Papa & Bonta – Hour 3 – NFL

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Tuesday, September 11th
Hour 3.Greg Papa and Bonta Hill talk with former NFL head coach Dick Vermeil, talk about the new coaches around the NFL, and finish up with the Caboose Pistol.

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One guy that there was no way you're away even longer and one of the TV came back and yet obviously won a Super Bowl and Kansas City teams are high powered. If you had any communication which Jon Gruden as she tried to embark on what you did years ago coach. Culture you know like Madonna and her friends as so leap day but all the you know we would that communicate back or. All hypocrisy here and I was electoral problems but it back it you know figured that he just has too much to give McCain an estimate active for the game. Not to be coaching and teaching games are completed either. Did you did you think. That your time away from the game and you were doing great work and accurately read much burger a lot of those years of your way to a net college football mostly but. You're away what fifteen years. Did you or did you get did you think it would be that long of a time. No I didn't play in you know and after a while there are planned not to go back that debt. The rim were nice enough to be persistent through the years of our premier that opportunity be at work than ever before you assistant coach. And now play reacted you know I don't hold back now know political Leah is 6162. Years old. Awkward guy and out of coaching an opportunity to it would back. And it turned out to be great obviously the state of the art offence to you guys agree to show on turf change pro football. That the years kuril way coach pop marched to the NFL change. From when your last coach with the Eagles and 822. When you came back and torched the rams in 97. I think it was a drastic change is birdsaw cite speed of the player. The volume. What you see are principally at least that's simply the equality. Of the scenes. All kept getting better I think you know let's take. 1980. If you go beautiful Cadillac then in 1980 then drove who wanted to be your 2000 is that our our. Even though it had that saved me and that I think if anything happens to the national football and other sports. Figured he'd get better and bigger and faster and make more money. Colts also biggest adjustment for you when you did come back you talked about a game change in the speed of the players. In a fast when obviously the rule change as well below the biggest challenge where. Maybe it was you know when I was coach Diego I was blew up into ordered I coach little aura back all bundled late. And when I came back after being fourteen years I didn't think I was. Compared to do that. So I parent coordinators. And I would the leader of the organization that tired of people like design in the lancet. Practices in the overall operation in all that controlled the discipline the motivation. And then hire coordinators do the topic with a beat it's it's special its got to so that was different from what my first time around it. Fortunately I hired the right people. Coach show you know obviously your your articulating how much the game changed a fifteen years you were away. And then you know you're last year with the chiefs was in 05 Johns last year and tempo was 08. So now speak. To the change that Jon Gruden is seen from pro football. When he was a coach before to what's going on now for instance how much today even get in the shotgun. Back then I'm not sure is Tampa teams did that to run the West Coast offense and I are watching the Philadelphia Eagles play. The opener coach of the next vols got under senator a single time soccer is how much is the the modern game the NFL game with the spread influence from college changed in your mind from when John last coached in a wait persist today. Not nearly as close. In 82 and came back and in any definite that changed is much. I would say it has changed ER he'll look at to beat the this bread and you know count the number of the box and run pass all the holes I think. There's more people in. Those variety of office right now that before. That would be evolving you know it came from college football. That it didn't take occasion nearly as you like it did when I was. That's interest in how do I would have thought the opposite so what's their guy and I Ernie asked the question before why do you think it changed more between 82 and 97 at. Vs a way to today coach. Well you know we were so concerned. You know he didn't run the ball forty times in the early eighties late dad if you work power you know you weren't tough. And we all bait you yeah every time you want. Run the ball or can you expect to win you know and that gradually changed speak and I changed the people that bought it Gilbert were the only piece every night and start. Thinking about or more points read it and just control the clock and keep the all the off field most. You know trying to play 100%. That's our. Turn over three. Football and we open it up. And that that they gave up goal and that is bill that we would into the randomly that we bought my marks into the kept hoping it would be absolutely skilled people. You know that may not contribution to the late not that it wasn't being dubbed the war are sort of pursued at the reds into it on Korea and certainly many cans I get. You know that he'd be it is impeached. That I think the influence of college and more kids to throw the ball. That you watch college football now everybody everybody got a got a but is it protocol in the Republican run like hell do I think. More kids coming out of college today are prepared wrote start early we just saw the kid in the yet. Play out any football. It is first game. I think it is I think the content of our influence obscene but did somebody go do it in the N well. And it is successful it uses bases. And then more people do it you know that is huge. A materializing in a positive way to earth wide open office