Papa & Bonta – Hour 3 – Greg’s Departure from the Raiders

Hour 3.Greg Papa and Bonta Hill return and talk about Greg’s departure from the Raiders along with Greg’s longtime partner Tom Flores, Andy Dolich also gives his best moments with Greg, as well as Damon Bruce. Finally, we finish up with an emotional Caboose Pistol.

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The nomenclature. A football where it's the age gap you know be gaps she gap and then you also look at it numerically. Like the Buffalo Bills John Minko display at a great play called 28 is a toss sweep to OJ Simpson's the second back half back eight was a sweep outside of that hole. And I was just you know one play I was talking about. You know halt some holes are called to you know 123. 246. Depending on which side similar to game can't be get all that so the very next play I mixed out. Mike gaps in my numbers so you know it cannot not to lose him. Riding home from a. I'll let them. Almost all of the. The only tonight. The fifth at both black and out of your anal. If you listen he denied he finds that negate KG in Vietnam in HD one KG NG San Francisco radio dot com station whispering and the two time Super Bowl head coach of LA raiders and the Oakland Raiders course one that won a Super Bowl ads and a sister calls and John Madden and as a player with the Kansas City Chiefs. Close Tom floors welcome back to the afternoon light will pop by to hear an early part seven game this. Tell us someone dodi's or some hard times here but it. Got these stories to share about Greg in a broadcast Booth over last when one years. Bow to Boudreau. I. The last all of rest of the day. Indeed at one time. Now I do I said. It. Dried. Out. Widows but we haven't we had a great it would reward great years. Or bolt broke but you know I've never done review before but it wouldn't even for Rebecca who just talking about Boris well what about. Greg was so evident grow and learn some of the nuances but it will. And them or for NATO member of the America over the past. And this. The luckiest guy like coach to go back out there there there are many attached operator calls especially the last two years you would look at me like onion great break I would upon it twice by this. I. When you leave Lebanon don't want wanna not. There. There is anger that this seemed like 21 years to coach it seems like just the other day you and I were climbing up the steps that old Arlington. Cowboys Stadium in Arlington and got an Arlington was hurting and out came up ferocious Lockett seems likely to start this run yesterday and it's 21 years ago. What we want musical. Britain to great round. The great run many members. Yeah and I am still on the audience earlier I I do feel. Responsible for free early in the broadcast Booth I think if you know if I have been able to continue. There was no reason to get rid of you and maybe she's been easier. The clean break tiller has both goals simultaneously in the news is that Lincoln Kennedy will move into the broadcast protest. Tell me about how you found out how it all went down again your thoughts and obviously would look at you as a raider quarterback. Raiders Super Bowl winning assistant coach head coach and also a broadcaster but you've had such a great careers just tell me how. This chapter of your greater career you were notified that it was sending coach. Well I got a call of the barber David good start talking about. You know when are you coming up well Brian we care about which India should be. That you wouldn't talk about. Please start talking about big as a wayward readers can that be different. About this review board isn't broke. But we won't talk about some motivated. About sort of learned from barbarians are going to be it would. Where you have mark their respects were driven the governor reputed. See what sort of you know I've been over the raiders of the lost on tea Bart awkward social. Now back at him and could lecture where if you could carve out coach a perfect role saying that to mark sit down review and it happens say top floor as you punished. Two or three super low if you're the head coach you were involved in all three what what are you wanna do what would you wanna do for this organization now. I don't know I really don't know I don't know I don't know when he won 22 actually about two or three years ago. What I am IQ back. Let the Seahawks. Evelyn developed ought to be able to easily weren't what he would do as a I don't know but I got to our festive football. Q what do well I would like to do so would you guys. Ahmadabad I'm David armour tour of the caller. On radio nervous or dark wood river. Or bear particular result Oreo that would don't know what I'm sure there after they would be here broad. Aaron trouble getting into the book the boot so it. They created a major opera bit out of bluster control. And that's where we're both rebuke. And that's a regular start to a perfect. I'm actually perfect for me because while doing so that I loved. In the sport to load of professional love. And they became news in Jordan. A look forward to the weaker than it was permit it involves you and great it can be a better. Coach Tom floors on York and satellite will pop and by trying to parts of any game Coulter just one ASCII. Because RC Pablo whenever it comes in the studio and who were out there are games he sold Vito what does preparations got newspaper clippings all over the place. Talk about his preparation as you guys are ready for every game every Sunday calling rigorous games. What was Gregg was incredible brutality at