Papa & Bonta – Hour 3 – NFL

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Thursday, September 13th
Hour 3.Greg Papa and Bonta Hill talk about the Giants and A’s on different ends of the baseball spectrum, discuss 49ers vs Lions with former Lions WR Herman Moore, and finish up with the Caboose Pistol.

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I'm not even sure you know how far distraction off the bag belts still may be out there. But I think apart and make it as Pablo played. A really good first base really good. Excellent he has good hands. The problem he has is the throw sometimes in particular the shortest second base across the diamond he was there are a lot on that what is at third baseman. Longoria is not going anywhere so you could still bring Pablo back. And I think now is the time. To seriously. Not only talk about this is adding David talking about it for a long time maybe actually doing. Maybe you really. Put bread and belts on the market. After the season is over when November rolls around and you really see what you can get. In my theory being is Pablo can play first base I got to stay healthy. He hasn't been able to do that he got hurt again this year and it was a hamstring. Assuming he's fully healthy and part of the got a problem could play. A serviceable first base may be go out and get some other first baseman. I don't know I was available their costly. And then you're gonna have to. Open up first base for Posey I think some of the time. It is gonna eat jacket and no bunting you're not gonna know. The reports we got word were they when it didn't hit. Surgery that it wasn't as bad. As far is the degree of the chair and the bone spurs around at who knows right but he's a catcher. Ease ease up and down and Eric crouch and how many games can he really. Catch next year. So. My thought would be Pablo is right handed swing is just not gotten any better they don't want a junket they wanted to switch elitists can't. So against left handed pitching. You would play Posey at first base. A lot. A lot better than I how many games can really catch stature coming off a hip surgery. I don't know. Not gonna be back by opening day may not be back until May. What's the timetable on Joey part com ST wow here's a guy had his second you don't think you'll be ready at all maybe I wanted I don't know what to outline been amended his batch ready now but he's not he's not able to catch and that's a big. Part of this this this ballpark you got to pitch in gotta catch it. And got off he's going to be quite ready eyes. Is he got to San Jose Eric not yet had the actual area against the heat begins the year in San Jose. Any tournament any of extract from don't drop a mop and hopefully by the all star breaker you know by the deadline Asian Sacramento. And then but I don't think he's ready ago the giants have an adult under contract through 20/20 one and I'm with few I Crist reset on a lot of these guys. Back Williamson. Hunter Strickland Brendan Bell. And Brendan Bell my biggest problem is he just can't stay healthy he gets hot he gets hurt he comes back he's cold. It's time and this move often been about it's it's not gonna happen here or what I don't really next for. I'll serve maybe contact Jim with Joseph panic because I'm sort of warm up to your guy more when Gonzales to switch hitter down in Houston. He's planned everywhere on a dime he's planning options for women now food Plymouth second short I'm short hair. And moved you know he can do it him. Most so the other. The other aspect of this. It is. I think he had a redo the entire right side of the infield so if you if you do this with a belt. And you'll belt 64 million dollars through 20/20 one. And you got some big Sam's Longoria gets 86 million point 12 point imitating died. Through 21 buster gets 88 point 621 belt 64 through 21 Crawford gets sixty through trying on some Marcia 54 through twenty. Mr. marsh is staying saying his state of Bay Area this off season. Try to rehab the shoulder a Lansing it's 38 million for 20/20 two more yourself. You know I just with Belgrade let's see what he can get back forum. For one thing what what is his marketability on the market. And I I think that he went somewhere other ballpark. He could be a thirty home run hitter. Yankee Stadium. Yeah it's nice any prospects having Greg bird they play at first base Cramer told Eric Rivera has shaken off Greg but only been brought up and don't know last thing he had he had one hit for the Yankees have scored a long run but he's been awful. I thought he would come on he was alongside the prospects would error in judgment Gary Sanchez your chances are in combating 200 what off queries had. At the plate and behind the plate catching. We sought an Oakland California as well. Firmer more I believe we just got on line pub we're gonna switch off the baseball tossing lines and 49ers full bought a great plumber more the second leading receiver and a history to be short lines rather the mega chart here that we straight seasons in the mid ninety's with over 100 catches. Hermit welcome to the afternoon delight here on 957 game we brought you on here because you were big play receiver and the lies themselves have some big play receivers with Golden Tate Marvin Jones Ekene gala day. Yeah they do another person foremost thanks for having me on an eyeball it and joy. But battles over the plate there are deemed out on the west but. You know this is the team that. The indicate what they're going to be you have a very strong. Often it's team given they were improving the running game and then you factor it. That through our receivers and validate young's second year player Golden Tate a veteran. I got to the area and and also what Morgan joked yeah nobody has stretched its ability. That combination of those guys it's gonna make up some of the loss of the big plays pick Calvin Johnson provided. This and that seemed that the quarterback like Matt east Africans definitely in this primary and they didn't still loose it's