people involved in the movie he changing. Make it be easier to do that so. You know but it did dramatic change came I think from the early eighties. Two the late nineties that that was the dramatic change because. You know it used to be too tied into play yeah and I didn't just limited to back in the backed Hillary were bad at all back pretty quickly implantable. Yeah I'm think it which which staff is largely responsible on deck and Sam why should Cincinnati was boomer. And the and they show their huddle and then Marv Levy. And Jim Kelly in buffalo in the case gone where no what it is that the reason you think it transformed from a you know more of of a static conservative approach were in the vs let's just open up and let it rip. Yeah I think you know I think all those things make a contribution to the evolution being so. In those people that you mention we're work contributors do that that process but yeah. Quite a big debate over. As we see it today and you'll have come down to college Brett interview on you yeah that's there already is. Bail out there all hope the ball is. Former Super Bowl winning head colds paper mill here in Europe the middle right on 9570 games so big watching games this weekend. Would you seat quarterbacks in the Bay Area Jimmy rob blow Sunday gets to tough Minnesota Vikings defense L last night would dare hardest LA rams. Well you know we're all very proud that both of those that they you know they're not great for the all big. And that they're gonna go to learning experiences in a good games great gains act you know I can remember what coaching. Print read we went to Denver he threw five interceptions and they're ready to run in Monaco. And back aways so. You know embryos grown via. They go through that process. And they and they you know gradually quit doing that and I I think that what you seek legal brothel out of intercepted targeted problem and help. This sick game of his career starter so you know I think important that are going to be a very football extremely local. They really have a good at all and he's he's greeting the tour. They don't turn the ball over the way that they don't all the local politics or in act personally I think that the reflexes. Up output is at the culture player today. We had very little contact bird little network almost no double A and they are contacting them. Intensity ready come Sunday in the league opener and is more mistakes more openly bigoted it played at a different don't. And I've gone back to hear your comment about when you came back after being out for fifteen years she just didn't feel like you could do it all and he didn't want to call you know who plays anymore you delegated and you had young and Michael White on your staff there yet coach march. Yet some great offensive people. Do you ever see. Jon Gruden in the near future coach follow that same path because he's such a great play caller play design is what gets some. Joost about the game but do you ever see him backing away from it shall be a better coach of the total football team. No I don't think so. I I think he's capable. The complete package you know first hockey reading net never let the game he left the field. But all backed television work in the quarterback chosen. All and it worked at EPA. I think prepared you better to be better off that he had those and it was when he left. Figured when you have no pressure on in your your kindergarten by yourself. You see a lot more personal note kind of you worried about getting you ready. Play and you're you're just study in the game and I think I I know we get that communicated well it. He was always study indicate. At all. Watching what other people do in wording also from the taco. He's going watching college football practices this spring and the alternate. So I I believe what younger than it was nine left in the yell a lot more. So I think. They've got. I think you will just I think he'll be a better go to these every bit. They are Kosher when you when you watched Kyle Shanahan. And in all the years he was a coordinator now even more so as a head coach. Do you see a lot of Mike Shanahan and the way he runs his offense coach. Actor Peter you know Mike was as good as the best and who the best look look at Michael is good labor. And a I obviously you don't get stuck and wrapped up how he wants to move the ball away from dissolved their TP. You know I'm I'm really impressed you know EU Atlanta hasn't been this agency that. You know and I I didn't see him getting better every year. As they had coats and the obviously court hearing Coleman's place that is eager young guy who got a great passion in an unbelievable. Depth of knowledge because it's endless started when he was in kindergarten. I. There's no disadvantage and there I hit I think he's going to be a net two. Well now well now that's what I call it a perfect look that. Mike Shanahan who. Okay maybe the next month. If it. I felt so good to catch up with the EU look we love having you on the show have a glass of reference William. Our idea that there can. There's JOB cabernet and. Rule. They are right take care because of survival will be usually associated treasure and an paper mills also there we gotta talk to him soon get up there was winery up there and Apple Valley. John Gordon used to be the young hotshot play calling coach back in the late nineties. Now Gordon is one of the old guys in East Coast and its younger versions of himself. In Sean McVeigh and Kyle Shanahan will conical succeeds. In today's NFL we'll talk about that here in the afternoon delight. 