all and cut and paste it. Board. And I mineralized concealed by consider what I have real mind bill after our local I have it though of the depth chart. But you Greg wish. Our review every yours probably because I'd. I would give over McCain and start talking about a player or limited to a history. You know just. It will had a pretty we have agreed Malaysia would. In our tyrant became better Earl. And Greg Little easier for me and I credible. Stuff Cabrera. And he. And bill have you had to do you before below but that's. The opening. And Greg. Thought if that's a good. And it. You draw the dance recorded. A group. And what I've. Where. They. Are here. Bill Walsh was like that it is the game's rules. I would it. Do a lot of my preparation on airplanes on today because those ups and captive for five hours on Tracy's I've read a lot. And Thomas sit next to me a lot of come back and chat with me fetus in a stack of phone Booth phone book were picked notes Catholic. In packet the other kids at all it was right up whatever injury but. The great game has changed. Coach from where and when you played it at the university of Pacific in Stockton the CFO. Canal in the early days it got Davidson the whole thing in the coaching and it. And we get John mad about it Hillary logical tournament coach in order. We're concerned about the game and Edwards having dollar and physicality of the game. Just just give me your thoughts on the game you grew up loving and playing and the game that you're watching the game in what is the future history book. Where I mean I think the game. An interpreter is is okay area of equipment there problem better. But what does the government become oppress you gave it sure they've made it more more. And I would object. Another contact there Britain over a bit problems. They have adult problem and all that stuff has changed. The way you approach a game. There have been ruled. You know what is a judge what is and pensioners. They're almost too much right and but I think them that big thing. Veto. Durable but there and it's hard to give a part with he. You can go to our team about the blurred because teams change. The free agency or this celery carrot. In there every year you get when I'm in guys order came. So you don't have that same. Loyalties that say about tradition. That you used in Arab. The raiders were always the raiders and guys would description of Riviera. Just dealer and say urban elusive about this this is just concentrated. In doing so the trying to keep up what. One of the trim some of them underdogs are on number still agree that war over ruled Cuba great. Cultural gonna let you go here we know on the news this tough man but it is here. It is good to hear from you after the latest developments at oak rehearsal culture pinkie time. Have fun at alumni weekend up in Napa and we'll Duffy talked decent. Our tech Erica stop harvesting. Oh. Colts Tom Flores first minority. Pickles and when the Super Bowl championship to Oakland Raiders course one reason coached with hackles when as an assistant. And wanted to player republics remember a former lawyer and 49ers coach on far far too early the first. Now's your child now's your chance to win a thousand dollars it happens now. Now down to the red accomplished you know 1957. The team. The moment we have waited okay airport. Ford down as time goes out. Of course there was after week twelve of the 2014. NFL season when her rigorously to Kansas City Chiefs on Thursday night football to get their first win of what I remember about bout won't pop the seal more dancing there's like get back. It's gonna cost of stupidity but the raiders do get their first win and Tony Sparano. Was ahead culture we are remembered a season where he birdied all the football's from the losses where he ends up winning three games of the raiders and we're bringing that up pot because we got some very sad news yesterday Tony Sparano has passed away the age of 56. A longtime NFL coach arm of him with the dolphins use to jaguars as the titans colts Redskins of course with the 49ers. In 2015 as a tight ends coach and he is getting greater cause you offer to line. With the Minnesota Vikings and he passes away yesterday. Really sad news and our prayers go ought to just run off and we. I hear any afternoon delight of pot was similar memories you have Tony Soprano here as we got this. Very devastating gesture. Having just could not leave it 56 years of age he's way way too Yahoo! which are youngsters 56 years ago let alone today when people living in 96 and he has so much to live for and really shook me up yesterday and put you know all of our situation proper perspective. It's that loses life at age fifty six's chest. Beyond me I remember vividly. His last game as the offensive line coach of the raiders because it turned out to Alaska and the tennis coach. We were in London it was a Friday. Afternoon. And me in my family routes nightly effort can currently after something and he mr. Singh and his wife and wipe the slate you know I just Chad. In football coaches are difficult to get their attention during the season because they're so damn busy it's one meeting go to meeting that Friday afternoons typically. Year able to really have a little down time especially on this trip to London. Where the players too early a little time off to and then a David standing at a cash allowance suburban London as they came into our hotel. The growth in the Grosvenor hotel and luggage and I remember having a long long conversation. But Tony Esperanto. Half hour 45 minutes and all kinds of