been at been. Well it doesn't seem to take collecting dead this test game. They should be still brave very. Good unit to go out in an unemployed so light are what we saw that the money that in the. Yeah Herman just give me a little scouting report on this skill set 28 and Marvin Jones roaming gnome obviously well you know Golden State and Notre Dame fan against Stanford and Marion Jones from the Bay Area but just my my. General thought his Golden Tate is so good run after catch and works predominantly out of the slot is that correct in that. Marvin Jones is one of the great. High point guys don't get the ball down the Philly actually led the NFL last year yards per catch which is stylistically. Tell me about Tate and Marvin Jones. Well you're you're absolutely right through so Gordon tray you know comes from our Seattle and he brought to experience she brought beat the hunger. Of of being part of our championship caliber team and network veteran leadership in this track bed that was combined with Al induction and then taps into. I go to became that guy leadership among their receivers he had very elusive. After the catch you look at a chart that they catch I think you let the leak or he's right up there in order to. It termed them after he had all that and then and that cold lonely because he can get that extra yardage in your he'd also prone to be very. I depend but they are not many balls in the one that brought you all got some pure thereby. The most part three pretty competent read pretty much our guy that you could depend or Marvin Jones that you. I've mentioned he brings a little bit more size he had the ability they're going to the ball type choice. I'd hear the guy that can beat the double coverage. I got the tree or YouTube or a guy like Allen and understandably they're they're different but more renewed its they'll only improve from this first year. And each you're he's gotten better and he's become a consistent Ali you are player. And then this young guy who we saw on Monday night Kenny gala day just physical presence I don't think he's a great speed guy British about a 45. Tell me where he said and and you know I'd looks like they they do run a lot of three wide receiver sets they're so they have to eight in Jones and got a day on the field simultaneously. There when they do that that'd really certainly for the match out there and it it also allow them. Became a little bit more with the beat such groups that also be the unit that's taken to the field they voted on this side. Our ballot day is a bigger receive very few about six or six art are you not. Overly even more quick Benny it's fast. I'd term top end speed what he had a political look it may be played there in the fight advantage and a match up the band is that he brings to the table that is Matthew Stafford. 88. Good option that it there why Reese here and especially when you start date yet to certain doubt that it is working to look that take away. Marvin Jones and audiotapes any dollar they become that one. Our guy bet you will or two to win those match ups and Pete can be very key in my opinion to how this seemed really it's defense what Josh is they've been up and talking coming up. That they are Trace they're there to answer always too I gal or guy that within their main guys to make plays to give them an opt to either way. Former three time all roll four time pro bowler Herman Moore here army got a little white men by a seven game. Hermann her closer to Detroit Lions. We heard about the loch here we heard some noise at the moment and I game. That Matt Patricia is working guys too hard and he's already lost locker room can you bring any clarity to that noise in what are you here and they're coming out of Detroit Lions locker room. All it was surprising because it doesn't look close you know we heard a little bit here or there in the OT eight. Are because guys were used to just by how well anytime there in the coaching change there's going to be a little bit of bush yet there's going to be some changes that take place. That clearest path to a just two years Michael always be the way to remember the long coached or the other so it so you'd be professional and at least. Oh wait you get a guy yeah I shot you don't works no it the coach also has to understand the temperament of the stream. I understand your what are the breaking large if you go with the highway or the highway. That scenario you don't employer and you hope there's not total war key guys. The players right now I don't think any of us expected I would meet former players spend thirty organization or the player and bill. To have what capital Monday night which was an embarrassment there was there was something that was talked. Because this looking that is prepared I think they've they've gone out and put in the work well. It to do well in the ish or so they're an opportunity they have come up to get there so go. Giving back what track but it might be your wrote. Yeah especially after a Monday night it's just really hard to play a Monday night and I heard the coach Patricia didn't even have them is this a glorified walk through. Yesterday I assume they're back on the practice field today it Allen park but. Justice speak to your experience how difficult this is to play a Monday night game it was home. But to travel all the way to the West Coast and play on Sunday as a real challenge. The challenges double in the travel more sold there have been assured we are there to be true are you get used to some of those short weeks but he played on Thursday's. Quite off into my career and and also own and our Thanksgiving Day game. It isn't the same type a shorter weeks you know what you what they're having now there are Monday night games this stuff you have to have that travel. That's a little bit out of you know people who understand that jetlag. It papal route relay you need a day or sort of recover and be ready goes you don't I'll let you know my biggest concern. I want met Patricia are well is anyone else's for