Papa & Bonta – Hour 3 – NFL

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Thursday, August 9th
Hour 3.Greg Papa and Bonta Hill talk about the helmet rule, analyze about which team has the better defense, talk to Mark Dominik about the latest news around the league, and finish up with the Caboose Pistol.

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Back in core Woolsey Rubin Foster I wish we were seen as he Hugh Elliot I wanna see those guys run into each other Zeke and Rubin Foster maybe Fred Warner from Malcolm Smith. No word on the field play yet I can't wait to see who's active and inactive for tonight you are listening to 957 game KG NG. Ethic and an HD one KGMC San Francisco wave radio. Dot com station must talk about this animal rolled up here early afternoon delight to helmet rule. Here are we gonna judge young players like Fred Warner Joseph Williams or the other player trying to look at these games. In are penalized for rule that hasn't been established and that's going to be you know could be because it could factor into somebody was in her job here for wanna be seems to me and. I was on the current you know the referees you know and I have to retired in the beauty and achieved great gesture with it you cannot clearly Jason Garrett the question is crucial for all the McCauley. I don't actually was the best forever and that was a point where I think territory as director of past and start to the Super Bowl last year it is not at all. You know we're talking about the rugby tackle. Yesterday and then Kirk Morrison jumped in and we were talking about that with him because I heard Robert shall not talking about the rugby tackle. And I was listening to the the 49ers. They are today with the niners with our friend John Clayton Kirk Morrison was also there are serious section that's already up. And they were talking at length. About how they they have their teaching them. To tackle like rugby players. And it was the guys in the secondary Witherspoon Colbert we're talking about it. And how they want them to take that helmet. Out of the tackle have more of a shoulder. And it was very technical how they were breaking it down Stewart explained at a radio. But I you know maybe they need to go get that year came back. Jack I hitter favorable effect I think he's in a lot of trouble though Rhonda poor per. Ron told I'm torn apart saudis as on the side is she's doing my official ever to offer not sure if you did a whole affair and now but he's the lead officially have all these are broke free cited here for week what would appreciate your parents are slick production on hockey league. Is gonna be an actress Sandra day here Huckabee saudis in Green Bay for Tennessee walking home and sought elevator F this year. I don't call until you got home run off these arrest him until you go and Coleman artifacts are. I've got a fair. Anyway no fix cars and I hope we would know giving the and there's arguments mr. tours in the Booth. Annan that's your history and English so. So this rugby tackle. Is really interesting and this is I know that the bankers make the argument they make is. And that probably with the head and run because they don't Wear helmets numbers you'd be crazy not to lead with her exposed premiums. So and they're teaching it. They're they're they're teaching it in it in and Santa Clair de rigueur Roberts I was monster here extreme violence in the all gas no breaks what does that lead you just go attack can be violinist nobody cares there's a forum waited they don't want them leading with their ads they want them leading what their shoulders and as a way to rolled down a where the sport Colbert were talking about it elected they're teaching it. They they don't wanna be penalized by the debris down the cal rugby culture who won all those national champion Jack Clark who bring cal Georgia Tech library Brigham down here to teach these guys had a tackle why we are at it while the much you're you're due partly joking but I've been cereal sure know I got. I think UK they've got to take a helmet out. And I've heard people. I was it Jim lamb played or somebody would gladly on the show. When amply all of a sudden as a helmet expert that well but he was she would he was advocating. But we're talking about the tape that helmet off the players. You know back in the early days of football they or leather helmets and did Wear helmets and face rubber and players don't Wear helmets and a so you get quote question is is that helmet. And it's become such as safety element and it's all different Alex Smith or special helmet last year remember. They're trying to really you know advanced that helmet at the region they were there comedy is to protect themselves. But there's also a point where that helmet was been used like a battering ram. To make the tackle. But really the player who probably is most at risk by this is the defensive player. And we saw out of the hall of fame games with a with it with a cash strapped her helmet deflect their whole body the weight of the headed back helmet it's like they they lost their power. And they were the one there were getting hurt and it goes back to Ryan Shay easier. So yeah I wanted to watch it tonight on Iran to orbit score crew how often does this and I also think the other side of it even more cell. You could probably teach them overtime. To incorporate more of the rugby tackle and I'm sure it's being done at all levels of football. And we had a targeting rule of college football since 12013. I think it is and kicked out of the game for targeting their helmet. But what does a guy like Ezekiel Elliott. Marks are giants and police Vickiel Elliott world will run you over he will finish runs he is a finisher. Greg he will. Get contacted an annual drop as shed been run over you and pick up two or three more of the great ones do. About