things family man with footballs while the state of the team and then. And it played I came on Sunday against the Miami Dolphins and identity the international. Disaster weather cold you just awful one of the worst games that they should play they were the early out coached out played in the head coach got fired once the raiders got back I'm mainland soil. And Tony became interim head coach he tried the at the bearing the ball pit which has been done before he learned from Parcells. Didn't didn't work they lost they lost their Layla and lost all the way the game you're talking about was a November 20 game against Kansas certainly to the radio show the entire day from there. Just an outright months soon. Really hard football game rained so hard that day. Derek curry got his first one is that coach as a young quarterback for the raiders. Raiders wound up winning their final three home games that your big game against San Francisco mayor remembrance and a dark bar are basically pretty much ended in cap project as well that later beat the Buffalo Bills and and knocked them out and their coach was there ever so briefly Wanda. Moving on as well talk Moroni after that but. A couple of things I remember about Tony. So that was the F Mac file you're doing a sovereign collection and so Tony took over the head coach from Dennis Allen. Hurricane and we visited. On TV for ten minutes a week after game. And the first one we had you know explained the audience why Tony wore the sunglasses. And it was to me it's a lot of times people understand why is it during Nike two years ago people at what arguments several. To spur on policy on guy accused like sixteen years and energy told the story. What's playing football grew up in Connecticut. He was working at a restaurant as a caddie. Some oil got loose out of the big oil that and got a new eyes. And you treat to blind him but he had a tremendous light sensitivity. For years and years because of this situation here execute. So we had to Wear the dark glasses sunglasses for indoors night I was at work dark glasses. That's one thing in and around him. And that knowing him just observing him he can use from the Bill Parcells tree. So we keep count at the body was part of a Bill Parcells guy Horry was just mean and so the whole attacked him Parcells quit before you're due in my hand you national telecast live in Dallas there so that they you know but being around Tony he was not like that he was at bay. It's tough football coach offensive line coach but he could be warm and I got in on that way and I am using it's great guy and you mentioned a lot cat. That game against knowingly. About Czechs lost games they all do. That day beat the dog but he got out coached his team was thoroughly. Thoroughly. On prepared for the La. And it was a direct snap to Ronnie Brown over and over again the head Ricky Williams to aside in the jet sweep over and over and over again could not figure out. And then I've ever Roddy Roddy and threw a touchdown pass ruling it was left to the elderly was left and that as a running back. That he has got his to a facade Anthony Fasano Tony had. In Tallahassee pre a couple of different spots in amongst teens who were telling it sound followed. That Bill Belichick. Hardly ever gets out coached like that but that day he was so decidedly. Out coached. By Tony Sparano Miami Dolphins staff but from that moment I remember the second Bill Belichick ever get beat bow out yet again. And a wildcat is at its sledge hammered out in the NFL and some degree it did then he would actual quarterbacks like pampered tactic on with a pull auction rate it'll ultimately. The league caught up and took that out and quarterbacks it's couldn't take the pounding that's why Andrew Luck as Churchill actually run it. But in any event that you realize the last coach head coach. To win the AFC east. Before Bill Belichick is. Sparano went on how to are actually going man and it's a long time 2008 prop disperse seeds and they went on 11051 and C east division title. And Fisher and Danica are under a game like it was yesterday public does its formation I saw actually. I believe it was either that saint season or year before in college at Arkansas he's did not. Ran a while that would Derrek baton to Allyson Felix Jones in it carbon teams ought to wildcat. Then it makes its way into the ineffectual at Arco last year and it did buffer that day. In Foxboro stadium of agent had no answer for that so Tony Sparano one is east division title last with Belichick as you just mentioned and he just became the titans colts. Offered to court here. And writers Andre was the coach I saw him with the niners later. And I thought he could coach tight ends can do and you know. Mangini did very unique do you know but really I thought he shipped orders on an offensive line and Tony Sparano you know he's not he's. Tom Cable certainly GOP you goal. There have been a lot of great offensive line coaches that got chances to be a head coach in the NFL summit more success than others sounded any success also offered to like coaches. Did at their whole career never got a chance to be head coach Tony Sparano on a Miami and a I gotta help Derek are learned how to win your car was was when ten once and going into that football game that running against the chiefs they want to go on three entry that year and it. Kind of catapult to the next year's success which I think the 49ers that's completely different that their outlook got here. But. What the niners were able to accomplish last year is the greatest in season turnaround. In