each and started getting cheaper play. This is gonna be trust because Morales going to be there you have them bickering you have them essentially stay in place already are or not is the boy. I think you have a team that is looking at church you have a defense that is as it struggles didn't expect a little bit more play especially the secondary. Are you look better and offense we used what we're the best I want to you know well. So there are all caught in Michigan right there on a book on his body orientations and they never really sure we get it right. Harman we take you so much for your time she'll be a phone wanna leave by stadiums. Lions and niners kick off a 105 summit thank you so much for disarmament. Thank you sir the great Herman Moore of the four time all pro he knew he was great pals good stuff they're from armor more pop. Everyone thinks there's no way the lines can win in San Francisco because the players you're Dirk coach but don't leave the all right. Coming up on any part seven again. Now doctor Greg accomplish L 190 like seven big game. Welcome Bob back. Here on the afternoon delight on a Thursday afternoon sunny day we got the Bengals and ravens playing under international ball five we'll verified 25 kick off. An NFL network fox sports on I should be a lot of fun their butt. Pot this is our favorite this one are good segments now we're we brought to Sharaud from last month. Believe the height. Take a wait and play. I all right let's now believe the hype pure I don't know if you wanna believe the hype of the procession this week for the 49ers lions game is that it should be a slam dunk. From an and is considering what happened to the lines on Monday Night Football are you buying this property by Ana winds coming in on a short week to the West Coast getting blown out by forty. By the 49ers. I think the 49ers a win that game that I I think you can't base it on what the lions did in their opener and they even you know it was a lot like the raiders game with the LA rams where. There was a tie game at one point the third quarter. And that it was just an avalanche a pick six a punt return for a score that third quarter and they gave up 31 points of the third quarter. And and it was just assert sold now I think to Detroit Lions are solid team. I'm not buying all this typing coming out of Detroit that they don't like Matt Patricia Matt Patricia. Is a no nonsense hard nosed football coach I am hearing that he's having a little bit issue with the scheduling there. For instance she's not gonna meet the visiting media on the teleconference until tomorrow morning. Which is highly unusual to do it so late in the week usually do it on Wednesday. When a workweek starts but they just came off a Monday night game they or even on the practice field. Yesterday but I don't care when he talks and visiting media visiting media does their site but Adam. But I'm hearing from people close to the lions and Allan park. That it's happening a lot and it's not just in the meetings with the media. That he's changing the times of meetings. As a football culture after being incredibly. Punctual. Now they expect the players are Tom Coughlin if you're five minutes if you're on tiger lady out of their five minutes early. So I don't understand. This this could be a big jump up these are Smart guy obviously. But it's a big difference make it a jump up from being a coordinator. Degree and a head coach of the total football chain and it sounds like some things are not coming to him as quickly but they gave him a five year contract. They're not gutter automatic sound. And they are good team they did win nine games last year they missed the playoffs of the very you know they lost the Bengals they did make the playoffs the year before with nine wins. So their rosters not you know it's not last that much inferior to the 49ers in fact I could save some theories it's better. Then the 49ers so I think that Snyder's will win a short week for them Monday night game going out to the West Coast to be a huge advantage. But I don't think it matters in a blown off the field. You to cover six. We're still forty or are you worried about this I don't care about experts who was not a bad tablets. I don't bet at all that. I don't know I had this game org about Detroit. Did I lose this game on Sunday. You're mod sphere Monday you can effect has been any of the community lose your mind you will amount to an hour to start with a chill out the next two on the road at arrowhead at the chargers. We know a little bit early in the year or not that's a must Wear this coach got off to a on nine start he kept his composure kinda. But pay ditching it says is sin. It's a game the tigers need to be locked in and in China where. You know what else thinking about this this chargers game we keep talking about not know you are sweet one watch all the games back. Chiefs who was basically a home game for Kansas City basically the chargers played sixteen and grow games a season ago. We a lot of forty niners are forty and our fans Carson California down in LA. AP reporting our home games are made describes itself as say the niners have nine home games in seven road games I know you gotta get on plane to go to a hotel. And travel all tablet really the chargers have dealt. All through the yeah I wouldn't I wouldn't get that carried away. I think the key to that game is whether joy of those supplies half off talks casually took our head coach that is going to be out a couple of more weeks in a couple what is cup on the two or three or that. In each of his three and missed the whole month of September you know he could you could double Melvin Ingram. If you got Joey both so over the rookie right tackle McCue and chief. And what do start for him. Now he's getting get can get you get Danielle hi there. He's gonna get Ezekiel us. He's gonna get Justin Houston and is Vegas really devotes a they didn't win a fire ball doesn't fly you know they're gonna who have Melvin anger. Well don't forget about week five