957 big game. Now back to the red carpet show on 957. Games. Things that terrorists and this being part of free agencies. With the grounds cap guys on me. Marcus Peters a key to leave and comic can get to pay guys like the rest of us are what the heck yeah. You know I think the nice thing about being able to acquire those caliber of players as you know two of them through trades and unfortunately it leads to losing some weird good players that were instrumental in doing some things last year were. You know and Alec Ogletree and Robert went end up being you know trade guys who were valuable to us but. And I think you wanna try to make some decision that you feel like you're gonna help you improve as a team. That was the mentor and Minty Jon Gruden of course Sean McVeigh Sean McVeigh was on gruden staff in Tampa Bay. They know they've known each other for a long time and also sit down they had. In the offseason so we bring that up part because he's new coach at the cultures who made their debut this fertility eighteen and that Aggies to frank writes the jar and grooms the pats server as. The Matt Patricia is the might brighter bull's. Wilkes down and Arizona didn't win a game this weekend. But so what these guys. Well I mean all different situations but their new coaches because their teams that do well with the exception of the Tennessee Titans who just decided to Jamaica changer by Malarkey. The go back to our job and said. About the ramps is salary cap situation and I want to the same thing. Now. He's not accusing them of violating the camp because you can't you cannot go a nickel over the salary cap it's a 177 point two million dollars but easy. Is he taking under I don't think you take it shattered town Delanie who runs the raiders cap has been doing it for years and just expert at it. Kevin damn offers a guy that runs the the business of the ransom usher their cap guy is that. Just look at their numbers and Donna considers their highest paid player in X 145 LaMarcus Joyner who I thought was true is ridiculous to franchise tag him. I think he's a good player but not that caliber players make it over eleven teams until leaves at eleven rockers eleven. Mark Barron at nine and a half Andrew Whitworth you bought from the Bengals and free agencies at nine want to. Erin Donald's still on his rookie deal they didn't get many new money shuffled 78 the quarterback the differences steered golf. For starting quarterback in the NFL makes a low sum compared. To Derek Karr engineer hospital and the other ones. He's at seven point six early this new money is not kicking an engineer three. Or just finish year three right of his rookie cam a year. Finishing three years in your for this kid they would they did this deal that does not kick in until after these two years what is your rookie deal expires. So you know he's make it 72 O'Sullivan six I don't throw at all. You know the guy that's not making a lot of money markets Peters. He's won seven but next year he will jump up higher. So. I think getting back to your point. About the coaches. And you know how they're doing you also have to look at. What their role is on the team. And no one can question John Burns ability. To design offense call offense coach offense he's a brilliant offense of not I'm not questioning that. But it's a different situation she's in May be because they gave them. HM well Fisher kind of contract in team and he gave a ten year deal with jumbos making much 75 he's making a hundred whatever to make it. In our neck he didn't get ten years or for April Wiltshire right here right what's the name of the first choice and just Nevada Josh McDaniels met Patricia. That's Shermer and the other thing is they're not. They are strong GM's. Ryan places a strong GM. The guy and in Tennessee Janet Robinson a strong Gianna. Steve time him and always had trouble off the field he's a strong GM Chris Ballard in India there's Ballard it in the wrong obviously Bob Quinn a little. So. I think she you know as we assess John here. We assessed him. On. Not coaching aspects I play the game last night that we can question a lot of hills of Marc Cooper not getting featured more. Is Jared Cook the guy you wanna feed the ball chilly too worried about the rams' defense is not your own personnel while she steamy get up and all that. But the real you know thing is what they do with taleo. And I H elevated jade gentlemen ordered got vertically or Mac nothing that he would have done that now Dade government did kicked Josh Norman out of Carolina. He did rescind the franchise tag on him. So that that was interest and so just hope they Vontae NHL. I don't know what jobs you know. Well look again I thought the same thing but I don't live and breathe this every single day you're right the LA rams are cap compliance we are not accusing have a violating it. But they've got to spread out now the quote the call they got to make his golf. Not a lot of bump off from seven million ditch one. Haven't though. Little did album I bought by another guy that's better but you drafted him. You went number one if you add Carson whence we shut down the lead that immediately be dealer you guys for ever. With a battering rams on your helmet so rabbit so it's just it's interesting. But the the bottom line is these other coaches. Came at a bad teams with the exception of Mike Vrabel. And I don't know if he's ready to do that it's really not how policy coordinator. Couple years with Houston rehab Romeo Cornell drug possibly holed a sand there so I don't know about that and Tennessee made sector of the playoffs last season they they could change so there are and I caved. MB did she say rallied to beat the cheese what do straw beef it's what would you prefer as a head coach to play caller or defense of god because we see here with the said the coaches who made her. And made their appearances this week in and they all lost. For Omar offered to mine's three of them are deep pits of martz would you prefer pop. Well I am Natchez. You know if you're fight hearing a guy who was an offensive guy you're probably get a higher defense of if years the raiders in your disenchanted over Del Rio and a lot of room. You know Jericho are you hired offensive guy you for the 49ers and you've gone through. Often a defensive guy each Harbaugh being the exception and how about and call plays. So it was mainly a defensive. Presence what she via Chip Kelly obviously. But you know. So right into it depends on your flavor. I