history of the NFL no team. He's ever lost their first nine games and won their last five. And wound up with six victories so completely different because Karr was on the team into play as a rookie match obvious couldn't do anymore instructor into the deep end. That first game against Rex Ryan and the jets satiric figured it out eventually but I see a lot of similarities in tone Inspiron those 2014. Raiders that window and Chad. Bond at three in three verses the niners last year they went oh when nine and one that's six to. You know while pop that's what we're being over to the raider nation start covering them that that of the station. Everybody was covering the niners may go okay Miller's talk raiders maybe I can get in this way and I remember covering that seven in nineteen. In 2015 what are coming up and Cooper and cracked trees over here again. Hottest teams on rice here to this team and that's ever denies using you know better than anybody pop. Gains they wheels in the fourth quarter that season are river one game against Kansas City at the park complete picks couple couple of Moffitt drops. They've lost in lake gate to the chargers what about the Charles went to game biggest of dimpled articles there would drive and ended it brought the Fed no business winning that game within had a two picks of course a closed its airports there's always give his name mixed up their shares are shares junior to say B six yard interception return. What the plane flying over such a we're blue angels to allow it to blow it except Robert wide open to drag I mean that he and seven in nineteen all the fun team to come over because you could see it start to turn shades. Or return the Kansas City game. Is one that I think their cars got to look back on his entire career there was a loss at home earlier in the year against the chargers reach for the past. Down the sideline look at interception that was ill advised and it was actually during his rookie year the 2015 the game against the chief you're talking about. Derek melted down there's just no doubt they'd they had they were driving for a two score lead and he wants or given up the ball in launch at throwing three interceptions one was taken back to the house. The other two forget the exact details of the game one was right back to the one yard line Josh my god I mean it was just he had to grow up and obviously you know after my first APEC today in the teams are gonna camp the raiders should check it in united going to be you know Wednesday on the field on Thursday by the way Danica. And proud to be allowed to go through the gates 4940 mile and AC NN Saturday. I I Derek are. This is his time. There's no question this is his time and he got the contract and he's got now he has no more excuses for the first time. In history here he has a real. Offensive minded head coach appoint can be made it Tony Sparano. Was the only offensive minded head coach she's ever and that was matter of time they got three wins at the end but Dennis Allen Watson obviously. Project a real was not in John road you're not only getting offensive minded coach but a state of the arts. Offensive minded head coach that will challenge champ so for Derek are there are no excuses anymore is that guarantees gonna win every game and be an MVP no this is hardly what it's like Jimmy Iraq well we see the skill set and I would overall that I UH any higher than Derrick a lot of categories. And a troop out Jimmy's gonna be under the bullseye obviously after the five and I'll start last year Schiavo haven't Shanahan of the whole thing. To start training camp richest. Dirk are. Hopefully stays healthy this year Vontae Davis this is the first time in his career he really can not look around the room and blame anybody else they got to get a Mari on. They got to figure out the edges of their offensive line. But in Jon Gruden he has a guy that will set them off for him to all. For the first time to be truly successful a lot like it only dropped about what to Shanahan last year. Right and we'll have many camp pop we saw how much Jon Gruden empowered dirt car with at all since giving him calls. Derek had the ability to change to play at the line of scrimmage so you're right he's gonna have a lot more responsibility. He cannot look around this is his time as you mentioned Marc Cooper is another guy while looking at Hager is no excuses. Crowd journeys end here anymore this is your receiving group Europe a number one some look at for Marc Cooper as well to step up as for reporting niners. Or again and food Jimmy drop Loaiza went off the field here. Mean he's winning on and off the field properties. That it be delight in GQ. Today not you could go to wanna do and Nazis and. I'm not that I think everybody thought for a dinner and a and the density I'm market generally thought of the day next to her he never drown out after. He's got a life jacket and there. We'll talk about the niners' opening camp. Wednesday that the economy got on their Saturday took up organizers with one on the twenty team version of football is back. And you mentioned that the baseball teams or two ago popped out or not play well we know they are they are playing well the ones who would have thought the BBA's not the giant. And speaking of the Oakland a's whispering and AB built to spend it to order with the Oakland is wrong with those great teams Russa and the bass Brothers and he has been a while you've been on the year to middle it will pop and by Internet part. Seven game Eddie how you doing these days. I'm doing great but like thousands. Are