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The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Tuesday, August 14th
Hour 3.Greg Papa and Bonta Hill live from the 95.7 The Game Celebrity Tournament talk about the return of Sherman and Conley to training camp, the Aaron Donald contract talks, talk to Andrew Brandt, and finish up with the Caboose Pistol.

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Great for the game but it stated that the end of this audit department store I. The talking about a lot right now get the coming days if the Dodgers. For to fourteen record of the gate which seem almost unbelievable they've got against the down a couple of they'll be irregular heartbeat. It be written yet there. I've brought it goes through your situation with them similar situation like this is art and yet they have. Eddie KG class by itself. The dodger right now. This supporting record about doing good a lot of real light. I health concerns right now prudential spirit you know I look for that debate removes a could be a great help themselves and a great position and the stroke and wonder. It feels suitable widget is reject a lot of negativity and that was so that the area and ticket sent the wrong message. And yet this team one more big cat deal with that was that the self inflicted personally I'd it was not the right move I think morally ethically obligated. It brought a lot of negativity about Tebow negate the last year or so I think Derrick you develop all verbal. And that would what color down I think he is right now are looking like a very cute but could overtake the defending World Series champions they're the American League what. Our public itself there's always been we will talk to you soon misses the dog days are a lot of fun nearly got charged Dodgers of course phase Mariner's chaos in the National League JP good stuff bubble talk and so. Don't know what they're about they've got more credit than ever about the way that it may actually did all right now they'll will be better to get wrote in great Britain and appreciate. Had an adorable puppies for a fifth that they're out like all the you know your lover and daughter suffer for it like adorable ruthlessly borne little. Europe with a bitter about it 570. Gave cagey and he gets diminished he won KG NG San Francisco wave radio. Dot conservationist move over to the football field again pop. Talk about these quarterbacks here in the Bay Area. More specifically Richard Sherman he's back to practice with the niners in caring county is back to practice free Oakland Raiders your big expectation for four corners. Obviously currently a first round pick out of Ohio State a season ago Richard Sherman come over from at least in the bull. In Seattle here I didn't get the ball but greed at pre season for Richard Sherman. Probably not as important for a hand as it is for Gary Colley here but let's just talk about two quarters here which players were vital to their secondary. Blob. Developed a key there that I would say Sherman. Sherman is is is got to give you. It doesn't have to be the player he was in Seattle but he EE needs to be the starting left cornerback offensive variety needs to be an eight. The guy who sets the tone in his cover three. And I partly disagree with you. He's coming back off of a bad injury and he can be Richard Sherman he's very intelligent full of bravado. But he's got to prove to himself that he has the change of directions guilty of the planet right hook so I'd like to see him do a little something here he may not have the at that time. I'm gonna be really interested to see. When they start practicing with the Houston Texans tomorrow morning they're starting early. It's central time zone neither team but Jon Gruden as the raiders on the field at night searching does he go with what Al Davis was the coach that would have never been a lot rollout. Because now the wake up till it's easier colleague of pixels we are out Ellis Alan Weil not when he was older. When he was older he nearly as he ever called me was nine hand. But he can call yet you know after midnight he called John provost John woke up are reunited 317. To jot I get to bed at midnight alcohol at 1250 buddy got. Right north of Al he hated practice surely the morning what a number and afternoons when he gets teed when he was going to be. So that they can make sense to practice it always makes estimate what you're playing at 10 AM game right make them practice at 10 AM right yet their body clocks al-Qaeda. At a point Kiffin tried that that was what for a while because Al was an afternoon got a great group as about the field the field night fifteen they are going inept public why. So they're gonna do this accused it tomorrow night 15 central time because it's so damn ball. How will we broke out that well I yesterday it's particularly like climate and the other about why he kept getting the issue here traditionalists are. I thought I just felt that it's not a and all the truth I don't feel that individuals could be sloppy tomorrow pocketed by degrees through these these techniques is gonna fill like why don't go to that large drug I don't know why you have a bubble like that it bubble next are Reliant Energy management by the astrodome. I don't know but I don't want to go on here Richard Sherman because Dion I could I I don't know what I I don't got a lot him. When they wouldn't bump it up in it or not it's costly Lamar Miller comes his way. You a lot of the people got hurt should go there and I'm not qualified but you know the nines where red so they put surgery their quarterbacks in black jerseys. Which means don't touch them what real service that I don't I don't trust bill O'Brien could have Romeo Akron now for the fifth I don't have to go literally Alexander that a Romeo right they're decent road bill O'Brien and I I'd not just rolled right to say. You know please don't tell us what is. Yeah. Gadget noted battery rhetoric so I it off you ought to give. Perhaps just wanna but he didn't add. I don't think I'd do it against another team. I just don't I don't know I have no idea worries that with a hammy. I don't know. They can get right matchups stylistically I think Richard