you know for years. And I've ever talk to Jack group about this about other coaches would John was younger twenty years ago. You know what are these guys do. If they're not calling the plays. What are they are really doing well that there's more to it that bad. And even guys that I think could call plays like Jason Garrett doesn't do it anymore British tried to coach the team. Overall bettered your her coach for meal. You know peak in particular meal was a great offensive mind in Philadelphia. And nobody came back he had Mike wiley obviously it might march seated we can do we need to do would have been announcing Lewis he thought he could delegate. And down. And opened up two other guys. But. So there's that you know a yin and Yang there I remember no one glaring want to. Was it Mike Shanahan stopped doing it. In Washington and I was like why it's part of my cherry about Cory age that's what is great debt while he had Kyle Shanahan. And he was cannot sheer Mike you don't steer his son to do what he wanted it is set. If it's it's a chicken or the egg. You know Al Davis always want a little offensive mind as he would run the defense basically yelled the coordinator Mark Kirk Betty bitch about the offense but he wanted he wanted to play caller essentially. As we wanted to got to talk to the media decide what to do what fork down and call the office supplies that's what you want. So it's easier to assess. The offensive minds I think I have a good handle on guys that run great offense you can hire them it's hard as Steve Welch is a solid guy. Mike Vrabel was a good player is he really ready for this I don't know net Patricia way to long time fourteen years nor than the last five or six the coordinator for ballot checked the that you wonder. I'm particularly coordinating any part of Belichick's team now so I've always been gravitate to the play callers but it. Going back to what met nag he did on Sunday night. That is he's a great play caller this stuff to Kansas City Chiefs did. And I give a lot of credit to be read about it it really was Maggie Maggie I think embraced. This spread formation. They have people on their staff they hired Chris salts. Never do it Chris all I'm staff as they consulted to teach about a run the pistol in the early head Brad Childress he's been a head coach in this league. This thing his title was. Spread game coordinator whatever watch that's crazy Soviet republic what he's doing. Is researching college football not only do this the newfangled. Five eligible quarterback and the gun pistol backs now the chiefs got back skull and every damn direction. They got. What the hell are they doing. Consult met Maggie did a lot of net a lot of this stuff I get ready wreak credit for. When you talk to Kansas City people nag you did it. Nagging his state of the art. OK so now we got to Kiev coach the two YE a third in line. Are you not going under shatter and running yet. And running again at fort Don why you kick a field goal. To go ups from three to six against Darren Rogers you're gonna lose you cannot give him the ball back with time you beat you because he did. What bella check it done that now that's her ballot check ins and out liar here. Can see how he's involved in everything how much is involved in the offense slumber party says a lot. But he seemed cocaine right things it's special teams involved offensive fraud he runs at all but he's a brilliant. Game manager go back to what he divot Peyton Manning on that fourth and want. He called a free one forward Kevin Faulk didn't get it he said I punt the ball back to that guy with a horseshoe on his cell but remember losing. Met Maggie. You're gonna lose and you I didn't I've read some of his post game production a press conference and after we have to assess at all. Met Maggie got the job because he's a brilliant offensive mind he's embraced spread and everything in a modern game. But you gotta know he can't get the ball back Darren Rogers there are not watching what he's doing here he's going to be doing you're gonna lose by a point and that's what happened. By the way NFL dot com's Michael Roth flow is reporting that wind veterans. The 49ers are of course gonna see it leave our stadium this Sunday. Were writing about that coast Matt purchase all during training camp saying there's too many rules put in place how hard he worked him during the summer. Veterans are already kind of souring on Matt Kutcher should not the first time we've seen that would have Belichick assistant wish of course Josh McDaniels and Denver we know how that season played out. On anybody's knowledge about assisted done well I don't we're talking about this yesterday Charlie our place in wisely trying to lose our right at notre to anyone what I willing Romeo Romeo one -- games on here and I don't think sold with a camera doesn't want chanted they were intent there into the playoffs started yodeling champ Derek Anderson as quarterback you have actual record chart its strategy and I hear area or if he thinks if they think he worked so hard in training camp. Wait until tomorrow. Kirk Kirk. Oklahoma derail the stuff you don't think he's pissed off like that they did they order guy is repetitive verde laid down I don't expect him to do that Sunday we by staying orbiter will face always wolf beat. Be behind eight ball there in the NFC north was locked in an Oakland wants talk. Talk about the raiders offense here in the afternoon like what's up Ian. They are you doing good. They were harming our swat. You mentioned at I think that he really need based on emotional intelligence. John gruden. A lot of things that it would you like even I mean getting rid of me and punter mat and the current crouching yet it is the better you are able to open in here. And I really think right now the raiders really need to live die in mastered that art form wage. It is our time in the pocket a quote ledger or back so we can ration and really break down and and make it a starter out. The defense. They didn't really do it and it's