when they play Arizona chairman Joseph Walsh looks just weeks or Sylvia L week six would be in Green Bay they don't have really Clay Matthews kind of they're an age of I really have a pastor of drivers continue fondling the high profile after Jeff marching. Thought he'd get inside linebacker like Marty Glickman should call a quarterback let's not forget safety Jamal why don't we loved him before draft here's what he said had to say about barely knew. Knowing what was coming and that money my game gets into tree lines. Up. Right that he picked off. Mom is funny that we weren't throughout practice he he was he was didn't jump on a ball when he wasn't good news. Enough so here comes from the snack to snatch sandwich and rock to sit around inside and he played perfect. It's about fit in with the stakes are very proud of him for me available organ. So jets players are Sanath film study and a good week of practice will be led them to knowing. Look at each were lines were doing on the golf to decide at a full ball. And they have thirty stacked beef is winner Williams are fraud. This Darren Lee guy linebacker can move around and and and say secondary. I'm each remains Johnson and Jamal battles and busta screen is still there Elvis. Morris Claiborne. Every very solid defense gonna 49ers will they know what is coming here or he's gonna study here they would not yours is Richard Sherman leading the film spinach from an overreaction here a little bit so nobody died. They had the initial. Thought was that they knew. The lions plays. By a their communication and their audible system that they had stolen. Which later in games is it happens Greg speaker one day against Peyton Manning years ago. Figured out his audible the line of scrimmage the raiders were down and it was twenty artistry of one point came back and won the game. So it does happen even the best that's so but that's not what. Even we heard Jamal Adams is a hell of a good player necktie I debated whether uniter should even take him. At number three. Alan Richard back from two to three he's that good of a player he's a you know his dad played the unifies a great player but the reality is the play they're talking about. The motion. With that receiver coming in. The Detroit Lions almost always run Theo Riddick got an angle route out of the backfield. And that's that's just from study. And all teams do that. The eight day when they have certain formations. And certain movements you can. Pre you can predict. I do it all the time I can tell. What the play's going to be but the good teams. Will build varied formations they'll make it look different that's what Kyle Shanahan. Sean McVeigh Jon Gruden the great play callers and he read Sean Payton. They will show you something you'd think you're seeing that it won't be that or they'll give you what year is coming but do would have different formations so. I think it did this story started out as though. They words they knew their signals they knew the play that's the value her Jamar Adams say. They generally do it by film study that's that's very different that's very different. As so you when they run that motion there it's usually an angle route to Theo Riddick in there was apparently jumped dead now they countered that. There's a show on that formation. Enact given the angle route go to the seven around the corner route which is they're talking about your shoulders. It's football and you're overreacting because somebody spoke out after a game and they jets felt good date they couldn't bend their chest but that happens all the time in the NFL. No I agree there we could call plays at home all the time dear Bubba called a Super Bowl play without. With a video camera shot of the falcons. Lived brighter so that was good Jersey rolls Georgia rules where Iran would have follow what this. Could always hear you rattle walk around me like Jerry she's always Jersey boy known not to Jersey boys don't worry injury he can't cut it out and I gravity room talking about when you wanna Wear basketball Jersey. Or football Jersey your favorite player when he ran all he says you get to a certain age. Where you can't Wear jerseys as she shouldn't Wear red arrow ran hockey sweaters all the time nobody is not a jury see it's a different soiree rattle Ireland but I location aware and he gave me because a lot of Smart bright they're they're all looking at me crazy like rarely Wear that Jersey why are you weren't ex FL Jersey. Why are you worried that well of it's Jersey day here in 957 game wrap an apocalyptic got a lot of food of course the potluck everybody managers and Walton not everybody there Wear my Jersey shirts some people are wearing jerseys have Jersey dresses. On the court and most of all why they have an apartment during our show and they haven't liked. After our show we controlled the loft cut your illusion hold the meat balls I don't tase me my ball popped. What's your Jersey little leveraged do you have a Jersey rolled out did you Wear jerseys grown up. Now we do you know what we didn't if I was if I was at of this generation I remember. Years ago. And haven't dad went to New York City. And I said can you give me a Walt Frazier number two. And date dating to have them there were there was nothing there's no stores wreaking even by. Something like that so my mom is such a kind tired. She wanted it had some cockamamie election T shirt made it wasn't asked that the tech like raiders Jersey. So if I was a kid today. At times rather divide OJ Simpson 32. Which I never did but I was close to dying at one time out over the Abbott actually where but I watered it there was one time I was at about Joseph name at number twelve. I never actually get a one thing a lot of discharge. I have a lot of artifacts in my home really a lot of it's in the garage stored away. Was that the old Mickey mantle's placed on Central Park question New York. They had a LeRoy Neiman and out of the family are in agreement at all is highly overrated but anyway he did a a painting of John name