Sipe Richard the got a guy that could cover right do you Hopkins and he also got willful deceit and articles already anyway I ate ist. You know I I know you're being safe and got but I think. This is a significant injuries Richard Sherman ever had a bad injury like this also welcome back to Stanford I don't think so he's got to get over it mentally. And I just you know the video I saw what good would be among the gold route was just he had no makeup speeding was limping. He looked like a guy who's got completely healthy like out of he passed his physical. Even if it's appear or Solomon like it actually adds that he Sierra Club I want the now that parents I know I hate each guy in Richard Sherman is a key. Threats because he's a coach on the field I'll have to judge sandy and radical plan right because that he's. How to play good he does not play got to be worn out and getting lost in space tell you may have to bring him very lender logic it fitness system I don't know what they do. But assuming Richardson Sherman is vitally important here and a Scandrick is he's just slot guy he's a slot guy I think that we're talking about that with the raiders yesterday popped who's gonna like it as well if Connelly is back and healthy you could move Darryl Worley in the slot. So I think kindly. Eight years in how scary job as a unit started his career. You're asking me which one I'd take it scaring toddlers and I'll close but Gary it is now approved. Anything in this league that we're watching him at Ohio State each each cheese cheese that but it Revver shot Melvin are really good players that the raiders have completely. Upgraded their that the biggest area of their defense that was week. You can get by with linebackers out really never had a theory about drafting a linebacker yet for years rob Fredericks and was the one guy there who drafted in the first rowdy went. Who's got traded for Randy Moss who's ala Napoleon. Altman now out of the that I probably the only air is the ball winners with different western prisoners were not served you as a it was a lot of timber from sleep you don't learn it. There's a theory you'd get by with linebacker like Wade Phillips pick up I would breaking through because it's over here he's sector applicants are planets and like the the rams linebackers. The budget that three cohorts he watched the body in the corner. You know they got a couple of guys that line backers but you know you can put it linebackers you can figure out. So that the biggest area of concern for me with the raiders. As bad quarterback. And they've completely jettisoned everybody right TJ carry with the best player he's now Cleveland. I'm watching David Emerson and the chiefs play against the Texans last week he connects to personal RPI's. Just grabbing down the field like it is these three quarters panicked Emerson was overrated. Right and Sean Smith just got out of JR is thicker and Israel. For all of us all caught everybody's such direct help prop became we. Shot then I'll last year you know everything is all the to the sixth time he spent in jail was the closest he's been to a man evolved that's. It's tough enough to Africa. Call it appears that packet because it's let all the raiders of the duke Richard the raiders have upgraded it. Actually gone back to July 4 could beat the crap out of Brazil. Socialist a collection talked about going right up here we usually hit were shot out to play yeah I think somebody will pay him. I don't quite know why you get when more than one ease this is kind of a one year prove it you're really good deal. But I was shocked how good he you know that Vernon Davis his little brother can't say they got a table apply what he was a pulse here so I watched a crisis last year. Where where's Vontae right now at least 3030s better right and elevate when the raiders side of I studied and I'm like wow. He's way better and I all I ever thought he was at each follow what Antonio Brown around some other could be a match up guy if you're bodily. Melvin. And Darryl Worley I think you could fly I think you're five event this year young guy Mattel and now sit as intriguing to me. The thing with Connolly is she got over this chant injury rapidly. And I told you about the vitamin. I think they've elevated in the you know in whatever desire and his body or whatever vitamin. Where he toward the soft they had a full year so I think any keys over that now and he is able to come back he's got to stay healthy. They're they're equally important what you know as Gary and allows you to have a well rounded second to second cornerback quarterback room temperature Sherman. Allows you piece it together ultimately Weatherspoon is gonna have to play he ultimately gonna have to get a nickel to go on the slot and that's because hey while illegally access Sherman is back. And you know Richard Sherman is king Richard Leakey had to be that's drawn to our right we stay there able to stay away from him. That we could still pick out the other guys Witherspoon can he play great so you know they won't release the guy sure half the field. Copley round you out rethink your pretty good. Sherman gave GR at least one side of the field if he's really good at like he was before over the back of the tech. That's right and I'm really confused why Orlando Scandrick hasn't gotten the job it was one hour with visitor to slot right he's tough. He will blitz you couldn't let the congress and certainly Tim's. He's got a great cover guy right he's but he could. Go ahead and he's fast corner he talks back like skid collage Art Smith a piece laughable that your answers by brigadier did you ever hear what agency was a good track record and I think quite successfully locked up just a little bit of an era. Never forget you know about who thought they seem to Kansas City gave her credit buffalo game the ball closer did openly gay recruits that I was in the middle of the year and it'll clear day -- actually they won't date didn't pay better than secondhand I don't know he reached out that about slot but again rose to bench him why are we gonna talk contracts steered to a teapot Andrew Brandt. Is going to join us at 230 O talks contracts available organs that will