like we are really they're really good for because we did have our formation. But I think car car rewards well. I thought New England yeah we're involved Sunday. Yeah of them I think are great leader by. But every time Carter's brought in the fall he did you were going. Looking down the field it was it was really predictable. And I'm hoping that absolutely is it's a good bit. Or hiring out do you we're we're. And obviously the fall and it's interesting what he says because most of the analytics and another coaching staff felt that Eric was not good under center. You know what he had to turn its back that's why remember last year we talked about why no play action why no play action like no play action when they did you play action. Well I'm talking about under senator turn your back to the defense play action turn around. He wasn't as strong. In that regard. So and it's also as far as Dirk telegraphing balls I think it was I think it's large part it's the opposite the one to Jared Cook just a bad place been on the ball you missed it. The the one to the backside of the linebacker Littleton took you know he never even looked at for. So I think that was there was a rap on him that he would do that. We saw it in games and the raider players in practice. Would talk about it that he would often look to the front side and then come back the backside and he really wouldn't look. It was almost like he could see it enough where he dissed so he would just go there's so fast. And they would they would play it in practice. And it was insecurity and practiced and itchy noses well I I no wonder little Tim Vontae we ever get an explanation on what he was doing. I don't know it look like when you were playing Madden and pressed a wrong but many just out there that it was reported that our. If you have like I. A short buildup of tried it again and she should I had no idea what your car was ordered started throwing out the can't lofted it up about. The the it was a. Trying to hit. Jordy Nelson and come back we'll see that I can I I have no idea or he wasn't open and Littleton was sitting there you're that we need answers on our Internet site that I think I don't disagree with the caller on both regards. But that's that's the the issue because John watched Iran. Double sites fullback we saw some 22 personnel he wants the quarterback under shatter. Whether it's fourteen blaster forty blasts that are recalled in Tampa forty but the raiders fourteen whatever it is he wants to run power ball. And have dipped you know DOD analytic show that Derek distraught remember to Eric's first two years of Fresno state he was under center with Pat Hill. The last two years she was in the shotgun. And that's why to a large extent he dropped the second round it's like or capital dropped to some degree and a data retrain these guys to play under center so I disagree on both points and Allen. Which is crazy they're jerk off was drafted number one overall because Ali did it cal was playing a shotgun all day long by the way some injury news when Sharma night he's also likely pop. In this all of next season while terrible blow. For the Oakland a's mark martini guy guarding a billionaire group. Has just reported that body stood out first topic procedure must be more than a stall speed so the noted moron with a shoulder shouldering arrangement what does Islam mean Sharma an item or bottle all the 2019. The big trivial when a spotlight on an artist attitude I did not realize is. Well Marc Cooper his hat listed ten yards receiving in six of its last thirteen games we're talking about a guy who was a top five pick. Supposedly. I thought is gonna take next step last year or go for a fortune earned yards receiving six games six of his last thirteen games. Ten yards receiving. For more recuperated got to get number 89 involved in the game plan is gonna be tough next Sunday in Denver on a short week let's go up to Scott and Oakland. Most talked about the open Ritter Scott purity afternoon delight here many parts of the game itself Scott. We'll score wrong fellas thank you to take DiMarco man that was ordered up a little bit about air caught I don't know if you are ever. But I told jotted it may have been genital while a vote audit last year watching in man is something going on with the raiders man. They've they've laid down on their card their card they definitely have the wanted to do got to make a preparation it'll be no good support group can save them brother. Well what he always saying the offensive line's not blocking for only don't they want to get hit I don't understand what W operative line he's gone the Dow took the offensive line especially in the first half dominated the line of scrimmage dead or other holes and how many holes at the end it bothers Tommy Colette she had last night. He had he had three or four career for cold Miller how when I believe I mean at Tinto and no 145 yards and Hillary's are blocked Deron Donald and Ndamukong Suh. He had a hold of both right now are you gonna block on Miller grabbed each other and that's a whole different didn't Denver I don't doubt. Panic did OK you still a little shaky. The dirt doesn't help with two tier lower he's got to deal with Von Miller. That's why John Ellis tied hands are off the right side there I'm familiar the rookie left tackle. So you can only help one help what it's hard to hope to help both right and what he did you have a tight ends of the field at all fullbacks and tight ends and not on all sorts. If you show hoping. Did that and I thought but you know they don't have. Great edge rusher with the rams they certainly do in Denver and they may have four or real quick on a shaman I injury. How does this I mean obviously Paul will be back lecturing I thought I read shows its luster to a jury was she wrote that she says earlier today and I was muddy middle of next year for plot. And cotton didn't have time to Jarrett Lee actually had a before they don't didn't make the season they had at march ever had it before opening day in