Dovonte Freeman who yesterday said he expects to pick up flags. So that definitely become wanna get that call a couple of turns this year. Because he says he's not really change in his running style is going to be one of those things it's hard to do something about you know Dovonte Freeman he dog Aponte free beer Reggie started there persevere you dog Dovonte free bee practice I don't know why aren't they'll talk about. Best of my favorite part of a bit talk about about it flooded the godly Freeman Robin I think if you do about a year ago. Africa there currently are popped lowers your Teddy bullies people we broads violently but he's right about to look at which is a style. They're just not in the letter for Nash went home joke around while you read the hard you're hopeful. Whoa he's governor I'd catch I you know what guys who won't have that problem popped. Is the THA Batavia Murray thought the drug so there are copyright we're taught running high ticket and I like the Olympics. Are you surprised a lot of have to look up you got high. Song at any advocacy out all know it gets the letter of the rule but I think the teams that are. You know forward thinking here is you have to eat you don't know how to that are actually officiated in mobile not but it I'd I think that a flag everyday area has flaws flag flag flag flag flag at. Analyses September 9 camera to play for real. What they actually do but the coaches that are. Forward thinking and I didn't the tigers have got to have the youngest coaching staff. Today may be ever. Every time I don't Salah high tower. After three AG's do because we're right there are about what they thought the coordinator of the Ramsey is older than all three guys. Together. They're paged if we even got to feel about that I think they're out. I am forty I saw her do solid I believe is like 37 the heck did Mikhail I'm forty yen of Michael our audiences to be go right just go to the linebacker spot like. Talking about the coordinators and it really than analysts say because Causley LC. But they're young and has got to be the party of the stashed. In the every shot that face the youngest coach but it's offset by way to solve a bumper. You know what is each had a 39 years old. Of course Shenzhen is hi how are always high tone. Chief Wade Phillips who 71 at awfully weasels is a lot older that held a ball the ball handling all did deliberately though he's not coaching is done he's done they brought him as a coach the Steelers are usually as a consultant or not. Maybe verdict that Middlesbrough are bridges are where Mike Tomlin letting them go well you know I'm back and look at whatever. Etc. if you wanna change in Europe live anyway so just that that the that the forward thinking. Of this young coaching staff to and if they're gonna bring the rugby. I heard talking about it but that I heard their players talking about it in detail so they are they're coaching up what they're saying is we don't want flex. We don't want you make it a big hit. There were off the field on third down and Ron Tarver atrocious flag had been announced that they're out of its first out offense plus you had fifteen yard truck that. It is that you're you're gonna lose games. And then the other side that is. The flags that are for all of that and are going to be. Analyzed right right. The flags that are not thrown will be analyzed well how about when you know Ezekiel Elliot drops his head of trucks of a linebacker what wears the flag here. Judy not lead with a is headed. Why immediately the touchdown on Hathaway she's gonna have the the flags that are thrown. And I think maybe even more so all because we analyze this sport you know every single play we talk about it for six days after. Until the next Sunday. The flags that I'd thrown in how do you hardy you do this article I short yardage. Situation when the word about the catch roll pop for the last couple years what to catch what's not a catch. Who had two feet down Leo what how do you get control of the cats are stuck autorads dug all the way back up that's our goal of the playbook they had this to this rule. They be worst pop this may have a big impact on games and catch rule the cats rule contacted a few games here and there records every game got to play is like well did he have control to be out of control it can only rule on every single play he's got the eighth overall pick in the draft is not signed the contract broke console Russia and they've had a camp for a Montana right they're probably listening to game the players to get a season. It and they went to camp two weeks to for the hall of fame game so they're there in camp three weeks he's missed three weeks. While Eric because dues from earlier situation gauge of so we'll see what we both agree that now the time switch in a pre season if we gonna throw bunch of lads do now we're games don't count. And Russia China for the coaches to coach about the structure to break out the rugby tackling and see you know if you can change instantly with a shoulder it's everybody wants to do what you want. He don't want Amare right change gears. And I seriously I do I do wonder poppy and and being serious here. These coaches and I'm sure bill Belichick's probably looked into it. We get so many rugby coaches suggest. You're okay Jerry -- how Hillary go wrong that you saw how many years ago we see the talk of our ball man memory of that punt return to practice I said right away easily the end of the hundreds took a half decades grade but they sure ultimately is so good catcher in the ball. So what is he didn't fumble he -- Dow ability hood Teradata will plunge more trouble you have had a contusion he'd dig into a horrible this year something happened with your Haney is long gone their ugly and awful council had a shot put guy who was shot put defense line the forty guards brought