Mac. Aaron Donald and of course O'Donnell Pitt who restructured his car you update at bug an awful I have Beers that are ready. Whole lot's been said all good till 3 o'clock please include your putts pretty clear of a third thicker than we've learned we're gonna we're gonna cup title of cone ever cut off hop off here. The motorist golf club it's shortly. Out or covered up what the after the light but first should definitely about the dollar package right now. This show damn all. Middleton who's a bad choice. Back to the great top shelf life from the boulder ridge golf club in San Jose. Sponsored by Jin being black and Friedman's appliance. Ran right around an exact on the. The tire later single game record but the hall of Famer Howie Long. Crystals or two plays one by Barron Donald. Chasing down Russell Wilson. And of course pop on a caught their little Mac one of his many sacks full post player obviously went deep it's a player to your awards. Donald last year Lil Mac it's when he sixteen as welcome everybody back. To the after lady and I roll on and what she had a hole one okay larger boulder ridge of course what a beautiful golf course your boulder ridge we got our common Beers at my cigar where have fun here we got a mice aren't we got a little cigar here pulp on this will be up. You should let the rom get before Cuba maybe that's all gone by now giving Iran Derrick -- John it and you're headed to Derek it's gone never had a never abated at all. David DP or a hot cup were targeted a folk objects here injured Brett gonna join institute thirty. Journey afternoon light but air and Donald apparently is nearing a deal. Dell's accorded all the reports however. Sean McVeigh echoes of LA grant said I've seen a lot of reports out there but that's news to us so no news on a front for a us. Seeing these assisted dialogue but as far as anything that's changed it hasn't changed so looks like the rams and Donald. Are not close to a deal here pop what felt like I think they're close I think they're talking until at France's as they tonight hey I I would venture to guess the way this is gonna go. Is Donald's. I. It's possible missed the entire pre season. I think what I would say how long when they play each other September the tenth. The raiders ran to their play each other this Saturday at the house of Mexico that's how much of the playbook is they're accurate they're so now not the not that this is this is the biggest scheduling. Snap flu like irreverent of one year the raiders played Tennessee Titans in Tennessee or pre season game over at California Tennessee alcohol played him like Malarkey in the home Malarkey from that the they want to play generators later that that was later a year and a rated below. In Tennessee it rained that day Parton. Americans are noted her tenth rip the ball but this one is is so unusual because it's week to the pre season. And you this season against this team. So I mean if she gonna Wade Phillips is not gonna show his defense it's going to be very watered down. It's almost like widely we scheduled this so that but at that point I was making as the raiders and rams will play. The season opener September the night of September the tenth that my that I football and battle play for the Los Angeles rams I think. And that's what color that he did but I I called I think there's enough of that now where they're gonna get it done. This season is too big for them. They have aspirations to not only win the NFC west they want to Wear the whole Democrats see and we were talking at JP ROC earlier about how good the American League is. I think he had that she has a chance. To be the American League and western can't you see that I think and it is telling you look at the NFC. I can't even. I can say that Minnesota Vikings are the best team in the NFC you could say the Philadelphia Eagles. Are the best team in the NFC I could say the New Orleans Saints of the best in the head of state we can go back to go for it. Carolina that that's an idea how I ran right Carolina's gonna have a quarterback issue policy would nor does it camp but. By the rams think that they can do this there's they're that they should after what they I think ultimately their quarterback is not quite. On the level he needs to be on and also they have to make a call. How to sign him. Let less need as a philosophy. A lot of teams have that you evaluate a player rookie after a year three. He just signed Todd Gurley after your three get two more years of his rookie catcher to extend him. So they have this a big year for your golf I don't know yet if he's good enough and effective I had to vote right now. I would say he's not. They've also got markets Peter's they're gonna have to deal with them to see how that room all works together with Peterson to leave it by the way or are roommates in training camp. Which is really interesting thing I think Donald will side but that the key thing to remember here. The NFL is different. And already actually talked about how the NFL does not have true. Unfettered free agency because you have the ability to franchise tag a single player and say everybody else's he USA that you. Were tagging you gonna pay you aware now that you're not gonna hit the market. So he could prevent a player from hitting the market that's like Kirk cousins finally hits the market. How does he get 84 million dollars guaranteed because now he's a free agent easy young quarterback you wind up overpaying. So that the bottom line is that there is a salary cap in this league. It's not like baseball. Where the Yankees and Red Sox and Dodgers and the good teams in the giants can have a payroll three times. Hi Eric Wright then EH they have put it in his second pat of the ballots tax. But you can still go over that CDT if you choose and they do have a luxury tax slide in the NBA right we obviously know that yet. That the warriors are gonna blow past that line and a Red Sox along patsy PG NFL is not like that. It is not hard salary cap this year it is up 177. Point two million dollars for each team. It's up from a 167. Million from last year which is a lot of jump over ten million dollars this year. But the bottom line is it is a hard cap so basically. If