not being the OP yet you know killed Norton. And being hard in practice but then he can I have to be at the end. You know real game and put the album go line locked together when their. Already to go so. We're still very early in the process. I'm look at lines right now on I would probably think you go Jumbo pounds and maybe eighty and I can't send. Wine and then huge body occurred Don escalate to do and and you go like maybe. Hurdle and center in the third line or Tierney and then maybe melt during team low and then you now my gas war go and Sorensen announced fourth line and youth that you thought about that far and. Cornell had the way it looked if we get video early in camp they were organic and done that pop lying and you know keep the border as as said in the past but he's thirty feet. Yeah on the best combination for Joseph and tell what they're chummy get really big the puck off the wall in fort Chad I. You know I think any since scoring punch out there and bit last week speaker of federal bank. We've been going into his second year. With the sharks here up top and I mean that make actually a little more than I think promote offensive standpoint. He had a lot higher upside it I just don't think the U yet. From sort that sort of without you line when he got a couple of years go and what's a cup final at almost sure all without somebody else they can put the puck in the net quite get that board much. He is coming off. You know APL and CL surgery. Bit of a question mark there. Himself he get no little bit oh up there in age and I don't think he's about to get a drop off or anything like that at bat that line you know he is in need decrease. For the sharks in either secondary or do you need so she needs some contact talk. And so I think Kevin what they make a little bit different because this guy you know Royce summer that I take ocean the barracuda that motto he coached should he has hit the hardest most accurate shot at any player he's ever seen come through there including joke about edict from the guy Bolivia Ontario hockey league in scoring. Just two years ago so then don't call Canadian junior hockey that's android being you know. But pop player in the pac twelve or something in it in basketball that kind of a big deal. Now he is defensive game still needs to round out that we have that depends whose own responsibility and you win. That board battle near the Blue Line and defensive zone those that area he needs to work on but I think. For I would be surprised early on in in the feet and if that's the way the board goes because without work. That has the potential to maybe create some of that sound offensive design and we saw a couple years ago. And the bank of my favorite towns. New York beach in camped nude or beach especially when it's American but you know a lot of people. Paul say with parody gone they're any team out of step don's going to step com the low bank as you mentioned. But but for me. I need my fellow Dane bond Curtis stepped up they spent a lot of money on him and then he you know you go to you go to the playoffs season healthy scratch I mean this guy's got to start earning his cash. Well no doubt about it and yeah I didn't know they were nineteenth and National Hockey League in scoring not yet complete fix that and goals per game. And then you take off Patrick Marleau one of only. You know to forward to add more than twenty by old last year. So where's that gonna come from and it is gonna eat by committee you are in need a lot of guys. This step up and had bounced back even but no doubt about it if you flops again. Last year like he did Karadzic here like he did last year. I mean fans are going to be looking at that contracts sixteen million in and it and going you know boy be cute shirt what did you that are on the market to go. You know find another marquee type player to replace Patrick Marleau. And then and they have some cap space they have some room they can go out and do something. But. You know pure drop being four million a year and a guy that. Now eleven gold or ten goals and healthy scratch not quite opt out boy you sure like to have back cash back in you know at the complicated situation that the guy that you know played her peak the origin here are you when you coach of the pitcher anchor so. You know divorce certain endorse that signing turnabout for him. And barker. You know he whacks in Maine lobster you put together a string of great games and then you've seen disengage doubts there's there is. A point that he came from a different type of system he played the very different mindset than in Arizona where they like to keep their forward tie. To get back on defense the sharks like they're really died in their view grab on or checked there like there for all three forward to global goal lineup for checked they elected. Get around the net and get those dirty goals. And you know there it is by triggered guild adapt your game now collecting the creek even even getting even going to vote area. Even going to degree. And that's a good sign if you're sure fan but you gotta do that over the course of an 82 game schedule and not just when you're playing you know collection of each dollar increase either. Rex hello Paul guy called from the Bay Area news group sharks reporter. Mon Coeur I remember he got the hat trick against Edmonton and it doubled his gold tally your life from three to six cell. Yeah he definitely needs to US stepping out now one thing that these sharks. Didn't do in the off season was making moves in fact. I don't think they did anything I was kind of waiting for Dillon to go on the expansion drafted. It didn't happen another you could say bust of a free agent went back into a Vegas. By what the what what did they mean they got in and they traded gold leave for France and down the stretch last year but. I've never seen such a quiet offseason from from Doug Woolsey and indeed did they swing and miss sir they just weren't interest that. Well I just think that part of it you know the nature of the modern NHL and needy they just thought that they were gonna get Patrick Marleau bring him back might stand there and I don't know that her back Mike Stanton. That they were shot in around. And were looking to CU if there was enough forward on the market. And they they can go out there and grab to potentially you know replace Marleau. Then fridge a lot of July 1 yet they were able to bring Jumbo back fights. Marleau obviously band mate police swoop in