it from England or London somewhere Great Britain. Laura sequoia was a guy they brought our yeah talk is cheap daycare center Scott wore to court yet McCoy they can play North Korea could well not so much here. I mean that a little bit cooler let's talk some greater fool boy here with broke a little Mac on the raiders right now who has the better defense which women niners. Generators were discussed earlier to the delight with pop a bond table first. He chairs when the thousand dollars happens right now. Now back to the Greg topic shell. On 957. Game. As you just heard from Jana Franco Mark Dominik who joined the afternoon delight at 230 former. GM of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are breakdown of the salad capital generated significant create cool little Mac and we'll talk about cool Mac here. Because he's not what the Oakley errors pop as the raiders get ready to take on the Detroit Lions. Tomorrow night at the coliseum sore right now he had a look at a defense and I know. We've doing the stuff but it's sports talk radio game here on the afternoon delight lasted fifty cents to forty niners are Oakland Raiders. I guess we should probably phrase assess what the defense is look like this year. Specially with the raiders of doubt we'll Mac pop how their defense look. Well I I think him after the play I don't think he's gonna miss any games that. Just in in in theory and in philosophy and you look completely different. The raiders are going to attack you the 49ers are going to read and react she'll. Just look at how where there linebacker said. The 49 linebackers set up five and six yards off the line of scrimmage. And their first stepped often if there a plan passed. Is to back pedal. So they're gonna get into their hopes don't they call it they got their landmarks. And then they're gonna read it reacted they're gonna come up hard. And get a running start to pulverize you. The raider linebackers. Are gonna jump up right over the head of the center. And they're gonna act like they're the second coming of Brian Urlacher and Lance Briggs are likely at the end of Minnesota Vikings do with that Kendrick and bar. And they're gonna jump up and they're gonna act like they're all it's such a it's a jailbreak thereof and the economy. It's just that's the way. The two coordinators two systems are very different talk on third is from the Mike's never system. Where it's a lot of double again pressure Roberts Ayala is from the Seattle system where it is a three deep four under zone. And then you shoot and they play at the other cornerbacks. The raider quarterbacks and here urging on as say the raiders here. Bring an entity RC. Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. I don't know if that. I was gonna Gary I kindly. And I told him about his vitamin. If that's a statement that he's not healthy or not going to be healthy I don't know to have it to Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie as long as good player. It just interesting how they gonna do that's so but just in theory so the raiders corners are gonna play. You know Al Davis classic press man. Or shot Melvin is gonna get up on you like and knew that he is a good playing like I English he's one good year away from that decade. Measure you know he's a little older. I I was shocked and I watched him last year with the colts on like number thirty Japan because it could. But really guys that when they played Pittsburgh he he followed Antonio Brown or Ronald and I think Antonio Brown assured that game. I don't actually remember if definitively was to watch him run it looked like the same guy and Melvin took some penalties late in the game Acosta calls the game. They were controlling at the pitch for want of winning late but yet he can play there's no doubt you have him kindly got to figure out the nickel. But they're gonna play just in theory. The raider corners are gonna play classic man press spot that Ron Melvin wolf follow use Som Conley will follow you Sama. And they're gonna get up and they're gonna they're gonna bomb pew with a little Lester Hayes Mike Cain you not do you. Now Willie Brown you that it'll can't McClellan use they're gonna get up by do you grab you and Ron. And a niner corners. And I I was reading more about this what day they they called it the reached at. Is what this in this is that thing that rat which if you go crazy over. Because they were trying to get the later quarters last year when Ken Norton is here to do that and it you know what Whitney and I keep talking about what Richard Sherman does. And he opens up its front Ellis foot in his ships opened the quarterback. Any place bail. It is what they what they call it I guess is some call the kick stamper reach step right where he's reading the quarterback. Any doubt Champ Bailey used to do that in Washington and Denver where you watch Richard Sherman do it. And especially in the office and you watch on TV and the offense is moving from. A crusher strained left to right insurance that corner on that side he's shields throws asked to decide. He opens up to temperature reach steps of eight. They just think they're different. That date they niners are father linebackers are five or six yards off the radar linebackers are gonna jump up and go get you and there's a lot of times they bail. And they go cover but they wanna try which constantly show the illusion of pressure. The niners are more read react the same way with the way they play. Defensively. The raider quarter's going to be up playing press man at the niners is covered three those outside guys have got to cover on top nobody gets on top. So they played bail and they turn and they play on top you the whole way so. I thought it applied a visa to give up less yardage of the points and all that but fifth. Philosophically. They are completely diametrically