college so if you look at at at twelve to fourteen months you've been conservative on and off presenting. If it's easier because you're younger. But they are gonna get a lot of guys back you would think better starters. Amy clocked in cotton and brave men who losses at TJ and ash that could just kind of lost track. A nice kid and a solid net at the race to the patient Bob Melvin just told martini guy in the dugout that he believes that he's gonna miss law likely miss all of 201992. That might fire is coming back. Of course mark fires will be there are. He projection K hill in the house to that you won a bullpen and I'm still all that you want a little bit they've got a lot of guys that tear and the unity what did you have this year about the guy they got from the Yankees a trillion bodies and name welcome prudent to trillion there believe he's still down and got him and he shot a great deal about it I gotta check in on him but that is what it what they have now fourteen different starting pitchers and when he -- on tonight harmonize all of next season as suspicious. And I you're back up my statement but as any team won as many games. As this team. With the worst starting rotation in history of a ripple effect that are obvious. God I hope they have they still win dinner don't make that a third thirty over a perfectly good thirty over here I think it 96 and 66 right Gary anesthesia is not over yet. Literally close to lie a hundred games. As any team ever wanted this volume games and had such why there injured but just least effective start and they Al. Jackson's been good case husband go to Anderson's been Goodman Iowa's gonna when he was there but you don't have saying and I thank god not the only good thing baseball is changed. That's for. You Brett Anderson and Cahill has all the guys you mitts and Edwin Jackson coming out of nowhere. This may be the worst all the listened and he would have to do play give October they've been getting any news yet wild card game. While but Brian Cashman is gonna lose his invited all of this team all the companies need to do is get into the playoffs. Other formula and Ivan you consider the locker game of the playoffs there therein therein sold at a Seattle back now die if there are done. Looking at the Kansas City euros and 2014 and 2015 start to see this this or anything a heck the giants' odd and rotation it's all nasty boys and that's it was a really good but they had a couple pitchers urban and a three haven't re oh who. Are you blaming unreality about talking about the back end of their bullpen. Yeah child CNN's Senior Bowl and islanders on smiley of and we are remembered the Yankees has said that Sparky Lyle won the Cy Young. In the American League the year before they went to get goose. They had Goose Gossage and Sparky Lyle together nodded and co exists well Sparky losses way it's not like it's an advantage here. I told you about you know Tony and a flotation rotation right. He did debt and it would 93 year so I but now the core four with the giants of course I felt Lopez. Romo Casilla and I'm like I'm Wilson offered a Brian Wilson Brian Lawrence what he's the one guy so I mean. Yes other teams have won because of in the Yankee bullpen just a couple of years ago but chances. Andrew Miller leaving the Cuban. That's she that's pretty good idea that's nasty but I just looking at and no one's given me a number keep asking for ideas than volume shapes. In the seventh and eighth inning. You got Fernando Rodney got 325. Familiar had a 51 savior what determines that a 15850. Up under a runner he got a damn near 500 saves career. Leading. To the closer. Now I I you know they're they're deep crater deep and I wonder if they're leaking oil at this point Rockies look shaking you can oil alert day is what Jack's. The ride he's been given up some runs opera has been given out so than here Chris Tony is to say they are men not machines are so it would be. It's like proceeds going to get crazy what do I have successive open got to make mistakes they gonna hang a slider every once in our route he's gonna get foolish changeup marginalize and it looks like that game will be played in Baltimore later day by the way bull Mel. Shouldn't be hail managers a year who library with his star is it done in a landslide what you consider. Kevin Cash in Tampa now and can give to Kevin Cash I just it's a course she's you know. And I can negotiate a contract extension and the Washington and insisting that he should have a doll that's the big question for bowl Mel will we be wearing black and orange. In 20/20 ads or they extend his contract this offseason record Papa Monday night proved their first game in a regular season book MacFarlane going to be rain. Joseph tell us toward Jason Witten. I don't know has it ever been. AA. A color analyst or put a play guy that was fired in season because Jason Witten I do not Noelle if he's gonna laugh out of it. Fifty it was word yet times of Al forum. Well now they're Jacqueline ultimately year. The question where would be what they add somebody to the Booth. And what they take bugger McFarland from field level and bring him in the Booth at a burger restaurants are fine. They're just there evening Jon Gruden shattered you special is special and he taught me something about football every series and you know. It is due to the game to players so well. I don't know who's out there. Outside of Tony Romo. Who could they pilfered Collins worth. There's there's not any Troy Aikman very I'm like yeah produce Troy Aikman ever teach and they about the game a lot like Daryl moose Johnston better aware of just it's good Daryl Johnston is good with Tony Siragusa variant John Lynch was really good job whistles solid. And felt at times can be drops is good at Dallas is getting excellent dad does is solid third but he's not touching each day has just pleasant. And very outspoken as a great player. I'm talking about job would teach you about the game Charles that would take notes Charles Davis value his stock has