your GM comedy give you a 177. Million dollars to pay 53 football players so highly get to do that. Are you go to get one guy 22. Million dollars. So that's where you're at your it's not like. And Kelly talked about cash flow putting money into an escrow account and rich franchises to crack he's rich he's by at a arsenal for 2.3 denigrate million at an Al we've talked about mark Davis and the raiders. There are a lot of teams that the Pittsburgh steeler user they don't have a lot of money. The Michael allowance. Now Buffalo Bills are they have buddy Robby we'll sell off also was rich Pakula the planetary camp a cooler rich. They're they're smaller market team doubles owners are wealthy are talking about ownership having outside interest Mike Brown as Paul Brown shot. As he ever had a business outside of as the Cincinnati Bengals now so they they they don't have other. Ways to meet all its eighteen money so the the point I'm making. It is. You're gonna pay roughly a 176 sub teams are lower in the cap that others it's not like the raiders are saying. Spring water rolled it kept out like the gates. Now we're gonna we're gonna pay our team 88 million dollar write you all pay 177 record upper eighty and one up like we are back. It's not that it's how do you allocate the 177. Point two winners were Andrew Brandt. There is is gonna join us a little bit that he did this for the Green Bay Packers for a numbered years so how you know how do you really. Do this with Toledo Mac what is he really looking for Heidi is structured the deal so I I I can't imagine that kill Leo. Will not come to some agreement again we've talked about his agent Joel Siegel being one of the best top billing it as a for the raiders is very. Very strong it does greatly. I think Bob and their raider nation that we hear these reports that I don't know if they're really accurate. That they had no dialogue dialogue since February you know that's really true now I would find that impossible to believe her at a time polio Mac that not a camp. I'm telling Joseph Segal you better call twelve to what I covered right part we have are we get that number right you know you better called haven't asked for top awaiting your John Broder Reggie McKenzie. Did he say drag your market data is at least I know there has to be solvent that like. He's calling their hanging up all right so that this is bothering Kelly. And he is that would Derek Karr before training camp feels that is I'll swap and that's what you guys have to actually get the shuttle on time that he has to be of freeagent. So you know each got to hit it now he's got to make his money now if his tiger admitted I never. If he gets hurt and he gets tagged that he doesn't get any more money be Avnet so but I think you have to keep in mind. Bet the players don't have aren't true aren't restricted free agency could you can tag one player and that of the league it's different than the NBA. In Major League Baseball is that this is a hard cap you can't go past this cat. So. How much money you want allocate one player but got sick about this morning I was up at the morning guys. The highest figure bill Belichick's ever played it's paid a single player. It Mickey would ever stay what does polio Dave Thomas when he got that big Roy Contra telecheck drafted Kelly a man. You think he would pay him 22 million dollars probably not. Or what he Chandler Jones and he'd flip my Jamie Collins in the river couple years ago he flip on the Cleveland four pick dornin Jamie Collins. Was going to be a free agent it was going to demand money addictive though one guy he paid. In free agency. Was your boy from Baltimore a daily is Thomas believed the linebacker for and I just I had a boy what I don't put that out not to your point Belichick does what all we're gonna check page right similarly it's virtually a Mac I don't know what good. Good Alex jacket Lawrence Taylor right now. And Lawrence Taylor got Belichick always coaching jobs debate he did in the guy who did what he had Lawrence Taylor right now. When you pay large of I would large Taylor was and it was entering his last year to contract she finished forty got to pay Lawrence Taylor. Carroll defense is built Dominic. Football changed a lot that monster especially when he was not okay yeah thicker so what do you do let him after all it's an academic performance enhancing drugs and I bring that out trophies should look at that help your help there a truck. Yeah. How are I don't know why didn't I didn't and look up an opponent. That's that's the only way that they would a Philadelphia event. They know how do you do it right it's easier for them to get the game they play. Is there's a little game. Well I wanna call it a little you know I think the agents have a little. Game themselves. Where Todd France wants to be Jules Siegel. Right so it'll moment you land. This player and and you get a signed. Joel Siegel's gonna say I I signed the richest defensive deal in the history of the Atlanta where they occur so you don't think that's a big part of it yet another market that next player that they're trying to get so. There's a lot of egos involved because we came out of nature's pop and how they don't play players and a flip whom a year before it didn't appreciate JC you know what. We trust our scouting department. We trust our track process to replaced his player he's replaceable because our system is better but not playing that pays one player indeed and I had a lot of subtle what is that who's the highest paid. Ballot check patriot well and in that Brady probably. That they could even Brady they gave up five million dollar incentive package they do is give them the five million they're here to upgrade state they may have earned it. It softly gets harder and I think he's back again itself. Is just a hollow. Remember he got a 177. Point two million dollars. Tip tips field at 53 man team. Right now there are mixed body. Mark Cooper shop in a little bit attack were talking about Jon Gruden features in the hi Jim the way if he got timber not a hundred catches for a fifth if you get a bar 200 and a professor Soto what he would do I right now I got beside your pay an. The quarterback makes wanna