opposed we'll look. And at the personnel here for both teams that we've been talking about niners' personnel. At length during the afternoon delight the raiders personnel they got some young guys here are key from LSU I think we both like come on draft and generators start to answer while his guy he can really Russian press pass or yes mall the field issues and Ella issue Maurice Hurst. The young man and his skin had her condition I believe. He's making some plays an MPJ all your raiders look deeper than they did a year ago at least and it looked like the gossip more assets on the deep into started a football special in front seven pop. But our question and again if they took in a third round UCLA and it started opening day and nationally and Evander doses hurt in chores ACO the last game that your New Year's Day. In LA against the chargers so. Yes the raiders want more interior pressure ardent key. He just looks like the quintessential. Edge rusher. At nickel rusher I don't think he's going to be able to hold up in the run game Sony's on the field. An average you're 1990 he's 99. If not nine not 9990. Agencies. He's nine these are really tells you guys. Always that it was. Much burgers and a lot of hard I could cut off to an all around now and I. I thought our team was that the big involved Smith's number 21992 the bullying I know 199899. Game history camps he got ninety guys on our roster you don't know that I know I guy that got. I guess just other doctors claim and I state the idea is nagging back he sees. Are gonna say shelled Smith. Buddy. Who only looked like Shimmy a dry race. He's just easy easy as it looks like you know you wanted to laboratory you made an edge rusher. And he about eat out two years ago he was good and LSU last year he wasn't. I think right away he has a role he's in nickel edge rusher. Now what to look at San. Then you use what I like that saying and I haven't saying this for ever never never never. He's just yeah argue or Jason Tarver about it when he had a young colleague a Mac. You know Norton didn't do it last year after Ghana did to it took over moved Khalil back around so now we are key. He is it becomes a major edge rusher in the sub package he's got one pitch if you want preserve and have the other edge -- an outlet for 52 funeral. Run around walk around you know let him be to double A gap Bob blitzer. You want them to you bought the shattered a crap its transponder that I have a 48 yards like he let let let the legal back. He's gonna check to bash alleged affair that didn't. Open up urban and on our video it covers the outside right they're gonna get singled to signaled he murdered that you flippant about that's what the devil they get pressure dodged. You have to account for that if you got two guys jumping up like they're coming. You don't know third a third governor got. So you wind up blockage yet blocking you out right so you're you're you have to somebody addict a general rule is he got to treat it like one of what's coming right. Right so what if what if both guys bail the bears used to do all the Time Warner earlier breaks and muck it up in that each guy which split out like a triangle right you know one guy that right flat at a guy that left flat they're not coming up in Minnesota who I got a center to guard. Blocking no one. So now they're not coming and you fool that way and now all of a sudden he a couple of Mac's single teams are you blow it in during a block. And it's all that kind of stuff so I do like our key the other two guys I haven't seen a whole lot of seat and all of which is gone back about Hurst looks like. A guy who could really be a three technique and against a penetrator. And have an lighter side of it you know they had also from the raiders aren't you don't they also about him. They're do you encourage your security from Florida State derail like you glow she's probably got emergent I hope so men out also he's been injured his whole career probably shows flashes. I don't know think here he's gonna start your base Woolsey what happened Jeremy in street to see what he got Smart I totally alert there are exactly Mario it was junior still actually Calhoun is still on the roster we talked to leak it's a week. Last street kept open apple were up their posse though there are still there hanging around of the third street job award went to Dallas did you play against that I understood her actually got rights to lead compound had one so we count moon had all the sacks in the Big Ten can get to a quarterback in the NFL really don't like thirty seconds unfortunately don't like the quarterback owners I don't know what score and I want to have a clash we're looking at the other side here before bringing in Mark Dominik won't turn human to Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Thus. Solomon Thomas inside us a guy that I Menard I'll pop you know that him and their arms senator Graham says knock on the plate and I Gasol on the Tom some really intrigued to see how he mergers. After I his rookie season with the niners. You know its interest are Wendy and and I guess once a week the coordinators have to talk. But in training camp in Iraq I mean Robert solid talk more than I ever heard before. And he's really Smart. And he said exactly what I thought about Solomon Thomas what I say about it he looked like he tried to bull rush everybody. And he would just go full bodied up half a body just go right into the middle of a guy. And think it's a blocking sled. It is saying the pac twelve days at fifth are you going to do that here these are grown men. Then I got to pick you up and and push you back when Solomon tell about what he chased down from the backside. He was so fast it's so good he's got to use his speed got panicky was setback last year. Because of the quarter system at Stanford got it late. Just never