raider fans I'm not polite that I'm not have a happy hour. In terms of the news so bouts Greg doing coach forest. I actually do tweets from time to time but I have to tell you oh Greg this. I sent out and no five days ago and I urged her to it at an absolute today. Items 76638. And climbing impression. Which. I've been doing that for two and a half years it is far more than anything else that I sent out. And a lot of responses. Are. Most of the response at all what are you ought to. Outlook as possible and I was listening to the early part of the show like many many other people. I just wanted to say a lot I waters to work. With pot and I can't wait. Killed what's next speaker I know that you use or triple the rat maybe even more and now he's probably turning. All kinds of colors. Eastern new basketball league in new baseball and clearly. That strategy into football. In a back to their people in your life that you meet. British champions of what you do and there'll not a lot of people that run professional sports teams that really appreciate. What I do for a living right there obviously is on an anti. Is clearly another anti put together the greatest broadcast with the various ever heard when he brought to outline bill. Together and anti hired me into the open days reminiscing about it last week he's the one that. Throwing out an in 1990 with a rape or rape me in the they unforgettable Steve my caddy usually if you miss the cat man and a director Reggie. Oh written it bill written I would him like Clarence and that's a wonderful life it was all in shall. Earth. Like seven years old all over again fellas bring him back. And now so I eighty I do appreciate everything you're saying. And I see you then they're real friend to me for the good times and bad times we almost were together and think who try to get their years ago we were together with the warriors is temperature briefly so. And he's one of those people's like regarding jeweler shining beacon continent like the changes to outlook and forever and ever. But I want to talk about me and tired. Were you at the coliseum on Saturday and I love scenes standings in good health and pilots in law only. Throw out the first pitch but I you know Tony at the message on the board and a weakening the greatest trio in the history of American sport but arguably. Certainly in my lifetime come at teams when you talk that goes to the field manager Sandy Alderson GM in and Andy. The president of the open days to get better. Sunday and I was just wanted your presence to be felt there were used there to see it to meego which is Johnson answer. Well well unfortunately my invitation. From John Fisher didn't quite. It fit to my outs so sure about her in the ozone and there are so many other people. You know having doughnuts for so many years. That is the larger gene that makes this work I mean it's not a name. Everybody knows or Roy Ellison argues walker are such a law part of that city. And he was the president Wally ops was EDP when I anchorman square garden election and diplomats in 1980. And it was really Roy who brought bill on together everybody bought. Disgust completely out of its mind. One of the great combination of all time and history to broadcast that you Eminem. Better being in the human liberate in the same. Boat that lucrative ever done. On what we did have such a great group of people against Nikkei is Robinson over raceway Allen led Byrd who brought the river cats here and Al's running. Well widely successful El Paso natural Wallace's. I mean Mickey -- be you know I was thinking about oh on Saturday. I don't. Adding and last ski. Analysts thinking about Steve Bruce and try to fifty years with aids. And Mike Murphy sixty years with the giants so I ask somebody how many players. Went through Goosen blocker well. And I doubt they answered 939. Including Europe's ability. I'm like this is going to be a number and then mark I haven't gotten number not yet but I think Marty glorious. Is stalking somebody. The fact eye contact with Columbine a whole theory and I mean Roth is so weak elements of bring the point is if yeah. To have this is all about the people I mean twenty years that you've done and all the other jobs. The broadcast voice does that these students we are sold Lockheed in the Bay Area have so many outstanding broadcasters in every sport. I don't know that there's any place else in the country. They're really as better broadcasters. People that represent the heart and soul of these teams. And just listening to the fans calling in the first port. The broadcast. I mean it is in their DNA. And you helped put it there and that does not easily done a lot of tendon barbies current TV these days. And they got now I mean there's not that there are bought what you've done it what so many of your colleagues and done your efforts sport. Is made this an incredibly special place to be involved in professional and collegiate sports. So Welsh you know we heard Larry Baer. Over the weekend actually drop in the Booth with with Kenny and then into an inning. Did you ever. Have designs on broadcasting yourself and. Absolutely not you know I have one of those stations and radio and I'll stay there. I'd. I always believe that I grew up as it is neat I even though aren't hut which raised the new York and I wasn't as you. Raised in such a difficult market like buffalo and had to go to your. Blog on. It's a proud graduate insert this university but. I was one of those out in the area kids and I grew up would dismay I guess early on when I think about it it was. The special