gone up Charles Davis insults Davis is solid. Or what about our guy Phil sands. Would you bring them back the money that people on the Tehran. Could go suck but he goes just talk it over last night he goes he goes vertical well. Shed a trip to Africa that. God is good so ecstatic Kurt Warner could be really good. I just ordered or just ordered unless I'm not and I hourly once in the game are kind of just to inaudible broke more than a few times she's done it what he did were to Rico Lester on the Saturday at the end of the year and had a Saturday game out it was really good. Warner is she's not afraid is a great player. Annie she's is a whole different level it's just John was so good they really was she was just great on camera. Now Jack could go play by play he spoke so I said clear he enunciated so perfectly study that many genre he was just fabulous site but I. I just wanna no I'd like to hear the audition tapes with Witten when they were trying to knock. She's great candidates for heated up over here there are totally opposed to everything I don't know by the way Beth moments on the beach were New York Jets came back moments it's fabulous play by play announcer and she's good she's some rivalry she's gonna agree she would know we are Jaycee was really you know no energy there and on and tiger is I don't understand iron on English class EU was he's not the great personalities telling his dad. Instead was just days after Smart players that it would keep Jackson collide with the diabetic gaga ball a lot of a lot of what I listen Brian greasy it's like adhered to an extra cautious liken these studies are displayed for the private Bob wasn't playful little it did a little more energy or bribe the best moans of the latitude. Lot of good things last night in Detroit in the money name Booth of course a Monday night crew in Oakland California just in its going to be a struggle here receives her Pulitzer was outspoken about the Leo that with what he's saying what they want just sat down with Lisa salters instead of the Hilton wanna be here to show up for a man and Charles Scott is back up a little bit you know Chris players defend players when it comes to money. And I you know he had that debt or else franchise tag of four straight years but he defended it I can't taken anybody. Which is beyond me that they were trading can I just can't cannot fathom and easy to pass rush last night it was basically non existent. Arden keys Jon Gruden said. Did not have a stellar debut or smashing debut as dark curtains as you expect docs I'm. I don't come I just on the legal pocket belong to clear it was not dominant right away he wasn't a dirt baseball infield and issue. A Russian quarterback. There's no I mean used it last night the lack a pass rush. Was just obvious. Obvious and if you if you have a let it. If you rush the quarterback last night the way Aaron Rodgers got rushed on Sunday night that's a different in other women being blown away don't automatically say that if everybody had managed to little Mac is a gay ginger you're thinking well we're really did not get off to great starts arbiter need to look at it historically. Shift game by game where sex game he was great late in games and he was great late in seasons. Interesting stuff no pastor of generators Charles Woodson mad. Raiders lose to the rams niners lose to the vikings we'll talk more about niners tomorrow getting ready for the beach required to work. The cops or how about a New York Jets Matt Stafford what's his deal what's his injury will we be ready to suit up got to believe and that's staffer will start a game on Sunday August to forty niners. Well we have a bounce all one too old once he's here to Bay Area will break down originally thought we had when we hear your big boy you are both weird Alan opinion there outside the rams when it might not maybe the raiders could could be him because the ranch where. Just you know who's gonna be new John put a time he knew the 49ers game Minnesota. They may be a destined for Philadelphia's are really good. Who else Minnesota really Minnesota I had to say it's up there and and of course we left Tampa Bay comment in the Salant. How honest Jonbenet get a get PA I don't know what about your defense got better last year of an articulate better 48 spots are right Fitzpatrick. That is awful. But we'll talk more about that tomorrow right now it is time for the caboose pistol. Now it's time for the continues test and he's great total income ten. I want to yeah seven day. It's totally look. We'll have a few stories that almost slipped. I. May I make a suggestion for the money and I football Booth suggest a way I shell so there's a recent tight end Greg Olsen who just broke not a bullet and he may be out the rest of the season we'll see you may come back but he did a little dabbling iron in them in announcing with Charles Davis here as the Minnesota game grants. Why not an packaging and wood and out and bring in another tight and just I just add up just add enough fire and diverted and just try to prepare for he's got that bad Whitcomb is bad news that. Who has bad weather like he was Dublin and bobbled it fumble in the Houston did in animal. Well got to think about. You don't need Burleson is good on that show Arnold cool I don't know any do games and yet that's the thing I don't know about that. Outcomes analysis is somewhat to Kyle brand the other guy on the show he's kind of funny and engaging on I 41 of them one at a football don't know I don't know about that either easy. The clock yes hello what do we hire him if there is. Tony Allen I need or a boomer back passionately Mike can Mike again what to do that we need more comedians the money at Bhopal group that put Louie CK and couldn't get them. Can hit a relaxed everybody working in the. I know. And it worries that they thought I mean I of course may put a Jimmy G for throwing three picks yesterday's senile what a dumb ass now so it's only right let's listen to all dirt cars. Picks from yesterday. The