at the was cool about it. Was Joseph had that old face mask that went down below his chin here and it was in three dimensions of the the face mask came off the surface of the paint and it was shares shall loss. Another Don Nelson near the auto we'd always go there hang out out of by the outlandish I went back in and Mickey Mouse place in Central Park west closed. Not even open there's actually a lot of Oklahoma City has meant that he's from Oklahoma but they didn't have that they're so no I don't I do have a job fair for roe. Jersey the great buffalo sabre the sentiment of the French connection with an repaired once starred satellite Richard Barton. On the other because I was in buffalo the raiders played the bills last year. I went to see the sharks. Now play the sabres. And an account and about getting a shall bear Perot Jersey I'd actually buy it some my sister sent it to me. For. Christmas. And I I only awarded once. And I wore it. To Safeway one day with a stocking cap on. And it did not go over well pop what do stock so I look at all the play selfless lot of a quarter of them with this. He's a patient six I'm not sure I was doing there but I do I want to show their Perot Jersey only once in it and go you know what. Everybody recognized speaker I thought that's without I think I went out actually I like New Year's Eve before I was gonna watch. The outdoor game they play you have what the poachers. And I thought no one's gonna recognize me I got this cap on I got that over Perot Jersey like five people stop and McConnell. Do I look like. I look what you ever. Brought to speak French. So I thought actually the answer your question is are around about way now her her record to a lot of people thought I was a kid we didn't have to ouster to have succeeded dirt other everywhere yet it jerseys really blossomed her Meyer a middle school are member they don't know what have you there award Grant Hill Jersey had a black Michael Jordan bulls Jersey at her right in my last angles building's good he had it read this control over what goes somewhere and hill are puddles Grant Hill on the basketball court. And so jerseys at a teal Jersey and open and got a war last Sunday offered a 49ers season opener authentic I had I'm a machine to say this. But I have a key Shaun Johnson Tampa Bay buccaneer sisters. Meet Shaun based nineteen they're gruden kicked him out of data to start yardage angered they expect they did it all black yellow Justin Bieber for the defense and aircraft. What else I've Iverson Jersey. Delight I don't know have a light blue sixers Jersey but basically what this is an inseparable. Safe you say if you soften and weren't a rigorous review monsters. Tell acceptable. Randy Moss Randy marsh simulator and yet nobody else can you pick and you pick Timmy brown Warren wells of federal the focus of what about a college side and I shoot eighties all the time and accounts in a restraining Marshall about Aaron Brooks and Kerry Collins. Or for reporting I usually shut out of your package Russia. There's no why it would I'll watch it every day until that money and I thought well they've if you can be a GO GO car body Jersey you're right now or can be JT O'Sullivan would anywhere Nevada and OJ Simpson and 49. I know I've seen a lot of OJ Simpson forty niner jerseys. I see them always I'm here you have but he eventually will be played two years Galileo huddle well the argument here now you are not heard he was already heard. It's a gym pluck it. Would it be okay to where Elvis current actors. I. I. There's Jersey rolls here or Warner kids like ICC a lot of Tim Hart wager did you see a lot of Chris Mullin Jirga is just a point here is. People sometimes they argue to load to Wear a Jersey Olympic doesn't aged women and Jews you're. Now got to bring the story rattled because he hates red letter wearers hockey sweaters all the time he wears hockey sweaters in hockey pat split. Not moderately placing hot hockey hockey puck hockey puck we're talking about a happy hour for the first thirty management. Hockey the sharks trade all of us to this title at the Carlson not realize you can teach our shows why they will never know why. The Norris until Brent Burns one on. Now I got three in the hello hello Doug Doug Wilson likes his rushing defenseman will the sharks beat torching the Stanley Cup how much like it here. I'm going crazy as this whole would you liken this to get Kevin Durant type transaction for the church. The fight knew little about the a lot of draft picks intensity there but I mean I don't know how does where Richard. Big draft and Tyson illusion or why not this is this your citing got no Carlson is why not bring the mayor would have vendor came. Brent Burns. Is joke and so on a squash shots or still there are still there are so on with the help. Evander Kane the happy are you at nine. And he was terrific. Terrific and he came from buffalo with a bad reputation was really outs going in to degrade each we brought his girlfriend Heidi. She had a New York Yankee. Vision on that if he was go to the raider game I told it on credit card Africa TrueCrypt for Delaware that are I don't know right now about this molested on Jersey's. Is it cool to Wear like a high school Jersey of a player so for example well don't get that. You can get that a Nike stores Mitchell when they ask you can order a mom line like I like moss and high school via a mosque high school is usually right at a deep but due point high school from just last Thursday. I recently you really get that they they sell it so I guess I had later in the NFL or their NBA their high school your body obviously LeBron James Wright of LeBron James I had a a more just an hour ferry from Charlotte Christian I have not seen Knowles. At all there about buying okay let's make sure he popped. Let's or somebody to step current high school Jersey what number they're Carlson where there is heartbreaking that when we should particular. Free cooler back to full ball for a second mark kicking our favor upon