really showed a lot but now but solid saying. Is their teaching him how to rush the vet the passer and and Monte Kiffin son is too you know rulings coaching college. And Chris gift in his job history is to teach these guys the subtleties of pass rush. In a Kenny being Ximian rice type of guy you know he's got that kind of player he's much more forceful on the run. Fanatics other UC Solomon Thomas making huge jump up to forest Buckner. By the this year by Terry. It's the end of his third year register as around one pick. You got to identify your start talking about paying in this gas car you and I talked I could make this is a huge year for DeForest Buckner. Now it's a time there was ninety quarterback hits. Can we get you up to eight quarterback sacks. Right right now we're talking did you get an interior guy in you get him up you know eight to 910 not now he's got to get Davies appeal to her car you're worried by hand. After year three you start to identify do we want to sign long term lest he does that with a rant at his side Todd certainly. Not nearly finished up his thirty years got two more years on his rookie deal. And they they signed him long term soap optimistic not a guy that she woody does this year this could be a huge year to get him pay. So then you know that's martian attraction gonna give you anything to you after Bledsoe which we talked about at all I think. I think they have a system in place and also. Here to in this system discovered three look at the teams that made advancements whether it's Seattle. Jacksonville. And then they make a big jump in your three as far as points per game and I think. I think you'll see up a better more consistent team and your tube and I think their defense of like the big job. Next year I can't wait for that let's bring in mark Dominick a former Tampa Bay Buccaneers general manager onto the afternoon delight. With pop and by eternity farce about a game long time no talk mark. What is going on and all you also worked for series sex and radio talk about the NFL here. Just kind of talk about -- talk about the helmet rule earlier to sort of get quick thoughts on that how a helmet rule could affect James and packed games here it's when he eighteen. All right. I mean is it that well. But we got pretty accurate read one or operatives are a good night and it will be fun to watch all the workers noticed. That. Appeal that you are superior and you know out of a player of the keys are or your own team. That's exciting and then on part of that but your question. Which. But it wouldn't rule. In my gut reaction when it happened just my personal opinion. I didn't hear it shouldn't article pre season. Mean you may seem more like about Britain of course were. Officials are trying to do that that's a political. You know tackle where you director this one and true or congress or the open and irregular you can your support or. Looked at just what. Are lighter and just like over the top like. While that was Margaret that I'd entered a more just under a rule that's been put in place. But they don't scooter arbitrage shoot record heard her pursuit is trying to show the front in the newspaper. But we know what that can move him a hypocrite who didn't have the group were concerned about. Now that's interest and are limited let me get your front office expertise spouses both as a talent evaluate here and gathered at a sign contracts. That we'll get it today that the the specifics if you follow up questions that changed your overall thoughts on what's going on between the raiders' Tom DeLay do you does their contracts market net. And in Camille Mac. Just saw I think what we've got undercut your great that employers and earn dollar collect all spirited and you go course. You've got to re install find if Google really. No I edited but the parliament Jules Siegel and our hearts are true. A big big gate and you can bet agents. That have been on the block many many many years and so predictable political what you're going to not forget more than you and you go underwater you. You know I would the third sick numbers perspective and known Tom. And obviously you have corporate job a long time. I do and what they've been a little bit more. Global and a little bit more aggressive on little black and recorded over closer look. No we get this delicately different a lot of money on the table we're trying to get there is about to burn center. Well suited who may they are if you're. You know LA that's a good coat before I'm I don't apart couldn't tell what it hurts so. I think that would column lacked it's been a little bit more tributes. And then I don't predict who that is helping overweight negotiate. But I don't know you're Joel Siegel and Inco barker you know again. You were the most money as a player mr. obscure side of the ups and what I would do in. The bat he can do to port French restaurant charted pretty soon. You'll never make more money back after come to the dangers that killed more dangerous because your players you're exposed so honor sort of the rest. But in terms of financial and its own. You're talking about lessening the GM the Rand said as far as his dealings with the Aaron dials and Todd France anguish they were in the same. Zip code area code I don't Beverly Hills 95201. For talking about they're they're rich there and mineral understand karate just wanna soccer team arsenal and fade two and a half billion dollars forward. The raiders don't have that kind of money you want one thing we've talked about on the show market you would have more expertise here. Is when you signed Kelly let's say Seko Leo it's more than Von Miller policy if he gets more than Donald to say he gets 71. Million dollars guaranteed. And let's say it's his signing bonus of of what do fifteen million dollars Alan I gotta get the fifty right away when he signs a