eat the right in Russia and makes tornado wide receiver makes Tawny. Now I got I got three players make it sixty and don't forget about the author of why I got she'll simply gave out fifty other players and our god daughter virtual have a bit that you got those big sponsors in the middle populist you'll simply riding so high at 88 exterior three history April foot right all the two guards in the shattered the Davis Thomas got 35 going from page used when he guaranteed. How much developmental years when he guaranteed single year probably broke down to what 78 I don't know how to Belichick knows how to he works a capsule what was regain it Brett who also worked capsule well what Green Bay Packers. Of course she's a columnist for Monday Morning Quarterback the athletic post a business of sports. Andrew welcome back to the afternoon delight with pop on boxing here and in part seven games this tournament. On a conversation here the raiders only have 2.5. Million dollars in cap space here. How do they try to cycle though Mac probably get this deal done to bring number 52 back at camp. Yeah good afternoon I mean listen. Cap space is fungible. To meet these contract negotiations are never about cops space that's for the media that's for fans to worry about teens can always make cap space that they wanted some of the teams that spend the most. Have the most cap room some of the teams that spend at least. Have at least kept firm and you just never know became his cash. They can cut players they can renegotiate contracts with the cap that that's not the issue. The issue is do they wanna take glioma Aqua Cleo Mack wants to make an all signs are now. And unlike here and Donald in the rammed it looks like there's no negotiations going on at least two. Very little compared to Donald in the rent which has been going on for two years. So I don't know what to make of the Mac thing it just seems to me. I haven't talked to Reggie I don't know John curtains stance and that it seems to me they're kind of just certain waiting. Because do you why everyone listening and Cleo Mac knows. He's not gonna miss time when when the real money to come in and. That report about the salary cap space I can't imagine illegals gonna get any new money. For this year it's make it almost fourteen million dollars you make some most of million dollars a game like Aaron Donald Lee was that. He was a higher drafted players so I think this is for. For future but you know your point about cash and I keep bringing us up and MIT clarification from a guy who really knows. About how the funding of the guaranteed contract Andrew works. The salary you know they the signing bonus money at that cache to be paid. Almost eight assuming he signs his name does it have to be paid then or can't you stretch out even as signing bonus and it. You know this old rule about guaranteed contracts all the money has to go to an escrow account and other teams in elective the browns and in Cincinnati and in the real reason Pittsburgh they've had issues with this overtime. What what what is the reality. About how would you Fonda at the signing bonus money and they guarantee money it also how it relates to. The trigger dates on when the network TV money comes and when the contract may get done at that time. I'm at a few different things on the signing bonus it's a whole another negotiation. And I went through under cities for the Packers and and and as an agent. You agree on number 50000101000020. Million whatever it is and then you negotiate the payment terms. And you actually bring that negotiation and the entire negotiation. For instance. In up I'm gonna give a player twenty million dollar bonus on fifteen million dollar contract. You know maybe. The contract goes down to 45 million dollars. If you get all that twenty million right away. Or maybe the contract goes to a 52 million dollars if that's paid over like 34 years. So it's all wrapped up then it's something very rarely emperor and a team like the raiders I'm gonna say never. Will bonus because it right away. So yeah again taken number like twenty million probably five million now. But not in December. Maybe five 1000000 march. Maybe two million mark to five marched to but later in the year maybe another five million in 2000. When he that's the kind of thing there. The other issue completely separate. It is. Funding is this archaic rule that says owners have to fund future guarantees a right away. Though. Separate from signing bonus or first year guaranteed if there's a second you're guaranteed dirtier air to your Fortier guarantee. They have to put up funding an escrow. Now that's an I've been there that's an excuse teams tied behind but listen I'm. You know at all about your assets were two billion dollars to should be an issue with funding 3049 dollars. So it's it's an excuse and and I think every owner can afford these funding. And then the the triggered dates on the money coming in from network television as there is there such a date that may occur between now and the start of the year. Whether raiders would have that kind of cash flow where they could put that money into an escrow accounts they. How does that payment go to the local each individual team based on network TV money under. I don't know exactly the dates that that that those command obviously. That's not scheduled well with the teams. I never had to deal with worrying about when our TB check would come in time to do a contract I would hope. The raiders are worried about. Yeah so. Whatever it is the teams know what they're getting from the broadcast contracts. They came to get 250 million dollars from the leak a lot of that's broadcast. But its properties licensing. Shares of revenues that are shared around the league. The thing about that number. 