and offered him you know six point 25 million a year over three years and about it structurally couldn't. But at that point you know what once July 1 comes and goes like there's no action and yet it gel. If you're gonna make a trade Pete gonna make. A move to replace my old that have been or do you expect that current air around the NHL draft that's when the major shakeups happened. So I think there were Serbs. Playing this game they're okay what's out there. OK but he couldn't get Marleau back. And model ended up leaving and they asserted that Hancock Errol that now I will say that this chart I think it better. Toe hold onto your cards. Then to go up there and make a move to make the move looked at each just don't see a lot of great. And the National Hockey League these days that's just the nature of the beast every team that's pretty tight on the salary Barack. But there's just not a lot Albert offer it in especially if you don't have you all lot of depth on the Blue Line that seems to make fifteen Gilbert all big trade. They are long in the two on the back end. And they and they can afford to give somebody else the Mac and bring forward to but what the sharks have right now offered the have a slew of prospects for animal banks that chemo Myers. You know Daniel regions. That could wind up being pretty good NHL players. Or you know maybe it'll be a box so you got to imagine if you're negotiating the team's first trade. They're Ed Baird and say you know I don't know making capital bank yet I don't know what to make the team Meyer yet so you don't want to sell low one those guys. So that's what this even kind of really about it like you know if the sharks come out of the gate can make struggle. You know. Doug may have to pay out pretty big give up more than he wants to give. I too Gilbert go out to get that replacement from all of that marquee name. If they come out of the gates. Hot they need in a position of strength many as leverage and at a young guys perform eaten get a little more out of him so now we're home await the. Lied I didn't like the gold dome and trade out of her hands and I think that's gonna haunt. I don't wanna trade Danielle re again I'll listen for a full of Samberg outlets and on and Aaron don't you talk about holding on to your cards. Hall had burns on these airwaves when he signed his deal and of course of classic and and Jones got new deals which is fantastic. To keep those guys around as well how close. Did they ever again continued taking a chance on the army yarder I know he's not what they want a guy even older. Then paddy. But just the fact that yarder when where 68 in teal I would have bought a Jersey and I know it was a rumor for a couple days if they did it ever get close. No it was never our reality in fact. You know shortly after Patrick Marleau left the chart at their development and and I was kicking around Matt if you people all our. You know it would be a possibility at this Sunday and he looked it could absorb absolutely not we have a slew of young players and by bringing in your yarder. Yeah you know we love is in his work at again what you do need your PG slash double B gun player and we need to find out what. What that and you just gonna eat they're. So from that point I can be the charts or comment on the app from that six eat yelled out the night. You know marketing thing and you can probably make you money to a little bit of money doctors' fees by. Really at this point in his career it's probably you know a third line player. You know that's where you need to get chemo Mirant minutes that's three need to get you know it sort of met and several banks and so it was literally anything that they are looking at this point. When I look at special teams it's been a strong for a long time in fact when my account McClellan came and he was Dylan Bowman's a special teams but we saw. That the PK underdog or was good and even when they have to mature out on the point on the PK. It seemed to work. Milan has to do it Jones obviously but the power play. From the year before last alas shared just dropped off the sharks were so it happened. On the power play well how do you think that's gonna change our personal lives. Well you have an open spot now Patrick Marleau back and Christine and how you know where they order a place that. I guess I think that another spot were kettle of bank of and I I think part of it last year to me it just it ate it got released dale you know it was. So much what they are doing on the power play it was load high. Let Bret burns unleash it may be edited a collection made yet it seemed like that would all strategy there and once teams were able to he had amassed a little bit. It literally have you know they were really getting. You know a lot of creativity elsewhere. From the tower place so maybe Ukrainian public Kabul bank glad there really dynamic shot and help. Then you have a couple you know you can spread that out a little but there's also had died down in that DHL. They're blaming HI last year the barracuda who could be interest he knew that Swedish. That bad but a former slit Swedish edit and let a year in eat more and he has an absolute rocket from the when he. He scored 56 point at 55 games last year the HL so collected or burned to the HL and I have always thought of the interest being. It is a right shot like Brent Burns because Blair Emery is a mild yet it. Think you do act in the interest into that speed winds of getting that seventh defenseman position nor their men dirty work itself but all I'd. But I think a lot of it can be accurate and knows they're a little bit of all my head Beijing Ichiro creativity very quiet this even load I'd earned. And it would be nice to have another shot at their that the you know they can't be attention away from Kurtz. Yeah he was one of those guys may when you're a child team plays the same arena we would hear him a guy like you'd be sent. Up and down into he'd come out and be healthy scratch and they get sent back down maybe about fifty times well last year yet. If he does that put. Press box former. No doubt about it that couple more questions for Paul dark hair or catch a list of course the Bay Area news group sharks reporter. Mom they was reported a couple of days ago that Agile ward says he was considering. I perhaps. I'm doing something demonstrative whether it was to say it hurts and Neil. A during the National Anthem he wasn't sure yet now he's Canadian and then. Did did he ever