deal. Do you have a put the rest of it in an escrow account write a way to guarantee we've heard that that may be an issue for the raiders being a cash for. Team and if that's the case then. What what are the dates when that TV money comes in and where they may get flushed with the millions of dollars where they they may have a date in mind when they get this done. I would doubt that acronym what you're saying is correct ballots critical racquets at 59 or. Look good the raiders can still. You know course money up over two years so yeah you got it he really did champ today. We needed him more in October reviewed when he impartial review be another note send him on that September. So neat so that we are given all the going dollars Tibet. So remembered the red happy ability to split up assign those payments to too much good do anything else. And the players who get to a player you have to cut consultants who happens that player you know collect would still be all to know and it's is that a lot of differently. So that's negotiable. Arm but there's always you know under discussion in terms of what are guaranteed money you might know how did you guys know anything you know two years out here and yeah. Wondered at a time it's a silly old and antiquated goal I think now that with most owners and also every owner. You know little about your vote of vote in China hasn't reported to have. They're good or a group of suited curse which consisted of just disappear. Partner who reviewed cop or you can rolling guaranteed in the recoil MacBook and another warning and got a good arm of the twenty million dollar gear to. What you can do is considered a 100 meter is running on the roster next year march. Fourteen. And it written an order that would have to once upon a technically it's not always fully geared to it's a rolling guarantee you certainly would look at. I didn't hit it in the earlier perk or relaxed or more or keep it next year remember you've got a do you ignore planned government team. I'd be OK at that concert at that point so there's a way to kind of get around that it is clear America is pointed to a whole lot mortem on the court. So Portman can going to be in nineteen record year collectively at 2220 fire weren't there you go into the field but it. And how much you think Khalil Victor in chief on got seventy million guaranteed what a couple of years or how much how much you think we'll get mark. Again and I can get rolling guarantees you. Who like partner of mine who I am able to support it yet or are you about what he. August 7 illegally here and give him a parent you know or soccer to Cuba anymore and I think you get eighty open that the you can get it not. Don't pick cotton. Are not true guaranteed money like. To get the contract in the next page to get directed code or something it does in the Cottam. What you gonna get that intruder to the role of turkeys are. Who gets the money he could arrest in a state that put the ball again because you don't Procter and three years now but that's fortunately what they're really isn't. So it's not a real hurt you so don't worry about over altered the terms of being an eighty. I don't think that's a big deal more like what's the truth here and he. But at the register handle that number that the debate in you don't think about trick or mark or screw you. There's no doubt about that mark Dominick a former executive from Tampa Bay Buccaneers also works series XM radio. Journey or to the delight of pop on Barton in parts of the game wanna talk about or Thomas for second here. Because he's also holding got a training camp he'll be thirty next may seventh. And he's going to be a free agent here what type and guarantee can Earl Thomas Kidd. At this stage of his career obviously he's a safety are hard hitting safety here but what type of numbers will Earl Thomas. Again in the offseason we get an extension if he does get trader for Seattle this offseason. Pretty straight producer. I think our you our market if you don't get treated. You would expect a team that could require him to an order call too early to hire. Want more than just a one on the deal. You can understand it I'm in need more leaders and no need or want Arctic two or three years and I couldn't get a bit birdied three years older men are accused of get. No girl prompt appear below them and respect interpreted it and it goes. Don't tell going through transistor now I'm used to on the edged out of him. That's ugly part of a decade I don't see global Al CNET T. I think doubts still stern down part of Erica. You know the mock war on the French are accurate and that got stuck in the market and our next year just did not want. I mean those are players combined were about average per year. Can you would be Stewart the sixty million or trigger and don't have the room grew much of the sounds good in 2018. Don't spend it and I'm a dodger cap. You really really really got to hold onto that money and content turn around so I don't think all the land that spot not think. Earl will be somewhat like insurance are you gonna talk talk and do it. They're trying to hold out longer cared but in the end you're talking missile to protect about it not encouraged to report to camp a bit frustrated. He'll still go all noted operation. And it's created you have no I think she'll do well and they'll note that. IQ are any Tampa Bay front office for years and years and a lot of times are GM and you mentioned you know Jon Gruden well you know dial pad well. What what's your take got to deal with with the raiders and their veteran left tackle they drafted a left tackle at the fifteenth overall pick Colton Miller. Donald is still trying to come back off the list Frankie on the pup list right now there was report yesterday that they're asking Donald would take a pay cut of some kind. How how do you think