250 million from their league distribution on a cap. That's a 170 meters 480 million that's pretty good. I'd say so Angel Brandt here on the afternoon delight course. Columnist for a Monday Morning Quarterback former agent was with the green bay Packers and of course with ESPN. Andrew there's a lot of rumors out there and we we don't buy into that hype here in the Bay Area when it comes a little back and whether or not he's giving tradable what are you hearing. Nationally here what are you hearing on the East Coast when it comes to a Mac. Do you are are you didn't have filling that Oakland Raiders are possibly take full calls. Ought to little met the possibly trade him because you don't wanna pay him or is that all hogwash injury is that it's too little Mac going to be a raider his season. Will throw it somewhere between hogwash and real but I don't know. But if your last question I would answer yet. And I would probably answer playing on the country key patents. You know that if you're if you're a betting man those are the odds cities there. And there's no upgrade on the contract. Anything can happen and you know if there's going to be a trade. You know my saying on Twitter deadlines for action. The deadline would probably be unless we can camp. But you know I don't. I think the raiders would have to get off for the blows their socks away and the new team. Would have to agree to a big contracts to those are two bigger hurdles. You know Reggie McKenzie obviously well Andrew from work and with him and Al bush years in Green Bay. Do you think he's actively involved in the negotiation Jersey just. But Tom Delaney. Run that and then to speak to the reports that they the raiders and and Joel Siegel colonials agent haven't spoken since February did you actually believe that. Hard to believe I know I was used to accident Reggie Wells note jolt even longer than Reggie have been. Competing agent which old for many years and obviously negotiated under the deal with jolt. And kept a lot of communication with them because we had a lot of big names were at them like the raiders have with them now so. I find extremely hard to believe. That they haven't talked. And Joseph knows Reggie well almost Delanie Welch on knows dame well. I guess Yemen answers notably. And then how how involved is Reggie did because that's not his area of expertise is an area expertise his talent evaluation. And you littler Tom DeLay in Danny eventually America didn't do their thing it does seem really get actively involved in the crunching the numbers security think. Not so much I mean I think that's my experience with Reggie was. It is very interest it and it was a third student of the cap. But. He stated his playing nice state of mind when we were doing these deals so I would think that's the same I think he's got a lot of trust in those cuts. At least they. The argument and we're chin a China rapper runner on a wide they would not you know shine Kellie hill and in how would you possibly trade them what compensation which asked back for. Pam does it really come down to. The salary cap is what it is it's a 177 point two million dollars this league has a hard cap on like MM MLB had. The NBA and it's just how much can and you pay. That overall player payroll pie on one player does it really is come down to that simple premise. I don't know arguments and I can I hear these stories about teams that are paying quarterbacks 259 dollars and ten. Field a competitive team around and I think that's hogwash I just. You know people like me and Delaney in the Dane you know that's what we do. We make itself football operations can do it wants to do and no 180 million dollar cap. I mean I haven't a quarterback at 2.5 and haven't five other players. At the top of the market is is okay. Now you get hack your team on rookie contracts. So. You know especially teams like the Packers were it was we had probably 70%. Virtually non repeat contracts. So those are all million dollars and less. So. Just you know that you can field the team you want field. If you. Oh well said answering good catching up with you will talk to you soon and hopefully the raiders. A kilo back because agreed its arms to get him on a football field thanks so much time as a here thank you Syrian lightning that hit that I didn't get that interior three right. The quarterbacks RD and pay Condo and had a potato wide receivers. So. If you why aiming yet do you wanna have the rest of the team kind of Everett can get a death. Ricky minimums are veteran minimum he's a curators have gone to collect heels and we Rodney Hudson engage actions about what can we can help us out a little between church restructure the deal position that a lot of teams Tom Brady's gonna for years. With the noise and pictures when does that conversation happened has it happened pop. Because a street Joker can PayPal just. They're gonna catch it dare to 25 collection is it ten point five games at ten point five Donald pinch restructuring. There was an eight point aides Bruce Irvin makes a lot of money eight point 25 it paid Jordy Nelson. Amara is it 72 he's gonna jump to hear Whitehead. It's it's six you know it 63 church near a cook I can go on enough to ereader that adds up here. And it's not that cap right now Kazaa I I do not believe they have any room to get Italy or no money I think this is a futuristic deal. And again a lot of that is Chelsea go watch the headline right and he may wanna be taught French here and there have Khalil is the highest paid defensive player in history Donna could have that mantle for an hour. And uncle Leo surpasses that I've there is an agent game that way because that's that's how they do their business. It's like getting a restaurant where the highest grossing restaurant ever caught a big here very coastal and you know Columbia resolutions I tell you that's a good that's got us how to get their expired. So they want that read or whether or not it's accurate and how the money is distributed. It's a game here attic we just have to chill out here I guess I just cannot I cannot imagine any scenario. Whether it is straight Toledo Mac and I can't get into Janice and appreciate him as an offensive coach really wanna block that got hurt so I I. Game changer I just wanna see art keep the little Mac. Bruce Irvin and sell packaged pop. Rushing there ought to ask the duke Dan tournament. Give quarterback nightmares on third graphic art and decency are really being late first you played yet have got to do it could be special because you can use that a lot of guys that he's going to see him get Iraq Lou Bakalar and pass rush moves. Border to