us what you went to Disneyland or sought in terms of what was important in depth so apart. So when I started in this business and you know pop. Disorder with a nine and seventy degrees seventy. You'll want to talk about well from the sports nine. Let me it was always about. Fans and I think that's what's being lost in someplace stood. Because the social media everybody's looking down everybody's worrying about what's happening and announced that in the next that also done. And luckily it's professionals such as yourself think that described these games. In some instances better than what is done on she'd be. So that people become part of this franchise was literally for life and absorb soaring to be matched. Where people don't concentrate on anything from Puerto regret. Very well said Andy we're gonna let you go we thank you so much for spending time with this today. And I'll pop loves the words that well wishes there and I appreciate the emails are too soon your return aren't back columns so and Oshawa. That's all I know all seek are on Ben asks and fury with boats flying all the work for blog is. Open to it. But I but I have a I have all of this while seated side. But I already working on your next. Ray he RD it and I guess some people a chance to fail. Our her love. Acuity to treat it the go. Popular alluded to callus footballer earlier in the show and talk about your plans for the future so what does the future hold for prop. I don't rating usher right now of course and more five and then I'm on vacation and tomorrow the fact. That I could file into that job what you said Bremer was on vacation right he's advocate our bread left and kill jobs are hard chargers. So. You know what's sad about this in there's never I time that I. To be told July the fifth it in active duty to games that start in a month. Either you're up against it so. A part of the reason they wanna tell anybody right away is that it wanna spend all my damn phone you know explaining different writers and people. My situation it was older a great job in a semi vacation gets popped. Came back from Southern California was gonna go to the eastern United States team and but he eastern here canceled. So started working and people church attack in did you have a chart he leads the NFL. Obviously it's going to be really hard it'll integrate. Have had a lot of great conversation with people about the future. Everybody's reached out to me the voice of the vikings and Broncos which the cheap can Harlan a lot of people but. Getting an NFL job this year or next and possible. Which is what it's sad but I am gonna do something about it I've done in my life before. That I've gotten away from prison so damn busy but there were times in my life art to high school football game either Thursday or Friday night college game on Saturday NFL agreements and so I'm not go back to high school. In north let me get back there but I am at a college football. For compass media network's schedule just came out today. So I'm ready. Leaning on you and your expertise about football and college football I've got now I've got the first game of the year and that the Oklahoma Sooners look. It I've got I get second rickety airing at USC at Stanford or a helicopter what I got out Alabama. And Alabama why Mike Dillon the Alabama game brought much burgers. I think the news tree effect this sort of go out would extend. And I haven't the Big Ten championships and idiocy partners personal Abbott had more along the way here and there I am pop appears their fellow broadcasters. You'll see a lot of you know you don't know. And I I'm I'm happy that you're. Bounce back or your fee per I love it here and all your circles pop well you know what happens is but I lost the warriors yeah. Like a week later Gregg Popovich I mean it's it's. When I lost the age jab literally on the same phone call. And I was talking attackers loss at NBC sports player's cap as federal laws sports channel rulers and at the end of the conversation we're told me. You've gone from the days he said only ten minutes late payers and Colin future projects. So I took that ten minutes later so it you know it's happening. At a basketball one did happen in October very close to start the year but I just going to be very hard to. To do games on. Radio with with football. His first NFL Ortiz. But that answer makes it hard and I've embraced college football I've been around America and Norman Oklahoma for the Lincoln Nebraska have been dormant but it Tuscaloosa ever. Although I get there and I don't know I'm looking at a better feel like a parachute I via helicopter DB Cooper can happen on the public about it. I'm looking at the schedule USC may be doing to USC Texas we know I'm doing and the first blow up for what you tell us what he says you're doing USC it's like USC Stanford USC Stanford. At a yeah big one and in Alabama. Maybe as he director I got the Alabama opponent Abdullah the attention out left as speaks more than a calm I'm happy about that part we got another surprised last year and he doesn't show from a seven iron into parts of the game. Are you tell me that would my hoosiers are in the Big Ten championship game you're gonna call it regularly getting tickets that are fantastic. Getting it is going to be an idea I I'd get a elite Corso Indiana game against Syracuse like yours and your Alia. That's a good football they know we're not now or we're not gonna that we we will not be darkening your doorway during the Big Ten championship. Okay I I just wanted to hop on while you were on the year Gregg to let you