or felt it clipped that big area is Dallas Denver bronco. What are they about jagr didn't move that. Audette who dat at I don't know what we always have an update. I don't know could talk about bloody ass kicking if he's looking forward to taking on his old team he answered. I'm looking forward to every game are you looking for to see it more I. I think you may just swing and miss on the search for a couple is going to be so. Jacked up for you get a lot of bell what they asked at such a trip militia that little gluten gluten we always wait the truth of the matter was he made too much money and he's not a good directional ponder. He I remember him being told. I've read Sealy last year got to put the ball to Tyree Killen articulate about what the daily ticket because of the little. Did you realize that's Tyreke is streaky rushed 42 miles per hour facade GO the new raider special teams coordinator rich besides Xia. Watch to move the ball he wants to kick it to a sideline and a young candidate they drafted. Has that great ability so I I honestly think you're overreacting John never met market king. I think he'd looked at it like the money Toledo Mac was supposed to make you got. He did not like the money the market king got and I think when they looked at it really crunched it from a football standpoint. It Marquette is not a good directional punter and that's the way decides she wants the balls he wants from outside the numbers are about option markets not good at that so. We'll see what he does I think is going to be really. Overly am I'm sure it'll melt one. If he's backed up and it's a nice day inning elements of their early in the year the ball just flies there. I he may have a seventy yarder but he also may had to set. And here in the can we give Bruce Irvin a plea special teams this week ply. But he wanted to because he wants to hit the wind was but just to preserve it on the field on snaps to you again on Monday he's got that round and that. Beloved because he talked a lot of smack the mark kicking over Twitter and on the potter never said that if you're on number seven there number fifty ought to offset. The update personal foul penalties America can take that it's true that he could possibly be a problem. Watched you could literally grabbed the flag clicked. You need to look at Travis Kelsey doing a little hippie how creative. He's trying to catch up Yeltsin or more kicking run for the harbor bay parkway to headquarters and is Debra brown closer to in the bridal dance affirmative Marquette on here tomorrow and we shall we shall we jump nobody's friend market would come on her that there will be going by the way report from Santa Clara forty niners not practicing today. Mike person Josh Garnett Malcolm Smith in March he's good when. Ager Colbert was in uniform bus to play or captured. Told the media pot Jonathan good conducive up popular file out and acted algebra two points that's going to be able to block Ricky Jacques Francois. They be able to watch live angrily at a sly and the family stone but he's he's deceased they like the couple they are they. Well what is wrong with Jonathan Cooper. That there that they don't wanna bring them back to get a run on these guys and I don't know. The so I don't know what's going on here not director Hershey director at least Dolly's please don't call that code red truck thestreet. Camera and the country Shanahan you work but you can't run. Our program couldn't care battle much like especially right kind of got to live look like alleged anti government but that's. Then the troops here. We'll bug Woodbridge who flew right guard those guys they would like a like code red and they're absurd to have some you know how tightly kill gives you nightmares and it wouldn't call registry if you could not sleep over tyra guilty and so he just if PS3 yards Japan. It's going to hire fresh look at it now I'm having nightmares about Darius slate because he's young I personally see a big place way. Dante tennis least we talked about that quick slant rout against Xavier rolls too much Stanton around. Will witchy James suit up Trent Taylor is a young guy I'm a little word about vigorously pick and all my guy Jimmy G pop. Where I. I'm of the opinion and the talent Richey James junior out for the scan if you're not if you don't have Markey good. Boy you just don't have a lot of explosives. Into us McCain and I I think that's worthy of a conversation he had reaching out. You know Kendrick born with it trust him again. If Goodwin can't play. Then you probably have up the bulk up I think this may be. A serious discussion ago I care about getting Richey James junior up but he's changed numbers he was 82 in the pre season he's wearing thirteen now so maybe lucky thirteen. Today is September 13 re doing this so I just think it able juice on the offense there there's no jet sweep stuff the guys it's a good slot receiver. Com I don't know you trust Keddric born again. Don't know man after that that's my guy but it usually does all the juniors feeling better about making Russia conflict could afford it treasure it and keep reacting that way your agenda 84 did dad real quick let's look over at Napa California what is going on the rigors of looks like they're gonna give Johnny whole. The former wide receiver caught a big party they broke the worst NBA they're hard to be partners in there and Alameda sarge forgot about on that. The Joni Holm who had a big touched our recession last year in Denver when Todd downing sort of skip an open down the sidelines. They're going to give them a look at Warner back. Warner he's never played organized pitching I don't at all Sharon can't move into Iowa Jones to corner you know. He need to be kept fumbling uses some lightning quick it is to give and take two at this should be a shocker. If she's able to do this because. You play tackle football at all I don't think he played it high school he was a body of a Mari Cooper's. Growing up in Florida they play flag football together and enter a guy