boulder ridge golf club. Off pop. Off Jerry Rice is out here. Moved to suppose we can come by for cocktails. That's gonna be a lot of polish off for tactical helicopter assault you're talking at the beginning to show pop at the top. That how but he celebrity's we had here Jerry Rice coach would pay as you bamboozled and actually well you know qualifiers I've heard a guy had this into colonial this is that not true. Motorola. A new oatmeal or connect Pablo Larry nobody here that governor watts or celebrity dad doesn't like Zanardi drive and listen. I'm not kept butcher boy we got about a guy here we are here yeah I'd have to wait that I just thought boy I just. I'll show you courtesy. Executives there because I did not have butcher boy did Luke Zeller the director. Ditches around Stein it's is around coleslaw applicants would go that was just my work today the FY got I got I got to happy hour off to guys like perhaps to have an amateur hour with Corona beer part we got here happy hour. Beautifully but it is nice who who's the best golfers in your opinion your guided by police these guys golf it's got hit by a volunteer any of these guys that's mountainside played on its plant today he talks a big game did solve some big game. Butcher boy talks a big game is what really gets you off your daddy's gonna tee off here want to play it let's go put to Montreal baby so what you got. Book deal by the way you have to use your golf charts and pictures of knowledge of TO you have been. Relinquished a couple of dogleg left with but it's such a dogleg or the held the degree we had a little bit who by the way you vote be able to look at tee shot here one actually had to dip with the dot. Did Jerry Rice rather go to the bar they try to decide at the post. At all. So low bill we've got a problem with four boys for boss should be around to hear where daily rise up their playing golf and be right again. The deacons beat which it is back earlier completely crushed the Tea Party did in India he's not a course that would shift truck publishing tiger what do you golf public in your eye I got up. I got really obsessed with golf when I first moved here before I was Stewart baseball is doing just the warriors and I lived and we called warrior village over and they found a golf course right there. I've played golf three times four times a week I got obsessed with the game I used to play with Nellie a lot. Actually got decent right I could shoot nine do you like immediately. And then the problem I have loved the main thing I haven't golf. President to begin kids fifth until I lost I lost five shots a kid that's quite well so that's funny I shot a truck advanced III. I only Maktoum most favorite things to do our air play golf and ski. Because the Korea are now this is so. Beautiful but what I go skiing. Now a sketch in May interact and talk to me. If I play golf it's like I'm doing a talk show you fit for our what do you think of Alfred Morris I think there Abbas government in the hall of flannel and I don't care are talking about an hour. That's our main issue I had is this herniated disk in my back. Actually got over my my vacation I got back to hiking where to go back over Iraq's city and I get a steal it. But the one thing so I for the first time I have to back up direction in which they did all time I am and Maggie my physical therapist is listening to the Iowa. If you tell your biological factor that I immediately flag proud of socialites and Alan that I wouldn't do it. And I that in a lot of food for establishment gulf war that's why let that guide the artists like. Ha ha ha ha it. Good golf stores which earlier. Now we never allotted to get a card he wanted to walk the course. Because you want to lose weight can come from predict it. But I'd say Nelly is much as we're walking dollar and I would like to do is put the affected out of and walked the urgency established an option. And he would Drake like three Beers a hole so I pick up. We could probably ride a cart record I can dodge ranks Fredricka the audience. So Delhi. He was so much fundamental Louisiana. Because he lessons here. Fox so whom do I don't trust you. He's got he's in my professional stalker yeah adults are several problems spots who. No English fought on he was he and knowing that the tennis every single day. And he was so much fun to play golf with you at all. You have a cigar does not sometimes yet assured there for a cup of jelly belly I don't know I don't I don't know that he lied I thought bottom live all get it. I got my father felt attracted a lot of the appellate. So nor is it beautiful though it is nice hot big beautiful. That skiing or playing golf but the big advantage skiing is only can you don't listen to the older I've gotten more and more I've gotten into golf and I never play. Didn't play at a flail. You might want so we could maintain. Right you've got to play and when I was into an obvious I was playing partly due to I wasn't good editing this summer after the war edited by the delays. I said to liason ninety. It's probably were mangled I mean I others and I did finish second you're totally off that are hurt you guys recently. I think we well we cheated to finish second. And I thought they should be bad if we wanted to hurt you'll achieve and I wanted to get a decorated golf Greg particularly after getting younger I think that way it has been argued George jackets and then there's younger guys are Rinker. The truth so much fun. But yeah I did know this thought his hot you don't buy off out of probably golf is golfers yet too many Republicans like. They had us right here but I can learn about golf in the rules into the 97 US open at Olympic. In actually morals and high school you know and for a football team we raise when he worked at the Olympic club so as a total par five to a certain about scores all that's illegal that's a birdie that's a bogey watching tired tired but never gotten a golf but I am looking forward to driving a cart smoke and it's nice local bar and bring me a few I got some for anybody's book Girardi. The united church regardless who it where it got this where I had like two in the last couple nights off well. Curtis how much he's got a cigar