this ends between the raiders and doubt that. Pitchers aren't so comforter back on current and wondered what we shall I get more money. Governor Sam Warburg money about public plan that well what players. So there are spot that's where the club or ours turned burger pursuit of a possible. I could just. I mean you know Java put out some reclaimed a block away immersed. From Minnesota viking when I was the director crow a repentant about six adoption Jon would bend around golf and pretty early crunch courier. And I know what you respect to him pumped and fired up on important. Are you that you were critical nor over the right side for now it had detailed from our what do you think you can easily you know court Donald Penn. And take the credit card I think what you would do again. Not being tight and conversation but. You can easily trigger look look look look move Portland art under herself or. Let's get cheered employees 60%. Of the plate time and when the twelfth game won't do it cormorant caught. Or you know look stupid its future you can support that we don't want to be the money back and want to play in its YouTube to me. And an imported 70% and net game you played 65% dispute. Could have performed if you could make it not likely to be heard. An odd numbered certainly don't want to do crude complaint don't eat out or the book to. We'll continue to go in and you're back on the team with us and that the angle to the aisle to try to find that bridge between the two sides. Football is back today Tony fourteens and played a night starting at 4 o'clock let's calls time we'll see sit com Barkley and bakery told Cleveland Browns in New York Giants but picky so much for grants are here mark Charles good stuff and we'll talk to you soon. Actor sir. Mark Dominick a former Tampa Bay Buccaneers executive. And also does a lot of work for Sirius XM radio that is of interest and stuffed bears and language here we'll see what happens MacKey believes he'll get paid a lot more. Then Von Miller's mom to senior white kid eighty million Canadian health. Statistics how much to Kirk cousins. Turco got 84. Equipment and better player. Who I like a little Mac can help like pillow that pop bottle water out of plus the quarterback and alleged once it obviously kill corduroy thing. Like usual back Carol we gets to capped soon here and what are raiders in a clue Mac workings that I do not think he's gonna get traded up believe the hype up their fellows reported that yesterday. Do not believe high plume recklessly difficult to broker before we get to caboose pistol Jason Garrett account which accounts and and we know cultured man. Is is on offer to coroner who call all the plays and arrows once upon a time. Jason Gary did the same thing and bill Callahan sort of column plates of cowboys and now Scott Linehan. Song by Jason Garrett it is transformation has ankles and why he gave up play calling. From the Dallas Cowboys and his adjustment there will Kyle Shanahan. Ever ever ever give a play calling duties. Well I actress and her is dead and Mike Shanahan which was amazing I mean at least not call them play Asian it was because he'd let Kyle called flight test of a first opposition and sharing that kid. Like some of the best ever analyzing at doing it so. In our Jason care what what's this this TV show they have that was couple years ago was the Arizona Cardinals this past year was the cowboys great NFL films doesn't match on your sister Sharon has caught again. And I all or nothing all color in Africa. It's actually way better that hard I do like him more than hard knocks to be honest with it takes you inside the playing it is hard knocks is its pre season games in training came. We're all or nothing goes through an entire year. And you know people that they haven't been around professional sports closely enough it's it's a great way to ending the access they could range sometimes he just wondering what today. And a hard back steel. Just insisted I wonder. Another raiders went Allah is alive and I'm sure they feel the same way in the 49ers have got to feel the same way. We never allow those cameras it. It's just such an Asian. These are private conversations of the most delicate manner. And a huge actions being told his mom is passed away guys crying. And it's like white checkers brother pop -- believe us so and an all or nothing is even more all or nothing if because at that point is you ought to be around Jason Garrett. You're really around them. Like a fly on the wall. And how they do everything. Like they were getting ready to play the Packers. Game last year they were talking about keeping Aaron Rodgers in the pocket and eternal what's keeping him in the well. And that was the hold talking point I think I every team goes in when you player Rodgers and the numbers show he still really good in the pocket but when he gets out of Iran. And long gates plays you're screwed right he's gonna make a play the screen DoubleTree Austin aka war. Very good agent for hail Mary so that out of the pocket but it's just. It's amazing how much access they get attached Jerry Jones and the way he does his job. Should Jason get urged on this job along time. How many years of the cowboys made the playoffs and she's been a coach it's true to go to las. The they lost the Packers. That you're able to do Jerry cook for. And who posted at least when I forget that you have to do what I want a playoff game since he's been a coach and David Foley and it also Packers twice this right once and Lambeau and then a lot of what I wanna let -- as I -- life and then the next your you know your governor rod to strip down and become what they lost really lost to Green Bay Atlanta but it did beat Philadelphia Italy before I'll be Israel's alliance with the lie all wobbly pass interference exactly get a got a gift there that's good