coach and JC level or something saw Johnny and sit lounge fest let's look at an entity in play tackle football at all so tackling was a problem for him. Musicality. Was a problem for him now he has become. A really good garner. Actually one play the other night I was some press for them because he would be so fast he's one of the fastest guys on the team on what he's as fast as Mark Davis Bryant but he stressed. But he would be out of control fast. It just run right by guys that I didn't off he could physically tackle if he was strong out. But the other night I saw him get down they're so fast but then he decelerated. Got his legs it was a fair. Catch caller Italy by fair Cooper. And I was really impressed so I mean I. I would question if he has the things that cavity. To be able to tackle but they had made him a daughter and he's gotten better at that that's a whole different deal man is she. Is he going to be on the back pedal and turned and she is you play defense and all the never played defense at all. If you finance sleek shape to with a preview of the regular season of a sudden they do with the OTA should take their mutual what are we gonna pay church move drew grounded join me an element of Portland. Special talent try broncos'. He was a different physical talent. And that's just I don't know Julie and I makes it look right at the wide receiver room. And they're wondering you know Nelson Cooper Roberts look foul. And now the white tigers back and look at their quarterbacks. I mean you'd Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie sheer. Gerald world is coming off a suspension to Jack Connelly. And is there any better chance for him as far as the depth to contribute. And it it corner over a wide receiver. I don't know that is the skill set he's got a really gifted. Route runner and I'm being kind. Sound so maybe they just feel like he's not going to be able to get this let's uses speed somewhere. Anywhere else could play. If you were gonna move or pro wide receiver. O line no outside and no quarterback go. Back tactical effect on our defensive end line that we're gonna play though I guess cornerback. As for the fast guys go bad is not a good to go I don't know that they don't want a new partner and I also think he's a good daughter. Yeah I think he's actually up on game day. Right giving it when you're go from 53 to 46 Johnny Jones what are your daughters yeah so he's got going up but then. At a that you trust everything hits the Daniel Sanders I don't think he's playing corner on this Sunday no huddle. It struck me because I listed Dickey was physical and offer earlier history nobody has gotten more physical again did you garner. And each shot you're gonna get attack on Carroll's fast you are tied it up auction to get down there can actually tackle the punt returner what good is so. He has gotten increasingly physical that's a it's intriguing to me. There wouldn't Julian have a mandate moved on my the year he won two Super Bowl the second time around. When they lost in New York turns around number two and Indianapolis before doing that when he was clear -- corner whomever is I do not graduate and a wide receiver grown Asia's degrade as you play cornerback on the river college kinda tell Rebecca H obviously why he played quarterback in and I. I do not call a play and slot. There is playing corner. He's guarding guarding. All they heard a negative number packages were yet to go and in doing there he was banged up basically the same resort Troy Brown play corner so this is an Australian they Al understand this 46 man up on game day watchers have all 53 I've been having this argument you won't have to move up in the clinching a guard. She still wanted to get a guys hide your roster tilt or whoever. Play guard I don't if you're gonna pay a Tobin I should say. If you get a pay them. To be there why do you wanna deactivated I understand that now makes no sense I don't know admitted product suffers. Maybe they'll fix this in the new CBA after the whatever brings it out. Not I've I've wondered this we're a long time Mike you have. All these roster spots and anger did not dress seven guys in what if you get hurt them just to order to actually I did watch just have not gay and not have to move tackles to guard to the middle of an NFL game you know and doesn't make any sense to me art pop star for the caboose pistol here on the afternoon delight. You know it's stem from the caboose test and he's great total you don't take. I'm going to yeah seven day. This whole. It was good news stories that almost slipped through the crowd. You five point seven the game. Having had a chance to catch up with Gergen and all would know. That's the government and I but boy okay and other now that no conversations yet who together really allowed to Obama. I think that's what the rules and. Yeah are you interested in are you looking forward to having a conversation with him or anything like that like of course they're working Finland Turkey those songs if that's true. She kicked off all. It if he had that look on his face at all times home that's what are some goals and twenty. That interview was back in April when market was on the rosters so whether marketplace the raiders or Broncos and I'm sure he's aware of Jon Gruden regardless. When I went roster was EI was on the Broncos know they was not he was on the radio distillery air yet. I think. He has said that before pretty close I I you cut I brought this up on the truth machine are whatever you did I I believe that interviewers something to do with Colleen. And you can hear him in my mind I'm crazy Graham crazy. Like judge Richard may was Lindsay roads an NFL total access chatty very calm no I didn't know that it is now it is may have been MR kid is each show that he's not really Anderson of football. And it is and it unleashed in him. Yep I'm stupid let's look at our acreage is just that he's not a directional potter any makes a lot of money I think that's the issue. We Messmer kicking around here