he gives me a headache now here we don't need this in America because she got a couple cold as such guarded for the global markets so food and actually you'll start to about a foot here at 3 o'clock here but now we gotta have full Google's social pop here on the afternoon delight as young guy to you know. Now it's stem from the caboose and with great you don't tell me. I'm going to try and seven day. This whole. There's a few stories that almost slipped. Yeah. The gay guys M fun out there we we already here is amazing aren't they lining. Can't antiterrorist downhill. That downhill lie from the fifth and we're looking right over the number one team about this young man to shorten the ships and hit the hell out of above sliced out of the alleged that Lucas are probably doesn't look well that's okay it's gotten into the -- a nice easy pick among ASEAN get a second teach hitter I don't know what wow that's that's that's really a celebrity golf tournament you know Lucas delves into the night -- and I've dropped down to six the total truck that's Santana got bigger pop out here to the British celebrity golf or amateur public RJR arise well you've got the day right slow me but it's a stagnant but when you get the biggest celebrity out their best who's there and that's what songs on the Obama hasn't unleaded fuel. Now that he's lost badly out of GPS trackers are I don't know what I however I any shows and I think that's exactly he he will people buy them. Nobody else anyway we will give me shark steak at this. Ten minutes before the drop of the puck he could not and yet from NASA flight capacity to a lot of blue eyes. I decide to stay behind because you know golf with all the management people in the corporate people in. The salespeople sounds like a great time out there and got tough sell for the but the best thing about your back in the studio there. Educate you smear Alexander's Karen a couple of the people were in my behind the scenes but ultimately you know we do we are literally just by ourselves in the studio and all you're the boss is managing and you're gone sort of little surprise in their desks when they get that at all today they lack thereof to store no it's open and they have nice steaming group on their debt. Now bailing out about the vote and adult yeah Jackson yeah yeah. The actual school there that's a I've raised my kids it's their pocket and it doesn't ship off the it's a cousin that doing out there is he caddie for you gonna. I was doing Kevin or him at a mosque and yeah office and you let a guy today he left the house today at 330 day good for him usually he's coming in Israel and today he was leaving and everything you talk about the other 3:18 AM in any leftist losers took about he lies and fake license sake I guess that's his spirit could rival because his body to address as well like lines. Well those kids today sweet every. And you don't need to play golf and any golf course anymore ego to Levi stadium actually because boy you can do at all did you top golf. In Soledad and it can lead pipe carrying them. During the game during the games so if you wanna watch a football game which you paid money to go see you play top golf in his suite. That is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard in my life. You're out you're gonna pay out however much money it is to go out there at halftime and betrayed a quarter Blake and meet you mean he could go to Michael Mina is never nice meal that is really diverted cowboys they redesigned and that plays to do everything to watch a football game it's ridiculous it is pretty ridiculous he's gonna play top corporate trust what Jerry Rice you brought up at halftime and display under her pathetic coach Walsh does give me some description of the first if I didn't say it evidently opera and I try to waived by the way where I guess we have people there at social media working for 957. And the putting on the videos online so we don't listen shows you can look online and what are we doing at the golf course but because seemed gurus golf swing. And as you play he's art hanging. But nobody's gonna like walking around like in the casino commenting on things but. They showed his golf swing and I don't know what's bettors Hemmer Charles Barkley is his was pretty rough at all any tragic you know why Gary hit a big if it is there that he doesn't address giggle. You're just ahead of us. And charlatans selling the club is certainly. What habits which we could he should be a normal golfer that all the sudden get played at Kershaw is delivering her. So that it took so he just pitched tougher today are no longer for too political about it. Part three it exploded his buddies who bears. Good old rumors. Do you repairs yourself Cleveland sports fans have parades for the weirdest things obviously you do the parade for. I can remember his name just a child Tristan Thompson precautions Jakarta Ashley yeah exactly check back I think they were remembering and then the Cleveland last problem if you like since the Cleveland Browns are gonna have. Parade routes so once the browns if they wanna game this season they have stopped that bridge. They once I think they called victory for ages which 230 bottles of beer around Cleveland so at this recommend nine after the win their first game of the season now open. And you get to begin to celebrate the first victory of when a year and a half. While while. That sounds sad to me who's the only quarterback they handed in during this 131 to winning game Robert Griffin ran advertisements RG three unions while. He will he never stopped and that he builds well and then you keys opens tomorrow. It's current early that G1 bedrooms missed only bet on Paris today but we don't know. Happy elevated pop vote on college so they close total borrowing busted open bar your didn't go to these game tomorrow right I didn't come doom I think he had to come I have to write about all the strains of those are your passionate. About it. You wanted duke. I'll be there which you Derek. Well thirty or out ecology of dead we will see you all Thursday were talking that I do Thursday that nexus David shall live here. It boulder his country club in San Jose California 957 again.