social. Any event you know he's got the job for a long time if the Dallas Cowboys in he had a lot of soup little since 95. I mean I think your if your goal is to play the Super Bowl at least right. So why did they take the play calling duties oil that is great that Scott Linehan is really good. He's as good as anybody in the NFL. In. Just. Jerry talks about Jason cared speech a better coach this year than it was last year and it's like he's developing him. But how many years is he had his job now twenty and ears eight ear right guy. I think he's okay. But. I I have somewhat of an issue. With a coach that's not critical place. And especially on offense needing water on the defense Belichick doesn't slide his feet jacket on either side. Enough for awhile I began to think. Maybe it's better you don't want called the plays because you're so immersed in that but then you've got to be. A a state of the art game manager. At talking about running the game timeouts. You've got to be a real motivating guy. Otherwise what he would do it here. And you know to some degree they coach the coaches and I editor somebody coaches on the staff now how he got more guys golf shares that you flip chargers as a but I I you're asked kidneys Jason Garrett. In the top half a coaches in the NF if I I don't hours ago hired new head coach or not singular change it here first of all is not running the offense out of a hard time. Really knowing what he's doing but I just fairness to him. It would be hired to coach Jerry Jones is Timonen. Are absolutely behind her absolutely creature itself it was our organization our pick of the players right. Soft here if the players are underachieving which you get Atlanta what he's been amazingly patient. Amazingly patient. I'm surprised you still there Jason Garrett head coach of the Dallas Cowboys manner for so long are as he moves back to quarterback Troy Aikman. When he went back to back Super Bowls but. Piano I'm not high mountain security there I don't know what he does great what was as great. A skill set as a coach I don't know I don't know with the Jerry documentation is they don't well. On in this is his team so Dax is god you gotta think that he's got to make some playoff runs here I mean they're going to invade. Is he really picked a good head coach. Since Jimmy Johnson had you know what they're Switzerland's c'mon she's he had her. Who's Dave Campo who liberty coach Parcells he had Parcells later on ask far Parcells said they head out this time either longer than that started personal person it split and. Outside of that having a Parcells and he's just got to lured to come coaching change. But the real you know brilliant. Front office people identify. The young up and comer you know like Kyle Shanahan like Michael and Al found in the years ago that you like John group years ago I mean this is even able to identify anybody like that. No absolutely not. And that's wiping an onslaught that there would augment a sort that you're angels will be highly overrated and so the whole thing I don't enjoy hello pro or Spanish but gratefully. Yeah he's he's really looked around in each sponsorships. There's no doubt there he was instrumental in Levis getting built. And out and unfortunately for a total of legends company that he had any we've been instrumental in LA. In Vegas and he really bad. Probably a greater influencers. At the league levels that it as a result team they did exactly that that star they have it Frisco. I had seen at Gillette Stadium man cowboy stadium AT&T that that is the they're adding Yankee Stadium YouTube as stadiums and by far texture that practice facility in Frisco Texas that are bad about boxing event there not too longer Spence fought. In Frisco and I'll sort. Let's check out what Drupal book published a little ridiculous it is ridiculous yours football as I finished better than they don't like we also don't know that. Snowed up I plopped tigers to cowboys tonight we'll talk to rigorous to borrow what they host the lines for their first game. Friday and at the coliseum and how to start the caboose coastal. Now it's time for the continues to Austin is great content you don't have any. I'm going to yeah seven day. His solo. Stories that almost slipped. Do you five point seven. The game. I guess Johnson's want to zoom zoom zoom you don't look it up. Let's number grade soon is let's not forget some of his great calls like this one in 2009 with Brandon Stokley. It's not long. Now. Or this one when it. Excited and not play by play guys that overlay on and I did so in this moment David Gerard would hail Mary. And the way he describes a long Chris Johnson touchdown. It always the job he's. Got a good odd that you didn't. A funny here's a little bit of bad game only only a couple of years but I'll remember him meanwhile I'm member meeting him one time for a game. In these and I'm nervous things like Greg allele three things apart before game and I don't just go nuts if you're done it's definitely a doubt that I've that's it for the whole game as. A little monsters you Hillary now with us. Well all right got to go that's all the time we have the people would traffic induce any fear Tuesday by building a huge long break -- and then surely we get in the short early and in got a ended early guard Derrick on the way down by god to the diversity of different questions about authority to do you think he's fed dare publish that not only by Judy stats thanks so much I would rivers got. Probably joyful ball. I'm gonna be hanging around till midnight popped a working overtime knocking paid overtime for the show at 1012 would Joshi ASCII so Lester B a lot of Fong will recap the 49ers game tonight it and be back tomorrow afternoon bringing generators in wind as well as forty niners cowboys take everybody Damon Bruce is knicks are many parts haven't game.