know that one of the first times I felt like I was just a tiny part of the Bay Area radio community. Is when I was a part time weekend guy at the ticket 1050. And I was the guy who cut the piece of audio that is famous by you've. Whaley won't go down one. The reason why that exists. Is because your boy. And it just I I doubt that I. As my top. First it was it Tyrone Wheatley break at six tackles 125 yard and it really had nothing to do we view but couldn't under and I know you're at or. I have a great. Last may Dana what's what's the one call all the years that I've done the raiders and there was a Rich Gannon naked to do against Tennessee emptive precisely when the AFC championship Zack Crockett powered into cemented. Somebody plays here in the air but I that one plank is the significance of that was Jon Gruden was gonna get fired generators not won that game it was the first game. The new century was generated second 2000 and and at the raiders lost Alfred in print pretty clear to us that he was gonna fire Burnett the game but he won that game Wheatley broke that tackle they won the game in overtime 4138 and Jack got a second life so that that's probably the the single best moment that stars a call my parents I'm glad you're able to capture that forever and ever I do wanna thank you you like so many other people reached out to me the last few weeks I just. I wanna get back to anybody because of a confirm. What at the time it was going to be kept quiet until today that overtime everybody found out. I completely understand you need to apologize for nothing I wanted to come on to let you know that I've thought. And this has nothing to do with where I worker who I work for or anything. That I even know knew or met you I would say this with having out wouldn't would not know Mueller character anyway. You are the best football play by play guy I've ever heard on the radio and effort mall I've heard camel. Over two decades in your the best by far by a lot not only do you capture. All of the the technical ins and outs pre snap formation everything. You're not disagree technician. The emotion and passion that you also put into normally play by play guy is all about emotion are all about execution. Use or are both and are one of the greatest of all time and I thank you for every memory you've ever given me. On the radio calling up Opel. Thank mr. yes sir appreciate it. Numbers are very got to show come up to an end the great advice that he gave to the eighteen year old called in says. Be better if I could be nice cars are shorter trip you know take that advice to stay away and this topic the rest of my shall. For the record a record Seacrest called where Steve shout back Davis. Maybe it's that need it if they're good babies has not yet among Greg site you can go to America I have to. Somehow some way pot let's move on to the caboose pistol in early afternoon delight our first month since June 29. Now it's time for the continues this is the correct call Putin Putin. And its seventh weekend. This whole. We'll have a few stories that almost slipped through the cracks I know someone tonight and she's got. Right now on the absolute lie. Do you five point seven of the game. No rock Meyer I have to say the right rocket I would handle it better than you but you're pretty good at Arco there. It. In you're looking live at the reason light that you job I would a little cult. And ideas on saris and ask questions via an OnStar that it that the brought things through this whole thing. But. Brand brands and job growth through the years but we should spread Mossberg is a hearing conflicting reports from other people. It. And it. That's on nation reporting from history. Traders points corkscrew the raiders offense that it. Was his fault but I think it's a catch Saturday high of intimacy. Yeah. History. That of all the things actually outlined an ordeal that. You ought to not a that they have a news report came and brought Washburn legendary broadcasters. The ratings. Muster if you think. Like I don't Auburn tiger and I and I got to play the whole to what I love this guy is a compliment analog and it's. There's pockets of course. The board of recruits can never heard Phyllis George. That. Yeah. Well Brent Mossberg here is fine broadcaster but. He's no Greg Papa and and it did a lawyer well this is give me you know I'm usually funny and you know. Goofy but I don't wanna be that today. So does wanna say this. I know I show my emotions on my sleeve. And guy bleeds silver and black and the other reason I have a doing that for so long is because of my dad. And he is a reason why I have loved the raiders all these years I love a lot of Bay Area teams that none. Compare what I feel about the Oakland Raiders and a lot of people have come on in shared how. You know their fathers and sons of gun closer together through the power of my dad's broadcasting I would say that. Me and him have become closer through that and I've learned a lot about this team I learned about about football because in my dad and I thought I'd. This the raiders of the coolest team and all of professional football and I thought it was cool to my dad would but did the play by play for them. And I'll have memories forever on member as a kid going to Denver Colorado. I was living in boulder at the time in my daddy's got the job and the kid to school make fun of me I was wearing raiders Stefano Broncos fans and I would go to the games at Mile High Stadium watched the games and I remember. Be up to the Booth and Tom Flores and I was eight years old. And I was waiting