last. That showed it happens and it didn't. The and run and it's. Yeah. So there you go. We are dried fired after the game last will conduct after it was bark at him marsh on the whole game so the love love fence left to weigh in and couldn't get on the ground and have contact they aren't earlier in the tango he never got a flight to the ground earlier first Korea to have her and of course she saw him Niagara was nuts into the martian on so. Yeah. Sometimes more is Peters picked up dear Carney is courage she's got his sect actress Jenny. Amen. I his rookie year he had a Molly I want when Derek had a three interception game of our border again now watch mile ahead Juan. Last night was that always remember the three pick game in the fourth quarter against the chiefs they had they game one inning because that one way it could set a third on it wasn't Eric Berry wasn't. Now are scary I don't it was healthy and again we'll a lot of fourth quarter of lot of games back what I ordered earlier they beat him in Iran and their experience. Sabato a ways and Gaza senate raiders it's we fifteen blow a lot of games and fourth quarter to date and Virginia Charles what's in that two picks the Pittsburg Steelers game where they rallies that all the cars are area. But that's the thing so I wanna explain my experience last night I went to the game. And for the first time ever. I you know and in past years I would be pissed off with the with the with the result of last night and I have to say sitting there watching the game everything that's gone on. I'd I do not care and it was a weird feeling. I don't know a lot of raiders fans care a lot her an awful lot of raider fans feel the same way I do today I understand if you are I used to live and die with this team. It was all that's gone on I went to the game last night if this is the lives is this is indeed the last season and Oakland I wanted to be there I wanna be there for the whole season I hope. But I went last night and even doping Dravid got excited Marchand had a great run but. It just it was in the same to me. It just fell to close to it felt so greater financial field okay what I love doing this will be the last year when I'm here is that the Oakland city council's office. So that it I think they will play the black hole was why efforts happening in Little Rock in there hasn't rigors of that 70 lead a big a lot of fans daycare but I got a lot of text messages from raider fans and it would just. Anti cartel's biggest thing. We got a little offering car yeah car but the kind of Coca totally weak during father would take care right now and this is Alabama. All right let's get to a goofy story here. Beatles. Go front manner eagle from Miami is part of the band Paul McCartney said dad brought there had been out collecting call level that familiarity with. Well I mean of it was really the front man read this article here again you can Paul McCartney part of the beatles' greatest band of all time to The Beatles charted reveals that the eight intervals are and where exactly because again. Are we talking about I guess anyway. Stand down there I was. What what what is the current fifth go ahead I have occurred direct your sister a result groundless Paul I don't know. We'll James scored well. She she may know sixty stories because Paul McCartney said Alan GQ. They want and they asked him about these sex capades that The Beatles used to have back in the day so we sat down when GQ and in my best Paul McCartney voice I'll say this. Instead of just getting roaring drunk boating but didn't even know who's doing ruler and then he noticed given these shoes. And related in the late on the lights were out and somebody started in June. For the meal don't expect so we did so basically what Paul McCartney was saying was that said getting drunk or party some times when one person felt eased. Who are there urged U you know. Master and if they polish division there's a fifth of credit to all do that so. It's. Yeah is that they wanted to Beatles they would have fatal secular. The four of itself on the four of whom when they'd just you know were light around some time Qichen and they would. Have a group session and yeah. And apparently they were shadowed by names for everyone to you have some let us all others of a little playback you known. Bridget Bartow and I don't know who that is but bridge apart Eldridge of our doubted there you know if Phidget try to give it a digital art and great Bridgeport got to get used to help out everybody and and sometimes John Lennon would yell out Winston Churchill has the terms. It's a weird some radio her. Listeners or nationality you know that pink bath robe with you know and he knew it The Beatles bishop from the I boarded Abbie good to go about exactly that's why my card he's alleged that little click here are the real quicker guys. They are gonna play ball in Baltimore today. But there is a hurricane in the East Coast coming. And Susan's lesser wrote that there me in fact. Via double header for the eighties if not tomorrow or Thursday what does that mean there now means we may be off the. Out to auto. Or will it bad when Collins said that way because I just a lot of hate The Beatles are there for hours and it's no wants there was a hurricane and anybody flight. Every time they go to Baltimore I'm every years ago that have to yeah yeah when they when they won the division 2000 updated when that game. Amber when they beat Texas. Are they gonna fly following back to Baltimore to play in one's own media has he has to get an American in Baltimore and we'll we'll keep you posted if we get preempted here but eventually played wherever assure tomorrow. We'll see no I don't know whether he could be Wednesday or Thursday they have a style policy woolsey's rule are acting as a well. Hannity our truth India will know. Did Bob hopefully we'll look back at high noon tomorrow if not third grader breakdown NFL week two but that is it for a outs to Damon Bruce show. Limbaugh show is next here on an approximate again.