specify whether he was gonna do it for both anthems are has he made a decision yeah what have you heard. Well here mud at a preceding game down and last night I would act and he did and during the National Anthem he released a statement on Twitter. That was very eloquent and very well ought out. On his decision and he decided to stand and he just feels that. You know I'll be. The initial. Spirit of the protests which was against you know racial inequality in police. Brutality has the block. And at this point it's getting beat you know the good the original message is getting muddled because. And there's a confusion that it would protect him to play unit at the national apple. And that and at this point he just thinks that there's you know you want to explore other avenues. That this sort of made those points or racial inequality and and police brutality so he's not gonna do that quite and I really think jets. Portability out there who are curious about this look up by two award on Twitter and read. Is reasoning behind that because he said at a lot better and ought or ought. Bodies is on the class is guys that are mad. On the sharks just just I really really sweetheart deal off the ice. And you know it's funny near the end of the year I wouldn't mind if Ford what do sat and he was so in effect of their furlong times let's another guy I think especially at his age. Needs to bounce back and that's and I wanna precious little bit more on foreign because you mentioned the ligament damage in the destroyed me and I think we're all surprised. He came back on a one year deal back there and I said well nobody wanted to and they didn't want that they don't wanna pay for that need so I guess he's gonna play one more year just approved. That the knee is OK you've seen him skate is the how does he look. I mean you look at your apartment practiced. But you know until it's kept it in the game how can you really know and eat your big game of hockey. If so demanding it so fast it's so physical that you know there's nothing unique in this call early. Read captured the intensity even NHL hockey. And so you know about Clinton to calm down a little sound but it is a good chocolate you've been yet lost Marmol in the air or comment on per. The circle back in the last even games probably pretty fired. Actually you back in action I mean it's pocket did it very dynamic at play out you know you're older but it. I added yeah yeah out. You know yes these can you know. Either hockey player I ever remember they gave a few years ago or both cheat you and Jordan Los teeth and they are just sitting on the bench like nothing happened. It's a different kind of tough. Yeah I now the people have asked me about Vegas Saigon housing going to be for the players and and they they fly and then they fly out after the game I don't think that is going to be any revelation sensation now they have a team in Vegas do you. No I'm not a culture hockey and especially knowing it like just. You know I can speak for the guys that I know most of the guys in the San Jose Sharks remain yup you've got their very core that small they're very data it hit it. Yeah the play this game out which high level you really get that they carry your body exercise science erected you know in this sport anyways. I just don't see that being a distraction that they can't say for what it could need one yeah well. You know those there in a couple years I can be a different story but I just another game and I know and I just don't yet early eat a wreck. I finally. Now look at predictions. Com I'm not Killen is Rosie. As I did last year I think it's gonna economy same all same mall. I think they make it to the Stanley Cup Playoffs but I don't I don't think this is there a year in the way the roster stands right now what about you. Well I will say last year I had my suspicions because. I thought coming off that long run in the playoffs. And then he had you know veteran players like Gordon put Belsky burn. You know all those guys that Gary competing in the World Cup I sort of felt like man at the short summer OP that the veteran team that clinic condensed schedule come the world corruption. This could be a little bit of a disaster and they weren't first place until March that he had been allowed eight movies great and then. All of their talk to senators got hurt some action in all of it was kind of like a perfect storm there at the end of the even. This here is a big pain I I said in my initial training camp article. It in the field in the it per the charts you know they need so many yet to happen. If Gordon is healthy enough. If guys like Bob Kerr hurdle Don score I have bounced back even if they're prospects. You know would jump up then and and grab the bull by the orange and perform. If they go out and make it trade and bring in an impact player. This could be a very good team this could be a team that's on the cut going to the Stanley Cup finals again glad I get set back a lot of yes. A lot of things need to go right for this team I still like their defense I think there are structured really good you know I'm like they're blue line that they. You know on the board but at the mud system works I like Joan to little lot of potential there. But I think where he's at right now. The roster ends. You know I I think you have to have them is that the you know oh what about. Low seed in the playoffs I think you know there. Third or fourth place in the Pacific division and you know mediate he worried about the October from central division go to their beyond decree. You know Winnipeg are on the right there are you expect announced back see them from Dallas so. You know they can you bubbled into the well to all depend on the Internet for golf they know. They guy for me that I have my eyes on to shine. And he batter is Tom wash turtle because when they finally move them back to senator alive when they got British ever in the and and the injuries that he's had I think with all the potential all the talent. That he's had I'd love to see her role finally. Break out and have a fantastic season we must be let Paul got all you can follow on the on the guy or part that's GAO CK LE report. And every item in the Bay Area news group. Covering at the sharks. Very well hey Paul great stuff and I'll see down the tank man. California teen gathering great and get their went. I'll be there was and I you know I welding. All right what theater all right it's a great stuff there from Paul down cool.