ultimately we try to reach out to him and market has gone ghost on and so is this your camera close and asks whatever you want to practice calamity he would. It spot me at the gym sometimes at an old crunch gym mega Danville but. No market as got a bigger better things in Denver and remember it remember that he didn't we wanna be there members of the altitude is pretty much Yeltsin had a the first game. Home pull that up and it was awesome that controversy over the trees can watch the punting and wash the pony and that that was the game though Broncos and Seahawks Seahawks were quick here. We asked people on our new Twitter page who if what what what team this topic though we have to do its work now. Because I was just getting really thought of the Goldwater and Alex yeah okay. So we asked people what are some Bay Area jerseys that are unacceptable to aware of former players on you know your favorite Bay Area teams. And this one guy says the raiders JaMarcus Russell he can't or JaMarcus Russell Jersey for the 49ers you can't Wear all the semesters. For the warriors can't leisure all judgment he can't Wear a bimbo Coles Jersey if you're if you're gonna look on whether Limbaugh triple cohosts are now that occurred that Josh Beckett where bodies searchers I guess not by today. You came to the giants you can't Wear Armando Benitez an asset to our right and get easy can't Wear Jim Johnson. So there you go I agree with that I know like he would like Jeff Kent Jersey. And why not because he was kind of a deal bush. To the giants how else to rely a hall of Famer enjoy digging tunnels seats and winning number twenty eights around AT&T park we'll say that. Was a lot number two jerseys O Paula JaMarcus Russell jerseys on the money no luck I don't know number two you know what I am. I I went to the game that that the raider fans there where the rainy monsters he's the JaMarcus Russell jerseys and even in a if you ever doing it like me and protest. If you win a total managers he now c'mon man Kirk Kirk you have a couple of managers nobody like I I was I was kind of like and we know. I still sets so when when we when we went to there you know tail gates everybody was human. Caters. And I was still mad about what happened last week so I screamed uncle Leo Max oh. And of course everybody had to say c'mon man to get past demand remove anonymous and move it onto. Remove line well many of any greater jerseys is Santa Claus for you there. Russia mosh. Yeah and that was never thought Boston Jersey you're rich guys had a total access and I said is good for eighteen touchdowns and Agassi. Yeah him it was good about eight Fitzpatrick. And Ulster is it for about three. That's what Santa brought you it was a Jim Brown. Jim Brown I've Jim Brown jerseys Ali I have. I have a on Wednesday I have. I haven't geared Burgess Pro Bowl Jersey shirt purge is Pro Bowl you know it's sad years did earlier river. Having a stabler Jersey I have a grand me how we long Jersey and that's about it can go wrong what now igniting go wrong. And ASA Mugabe for you guys did not have a name Yasser I'm like yours and not enough. Real quick here I alluded to this yesterday judge DeMarcus Cousins new warrior. Has a pool boy if you had to guess whoever whose pool boy who was on the warriors roster. Current warriors players who would you say the pool boy it would be I would guess if I didn't see the solar radio which guests. Klay Thompson. Why why clay Thompson just seems like he told her do you. In New York talk about the staff lesion it shouldn't be Jacob Evans shouldn't be the rookie Rickie I guess it's going to be catching the cause he's linked since he stole the Jersey tournaments and undoubtedly George Caroline well. At a precedent for well now it is in fact defensive player of the year dream on green cleaning jamarcus 'cause it's cool she. Shot of the month old guard. Terry critical clinical. Good overall. And third. Former soldier girl look look look it is going. I built a broke. It's been scurrilous says broad broad. I mean he can't tell you how to donate blood actually Rachel 'cause this is it a defense erupted from Africa. Should cook a credit that is for new player on the wars that's history disrespect. This is a bed was booed coming along with his Rihanna well. How sad is they're sectors but he bought a house and he sold his house and sack I believe we'll relive it here whom are. Don't know what he's be hopefully he's rents and because I don't see if you hope we are written and certainly can afford to buy. You have a book by the way just see the first pitch that stiff period through in. They was overseas Japan that the best first as you've ever signals striker I mean compared Lee to the it was a Kevin hard like taking his sweet ass time in the consent yet. We'd mayors incidents have been answered that I got here and tentatively. Asserts a terrible for Google backed stashed it was at his Bristol had a pretty good hours that it feels. The local rules first pitch at the coliseum apparently did bills like ninety miles an hour strike. So what or is it always helps as one of the best processors such that I don't of the clock until a fast ball no strike you went right down hand at it they look pretty good in and seeing these celebrity first pitches it was actually pretty good. So casually knowing me I know he is actually at the hand eye coordination charity softball game where JaVale McGee's juggling thing. As staff Currie was actually very good as a shortstop and our boy Nick Young was very good edit catching pop ups and a you know appropriately he was wearing a number eight for a Islam people how did this without due this year. He just needed just look at it now just know when DP no MVP are guys that you can boost the start that's it for us what we don't. What we backed more at high noon of Britain now more 49ers alliance and of course looking careers. And Broncos a little bit as well a's baseball come up soon but up next for twenty minutes so. Is Damon Bruce regularly parts of again.