for a cab. In the blistering cold after games. Our member. Just remember a lot of things. Our member I I've I've IA I love love the raiders to the point where it's has gotten me in trouble a lot Kirk and I A I'll remember growing up in Houston and represented in the raiders and our member. Our member the 2007. Season I had to deal forever reason I was have high expectations. Our member of calling I wouldn't I cut on my dad after every game. When he was done with a broadcast a coma. When I was living used to wherever I was living in as we talk about we don't. Acutely that didn't matter whatever I remember the 2007 season Carmona mop insane. Now the raiders lost Detroit Lions are only sixteen he is a dot com down. We each blaming my dad shared a bond over this team after a long time. And and has grown into a working relationship. Where right or college. You know I mean is get the job but my dad as you know we we we do you know he knows me. And we've talked about football for a long time he knows a study the game I I love this game obsess about this game. And he asked me to be statistician in the 2014 season and I have. Cherished every moment that I stood by his side the last four seasons in the home games next to him all remember. The only ten game where they won that game remember when Derek Carr got hurt. And owners remember a lot of things. So does wanna say that. As not only your son but as a fan. And as a listener on behalf of all the Bay Area. We love you and you did the best in missive. Out. Answering nicely stat inflict damage in my funeral it's the greatest either I get to eulogize myself and out burger that was that was really nicely said let me just say. You don't have to stop blood generators to learn that there I mean a lot of people's stop a lot of common now. And your son my son Nicholas your brother feels the same way and just because I'm not going to be during the games doesn't mean the games and accurately played and not to be lodged in and and how much you think Jon Gruden and just because I'm back to broadcast the games doesn't mean the raider nation in church on the raiders that's silly mr. broadcaster and at the one that's playing here. Involved in any of the the real important decision making so. I encourage all of you to move up. And Andrew your stamina move on and do my thing and you're gonna move on and do your thing if you still wanna love the raiders like even you know I left the Hastert loves the days. Likewise with the warriors all those years ago when I was in San Antonio surgery doctor your own thing do whatever you choose to do it as a matter when I'm. We very well send. Just. Also was this is there a possibility acute get your business these are artists express them and a and an editor pronouncing your game from Simpson College football hall. Yeah I wish I it's. I had it. Now known. Rules even doubt about it I think at last job over the week dislike. An all in all seriousness come. It's it's been on I had a good time working with my dad and the Greek coach Tom Flores and I'm really hope he gets in the hall of fame. Before the hall of famers screw that up. And fonts and Republican Kenny and Dave and seems if the producers of that broadcast so. Harris and dies when and on this. I the reason I wanted to work at the stations because they were the raiders flagship. In and it's you know it's gonna be the case I don't want to do with the pre and post yet. Buy it. I love being for the raiders and we look forward after every win to come in. In the regional that's that's what I like to do his business elected at their five minutes long and whatever. At best and it appears and second best my brother here. Outside Steve sable. I'd rather scary with video and music and making it. I believe it's obvious skill set that this may be the case I want initially it is. It's really great but it one issue this way this may be the last raiders. Region are reduced so. If you're OK with it like to panel to talk after you opt out after blunted when and it's on this got a box of tissues. I'll never forget this show for the rest in my life probably won't when NATO migrant kids about it it's been. I love working with you Greg to date you call me to come work with you and I can't believe it and it's actually happening now lower almost two years into this relationship and listening to your calls even when the raiders cancel blacked out and I knew he was for a long long time Greg I'm on the issue and an NFL Booth. That's come from an outsider not that many niner fans reach out to me say we miss Greg party animals rigor Prague castle. Today was tough show but. Honored to be part of bitten. I can't say anything else are gonna mission and I were spooked by a cumulative levee to pop movie tool in the show on this get ready for David Bruce split. Possibly their last rivers region right here in the afternoon delight. Really gonna win that game or lose the game that's all right here. I've got a lot of the guys. First ago. Am 2520. The leaders were today Houston and they do it for dale Davis. Is there. It's still wanted to go up. I love about it. And he's evolved. Paul model for me. Let's go to Beirut. Do you. Here's their end of the chaos. And it's. Yeah. I'm way. Get a bad call. I don't believe this call is accurate. This is a billion. Honoring his trainer coming down. Yeah. In would this body hanging on that end here this by the nose of the Oklahoma stretching it out. Preventing what you guys know what I was news this filling out it was the an area of the Las Vegas straighter and it is just different phones.